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Fantasy a love/hate relationship

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david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander rolled his eyes slightly at Nikolai’s words about his sister. “I choose to believe you, but I still will worry. The stories that are told of her terrify me even more.” He admitted in a mumble. While he had been trained in combat for a decent part of his long life, he knew that he could never beat her. It was almost an honor to be in her presence. He truly hoped that she would eventually warm up towards him. He didn’t want for their relationship to be one of bitterness. After all, he was definitely got to be married to Nikolai. Nothing would ever change it, nor would be allow for anything to change it.

His mood shifted as the dance began. He always heard just how the movements could allow someone to relax and ease into the person they were dancing with. It was meant to show the bond they would share for the rest of their lives. The dance was originally done to signify the connection to the gods that they had, but over time it shifted to this. He was glad that it had for he was enjoying sharing this experience with the siren Prince. It felt like it was just the two of them in that moment and that was all that he could ask for.

A gentle smile came to his lips at Nikolai’s question. “I honestly have lost count by now. My parents made me begin practicing when I was a child. They believed it very important for me to have it memorized for whenever I was to marry.” He explained. He was actually quite surprised that Nikolai was even able to keep up with the movements. He hadn’t expected for them to come so easily to the other male. He realized then that it was just another thing for him to adore about the siren. He wanted to laugh at himself for thinking in such a way, but their bond seemed so much stronger than he imagined it to be.

His hand was testing gently on his waist as they danced. The movements were beginning to come to a close when he felt the other male rest his head on his should. Once more the world seemed to blur around them. He turned his gaze to look down at Nikolai, his eyes softening at the sight. He made a mental note to savor this moment for as long as it lasted. He didn’t know if they would be able to have something like this bc or a while. He was aware of the eyes on them at that moment and he could faint gasps. He couldn’t care though. His focus belonged to Nikolai.

He almost didn’t realize that the dance had stopped while his steps automatically came to a close. His breathing was a bit heavier and his body was tingling. He slowly pulled back from the other male to release their hands from the vines. “You were a natural Nikolai. You were almost better than me.” He praised with the smile still on his lips. The soft blue eyes still were looking towards him and it was clear just how he was feeling in that moment.


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Bombs could have been set off, great storms and thunder, and Nikolai would have heard none of it. His body fell into a trance. The kind of inner peace he’d never felt before, as his feet moved to the rhythm of Alexander’s. The dance seemed to last a while, and then all at once, it was over. Senses slowly began to awaken again as the surrounding applause filtered through his ears. He lifted his head from the shoulder it had been resting on, taking a quick glance around. There were some happy faces, some neutral, and some clearly unimpressed.

His lips let on a subtle smile, attention turning to the warlock as he received praise. “I told you I’d manage.” The rest of the couples trickled out of the dancing space as the king and queen cordially invited everyone to the dining hall for the following banquet. Nikolai’s grasp of the prince was released then, side glances granted to his family. Rowan seemed satisfied enough to pay them little mind, having already moved on to making conversations with some of the court members. Seraphina followed, of course. Marina wore her usual poised look, not a single muscle out of place, in stark contrast to Delphine who continued to stare right through Alexander’s soul.

“Go on ahead, I need to talk to my sister.” He gave the prince a gentle nudge in the dining room’s direction before switching courses, steps taking him directly to Delphine who’d chosen to stay behind as the rest of the family exited the garden grounds. “You’re going to burst a vein.” he chuckled, one finger pressing to the center of her forehead. The woman huffed in indignance. “I don’t trust him.” Nikolai chuckled. “Of course not. You don’t trust anyone.” Her arms folded defensively, but the prince quickly took her hand and twirled her in the direction of the exit. “Alright, let’s go.” He resisted for a moment, but quickly took to following the rest of the crowd.

Nikolai planned on following, but a sudden grasp of his wrist had him pivoting in surprise, his brows knitted together as he looked over the unfamiliar figure. A woman stood, tall and arrogant, a stone cold glared forming her large eyes. Instinctively, Nikolai’s features mimicked hers. Whoever this was, she clearly did not come with the intention of congratulating. “Do I know you?” The woman scoffed, hands poised on her hips. “No, but you will.” Though vague, the statement didn’t sit well with Nikolai. Twisted motives were written all over her face. She shifted closer, her voice dropping to an almost whisper. “What are your intentions with prince Alexander?”

david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander had grown used to everyone’s eyes being on him from a very young age. It wasn’t anything new. When it came to the look Delphine was giving him though, he couldn’t help his discomfort. He could already tell when the woman was staring him down directly. He fidgeted some underneath her gaze, feet shuffling slightly. Despite Nikolai’s reassurances, he doubted that she would ever truly accept him. She seemed to hate all warlocks and he wouldn’t be the exception. He glanced towards her direction, though was sure to avoid directly meeting her gaze. He wasn’t a fool as he knew better than to. He didn’t want to get on her bad side even more than he already was.

He decided then to do his best to focus solely on Nikolai, even with his sister shooting daggers in his direction. His expression softened as he did so. He nodded slowly. “Alright. Do not take too long. I was hoping to avoid talking to most people with questions by solely focusing on you the entire night.” He admitted with a soft chuckle. His body was urging his to stay at Nikolai’s side, to wait for him to finish talking to Delphine. He didn’t want to go against his request though. Offering the other male one last smile, he turned and began to follow after the crowd.

The chattering of everyone could be heard the closer that they got to the dining hall. He forced his steps to be a bit slower in an attempt to allow Nikolai to catch up to him. He paused just before the entrance, glancing inside. Everyone was working on getting themselves seated, though a few people were still standing around and talking. He knew that the moment that Nikolai and himself walked in, they would all sit to enjoy the meal. He decided then that he would wait for the siren prince in order to walk in together. He kept glancing over his shoulder, expecting him to walk in with that familiar smirk on his face.

Only Nikolai never did. It caused him more concern than he would like to admit as his mind immediately drifted to the worst scenarios. He quickly turned and walked back towards the garden. He ignored every maid that he passed who looked towards him as if he was going insane. He soon made his way back to the garden. He perked outside to see Nikolai standing near another woman. He could tell by her stature that she was a warlock. His concern only grew. He creeped around the corner until he was close enough to hear what was being said. He had an odd feeling when he noticed the warlock’s appearance. Did he know her? A soft frown grew on his lips then.


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“Excuse me?”

The air around them fell frigid. There was no one left in the gardens now except the two. Silence krept by as the woman examined Nikolai from head to toe, her disapproving gaze landing on his. She stepped forward, presumably hoping to intimidate the prince. Nikolai stood firm, the corners of his mouth formed into a frown.

“I can’t stand your kind.” her voice lowered, venom dripping off of every word. “You think you can waltz in here and take what’s rightfully mine? I am meant to marry the prince.” Nikolai’s brows lifted at her statement. She remained indignant, never allowing a moment for him to speak. He listened, observed, waiting for his time. “I’m certain all you want is to have control over the royal family.” She paused, but Nikolai remained silent, dark eyes watching every shift of her body. She spoke with confidence, but underneath she was afraid. The way her feet shifted in place spoke volumes. She seemed to take the siren’s silence as weakness, continuing on her rant. “Do not get too comfortable. I assure you this engagement will not last.”

A quiet breeze flew by, rustling through Nikolai’s blonde locks, and the hem of the woman’s wine colored dress. He didn’t move, but she shrunk back a bit. Nervous, no… scared. The prince’s lips morphed into a version of his usual smirk, only darker, laced with the same amount of venom the stranger had thrown at him. “Are you finished?” She flinched, her brows furrowing, lips parting to respond. Nikolai made sure to interrupt her. “All that false confidence, yet I’m the one wearing the ring.” Never did he think he’d be bragging about being engaged to the warlock, but standing here in front of this accusatory stranger, it felt empowering.

“Tell me, what is it that you wanted from him?” he asks, turning the woman’s initial question against her. “Money? Power? Status?” The feigned offense almost made Nikolai chuckle. “What right do you have to accuse me of such things? I love Alexander!” her features shifted slightly as she said this. She was lying through her teeth and they both knew it. Nikolai’s hands untangled and slid into his pockets comfortably. “And what right do you have to say that I don’t?” She scoffed, but he continued on before she could respond.

“You’re not upset because I’m taking him from you, you’re upset because you won’t get the riches and power that comes with marrying a prince.” The woman immediately attempted to protest, but Nikolai’s finger quickly lifted to silence her. “Ah- I’m not finished.” her eyes were wide with rage. It was oddly satisfying to watch. “Everything you’re accusing me of is exactly what you planned on doing, and you’re angry because you think someone else has beaten you to it.” the woman huffed indignantly, but remained silent. That was enough of a confirmation. Nikolai decided then that he was finished wasting his breath on her.

He turned on his heels, but made sure to add in one last word before leaving. “Oh, and you’d do well to be cautious about how to speak to my kind.” He made sure to take the woman’s words from before, using them and her silent fear to his advantage. “We are godless, unruly creatures after all. You wouldn’t want to upset us.” he left her with a subtle smirk before turning away and heading back towards the banquet hall. His lips fell into a frown again as he walked, catching a glimpse of someone out of the corner of his eye. He stopped, a sigh leaving his body though his gaze remained straight ahead.

“Alexander, I can see you hiding.”

david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander stayed where he was, deciding he was far enough out to observe the entire conversation. His eyes narrowed as he gazed at the woman standing near Nikolai. There was something so familiar about her, but he couldn’t place his finger on it. Had he meant her before? Well, he was almost sure he had. His parents forced him to meet as many citizens as he could. They believed it was good for the royal family to be amongst their citizens. It was the best way to stay in their favor and to help things run smoothly within the kingdom. The slight recognition was begin getting to bug him some. He hated that he couldn’t put a name to the face. The one thing that he hated more than that? The way that she was standing there in front of Nikolai, clearly trying to intimidate him.

He felt a rage building in his chest. He didn’t think that he had ever been as angry as he currently was. He hadn’t a clue who the woman thought that she was. There was no reason to go up to Nikolai alone and threaten him. The siren prince was soon going to be his husband and they would eventually rule both kingdoms together. He let out a quiet huff as he tried to get himself to calm down. He didn’t know why he was allowing himself to get this worked up over something so simple. He lingered though, deciding to just observe for now.

A small smile broke onto his face at the way in which Nikolai was able to easily put her into her place. At the sight of the other male moving to walk towards him, he shifted in order to try to make it back to the dining hall before the other male could spot him. His efforts were in vain as Nikolai stopped and spoke to him. He offered him the biggest smile that he could. He then moved to his side. “I grew a bit worried when you didn’t join your sister in the hall. I thought some warlock might’ve tried to harm you or kill you. I wanted to make sure you were alright.” His words were completely truthful and his expression showed it.

He bit down on his bottom lip for a moment. “I apologize that you had to deal with that woman. She looks familiar, but I honestly cannot remember who she is.” He admitted with a soft chuckle. He glanced down to his feet before looking back to the other male. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but again I wanted to make sure you were alright. I can understand if you believe I crossed a boundary. For that I am sorry.” He always found it best to apologize early, to get in front of whatever anger Nikolai might have towards him. It was something his parents always did and he picked up on it from a young age. He offered him the brightest smile that he could.

“We should probably join everyone else in the dining hall though. I saw your father talking with a lot of people before I left, but I am sure everyone is itching to eat now.” He offered Nikolai his hand. He knew the chefs had worked to prepare a meal that included both foods the sirens enjoyed as well as foods the warlocks enjoyed. His mother worked hard to ensure that the day would be perfect and so far, other than the minor threat of the woman, it had been in his mind. He felt the bond with the siren prince growing stronger the longer they spent together.


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The smile that greeted Nikolai felt like one of guilt. The warlock knew he shouldn’t have been eavesdropping. Arms folded over the siren’s chest as he listened. Deep down, he knew the prince to be sincere, but he couldn’t help but to feel a bit offended. He wouldn’t be the first to underestimate his strengths, but somehow it was the most aggravating of all.

“I’m not some defenseless damsel in distress, Alexander.” His brows furrowed as he spoke, thoughts taking him back to that first day they had met. In the garden, when Rowan had pulled him aside. Even then, the warlock seemed to think he needed to step in to help. He thought he’d made it clear then, that he could fight his own battles, but the prince continuously insisted on coming to his rescue like some knight in shining armor. All his life, Nikolai had to fend for himself. He didn’t need a savior, he needed an equal partner.

“Quite frankly, the fact that you seem to think that of me is insulting.” He sighed, no longer angry, but now disappointed. His gaze dropped to the offered hand, weighing his options. He may not be arrogant like his father, but Nikolai still had his pride. Hands fell to his sides for a moment, fingers itching to latch onto Alexander’s. He didn’t reach out. Instead, he allowed both hands to slip into his pockets, gaze shifting to the hallway behind the prince. “Let’s go.”

Silence fell over them as they walked, Nikolai just a few steps ahead. His annoyance with Alexander quickly dissipated, thoughts now focused solely on the woman. The prince mentioned not knowing who she was, though she very confidently spoke about marrying him. One of them was clearly lying. Nikolai felt something stir in his stomach as the words left his lips.

“Do you honestly not know who she is? Because she seems to think you do, and claims to be *so* in love with you.” he trailed off, realizing his words sounded more accusatory than he meant them. It’s likely that the woman was lying, judging by how she behaved. Still, try as he may, Nikolai couldn’t shake the subtle tinge of jealousy lacing his words. It was a new feeling for him, and he decided right away he didn’t like it. He scoffed at himself for even thinking it, quickly following up with a “Never mind, it doesn’t matter.” He couldn’t help the subtle pout that settled on his lips, thankful that his face was turned away from Alexander so he wouldn’t see it.

david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander immediately knew the other male was unhappy with him, especially with the words that followed to his confession. His expression shifted to one that was more guarded as he glanced down towards his feet. “I do not believe you to be. I just wanted to make sure you were alright Nikolai.” He spoke truthfully while lifting his gaze to Nikolai’s. He never would’ve believed that the siren was unable to fend for himself. He just believed that, since they were to be married soon, he could step in and help him in order to make his life easier. Clearly Nikolai didn’t like that.

His next words stung more than he thought they would. He cleared his throat gently, opening his mouth to respond. There was nothing that he could say to change his mind though. Nikolai was stubborn. He knew that already. It hurt him to hear that Nikolai wouldn’t accept the simplest offer of help, especially since he had just been worried. The pressure in his chest when the other male refused to take his hand caused for him to freeze in his spot for a few moments. His eyes widened some before quickly narrowing and blinking. He refused to let Nikolai see just how much this all bothered him.

He allowed for the other male to stay a few steps ahead of him. His steps were quiet. The air between them was tense, worse than it had been the first day they met. He despised it. Just when things were starting to improve in their relationship, there was a stumble backwards. He cursed the woman that held Nikolai back. Things would’ve probably been perfect if she had just minded her own business. He stopped his walking at Nikolai’s question, appalled at his tone once more.

“No. Clearly it does matter to you otherwise you would not be bringing it up, especially using that tone.” His own voice had shifted, putting more spite in it than originally anticipated. He took a deep before allowing it to leave him. “She did look familiar, but so does every single warlock that I see. My parents forced me to meet everyone in order to get better acquainted with the kingdom.” He explained. He almost didn’t know why he was bothering to defend himself then. He was sure Nikolai wouldn’t believe a word he had to say.

The realization as to who she was finally came to him. “Gods,” He spoke breathlessly, shaking his head. “Actually I do remember who she is now. Before the announcement of the uniting of our kingdoms and our marriage, my parents tried to wed me off to her. It never worked out and it quickly broke through. I barely even know her.” His eyes had grown wider, almost like moons. The blue had softened as well. “I doubt you will actually believe what I am saying, but it is true.”


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Never did Nikolai think seeing Alexander hurt would affect him. The look in his eyes had burned into the back of his mind as they walked, pings of guilt mixing in with annoyance. He was being stubborn. He knew that, and he wished he weren’t that way but life events had led the siren prince to distrust the intentions of everyone around him. That wouldn’t change overnight, and certainly not for someone he barely knew. Though he doubted he could get Alexander to understand that.

Nikolai quietly walked ahead until he couldn’t hear the steps behind him anymore. He realized then that the other prince had stopped in his tracks, firing back a protest of his own. He kept his gaze forward, refusing to face Alexander as he explained who he believed the woman to be. In the moment, her words hadn’t bothered him. Now, thinking back on what she said and hearing Alexander confirm that she hadn’t actually been lying about everything, it did. It bothered him to the point where his pout deepened, brows furrowed together as he turned to face the prince. Their gaze met for a moment, but was quickly diverted.

“So she wasn’t lying.” It was more of a confirmation than a question. Nikolai still firmly believed that the woman had no emotional attachment to the warlock prince and was only after him for the power. Still, her words circled back to his thoughts and he huffed indignantly, hands resting on his hips as he glared at nothing in particular. There was still a very minuscule part of him that knew she possibly could be in love with the warlock.it wasn’t impossible. The thought of someone else running around claiming he didn’t deserve the marriage because she loved the prince more was infuriating. And the fact that it was infuriating was even more infuriating.

“Well that doesn’t give her the right to accuse me like that. Sei énourvant” The last thing he wanted to do was let Alexander know how bothered he was by the situation, but the protests left his lips before his mind could even catch up. “She claims she deserves this marriage more because she loves you and I don’t.” There’s a quiet scoff as his arms cross over his chest again. “How would she even know that?” His eyes finally met Alexander’s again, lit with annoyance and a tinge of jealousy. The words he would have said next stuck to his tongue, translating to his native language before he said them.

”Eú podré emartei…”

david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander normally wasn’t the type to say anything in return. He had been taught from an early age not to respond. It made life much easier when he kept his mouth shut. It was one of the most unfortunate things that his father drilled in his head. But here he was, mouthing back to Nikolai like he hadn’t been raised otherwise. He almost didn’t recognize his behavior. The siren prince brought out a completely different side to him. He didn’t know if he liked it or not, but he knew that it wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. The more time he spent with him, the more that he opened up.

He raised an eyebrow at his confirmation, shaking his head in exasperation. “I am sorry that I did not recognize her, but it is because I barely know her. We met twice before my parents called the engagement off. I do not know why she is bothering you so much Nikolai. It isn’t as if she will separate us. She will not be a factor going forward.” He believed his reassurance to be true, though he was fighting the urge to raise his voice slightly. He didn’t want this conversation to echo into the dining hall now that they were near it.

He raised a hand to rub at his face for a few moments before dropping it. “You are correct. She did not have the right to accuse you in such a way. Yûir sè bvoït.” He exclaimed. He knew the other male wouldn’t understand his native tongue, realizing then that he made the words not in the shared language. A guard that walked by glanced over his shoulder, astounded by the profanity. He continued to walk though and didn’t pay them anymore attention. “She is a b—ch.” He repeated in a quieter tone. “Please don’t let her get to you in this way Nikolai.” He was almost begging the other male then. He hated seeing him in this way.

His expression shifted to one of confusion at the question he asked himself. He tilted his head slightly as his heart began to pound in his chest. He hadn’t a clue as to why he would say such a thing. Was he implying something? It almost seemed as though… He shoved the thought from his mind and refused to think more on it. The idea of the true bond, of mates continued to come to the forefront of his mind. He didn’t want to get his hopes up for such a thing, especially since Nikolai was the complete opposite of him. His confusion only grew at the words in his native tongue. “What did you just say Nikolai? What does that mean?” He asked. All venom that he had in his voice from before had vanished. It was replaced by the familiar curiosity he had.


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The words surprised even himself. He stared at nothing in particular after they left his lips, blinking in utter confusion. What possessed him to say that was beyond him, but he was thankful that at the very least his brain thought to switch languages so he wouldn’t have to deal with Alexander understanding. He quickly shook his head, most of the irritation he’d felt just minutes before now dissipated and replaced with confusion.

“Nothing, never mind.” his voice was much lower than before as the tip of his finger met his lips. A nervous habit he’d never been able to break. He let out a sigh, not wanting to drag out this conversation longer than it needed to be. If the woman was listening in, she surely was getting a kick out of seeing them argue. It was probably her goal in the first place. Nikolai silently cursed at himself for allowing his emotions to get the better of him yet again. He found himself wishing he could be more like the warlock. He didn’t seem to struggle with reigning in emotions, in fact, quite the opposite.

Hearing him talk back earlier had been a bit surprising. It seemed out of character, and somehow, Nikolai wasn’t bothered by it. He much preferred that over whatever it was he got on that first night they met. A quiet sigh left him then as he pivoted on his heels to face the direction of the dining hall. “Come on, they’re probably getting impatient in there.” He knew both sets of parents would be capable of sending someone to come find them if they took any longer.

Nikolai began to walk, his hands back in his pockets, brows slightly knitted in thought. “I know not letting things bother you must be easy for you. But I’m not like that.” he watched the dust from the grounds lift up as he walked, his steps eventually echoing against the floor once they’d reached the inside of the palace again. “You and I are very different…” it was a confirmation of what they both already knew. Not only had they been raised differently, treated differently, and had completely different beliefs, but the way in which they lived their lives was at odds. Nikolai enjoyed his freedom. To speak, to explore, to roam. Alexander didn’t have that.

He stopped in his tracks once they were closer to the dining hall, turning to face Alexander. There was an unreadable expression on his features, mainly due to the fact that Nikolai himself didn’t know how to feel about what had just happened. He wasn’t angry, at least not with the prince. The look of hurt in his blue eyes circled back, and he felt a ping of guilt. “I’m sorry.” he breathed, realizing he’d unintentionally taken his anger towards the woman out on Alexander. Even if he did eavesdrop, he’d already apologized. It wasn’t something worth fighting over. His hand reached out then, just as the warlock’s had earlier, hoping the offer was still up for the taking.

david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander’s expression twisted in confusion as he watched the way Nikolai reacted to his own words. He couldn’t help but wonder exactly as to what they meant. He was aware the other male probably wouldn’t tell him. His curiosity did want to know though. He felt as though he deserved to, especially with the way he was acting currently. He knew that Nikolai could have his outbursts, but this was different than he expected them to be. He couldn’t stop the disappointment that filled his chest when the siren prince shook his head. A soft huff broke through his lips.

“You are allowed to tell me Niko. This marriage will not work if you do not tell me these types of things.” He spoke truthfully. He doubted that would change his mind any, but he had to try. He wouldn’t forgive himself if he didn’t and his curiosity would only grow. He could see the dismissive way in which Niko was acting then. He brought one hand up to rub at his eyes. He could feel his temples pounding some in a headache. He was almost surprised that he was allowing this all to get to him as much as he was. He normally wouldn’t. It just made him think back on everything that his mind was telling him.

The change in subject was almost welcome, though he knew everyone would be able to see that something was off between the two of them now. “Alright.” He agreed in a mumble. He shifted to begin to walk back towards the dining hall. His own expression had shifted into an unreadable mask. His steps were silent like the air between them for the time being. He didn’t know how to confront him after what all had just happened. He almost was a bit embarrassed at the way in which he had burst at Nikolai. He had done so well hiding his emotions up to this point. “Yes we are.” He agreed, watching his feet as he walked.

He slowly pushed his hands into his pockets while he lifted his head, tilting it back some while he walked. He truly was unhappy that the day had turned like this for the two of them. He had been hoping things would’ve continued on like they had that morning. Everything had been perfect for the two of them then. Their parents were happy with the way they were acting with each other and they seemed to finally be getting along in the way he hoped they would. He had a feeling that this all would just end up causing him more of a headache.

He paused when he heard Nikolai’s steps stop. He slowly turned to face the other male once again. His expression slowly softened at the apology that he was given. He clearly hadn’t expected for the other male to day such words. He knew he had his pride. He took a deep breath as he looked down to the hand reaching out to him. “It is alright. That entire situation was just an unnecessary headache.” He admitted. He lifted his hands back from his pockets. He reached out carefully grab Nikolai’s hand. He laced their fingers together before he led the way into the dining hall. He could feel everyone’s eyes turn to them once they stepped inside.


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Relief immediately washed over Nikolai when Alexander accepted his hand. Why it mattered was beyond him. He’d never been interested in faking appearances, which meant that the excuse of wanting to have his hand accepted just to appease the guests wasn’t a good one. He also never cared about being liked or accepted. Yet being accepted by the warlock prince was all he could think about right now. Never in his life had the siren felt more confused than he did today.

His fingers subconsciously curled around Alexander’s, thoughts populated by everything that had happened since he and his family arrived at the palace. Even for someone as unpredictable and spontaneous as he, Nikolai was acting out of character and he knew it. He’d always been emotionally driven, but never to this extent. It was as if his emotions had a mind of their own. His own words clouded his thoughts as they walked. Could he love? Was he even capable of it? He kept his gaze on the ground ahead, stuck in his own head, as he nervously bit the tip of his thumb. If Alexander spoke to him, he certainly didn’t hear it.

He also didn’t notice all eyes were on them the moment they stepped into the dining hall. Not until the king and queen welcomed them in. His head lifted, eyes large and curious. As if by force of a magnet, his gaze immediately landed on the woman from before. He didn’t even know her name. It wasn’t important. Indignant anger quickly began to form in his stomach but he silently reminded himself she wasn’t worth the trouble. Even then, his grip on the warlock’s hand instinctively tightened, her eyes watched them like a hawk waiting to strike. Nikolai made sure to meet her with the same distasteful glare she was giving him.

It was a large hall. More than big enough for the amount of guests that were there. He wouldn’t have to sit anywhere near her. He tore his eyes away, still feeling her judgemental gaze burning through the fabric of his close but he refused to look. If a reaction is what she wanted, she would not be getting one. Not to her knowledge. He kept his eyes on the families as they were called to sit, hoping Delphine hadn’t taken notice. She wouldn’t hesitate to strike down the nameless woman, no questions asked. Just to be safe, he leaned in towards Alexander, close enough to where he could whisper. “Delphine can’t know about this. She will murder her.”

david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander could see that the other male was lost in thought, though he didn’t blame him. A lot had happened within the span of the morning and he was almost exhausted thinking about it. He hoped that this would be their one little spat for the time being. He already decided he didn’t like to argue with Nikolai. There was just something about the way the two had gazed at each other during the argument that bother him greatly. A gentle sigh left his lips as he wakes with him. He paused his steps for a moments before he stepped into the hall with the siren prince.

It seemed as many of the gazes that looked to them then were more welcoming and reassuring than they had been before. He mentally wished that it would continue. It would make life much easier for the two of them if the people and the courts appreciated their relationship. His eyes fell on his parents for a few moments as they were welcomed in. He could tell his father wasn’t the happiest, but he didn’t care. He knew that he would be happy with the other male and that was all that mattered to him. He believed that it was all that should matter in a relationship. He glanced towards the other male then, noticing how he was staring at someone. He followed the gaze to the woman that had spoken before.

He gave Nikolai’s hand a gentle squeeze of reassurance before letting it go. He decided then to wrap his arm around the other male’s waist, pulling him close. He looked towards the woman with his own glare, eyes narrowed. They held the anger from the situation that happened before. He almost couldn’t believe that a commoner had the audacity to speak to him in such a way. He rested his hand gently on the side of the other male’s hip as they walked. He knew that only caused for the gazes to get more intense, but he didn’t care. He was staking his claim then, allowing everyone to know that Nikolai was his.

“Of course. We will not tell her. I do not wish for her to do such a thing. It would be quite the scandal.” He agreed in a murmur. He shifted his gaze away from the woman to look around the hall. He offered everyone a smile as they walked to their seats. He took his own once Nikolai was beside him. He allowed a soft breath to leave his lips. “My mother tried to get dishes traditional to both siren and warlock cultures. She wanted it to reflect the combining of our peoples.” He explained quietly. He knew they might have to speak later. He had prepared something to say just in case.


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It wasn’t the act of the hand snaking around his waist that brought Nikolai’s nerves to twist in his stomach, nor the way both curious and disapproving gazes turned to them. It was the way in which Alexander pulled him closer, as if staking his claim. Nikolai had never wanted to be tied to anyone. Freedom to do and go where he pleased is all he ever longed for. To break out of the curse that bound him to things like arranged marriages and all the tedious pieces it involved. He thought… he was certain of this. But there was a very brief moment in which he thought belonging to the man next to him may not be so bad.

His gaze shifted from the prince to the table as they approached the family, all sitting not so patiently waiting for them. Of course, he and Alexander were at the center, right where everyone could see them. In a crowded room full of people he somewhat knew and people he had never met before, keeping up appearances wasn’t his top priority. He couldn’t care less what they thought of him or this marriage. In truth, Nikolai often valued the opinions of the common folk, the ones he saw out in the streets. Both warlock and siren civilians. The kind of folk that ran the food stalls, that worked day in and day out to make end’s meet. The kind of folk that would never be at events like these.

The moment they sat down, the king gave everyone the green light to go ahead and eat. Nikolai’s gaze looked over the dishes set out in front of them. Everything looked delicious, and expensive. He watched as the palace staff began to serve each of the family members, starting with the two of them. A thought came to mind then, the subtle smirk washing over his lips as he leaned in closer to Alexander. “Don’t eat too much…I want to show you something later tonight.” He straightened back up in his seat, his peripherals catching a subtle shift in Delphine who sat beside him. He glanced at her, meeting that famous glare she loved to wear. Nikolai’s eyes did a somersault as he muttered under his breath.


She merely shrugged, her stare moving right past Nikolai’s head to find Alexander. An amused chuckle left his lips. There was nothing more entertaining than watching Delphine trying -and succeeding- to intimidate a man. He finally started on his food, keeping his gaze focused on the plate in front of him. He could feel a pair of eyes glued to him. For a moment he thought it could be that same woman from before, but she wasn’t anywhere near their table. He lifted his chin to investigate, features quickly morphing into distaste when he realized the one watching his every move was his own father. There was a brief stare down between the two, interrupted by Seraphina clearing her throat quietly.

“Everything is absolutely delicious, Eloise!” he raved. Nikolai fought the urge to roll his eyes, forcing his focus back on his own food. His free hand hid under the tablecloth, gripping onto the side of his chair to keep himself grounded.

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Alexander could feel pride swelling in his chest at the way in which he pulled Nikolai close to him. It was something that he hadn’t felt before, or at least something that he hadn’t felt as strongly. He was aware that his actions in that moment spoke louder than his words. Normally he wouldn’t have attempted something nearly as bold as this. He preferred to keep his hands to himself. His parents taught him that it was the ‘proper way to act.’ The only way in which his parents bothered to show they were married in public was by holding hands. If the kingdom hadn’t already known that they were married, he doubted they would by how little affection the king and the queen showed in public.

That was the one gaze that he could feel staring him down harshly. His father was gazing towards him from his spot at the table. For the first time in his life, he didn’t care what his parents thought of him. He was actually feeling happiness in ways that he believed he never would. He intended on making the most of this. He only let go of the siren prince once they were to their spots at the table, taking the seat assigned to him. He glanced around the room at the amount of people waiting. It was almost ridiculous that his parents believed this many people were necessary to a ceremony like this. He couldn’t imagine how crowded the wedding would be.

He began to eat slowly as his father announced it was time for them to. He did have to admit that the food was quite delicious. He made a mental note to thank the chefs for doing such an incredible job. That was one of the things that he learned from his mother. Eloise always did her best to let the help know just how appreciated they were. She even managed to drag Edmund along with her. It was then that he noticed his father’s gaze had shifted. The king was eating and mingling, though mostly muttering with Eloise. He cracked a soft smile as he noticed it. Deep down he knew that they loved each other.

He blinked as he noticed Nikolai leaning closer to him. He was chewing a piece of the beef while he did, almost choking on it at his words. His cheeks flushed red for a moment before he forced it to disappear. He didn’t wish for anyone else to see how embarrassed he had gotten at such a simple sentence that probably didn’t mean what he thought it did. His mind was drifting to the darkest of places that were very inappropriate at the current moment in time. “A-Alright.” He stammered quietly, knowing that the siren prince would get quite a bit of amusement from his current reaction.

He noticed the way in which Delphine looked back to him. While he was still quite scared of her, he was growing used to the way her glare felt. He managed to gain the courage to look to her and offer a smile. He hadn’t a clue how she would react, but his attention was drawn away to Rowan’s comment. Eloise offered the siren king bright smile. “I am glad that you are enjoying it. I will make sure the chefs know.” She informed. The queen was always polite, no matter what the situation was.


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Nikolai did his absolute best to ignore Rowan’s presence, focusing his attention on his food, and the flash of pink he’d most definitely noticed on Alexander’s face. He thought back to his own comment, realizing what could have possibly made the prince flustered. He hadn’t meant it the way it was taken, but now that it was, he couldn’t help but want to mess with him a little more. He took a bite from his plate, chewing it slowly as he watched the warlock out of the corner of his eye. He held a smirk for a moment before he replied again.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you.” he couldn’t hide the satisfaction that came with seeing Alexander flustered. He was getting more emotion from the prince within the past few hours than he had during the entire first day they had met. On the other side of him, Delphine cleared her throat and coughed quietly, quickly reaching for her glass of water. Seraphina looked up with concern, her eyes scanning her daughter as she attempted to settle again. “Oh dear, are you alright?” Delphine nodded immediately as she finished her glass. “Yes, I’m fine.” she cleared her throat again, her town lowering a bit. “I think I ate too quickly. Everything tastes amazing.”

Nikolai looked down at his own plate, hiding the smirk with another bite of his food. Getting both Alexander and Delphine flustered in one go was wildly entertaining. Seraphina watched her son, taking note of the switch in his expression when he looked up again, though she didn’t comment on it. Instead, she turned to comment about how well everything was set up to Eloise who sat beside her. The families continued on eating. Kitchen staff weaved in and out of the dining hall, taking empty plates and replacing them with even more food. Nikolai barely touched his last plate, still wanting to save space for where he’d be taking Alexander later.

It was then that the warlock king stood, once everyone was just about finished eating, and began the usual speech about how grateful they were for everyone being there. Nikolai still found it hard to understand why so many people were necessary. The announcement of the engagement was surely making the rounds among the civilians by now. He thought of all the people he’d met on the streets while exploring. He did feel some guilt for not telling them the whole truth of who he was, but he hoped they’d understand. The warlock citizens were so much more pleasant than their ruling court. He hoped their view of him wouldn’t change.

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Alexander kept his eyes focused on the plate that was in front of him, halfway finished. He used his fork to shift the potatoes around some as he tried to keep his mind calm. It truly wasn’t easy and he hadn’t a clue as to why he was even thinking in the way that he had. He couldn’t recall a time that he thought like that before. He already knew that Nikolai brought out a completely different side to him. He brought out emotions that he did so well to keep buried inside of him. He guessed that he could blame Nikolai for bringing out this new side to him as well.

He made sure to not take another bite of his food for a few moments. He was afraid the siren prince might say something and cause for him to get flustered once more. He was correct with his belief. He looked back towards the other male then. “Niko, you cannot say those types of things while we are in public. I almost choked on my food.” He informed in a soft voice. He had been hoping that no one else heard the exchange between them. He glanced around the table that was filled with their families his eyes landed on Delphine them. Of course out of everyone, she would be the one to hear what had been said.

He slowly began to eat once again, making sure he listened to Nikolai’s advice. He only took a small second portion. He truly didn’t know what the two of them were going to be doing after the dinner concluded, but his mind was still thinking the creeping suspicion he had was correct. He cleared his own throat gently as he placed his fork down. He reached a hand out to grab the glass of wine sitting in front of him. He finished that as well. It was only then that his father stood and began to speak. He tuned most of the speech out due to knowing exactly what was being said. It was the generalized niceties, though he was sure the king wanted to get away from the sirens a quickly as he could.

He slowly stood once the speech finished and the hall erupted into normal chatter. He placed both hands behind his back, shifting in order to stretch some. His shoulder popped while he did so, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t wait until he was able to change out of this outfit and into clothes designed for him to easily move. He took a deep breath before facing Nikolai. “So, why did you ask me to not eat as much as I normally would’ve?” He inquired, nervousness ringing his tone. His fingers were fiddling with one another as well.


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“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Nikolai’s smirk only so,idiocies as he said this, setting aside the subtle jolt of his stomach at the sound of his own nickname coming from Alexander. He didn’t think he’d heard the guy refer to him as anything other than his full name until now. Of course he knew exactly what *those kinds of things* meant to the prince. He feigned ignorance, his questioning eyes looking over Alexander for a moment before he went back to his food.

He was sure their families would want to keep them around as soon as possible, so as soon as they stood and the warlock asked about his intentions, Nikolai took the opportunity as the perfect time to slip out. “Well I was going to wait until later tonight.” He hummed, index finger tapping gently against his own chin. “But since you’re so eager…” his words trailed off, capped by a very subtle grin. He glanced around for a few beats, waiting for the moment their families were both distracted, before taking Alexander’s hand and tugging him along.

They somehow made it out of the dining hall undetected, save a member of the kitchen staff who ran into them on her way inside. Nikolai was quick to raise his finger to his lips, asking the woman to keep silent. She nodded with an amused smile which he returned before pulling the warlock further from the dining hall and towards the same exit they had used that first night. No one was around. The staff and residents alike were all still contesting by the dining hall, presumably waiting for the engaged to see them off,

He only stopped and let go of the other’s hand once they’d reached the outside of the palace, away from the noise and the guards. Just as it had been the first night, they were right around sunset. It was much less humid, and a gentle breeze welcomed their presence. The orange glow bathed Nikolai’s skin as he stepped out from behind the foliage, turning to face Alexander. “You say you know your people, but how many times have you been to the marketplace?” Something told Nikolai that the prince knew very little about the land that surrounded him.

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Alexander couldn’t help the look that he gave Nikolai in that moment. He could tell the other male knew exactly what he was doing at that moment in time, and the siren was enjoying seeing him squirm. He let out a soft huff while he did so. He was doing his absolute best to avoid all sense of embarrassment that was still lingering in him. It wasn’t easy at all, especially since the tips of his ears were tinted red. It didn’t help him either that the other male continued to tease him after the dinner was finished. “I assume your goal tonight is to just see how embarrassed I can get, hm?” He spoke in a mutter, avoiding meeting Nikolai’s gaze directly then.

He glanced down to their hands as the other male grabbed his own and began to drag him from the hall. His steps were quick to keep up, but he did almost trip initially. Thankfully it didn’t seem as though anyone noticed the two of them slipping away. It brought him a great amount of relief. He knew that they would’ve been bombarded with needless conversations and awkward greetings with most people that he didn’t know or didn’t remember. Whatever Nikolai had planned for them would be much better than what was waiting for them inside.

He was grateful that the one member of the kitchen staff didn’t seem to mind the two of them escaping, though he was beginning to think that his kind had taken him too far. They were headed outside, not towards a bedroom. It was only when they were outside and when he heard Nikolai’s words that he realized he had been completely wrong. His face immediately flushed a dark shade of red. He brought a hand up to rub at it for a moment before allowing a soft frown to settle on his lips. “The entire dinner you allowed for me to feel like we were going to be doing that,” He trailed off, feeling entirely embarrassed. “You couldn’t have told me you meant something else? I suffered the entire dinner.” He was clearly complaining, but it was in a lighthearted manner.

His frown twitched to a smile after he finished speaking, unable to help himself. He knew that he would be laughing about this situation soon enough. “I have only been there a few. I have wanted to explore it more, but my parents never allowed me to. The only times we visited were during some of the harshest points in the war the help the sellers by buying thing.” He confessed. He knew that his family had it lucky during the war. So many had suffered and still were. “Why? Are we headed there?” He inquired, his mind slowly putting the dots together.


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A vibrant chuckle bubbled from deep within Nikolai’s stomach. Alexander’s comment confirmed what he’d been thinking. He was surprised to find the prom and proper prince had taken his words that way. He didn’t think the guy had it in him. “Oh?” He huffed another giggle, arms folding over his chest as his hip rested against the tree beside him, blonde locks swaying lazily in the gentle breeze. “Is that what you were expecting?”

His amusement only grew at the sight of the very obvious blush that seemed to make its home on Alexander’s cheeks and ears. Nikolai studied him for a moment. It was rather endearing to see him fumbling and flustered. “That’s on you for twisting my words.” He teased. “I supposed you’re not as innocent as I thought.” The comment was said in jest. He truly enjoyed Alexander’s innocence and simplicity. There were very few people like him in the world.

Perhaps it was this that seemed to pull the siren towards him. Alexander felt what he said, and said what he felt. He was honest, almost to a fault. Nikolai wouldn’t classify himself as a lyer. His emotions often gave him away. Still, when he could, he’d hide behind devious smirks and mischief, never truly giving way for what he truly thought. Yet another thing the two differed on. Yet, in all their differences, no one seemed to accept the siren prince as easily and quickly as Alexander had.

The thought propelled him upright, his hair falling over his eyes before he gently blew it away. “Indeed it is.” He responded. One hand slid into his pocket, while the other reached out to the prince in front of him. “Let’s go, eu’steilla..” The nickname rolled off his tongue, just as it had the first night. It felt right for him. The excitement simmered within his blood, eager to show Alexander so many things he’d been missing out on while being cooped up in the castle.

“We need to make a quick stop first. There’s someone I need to apologize to.”

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Alexander’s expression wasn’t changing as he continued to watch Nikolai and the enjoyment that the other male was getting from the situation. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like when they eventually did get to that point in their relationship, if they ever truly would. He had a feeling they might though. The two got along swimmingly. It was almost as if it didn’t matter their people hated one another. He caught his mind before it drifted too far, shaking his head at himself. “You were teasing me like that the entire night. You knew exactly what you were doing.” His accusation was light-hearted. He knew he wouldn’t get mad over such a simple things, especially not in the way that he had earlier.

“It was your tone that twisted my mind. You are constantly flirtatious. Besides, it isn’t as if I have ever had experience with such a thing. I do not know the hints for it.” He admitted. He shuffled his feet some while he did so. He truly didn’t mind the fact that he didn’t have as many life experiences as Nikolai. The siren prince seemed set on getting him to experience everything that he missed in his long lifetime so far. He couldn’t help but view this as a new adventure for him, one that he was rather excited for. He finally pushed himself to lift his gaze to meet Nikolai’s. His expression softened while he did, much like it had many times before.

His blush was beginning to fade. The last rays of the sun were drifting below the horizon. While the clouds were littered with orange hues still, they too were fading to match the darkness that came with the night sky. A few stars were beginning to peak out. He had a feeling the evening would be beautiful and would be the best way to end their day. It did have its ups and downs, but it was overall wonderful. His hand came up to unconsciously touch the necklace that Nikolai gave him. He sent a quick prayer to the gods for their days to always end in such wonderful ways.

His hand slowly dropped when Nikolai confirmed what he had asked. He reached it out to carefully take the one offered to him. “What does eu’steilla mean? You have said it before and I am very curious.” He asked with a slightly raised eyebrow. He doubted the other male would tell him such a thing, especially after the way he reacted earlier when he asked what the phrase meant during their argument. He began to walk with him, falling into pace beside him. “How often are you actually on land? You seem to know your ways around this area like the back of your hand.” He couldn’t stop his curiosity from breaking through. There was so much he wished to learn about him. He truly couldn’t wait to find out everything he could.


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The lowlights of the oncoming night were beginning to cast shadows. The silhouettes of the princes morphed into one as the duo began to walk towards their destination. Nikolai, of course, led the way. His steps were slow, for Alexander’s sake. He could keep up, of course, but rushing through would defeat the purpose of the stroll. He allowed for the prince to take in everything around them. The sway of the trees, the fading rays of sun and orange hues over the horizon. It was more beautiful tonight than Nikolai had seen it in a while.

He’d chosen to bypass the comment about the prince’s lack of life experience, storing it for a later time. His hand still clung to Alexander’s own, excuse by the guidance that the siren prince was supposedly providing. “Almost daily.” He also chose to ignore the prince’s curiosity over the nickname by answering his second question. “I probably spend just as much time here than I do in the ocean.” The breeze toyed with their hair, ruffling leaves and creating a soft melody. It felt like the world around them was silenced, leaving only their marked footsteps on the dirt.

The journey was rather short, at least to their first destination. They came to a slow stop outside of a shop just outside the market. One he’d seen many times. He could see movement inside, highlighted by the dim lighting of lanterns. Nerves subtly rose into Nikolai’s stomach. The fear of being cast aside by those he’d come to know so well, for the mere fact that he was a siren. He didn’t think Maire to be that kind of woman, but life had also taught him to distrust. Even someone as kind hearted as her could harbor prejudiced feelings. Hesitation was obvious on his face, and for a brief moment he wondered if the woman had even heard the news yet. It had only been a few hours since the announcement was officially sent out for the public.

“Wait here a second.” he instructed, voice low and calm, as his hand slipped away from Alexander’s to pull aside the thick curtains. The woman instantly looked up from behind the small counter. Her lips parted, ready to welcome in a new customer just as she always did. The words trailed off at the sight of Nikolai. Fear bubbled up within the prince at the lack of expression. She paused the crafting of one of her charms, slipping out and stepping towards him. “When were you planning on telling me?” Her tone was difficult to read, and Nikolai would have sworn she was angry, until the corners of her mouth slowly rose up.

“I knew there was something different about you. And royalty at that? Ha!” she let out a low chuckle, her hand poised on her hips. A breath he hadn’t realized he was holding left Nikolai’s body as he chuckled with her. “Don’t think this will get ya any special treatment!” her warning was punctuated by a pointed index finger. The siren laughed again, head shaking in disbelief.

“I wouldn’t dream of it, Maire.” he breathed, the relief washing over him like ocean waves. She gave a small humph, but her lips still shaped into a subtle smile.

“I don’t suppose you came all the way here just to see my reaction. What’dya need?” Nikolai’s feet shifted, hands slipping into his pockets as he glanced around the space.

“Actually, I wanted to apologize.” his gaze landed on her again. “For not telling you sooner. I’m sorry.” The woman instantly swatted away his apology as she returned to her post behind the counter. “Also, I need a cloak.” her body moved along with her laugh at the sound of his request. Nikolai hesitated a moment before adding- “Actually, I’ll need two.” her gaze instantly lifted to him again, as if silently asking for an explanation. The prince took a few steps back towards the entrance, reaching out to take Alexander’s hand again and pulling him inside.

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Alexander’s eyes looked to their surroundings with curiosity as they walked. It had been a while since he had been in this part of the kingdom and it showed. He almost wanted to keep tugging at Nikolai’s hand to ask him to stop in order for him to look at a few things, but he was sure that they would have plenty of time to do that later. He didn’t know how long the other male wanted to stay out that evening. He only hoped that he would be willing to allow him to look at every thing that he wanted to. He was sure he would though. Despite his hardheadedness, Nikolai seemed to be a wonderful person.

He kept the grip that he had on his hand as they walked, enjoying the feeling of their fingers laced together. He wouldn’t allow himself to admit it though. He blinked in some surprise as he looked to him when he heard his comment. “Really? I never would’ve thought you would want to come here so often.” He spoke truthfully, though he wasn’t upset by it. He took note of the way in which Nikolai refused to answer his question about the term in his native tongue. He doubted he would ever know the meaning of it. “It does make sense though, especially since you seem to know the woods like the back of your hand.”

He looked around as they stopped, taking in the way the patterns seemed to shift and change colors with the passing seconds. He knew immediately the magic used to do so. It was gorgeous. He let go of Nikolai’s hand then, shifting to move closer to them. He didn’t say anything as he raised his hand slightly. The lanterns immediately shifted to be a warm orange. It was much like the sunsets that they saw in the warlock city. He turned his head to look over at the other male once he spoke. “Alright.” He commented. It was clear that his focus was elsewhere though. He turned to look back at the lanterns. They immediately returned to the colors they had been before. A gentle, happy sigh left him.

He glanced around him while he waited for Nikolai to return to get him. The market was bustling with people. The faint sound of the warlocks native tongue could be heard drifting down the crowded streets. It caused a pang to hit his heart. He realized then that he truly was never able to experience the things that his kingdom had to offer. It was bothering him more and more the longer that he was around Nikolai. He hoped that this would be the beginning of change. He really wanted to start experiencing more things that his people had to offer. He was sure Nikolai would be able to show them to him.

He was taken from his thoughts by Nikolai reaching out and grabbing his hand. He quickly stepped through the thick curtains, pushing them aside while he did. He realized that he hadn’t bothered taking off the crown that he had been wearing for the ceremony. In fact, he was still dressed in the fine threads that his parents had prepared for him. He felt far too overdressed and a bit uncomfortable due to it. His eyes look around the shop slowly before landing on the lady in front of him. Immediately a warm smile of greeting came to his face. “Hváe nymiq.” It was a common warlock greeting, especially for the time of night. He knew she would recognize him rather quickly.


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The woman immediately straightened the moment Nikolai pulled Alexander inside, her eyes growing a bit wide with surprise. It was a bit amusing that the news of Nikolai being a prince and a siren was far less surprising to her than to see the warlock prince in her humble little shop. Nikolai glanced towards Alexander at the sound of his greeting. A phrase he’d picked up on during his time among the civilians.

“Alex, this is Maire-“ he gestured towards her. “Maire, Alexander.” She nodded, surely already knowing who he was. “Mairelyn.” He corrected. Her steps carefully moved her from behind the counter as she approached them, returning her own greeting with a slight bow. It sounded a bit different than what Nikolai had grown used to hearing. He assumed it was more formal, possibly reserved for royalty. The siren prince rolled his eyes, hands poised on his hips as he feigned being offended.

“Oh so I don’t get special treatment, but he does?” The woman clicked her tongue, playfully swatting towards Nikolai as he chuckled.

“Oh hush. I already coddle you enough, don’t you think?” The smile remained on Nikolai’s lips. He knew the woman treated him with so much love he sometimes wondered if he even deserved it She took a moment to examine him from head to toe, worry lines tracing her features. “In fact, you’re looking a bit thinner these days. Are you eating alright?” Her hands carefully cupped his face, moving to from side to side to examine his figure. The prince’s hands carefully landed on hers, successfully catching her attention.

“Maire, sirens don’t lose or gain weight. But yes, I am eating just fine.” Her eyes rounded a bit, as if she’d suddenly remembered her recent discovery. She lingered in silence for a moment before playfully rubbing his cheeks and letting go,

“You best not be lying to me.” She warned, slowly moving towards the back of the shop. A couple of cloaks hung up on the wall with delicate patterns embroidered onto the thick fabric. She grabbed two of them as she returned to the duo. “Why do you need these anyway? Don’t go getting his highness into trouble. I know you, Niko.” The robes were handed over, apprehensively, as Nikolai sang a response.

“Not tonight. Maybe later.” He chuckled at the shift of Marie’s expression as one robe was handed to Alexander. “I’m just taking him to my favorite food stand.” He assured her. He would have liked to keep their destination a secret, but he knew the woman would worry if she didn’t know where they were head. “Thank you for these! I’ll bring them back safe and sound as usual.”

Mairelyn nodded with a hum, but quickly reached their hand out, signaling at them to stop. “Hold on, I have something for you both.” With those words, she turned and quickly vanished into the back room, leaving the boys alone once again.

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sorry this is short, typed it up on the ferry))

Alexander offered the woman a gentle smile as Nikolai tugged him inside. The surprise on her expression was something he expected. He wouldn’t doubt many civilians would be surprised if they noticed him that evening. Even with a cloak, it would be hard to not recognize exactly who he was. He blinked at the bow he was given. “Oh, you do not need to bow. I am not king yet, nor will I be for quite a while.” He tried to assure her. He hated most of the formalities that came along with his family’s title. He cleared his throat softly before straightening his posture some. “It is a pleasure to meet you.” He admitted. He meant his words, truly.

It seemed as if Nikolai knew the woman well by the way in which the two bantered back and forth. He never would’ve known that the siren even came to their lands. No one had spoken of it. The familiar song of guilt hit him once again. He should’ve forced his parents to allow him to come into the market more. He should’ve been able to meet each person and get to know them. He hoped that Nikolai would help him do so now. He would love to get to know each person that made an impact on Nikolai’s visit. He was especially pleased to meet Marie.

A soft chuckle left his lips at her final words. His eyes looked over the cloaks with curiosity. “These are beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to use them.” He spoke quietly as he carefully took one. He wrapped it around himself. “Niko is very much a troublemaker, but I am enough to balance him out. If anything, I will keep him in line.” He tried to reassure with another smile. This one was brighter, happier. It reached his eyes as well. The blue had a twinkle to them as he spoke. He glanced to the other male after he spoke to see his reaction. He was grateful the mood between the two of them had lightened. He had been worried that things would continue on the gloomy path they had been after the garden.

He moved to lift the hood of the cloak over his head. He realized then that he still had the crown perched on top of his hair. His eyes widened slightly, knowing he couldn’t wear it out with them. He reached a hand up to carefully remove it from where it sat. He looked to it for a moment in his hand before looking to Marie. “Would it be alright for me to leave this here with you? With my luck something would happen to it while we are out and my parents would be furious with me.” He asked, hope dripping in his words. If Nikolai trusted her, he would trust her as well. He held the crown out for her to take them.

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