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Fandom Just a simple PMD roleplay

The bellossom goes first this time, letting out a few puffs of sleep powder. Cherub would let out a rather cute yawn before using a fairy wind and falling asleep from the powder
"Crap!" Dewa quickly hops back, pointing his glaive and firing a strike of lightning at the bellossom. While the Bellossom's dealing with the projectile, Dewa runs over to gently shake Cherub to try and awaken them.
The lightning is resisted by the flower, it would then look to use a few seed bombs dewas way. Meanwhile, the white bird is still sleeping for the moment
Dewa tries running back, but is hit by the seeds as they explode on him. "Gh-!" Dewa fires an ice beam, hoping to hit the bellossom this time.
The ice beam does hit for good damage, but doesnt freeze the pokemon. instead of attacking this turn, it would use charm, trying to look as cute as possible.
It seems he was unphased by this, running up to slash at them a few times.
While this hits it gives the flower time for a Mega drain, however Cherub would be able to get a fairy wind off as he has woken up which does drop the grass type
"Well seems you did, sorry let's get a move on" he nods. The area is still nice and calming as they soon find the stairs to the next floor
On this floor, the grass seems to be denser now , with dewa getting caught in what appears to be a net
"-!" Dewa struggled as he was caught, trying to reach for something in his jacket to cut the net..
That is a bit hard to do at the moment, at least Cherub would have air cutter to destroy it after a few uses" You okay Dewa?"
"You're welcome " he nods, the dungeon thankfully isn't too big. They find the stairs to the 3rd floor along with the 2 pink fairy types
Meanwhile, the Clefable and wigglytuff would look to start with chilling water for dewa and dazzling gleam for drowsy. The water more to make dewa possibly flinch due to how cold it is rather than any real damage.

Cherub himself is momentarily blinded before using a yawn on the clefable to make it drowzy.
The Clefable goes for a magically, several leaves meant to hit dewa now. Whether thet hit or not, the Clefable falls asleep after the attack. Meanwhile Wigglytuff uses metronome which for this use becomes gravity sending Cherub to the grass with a plop.

"Well that isn't fun" he lightly complains. Metronome while in Mystery dungeons is alot more chaotic than normal.
The leaves slice at Dewa, him trying to endure the pain as he slashes at the wigglytuff.
The Tuff does take damage from the glaive, though moving in the hyper gravity is a bit harder. Another use of metronome makes the already grassy terrain seem to come alive as it tries wrapping around both of them. Cherub having no luck with this as he is cacooned in vines. The Clefable still snoozes
Dewa attempts to cut away at the grass as he runs at the wigglytuff to slash at them.
The grass is east enough for dewa to deal with, but on a another use of the move it turns the grass into a road of soap, possibly causing Dewa to slip while the wigglytuff rolls away. Clefable would use its small wings to try and fly away as well, Cherub following them
Quite the annoying development. Cherub continues following along trying to use fairy winds to slow the others down for now. Dewa would eventually get to them as well but not without a few pratfalls

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