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Fantasy a love/hate relationship

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david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander hadn’t replied to any of what Nikolai spoke to him. He had just turned his focus solely on the flowers that surrounded him. They always helped ease his mind. He didn’t know what it was about the greenery. He just knew that he adores it. The scent of the flowers grew stronger the deeper that he got into the gardens. He soon found himself near some lavender. He took a seat on a bench not far from it, closing his eyes after he did so. This scent alone was enough to help ease him into the drowsiness he had been hoping to soon find. He was absolutely exhausted and there wasn’t anything more that he wanted than to get some sleep.

Actually, he might’ve wanted Nikolai’s true forgiveness more than sleep.

He didn’t last long in the gardens before he forced himself to stand and make his way back towards his room. His steps were slow while he did so, the sound echoing against the walls. The only other people awake were the guards that were patrolling the palace. He didn’t exchange glanced with them when he passed. He focused solely on the path that his feet were currently taking him in. The familiar halls were a comfort to him, one he was grateful for. It wasn’t often he could say something like that. This place had been his home for such a long time. He thought he was beginning to grow tired of it. He guessed that he wasn’t.

He soon found himself back in front of the door that led to his chambers. He quickly opened it before stepping inside. He only slid his shoes off, keeping the entirety of his clothes on. He collapsed in the bed once to it. He pulled the heavy comforter over his body and was quickly asleep.

His dreams were much different that evening though. He couldn’t recognize the place that he found himself in, nor was he located in his own body. It was as if he was floating above the scene occurring around him. He could hear the loud wails coming from the area surrounding him. The room was completely trashed. Things had been thrown and scattered around him. The scene shifted before he could attempt to step forward. He was then moving through a hall. The crying was getting louder. He then noticed the blood that was splattered. It turned his nonexistent stomach. He knew he might’ve thrown up if he had truly been there.

This was unlike anything that he had seen before. There were people lying about. He couldn’t tell if they were unconscious or dead. He was hoping for the former. His vision turned right and he found himself staring at a little boy. The child couldn’t be more than ten. Tears were streaming down his face, though he wasn’t the source of the crying. The child oddly resembled Nikolai, but he couldn’t place why that might be. The sound of footsteps approaching from behind him grew louder the closer they got. “This is all your fault, boy. Never forget that.” It was a mix between a hiss and a growl. The words only made the child cry more.

He wished to reach a hand out, to comfort him. He was whisked away before he could. Each moment was a flash then. He saw more damage than he could imagine. People, no sirens, were injured and crying. Their city had been completely ruined. He was shoved from the dream before he could see anything else.

He woke up, chest heaving at what he just witnessed. His eyes were wide as he sat up. His shirt was soaked with sweat. He shakily got to his feet and made his way to his washroom. He splashed cold water on his face. He then forced himself to shower. He couldn’t get the images from his head though. They were there every time that he blinked. He hated it. It was almost as if they were burned into his retinas. Once he was dressed in appropriate enough attire for the day, he made his way towards the dining hall. He knew they would be eating with the siren royal family that day. He was hoping he could speak to Nikolai as well.


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Falling asleep hadn’t been an issue. Staying asleep was a different story. Nikolai lost track of all the times he’d woken up during the night. Most of them were for no reason. It was a quiet sleep when he could catch it, but he’d wake up and stare at the ceiling for what felt like hours before finally closing them again.

The last few times he’d woken up, however, it had been from memories. Fragments of his past flashed through, like film credits. All places he knew, places he’d been to, things he’d lived through broken down into fragments. He’d woken up, hand clutching his own chest, after seeing an endless sea of carnage. It was both familiar and unlike anything he’d ever seen before. He felt the rise and fall of his chest under his hand. It was already daytime. He knew he should be getting ready for breakfast, but his stomach turned at the thought of food.

He didn’t doubt someone would eventually come looking for him when he didn’t show up to the dining hall, but he figured he’d enjoy his freedom had best as he could. The reflection in the mirror made him look much less tired than how he actually felt. His eyes then fell on the ring and small painting that sat on his nightstand. He grabbed the band, once again sliding it into his pocket, slipped on his shoes and left the room.

The breeze outside was soothing. It ran through his hair like delicate fingers as he made his way back out to the gardens, hoping the scenery would help him erase from his mind what he’d been reminded of. Was it a warning of some sort? A warning to not step out of line. He already knew the consequences. A heavy sigh left him as he leaned forward, elbows resting against a stone railing. It was a nice view from where he stood. He decided to stay there a bit longer. After the memories had successfully subsided, the siren reached into his pocket and pulled out the band before skipping it on. He knew Rowan would be asking of his whereabouts in that moment, which is precisely why he decided to stay where he was.

david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander’s steps were slow as he walked through the halls, the sound echoing against them as he did so. The windows had been opened that day. He knew immediately that the weather must be wonderful outside for them to be. It was just another indication that spring was in full bloom. The scent of the flowers from the garden drifted in through the windows. He paused for a moment, allowing for the smell to help relax him. His body still held a tenseness from the dream he experienced the night before. He still didn’t know what had caused it or if it was even true. He hoped those events were just some twisted part of his imagination.

He paused by one of the windows, turning his head to look out it. It was just as he had assumed it to be. The sun was shining brightly in the sky without a trace of cloud covering it. He watched as the tree’s danced with the breeze. A soft smile began to form on his lips. These days were the ones that he appreciated the most. He hoped that he might be able to sneak away to enjoy it. The newfound sense of freedom that Nikolai showed him was tugging on his heart, urging him to step away whenever he could. He decided that he might as well allow it to pull him from his duties. Besides, he didn’t know if Nikolai even wanted to be near him that day. He assumed that it would be best to give him whatever space he might require.

His stomach let out a small grumble. He knew that he should make his way to the dining hall to greet everyone, but that tug on his heart was far too strong to ignore at that moment. He let out a gentle breath, glancing around him. When he was sure no one would see him, he made his way to the gardens. His path was the exact same as it had been the night before, though he didn’t go to the wisteria tree immediately. He got sidetracked by one of the fountains.

It was odd, the way in which it wasn’t working. He knew that the warlocks hired to tend to the gardens always made sure everything was pristine and precise. There was no reason for the fountain to be off. He hadn’t a clue as to why this minuscule thing was bothering him so much. He stood in front of it, gazing at the unmoving water. His vision blurred while he did so. It was then that a reminder of his dreams flashed before his eyes. He stumbled back slightly, his foot getting caught on a raised root. He fell hard onto his back. The fall knocked the wind out of him and he laid there for a few moments, breathing heavily.

It was then that he began to realize something was truly wrong. He just didn’t know what it was or how it would affect him.


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The weather hadn’t felt this pleasant in a while. The temperature, the breeze, the fragrances of the followers around him. Everything felt so soothing. Nikolai wondered how long he could stay there before someone came to fetch him. He thought of venturing out of the palace, to go find some food within the marketplace. They had plenty of food stalls he loved to eat from. For a brief moment, he thought of inviting Alexander, but after what happened the night before he wasn’t so sure it would be a good idea.

The gardens were relatively quiet, save the rustle of the wind through the leaves and trees. Nikolai had almost begun to feel a bit drowsy when he heard a bit of commotion coming from not too far away. His ring began to glow immediately, flashing in bursts of red. It took only a second for the siren to piece together what it could possibly mean. His feet quickly shifted in place before taking off toward the direction of the sound he’d heard.

He surveyed his surroundings at every turn, looking for the familiar pair of blue eyes, but couldn’t seem to find them. “Alexander?” He’d decided perhaps if he called out, the warlock would answer. He hoped it had just been another one of the prince’s clumsy mishaps and he wasn’t seriously injured. He called out once again, but quickly came to a pause when he noticed someone on the ground nearby. In a few quick strides, he was already at the prince’s side. It almost felt like he’d glided there instead of ran.

“What happened? Are you alright?” He allowed the concern to lace his words. Even if deep down he was still a bit upset with him, that didn’t mean he didn’t care if the prince had been hurt. He recalled the first night they had met. They hadn’t exactly had a pleasant first impression of one another. Even then, Alexander had come to his aid when he needed it most. Nikolai may have a hard time trusting others, but he wasn’t ungrateful for those that showed him kindness.

“Here, let me help.” He offered, taking one of the warlock’s hands and carefully helping him sit up. He eyed the prince’s figure a few times over, looking for any obvious injuries. He didn’t find any, but still thought it right to ask. “Are you hurt?”

david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander could hear the footsteps of someone approaching him, but found himself in enough of a daze that he didn’t force himself to immediately sit up. His eyes were staring up at the sky, unblinking for a few moments. The bright light emitting from the sun stung them and he quickly had to blink multiple times. He let out a few groans only to hear his name being called. He recognized Nikolai’s voice even from the distance that he called from. He had completely forgotten about the rings the two of them wore, not knowing that it gave him away.

He tried to catch his breath, though it was to no avail. He must’ve hit the ground much harder than he though he had. He raised a hand slowly to signal to the other male where he was, but he quickly allowed for it to drop onto his chest. His breath was still a bit labored then. He didn’t bother responding to his question when it was first asked. His skin was a bit paler than it normally was. It almost looked as if he had seen a ghost. He took a few moments before he forced himself to respond.

“I was looking at the fountain. I-It wasn’t working which is really odd because the gardeners always make sure everything functions properly.” His voice was strained as he was pulled into a sitting position. It helped his breathing and he took deeper breaths to fully gain it back. “I had this dream last night about sirens. I couldn’t recall ever seeing something like it before. It looked as though there was a massacre. There was a lot of blood and people were injured. Wherever I looked, there was carnage. T-Then I saw this little boy crying. Someone told him everything that had happened was his fault.” He explained slowly.

He brought a hand up to rub at his eyes for a few moments. “I don’t know why I had that dream. When I had looked into the fountain, I saw the dream again. It is almost as though it is burned into my eyes.” He added. He didn’t know if it would mean anything to Nikolai or even if what he said made sense. He realized quickly that the siren prince might just believe him to be insane. He allowed for his fingers to twist the glowing ring on his fingers, a sign of his anxiety in that moment. “I must’ve stumbled back and tripped.”

He blinked once more, realizing he never answered the other male’s questions about being hurt. He shrugged his shoulders lightly then. “I do not believe I am. It just knocked the breath out of me and surprised me a bit. I will just be sore for a while.” He tried to reassure as he forced himself to a standing position.


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Surprise colored Nikolai’s features the moment Alexander started speaking. He seemed out of it, as if he’d seen something terrifying. He was going on about the fountains not working. It was odd. What about the fountains being turned off could have frazzled him so much? It was probably the first time the siren had seen him so out of sorts since they’d met. Even with all the new things Nikolai had introduced him to, he’d never gotten a reaction quite like this.

The sun beamed down on them through the foliage of the tree above. The wind rustled its leaves, creating a hum loud enough that it made Nikolai question whether he’d heard Alexander correctly the first time. *A dream about sirens?* For just a brief moment, the prince thought he may have imagined it, but the warlock continued to detail his supposed dream and Nikolai could feel his skin crawl with unease.

Why on earth would Alexander be seeing that? A memory so old, Nikolai himself had sworn to never bring it up again. His eyebrows knitted together, the ring momentarily cycling through colors as it attempted to match the rainbow of emotions the siren was feeling. It never settled on a solid color, which in a way was to Nikolai’s advantage. He could feel a headache coming on, and knew that any response that so much as alluded to those events of the past would have monstrous consequences in the present.

He quickly cleared his throat, forcing his thoughts to zero in on the last few sentences Alexander spoke in hopes of reigning in both of their emotions. It was a titan of a task. Controlling emotions had never been Nikolai’s strong suit.

“Alright, slow down there-“ he gently bit his bottom lip, almost expecting Alexander to bring up the dream again. He hoped with every ounce of energy he held that the subject would just be dropped. He didn’t have the energy or desire to get into another argument, which is what would surely happen if Alexander pressed on. “Leave it to you to fall while worrying about fountains.” He reached over, sliding one arm around Alexander’s waist to help him up.

The air around them stirred ever so slightly, as if it were helping Nikolai lift the prince to his feet. His grip on the warlock’s hand was maintained, even after the two were already on their feet, to keep the prince from falling again. Nikolai gave him another look over, noting there were still no obvious injuries though he would surely be bruised, before finally making eye contact. The avalanche of emotions hit him all at once.

“Just let it go, Alexander. It was just a nightmare, nothing more.” He stated before the prince could say anything. He could already tell where the other’s thoughts were headed. “Come on, let’s get you inside before you hurt yourself even more.”

david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander could tell the other male believed he was making a far bigger deal out of this than he should be. He truly wished that he wasn’t. He hadn’t a clue as to why this nightmare was plaguing him so much. Was it perhaps the way it was expressed to him in his dreams? He would do his best to believe it was that. After all, it was the only logical thing he could place it on. The idea almost made him snort. With how much he believed in the unknown, he almost was shocked he wasn’t believing this dream had more done orations than he was letting on.

His eyes were still wide as he gazed at the other male, though his panic was starting to subside. He blinked a few times in order to do to he to clear his mind from what all he had experienced. “I-I am sorry. I hadn’t meant to just blurt it all out.” His words were quiet as his mind did its best to just focus on Nikolai in front of him. It was working more than he thought it would. His eyes scanned the other male’s expression for a few moments. He took in the sharpness of his cheekbones to the intense look in his eyes. He believed that he saw concern someone in them, but didn’t push on the matter. He was just glad that he was here. He hadn’t a clue just how bad it might’ve been if he hadn’t been.

The mention of his clumsiness was a welcome change from the dread that was still lurking in his mind. He allowed a rather weak smile to come into his lips then. “Yeah, I guess I might be the only warlock who has ever done such a thing.” He spoke truthfully with a slight shake of his head. He adjusted his knees to bend in order to make it easier for him to stand. He leaned into Nikolai somewhat in order to do so. A soft groan escaped him as he finally got back onto his feet. He wouldn’t admit just how sore he was from tripping over the root.

He turned his gaze towards the ground then, looking around for it in order to not trip on it again. He didn’t know if his eyes were deceiving then or if he had tripped on his own feet instead. He couldn’t spit the root. He swore that was what he had tripped on. It wasn’t the first time his feet caught on one. He recognized the feeling of it. He turned his head a few different ways, but still couldn’t find it. His eyebrows furrowed as he still there. Nikolai’s words drew him out of the daze that he found himself in once again.

“I know. It was just rather vivid.” He didn’t speak anymore on the matter as it was easy to see Nikolai didn’t want to talk about it further. He didn’t want to aggravate him in the slightest after the night before. “That is a good idea. Sometimes I am amazed I have lived as long as I have.” He tried to lighten the mood with a joke at his own expense. He kept a tight grip on Nikolai’s hand as they began to walk inside. He glanced over his shoulder towards the fountain one last time. The water immediately began to run after the two walked away. It was almost as though nothing had happened. He forced himself to look forwards, a sinking feeling of dread in his stomach.


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Admittedly, Nikolai felt a bit guilty about dismissing Alexander’s “dream”. Just a hit, but not enough to try and bring it up again. Certainly not enough to risk how much damage mentioning it could cost. It seemed that the warlock was okay enough with moving on from the subject, chalking it up to nothing more than a vivid dream. Nikolai was relieved, and thus focused all of his attention on keeping the prince upright.

“I was led to believe that warlocks were stoic and graceful.” He commented as he led Alexander away from the root that supposedly tripped him over. Nikolai did look, though he didn’t see anything, but decided to not mention it. It was clear the prince was slightly out of it. Still, he couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon to poke fun at his lack of balance, “Suppose it was just another rumor.” The banter momentarily overshadowed the dream, and Nikolai felt at ease for that short bit. It was almost as if their argument from the night before hadn’t happened.

Except it had, and the siren wasn’t sure how long it would be before he felt comfortable enough to take Alexander with him again when visiting the baker, if ever. He knew he’d apologized, he’d heard it on the way out. Still, that didn’t change the fact that it had happened. Whatever it was that had bothered Alexander enough to lash out like that would likely not go away over night. Perhaps he was being a bit over dramatic, but Nikolai guarded himself for a reason.

The main reason he had been willing to listen and forgive, is because Alexander had at one point been kind enough to do the same for him. Not only when they’d first met, but also after the encounter with that woman. The siren still felt a bit of shame at how he’d acted then. The way he saw it, they were now even.

A light breeze carried them towards the palace again, occasionally factoring in small gusts of wind that swirled leaves and petals around them. Nikolai saw the small branch coming towards them, specifically right towards Alexander’s face. The warlock seemed too in his head to notice, and Nikolai’s hand instinctively moved to grab it. “Hey, careful with-“ suddenly, it was more than just branches flying. A rush of wind blew past them, mimicking the motion of Nikolai’s hand, sending Alexander flying against the nearest bush.

For a good minute, all Nikolai could do was stare in shocked confusion, never having seen anything like this. He quickly recovered, and rushed to Alexander’s side. Thankfully, the bush he’d landed on had nothing sharp. Still, he frantically looked for a way to help the prince up. “Holy shi- are you okay!”

david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander doubted he would ever be able to live down the clumsiness that he dealt with on a daily basis. It was something that his mother had frowned at when he was a child. There were even warlocks who tried to help place spells on him in order to prevent him from doing more harm to himself. Unluckily, they didn’t work. He hadn’t a clue as to why, especially when his mother told him about it once he was grown. The entire situation was just one that he had come to accept. He would always be terribly clumsy.

He allowed a small smile to tug the corner of his lips as Nikolai teased him for it. After all the emotional turmoil he caused the siren to go through the night before, he decided it would be best to allow him to say what he pleased. His mind was still drifting away from the moment the two of them were in. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake the dream from his mind. He refused to mention it to Nikolai again. The way in which he spoke about it made it incredibly obvious to him that there was no reason to elaborate on what the dream could’ve meant. So, he focused on the banter between them.

“Warlocks are stoic and graceful. I am most likely the only who that isn’t.” He confessed with a soft chuckle and a shame of his head. “You should feel lucky that you are stuck with the only clumsy warlock in existence.” He added after a moment, his smile growing more. It still didn’t reach his eyes, the blue dark from the torments his mind was placing on him. “Trust me, my parents tried their damnedest to make sure I wouldn’t accidentally impale myself on something when I was younger.”

As they continued to walk, his vision felt as though it was beginning to blur once more. He mentally cursed, blinking a few times to try and clear it. His smile faded rather quickly and was replaced by a frown. He tried to focus on the events surrounding him. The flowers were being carried on the breeze, the lavender being the strongest amongst them. It reminded him of the night before. He still held guilt for what he had done, but did his best to act as though they truly could move past it.

He was snapped from his thoughts as the wind blew him from his feet, landing on a bush beside him. He was truly stunned in that moment, it being the only expression on his face. He laid there with his eyes staring up at the sky. The sunlight burned them, but he didn’t bother to blink. He hadn’t experienced anything like that before. He hadn’t a clue as to why he was thrown by the wind in the first place. He barely reacted to Nikolai rushing over to him, only rapidly blinking when he heard him speak. He rolled onto his back with a loud groan. “Now I am definitely hurting.” He confessed.


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Nikolai’s shock eventually subsided, making way for concern. His mind replayed the scene frame by frame. They were walking, talking, holding hands, and then… in the blink of an eye, Alexander was laying on a bush. He kept replaying the moment his hand moved, and the prince seemed to move along with it. Surely, that was just a coincidence. But, how had Alexander fallen? The siren took a quick look around then, but there was nothing in sight that could have tripped him.

“What did you even trip on? Air?” In the moment, the siren couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought. Admittedly, the image of Alexander being flung onto a nearby bush was wildly entertaining. However, the moment the prince mentioned he was hurting, Nikolai’s smile vanished. Concern etched his features, his hand taking hold of Alexander’s while his arm helped him sit up. He knew better than to force him to stand right away. He needed a few minutes to regain his balance.

Nikolai’s slender fingers gently took hold of Alex’s chin, carefully moving his face from one side to the other as he examined the skin for any bruising. There was none on his face, but it was certain now that his body would be very sore very soon. His dark eyes locked onto Alexander’s deep blues. There was something in them that Nikolai didn’t quite recognize. Fear? No…close, but fear wasn’t quite right.

“Do your parents know healing magic?” He attempted to shift the focus on helping Alexander heal from the bruising, or if possible, prevent it all together. “I can go get them” though he said this, he settled down on the ground next to the prince. There were a couple of questioning looks thrown their way by some passing guards, but aside from that, no one paid them any mind. He couldn’t shake the feeling that the prince was on edge. He knew he’d possibly regret asking, but he was curious. “Is something bothering you… you seem…on edge.”

david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander normally would’ve laughed at the joke that Nikolai made at his own expense, but there was something in that moment that just stunned him. He couldn’t recall a time where something like this had occurred. He knew that he was clumsy, but there was truly no way for him to trip over nothing. He didn’t believe that he was that clumsy. It took a trained warlock to be able to send someone flying in such a way. He let out multiple grunts as Nikolai helped him sit up then. He hated the way in which his body was aching, but there wasn’t too much he could do for it in that moment.

His gaze slowly shifting to look at the area surrounding them, believing that there was someone off to the side who caused him to fall in such a way. The only people that he noticed were the guards making their usual rounds, though the two princes did receive some very odd looks from them. He was sure it was a story that would be told and spread throughout the guards by the time that they changed shifts. It wouldn’t be the first time word of his misfortune had been spread. While the royal family was well respected, gossip easily did spread.

“I honestly have no clue. I have never been thrown like that before.” He confessed in a quiet tone. His mind had settled on the fact that he indeed had been thrown. He stretched his arms out behind him slightly in an attempt to stretch them out. He winced after doing so. “I am so sore already.” He mumbled. He tensed slightly, though did relax quickly, when Nikolai gently grabbed his chin, turning his head from side to side to see if there was any damage to his face. He shook his head slightly once he let go of his chin. “They do, but I do not want to bother them with this. I might be able to do something to help with it.” He tried to assure.

He blinked a few times when the question passed through his lips. He brought a slow hand up to rub at his eyes. “I know you told me not to worry about the nightmare, but I feel like it was so real. Every time I blink, I see flashes of it. Everything was too vivid.” He explained. A gentle sigh left him as a frown crossed his expression. “I am sorry. I know you didn’t want me to mention it again, but I just can’t shake this terrible feeling.” He added in a whisper.


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It was odd to not see the prince laugh, nor retort with a remark of his own after Nikolai’s comment. It was clear he wouldn’t be letting this go anytime soon. Truthfully, Nikolai too was curious about how it had just happened. He wasn’t foolish enough to think Alexander tripped. Not this time. He was thrown, just like the warlock suggested, but by who. They both seemed to have the same idea as they glanced around them. The guards, though confused as to why they were simply sitting in the ground in the middle of the garden, didn’t seem suspicious or out of sorts in any way. Then again, Nikolai didn’t know how warlock
Shiv worked. For all he knew, the guards could easily be capable of doing something like that just to mess with them.

“It wouldn’t be a bother.” He stated confidently. Despite not knowing the king and queen that well, it was clear to Nikolai that they cared about their son. Not exactly something he could relate to. He let out a sigh, gently placing a hand on the other’s thigh. “I can go get your mother. Tell her you fell.” He was almost certain the woman wouldn’t mind coming to help them. It was better than dealing with the forming bruises on their own.

For a moment, Nikolai almost regretted asking the question. The warlock was more worked up about what he’d seen than he imagined. It didn’t make any sense. Why was he seeing Nikolai’s own memories? Was this some kind of cruel joke played by the same person that had instilled the curse? If so, it wasn’t funny. The thought made him angry, which he quickly shoved aside, not wanting to tule up Alexander more than what he already was:

“You’re really that worked up over a nightmare?” He would be sticking to his story for as long as he could. Alexander didn’t need to know the truth. It wouldn’t do him, or anyone else, any good. Quite the opposite, in fact. Once again, Nikolai looked for a good way to detour the conversation without seeming too suspicious. “Do your guards know magic?” He questioned, genuinely curious himself. “Could one of them have done… this?” He gestured vaguely to their surroundings. He didn’t know whether the guards would be brave enough to attempt something like that, but if not then, then who?

The world around them seemed to have silenced, save the breeze that had eased back into its usual calm hum along with the rustling of the greenery. Nikolai stared at his own hand for a second, seriously debating his next move. Part of him that as still upset with the prince with what he’d done the night before, but sitting here with him, watching his brows knit in frustration, he could feel the vulnerability. It pushed him to want to be of some comfort, which was not something Nikolai ever did. His fingers lingered on the other’s thigh for a moment before reaching for one of his hands and giving it a gentle squeeze.

david tennant

daydream believer
Alexander shook his head once more at Nikolai’s insistence to get his mother to help heal him. “No, it’s alright. I don’t want for her to worry any. I can try to heal myself some later on.” He assured once again. While his healing magic wasn’t the best, he could do enough to alleviate the pain he was already feeling. The gust of wind and the throw felt like someone who had been training and watching him, knowing exactly when he would be off guard. He hadn’t clue that it was actually Nikolai who had done it, though the other male wouldn’t ever mean him any harm. He turned his gaze to look back towards where they had been standing only a few moments prior.

Bizarre. This entire situation was beginning to turn more out weirder and weird. It was as if a switch had flipped in his mind. He hated the constant imagery he was currently dealing with. He just wanted for it to go away, to leave him be. He wanted to peacefulness of an empty mind once more. His anxiety had been bad enough before this. Now he felt like he should be kept for observation in case he had a full mental breakdown. He brought a rather shaky hand up to rub at his eyes for a moment, willing for everything to go away. He slowly let his hand drop back to his side, his gaze turning back to Nikolai when he spoke.

“It doesn’t just feel like a nightmare Niko. I have had nightmares before. It felt as though I was actually there. The screams and the scent of blood are still in my mind. Every time that I blink, I see it again.” He explained quietly. He wouldn’t be surprised if the other male would think he had gone insane. It was the only logical explanation to this all. “I want it to go away. If I could just show you how it feels, you would understand why It is sticking with me.” He added. There was magic that could allow for another person to share the images in their mind, to combine their emotions for that experience. He just didn’t believe he had enough power to do such a thing. The ring on his finger was flashing through colors, unable to read the mountain of emotions he was currently feeling.

The mention of the guards did little to draw his mind away from it, though he did shake his head. “They can do magic, but when they begin to train they are forbidden to use it on the royal family. They willingly dampen their powers when it comes to us. They can still use healing magic, but are only able to use the full extent of their powers on those surrounding us. If they cast that breeze, you would be the one in the bush.” He informed. He did his best to lighten his tone, but it wasn’t working any.

He watched as his hand moved to grab one of his own. He accepted it, gripping to it rather tightly. His blue eyes were still wider and it looked like he was on the verge of crying. His ring finally settled down, though it didn’t choose just one color. It was swirling with red, green, and blue. It seemed as though that was the only thing it could come up with. “Why is this happening? Do you think someone might’ve sent something our way after our engagement?” He asked softly. He knew Nikolai didn’t have an answer, but he needed to let the words out.


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“If I could show you how it feels, you would understand…”

Nikolai’s muscles tensed at those words, his brows knitting together in frustration. “You have no idea-“ his words trailed off as he attempted to calm himself. He doesn’t know, calm down Niko. His silent scolding did little to ease the uneasy twist in his stomach. Just a couple more words and he would’ve had a disaster on his hands. He sighed, as if releasing the frustration from his body, and glanced out at the garden grounds. What he expected to find he wasn’t sure of. Someone lurking in the shadows perhaps, waiting for the next opportunity to fling one of them into the nearest tree.

“Is there anyone out there that would want to hurt you?” There was irony in that question. Nikolai was a tool, positioned precisely to hurt and tear apart the warlock family as decided by the siren king. The prince had long since decided that wouldn’t happen. How he would stop it from happening without making his people suffer was still to be determined, but Nikolai had no desire to hurt Alexander or his parents. Not anymore. “I mean, do you have any powerful enemies?” Even with Rowan there, powerful as he may be, this was not something Nikolai could blame him for. The nature of the things happening around them were much too bizarre. Nothing to do with the typical abilities of a siren, even for one as powerful as the king.

“That woman…the one that claims to be in love with you…” the mention of the woman made Nikolai’s brows furrow. He promptly ignored the gut feeling of jealousy that came with it. “Maybe this is her doing.” In part, it made sense. So far, it was the only person he could think of that would try to sabotage them. However, if she supposedly loved Alexander it didn’t make any sense for her to attack him. Not that Nikolai believed that for a second. People like her loved no one but themselves. That much was clear from just a few exchanged words with her. Still, hurting the person she supposedly loved wouldn’t help her cause.

“Never mind, come on.” He swiftly rose to his feet, still keeping hold of Alexander’s hand to help him up. “Let’s get you to your room before you end up in one of the water fountains.” Even he had to admit that there was an odd feeling in the air, like the sense of impending chaos. He briefly thought of Maire, and how she said they’d be going through hardships. At the time he simply thought of it as advice. Now, he couldn’t help but wonder if it was more of a warning.

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Alexander watched the change in his expression at the comment he spoke, not realizing just why he might’ve acted in such a way. After all, he believed that Nikolai thought his dream was nothing more than that. He should believe it himself, that it was just a nightmare mean to scramble his mind. That the stress of everything that had been occurring lately twisted things to be on a worse scale. It was odd and he hated it, but he couldn’t get over the thought that something more was coming from this. It felt like a warning. It was a warning that he shouldn’t ignore. He didn’t bother saying more on the matter, allowing for the subject to change.

“Not that I know of. There shouldn’t be any possible way for harm to come to me either within the walls of the property. It was enchanted for us to be protected. It was an extra way of protection in case someone decided to attempt murdering us in our sleep.” He explained. At least, he believed the protections to be still in place. His body was still clearly in shock from everything that had happened. “We have many powerful enemies, but none would be stupid enough to try to break the wards surrounding us here.” He answered the question as quietly as he originally had spoken when he first flew into the bush.

He shook his head slightly at the comment about the woman he originally was to marry being the reason for this issue. He didn’t bother speaking again though, not for a few moments. He needed to find a way to clear his mind. Normally he could focus on something simple, such as the flowers, or someone near him, such as Nikolai. It wasn’t working though. He allowed for the other male to carefully pull him to his feet. A loud groan broke through his lips as he finally stood. The aching in his body only intensified then. He brought his free hand up to run through his hair in a half-hearted attempt to fix it. His other hand refused to let go of Nikolai’s though. He needed the slight comfort the other male brought him.

He stuck close to his side as they slowly began to walk back towards the interior of the castle. He didn’t bother glancing over his shoulder at the garden. He probably wouldn’t be returning to it for some time now. “Thank you for helping me up and all. I know this is really odd.” He confessed in a mumble. His shoulders had slouched from the usual straight posture he had. “I am sure we will figure out who threw me soon enough. Who knows, maybe I was the one who caused myself to fall.” He tried to lighten the mood slightly, but his joking words fell short. His eyes were gazing at his feet as he walked. He was sure his parents would be concerned by the fact that he didn’t arrive for breakfast that morning along with Nikolai. He hoped they might just assume the two snuck out to spend the day together.


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It was unsettling how accustomed to taking Alexander’s hand Nikolai had grown in such a short amount of time. He often found his fingers itching to hold the other’s as if their hands had been bound together. It was a force far beyond anything he’d ever felt. Among the many flings and fleeting *relationships* Nikolai had in the past, he’d never truly grown attached. They’d been fun enough, sure. Momentary pleasure to keep him from losing his mind. That’s all they had been. Even as the thought of a marriage had made him want to gag the moment it was brought up. Even as he thought about how hurt he’d felt the night before when Alexander called him a hypocrite. Even as he felt the fear of attachment creeping through his veins as the two walked together, he still inched closer. His grip on the warlock’s hand never loosened.

Maybe Alexander was right. He really was a hypocrite.

“I’ve seen worse.” The words rolled off his tongue like water, his gaze always fixated on the path ahead of them as they walked through the palace hallways. The window where they’d spoken that first night came into view. Nikolai recalled with vivid clarity their conversation. Yes, he had thought Alexander to be foolish for believing in gods at the time. Thinking back now, it wasn’t his belief in the deities he thought were nonsense, it was the unwavering trust the warlock seemed to have in them. Nikolai had never grown to know what trusting something or someone so deeply was like. He couldn’t fathom the idea of resting one’s fate in the hands of someone else, let alone someone you can’t even see. Even if they do exist, Nikolai would likely never come to trust the gods in the way Alexander did.

“I don’t know if I thanked you.” His voice carried through the empty halls as they continued on, nearing the place where Alexander had found Nikolai in agonizing pain. “For coming to find me that night I mean. So, thank you.” It was a sincere gratitude. The warlock prince didn’t have to do what he did, especially considering they didn’t exactly get off to an amicable start. Even then, Nikolai had been glad it was him and not one of his parents. Delphine hadn’t been around to back him up. Perhaps that’s what bad the prince so on edge.

His lips parted slightly, as if he were going to say something else, but instead decided to change the subject entirely. Alexander was already in a bad mental state. The last thing they needed was for him to connect the dots back to that conversation. Now more than ever, Nikolai regretted having told him about that siren tale. He just hoped whatever had given the warlock a piece of his memory would not try it again. It was only a matter of time before the prince started piecing it together and start asking questions that Nikolai won’t be able to answer.

“Are you hungry? I can go get us some food. Meet you back at your room?”

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Alexander tried his best to focus solely on Nikolai walking alongside him in that moment, knowing that the siren might be the only thing that could help ease his mind from the pain he was currently feeling physically and mentally. His hand kept its tight grip on Nikolai’s as they walked. He would glance at it every now and then in his best attempt to reassure him that he was still there beside him. The images he noticed in the fountain had taken his mind to a rather dark place. He just needed to remember that this all was real. He could feel Nikolai beginning to inch closer to him. He didn’t mind, lightly pressing against him. For the first time since he woke up that morning, he finally was beginning to feel relaxed.

He raised an eyebrow slightly at the quick response to his words. “You will have to tell me about it something. I am surprised a random gust of wind chucking me into a bush isn’t higher on your list.” His voice was slowly growing a bit stronger the longer that he spent closer to Nikolai. He looked forward once again, not realizing where they currently were. He walked through these halls so many times now that they all blended together after a while. He turned his gaze out towards the windows they were passing. The sun was still bright in the sky and the gentle breeze hissed past the windows. He could see the faint movements of the trees moving due to them.

His mind only connected the dots as to everything once he mentioned that night. He looked over at him, making sure to keep his steps steady as he did so. He didn’t want to stumble over anything again and hurt himself more. He was already having enough issues as it currently was. “You didn’t have to. I know you would’ve done the same thing if I had been in that situation.” He assured. He would never leave anyone in the situation that Nikolai had found himself in. He could see that something was wrong earlier in that day and one look towards Nikolai in the hallway had broken that in him. He wouldn’t change what he had done if he had to do it again. He would go after him each time. He didn’t know if it was the strange attachment that he felt for the other male or if it was something else. He wished he could understand it better.

He finally stopped walking when Nikolai offered the suggestion to get them both some food. He gave him a gentle smile, the brightest he had since the garden. “Okay, that sounds good. Thank you Nikolai,” He paused, glancing down to his feet. The air around them seemed to still once more. It had been happening at an alarming rate these past two days. He knew that something was off about it all. It only tied into the attachment he felt among other things. He leaned in and placed a quick but gentle kiss to his cheek. It felt justified in that moment. “I’ll see you soon.” He added. He gave his hand one last squeeze before he moved to head back to his room then.


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For a solid few minutes, Nikolai simply stood in silence. His eyes stared at nothing in particular as his head processed what had just happened. His hand subconsciously moved to touch his own cheek where Alexander’s lips had been. This would not be the first time he was kissed. Especially not on the cheek. And yet, something in his stirred. Something he’d never quite felt before. Like he was struck by a wave of emotions he didn’t quite recognize.

After what was probably much too long of a pause, his senses slowly returned to the present, focusing on his surroundings instead of what his insides felt like. He let out a quiet breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding, somewhat aggressively rubbing his face with his hands as if that would help clear his intrusive thoughts. What was wrong with him? For the past few days, he’d been behaving in a way that he didn’t even recognize himself. It was disorienting to say the least.

As his steps took him closer to the dining hall, Nikolai did everything in his power to focus on the task at hand. Get food, and get out. If the families were still there, he had no doubts that they would bombard him with questions. Alexander had been insisting on not telling his parents what happened, which meant that Nikolai was now stuck having to look for a believable enough excuse. Not that he wouldn’t be able to do it, however it wasn’t something he usually did. The siren prince had never been the type to lie about what he was doing or where he was going. He never gave excuses, he simply did as he pleased.

However, the moment he stepped into the hall and everyone’s attention turned to him, he knew he had to think of something quick. “Good morning dear.” Seraphina was the first to speak up. “Are you feeling alright? And Alexander?” All the attention fell on him, probably expecting an intricate excuse as to why they weren’t at breakfast. He knew that would probably convince the warlocks, but his family knew better, and so he decided to be as honest as he could be without overstepping Alexander’s wishes.

“We’re fine, just went for a walk in the gardens.” He could sense Delphine’s eyes on him as he moved to gather their plates of food. He did everything he could to avoid eye contact with Rowan, as well as Alexander’s parents. He did unintentionally catch Eloise’s gaze for a moment. Much to his surprise, she didn’t seem upset, but instead looked to be smiling. “We just want some time alone, so don’t bother coming to look for us.” He added before anyone could ask if they’d be joining the table. Once the food was in his hands, he gave everyone a nod as a goodbye and walked out.

Surely, the warlock king would have something to say about it. But Nikolai knew his family was all too familiar with his behavior. At the very least, they would comment on this being typical of him. Not that Nikolai ever cared, but today especially it came in handy.

The walk back to the room went by rather quickly, probably due to the fact that the siren was focused on not dropping the food instead of the wandering thoughts he’d been plagued with earlier. It wasn’t until all the hall started to blur that he realized he didn’t know where Alexander’s room was exactly. Thankfully, there were a few guards walking around who pointed him in the right direction.

“Probably should have asked where your room was before you left.” He commented as soon as he walked inside, setting the plates of food down on the nearest table.

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Alexander stepped into his room once there, his mind finally catching up with what he just did. His eyes were somewhat wide and the shock now replaced the pain. It helped take his mind off of the dream as well. He stood only a few steps in his room for a few moments. He couldn’t believe he allowed himself to kiss Nikolai’s cheek. He never would’ve done something like that before, especially with all that had been happening that day. He felt as if it would be an overstep of boundaries. But here he was, mere minutes after it. It didn’t take long for his cheeks to immediately flush pink and his ring changed to match the embarrassment he was currently feeling.

He forced his feet to move as he made his way over to the mirror in his room. He looked into it, the pink now a darker red. It went from his cheeks all the way to the tips of his slightly pointed ears. He took a few deep breaths in his best attempt to calm himself. He had never been in a relationship before. Everything with Nikolai was the closest he had gotten. He had already been worried he might’ve ruined things the day before with him snapping over the most minuscule of details. Now his mind drifted back to that dark spot. He brought a hand up and moved it once around his head. The air shifted to be much cooler. It was his best attempt to get the blush gone before Nikolai returned to his room.

Once he decided it was manageable, he moved to slowly pull off the clothes he had been wearing. They were covered with dirt and scuffed. He didn’t want to greet anyone later with them as he believed it would be improper. It was something his father had drilled into his mind when he was younger. He placed the dirty clothes on the chair to the desk near the mirror. He then stepped to look at the damage that occurred from the falls he had taken. There were red marks covering his body with some purple already beginning to show. He let out a gentle sigh. He began to mutter, bringing a hand up to touch two fingers where the bruising was the worst. While it improved the appearance, the aching was still there. It was something he could deal with for the time being.

Meanwhile, Edward’s eyes watched Nikolai’s every move as the siren prince stepped into the dining hall. He didn’t speak a word though. He had been rather surprised that Alexander hadn’t joined them for breakfast that morning as it wasn’t often his son would miss a meal like that. The excuse wasn’t one that eased his mind any. He glanced to his wife, noticing the smile that was one his lips. It took everything in him not to roll his eyes at it. He was beginning to warm up to the idea of the two marrying, but he didn’t accept it fully just yet. Eloise had been working him down on it every chance she got. He just let out a few grumbles before he returned back to his meal.

Alexander shifted to grab a new outfit from the dresser drawers in his closet, pulling out something that was less formal. He assumed he might have worse luck later in the day and he didn’t want to ruin another outfit. It was a simple shirt and pants, though the materials were still rather nice. His movement were beginning to ease up as well. He turned his head when he heard the door to his room opening, offering Nikolai the brightest smile he could. His mind had done well in shifting away from all he had been worrying about.

“I should’ve, sorry. I forgot you haven’t been here yet.” He gestured to the space around him. The room was rather large, one of the biggest out of all of the bedchambers within the castle. He had two work desks against one of the walls as well as multiple bookshelves filled with books. Despite the clean nature that he tried to conduct himself with, the room was a bit messier. A few papers were scattered on one of the desk and there were opened books on one of the loveseats near the window. His bed had been made though.

He made his way to the table that Nikolai set the food on, moving to grab them both some chairs. “I managed to improve some of the bruising, enough to where it shouldn’t be as noticeable.” He informed. He didn’t mention the kiss to the cheek he had given him and hoped the siren wouldn’t mention it either.


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At this point, Nikolai had been to several areas within the warlock palace. Truthfully, he had felt a bit out of place at first. Everything about it was much different than back home. Much darker, with a lot less water around. He did miss the sounds of the waves crashing the shore, especially now that he’d stayed the night here without getting to hear them. The smell of the salted sea and all its beauty. He truly couldn’t stand being away for too long. However, compared to most sirens around him, he loved the land much more than they did. The warlock castle, though tall and a bit less vibrant, was beginning to feel less foreign. Even then, being in Alexander’s room felt…odd.

It wasn’t in a way that would have him running for the door. Not a negative feeling, but not positive either. It was just different. Why a room would make him feel this way was the most puzzling thing of all. Still, he couldn’t keep his eyes from wandering. A bedroom could teach you a lot about its owner. Perhaps Nikolai’s wasn’t as telling, considering he spent very little time in it. However, Alexander’s was much different. They’d already established how much time the prince spent in the palace. Most of it probably in his bedroom. So many aspects of it fit the warlock prince. The books, the scattered papers, the large window that no doubt gave the perfect view of the night sky.

His attention was only taken from his surroundings when Alexander spoke again, claiming he’d taken care of the bruising. Nikolai wondered how bad it had been. He had fallen twice within just a few minutes. He took a seat, crossing his legs over the chair out of habit. He wasn’t necessarily hungry. Sirens could go days without a meal and still feel fine. He’d only grabbed a plate for himself on a whim. Now, sitting here in the peace of Alex’s room, the smell of the food hit his senses and he felt compelled to at least try it. He waited for Alex to have a seat before reaching for his plate and taking a few bites. The kiss on the cheek wasn’t mentioned by the warlock, so Nikolai didn’t bring it up either.

He gave a small hum of approval after trying the food, allowing his back to rest against the back of the chair. “Your parents seemed satisfied with my excuse, so I don’t think they’ll be coming to look for us anytime soon.” he assured, knowing the prince didn’t want to worry them. Nikolai understood, and truthfully, he preferred being alone with Alex. It had almost become a source of comfort. He thought about bringing up what had happened in the garden, but decided against it. It looked like Alexander had finally been able to calm down a bit. He didn’t want to be the one to ruin that.

Instead, he simply made small talk while they ate. Once he was sure Alex was finished, he got to his feet. “Can I take a look?” he asked, one hand gesturing to the shirt covering his torso to clarify. Though ALex had said he’d taken care of some of the bruising, Nikolai wouldn’t be at peace until he saw for himself.

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The scent from the food was filling the room as it sat on the table, causing Alexander’s stomach to begin to growl gently. He truly hadn’t realized just how hungry he was until the food was brought over to him. The chefs that were hired to feed the royal family were some of the best in their kingdom. His parents insisted on such, traveling and meeting the people in their lands until they found who they believed would work best for their family’s needs. He was grateful that they had done so. He had been lucky to eat well like this for the entirety of his life now. He glanced to Nikolai to gage his reaction. He had heard the compliments from the siren court at the meal they night prior. He hadn’t a clue if the siren prince enjoyed it as well.

He took his seat though, wincing slightly from the soreness that still plagued his muscles. He grabbed his fork and began to eat, happy with the selection of food Nikolai brought for him. It seemed the other male managed to get a little bit of everything which was perfect. He returned his gaze to the other male as he spoke, his shoulders relaxing slightly at the reassurance. His mouth was full at that moment, so he just nodded his head to show his thanks. There was no reason to drag his parents into this situation when he didn’t even know if it was one yet. If things got worse and these occurrences kept happening, he would have to tell them as it would be a safety concern for his entire family.

His mind drifted as he ate, not minding the light chatter that passed between them. If things did get worse, it would inevitably drag Nikolai in as well. The two were to be married soon and anything that was to happen to one would happen to the other. Their allegiance would let any remaining enemies pine for what they believed would harm them the most. Both Nikolai and himself were going to be labeled as the highest targets to cause damage to both kingdoms. The thought brought a gentle pounding to the front of his head, one he hadn’t felt in quite a while. He took a few gentle breaths in order to calm himself enough to push it away.

He leaned back some in his chair once he finished his plate, the pounding having subsided some. He blinked in surprise when Nikolai gestured to his shirt and made the comment. He hadn’t expected for him to say such a thing. Thankfully his face didn’t match the embarrassment he felt. For the first time in a while, he managed to keep his blushing at bay. He instead slowly stood and carefully slid his shirt off. He held it in his hand as he stepped closer for the other male to look for whatever he wanted to.

“I got as much as I could. As I have said before, healing magic is not something I am incredible with.” He mused. There was still bruising forming and the skin where he had taken the bruising from was inflamed. Thankfully it seemed as though he had gotten the worst of it off. “How bad is it now? It didn’t look too terrible earlier.” He asked quietly, hoping that it was better than how he felt.


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As far as being in a real, serious relationship, Nikolai couldn’t say he had experience. Everyone he’d ever been with, though several, had been nothing more than a passing fling. A cute face to spend his time. A curious siren looking for bragging rights to say they had slept with the prince. They always were quick to boast about it. Nikolai never cared if they did. He’d seen plenty during his fun. He’d also seen Alexander shirtless once before. At the moon pool, that first night they met. He’d been wearing a lot less clothes than he was now.

Despite all that, the subtle shift in his chest when the warlock pulled off his shirt was too strong to ignore. He blinked in mild surprise, his ring beginning to glow a faint shade of pink, but was quickly stuff into a pant pocket along with the hand it was on. He’d only meant for the prince to lift up his shirt so he could get a look at the damage. Never did he expect for the man to be so bold. This, along with the kiss from earlier they were both refusing to acknowledge, seemed to mark a slight but noticeable change in the warlock prince.

Had he always been this bold? No. Alexander didn’t strike him as the type to be daring about anything. Perhaps his own overactive imagination was looking too deep into things.

After realizing he’d almost been staring for too long, he shifted closer, his gaze avidly averting the chiseled stomach in order to focus on the red marks dotted across his torso. The damage didn’t look bad, but Alex did say he’d tried to get rid of most of it. There were still spots marked in a faint purple and blue. Nikolai’s hands gently pressed against one of them. He’d heard about the healing properties of water and briefly wondered if he could use it to help the bruising disappear completely.

He didn’t think about it for long, deciding that he didn’t want to try on the off chance he only made it worse. However, when his hand was removed, the bruise was no longer visible. For a few seconds, Nikolai only stared. Had he done that? He was certain there had been a bruise in that spot moments again. His eyes, wide with curiosity, looked up at Alex. “Did you…feel anything just now?”

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Alexander waited patiently for Nikolai to move towards him, adverting his gaze from the other male while he did. He didn’t want for an ounce of the embarrassment that he was feeling to currently show. It wasn’t as if Nikolai hadn’t seen him in just his undergarments before. He knew that he shouldn’t allow any sort of a blush on his face due to it. He just kept reminding himself that they were eventually going to be married and that he would eventually see him like this anyways. That thought send a wave of heat towards his face, his cheeks finally tinting a light red. He could feel it, mentally cursing at that moment. He hoped that the siren prince would be focused on his bruises more than the light blush.

It wasn’t as if anyone had seen him like this before. He had been so involved with the training his mother and father set forth for him that he was never able to get into a proper relationship. He didn’t even have a fling he could brag about. The closest he had gotten before to being with somewhat was that dreadful witch in the courtyard the day before. His parents had ended the engagement as quickly as it had started with her, a proper announcement not even being made. But here he was, with the man that he was now to marry. The man that seemed to be very concerned about his well-being despite the two of them barely knowing each other. The man who he seemed to have a strange bond to. The more he thought on it all, the worse of a headache he got.

He winced slightly at Nikolai pressed his hands where the bruises were still. He knew he was being gentle with how he touched him, but the skin was still sore from the battering he had gotten earlier. Deep down he hoped that he wouldn’t have to experience something like that again. It would be very unfortunate, to say the least. He knew his clumsiness would get the better of him though and that he would trip and hurt himself again. It was common knowledge by that point. Even the guards were instructed to make sure he didn’t accidentally decapitate himself on something.

There was a gentle stinging that caused him to wince once more. He blinked as the pain that he had been feeling before vanished. He looked down to his body, eyebrows furrowing and surprise immediately growing on his expression. “I felt a light stinging but that was it.” He informed. He brought his gaze up to meet Nikolai’s. “How did you do that? I thought sirens had to use water to heal.” He asked gently, his tone not accusatory at all. His curiosity was beginning to shine through. It was clear he was relaxing more around Nikolai the longer he spent with him as well. His shoulders weren’t tense like they had been from forced posture as a child. He almost seemed normal.


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The confusion on Nikolai’s face matched the color of his ring. Alexander’s question left him searching for a reasonable answer, but truthfully, he didn’t have one. He stared at the soft patch of skin where the bruise had been, thoughts trying to rationalize what had just happened. He’d always thought it to be difficult, but perhaps he thought wrong and it truly was as easy as just thinking about it.

“We…do.” His reply to Alex’s question almost sounded like a question of its own. That’s what he’d been told at least. “I was just thinking if I could use the water within your body…” he gently bit his bottom lip, almost wanting to try doing it again. “I’ve seen Marina do it a few times,” he recalled the times his sister had healed Delphine’s battle wounds, but always seemed like a painful process and it certainly took much longer than a few seconds. Of course, open wounds and bruises were entirely different.

“Can I…?” His hand gingerly outstretched again, covering another one of the bruises on the prince’s chest in an effort to replicate what he’d done. His eyes fluttered closed for a moment, thinking about healing. He assumed that’s how it worked. He felt Alexander flinch under his touch. Surprisingly enough, when his eyes opened again and his hand was lowered, the bruise had disappeared just as it had before.

“Woah…” his voice was low, eyes wide as he stared at the missing bruise. “I’ve…never done that.” His gaze then shifted to where his hand lay. It was only then that he realized how closed he’d gotten.The heat radiating from the warlock’s body engulfed him, his scent fogging all sense. Almost as if by impulse, his eyes swept over the bare skin, filthy thoughts filling his mind every second of the way until his gaze met Alexander’s. It was like a punch to the gut. The overwhelming need to close the very short distance between their lips. He stared at Alexander’s for a bit too long.

Nikolai never hesitated, yet here he stood, paralyzed and unable to take his eyes off of the man in front of him. He gently bit his bottom lip, wracking his brain for The right words. But there was nothing he could say that wouldn’t give away his intense need to kiss the warlock.

So he did.

Gentle at first, his lips molded to Alexander’s like they were meant to be there. He gave plenty of time, and chance, for the prince to pull away. His hands carefully rested on the bare chest, as if he were expecting to be rejected.
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The response that Alexander received didn’t calm his mind any. He truly had no clue how Nikolai might’ve been able to heal him, especially since he mentioned he was going to try to use the water within his body to do so. He nodded his head slightly as Nikolai asked if he could heal another bruise, waiting patiently to see if it happened again. The stinging sensation returned, though it wasn’t as bad as last time. He still winced from it. But as the other male moved his hand away, he could see the bruise was gone. His surprise grew even more.

“I have never witnessed anyone heal like that. Not even the best healers in the kingdom do such a thing so easily.” He admitted in a breathless tone. He knew that sirens did have magical abilities. Despite all of the rumors that were spread about them being terrible creatures, the one thing that was never underplayed was their magical abilities. He didn’t know how, but it seemed as though Nikolai was able to harness them better than anything he had heard of before. “There was a time where I cut my knee open badly while training. It was deep enough to where I could almost see bone. Even then it took the healers an hour to fully mend it.” He explained.

His voice had softened, partly due to his shock and partly due to the close proximity the two were now standing in. He had been so fixated on the healing abilities of Nikolai that he hadn’t realized their bodies were almost touching. His expression lightened and he blinked a few times, slowly meeting Nikolai’s gaze. This wasn’t the first moment that he had admired the other male’s beauty. He had immediately noticed it when they first met. It was a shameful thought then, but now he allowed his mind to wander with it.

His own eyes flashed down to Nikolai’s lips for a moment, his desire beginning to overwhelm him. The kiss he had placed on his cheek before had been as much as he could manage at the time, but the proximity was beginning to take over his every sense. It seemed as if the two were melding together into one. Not just by marriage, but by something far bigger than them. He was never one to question the will of the gods before and he knew he wouldn’t then. As Nikolai connected their lips, he allowed himself to gladly return the kiss.

He brought a hand up to gently cup Nikolai’s cheek, not breaking the connection of their lips. Everything about the moment just felt right. It was as if they were truly meant to be here, to be together. The little hints and nudges during the dance and during the ceremony were only leading them to this moment. His ring immediately shifted colors to flash a golden light, though his eyes had fluttered shut and he didn’t notice it. He was completely focused on Nikolai in that moment.

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