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Multiple Settings 1x1, MxF, deep plot roleplayer search

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Action, Adventure, Dystopian, Magical, Multiverse, Mystery, Platonic, Romance, Supernatural, Zombies


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Searching for...
- 1x1
- MxF - seeking female roleplayers
- open discussion about plots
- those who rp on Discord
- posts above 2+ paragraphs
- can post their replies often
- good literacy
- those who have realistic or at least good quality 3D face claims
- those who do not skip too quickly ahead in plots and scenes
- PM me if you are interested or have ANY questions - ANY and ALL questions are welcome

About plots ...
- open to discussion and ideas - do not take offense if I do not like or agree with your idea
- may or may not contain romance and intimacy - choice is up to the rp partner
- plots DO NOT revolve around romance and/or intimacy
- IF plots have romance and intimacy within them, it is NOT forced upon the female character
- IF plots have romance and intimacy, it is not rushed - romantic interests build up over time
- very minor dark themes; no twisted gore actions or references
- plots may contain action, drama, adventure, mystery and drama
- CAN be platonic or kept on friendly level
- lead male character (LMC) is between the age of 21-28
- some plots are only for those who are truly flexible and open to certain ideas - such as age play
- I make use of Google Maps/Google Earth for modern/fantasy and dystopian settings
- I keep track of time in the plot - that way afternoon doesn't turn into night in two posts unless skipping is necessary or agreed upon for certain scenes
- I have extra characters which are included in the plots which help move the plot along
- there may be politically incorrect themes which are presented with some (not all) characters, as well as in some scenes, plots and scenarios.

I have a list of plots available which will be shared once the following have been picked
- time period you prefer (medieval/fantasy, modern/fantasy, dystipian/future/sci-fi)
- have any specific pairing in mind, do share them

List of Pairings (bold are roles I play. these are ideas, if you have any of your own, do share)
@ Medieval/Fantasy
- thief x nobility
- thief x slave
- nobility x peasant
- nobility x maiden
- nobility x slave
- knight x princess
- knight x witch
- knight x slave
- knight x vampire
- adventurer x nobility
- adventurer x healer
- adventurer x adventurer
- special ops commando x princess (modern meets fantasy)
- special ops commando x nobility (modern meets fantasy)
- special ops commando x peasant (modern meets fantasy)

@ Modern
- assassin x target
- assassin x orphan
- assassin x student
- assassin x kidnapped
- agent x kidnapped
- agent x civilian
- agent x target's daughter
- agent x offensive driver
- adventurer x college girl
- adventurer x tourist
- adventurer x orphan
- adventurer x mercenary pilot
- adventurer x kidnapped
- adventurer x offensive driver
- adventurer x client's daughter
- kidnapper x kidnapped
- special ops commando x civilian
- special ops commando x military pilot (zombie outbreak)
- mercenary x civilian
- mercenary x kidnapped
- mercenary x mercenary pilot
- mercenary x student
- mercenary x offensive driver
- SWAT officer x civilian (zombie outbreak)
- SWAT officer x orphan (zombie outbreak)
- SWAT officer x offensive driver (zombie outbreak)
- alien x scientist (alien is human-looking)
- alien x high school girl (human-looking alien)
- shipwrecked x shipwrecked

@ Dystopian
- wasteland wanderer x villager
- wasteland wanderer x prisoner
- wasteland wanderer x mayor's daughter
- wasteland wanderer x orphan
- wasteland wanderer x android

Other Plot Information
- for anyone who knows the video game "Far Cry 3", there's a plot based on the island. the LMC is based on Vaas, but it is NOT Vaas. it is set in modern.
- zombie apocalypse setting has an atmosphere from the movie "Zombieland"
- there is a plot set in 'near future' with martial law across the US and Canada. if you have an interest in conspiracy theories and such, this may be a plot for you
- for those who know about the series "The Last Ship" - only the virus outbreak concept is used in the plot. the rest is OC
- for those who are open to random ideas - medieval plot where the LMC has modern weapons, modern gear, and even a vehicle or two from modern times. he has a castle which he controls. however, he DOES NOT get involved in politics of the kingdom or neighboring kingdoms. he does not use modern equipment to enforce his will upon others. he stays out of everyone's business. when traveling, he travels with a horse normally, except when he feels like traveling in comfort. he uses weapons of the fantasy/medieval world, unless modern weapons are truly necessary. he hires people from nearby towns and villages to work in his castle, and if his territory is part of a kingdom, he joins the king's council ONLY as an adviser without getting involved in politics and such. a similar example would be if a group of aliens showed up in our world and didn't want to interfere in politics and nations, but have their own territory and hire local help. almost similar to the mythologies of gods having all these powers and such and having locals helping out with simple things.
- the Dystopian setting has a similar elements from the video game series "Fallout" as well as the movie "Mad Max" and some others. extra features are included to make it distinct. ask if you're interested.
- for those who are into Stargate SG-1 - there could be a plot which revolves around the stargate. would not be tied with the show. it could be a discovery which the adventurer finds with your character. any other ideas are welcome. it can be fused with other sources as well, such as a dystopian wasteland scenario and a stargate being found. whatever your mind thinks of.
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