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Multiple Settings Yep. Here's my thread.

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Adventure, Dystopian, Horror, Magical, Mystery, Romance, Super Powers, Supernatural, Zombies


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Never know how to start these things, so I'ma just get into it.
About me:
  • Plotting and worldbuilding, I love it. So send me some wild ideas, I'll do the same.​
  • I love playing female and male roles equally, so doubling is always gonna be an option with me, gives me a chance to have the best of both worlds, y'know?​
  • I love OCC chat, whether it's about the rp or not.​
  • I like romance in all my rps, but let's not make it the main plot. Always have a main plot outside of romance going on.​
  • I can write anywhere from one paragraph to five solid paragraphs. This really depends on the situation, if characters are just talking or we're at a slow part, less is more I think.​
  • MxF is my favorite pairing, FxF is fine, MxM you really have to sell me on.​
  • I'm pretty ditch friendly. Reallllly prefer if you didn't, but I understand some people are shy or just aren't interested. If I bump you once and you don't reply, I'll get the message.​
  • Dark subjects are welcome. I'll let you know if I'm uncomfortable at any point and want you to do the same, but violence and gore doesn't really bother me.​

What I'd like from you:
  • Plot with me! It's your world and characters too, so you should have a say in what happens in it. And don't be afraid to add conflict or twists, just let me know so I'm not blindsided.​
  • OCC is always welcome, but optional. Plotting, jokes, how's your life, whatever! I like it. (In fact, if you've read this whole thing, send me your best joke in your pm. Any joke. I'm curious)​
  • No smut. Fade to black. Let's keep it clean.​
  • Pms only please. I don't have a discord and threads aren't really my thing, so pms it is.​
  • If you have a preferred gender you wanna play as your main, that's absolutely fine. But I would prefer if you could play other characters as well, even if they're all the same gender.​
  • Age isn't a big deal for me but maturity is a must. Communication as well, just so we're on the same page.​
  • Be able to write a paragraph at least. If we're at a slow scene or character's are just talking, I understand not having much to write about but I do need something to work off of. Even if it's short and sweet.​


1. Muse A moves into the same neighborhood as Muse B, right next door in fact. As soon as they meet, Muse A realizes s/he has a little crush on Muse B. Muse A has a secret though. They have powers that allow them to travel alternate realities but s/he doesn't know how to control it. One day, when Muse A is practicing with their powers in what they thought was the privacy their home, Muse B somehow sees. Muse B immediately confronts Muse A about it to figure out what happened. Instead of it being a hostile confrontation though, Muse B is completely in awe of what they saw.

Seeing this, Muse A takes the opportunity to impress Muse B with their powers but gets a little too ambitious and accidentally sends them both into a whole new reality, completely different from their own, with no idea on how to get back. (Could be dark, or lighthearted.)

2. Really vague and kinda cliche, but I think it'd be fun to flesh out. A group of young adults get stuck on an island and have to figure out how to survive together. (Could be fantasy, dark, lighthearted, this one is very open to plotting)

3. Also really vague and along the same lines, but slightly different. Our characters are the only characters left in the world. With no other people around, they have to rebuild their society and deal with every obstacle that comes at them by themselves. But maybe they're not as alone as they think... (This one is probably more dark. Could be fantasy or supernatural here)

4. Everyone knows Muse A is the typical good girl. She's the daughter of the chief of the police department, so of course, she has to be, right? She's a straight-A student, comes home five minutes before curfew and works a part-time job as a waitress. The perfect daughter. But she was bored. She wanted more from life than being known as 'the girl next door.'

Finally, she decides to be a little adventurous and head out to the bar on the other side of town, the side she's always been told to avoid. It's there where she spots Muse B. S/he's attractive, charming, and has a luring confidence. Muse B decides to start up a conversation with Muse A, and right off the bat, there's obviously sparks between them and they start to become good friends. Maybe even something more. But what if Muse B isn't who s/he claims to be? What if Muse B knows exactly who Muse A is and that's why they picked her to strike up a conversation with at the bar that night?

5. Any idea you got lol.

  • Romance​
  • Dystopian​
  • Horror​
  • Adventure​
  • Mystery​
  • Post-apocalyptic​
  • Life or Death situations​
  • Fantasy​
  • Supernatural worlds/beings​
  • Traveling (road trips, runaways, time travel, etc.)​
  • Supernatural x supernatural​
  • Supernatural x human​
  • Angel x demon​
  • Demon x human​
  • Siren x human/pirate​
  • Enemies​
  • Criminal x Normal civilian​
  • Seven deadly sins as people​
  • Survivor x survivor​
  • Experiment x anyone​
  • Soldier x anyone​
  • Anything with ghosts or spirits​
  • Forbidden romance
  • Love x Hate relationship
  • Drug dealer x Addict
  • Addict x Sober
  • Civilian x Drug dealer
  • Runaway x traveler
  • Gang member x rival
  • Partners in crime
  • Futuristic
  • Lovers on the run
  • prisoner x prisoner
  • Characters stuck on a sinking ship (metaphorically or literally)
  • Any other pairing or idea you have​

Pm me if you're interested!

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