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Multiple Settings Lf a pokemon roleplay!


Hello! In a silly lil pokemon roleplay mood after disappearing off the face of the earth for a few months, and am hoping to get back into the grove of things! But first, let me introduce myself(which is actually a copy and pasted thing so I don't have to manually type everything out again)

But hi! I'm Mint. I'm 19 years old, with a ton of free time as of late. I am a descriptive writer who prefers the same of my partner, as well as writing in third person. I'll throw in a sort of old but still valid? writing example so you can decide if we're meant to be!

As Elliott enters the gym, the various screens around him catch his attention. He's confused, until he realizes what he needs to do. He's seen plenty of performances on tv before, it can't be that hard right?

"Okay, let's see....." Elliott grabs two balls, tossing them out. Out pops Cerberus first, the Exeggutor looking around as it's leaves cheerfully shake. Second out is Oleander, his shiny Jellicent. She trills, making a noise similar to a bubble popping from her heart shaped mouth.

"Cerb, use Sunny day. And then Oleander, you use Rain Dance. To make a rainbow." Elliott explains the plan, both pokemon nodding.

Oleander starts, spinning around in the air as she sways slightly, causing droplets of rain to fall from the sky. Then, Cerberus's leaves wave as he uses Sunny Day, a bright last cast over the room. A pretty rainbow forms, seeming to dance and wiggle through the pokemons combined efforts. How? Who knows, but it was definitely a show, especially as the colors from the rainbow individually separate, zig zagging around the room like streamers before meeting in the middle; colliding and bursting into sparkles.

Somewhere about that much is how I typically write, though it'll be more or less. Of course, I'm a quality over quantity kinda person, so I'm fine with a partner who writes less, so long as it's not just one sentence!

I'm namely looking for a fun, light hearted roleplay without any angsty topics. If you're a person who likes drama at every turn, we might not be the best partners. I'd also prefer to stay away from one dimensional you know: overly depressed, everyone loves/hates them, uwu babies who can't fend for themselves, the usual. I like characters who have a good mix of good and bad, though I also believe in character development throughout a roleplay!

On the subject of characters, I do use animated face claims since y'know, pokemon? I'd so no piccrew ones, as they're kinda iffy for me. Also, please make sure your fc matches their age? I've had some weeiirrddd encounters with people trying to insist their 12 year old fc is someone 20+ and just looks young.

Anyways enough rambling, let's get onto my ideas(aka more rambling)

I already have a few ocs picked out, so I'm gonna give you a brief summary of them here! Feel free to pm me who you'd like to roleplay with :)

- Avanea Smith is a girl who loves your usual things: shopping, reality tv, good food and even better weather. So what happens when she takes a walk, and ends up completely lost in the forest? Who knows. Hopefully your character isn't just as lost as she is when they bump into each other. Or perhaps they're a native to the region/area and help her out!

- Zavion Pierce. A highly beloved pokemon ranger whose helped countless pokemon, quelling rages and relocating lost babies. He's also your best friend, and you know him as the guy who raids your fridge and then complains when it's empty. One day, Zavion is hanging out(stealing your food) when he gets a call! Oh no, some poor Mareep have gotten lost in the woods? Finally, the freeloader is leaving.... except now he's trying to convince you to come with him, claiming he needdsss you. Only a monster would tell those puppy eyes no...

- Ambrose Rivest is the regions beloved steel type gym leader! Despite his hard gym, he greets every challenger with a smile! Your character can be:
> a fellow gym leader he meets at this island event thing where gym leaders get to relax (more info on this if ya pick it)
> his secretary who sternly reprimands him for doodling on paper instead of signing important documents. (Can optionally be a gym trainer at his gym whose job is to battle gym challengers before they get to him. If you pick this, your party would need to consist of steel type pokemon!)

I have some other ideas too, just not characters premade. I can also play pokemon too, if that's what you're interested in.

I also imagine this as a more original-ish roleplays without canon characters from the anime/series, since I think it'd be more fun to y'know, make our own!

Anyway, please feel free to pm me! Hope this interests someone ^^
I'm also interested in this and I also have the same question on rather it will be a fan-made region or an existing one. Either works for me but I was just curious.
I'm also interested in this and I also have the same question on rather it will be a fan-made region or an existing one. Either works for me but I was just curious.
Most likely a pre existing one, though I don't confine my ocs teams to pokemon found in one specific region. But if you have a preferred region, feel free to lmk & pm!

I'm interested if you're looking!
Definitely am, feel free to pm!

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