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In September 1983, Ronald Reagan is the United States president. Billy Joel tops the Billboard Hot 100, with Bonnie Tyler being a close second. The Washington Redskins prevailed over the Miami Dolphins to win the title of Super Bowl XVII. And lastly, twelve children with preternatural powers break free of a top-secret, 100% off-the-books laboratory in Hawkins, Indiana.

In the midst of the never-ending Cold War against the Soviet Union, after bombs, superspies, and fearmongering propaganda have all failed to secure victory, the United States is preparing to unleash its ultimate weapon: child soldiers who can manipulate reality at its most basic form. These twelve children have numbers for names and settle playground disputes with telekinetic force. They do not know families, they do not know friends, and they do not know firsts that haven't been forcibly taken from them. One night, during a fearsome tornado that knocks the whole town's power out, the children orchestrate an escape from Hawkins Lab, successfully breaking out and spilling into the small town beyond with no plan and no resources other than the clothes on their backs.

However, unbeknownst to both the psionically-enhanced children and the residents of Hawkins, the tornado that wreaked havoc upon Hawkins was not entirely, well... natural. This tornado that contained such inexplicable power as to rip a whole through the fabric of time and space, allowing beings who are not of this world to cross over into ours. They want blood, and nothing will stop them from quenching their thirst for human flesh. Or might our ragtag team of child phenoms be able to assemble themselves into a team capable of eradicating extraterrestrial superpowers? Of course, these lab rats who've known nothing but overbright florescent lights and the stench of anesthesia won't be able to do it alone, requiring Hawkins civilians to step in.

The Demon Children Psionic Supersoldiers:
One (reserved for Walliver Walliver ): Can render themselves unseen by the naked eye and become invisible in visible spectrum. The user can move about an environment unseen by others and act without being observed. Some users can choose to let certain people see them, while staying invisible to others. This power can be used for stealth, causing chaos, and getting the upper hand against an opponent. Furthermore, all of One's senses are enhanced so that they push the upper boundaries of that which is possible for human perception. On a more advanced level, they can disappear items (including clothes) and other people from sight through touch, and they may occasionally be able to elude auditory and olfactory detection, as well.
Two (reserved for L0ck0n L0ck0n ): Is totally helpless when surrounded by normal humans. However, when surrounded by humans with preternatural powers, this individual can "steal" others' abilities for several minutes at a time, and at advanced levels, may be able to wield several powers at a time. Those who have their abilities pirated by Two are rendered normal until they either exit a mile radius from Two or Two's concentration breaks, either of which will restore their powers.
Three (reserved for moi): Is an absolute ghost and would make an excellent burglar. With the power to render their body intangible, they can phase through solid materials, be it walls, floor, or physical attacks. They can break into buildings considered impregnable and wade through battlefields untouched. At more advanced levels, they can render items and other individuals intangible through a physical touch. At more advanced levels, Three may be able to traverse the fabric of the universe via the creation of portals, linking two unrelated destinations with only a few footsteps and effectively recreating teleportation.
Four: Can generate various types of illusions, from sensory and mental to external and environmental. At its peak, this ability can be used to not only create images, but also simulate a wide variety of environments, events, experiences, and conditions, accurately replicate different phenomena and other effects, and potentially become tangible enough to have a variable degree of influence on reality. Furthermore, at advanced levels, Four may be able to create illusory people borne of their imagination. However, illusions are only as realistic as the user's imagination is vivid, and careless oversights (such as the exclusion of shadows) may render the illusion an obvious fake.
Five (reserved for SavannahSmiles SavannahSmiles ): Can transmit information from themselves to another through mental means. Moreover, Five can read the thoughts of others at will and detect the presences of other minds through extrasensory means. At more advanced levels, they can view the complete minds of their targets and manipulate their thoughts at will. With a physical touch, Five may be able to see past that which lays on the surface of their target's mind, viewing past thoughts and delving for answers to specific questions.
Six: Can control memories of oneself and others, allowing them to modify, fabricate, suppress, influence, repair, restore, erase, detect, and view them. Six can change memories to confuse, wipe away certain memories to cause amnesia, discern and provoke nostalgia, and throw the victim into a psychic vision, replaying their memory. At more advanced levels, they can even view, interact with, and manipulate dreams.
Seven: Can manipulate metal, morphing it into different shapes and moving it without physical touch. One limitation of the power is that Seven requires metal to already be present in order to manipulate it, unable to create metal of their own accord. At more advanced levels, they can manipulate the laws of physics to launch themselves through the air when ample sources of metal are present.
Eight (reserved for Svnny Svnny ): Can communicate with spirits of the deceased, summoning them as spiritual apparitions that appear as the person did during their lifetime. When given a prized possession of a deceased individual, Eight can view exactly how that person died. Eight may also be able to make "pacts" with spirits, borrowing power in exchange for a later favor... of some kind. At more advanced levels, they can control ghosts, perhaps even summoning an undead army to do their bidding.
Nine (reserved for cyberzkull cyberzkull ): A silver-tongued smooth-talker, Nine can perceive and manipulate others' emotions, intensifying or diminishing them as they please or warping them altogether. They have an uncanny knack for persuading, intimidating, and deceiving others, using their charismatic influence to inspire reactions of their choice in others. However, Nine cannot determine exactly what is causing another person's emotions, nor can they directly control their targets' behaviors. At more advanced levels, they may acquire mastery over their own emotions.
Ten: Armed with the power of absolute obedience, they can make anyone follow a specific command with a spoken word and sustained eye contact. Targets are powerless to resist Ten's commandments; however, this ability only works on humans (superpowered or not) and can only be used once per person. Ten must use their commandments strategically, because after commanding someone once, that person experiences no compulsion to follow later orders, nor can they command someone to do the physically impossible.
Eleven: Can produce physical copies of themselves that are identical to the original form. Depending on how many self-copies that Eleven produces, their range of control over their clones' actions and motives varies, with fewer clones being easier to control and more being... significantly... harder, to the point that they may try to sabotage Eleven's original goals. On the upside, however, Eleven can use their clones for extrasensory purposes, meaning that they can psychically see, hear, smell, and feel things secondhand through their clone's experiences. However, balancing these extrasensory perceptions with those of their original self may be tricky. Luckily though, they can vanish clones at will. At advanced levels, Eleven may be able to create clones of others, but they will have no control over others' clones and experience more difficulty vanishing them.
Twelve (reserved for Abyss Abyss ): A chameleon at heart, Twelve can shapeshift into anyone at will. However, they can only shapeshift into real-life beings whom they have visually seen, rather than just creations out of their head. Shapeshifting becomes more difficult to maintain over long periods and significant concentration devoted to other tasks. At more advanced levels, they can shapeshift into Earth animals and combine phenotypes of different beings, creating an appearance borne of multiple individuals.


Rules and expectations: While it’s not required that you’ve seen the Stranger Things television show to join this RP, please be aware that it is the source material! It definitely can’t hurt to familiarize yourself with it a little bit, but we will also be willing to help out newcomers to understand the universe and its rules as necessary. On another note, please be aware that this is an advanced RP, so 3+ paragraphs per post! It’s A-okay if English isn’t your first language, but please do try your best with spelling and grammar unless it pertains to dialogue. Please be able and willing to post on the RP thread at least once every two weeks; don’t make me have to hunt you down for replies. Lastly, feel free to come up with NPCs and side plots on the fly! I love RPers who have an imagination and take initiative to keep the story rolling! For now, at least until the RP thread is launched, everyone is limited to only one psionic lab escapee child, with their age range being 14-17 years old. However, you may play as many regular Hawkins residents as you wish! Cheers, my loves, and hope to see you on the CS thread soon.
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Blithely Blithely Would their number affect how old they are like in the show? (Like how One was the oldest and Eleven was among the younger members of the group?)
SavannahSmiles SavannahSmiles Really good question, actually, because it makes no sense to have an Eleven in the lab before a One. XD We can solve this dilemma either one of two ways: One doesn't necessarily have to be the oldest of the kids, but they had to have been in the lab the longest, and then Two, Three, so on in order. Orrrr, if no one's opposed to it, we can reshuffle the numbers according to age/time in the lab once we have a few characters to work with. What do you guys think?
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SavannahSmiles SavannahSmiles Really good question, actually, because it makes no sense to have an Eleven in the lab before a One. XD We can solve this dilemma either one or two ways: One doesn't necessarily have to be the oldest of the kids, but they had to have been in the lab the longest, and then Two, Three, so on in order. Orrrr, if no one's opposed to it, we can reshuffle the numbers according to age/time in the lab once we have a few characters to work with. What do you guys think?
I'm fine with either idea, so I'm good for whichever the majority decides on.

One other question, in regards to my characters power: does it work by my character essentially sending her own thoughts to the minds of others or does it only present as images/emotions? Because I was thinking of making her selectively mute from an accident that happened during an experiment and so she prefers to communicate solely though her ability whenever she is able.
Hmmm. I've got to think about numbers now, lol. I was thinking of making my character one of the older experiments. When I have time I will sit down and process my ideas.

Are we using real face claims or art? If it's real people, can I please reserve Christian Slater?
I'll probably go ahead and claim Saoirse Ronan since her character in The Lovely Bones fits the vibes
SavannahSmiles SavannahSmiles Yes, Five can communicate by directly sending her thoughts into the minds of others and reading theirs in kind. She can also project and view images. Stay away from emotions because that's more of Nine's power.

Walliver Walliver Absolutely you can, my love!
Do you have any idea when the CS might be up?
Hey hey, y'all, just a heads-up: Please have at least a WIP form of your charrie posted to the apps thread by the end of tomorrow night (roughly 25 hours from now). Those who do not will have their reservations reopened. Can't wait to see what creativity everyone brings to the table!

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