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Fantasy The World of Innixus(Permanently Open)


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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to take a look at what this Roleplay has in store. To give you a general idea, this rp is heavily player driven and relies on the players to move the story forward. It's almost like D&D but without the GM telling you what's happening and to roll some dice. It's highly fantasy based with magical elements, flexibility in race, and more. What us -as the GMs- would do for the rp is give you knowledge on seasons, weather, time, and date of the current day. We'll also throw in festivals, holidays and more to spice up the roleplay itself from time to time. You have free reign to make your own stories, make friends, make enemies (IC of course!) and create your own adventure.

Now those who are wanting their characters to explore the Unknown will be on a slightly faster pace over those who are hanging out in the already-explored territories. The reason for this is because those who are exploring the Unknown will have random events happen and things can get pretty intense on an adventure. It's very unpredictable and could prove to be a bit faster pace. You do have the option of starting off slow inside the already explored territories but then happen to run into the adventurers along the way and join them. The more the merrier right? If this doesn't make sense, then no worries, not to fret. This is merely just the intro to see if you're still interested

The roleplay itself only has one goal: To explore the Unknown Territory and learn about why it's unknown. You hear stories but not sure what is true and what is not. You don't have to complete exploring the land in one go. No, in fact, this land is so large that it may require multiple trips. Which means if you wanna chill out once your character returns from their trip to recover or do something else, you can! That'll leave room for others to try the adventures and learn what awaits them as well. Every group will experience different things and won't be the same routine events. This rp is sandbox and has a ton of lore for you to work off of with a general idea of what's in the world and what you could add. There are also multiple races that you can choose from!


Here are the rules to the roleplay.
1: No God-Modding / Mary Sues & Gary Sues / Metagaming(Common one you see, right?)
2: Discord will be used the most and be the most common method of planning/ooc talk. It's required that you have discord. Leaving the discord without notification means you have released yourself from the rp and will not be returning.
3: There is no maximum requirement for characters. However we suggest starting with 2 before increasing numbers.
4: The minimum requirement for a post is 2 paragraphs (5 lines each)
5: Obviously must follow the RPN rules/guidelines.
6: Literacy. We look for correct spelling and structure in posts. Sure, we have a typo here and there and that's fine. Periods/Commas in the wrong place? It's fine.
7: Type Altair if you've gotten this far and plan to join.
8: This rp would appreciate 1 post every week if possible. We understand life can get in the way, if you're unable to meet this requirement during your time in the rp you can always ask for a hiatus to return once you have time later on, or you can let us know you cannot continue to post for this rp. No strings attached. Your character will become an NPC in the world.
9: If you're inactive/unreachable for 2 weeks+ You will be removed from the rp and your character will become an NPC. You'll receive 2 warnings (Once per week of no contact)
10: No trolling/bullying in the server
11: As a new player joining the server, you have one week to create a character. To get started, spitball ideas at the GM's and from there you'll be able to start.

Please ask any questions you may have! StealthyShades StealthyShades and I would be happy to answer.
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Here is the lore for those interested! Give you ideas on the world!
INTERESTED. Question- Races, level of technology, basics of magic; are these things set in stone or are they one of those things players have free reign on
INTERESTED. Question- Races, level of technology, basics of magic; are these things set in stone or are they one of those things players have free reign on
and also interested too
INTERESTED. Question- Races, level of technology, basics of magic; are these things set in stone or are they one of those things players have free reign on
😌 races are set and stone but have various different styles to them. Like for example: mermaids. You think of a half human half fish, but the most common one (Ariel from the little mermaid) is generally what people think of. But there's other kinds of mermaids. Like ones with fins for ears, or have unique tails like sharks, and fins that extend from their forearms with gills on their ribs. So it's like subclasses to the main race it comes from if that makes sense. We also have potential to expand the races roster as the new land is explored. So what isn't in right now, can be in later.

Level of technology would be in medieval times but alas we do have magic which kind of advances that for sure. Think of it like the hobbit/lord of the rings

We do have set magics. There are about 5 magics with basic skill sets but can be expanded on with the basic rule of thumb we have for them. Your character can specialize in a magic they're born with, not have one at all, or learn multiple. Though your character would have to learn the other magics you want them to have in combination of their current one. We can definitely talk about this one more cause it has so much to work with!

We just recommend definitely asking questions with the magics and I can post them when I return to my computer so you can get a better idea of them for sure
Hello hello! I'm definitely interested in this as well. Im also interested in Altair, seems like the place to be 😎

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