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Realistic or Modern 𝗙𝗜𝗥𝗦𝗧 𝗟𝗜𝗚𝗛𝗧 — at the end of the world


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It’s been nearly two years since the world ended and the majority of the human kind perished.

The Lincoln State Correctional Center in Ohio, now "Lincoln", is a community run by the self-proclaimed Samaritans. They are a well-organized and ruthless group that thrives on hostile takeovers and oppression. Prison origins and stratification—it's a harsh reality where a bunch of top dogs are in charge of the majority of the hard working people. Ex-inmates, rescued survivors and those assimilated involuntarily.

There are rumors of certain residents preparing to rebel against the tyranny—an underground movement raging against the “King” and his merciless rules.

Which side are you on when the riots start?

Story word bank: caste-structured community, violence, contemporary-apocalyptic reality, crime, cults, slavery, moral ambiguity, transgenerational abuse, redemption, survival, action, politics, intrigue, flawed, multidimensional characters, complicated relationships, soul-crushing internal conflicts, interpersonal dramas, loss, love, betrayal, sacrifice, heartache and more!

Roleplay Guidelines:
- 18+
- not for the faint of heart
- relaxed-paced
- high effort multi-para posts
- discord server for OOC and lore storage

Let us know if you're interested and we'll reach out to you with the lore information and the discord server link!

We’re hoping for complex, flawed and authentic characters from all walks of life. Strong or weak. Good or bad. Redeemable or not. As long as your idea will enrich the story, we’ll be happy to find a good place for them and we'll be excited to help you plot relationships and character arcs!

Note: Any character role can be loyal to the Samaritan leader or plot with rebels against him.

Overview of potential roles:


- leaders (people directly below the boss, Marcus King) and supervisors (responsible for overseeing specific tasks or areas within the community, e.g. armorer, supplies distributor, head cook etc. )
- high ranked enforcers, sentry, scavengers and raiders
- invaluable professionals
(weaponry, engineers, medical, pilot etc.)
- family members of all of the above
- chosen hookers and strippers


- lower ranked enforcers, sentry, scavengers and raiders (or those in training)
- replaceable professionals (mechanics, teachers, bar tenders etc.)
- family members of all of the above
- hookers and strippers


- non-trusted professionals
- replaceable labor workers
(kitchen, dining, maintenance workers)
- newcomers

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