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I Am The Elephant.
The tour went about as well as anyone could have expected. For a band comprised of a rag-tag bunch of high school students, their concerts had a pretty good turnout. With the excitement and nerves running high, there was maybe a little drama here and there, but they're probably stronger for it. After that long trip, the band is back in their hometown. They got home on Saturday night. Probably spent Sunday getting their average lives back in order and reliving their favorite moments of the tour, and now it's officially time to break back into their normal lives. It's Monday morning. School is starting in just over an hour and no one can know what awaits the band when they get there. Their fame picked up throughout the tour, and all of your fellow classmates have heard about you now, whether they knew you before or not, but that doesn't mean your teachers will be cutting you any slack. And of course there are bound to be a few haters here and there, so watch out for that. Also, keep in mind that your parents have their own opinions about your new lives, though that'll be different for all of us. Time to restart your lives, everybody! Oh, and don't forget, you have band rehearsal after school at Breydon's house and that weird guy from the pizza place a few blocks from the school asked you to play a gig this next Friday! Hope the stress of fame, school, and a social life doesn't cause any problems...
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(I'll be making my first Jena/ Breyden post shortly. Anyone is free to post before me though!)
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I Am The Elephant.
Jena Rose
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As soon as the vintage alarm clock on her bedside table began to shriek, Jena's head popped off her pillow. The girl hadn't slept well, still finding herself adjusting from the tour schedule and some killer jet-lag, but her first-day-of-school nerves had kicked in. They were something she had never grown out of. In a flurry of bedhead-ridden, dark curls, Jena hopped out of her twin bed and hurried into the bathroom. Within twelve minutes, she was ready to go. She had her hair as tidy as it could be without the group of professional stylists they'd had on the tour, and her inhaler in the pocket of her overalls-jean dress. She was always forgetting that thing, but she had made sure to put in on her bathroom sink last night. As she gathered her colorful, patchwork-messenger bag for school, she slipped the inhaler in there instead, making the transfer successfully. Today would not be the day she left that thing at home.
As soon as she was ready and had her bass packed up safely for when she picked it up later, Jena started to leave her small room. The doorway into the rest of the house was covered, not by a door, but by a thick beige curtain, and, as she pulled it aside, the scent of weed and a light waft of smokey-air breathed into her room. Her family had wanted to host a welcome party for her last night, and after she had said goodnight, they had obviously brought out their "goods". They didn't do it in front of her anymore, but it was still their lifestyle. She coughed, instinctively, but pushed forward. The air quality was only worse in the main room of the dinky apartment, so she decided quickly to forego breakfast that morning. She wasn't very hungry anyway, and she would rather get to school as soon as possible. Jena liked to be early to things. In a hurry to leave, the small girl scribbled a quick "Happy to be home. Love you guys, off to school now." note on a stray piece of paper for her parents, then threw open the apartment door and stepped out into the morning air. After ensuring that she had everything one last time, she scurried down the rusted stairway of the apartment building, and smiled giddily at the sight of her new, maroon Vespa. She had bought it as soon as they got back into town with her cut of the money they'd made off the tour, and every time she looked at the bike she couldn't help but smile. She'd also bought her first smartphone to replace her 'antique' flip-phone, but she didn't find it as fun as her new baby. Tugging on her helmet, she hopped on the Vespa, she had decided to call Cher, and started her up before pulling out of the parking lot and starting on her way to school. This was a pretty normal morning. She would be at school almost thirty-minutes early and that meant plenty of time to meet up with any of her friends that were early and check out who her homeroom teacher would be. Thoughts like this kept Jena smiling as she rode the back-roads towards Washburn High. She didn't like to cut through the city, too much traffic at this time of day and she always felt like she was going to run into someone. Finally, she arrived in the Washburn parking lot, rode up next to the bike racks, and set the stand on the Vespa, smile still intact.
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Breyden Hendricks
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Breyden's alarm wasn't doing its job this morning. As the thing blared he continued sleeping soundly until an older woman came in the room and rolled him off the queen-size bed. with a loud thud, he landed in a whirl of sheets on the plush carpet.
"Hey!" he yelled, but he didn't even open his eyes until he felt a hand tugging on his ear. "Ow ow ow," he let out, as he let himself be pulled onto his feet. His nanny Caroline, stood almost a foot shorter than him, but held a stern look on her weathered face.
"You, my boy, would have been late if I didn't shove your butt out of that bed. Now get dressed. Breakfast is on the table and your car keys are waiting by the door." She released his ear and left the room as if she was never there, but Breyden just sighed and let his head fall back in a mixture of exhaustion and annoyance. Not annoyance at Caroline, just at life in general. The tour had been amazing, a whole Summer with his friends, traveling the states. It had been incredible even if he sometimes felt like he was just along for the ride. The fact that had his parents hadn't even been home, or even gave him a call, when he arrived home afterward, however, had really put a damper on his mood these past few days. He tried to shake off that feeling as he dragged his feet over to the dresser and threw on whatever. Before he left the room, he pulled on some converse, ran a hand through his hair, though it didn't do much good, and brushed his teeth. As soon as he'd descended the 'grand staircase' he could smell bacon and hashbrowns from the dining hall. He sat down at the end of a massive, yet empty, table and pilled a bit of fruit and the other foods onto his plate, then started eating eagerly. When Caroline entered the room, he tried for a grateful smile in her direction. He knew he was lucky to have everything that he did, but it was hard to not feel bitter sometimes. Even if he was upset with his parent situation, he would just have to be grateful for Caroline and the prospect of seeing the band at school later. After the tour, they would probably have lots of stuff to deal with, and he wanted to be a part of it all. As soon as he was done, he headed out the door, picking his keys up on his way out, and hopping into the only car in the driveway that wasn't a sportscar: his own blue jeep wrangler that he had somehow managed to get as a birthday gift from his dad last year. Then he started towards the school.
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Amethyst Johnson
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Amy was up well before her alarm clock had gone off and he opted to just stay laying in her bed. She stared up at the walls and wondered if she could fake sick enough to get out of going to school today. It wasn't that she didn't want to see her friends, in fact that's all she wanted to do, she didn't want to deal with the people. She wasn't sure f they'd act differently towards them now that they'd been on tour, and had their songs playing on the radio. She didn't want that same level of she had to watch her step now that she was back home. She kept all these thoughts to herself though because she didn't want her parents for a single moment to feel like they were right and shouldn't have let her go. She'd had fun on tour and honestly would love to do it again next summer too. Feeling restless she finally got up when her alarm rang, but not to get ready, instead she made her way quietly to the piano in the living room to play a melody. Her father was already off at work, and her mother would be up soon to get ready as well. she thought she'd play a thank you for her mother seeing as she was the one who relented and signed the papers. She played one of her favorites knowing she'd wake up to it.
Once she was finished she turned to see her mother standing behind her with a soft smile on her face. They didn't say anything to each other, but they knew. Amy got up and finally started getting ready for her day. She was kind of glad to be able to do her own hair and make up for the day and pick out her clothes without having to think about what other people would think. Being back home was a breath of fresh air and she intended to run with it. She tossed on a orange plaid shirt, with some dark blue jeans and black converse shoes. She topped the look off with a black hat and gave herself a good look in the mirror. A second alarm went off signaling it was time for her to be getting out the house if she was going to get to school in time. She grabbed her lunch off the counter her mom had just made for her and walked out the door. It was only a block to the bus stop and luckily she was the first one. She quickly climbed aboard put her ear phones in and looked out the window hoping her classmates would take that as she didn't want to be bothered or just not notice her since she was in the very front, and most kids tried to sit at the back of the bus. The ride wasn't too long and when the doors opened up she stepped off the bus and looked around to see if she could spot any of her friends as she walked up towards the school. she figured if anyone beat her hear it was probably Jena.​


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Clara Alvarez
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Clara had woken up, sweating and panting. The old "first day of school"-nightmare. Great. This time it was diefferent though. Bigger. Clara had been nervous about starting school again, and was dreading going back to her "normal" life. Her family had welcomed her home, hosted a big dinner with all her local cousins and uncles, and she had eaten so much delicious food. She had definitely missed her family, though she was reluctant to admit it.
As she sat up slowly, stretching her body, she realized that her alarm hadn't gone off. Clara looked at her phone. A panicked look spread across her face, realizing that she had overslept. Not enough to be late for school (hopefully), but definitely enough that she had to hurry, if she wanted to get there before the first bell rang. Clara quickly got dressed in her usual black jeans and Iron Maiden t-shirt (which she had bought in H&M, but she pretended it was from someplace cooler), she put on her usual black eyeliner, fixed her hair, and grabbed her bag to get on her bike. Pedaling down the street, as always, headphones in, as always, Clara started to wonder how this year might be different from the others.

Would everyone try to make friends with her? (She really hoped not)
Would people hate her or think she was full of herself now? (She wasn't, at least no more than usual)

In some way, Clara just wanted everything to be normal. But if everything was normal, it was also kind of like nothing had even happened. And so many things had happened! When she went to bed the night before, she could hardly believe that that was her life. This tour happened to her, people listened to her music, cared what she had to say. It felt amazing, all of it. Well, definitely most of it. Probably 85% awesome and 15% not so much.
Finally getting to school, (with about five minutes to spare!) Clara stopped at the bike racks and locked her bike. Before entering, she stopped for a second to look at the school, then took a deeb breath. As long as I have my friends, I'll be fine, she thought, then made her way through the main entrance of the high school.​


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heading into the school.
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Melissa rolled over as her alarm sounded, reaching over to shut the annoying sound off. For a moment, she just stared at her alarm clock, her eyes half closed as she debated on going back to sleep. With a heavy sigh, she finally pushed herself up and got out of bed. She headed for the bathroom, where she washed herself up quickly and grabbed her brush, running it through her pastel blue locks on her way back to her room. During the tour, her hair had been pink. Just last night, after hanging with her friends, she'd gone blue. No one knew yet, and she hoped the others liked it as much as she did. Tossing her brush on the bed, she stripped of her nightclothes and pulled on the outfit she'd chosen the night before.

Once she was dressed, she ran her fingers through her hair, grabbing a pair of hoop earrings to throw on on her way out the door. Her shoes gave the short girl a couple of extra inches in height, but it wouldn't matter much. She grabbed her bookbag and slung it over her shoulder, making her way outside to the beat up jeep that she called hers. She knew that she could get a new one with the money from the tour, but she'd saved for this one, and it was hers. Tossing her bags into the passenger seat, she hopped in and backed out of her driveway. The ride to the school didn't take her long, and she parked in her usual spot towards the back.

"What's the matter, pop star? Didn't make enough money on your tour to get something that's not a piece of junk?"

Hearing a voice, she looked off towards her left, spotting a group of 'popular' kids hanging out beside a brand new Camaro. Her steps slowed, and it clicked in her head that they were talking about her jeep. The usual surprise flooded her; she had to remind herself that yes, she'd been on tour and all over the radio stations and TV channels with her friends. Everyone would know their faces now. Heat flooded her cheeks as the group started to laugh, so she did the first thing that popped into her head. She flipped them off, not dropping her hand until she was past them.

"Wait a second." One of them jogged to catch up to her, ending up a few paces in front of her. He slowed, and she recognized his letterman jacket, but not his face. "They're jerks. I thought your music was good."

This time, Lissa came to a complete stop. "Really?"

The guy grinned, then busted into laughter. "Yeah, if you're into bad guitar riffs and your squeaky voice."

Lissa felt her anger level rising, and she knew she should just walk around him, but she couldn't help it. Her anger got the best of her, and she stepped on his sneakered foot, hard, before bouncing past him. She heard him groaning and knew that her own heeled shoes had done more damage that he was expecting.

This year might be harder than she was expecting.
Christian “Kosta” Sánchez

Alright boys! You’re free to go!” Yelled out Coach Austin (the head coach of the boys soccer team) releasing all the boys to go home before school started. Kosta jogged back to the locker room along side a couple of his other teammates. “Good to see you’re still in shape star boy!” Teased one of his teammates as he lightly shoved Kosta. “Thought you’d loose your game by now y’know being on the road and all!” Kosta shook his head and laughed along side his teammates, he was pretty happy his teammates didn’t see him any different now that he was a “celebrity”. Though he wasn’t sure about the rest of the school. As much as he loved being on the road with his friends he was happy to be home to spend time with his granddad and to be to play soccer again, frankly a soccer ball and an empty parking lot wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Kosta had woken up at 5:30 am that morning to make it to soccer practice, he packed a bag so he could shower at school. Before he left on tour he had been working hard to become team captain he missed his chance by leaving on tour over the summer ,but he was determined to show off his skills to the coach so he could reconsider making him team captain. Kosta started the shower head and began to get himself clean, he really wanted to head home and grab something to eat but he only had 30 minutes left until the first bell rang for class. Once he finished his shower he dried himself off with a towel and began getting dressed. He slipped on his ripped black jeans and a black t-shirt, he finished his outfit off by slipping on some black boots and throwing an army green flannel which he left unbuttoned. Kosta gathered his work out clothes and threw them in his soccer bag, he zipped up his bag and threw it over his shoulder. Before he exited the locker room he turned over to one of his teammates and gave him a small handshake. “Thanks again for letting me know we had practice today man. I would have never came if you hadn’t told me.” He said with a smile the boys exchanged another handshake before Kosta took off to the cafeteria.

Being noticed in school wasn’t so troubling for Kosta anymore. For one he sorta liked the attention and two he had made the mistake of dating and dumping the cheerleading captain his first year at Washburn, after that incident people just began to know who he was. Kosta would give a small wave to a few people who waved at him even going as far as throwing them wink, he chuckled to himself as he felt himself becoming too cocky. He went to the cafeteria and grabbed some breakfast this time minding himself.

Kosta grabbed his plate and sat down in an empty table placing his soccer bag on the seat next to him. Before eating he slipped out his phone and began to text his parents letting them know how practice went. He chuckled softly to himself as his parents texted him back right away catching him up on everything back home and the restaurant. He couldn’t help but sigh heavily, he missed home and really wanted his parents at his first performance. But he understood they needed someone to run the business back home.

Kosta began eating his breakfast picking at the food bit by bit as he continued texting his parents.

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I Am The Elephant.
Jena Rose
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With "Cher" secured and her messenger bag hanging off her shoulder, Jena searched the parking lot for anyone she might know. The short girl's bouncy walk through the parking lot turned a few heads as she passed, but, so far, no one had cared enough to try to talk to her. Jena started humming as she went and, just like that, her eyes spotted one of the neon busses and her smile broadened. Amy stood there, looking like she had just disembarked from the massive yellow thing. Her pace quickened as she hurried to meet her friend, but she was cut off rather suddenly by a large boy blocking her path. Unable to stop herself in time, Jena collided into his chest, then hopped away like she had touched something burning hot.
"Oops! Sorry about that. My bad," she said, cheerfully. Except, it wasn't her bad. Everyone who had seen would have known that, but not Jena. Still, she rubbed her head and looked up at him with a smile before starting to pass around him towards her friend. An outstretched arm stopped her in her tracks once more. A little confused, Jena turned and looked up into the boy's face. Did she know him or something? He looked familiar in the 'I pass by you in the halls everyday' kind of way, but that was it.
"You know, you're even cuter in person," he said. Jena took a step back, confused and shocked, before her hand rose to rub the back of her neck.

"I saw you and your little band on T.V. the other day. Pretty cool," he said, and his eyes ran up her legs. The confusion dissolved and Jena's smile came back to her face. Welp, she's hopeless.
"Oh! Yeah, thanks! That's really nice of you to say!" and then she slipped around him and continued on her way to Amy, completely oblivious to that creep's lingering gaze as she left him behind. When she reached her friend, however, she beamed and slipped her arm through her friends so they were linked side-by-side. Jena had never fully grasped the concept of 'personal space'.
"Amy! You're here!"

Breyden Hendricks
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As Breyden stopped his car in the lot in front of Washburn High, his eyes instantly caught sight of a blue-haired girl and a bunch of varsity-jacketed guys. At first, he didn't recognize the girl, her hair had been pink last he saw, but then he saw the heeled boots destroy her antagonist's foot and he instantly knew. With a snort, he threw his backpack over his shoulder and hopped out of his car, locking it behind him.
"Hey! Lissa, wait up!" Breyden called after the retreating figure, a goofy grin on his face. The tall boy passed around cars and nearly ran into a few of his fellow students before he reached the singer's side. When he got there, Breyden gently bumped her with his shoulder and laughed, slightly out of breath from the run. "Did you really just crush that dude's foot?" he asked, falling into step at her side.​


Amethyst Johnson
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Honestly Amy was glad no one on her bus really bothered her the whole ride, and let her hop off with ease. It did make her wonder if she could manage that all year, or maybe it was time to get a vehicle...or car pool. She had a license, but she didn't really use it much since she didn't have a car or anything of her own. She'd borrow her mom's if she needed too, but that was about it. Who was the closest to her who could even give her a ride? Whatever she'll cross that bridge when or if she get's there.

It didn't take too long for Amy to catch a glimpse of the bouncy brunette making her way towards her. She'd spotted her just as she'd maneuvered around some guy, and she Amy was definitely weary of the way he was looking at Jena as she left. Those thoughts vanished however the moment she noticed the girls' bright smile in her face. It didn't even phase her when Jena linked them together because she was used to it by now. While she normally would be nervous or anxious about her personal space, Jena was the exception. She couldn't help but giggle at her excitement, "Where else would I be?" She chimed. She could feel the tension inside her start to ease, and suddenly it didn't feel so bad to be back. There were definitely going to be eyes on them now...hopefully not too many creepy ones like that guy. She was kinda hoping they wouldn't have to worry about creeps anymore now that they weren't in random cities, but in a town full of people who knew them. That might be wishful thinking.

She grinned as they made their way to the cafeteria to hopefully meet up with the others, but out the corner of her eyes she noticed a flash. She squinted her eyes and turned in it's direction, but she couldn't tell where it came from or who'd done it, "You saw that, right?" She turned back to Jena confused, and looking hopefully for confirmation that it wasn't just her imagination. She shook her head lightly, what did it matter if it wasn't. That just means they should get inside asap before it had the chance to happen again. best case scenario a student who was a fan got a sneak picture, and worse case they'd see it in some tabloid, or on the internet with some weird caption. "Let's go find the others." She smiled before continuing on. Once they got to the Cafeteria she lightly nudged Jena and pointed to Kosta who was sitting already with his food. There were too many people for her to wanna try and yell over them to get his attention.​

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