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Eleanor Lockett

Magic Eight Ball
About Me: I have been roleplaying for as long as I can remember at this point. Although for those that need it in years my guess would be 8 to 10 years now.

Posting Time and Length: I post at least once a day but prefer to have a time when my partners are on that we can get a few posts out. My posts lengths mimic my partners however, after 5-6 paragraphs I will not write anymore unless there are multiple characters involved. I'd rather keep a roleplay going than have super detailed posts.
Gender: I prefer to play female but do play male with the right plot or as a NPC. My pairings tend to be MxF or FxF.

Potential Partners: I prefer someone who can post once a week at the minimum, but prefer everyday. I understand that life happens and that may not always be possible. I'm looking for someone, who can make their posts understandable. I am not a Grammar Nazi by any means.

- Bad boy x Good Girl
- Rich x Poor
-Vampire x Human
- Vampire x Vampire
- Werewolf x Werewolf
- Criminal x Boss's Daughter
-Employee x Boss
-Teacher x Student
-Royalty x Servant/Prisoner
-Arranged Marriage

Rough Plots:

The Alcoholic: ___ has had a problem with being an alcoholic but never thought anything of it. Till one night he was driving under the influence and didn't see the kid crossing the road. He only heard the thud as he hit him and killed him. Although it wasn't entirely his fault the kids was trying to commit suicide. But he got put in a rehab center as part of his punishment. ___ would rather be in jail though instead of in a home having to talk about feelings and shit. The therapist designs an experiment with all of his patients to have someone else come in and just help them or give them someone to talk to. --- is assigned him and ___ is immediately stunned by her she wasn't like any girl he had ever seen and he quickly falls head over heels for her.

The Mafia: He runs the biggest gang in New York and is known as one of the cruelest men on earth, although he's not. They've never accepted girls into the gang unless they where there to be pretty much prostitutes for the males of the gangs. Till she came along, when she was brought to him for fighting one of the gang members. She possessed something that he needed so bad.

Information on everything gang in the area, a gorgeous body and face one that can turn a guy on in seconds, and she also knew how to fight. She was perfect in every way. He offered her a spot in the gang of death. She agreed but not as one of the prostitutes she wanted a position any guy could get and he of course agreed. Then he begins falling for her.
Just one problem, she's a spy for one of the Russian gangs in the city that's actually his gang's rival, when he finds out will he forgive and forget or torture her?

Hit & Run: He's been a misfit ever sense he was 11 years old doing petty crimes like stealing and stuff like that but when he was 16 years old he dropped out of high school and joined one of the gangs in L.A. he was one of the robbers for the gang stealing money from a bank then giving it to the gang but one day when his partner and best friend was shot instead of fighting like he should have he ran off and moved to a small town so that no one would recognize him and he wouldn't be killed for fleeing the scene. He falls in love with a girl from the small town and vows to give up crime and never tells her but eventually she finds out when his past catches up with him.

The Protective Alpha: A werewolf pack overruns the forest territory, kept in secret away from most prying eyes. However, on a rainy day, they find someone wandering. They find, ___, a young girl without a family. After ___ tells her story, ***, the alpha, suggests that they take her in, as an honorary member of the pack. ___ loves it, making friends with all of them and feeling right at home. Things change, however, when ___ comes home one day with big news; she's got a boyfriend. She quickly realizes that the pack is against the idea and incredibly protective of her, especially ***.

Anxiety: They have been best friends for almost 10 years, they considered themselves brothers. His best friend had a fraternal twin, she has extreme social anxiety and has been homeschooled since she hit middle school. But with it being their senior year her parents sign her up to take her classes at the high school hoping to get her ready for college. He has loved her since he met her but knowing his best friend would never approve he became more of a player. You could say he's just a little fucked up. But she brings out them best in him and he brings out the best in her. What will happen though when she ends up going to the highschool?

Love at First Sight: --- heard someone knock on his door and he got up to see it. He walked over to the door and opened it up to see the baby girl ___ sound asleep at his feet. He immediately feels as though she belonged to him and marks her as his mate. Knowing she would grow up to be his one true love. He send ___ off with his best friends to raise her like a normal human. --- planned to return into her life after she turned 17 and get her to fall in love with him.

The Plague: Kova lost everyone she's ever loved to the plague. The King sent a message to every villiage that anyone who was healthy was to go to the Capitol, leave their familys behind and everything else. Kova being one of the healthy ones is forced to go to the Capitol. After a week of living in the Capitol, the King sends another notice around saying that any girls between the ages of 14 - 18 will have to be sent to the middle of town one day so that one of them can be picked for his son, ____ wife. ____ glances at the crowd of girls and points at Kova and mutters, "Her"

The Shoulder to Cry On: He’d watched her grow up. He was her parents’ best friend’s son, the guy who was always there. So he’d seen her highs and lows, he remembered her baby sister being born, her first day of school. And now he had to watch as she hurled herself into an abusive relationship, and it killed him. Watching her come into school with bruises and burns, desperately covering them with long sleeves and thick tights. He was her shoulder to cry on always, but now she was pulling away, and that’s all it took for him to realise how much he liked her. How much he loved her.

The Bet: ----- is dared by his friend to get a girl to fall head over heels in love with him in exactly ten days. ------, being confident and cocky, is sure that he can do it. But when his friend's choose a girl for him - it turns out that they have chosen his ex girlfriend, who broke up with him after cheating rumors. He takes the challenge, but when he starts to fall for her again, and she finds out about the bet, he'll have to fight for her one more time.

Chemistry: A girl and a guy are partnered up in their chemistry class, and they immediately feel an insane attraction to each other. The boy is reckless, spontaneous, gorgeous, and a rebel. The girl is usually cautious and careful, and she decides that this boy will bring her nothing but trouble. But she begins to find that she can't resist him, and he's always on her mind. She finds that this boy brings out the crazy side to her, and she's more attracted to him than anyone else she's ever met. Along the way of getting to know each other, they fall in love.

The Drug Dealer: ^^ was the police chief's daughter/son, *** sold drugs for a living. One night ^^^ snuck out and found herself at Charlie's- an old worn down diner that was open 24/7 but never had many customers. Charlie's was the perfect place for *** to sell drugs. So, when *** slipped into the seat across ^^^ thinking he/she was another customer and found out ^^^ hadn't even had a drop of alcohol *** begins to show ^^^ his/her way of life.

Tribute: The feared Vikings have just arrived to the village earlier than expected, demanding payment for their continued protection of the settlement. The Vikings meet with the nobility of the area with their demands, which cannot be meant due to a drought causing their crops to wither and die for the season. The commander of the ship decides on taking the Lord's life and the official title of the village. As he announces his decision in mockery about to draw his weapon, a young maiden would become apparent as the noble woman who had been hidden away from the Vikings eyes attempted to save her fathers life. Little did she know that she would be paying with her own becoming the commanders personal bed wench.

The Enslaved Wench: Woman bought and sold for male entertainment. Old woman, young woman, virgins, you name it and the merchant has them for your personal enjoyment whether you want to have her work on keeping your home clean and your stomach full of warm meals or darker topics. [This particular plot, could really be stretched based on the partners wants and desires. Could become modern, could involved mythical creatures such as vampires blood slaves, the possibilities are endless which is the reason it was left so open.]

The Promise: The prince is the next in line for the throne. Having grown up with a childhood friend of the help. When they were younger, they were the best of friends. He promised her that he would rule with a fair mind, unlike his father, who ruled with cruel injustice. But as he got busier and had to partake in royal obligations, and has since broken the promise. He has become the selfish prince, caring little about the people of his kingdom. What will happen when he see his old friend, his first love wandering the courtyard? Will he even recognize her or just see her beauty and make a fool of himself?

If interested in any plots or pairings please PM because I most likely will not look back here until I update the thread.

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