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Futuristic The New Eden Initiative - A Planetary Colonization Roleplay

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Building farms and Ranches with our own hands wouldnt be our Objective. its leadership. and a skilled biologist researching plants to find a stable food source would fit in quite nicely


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Rezzimus Rezzimus but there are areas where agriculture specialist would be better than flora biologist since one of those categories just researches plants and the other knows about machines used to prepare the fields for sowing of specific wheats, the best times to sow them, and ways to store them.
idk if you guys ever heard a farmer speak abt machines that they use but knowing stuff about agriculture is much more than knowing about plants

Didn't mean to sound aggresively, I just can't help myself being petty abt some things and that's on me
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Deff more to farming than just basic biological components. And I would think colonies in space might appreciate more than a bunch of hapless scientists & mercs floating about 🤭 Personally coming from a perspective of studying agriculture briefly, there's a reason why they send you to specific colleges/universities to learn about it!


Slightly more than a Handsome face
I agree with that statement as well.but the premise is that we have specialised personel. we have farmers, mechanics, doctors builders and many more. if for example we have no agricultural specialist we wouldnt start building farms with nothing but a few hoes and plowshares.

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Korni_Flakes Korni_Flakes everyone is going to be given a few white t-shirts, white cotton underwear, socks, boots and three grey pocketed jumpsuits. People can customize from there with whatever they find on the planet, but the leaders of the initiative discouraged bringing anything but single small keepsakes.

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Don't let it ruffle your feathers, my liege.
Hello everyone!
Today I am going to attempt to complete a lore section that will go over the world of the RP in detail to help us all be on the same page. Many people already have approved characters so once the lore post is live I will create the actual RP thread.

If everyone is okay with it, I'm going to leave character applications open for awhile once the RP starts since some people may drop and others will want to join. Once I feel like our core group is well set I'll close it.


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Sounds perfect! Thank you so much for putting together that info for us!

I will do my best to finish up all of my characters today as I can. It’s been a busy day on set so far and we have been filming since 6 AM so I haven’t had time to work on anything too much.


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Absolutely love this idea. Would it be possible if I could reserve a teacher and a soldier? Someone needs to be guiding the youth while everyone is doing their colonization business.


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Wonderful! His soldiers are his family so the more the merrier! Please do not mind the 5 year old running around putting stickers on guns!

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