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Realistic or Modern [FGB] Frangible: A Sweaty E-Sport Roleplay [CLOSED]


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“FRANGIBLE™ is the only game that matters. Immersive to the touch and an absolutely addictive multiplayer. The panacea of gamers worldwide.”
- Katya Nikishina, Momuland Chairwoman​

Enjoy total freedom to fight the way you want with over 50 customizable weapons. Explore massive multiplayer maps and use loads of vehicles, weapons, and gadgets to help you ramp up the heat and turn the tide of battle. Every second of battle gets you closer to unlocking tons of extras and moving up in the ranks. So get in the action today, for a chance to become a pro tomorrow!

It’s time to bust out your ARKS set or head to the local ARKS Center to borrow one today! Aspiring players from across the globes are signing up for detachments in hopes of becoming the top players of Frangible. With Season 2 announced by Tritical, the season is ripe for climbing the global ranks. The eyes of the world are upon you, waiting to see who will be able to dislodge the top dogs from their thrones. The first event is about to be announced by Tritical, so tune in for the latest updates and train hard!

Caution: Friendly-fire is always turned on.

In a not-so-distant future, virtual reality is augmented into mundane life. Corporatism created a way to market and distract many from the decline of society’s amenities. Many flock to their digital screens to cheer for their favorite streamers. Frangible is a first-person shooter Artifical Reality game, powered by the powerful Peripheral Engine. Frangible originally began as a one-man first-person-shooter project created by Pallas, whose real name is kept a secret to date. The project was picked up by Tritical AG, whose company of like-minded visionaries gave life to the project via extensive support. Despite initial hardships and established competitions within the FPS market, Frangible eventually first gained traction during a showcase of next-gen Artificial Reality games in a teaser clip.

Tritical AG founder, Klaudia Asher, worked closely with Pallas for five years with strict confidentiality, culminating in the conception of their magnum opus - the powerful Peripheral Engine. Due to their limited funding at the time, Asher sought a partnership with Center Mass Entertainment, a prominent publisher of virtual reality games at the time. Seeing it as a way to continue their work with appropriate resources and budget, Pallas reluctantly agreed, despite their reservations about the game’s renewed development methods.

While CME is often perceived negatively by the gaming community since the advent of AAA Artificial Reality games due to their recycled contents throughout different titles in the past five years, Frangible’s official gameplay trailer quickly got everyone’s attention with its developers actively engaging their expectant audiences with memes and efficient support. The game featured a destructible environment, realistic graphics, and stunningly smooth optimization, with many weapons available for the players. After selling over 20 million copies within the first year of its release, it seemed that Tritical’s work for the last five years had finally paid off.

More than half a year after its official release, Frangible became the only FPS on the market that mattered, propelling Tritical to prominence as one of the most successful companies in the gaming industry and the corporate world. Momuland, Jianye and Ignis, to name a few, are ardent shareholders to date. Since then, the Artificial Reality Kinetic System (ARKS) saw much improvement to keep up with Frangible’s Peripheral Engine. Due to its follow-up successes with Frangible as its primary cash-cow, dedicated ARKS stations and cafes saw an exponential growth in establishment worldwide, with most metropolis given cause to erect large arenas for Frangible’s Seasonal Championships.
Artificial Reality Kinetic System, colloquially called ARKS, is a set of equipment that are needed to run Frangible and modern AR games. The primary equipment includes a bodysuit and the Hybrid Optical-based Surrogate Tracker (HOST) helmet. Thanks to widespread distribution of the gear many years ago that complemented the rise of virtual gaming, ARKS are available for rent at designated ARKS centers for local services. ARKS functions as a means of protection for the player, as well as the source of stimulating players' sensory reactions to be fully immersed in-game. The suit registers interactions between players and the environment. Shrapnels, abrasions, wounds, or wading through water, to name a few, will cause the suit to tighten and emulate the weight upon the affected area - simulating sustained injuries or actions in-game. At the same time, the HOST helmet grants the player perception and peripheral awareness, as well as serving as a medium to access heads-up display systems (inventory, settings, and minimaps, etc.).

Optimized for smooth rendering and sensory simulations, Frangible enables the player to immerse themself in a firefight. The game features many game modes, both PvP and PvE, for solo and team-based actions with weather changes and destructible environment to enable a dynamic experience throughout. From intense Team Deathmatches to large-scale Spearhead battles, Frangible is an all-in-one package for hardline FPS players. Weapons and equipment are balanced based on the player’s familiarity through the Weapon Mastery progression, so dive in and pick the equipment that speaks to you the most.

Within Frangible, players are able to customize their operator’s weapons to help them in battle, or adjust their wardrobe for a fashionable execution of their match. When it comes to bunnyhopping and no-scoping an enemy in khaki shorts and flip flops, one need not look any further - Frangible has it all. Certain outfits, however, will require a transaction that is so micro you will not even notice it.

Like most FPS games, Frangible has a Casual (personal) and Detachment (group-based) ranking system. As the game gets updated, Seasonal Championships are hosted by Tritical to allow the aspiring detachments to climb the ladder. This allows many detachments to train inbetween Seasons and gather support. Those backed by big sponsors often kept their popularity in check by streaming or participating in public relation events. For more information, refer to the Wiki.

Detachments are backed by big corporations or financially-robust entities with varied agendas and training doctrines. Following the first official public match held in Yalta between Russia and Ukraine that ushered in the first successful effort to settle a conflict via a Frangible match, big corporations followed suit. They began to fund their own Detachments, with the hopes of expanding their business by catering to the gaming demographics, while being able to decisively settle disputes that would otherwise be constrained by the law - killing two birds with one stone.

OS*: Newbie, Casual or Advanced writers compatible. One-liner not supported.
Processor: Meta-gaming and God-mode not supported.
Memory: 1 Character limit.
Graphics: Anime faceclaims only. Realistic faceclaims not supported.
Hard Drive: PvP and PvE.
Sound: No deadlines / Long absence compatible.
Network: Compliance to RPN house rules and common courtesies required for activation and multiplayer gameplay.
Further information: Shout-out to Serobliss for their codes.
* Starting April 1st, 2024, the Frangible Client will only support off-site OOC.

© 2024 Mooncha Archives, Inc. FIVE-NINER PRODUCTION and FRANGIBLE are registered trademarks of Mooncha Archives. All rights reserved. All other trademarks, including BBCode are the properties of their respective owners.
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This peaks my interest, but I'd like some more information.
Hi there! I'm more than happy to answer ya - anything in particular?
I think my main question is about the spread of time spent in/out of game in the rp. How much will be in game fights and how much will be out of game stuff?
I think my main question is about the spread of time spent in/out of game in the rp. How much will be in game fights and how much will be out of game stuff?
We will try to balance out the scenes a bit. Though it really depends on how invested the players are.
Though ideally, I'd prefer to have 30% in-game and 70% for away-from-ARKS interactions. Especially with 3 different Detachments.
We will try to balance out the scenes a bit. Though it really depends on how invested the players are.
Though ideally, I'd prefer to have 30% in-game and 70% for away-from-ARKS interactions. Especially with 3 different Detachments.
Well count me in then!
The game featured a destructible environment, realistic graphics, and stunningly smooth optimization
Graphics: Anime faceclaims only. Realistic faceclaims not supported.

Heh. Gonna go for the shovelware aesthetic of VRChat models inside a Counterstrike map, eh?
If you're still accepting players, I can throw a character together in a day or two. Already got an idea for one, anyway.
This is actually interesting, a very new setting for me (been doing mostly fantasy setting)
Will you accept a newbie? 🫣
Greetings all,

Due to influx of interested parties, we are no longer looking for new players after this. In the event that someone drops out, I will open up the registration flow again.
Until then, thank you for all the interests thus far. For more information or updates on future availability, feel free to message me or voice your interests below going forward.

Best Regards,

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