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Futuristic The New Eden Initiative - A Planetary Colonization Roleplay

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-The Story-
The earth is dying.
After decades of war, disease and climate disaster, the doomsday of humanity seems present and all but certain.

As the remaining world governments vie for what is left of the scrap heap, a few forward thinking super-trillionaires with an ambitious dream of continuing the existence of humanity pool their considerable resources and prepare a secret and enormous venture. Twelve massive colony ships are constructed, each equipped to support the lives of 200 men, women, and children on a voyage into the depths of space, each bound for an uninhabited earth-type planet with supplies, personnel, and arms to found a new human colony.

You are a member of the command team for New Eden Delta, the fourth of 12 ships. Your destination, the earth-type planet ZX-14. You will be responsible for helping to ensure the survival of the 200 colonists on board the ship.

As far as the New Eden initiative knows, the future Colony planets are not inhabited by intelligent beings, but there is little information on what threats may be lurking in the wild territories you will inhabit. You can remain in the relative safety of the colony ship, but there is no resupply ship to follow you. You must brave the dangers that await on ZX-14, or humanity's last hope will die with you.

The game will begin as the New Eden Delta Colony Ship arrives on ZX-14. With your fellow players, decide how you will proceed. You can explore the territory, begin setting up a basecamp, chat with your fellow colonists, the new world is yours to explore and conquer!

-The New Eden Delta Colony Ship-

The New Eden Colony ships are, essentially enormous cargo haulers outfitted with 200 cryosleep chambers and enough storage space for two years worth of supplies. They are designed to launch only once and to make one landing. Upon arrival they are little more than a multi billion dollar storage container.

-Med Station-
There is a medical station on the colony ship equipped for most emergencies and basic medical screenings.

-Supply Station-
A supply station where colonists can requisition survival gear, food rations, and other essentials.

The ship is equipped with a full compliment of electromagnetic rail guns in both rifle and handgun configurations, as well as a full compliment of explosives for demolition and defense purposes. Weapons can only be requisitioned with the approval of two members of the command team.


ZX-14 is an earth-type planet with roughly the same bio-spheres and seasonal patterns. It two moons cause greater tidal fluctuation and in certain parts of the planet there are more or less perpetual storms. The colony ship will settle on a large continent in the norther hemisphere in an area roughly equivalent to the American Rockies in terms of terrain and soil richness. Farming and ranching will be possible if local wildlife can be domesticated and hunting and trapping is feasible.

Survival dome: Each individual or family unit will be supplied with a mobile survival dome, a dome shaped hard tent equipped with solar panels, basic climate control, air filtering, single or double cots, a food storage crate and clothing container, and an attached shower booth and waste processing toilet that transforms waste into potable water and fertilizer tablets.

Survival Jumpsuit: A grey full body jumpsuit made of a tough material with a number of pockets. Each individual is given three jumpsuits and can requisition more at the supply center on the Colony ship. Come in male, female, and maternity cuts. Included are under wear, undershirts, socks and heavy duty boots.

Colony Tab: A military grade tablet computer that is used to access functions of the survival dome and colony ship. Different colonists are provided with different levels of access. Fits in the side pocket of the Colony jumpsuit.

You will take on the role of a member of the Colony leadership team. Each player will bring a specialized skill to the table, critical to the survival of the colonists. As members of the leadership team, you will have equal say in all matters related to the function of the colony, and in the event of a threat, you will help prepare defenses.

The goal of the New Eden Initiative is to give humanity a fighting chance at surviving beyond the death of Earth, so the colony will be made up of an incredibly diverse group of people. There will be families with children, former soldiers, scientists, members of many ethnic groups and beliefs backgrounds, pregnant women, teens, the middle aged, natural leaders, natural followers, loners, artists, laborers, carpenters, engineers, anyone who can add bio-diversity and a compliment of skills to the new society you will form on ZX-14. Think about who you want to be in this new world and post your character sheet to this thread for approval!

Character Sheet (Face claims encouraged. Please post your character application to the recruitment thread and I will approve it or give feedback)





(list any family members that joined you on the Colony ship. List their names and ages, you will play them as well wherever they fit in the story.)

Pre-Colony Occupation: (What did your colonist do before being accepted for the New Eden Initiative?)

Specialty: (What skill does your character bring to the table to benefit the Colony? How did they develop this skill? While your character may be naturally adept in a few areas, they should have only one true specialty. For example: medicine, biology, wilderness survival, hunting, etc.)

Cyber/Genetic Enhancements: (In some corners of the dying world, genetic modification and cybernetic implants had begun to grow popular. Please consider how your character might practically benefit and ensure that any enhancement comes with some kind of drawback. Example: Cybernetic eyes may see different light spectrums but lack clarity or detail. Genetically increased strength might cause mood swings or sterility, etc.)

Personal effects: (Each colonist is permitted to bring one sentimental item from home on the colony ship. NO WEAPONS.)

Character Sketch: (Write a brief scene with your character preparing to leave to enter the colony ship.)

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Track! Can I reserve the face claims of Jessica Green, Jason Momoa, and Dove Cameron? Also are there specific roles or can we just come up with them? If we come up with them can I reserve the roles of Head of Security, Head Mechanic, and a medic/doctor?


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Would be very interested! Any space for a ship surgeon/medic?


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Hold on! Just seen the reserves, I oughta meditate on what to make 🤭 Got excited, though aaa


Pyrrha Nikos Lives On

Name: Brandish Rose

Age: 27

Sex/Gender: Female

Scout Rose – 10 – Little Brother

Appearance: Brandish is a lovely young woman with strikingly beautiful features. She has high cheekbones, lush lips, a perfectly sculpted jawline, and a pointed chin. Her skin is fair and smooth and complements the naturally rosy coloring of her lips. She has long ebony hair that has a natural gentle wave but can easily be straightened. Her eyes are almond-shaped sky blue eyes with long dark eyelashes. Her build is slim but she is rather busty as well as has long and very nice legs. She is very fit and clearly takes good care of herself. She does have some scars from her work as well as the attack she ended up losing her arms to when she was younger. Her cybernetic arms are perhaps one of the most noticeable things about her since she has no shame in them and doesn't really try to hide them. They are made of extremely durable and strong enhanced metals and are silver, white, and black in color.

Personality: One way to describe Brandish is that she is a big sister to basically everyone she meets. She has spent so much of her life trying to prove to others that she has what it takes to take care of her little brother so many of the traits required have simply become a strong part of her personality. She is patient and trustworthy with those who need such support and has earned themselves a place in her heart. She would stand by them on the darkest of nights and walk through hell and back for someone she cares about without hesitation. She also knows how to keep others motivated and work towards making improvements to that which needs to be improved while also calling attention to things done well so others feel appreciated. It might seem a bit hard to get to that side of her when you first meet her though since oftentimes she is very professional, quiet, and more interested in observing than interacting with others. This should not be taken personally because it stems from the fact that Brandish is simply socially awkward, especially when meeting new people. She has always found that she understands machines better than other humans and spends so long observing how another person might work because she is trying to figure out the social situation as though the person were a machine. Once she gets to know you this awkwardness disappears for the most part and she will act very comfortable and affectionate. Especially when around machines Brandish is extremely creative and always coming up with new and better ways to upgrade devices. She can become very consumed by her work and lose herself for hours or days on one project which usually means no sleeping or eating. It is during these times of hyper fixation that she tends to truly slack at caring for herself but will still make sure to tend to the needs of others. One thing that should be known above all else is that Brandish will do whatever it takes to keep her little brother safe. She will go mama bear mode the moment he is in danger and getting in her path is a great way to end up with a wrench to the side of the head.

Pre-Colony Occupation: She was actually one of the minds behind the ships for the New Eden Initiative. She was a mechanical engineer who owned her own highly successful shop and made restoring older machines and vehicles a personal hobby. When the New Eden Initiative came into play, she was recruited to help design and build the ships, her ideas and input becoming highly valued as she made several possibly lifesaving improvements. She knows these ships inside and out as well as what parts of them can be used to help a colony survive on the planets surface.

Specialty: Her overall specialty is mechanics. She can design, build, or fix just about any machine she sets her eyes on. She started down this road by working in her father’s motorcycle repair shop before he and her mother passed away. Her mind seemed to be hardwired to see each part of a machine and how it works. She perfected her trade through school and work experience, acting as a nomad for a time and traveling around to work in different shops with different masters. She eventually opened her own shop so she could settle down and take care of her little brother who was finally released into her care.

Cyber/Genetic Enhancements: After being attacked and having her arms and hands broken beyond repair Brandish managed to scrape together the funds to have her hands replaced with cyber prosthetics. They make up her arms from just above her elbows down and in each arm, she has an array of tools for her job that can either appear through her fingers or become her entire hand. While useful they do have the drawback of providing no real sense of touch. She can no longer feel the heat or cold and has to have a dial on her wrist tell her how hot or cold something is. She will no longer know what it is like to feel someone else’s hand in hers, the warmth of her skin, the cold of snow, the pain of cutting her finger. It makes her feel less human at times.

Personal effects: She brought an old and useless pair of keys that once belonged to her father’s motorcycle. His bike was one of the first things she ever repaired and she did it all with him at her side. Ever since the day he died (was killed) she had carried them on a chain around her neck so she would always have a piece of him with her. He died when she was 16 during the same attack that left her arms destroyed.

Character Sketch:
She could feel the cold metal on her chest as her hand reached up to glide across the old keys hanging around her neck. Even though her metal fingers couldn’t really feel them it always soothed her soul to know they were there. This night was her last on Earth and she found she wasn’t able to sleep a wink. As dawn broke the smog-filled sky she looked out her window to see the New Eden ships docked at their respective stations, silent giants waiting to embark on the journey of a lifetime. She was nervous, not about the ships, but rather the life she would be leaving behind and the one she would find waiting for her on the other side.

Suddenly the sensory alert from her cyber hands alerted her to the presence of something touching her palm. Turning her head, she looked over to see the wide eyes of Scout looking at her, his hand placed in hers to which she gently wrapped her metal fingers upward to give him a comforting squeeze. “You ready?” She asked, her voice soft in the darkness of their small living space.

It took him a minute but eventually, the dark-haired boy gave a small nod, his jaw tightening as he did his best to look brave in front of his big sister. Her heart melted for a moment as she looked into his bright blue eyes and saw all the worries floating through his mind. He was trying so hard to put on a brave face for something he barely understood. There was no way she would ever leave him behind and she had made that clear to anyone who suggested otherwise. They were all each other had at this point and she had fought so hard to get him back after the government took him when their parents died. She was too young to take care of him back then, she let him down, she would never do that again.

“Come here, big man.” She invited with a soft and loving tone laced into her voice. Sitting up she picked him up under his arms and lifted him into her lap. For several moments the young woman held her brother close to her, rocking him back and forth as they sat in silence. It hurt that she couldn’t truly feel him in her arms, but the moment Scout rested his head against her chest she felt the warmth of him spread through her and into her heart. Gently she pressed a kiss to his forehead and as the sun drew higher into the sky they sat and appreciated their last sunrise on Earth together.

“Do we have to go now?” Scouts little voice asked as the world around them began to wake and in the distance they could see people moving towards the ships, getting them ready for take-off.

“Yeah, bud.” Brandish replied softly. “But we get to go together.” She assured him as they moved off of her little bed and began to prepare themselves for the day and journey ahead of them.
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Definitely interested!

I think I'll aim for a software/computer systems expert and/or a military solider (maybe both and make them siblings :p)

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Sanctuaryforall1 Sanctuaryforall1 That's great!
Can I be annoying? I realized that I forgot to add a description section to the character sheet. If you can add a quick description of her appearance and personality this character is good to go!

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