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Fantasy The Haven Redux [CLOSED] (Roleplay)

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The Destined Undestined
Over the course of five weeks, in the wake of the deaths of six members on a high-risk mission, the Haven had received several newcomers and completed a number of new and sometimes harrowing tasks together. New and old folk solidified bonds as trustworthy and excellent members in the community, and started upon their latest chapter to their lives with a sense of camaraderie.

This also marked the start of a campaign which changed the fabric that shaped the thoughts of those occupying the Haven, and spurred a new thought whispered among some. An undead attack on numerous villages and cities, the conversion of one of their own, the leader of it all under the fingertips of a greater -- who were behind the events that spurred a good source of activity within the universes, and what horrors awaited them in the future?

The Haven had been observed to be a graced location to those who would have died, an invitation to individuals who showed great promise, a sought Shangri-La or Great Library to the scholarly, a proving grounds to those who seek power, or even a chanced upon spot between Point A and Point B. All of these are true, but one thing stands truer than all: it was a prison without walls. Regulatory efforts state three rules:

1.) Those who do not work outside of the Haven will disappear in three weeks until they do so.
2.) Those who betray their allies unto death will not be suffered to live.
3.) Those who seek vengeance upon another must combat through words or the arena. Open fights within the Haven are punished severely.

A job board dictates what jobs are available. They fluctuate from basic hunting and gathering to those of espionage and manhunts, and each of these jobs pay well in terms of renown, power, and lucre.

Recovery from wounds suffered outside the Haven is instantaneous, even recovery from death within the arena inside the Haven, but as long as the rules are in place or you die it seems that you will never be free to live a life outside of the dictions of this sanctuary. Armed with this knowledge, the older members of the Haven sometimes seek their freedom through renown, while others are comfortable or have given up.

Either way, the many worlds need heroes, and being Haven members, protectors of them all, you determine their fates as well as your own. You can bide your time with newfound friends, invest into yourself or others, seek out the potential of a name for yourself, or put effort into a more authentic freedom. Welcome to the Haven, folks.


Here is a basic layout of the Haven. Apologies are necessary for the layout due to lack of programs while making it, but hopefully it will help with navigation. A world map/list will be posted shortly.

The Haven Layout.png


Five weeks had passed since the incident, and the kitchen cook Berybrillo flipped a trio of flapjacks within the kitchen as Pang, the resident zouyu of the Haven was up bright and early and rubbed the blear from his eyes inside the cafeteria. Time seemed to pass by quickly under his gaze, as sleepless as he had been as of late. The pallid skin around his brown eyes, even if shaded by white fur, was very worn, dark, and sunken, which even struck Berybrillo as odd as she spun by and sent the pancakes in front of him.

"You need your rest, guy. I can't serve regular food to you anymore if you turn into a zombie," she spoke up, laughing under her breath. "But seriously, don't you ever get sleep?"

Pang shrugged as he looked groggily up at her with a smile, his eyes glazed but taking the comment warmly.

"I get enough of it. Don't worry about me. I feel that I'm getting closer to understanding things, and scouring the records is more challenging than I thought. I never would have guessed that we completed so many quests, and did not complete even more. Did you know that the records go back more than a hundred and fifty years?"

"I didn't, no, but it's cool to know," Berybrillo replied, grinning. The smile quickly dropped. "But really now, you are pushing your health. Looking at papers is no way to pass the time, not alone, and you have not ventured out on a quest for about two weeks now. Shouldn't you try to do something physical along with all of this? Man can not live on pancakes alone. I guess that works for zouyus too."

Pang was silent for a time, which seemed to worry the bubbly blue-haired youth. She sat down nearby and placed her tanned skin on his fleshy, furry hand.

"I'm not the only one worried about you, Pang. Others do too. Live a little. Laugh a little. I want justice for Aprameia same as you, but you need to go out there and do other things. I don't know her much, but I know that's what she would want too."

Pang nodded somberly and let off a rueful smile.

"Thanks, Uzu--I mean, Berybrillo. I still don't know why you changed your name."

"Because it was my given name," she replied with a chuckle, "like Pang is yours. The others helped me become braver in more than one sense. I decided to discard my old desired name of Uzumeashy for something that better matched me, or so Hogie said."

That earned a laugh from the catlike man, as well as a follow-up of "Hogarth said that? That young codger doesn't open up to me much, but I agree. It does suit you."

Blushing, she wiggled off of her seat and onto her feet, replacing her arm.

"I'll toss on some apple slices on your plate for that. See you around. I see other customers in the wing, and some new rooms."


Host, here. Your characters are welcome to be in the Haven already or be new to the Haven. If you are new, have them teleport into the room with a wave of nausea from the inter-dimensional travel. If you were preexisting, feel free to have them be in any of the locations within the Haven, from the arena to the gate or the cafeteria. Have fun, and be creative!
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Child of the Pale Mistress
- Iseult Mylis, Faloan Apateon - The Haven -

Inside one of the many rooms of The Haven, a sudden loud noise could be heard, as if things were being tossed around. Two new members had been transported to this particular room. One with pale grey skin, the other a young looking woman with two horns coming from both sides of her head. The pale one, a Dra'tul, a Dark Elf, had been being pursued before being transported to the Haven, who or why, she didn't knew, and her hands were busy trying to push a dagger down the horned woman's chest.

"I find this rather disturbing, child. Now, I would suggest that you cease this at once, or else," the green haired woman said while holding the dagger with one hand, "well, perhaps we will find out?"

The Dark Elf quickly let go of the dagger and moved away from the woman, she then turned around and threw up on the floor after which she went on a coughing fit. The green haired woman stood up and dusted herself off, she then took a deep breath to try and calm the feeling of vertigo from her system. After the feeling was gone, she finally focused on the white haired woman in front of her. Why did she tried to attack her, she did know know. She didn't even know where she was. She had been working on some papers back in Heimdall when everything went dark, then she was there. It looked like a standard room, with a crazy stabbing woman, but standar nonetheless. It took a couple of minutes but the pale skinned woman finally calmed down.

"S-Sorry, I was being followed and before I knew it I was trying to attack you," she said, still breathing heavily, before turning around to look at her former victim " I apologize. My name is Iseult Mylis. . . it is a, uh, pleasure, I suppose?"

The green haired woman stared at the dark elf, her face was very familiar, she had seen it before, after all. But how was it possible if she was. . .was this supposed to be a. . .Oh, this was going to be interesting.

"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ainu. My name is Faloan Apateon, Soul of the Desert Jewel of Arcadia," Faloan said.

"Arcadia? As in. . .The Oasis of Knowledge? THAT Arcadia?" Iseult asked.

"So you have heard of Arcadia? Well, that is my home, yes," Faloan answered, "And tell me, Ainu, where are you from?"

"Ainu? What does that. . .nevermind. I come from The Kingdom of Cecidit," Iseult answered, "Have you heard of it?"

Cecidit, to Faloan's knowledge, had been completely destroyed many many years before. She had heard the news, that the once powerful Kingdom of Eternal Night had been attacked and destroyed, not before placing a curse on the surrounding lands. This gave her two answers in regards to the person in front of her. She was who she thought she was, but she was not the one she knew, instead, it was someone much younger.

"I have heard of the Kingdom of Cecidit once or twice in my life. But enough chit chat, we should find out where we are," Faloan said as she walked to the door and opened it, "This is obviously not where we previously were. Meaning someone either teleported us, or we got captured. In any case, they could get a nasty surprise if they tried to kidnap someone like me."

Faloan left the room while Iseult stared at her. Something about Faloan felt odd, but Iseult didn't knew what it was. She shook her head as the sense of vertigo was all but gone now. She took a quick look around the room and followed the green haired woman. Were those horns? Yeah, those were totally horns.

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage
–Kolm Diarisso, the Arena–

The lights flickered to life one-by-one, Kolm slowly circling around the arena, gaze on his opponent, Galla, across from him. Last time they fought it seemed both were holding back, though would he do so this time? The thought of using blood magic against his comrade and friend seemed wrong, especially with his shaded connotation of its use in the back of his mind.

He snatched up the mace from his belt and spun it in front of him, brandishing it at his side with one hand. "When you are ready," he called out, preparing to counter any move that the necromancer would make.

He had been in the Haven but for a few weeks, and already he felt that he was getting stronger. The missions that he'd traversed to aided his skillsets in multiple ways, though perhaps moreso was his training with Galla. The necromancer pushed him in ways that he needed, prompting him to try new things that he seldom needed to with the average combatant. And yet, it was likely that both were becoming more familiar with the others' movesets. Perhaps inviting another member of the Haven to spar with them would be beneficial, though he didn't know who he would ask.

–Isadora Malachite, room in the Haven, approaching Faloan and Iseult–

The world was spinning at a rapid pace. The dark-haired elven woman fell to her knees, clutching at the marble floor with one hand whilst gripping her head with the other. She felt sick, terribly so. She could not help retching all over the floor, before bringing her gaze up to survey the room. Where was she? Last thing she recalled, she was facing the sharp end of a sword as she bled, a stomach wound that indicated the likelihood of her inevitable death in a matter of time. However, Isadora no longer felt pain of any sort. She brought a hand to sweep over the flesh of her belly, only to find that the wound had been closed, with no trace of blood save for that staining her torn garments.

Is this the afterlife? Isadora thought dully, rising to her feet with a trembling hand and supporting herself on the base of a wooden trunk. It was quite peculiar to be brought into a room, that was for certain. She didn't know what she expected from death, but this wasn't it. She turned, noticing a door behind her which she wasted no time in opening. Outside were many more doors, much like the one that she emerged from. A curious frown furrowed Isadora's brow. The sickly feeling began to ebb away as she trailed down the hall, scythe in hand.

In the distance, emerging from another door, were two women: one with green hair and–were those horns?–and another with ashen skin, likely a dark elf. After a bit of deliberation, Isadora rushed toward them, closing the distance between the duo and herself within a few moments as she approached.

"Excuse me!" she called out, tone soft and almost melodious. "This may seem a rather peculiar question, but where exactly is this?"

–Orion Baelfire, the cafeteria–

From the table behind Pang sat a scholar, a researcher who'd traveled the many worlds in search of knowledge, perhaps more specifically answers. He brought a cup of steaming tea to his lips, hesitating before taking a sip. His glasses glinted in the bright lighting of the cafeteria as he shot a sideways glance toward Berybrillo leave.

So you were once Uzumeashy. Interesting. It seemed to him that the very name was a blend of two goddesses from another universe; was it a coincidence? He could not be certain, but, then again, there was little that Orion could be certain of when it came to the Haven.

With his cup in one hand, he lifted his novel with the other, reading some notes that were inscribed next to a recipe for an elixir. It was recently acquired, and he could not wait to try his hand at it. Perhaps he would be able to convince Berybrillo to allow him access to her kitchen for a time–later, of course.


Child of the Pale Mistress
- Iseult Mylis, Faloan Apateon - The Haven -
Mystics Apprentice Mystics Apprentice

Both Faloan and Iseult wandered the halls, only seeing door after door after door, most rooms were empty, or, at least, those that Faloan looked into. Iseult was following closely behind her, a dagger in her hand, ready for any possible danger.

"It seems that we are the only ones here at the moment. I assume that we were not kidnapped." Faloan said calmly as she kept walking.

"How do you known that?" Iseult asked.

"Easy. No one was outside our room. There are no guards, the rooms are empty, with only a few things inside."

Iseult was about to answer Faloan when she heard the sound of footsteps approaching quickly. She turned around, taking another dagger out, ready to attack. Faloan stopped her by grabbing her hand. This made Iseult look at the green haired woman, she just shook her head. This woman, Faloan noticed, was an elf, not like the one next to her, she probably was from the Elves of Light.

"Manners, Ainu. Anyways, yours IS a peculiar question, child. Sadly, it is one to which we do not possess an answer for," Faloan answered, looking directly at Isadora, " it seems that the three of us have been brought to this place by a mysterious power, no matter where we were before. Oh, but where are my manners. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Faloan Apateon of Arcadia. It is a pleasure. Ainu, don't be rude, introduce yourself."

Iseult stared at Isadora while Faloan spoke, she was an elf too, but not like her, she was one of the Light while she was a dark one. Some said they were part of the same race once, but that had been a long long time ago, way before she was born.

"Iseult Mylis from Cecidit." Was the only answer Iseult gave Isadora.

Faloan quickly scanned Isadora, better be careful around strangers, after all. What she noticed was the stain of blood on the elf's clothes. It looked fresh, but she looked fine. That was interesting.

"Are you alright? I can see by that stain of blood that, perhaps, you have been injured" Faloan said while staring at Isadora's eyes, "Or perhaps the blood does not belong to you?"


The Sleepy Magician
The necromancer watched Kolm as death magics filled her fingers. She gently moved her hands and on her left and right she raised an Archer from and ancient dynasty, one with a longbow and a knight from a lost kingdom. In his arm was a pole axe. “If its at my ready then i accept” she replied before motioning her guardian like minion to charge forth as her flaming skull rose up into the air, out of reach of moat common attacks. It rattled before spewing a dark green poison. One that simply sapped the life of those within it. The archer drew an arrow and began to take aim at Kolm from the midline while Galla herself stood in the back line controlling her forces like a general.

The Paladin entered the cafeteria and quietly sat down across from Orion. She ordered a large bow of beef stew as she sat there before curiously looking at the book Orion was reading simply saying nothing.

The door to the room opened and Sonya stumbled out. Coughing a bit from whatever situation she was just pulled through dimensional space from. She looked dizzy and confused to anyone who looked at her. In her hand was an ornate dagger she had recently pulled from her belt. She would begin to stumble down the hall holding onto the wall unless stopped.
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Random Schemer
{The Harrowed - Jerod: The Haven}
Jerod wandered the halls of Haven’s Dorms, listening to the snippets of conversations and other things that leaked out of closed doors. He also listened for a more familiar sound. But it never came. He had been here a day, and still no sign. Perhaps his gamble had worked.
“On to phase two, then.” He murmured with a slight smile.
Moving with more purpose, the Blind Wanderer tapped the way ahead of him with his cane. His nose told him he was getting close to cooking.
“Ah, two birds.” He said to himself as he followed the smells.
He entered the cafeteria and paused. He tilted his head to the side as if listening, then moved directly towards the smells stew and tea.
“Hello.” Jerod greeted Ceres and Orion. “I was wondering if one of you could help me find a seat?”

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The Destined Undestined
- Yltriss Hyulli, approaching Faloan, Iseult, and Isadora -

Yltriss stepped through the halls, summoned by the notification that more had fallen and that new individuals were summoned from the depths of the multiverse. It was another catastrophe, this time a party wipe of five. Only one survived to send a message, and poor Uuiua was so traumatised that the boy could not speak beyond broken sentences through the sobs and hyperventilation. While the Haven heals all physical wounds upon a successful teleportation back, it cannot heal the properties instilled upon the mind. What did they do to bring about such horror to the eighteen-year-old, she wondered. Later on she would have to figure that out. If there was one thing that she could not stand, it was an unanswered question, and right now there were an abundance of them.

This bleached blond girl trudged onward, and upon rounding the corner spotted a number of new individuals -- all women -- wandering the halls, their weapons bared and one of them especially having a countenance that screamed. Oh, great, there's a bunch of them with swords drawn. Time to test the ol' tongue again.

"I can explain that, having been in a similar scrape," she spoke, voice, contrary to her pretty face, hoarse and gravelly through prolonged use of Tanzynite on her world. "You must have suffered a near-death experience, am I right?" She patted down the black apron on her green dress. "You'd be delighted to know that you are not dead, maybe legally but certainly not physically. You were brought here for a purpose, and for that reason you have forestalled your demise." She flashed an enigmatic smile, then looked beyond Isadora to the others. "You both look like you're in good shape. No blood, no bruises, and nobody tried killing the other. I see the Haven chose you well, unlike some before you. Come. Let me show you around. I think you will find it a comfortable place, even if entering it was less than . . . delightful."

At least two of them had vomited the contents of their stomach, from what she caught through her heightened sense of smell. Yltriss wrinkled her nose in disgust before waving a hand towards the group, hoping they would follow.

-- -- -- -- --

- Berybrillo, approaching Sonya, and Pang, observing Kolm and Galla while passing through -

Pang shot upright, startled upon hearing a new voice behind him, and he turned to spot the newcomer. The dark glasses, the cane -- he heard the tapping from before but thought nothing of it until now. This man . . . was he blind? It would make sense, considering the nature of these events, and he did not even notice himself rudely and sleepily staring at Jerod in dumbfoundment.

Berybrillo stepped out of the kitchen after putting away her apron and kitchen gloves and fell into similar marvel at the young man before her communing with Orion and Ceres. Blinking her astonishment away, she next said, "Well, that's one down! Now where are the rest? Yltriss should be out there by now. Pang, do you mind helping check for our new guests? You go over there, and I'll go over here."

Pang turned upon being mentioned and made a face in the end, looking down at his papers scattered about his tea. He wanted to continue working on it, but with the conversation he had with Berry beforehand he sighed and did as he was asked, his feet softly padding across the floor and into the next room, the arena. He marveled at Kolm's and Galla's progress so far as he passed around and through the arena. Berybrillo similarly slipped to the cafeteria entrance, finding Sonya in the process stumbling down the hallway, as if drugged or worse. She worried that Sonya might be one of the soon-to-be fatalities through transit, a rare situation but not unheard of, and popped open her medical pack just in case. With the right precautions, this otherwise fatal occurrence can be cured before it was too late.

"Whoa, whoa! Easy now, stranger," she coaxed, trying her best to placate the girl. "Take it slow and carefully. The teleportation takes a lot out of someone. And put the weapon away, please. I'm Berry, a friend and a medic, not a foe. Who are you?"


Child of the Pale Mistress
- Iseult Mylis, Faloan Apateon - The Haven -
Thanny Thanny Mystics Apprentice Mystics Apprentice

While Iseult and Faloan were waiting for an answer from the mysterious elf in front of them, Faloan heard footsteps in the distance. Was it one of their kidnappers? Probably. Was she going to utterly destroy them for having taken her away from her duties as Judge Magister? Obsolutely. Or that was the plan, at least. Iseult was busy looking at Isadora while waiting for an answer, busy enough to not notice the footsteps.

The voice of another female made Iseult quickly turn around, ready to go into action if needed. Faloan did the same, but more calmly. The female sounded different, and Faloan wondered why. After a little explanation about how all of them ended up in, well, wherever that place was, Faloan stared at the woman.

"I would beg to differ. Someone did try to kill me just a few minutes ago, but it's water under the bridge, I suppose," Faloan said as her eyes wandered towards Iseult, "So, we were brought to this place after each and every one of us had a near-death experience? How interesting. Perhaps my senses are getting weaker if I am not able to know if someone was attempting against my life."

"Uh. . . I was being followed by some people in black robes," Iseult said quietly, "I think I've heard about them. The Unspeakables, I think? I'm sure I managed to escape, but maybe I was mistaken."

Oh? So it was VERY early in her life, Faloan thought. The Unspeakables surely had quite the reputation among the populace, or around those whose lives revolved around crime. The woman waved her hand, she wanted for them to follow her to. . . somewhere? Iseult looked at Isadora first, her eyes lingering a few seconds, before looking at Faloan.

"Scared, Ainu?" Faloan said calmly.

"N-No. Why should I be scared? She is not attacking. Neither is she." She said as she pointed towards Isadora.

"Then why you haven't put those daggers away?" Faloan said as she looked at Iseult's hands.

The Dra'tul quickly put the daggers back at each side of her belt before looking at the ground. Faloan smirked slightly before turning around and following the mysterious woman. Not before giving one last look to those behind her.

"Come children."

Without another word, Faloan followed Yltriss. Iseult waited for a couple of seconds before following the two women.


The Sleepy Magician
The Paladin smiled and put down her spoon gently before stand up. “Id be happy to help, be prepared.” She sid before placing a hand on Jerod’s back. Making sure not to be too rough as she guided him to a seat. “Can i help you with anything else?” She asked, happy to be of help.

The young girl snapped to attention, the voice sounded like it was forced through water. Everything was somewhat of a blur. She immediately whipped around and took a swing at Berry, missing by a mile as her blade rebounded off the wall causing her to stumble having already been off balance, she landed on her backside. She pointed her blade at Berry with both hands. “Who are you! Where am I! This isnt home. . . i think. . .why cant i remember.” She growled to herself before her eyes widened a little and she flipped over, puking on the floor again.

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage
HeartOfFerria HeartOfFerria

She was starting with three summons. Kolm brought his mace and dug it into the ground, a blue dome-shaped aura surrounding him. The light slowly turned to ice from the bottom up, encasing the cold mage in a dome of ice. The arrow clinked off of the ice whilst the poison gas permeated the air, albeit not infiltrating the protective igloo that Kolm formed around himself.

After several moments he burst from it, meeting the poleax guardian's charge with his mace in a defensive stance. After parrying the mage leapt back, a shield of ice forming along his left arm as he did so. This shield would likely be very heavy, as it was made from solid ice, though it was hard and would provide a fair amount of protection as he fought off the guardian.

His gaze darted toward Galla. He needed to get past the summons and to her if he were to win this fight. Otherwise, she would continue summoning, and he would become exhausted before any damage could be dealt to the source. However, getting past this poleaxe guardian and archer were going to prove difficult. With a roar, Kolm swung his mace in an uppercut fashion, intending to strike the guardian in the chin with a mass amount of force, while his shield was held protectively against his torso.

Thanny Thanny , Elrandir Elrandir

A frown furrowed the brows of the raven-haired elf, emerald green eyes shifting between the two women. "Arcadia . . . . I have heard of this place! You herald from the north, do you not? My name is Isadora Malachite, from a humble abode in Caligo, though most recently I have lived in Kilkis Seres with my husband and two children. It is a pleasure to meet you both, Iseult. Faloan." She extended a pallid hand to shake Faloan's, before turning to greet Iseult as well, slightly more reserved around the latter. A great rivalry had existed between elves of the light and dark for many a millennia, and even now, despite ties between the two in Arcana, she still remained reserved about dark elves. Regardless, Isadora kept a pleasant expression on her face, showing no resentment or rudeness toward Iseult as she extended her greeting.

"It's a curious thing that we all were summoned here without our host being present," Isadora commented, shooting a glance around. At the mention of her wound the elf brought a hand toward her middle, shaking her head. "At ease; the blood is mine. The last thing I remember was our neighborhood being raided during the ongoing war. My husband charged out to defend us, while I remained to protect my son and daughter. Men infiltrated our home, and I attempted to stave them off while Yevgeni and young Veriti made their escape into the mountains. I incurred ghastly wounds, and I only assumed that I had, well, perished." She laughed, shaking her head as she placed the scythe on her back. "I thought that this was the afterlife!"

Yltriss' words cut through, explaining much about their location and indeed confirming that Isadora was spared an untimely death at the hands of her human Feyslayers. Isadora let out a relieved sigh, lowering her head, locks pouring over her shoulders toward the ground. "This is quite relieving, thank you. But, why have we been chosen? What is this 'purpose' of which you speak? My children are back at home, and they require me; will I be able to return to them?" The elf trailed after Yltriss as she led the way, hoping that the blonde woman would be willing to indulge her questions.

HeartOfFerria HeartOfFerria , rikunobodyxiii rikunobodyxiii

Seeming hyper-aware of his surroundings, Orion glanced over the top of his book and smiled at Ceres. "Greetings," he called over to her. "Forgive the blank cover; it is something that I've been applying notes to during my travels. Right now I am reading about the fabled 'elixir of life.' Perhaps you are familiar with it?"

The blonde-haired scholar noticed Jerod approach, glancing his way as the man requested aid in finding a seat. This seemed a curious question to him, until noticing the cane and the man's manner of looking in their direction. He must be blind, Orion thought, taking a mental note of this as well. Why would the Haven recruit someone incapable of seeing his surroundings? Were his senses heightened in some other manner, or did he possess some very potent abilities? Only time would tell, though he was making a mental note to ensure that he traversed on a quest with Jerod in the near future to see what the man was capable of.

"I do believe that I have seen you in these halls, though have yet to be graced with a proper introduction," Orion said, closing his book and rising from his seat. He moved toward Jerod, extending a hand and lightly brushing his fingers against those of the man in front of him, to indicate where he stood to the blind individual. "My name is Orion Baelfire. I am a scholar that has traversed across my universe and back, though I haven't been in this Haven for very long. You would be . . . ?"
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The Sleepy Magician
The axemen’s jaw cracked,The damage line crawling up most of the skull but seemingly not doing enough damage to force the creature back into the earth. It moved to strike Kolm in the head with the butt of its long weapon.

The archer in the midline ready a second arrow. Finding the axemen to be in the way it coldly waited for Kolm to move into its line of sight.

The skull began to reposition still hovering above Kolm. However this time as the gas drew close to Kolm once again. A small spark flickered in its mouth, igniting the poison.

Galla watched carefully from the back, making another hand motion and causing the arrow in the archers bow to light ablaze as she manually controlled the axemen from the backline. She sometimes couldnt trust a husk to do its job right.

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Child of the Pale Mistress
- Iseult Mylis, Faloan Apateon - The Haven -
Thanny Thanny Mystics Apprentice Mystics Apprentice

All the information being offered on this conversation was something that Faloan, despite not showing, was enjoying quite a lot. She had learned a few things from the two elves currently walking with her. Iseult was someone she knew so well, the adoptive daughter of Ethiriel Altadriel, a High Elf born in Exire The City of Everwinter, close to the Frozen Wastelands. Isadora was someone that, even if she hadn't met her before, was someone she knew, at least by name. Her son was someone she found interesting, considering his actions in the land of Arcana. With everything that was said, with everything she managed to see, Faloan deduced that, while the three of them belonged to the same world, they were from different points in time. What kind of power was at work here, she wondered.

"That is quite correct, Isadora Malachite, the so called Oasis of Knowledge is where I was born and raised. Although nowadays I travel around the Northern Lands quite often. I barely stay in one place for more than a few days." Faloan answered, "It is surprising that three denizens of Istrora were brought here, that is for sure."

"Where is Arcana located?" Iseult asked curiously.

"To the south of Caligo. The Land of Arcana is ruled by the honorable King Alexander and his queen, the Lady Kiren. You should take your time to study more about the outside world, Ainu." Faloan said calmly.

Iseult's cheeks turned a slightly dark shade as she looked at the ground feeling slightly embarrassed. It was true that she didn't knew much about the the life outside Cecidit, most Dra'tul spent their first century in the city, only in rare cases they left the safety of the eternal night. She had to leave out of necessity, so her knowledge was not the best at the moment, and she hoped that she could return one day.

"I suppose I could help you with that, but it would have to be at a later time. We have to focus on our current predicament," Faloan said, "In any case, Miss. . .? Oh, excuse my lack of manners, I didn't asked for your name. Can you explain the nature of this "Haven" you speak of?"

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage

Swiftly Kolm threw his left arm up over his head, his ice shield meeting with the guardian's poleaxe. His feet shifted underneath him in the soft soil of the arena while he fought to hold his arm against the deft blow. The ice cracked as it met with the handle of the guardian's weapon. The mage threw his bodyweight against the shield, allowing it to shatter and dissolve as he kicked off on the ground and taking to the air. Flight was something that he was new at, though it would heavily play to his advantage here.

As he flew upward he met with the poison which escaped from the skull. That blasted thing! As he prepared his mace to take a swing at it, something curious happened: the poison gas ignited! He shot off across the air, narrowly escaping being enraptured by the flames which presented themselves. With a keen eye on the guardian and Galla, Kolm extended both arms, slowly rotating in the air, about ten feet from the ground. Ice shards began to rain forth like hail, directed primarily at Galla. The mage did not notice the archer, or the flaming arrow that was being prepared. If it was released from behind, it was likely that he was too preoccupied in his current spell to notice.


It pleased Isadora that Faloan knew so much about Arcana. A smile stretched her pallid lips. "I am impressed by your knowledge, Miss Faloan," Isadora commented. "I grew up in Caligo, so I am indeed familiar with Exire and the Frozen Wastelands." And yet, Isadora thought, we are from the same world, yet so very far from each other. Something changed in Isadora's expression at the mention of the king's wife, Kiren, though said nothing further on the subject, instead choosing to observe Iseult. Ainu, the green-haired horned one referred to her as. Was it perhaps a clan name? A family name? Isadora wasn't certain, but since the name wasn't offered to her, she would continue to refer to Iseult by the name given to her.

There were several things that Isadora desired to inquire, though for now she felt it best to remain silent, allowing Faloan her question to Yltriss, in hopes of learning something more about The Haven as well.


The Sleepy Magician
The axemen turned to watch Kolm fly off before turning to dust, having been banished by Galla. The skull itself catch more distance from the ice mage while a small firebolt was loosed from its mouth flying towards Kolm.

The archer also loosed its own projectile as Kolm entered its sight line.

Galla’s hands filled with flame as ice shards started to come towards her, using both hands into a single spell she loosed a heavy short range burst of flame, lessening the damage she would take from the shard themselves. But still the spell went through.


The Destined Undestined
- Berybrillo, with Sonya in the long hallway -

"H-hey! Easy now!" cried out the blue-haired cook again, more worried for the girl than for herself as she started throwing around the weapon like she did.

Perhaps it was because Berry had a particular skill that rendered weapons almost useless, but self-infliction was another matter entirely. She did not have to worry much longer when Sonya flipped around and emptied her stomach. That poor girl. She remembered this process very well after having to puke more than any other Haven member after being teleported, her body revolting over and over trying to cope with the situation.

"Amnesia? Oh dear, that is not good . . . but I know a few recipes which could help promote your getting better. I'm Berry, medic and cook. I'm not sure if you heard me earlier. And you are?"

She offered a hand to Sonya, hoping that it was a palm that was going to be placed inside of it instead of a blade.

- Yltriss and Pang, with Isadora, Iseult, and Faloan -

Yltriss listened in from afar, leading the way down the hallway with a familiarity so strong that even when closing her eyes she would retain everything she saw. The halls were for the most part barren and lifeless, though some still clung to some sort of individuality. Plants thrived under the constant loving of their caretakers, and some tapestries were draped in front of the doors and on the walls. She recognised one of the rooms as one of the fallen's. She wondered what would happen to their stuff, having never underwent anything like this for at least a year.

"So you all had near-misses? Intriguing," she voiced with mirth, a smile rising into view as she turned around. "I may have been unclear beforehand. Your purpose here is a peaceful one. The Haven plucks those who are deserving, or strong, or interested and give them a chance to make something good out of the powers they were given. Mine came and went, as experimental drugs go, but in the end I became something newer, better.

"The Haven is a place outside of the usual homes of the many worlds and the many universes. We collect, fight, and improve upon ourselves to help those who contract us, and to restore a proper balance to places where the scales have been tipped. Almost always are the scales tipped for the worse, but the reverse happens seldomly. Those are the easiest missions, as they require a more tactful approach than guns and swords ablazing.

"Also, before I forget my manners, my name is Yltriss, Yltriss Hyulli," she continued with a wide grin. "Mind if I ask for your names so that my affiliate and I can be better acquainted with you? Yes, I'm talking about you, Pang. Come out. Stealth does not befit a monk."

Pang, hiding behind the corner at the end of the hallway, felt very sheepish and stepped out from the dimly lit location, ears pinned back in shame of being caught. How did the girl do that? He made sure that he did not turn the corner, so it had to be something different than having keen sight.

"Pang Inranel," he stated as if stuck performing in a roll call, scratching behind his ear. "So you all are from the same world? What are the chances of that? I have seen it done with two, but not three. Count yourselves blessed! It would make starting conversations much easier."

Yltriss laughed a note and continued on, still swinging an arm and reciting, "Follow me, follow me. I'll show you around, starting with the shop in the next room and working our way leftward. Remember, in a maze or anyplace unfamiliar, the left-hand rule is insurmountable, and the right-hand rule inexcusable."

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage
HeartOfFerria HeartOfFerria

Both flaming projectiles went unnoticed by Kolm until it was too late; the arrow which the archer launched met its mark, piercing into his right shoulder and embedding itself in his flesh. The fire projectile met with his back, igniting his trenchcoat as the heat from the flames burnt at his neck. A sharp cry escaped him as he lowered himself to the ground, rolling as he tore the burning coat off of him. He grimaced, gripping the arrow and yanking it out, blood pouring freely from the fresh wound. It was early, perhaps too early for him shed blood so freely. He would have to use this opportunity to his advantage, even if he detested the thought of doing so.

His blood began to shimmer as it escaped his wound, some of it evaporating from sight. Ice began to surge away from the mage in a shockwave fashion, rising up five feet as it charged toward the necromancer before him. His goal was still to target Galla, even though the barrage from her summons was becoming cumbersome to work around.

Elrandir Elrandir , Thanny Thanny

The elf remained silent as Yltriss said her piece, explaining how the Haven worked and why they were brought here. Eventually she waved a hand casually. "That is all good and well, but do we have a say as to whether we wish to remain here? Forgive me for being blunt, but it sounds like enslavement. A save from death, sure, but from the sound of it we are indebted to the Haven in the form of servitude. Am I wrong?" Isadora was forthcoming in most situations; that was why people both loved and hated her.

She gave a curt nod toward Yltriss. "Forgive me, I mean no ill toward you. I am just trying to better understand our situation. My name is Isadora Malachite, though friends call me Issi."

Isadora remained silent throughout the rest of their journey, unfortunately not paying attention to their surroundings until a tour was mentioned. Confusion washed over her face at Yltriss' mention of the left and right-hand rule, new terms that were rather alien to her but she wasn't about to bring it up. She was mildly surprised when Pang came from around the corner. A tiger, she thought to herself, though she tried to remain as composed as she could. While Zouyu weren't present within the Overworld, their existence was not particularly shocking to her. She nodded politely to him, not feeling the need to reintroduce herself since he seemed to pick up the entirety of their conversation anyhow.

"So let me clarify," Isadora began once more. "There are multiple universes, ones which we each arrive from? That . . . that is a lot to encompass, since I didn't believe more existed than the land above the Sea of Clouds, the World Below, the sun and twin moons."
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Child of the Pale Mistress
- Iseult Mylis, Faloan Apateon - The Haven -
Thanny Thanny Mystics Apprentice Mystics Apprentice

"So there are many different worlds besides our own?" Iseult asked, a hint of surprise in her voice.

"The concept of reality and creation is vast and mysterious, Ainu. Take our world for instance. We have the Floating Lands, Caligo, Lavitria and Arcana, the Twin Moons, Selene and Neskaza, and the land below the Sea of Clouds, yes? This makes the world we known as Istrora," Faloan said to Iseult, "Some ancient arcane magiks can allow us to travel between different planes of existance, yet they are still contained within the same Universe. If this "Heaven" picks people from different universes, then that means that we live in a multiverse, and our world is just one of, perhaps, a limitless amount of worlds. It also means that each one of these different universes have their how sets of rules."

To say that Iseult was slightly confused about such explanation was an understatement. She knew of the ancient land below the clouds, a land were creatures known as "humans" once lived, but being told that her world was just one of many different worlds was something that both surprised her and scared her at the same time. Yltriss introduced herself and asked for all their names in return, that and she asked someone else to come out from somewhere. And she was right, there was a man that came out from the corner, the man introduced as Pang Inranel. His appearance was not that surprising to both women, not after what they had learned, and since Istrora had different kinds of sentient living beings.

"My name is Faloan Apateon, a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Hyulli, Mister Inranel," Faloan said calmly.

"My name is Ain-No! Iseult! Iseult Mylis. Ugh! What does Ainu means, Miss Apateon." Iseult asked the green haired woman.

"Don't you know? And you call yourself a priestess? Ainu means "Holy One", Iseult," Faloan answered, "I can see by that pendant you have around your neck that you are a follower of the Pale Mistress, yes?"

Iseult quickly grabbed the pendant in the form of a pale white flower, unable to hide her surprise.

"O-Oh! Y-Yeah, I guess that makes more sense," Iseult replied, "you are correct, I am a priestess from the Nameless Peak, a temple dedicated to the Pale Mistress, the Goddess of Death and Fate."


The Destined Undestined
- Yltriss and Pang, talking with Isadora, Iseult, and Faloan in the shops -
Elrandir Elrandir Mystics Apprentice Mystics Apprentice

Yltriss froze, looking behind her towards Isadora once more. She knew she was forgetting something, but something so important? Now that was saddening, especially considering her gift for remembering trivial details. Pang, on the other hand, felt a little less timid and bowed respectfully back towards Isadora. His eyes unconsciously drifted towards the scythe in her hands, a deep maroon, the colour of blood. He wondered how much lifeblood it had spilled, but then again his hands had caused much to be spilled as well.

"The answer," she exhaled, "is not one which you will enjoy, Issi. There are tenets, and we follow these tenets to our grave, or until we are relieved of our duties. There are a select few in the Haven who have been freed of the service they were put under, but most fell to the hideous but familiar reality of 'Those who live by the sword die by the sword.' My aim is simple, to better myself to escape this fate, and to better others so that they can escape this fate. If it's any consolation, think of the good you'll do in the process. With everything you complete, the world will be a better place. Isn't that better than what most would say their lives lead to, the future where our actions and responsibilities save nothing and no one but one's own starving belly and that of one's family?

"I confess, however, that I am neither one nor the other. I am no saint, nor do I value being a footnote in history. I crave relief from this, hmm, slavery, as you call it, and to live as one untouched by age and favoured by power should. To make this dream a reality, I would do much . . . but enough about me. On to the next, or maybe the beginning."

She turned to Faloan with a smile, then to Isadora. "You've realised now that there are many worlds, and that time is a variable on some worlds, but there are people who can make time pass as we normally perceived it, even after going in and coming out. You need an august crystal, a time something-or-other my world experimented on, and a sizable one at that, but since I doubt you'll share, and since there are three of you you'll need three. Luckily for you, I believe I know a few someones who may help."
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Nero Kunivas

Xehanort's Nobody
- Lucia Quinn, The Raging Tempest - The Safe Haven, Combat Arena -

HeartOfFerria HeartOfFerria Mystics Apprentice Mystics Apprentice

While the new arrivals were suffering from teleportation sickness and needing to recover, there were others who had been within The Safe Haven's halls for a longer period of time. Among them was a hooded, armour-clad woman spectating an ongoing fight in the Haven's arena from one of the entrances, leaning against the wall and watching with keen interest. Though others wouldn't be able to tell past her helmet, Lucia Quinn was smiling as she noted the fight's intensity thus far, along with the moves employed by Galla, the Necromancer and Kolm, a Sorcerer and Galla's opponent, facing off against the former's seemingly endless undead hordes.

Part of her couldn't help but wonder if they would take it to the death. Be it on purpose or by complete accident and while neither would matter ultimately, it would still spice things up a bit to know that no one was holding back even in the slightest.

- Rykoharr, Weaver of Shadows - The Safe Haven, Graveyard -

Thanny Thanny

Out of sight and out of mind laid the Graveyard of The Safe Haven. There rested the bodies of the Haven's fallen or at least, those whose bodies were recoverable, for most were obliterated, consumed by monsters, raised as undead or they simply disappeared after not adhering to one of the Haven's main rules of sanctuary. Today, no one was paying their respects to the noble adventurers who had fallen in days past and thus, it was completely clear. Undisturbed. Until a dark presence began to loom over the graves...a floating, dark orb coursing with powerful dark energies slowly yet carefully hovered over each individual grave, as if checking they were...unkempt? Disturbed? What was it looking for?

This soul was at first within the confines of a room, having been recognized as about to die, in spite of being an immortal soul, The Haven must have misinterpreted. Yet, the soul's mind was at ease, for it had pondered entering The Safe Haven willingly anyway and just as now, it would've possessed one of the deceased, rejuvenated the body and began its unknown quest. Suddenly, the dark soul stopped over a certain grave, one that was more...well looked after and respected than others. Not only that, but it held a prime body to serve as host. Seizing the opportunity, the soul phased through the dirt and a few moments later, a soft "bwoom" could be heard as a softer purple glow could be seen through the cracks in the soil, before giving way to a decaying hand suddenly thrusting forth from the ground, followed by the other, both of them prying the soil layer apart to allow the reanimated corpse to rise from the grave, both with purpose and with a powerful dark aura around the body and glowing violet eyes.

Once the fallen adventurer stood again, it at first bore a hunched over posture, groaning with two voices at once, but with the dark energies flowing through its once cold, dry veins, the man started to rise to a more firm, standing position and, more bizarrely, the flesh went from grey, rotting and leathery, to slowly but surely becoming more and more...full, pink and living as the adventurer roared to the heavens, at first with both voices, but soon, one was completely drowned out, replaced with a darker, coarse and yet powerful tone as the body was fully regenerated.

Following this, shadows coalesced around the adventurer reborn, replacing its burial clothing with cleaner, intricate dark robes, bearing dark violet and grey markings, metallic, angular and spiky pauldrons upon the shoulders, soon the figure raised a partially clawed, gloved hand and pulled up his hood, then slowly hovered his hand down his face with a red mist that quickly formed into a demonic mask that replaced most of his countenance, leaving only the mouth and below exposed...with a devilish smile, the host body of Overlord Rykoharr floated a few inches off of the ground as visible waves of dark power emanated from his body as he then called a strange, omega-like symbol before his face and gestured to his right.

"Knight of the Nether, rise to my call!" Rykoharr bellowed in a language reminiscent of tongues to an untrained ear, which was soon followed by a dark portal opening in the ground and what rose from it was a dark knight in a sword salute pose, head down, which slowly rose to face ahead, toward his summoner. The Knight dismissed his sword in a flash of darkness as the portal closed, then took a knee before Rykoharr. "Rise, Meksis. Come. We've a Haven to explore...let us, learn of its purpose." Rykoharr beckoned in English, with the pair swiftly departing the Graveyard and into the halls of The Safe Haven.

(Anything in Red is Rykoharr speaking the ancient language of his kind.)


An extremely knightly lad.
- Henry - Elemental Swordsman - Shops -

At first Henry was meditating in his room, contemplating all he had learned these past few weeks since he had arrived, and what eventful weeks they were! not only did he help quell an undead invasion in the Aquafolk village and in turn help Pang deal with his inner demons with Aprameia, with time he re-learned to better control his elements gifted to him by the spirits along with natural dark power, what previously were the style system he used to utilize, switching elements to use on the fly now became a more refined and controlled style and stance in swordplay and spell. Utilizing his elements to perform certain special attacks and skills for ease of control and more versality than the old system.

The spirits were quiet inside of him, they were most likely sleeping. It didn't take long for Henry to stop meditating and go out of his room and onto the hallways. His room was closest to the shopping area with three floors, and just as he stepped out of his room a familiar wind element appeared in front of him, her small wings and frame flapping in the air happily.

"Lets goooo! Lets go check the shops!" Sylph exclaimed, excited as ever as she zoomed right there before Henry could really object. All he could do was scratch the back of his head as he had to follow along.


Iseult and Faloan would not doubt feel the presence of pure wind magic coming off of Sylph as she flew up to them, taking immediate attention to the Dark elf in the ontourage, practicaly ignoring everyone that was with Iseult as she flew to her, placing her hands on Iseult's ears and giving them an excited rub. "They're reaaaaaaaal!" She exclaimed gleefuly, having not seen an elf in a long time, especially a dark elf which were even rarer in her world.

"You're a dark elf!" Sylph would exclaim and move in front of Iseult, possibly avoiding any slaps or swats coming her way from the, no doubt, surprised elf. "Hiiiiiiiii!" Sylph waved her tiny hands in the air. "My name is Sylph! Let's be friends!" she happily exclaimed.

"I am so sorry." Another voice would be heard, a male one. It was Henry having just arrived to witness the scene, as the other spirits appeared in the vicinity as well. "I'm sorry if she's causing trouble to you. " He apologized.

"Maybe you should've considered putting her on a leash." Undine exclaimed.
"That would be cruel." Henry soon followed up. Salamander saying nothing and simply nodding along with him. Gnome hiding behind his legs, shyly poking her head to look at Iseult and Faloan, as she looked at Faloan her eyes widened a bit as she tugged on Henry's shirt and pointed at her like a shy little girl.

"What is it Gnome?" Henry asked the earth spirit as he looked at Faloan, quickly picking up on her magic levels being rather uncommon, the spirits could easily sense magic, this also gifted Henry with exceptional aura and magic reading capabilities. "Oh, I see..." he said as his expression turned to a frown for a very brief time.

"Excuse my intrusion, I didn't mean to cause a scene." He told them before looking at Iseult then at Faloan, also noticing the others along them, giving Pang a small two fingered salute. "What are your names? mine's Henry." He introduced himself.

"Hello everyone!" Salamander exclaimed, also introducing herself. "Pang, we see you hitting on these fine ladies." She joked.

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- Hektor - The Gentleman - Arena watching Kolm and Galla -

"Has no one ever told you watching a battle with that attire is a horrible way to socialize?" Hektor remarked as he just arrived into the arena to see Lucia, in full armor and hood watching Kolm and Galla's fight to the death. He knew these three individuals a little, they were there when he arrived, and they're still here so they were pretty much acquaintances as far as the ever social Hektor was concerned. Placing his cane on the ground and leaning onto it as bit as he looked at Lucia.

"So they're at it again aren't they? it reminds me of their first time fighting." Hektor commented as he began to watch the fight a bit more. "Tell me Lucia, what would be your battle plan when engaging either of them?" Hektor asked the battle loving woman in an attempt to make small talk.

Nero Kunivas Nero Kunivas

- Gabriel - The Mechromancer - Shops -

Through the chatting and introductions, nobody would be likely to notice a few cloaked steps walking towards them, particularly Yltriss and Isadora, Yltriss in particular having taken the cloaked figure's interest.
As the figure stood a few steps behind them faint red pink-ish energy lights would become visible, it was about to do something.

"Stand down!" A machine-like female voice shouted in the distance, as she cloaked figure's invisibility was broken as a flustered expression formed in the holographic display in the now uncloaked figure's face, all in red pink-ish energy outlines. "B-But! You've just interrupted the surprise!" The figure replied, clearly pouting as a male figure walked in, with a mechanized suit with green energy coming off it. It was none other than Gabriel, who had arrived just a few days before into the Haven and suffering all the ails of a newly teleported individual into this interdimensional sanctuary.

Gabriel shyly wave his hands as he approached, as his Ai began to speak again. "Gabriel says you can't just scare anyone you meet Jade, It doesn't help with first impressions!" The Ai spoke in a rather sassy tone as Gabriel shrugged.

"But what is the ability of stealth cloaking useful other than to surprise people!" Jade complained.

"Gabriel apologizes for the weird introduction and shenanigans of his highly free-willed robot. Either way, it is a pleasure to meet you all, so he says, he also thinks you're all extremely cute." The last phrase was not ordered by Gabriel and he reacted accordingly, semi-startedly arching back for a second as he was now flustered, this Ai loved to mess with him at the worst times possible.

"So who are you all?" Jade asked them. "Im Jade!, then again that has been said before, and this is my master Gabriel!" Jade rather gleefuly introduced herself and Gabriel to the others.

Thanny Thanny , Mystics Apprentice Mystics Apprentice


Child of the Pale Mistress
- Iseult Mylis, Faloan Apateon - The Haven -
Thanny Thanny Mystics Apprentice Mystics Apprentice Scrapmaster Scrapmaster

"Such an interesting place this is. It snatch people from their respective home worlds before the point of their possible death," Faloan said, "And by you words, it seems that not many have managed to escape this prison without walls, yes? In which case, it could take us a long time until we can return to our home."

Death, by the Nameless Peak's own teachings, was not something to be feared, Iseult knew that. Many fey in the Floating Lands feared death, but it was just another path that everyone had to take, eventually. It would take some time for the young elf to wrap her mind around such confusing information, but Faloan looked alright. If she understood, then maybe they would be fine. The Dragoness was the one who felt it first, a sudden surge in arcane energy coming their way, Iseult managed to feel it too, but a little bit too late. Something was touching her ears, and the first instinct was to cover them, only to see a small. . . fairy?

". . . Iseult Mylis. . . I'm a Dra'tul, that is correct," Iseult said taking a step back and rubbing her ears, looking at the ground in an attempt to hide her blushing face "Please, don't do that again."

So one of the people in this place, a human, no less, had physical manifestations of the elements with him. That was interesting. Humans back in Istrora had lost the ability to use the arcane after Alexander had casted the barrier to separate the Floating Lands from the World Below, but for a human to be able to control an elemental spirit, even ones as small as these ones, was a little surprising.

"Elemental Lords here? What a fascinating thing," Faloan said, "Wait, I think I am mistaken, your essence is far weaker than that of one of the Elemental Lords from our home world. Yet it seems that the four of you are indeed elemental spirits."

Henry's frown did not go unnoticed by Faloan, neither was the small spirit hiding behind him. Her golden eyes lingering on her for a couple of seconds before moving and looking at the rest of the spirits and finally stopping with Henry.

"My apologies. My name is Faloan Apateon," She said as she gave a curtsy, "a green dragon from the desert city of Arcadia. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage
Scrapmaster Scrapmaster , Thanny Thanny , Elrandir Elrandir

Ah, so that is what "Ainu" means, Isadora thought to herself, grateful that Faloan mention it aloud to Iseult in explanation. The raven-haired elf's gaze never wavered from Yltriss as she spoke, taking note that she'd chosen to refer to her by her name reserved for friends. That was a good sign, perhaps, though her words did not bode particularly well to her. They confirmed that they were indeed imprisoned, which did not flatter Isadora in the slightest. However, all prisons could be broken; it was just a matter of figuring out how to do so. She would not rest until she returned to her family, of that she could vouch on. Perhaps she would give her captors what they wanted, make them feel contented in her services. But she wouldn't rest, wouldn't give up. She couldn't. Her babies . . . .

Their traveling among corridors soon led them into the shops, Isadora's emerald gaze flickering up to the rows and rows of vials containing various liquids and substances. It was quite intriguing seeing what other worlds carried in terms of inventory, and even more intriguing to see advancements that she was not all too familiar with. She once heard that the World Below contained more advancements than their magical-based universe, but she had never traversed to the other world to know.

To her surprise more company soon followed, albeit smaller company than expected. A slight smirk stretched her lips as she saw Sylph take a particular interest in Iseult, before finally saying in agreement with Henry: "It would indeed be cruel, to leash one as energetic and curious as herself." A rare smile infiltrated Isadora's face as she turned to Sylph. "The pleasure is mine, to meet you all. My name is Isadora Malachite. It seems that we will be seeing much of each other here in the Haven." The spirits didn't particularly surprise her; she had seen similar albeit different kinds of spirits and sprites within her world. It was interesting to find that they seemed subservient to a man which seemed very much human. Perhaps some humans could possess magic within other words as opposed to her own.

The shout from Jade arrested her attention, though she said nothing to the commentary exchanged between Jade and Gabriel. The feminine robotic voice came as surprising to her, causing her to arch a brow as they approached. "Greetings," she said, albeit slightly more reserved than she had greeted Henry and his spirits. "I am Isadora. Have you been here long, Gabriel?"


The Sleepy Magician
The necromancer’s eyes widened as she saw the ice rush towards her. The archer she summed was shattered into dust by thr rushing cold and Galla didnt want to end up the same way. Many large cuts opened on her body as she raised a sheild made of charred bones. It radiated heat and blocked the wave of cold, it still snapped at her skin freezing it in small patches but overall the damage was greatly mimimized. She also no longer could see Kolm past the barrier.

The skull floated a bit higher before loosing another bolt of flame At Kolm.

Her rabid eyes stared down the girl then to her hand. She gently lowered the dagger. Her eyes closing for a moment before she chose to get up on her own. “What do you mean you can help me?” She watched closely, still holding onto the walls. “My name is....Sonya... as far as I know its just Sonya.” She replied she was trying to remeber but just couldn’t remember much.

The paladin happily returned to her stew.


Random Schemer
{The Harrowed - Jerod: The Haven; Cafeteria}
"Ah, thank you." Jerod said, taking Ceres's help into a seat. "Much appreciated. I should be just fine here."
The Blind Wanderer settled into the seat, leaning his cane against the table.
"Pleased to meet you, Orion." He said, nodding in the scholar's direction. "My name is Jerod Montrachet. I am likewise new to this place. I apologize for being a bit enigmatic, but I had to adjust to this place. It's rather unlike any place I've been before."

HeartOfFerria HeartOfFerria Mystics Apprentice Mystics Apprentice

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage
HeartOfFerria HeartOfFerria

Relief flooded Kolm as he now only had the single skull to worry about, or at least until Galla summoned others. He had to keep the necromancer on her toes if he wanted to end this swiftly and without too much bloodshed. With the more summons that Galla procured, the more worn-out that Kolm would be, reducing his chances of a victory as the battle would continue on. Already he expended a great deal of mana, and with his fresh wound and burns he didn't know how long he was going to last.

Distracted by his focus on Galla, Kolm didn't notice that the skull was loosening another bolt of flames in his direction. It soared through the air, charging directly at him before burning his left shoulder, this time with exposed flesh. Letting out a yelp of agony, Kolm clamped a half-gloved hand over his shoulder, seeping a blend of ice and healing magic into the wound to prevent it from worsening. Shoulder still throbbing and proving to be a great distraction, he charged Galla, running toward the shield of bones and leaping onto it. The mage proceeded to run atop it and leap, mace extended as he rotated in the air in an attempt of a sideways swing toward Galla's shoulder. He needed to take it easy on his magic stores for a bit, so he hoped that the necromancer would be up for some melee combat in the meantime.

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"Worry not, new friend. We all have our reasons for keeping to ourselves, and in this case you have been enamored with the anomaly that is the Haven. Something that I can wholly relate to; I am extraordinarily fascinated by the mechanics that keep this safe haven functioning myself." Orion snatched up his coffee mug and brought it over to Jerod's table, taking a seat in front of the newcomer.

"I hope that you do not mind if I bring over my research notes and coffee and keep you company. I am still trying to get to know some folks around here, while also thinking about my first mission." He paused, looking down into his coffee mug as he swirled it around a bit. "I have been here for nearly a week and have yet to leave this Haven's walls. I do understand it that after two weeks of inactivity one merely vanishes, something that I do not wish to have happen."

His horn-rimmed glasses glinted in the light as a smile lightened his expression. "Perhaps you would care to embark on our first mission together, Mister Montrachet? I am sure that we could gather a small band on a simple quest, to begin."
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