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Fantasy The Haven Redux [CLOSED] (Roleplay)

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An extremely knightly lad.
- Gabriel - The Mech Lord - Shops -

"Approximate four days and three hours have passed since Gabriel's arrival in 'The Haven'" The advanced Ai of his suit spoke, answering Isadora's question. While Gabriel was more relieved that they didn't comment on the Ai flirting with them on his behalf, something he did not want to do at all, he was too shy to do so! After his embarrassment passed he would noticed Yltriss to be among them all, a woman he knew from his own world! So either he was having an overly long dying dream or this place truly was what it said it was. Both prospects equaly terrifying to someone such as himself.

"Oh right, you're all wondering why Gabriel isn't the one speaking!" Jade excitedly remarked, this was a common occurance when interacting with others, some found him weird for having his Ai speak for him. But he had a very good reason to do so.

"He's too shy to speak!" His Ai answered, prompting an awkard aside glance from Gabriel as Jade giggled in the background. "He gets very shy around women, and with all of you beautiful ladies in front of him he is practicaly frozen!" The Ai continued to tease its master, prompting Gabriel to fold his arms...and quietly accept his fate.

"I am joking, Gabriel's practicaly mute. His vocal cords scarred, he cannot speak without extreme pain." It was quick to correct itself and say the truth. WIth its usual monotone voice as Jade quietly nodded beside him.

Gabriel simply shrugged as he looked back at Isadora and the others.

"Gabriel asks if you all have just arrived." Gabriel sighed at the last part.

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- Henry - The Spirit Wielder - Shops -

"A leash?! Henry please don't tell me you've actualy considered chaining Sylph!!!!" Sylph began to throw a small tantrum while in the air, causing Henry to sheepishly smile. "No Sylph, I won't leash you, don't listen to Undine." He told the small wind spirit with reassuring words. "yaaaay! Freeedoooom!" Sylph said as she flew around Iseult for a bit more, completely enamored by the dark elf.

Stopping just behind her, "I hear elves are awfuly ticklish!" Sylph exclaimed gleefuly, as she would not use her hands to tickle Iseult, but her wings, a much much powerful tickling weapon.

Henry then turned to Falloan as he noticed the mention of elemental lords. Something that he could relate to in his world through the Eight Great Maidens. "Interesting." He noted, "Though the reason why they show less power is because they are bound to me." Henry spoke thoughtfuly. Not dwelling much on that fact.

"Quite true, when we bind ourselves to a host our power matches them, as to not crush them." Undine spoke up as well, giving some more insight.

"Then again there could be more powerful spirits than us, there are other elemental spirits in other continents." Salamander clarified, prompting a nod from Undine.

But now was time for introductions, as such Henry gave them a small bow of his head as Faloan introduced herself. "The pleasure is mine, my name is Henry Hansees, but call me Henry, no need to be formal with me. The spirits sure aren't." He smiled.


Henry folded his arms afterwards, "Dragon, huh?" He remarked with a neutral tone. It was clear he did not hold dragons in all that high regard, understandable given his back ground and the wars in his world.

"There are many dragons in my world, most of them bad, a lot of them with godly powers, lets just say I had a few run in with elders and ancient dragons." Henry finished, explaining his stance on the dragons of his world, but he wasn't one to judge a book by its cover, so he wouldn't be too hard on Faloan.

"How's your world?" He asked her, as to break the ice.



The Destined Undestined
- Pang / Yltriss, with the newcomers to Haven -

Pang felt overwhelmed by the current situation, but he felt aware that someone was closing in, even if cloaked with invisibility. He kept a lingering gaze in the direction of the sensation, capturing sight of the narrow bolts of lightning from Jade Sin. She had fooled him once, but he was ready this time.

Yltriss breathed out a laden sigh as she observed the goings-on, especially when Jade Sin was called back from scaring the tar out of somebody. That machine needed breaking. It was as if she were dealing with Maxis all over again, only this time it was purely mechanical, even if sentient. At the very least Gabriel was the one who called it off, earning a smile from her. Or was that the AI? She had to hate that he associated himself with sentient machines, especially considering all she wanted to do was thrust an earthen punch in any of the machine's directions, but with Gabriel being behind the AI she hesitated to attempt such a thing.

"My recommendation is to don't let the sylphid have its fun," Yltriss droned grumpily. "Swat it down if you are able. Those things can't easily disappear, but if it annoys you let it know, dark elf."

Pang was startled by his companion's reaction to the little fairy flitting about, but he had to admit that Sylph sometimes went to great lengths to annoy and to have fun at other people's expense. At the very least it was not with himself, having an easier time as of late avoiding her certainly spritely and sometimes disorderly feats.

- Berybrillo, with Sonya in the hallway -

Berry watched worriedly as the girl rose to her feet, having a difficult time keeping her hands in check. Being a medic and an observer was . . . challenging, to say the least, when you want to help but feel like the best option to help is by letting the injured person do what they intend to do.

"The multiverse has spices, herbs, and vitamins and minerals that are not ordinarily commonplace in any one world. A little bit of any of them, with enough study, can yield fantastic results. I found a few hangover cures this way, but after a while I found a few ways to calm a stomach after having it rebel against you due to the process. Chalk may be a good one, but I've a better concoction that I can put in a meal without changing the taste. Also? Sonya's a very pretty name."

She flashed a smile, feeling a little bit better about leaving Sonya to her own methodology, at least for perambulating.

"I can show you to the kitchen if you'd like something to drink or eat, or I can give a miniature tour. Walking helps ease things."

- Hogarth, in the faraway bleachers watching the arena fight and Lucia and Hektor from afar -

Hogarth had his eyes closed from within the bleachers of the arena, his face furrowed in concentration. Between the battle happening within the very heart of the room and the conversation on the other side, he could not hear much of what was happening beyond the roar of weapons, bone, and flames, but he smiled all the same as his eye-shaped camera drones picked up sight from three different angles, one of them being overhead of Lucia and Hektor, and the others overseeing the battle. Those two individuals seemed to have a good rapport, which was a fantastic thing, considering they only knew each other for a short while, in the long scheme of things.

His eyes quickly zipped off to new locations to follow the battle, gaining new angles and taking pictures that he would download later once they returned to his eye sockets. However, he did not attempt to communicate, only view. Why ruin someone else's fun when you can watch it and gain an appreciation of seeing people smile under such a trying time? He heard the tales of the deaths from other sources. It was scary, hearing that five more perished, changing the number of previously living people by 22% of the original 51 Haven members before five weeks ago. The coming and going of life was, to him, ghastly, and he needed this moment to look on and concentrate on other things which celebrated vitality.


Child of the Pale Mistress
- Iseult Mylis, Faloan Apateon - The Haven -

The more time both Iseult and Faloan spent in The Haven, the more interesting and weird it became. Some of the people living there were strange, but to Faloan that was not very surprising. There were many worlds out there, after all. Iseult on the other hand? She was very, very confused, but she thought that , maybe, with time, she would understand that strange place.

"Thank you for the advice," Iseult said to Pang, her face now hidden by her white hair to avoid anyone watching her blush, "Please, stop. I'm sure that you are excited to see one of my kind, but I don't like to be touched,"

Faloan rolled her eyes after watching the spirit's antics. The Spirit Lords of Istrora were completely different than these four, but she thought that it had to do with the difference in their worlds. It was interesting to learn that there were dragons in other worlds. She had witnessed multiple members of her kind use ancient arcane means to travel between planes. Maybe they traveled between universes as well. But more importantly, this human had survived a meeting with ancient dragons, perhaps more ancient than her, she couldn't really tell, and this human obviously wasn't a fan of dragons.

"My world is called Istrora. Our homeland is a massive continent that floats in the sky. We are from the land of Caligo to the North. At the edge of the Floating Continents we have the different oceans, and at the edge of those we have the Sea of Clouds," Faloan said to Henry, "Below the Sea of Clouds are the Underlands, it is where humans live. You could say that they have forgotten about us, magic kind. And we like to keep our presence a secret. "


The Sleepy Magician

Galla heard the footsteps above her o the shield. She moved to draw her knife putting her back against her sheild. As she moved so did her free hand. It moved in a circular, stirring motion. She then saw Kolm drop down. His mace making contact with her arm that held the knife. She whinced in pain. Fairly sure that he blow broke her shoulder. Her body was very fragile after all. However her concentration remained steady on her spell as it completed. As these events transpired the skull began to approach from above. Bone dust from the fallen skeletal beasts began to swirl around it. Its own flame spreading to the rest of its body, forming a cloak. It began to chatter loudly.


Sonya remained at a distance unsure how to approach the situation at hand. Her instinct told her to be cautious around those she didn’t know. “Present the herbs. I will prepare them myself.” She says. Her eyes darted around as if she were in a battle zone.
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{The Harrowed - Jerod: The Haven; Cafeteria}
Jerod made a "no, not at all" gesture in Orion's direction as the scholar moved his notes. The past few months, even before coming to Haven, had been somewhat lacking in conversation. It would be good to talk to people again. More than that, the prospect of being in a place that offered continued contact with the same people was an almost forgotten joy from his past life. A joy he had sadly wasted. Orion's suggestion of a mission caused a slight look of disappointment on Jerod's face, but it was gone in an instant. No rest for the wicked.
"Certainly." Jerod answered, carefully getting to his feet. "I'll need to get the hang of this myself. This place has some rather direct ways of inspiring its population to diligence, I must say."
Taking a step back, Jerod gestured for Orion to lead the way.

@Mystics Apprentice

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage

Something was happening with the skull overhead. The mage noticed the bone dust swirl around it, flames stretching over its form. This didn't seem to bode well, though he wasn't sure what Galla was planning. Kolm rotated, mace extended from his body as though an extension of his arm. He brought it in a sideways swing directly aiming toward Galla's torso. He hated harming her, even though they were practicing, but he could not afford to go easy on her. Not if he were to grow in skill, or do her any favors by allowing her an easy victory.

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"I see," Isadora said, emerald gaze sharp upon Jade the robot. She considered Gabriel's question as she answered with, "We have only just arrived ourselves. Yltriss here is giving is a tour."

It would seem that there are many newcomers, Isadora mused, considering those whom she had already met. The elf shifted her hair off of her shoulders, shooting another glance around the shop.

"It is nice to see such camaraderie among the Haven's patrons," Isadora commented idly, shifting back toward Yltriss. "It seems that you and Gabriel here have already become well acquainted, even though he has been here a mere three days. I hope that I am able to build a rapport with all of you just as quickly."

She felt it rude to interject into Faloan and Henry's conversations, so she remained standing silently among the women, hands clasped regally in front of her.

@rikunobodyxiii , @HeartOfFerria
The researcher watched as Jerod rose from his recently claimed seat, waiting expectantly before realizing that Jerod was meaning to embark on their first mission right then.

"Oh! you mean now?" he inquired, rising to his feet as well. "I suppose so, though I do hate the thought of my pulling you away from a decent meal. It can keep, if you wish, unless you are truly ready to depart now, in which case we can do so. We perhaps we should form a party."

Orion moved forward, purposefully making a lot of noise in his movements so that Jerod would be able to follow him with ease. "Say, Ceres, was it? Would you care to join us on our first mission? I'm not looking for anything too expansive at this point; just something to test the waters with and get a feel for how the Haven operates."


The Destined Undestined
- Pang and Yltriss, with the main body of the group (Isadora, Faloan, Iseult, Gabriel, and maybe a few more) in the shops of the Haven -
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Pang watched with a mixture of great amusement and worry about the situation with Iseult, the poor girl being toyed with by Sylph via the most horrendous of acts: tickles. She seemed troubled, however, by the mischievous sylphid bound to Henry, and as such he attempted to scoop her up within his fingers if he could, fingers outstretched to ensnare her while leaving enough to look around and breathe.

"Don't mind the poor thing. She's new and does not know boundaries," he stated, chuckling lightly.

Yltriss seemed interested in this world of Istrora, listening with rapt attention until Isadora seemed intent to talk with her. Refocusing her attention, she smiled without mirth, showcasing her finely tuned and well-spaced teeth.

"I am afraid that you are mistaken. While you are correct in that we of the Haven are prone to camaraderie and can hold good rapport, Gabe and I know of each other, or maybe knew of each other. Freak incidents, potentially related to each other, have linked us to this world between worlds, though I know not whether he is from my time or not, or universe for that matter. From the way he looks at me, he seems . . . younger, more aloof. Given time, this might change, but now I can only see differences, not similarities, to the Gabe I knew for a long, lengthy spell. Perhaps this is not the one I fought alongside with.

"But I am running my mouth. Come, we have more to introduce you to, or if meeting and touring does not sound good we can go out on a stroll in another universe or go eat something. Which would you all choose?"

- Berybrillo, with Sonya -

@HeartOfFerria @Mystics Apprentice @rikunobodyxiii

Berry huffed a sigh, her blue locks slipping down in front of her eyes.

"Very well. It seems that you're not the trusting sort, but that is understandable. You only just arrived, after all, but this tincture I have been fortunate to find needs to be done a certain way to be most useful. If you would like, I could give you a recipe to follow. I have a few books of them in my kitchen I could loan, along with my cooking supplies. Just don't dent any of my pans or there will be issues, got it? Now come."

Waving the girl on, she traced her way back to the kitchen, passing by Orion, Ceres, and Jerod with a timid "hi" and a gesticulation. She did not know Ceres very well, though some of the others she knew prescious little about, Jerod especially, as this was probably the first time she had even met him. As for Orion, he seemed familiar. Did she feed him at least once? Maybe so. Regardless, she did not tarry long in the cafeteria, and slipped her hand along the bookshelf within the kitchen, searching for the correct book. Selecting what chiefly looked like a tome of meats and stews, she unpinned one recipe, all the herbs she could find that were the correct ones, and handed the lump of it to Sonya.

"There you go," was all she uttered before slipping off to work on something of her own, a fruit tea blend to relax her mind. What a morning.
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An extremely knightly lad.
- Henry - The Spirit wielder - The Haven Shops -

"I see..." Henry listened to Faloan's explanation of her world with curiosity, the fact that multiple worlds and universes existed and THe Haven could gather individuals from all of them was impressive in it and of itself, it alwasy fascinated him to know of other people's worlds.

What piqued his interest was the fact that humans and her kind lived separately. "Forgotten? you mean the humans and your kind lived in contact with one another?" He asked her, now curious about the topic. "What made the two worlds cut contact?" He asked curiously.
"Probably an action on part of the humans." Undine chimmed in with her input, always wise, she held humans in an uneasy viewpoint, she used to hate them before Henry came along.

"I wouldn't be surprised." He commented. Before smiling, "As for my world, Its much more simple than yours, it is divided in three continents, Heide, the main continent to the west and south of the world, Astora to the north and the ruined land of the old demon kind of yore, The Forgotten lands of Elithius. I come from Astora, there humans and monsters lived in harmony, somewhat anyway. My village had humans, elves, lizardmen and other species of humanoids." He explained where he came from to Faloan, hoping to at least give her some info of his world, since she gave of hers.

"You're the third dragon i've ever met that hasn't tried to kill or eat me, and the only one who uses a humanoid form." He commented.

As for Isadora, Salamander had noticed the girl was mostly left by her own in the conversations happening, to which Salamander quickly floated towards her, leaving a trail of magic energy in her wake as she approached the woman.
"I see you want to join in on their conversation?" Salamander asked her, glancing back at Henry and Faloan's conversation. "As for rapport, it's certainly possible, there are some really bright figures in here." Salamander commented, pointing a finger at Sylph. Now imprisioned within Pang's hands...or paws? whichever!. "Just steer clear of Sylph".

"Nooooooooooooooooo!" Sylph shouted in a high pitched tone as she was scooped by Pang and now held prisoner.

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- Gabriel Stross - Haven Shops -

"Well that was harsh" Gabriel's Ai spoke outloud at Yltriss comments of Gabriel and the Gabriel in her world, it seemed the Gabriel she knew was different in many ways, the one currently in the haven felt almost insulted, if he actualy cared much for other's opinions of him, he was shy as hell, but he had a thick skin for such things. Giving a small shrug at the notion of an older him knowing Yltriss more closely, even so far as fighting alongside her.

"And who was this Gabriel you know of? how was he?" Jade asked Yltriss, walking around her and checking the woman out for a bit before returning to Gabriel's side. "You seem to hold him in somewhat of a high regard!." She commented, a bit flustered that she had the gall to speak in such a way about the one currently by her side that way.

Gabriel, however had folded his arms. "Why don't we check the bounty board for a mission or something to do? we can chat and trade stories from our worlds there....is what Gabriel wants to say." The Ai of his suit spoke up, giving everyone a small suggestion as to what to do. After the conversation between all parties had quieted down a bit of course.

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Child of the Pale Mistress
- Iseult Mylis, Faloan Apateon - The Haven -
@Scrapmaster , @Thanny

Well, the spirit had finally stopped, which was good, but she sounded so desperate now that Pang held her prisoner. Iseult took a deep breath and finally looked at Pang.

"It's alright, you can let her go. I am sure she learned her leason," Iseult said, ehr cheeks returning to normal, "Isn't that right, little spirit?"

Henry seemed interested in learning more about Istrora, and Faloan was happy to oblige, for now. It was the least she could do.

"We did, once. Or many times, depending of when you look at the history of our world. It's a cycle when you think about it. We find each other, we learn from each other, we establish good relationships, then comes war and we split once more. The Fate Weaver works in mysterious ways," Faloan said as she touched her lips with her finger, "And the Spirit is correct. The last time this happened was because humans used the knowledge granted by the Fey, beings who possess the gift of magic, to craft powerful arcane weapons that could destroy a Fey in a single strike. Feyslayers they called them. And so, the King of the land of Arcana conjured a magic wall that would separate both the Floating Lands and the Underlands."

Faloan decided that that was enough information about the events that happened thousands of years before. The more recent events would stay with her, for now. It was interesting to learn that even in other worlds there existed different types of Fey, or however they were called in their respective universes. Knowledge was something the Dragoness loved to obtain. Knowledge was power, after all. Others of her kind preferred a hoard of gold and magical trinkets, she preferred knowledge, she could take it anywhere she went, and she didn't had time to waste in keeping a hoard safe inside a lair. Well, there was one thing she had to keep safe in the dungeons of the Divine City of Water, but she had someone taking care of that.

"Interesting. I like to be respectful of others. Besides, there aren't many who try to test the might of a dragon in Istrora. Most fey either respect dragonkind or they fear their power," She said as she looked at herself after Henry mentioned a humanoid form, "oh, this? it saves space. If anything, It's more for convenience. You cannot have a dragon walking in the middle of the streets, that would be inconvenient for everyone."

At this point Yltriss asked everyone present, or, at least the new arrivals, what they wished to do. Continue with the tour, meeting the other inhabitants of the Haven, go to other universes, or eat something.

"I think a little trip to loosen the muscles should be fine," Faloan said as she turned to Iseult, "What do you think, Ainu?"

Iseult had the look of a deer blinded by a bright source of light when she turned to look at Faloan. What should she do? Everything was new and confusing and mysterious, she had no idea what had to be done. And so she agreed with what the others had said.

"A trip, yeah. That could be good," she quickly answered, just before her stomach growled, ". . . or maybe we can eat something before we go?"


The Sleepy Magician
The Paladin smile at Berybrillo as she passed before turning her attention to Orion. “The more the merrier as they say. I certainly would be happy to join you.” Despite her happy tone, her eyes looked a little distant.

The girl in black took hold of the recipe and got to work immediately. She figured it would be best to bend just a little but she wasnt sure why. What was it that forced her head to be filled with so many clouds. Nothing was clear... at all.

The Necromancer was steadfast in her approach. Rather than trying to dodge the blow she seemed to be moving against her usual flow and moved towards it, taking the strike directly. She remained vigilant even after the serious blow and made an attempt to grab hold of Kolm’s mace arm. If successful she would grab on tight and do her best not to let go as the now full flaming skeletal terror glided overheard. An incantation come from its hollow skull. The ground gently trembled beneath the two of them.

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage

The mage froze, paralyzed, as he witnessed Galla accept the blow that he struck upon her mercilessly. In doing so his guard was down, allowing the necromancer to grab ahold of his right arm. His aqua eyes met hers, many expressions apparent within them, before realizing that she was up to something. Kolm fought to maintain his balance as the ground shook underneath them, finally fighting Galla's grip to get away.

"What are you scheming?" he demanded, struggling in her grip. With his free hand, he would attempt to slam his palm again her torso. If successful, ice would spread from his touch, and she would feel a seeping cold course through her as ice would spread along her body.

@Thanny , @Scrapmaster , @Elrandir

This explanation proffered by Yltriss on her and Gabriel's relationship only further confused the raven-haired elf. "Oh," she said, a frown furrowing her brow. She did not question it, because she understood what Yltriss was saying, and yet . . . it did not make sense. They arrived from different points in time? What timeline, then, was the true timeline, and if she traversed the worlds–chiefly her world–would she arrive back in her time, or perhaps another? The more that she learned about the Haven the more that she disliked it, but there was little that she could do other than to tolerate it for the time being. It was better than death, after all.


As she listened to Faloan weave her tale, she came to realize that the two, while from the same world, were from different points in time. Her world was still world-torn, and the humans living segregated from the fey? This was news to her ears. It felt that this breached some kind of law, knowing the future from those of the future without having witnessed any of it herself. Apart of her didn't wish to know the outcome for fear of what it might've entailed–especially for her children.

Thankfully, Salamander arrested her attention, drawing her away from her thoughts of negativity. A soft smile infiltrated the woman's slightly gaunt face. "You are kind, as is your spirit sister. However, one can learn much by merely listening rather than speaking, which I am coming to find from my position here."

When Yltriss inquired as to what they all would like to do, Isadora responded with: "Well, I am a bit . . . overwhelmed by all of this, though some fresh air may do me some good. Let us check out this 'job board' of which you all speak of. I do not know how much strength I have to offer, as I am still not at the top of my game from what I've endured over the past–wow, has it been only a few hours?–but I will do what I can."


The Sleepy Magician

She let out a pained cry as the sharp sting of ice began to branch out of the palm strike to her side. From around the two of them three skeletal warriors with giant shields on both arms crawled out of the earth they positioned themselves around Kolm and Galla as if locking down the zone around them. Above the two casters, the Skeletal Terror which was once just a skull produced a small ball of black flame. Then its mouth opened and with Galla’s voice it spoke. “Necrotic Flames heed my call burn and ravage the earth below! Leave nothing but ash and dust.”


The Destined Undestined
- Pang Inranel and Yltriss Hyulli, with Henry, Isadora, Faloan, and Iseult in the Haven's shop -

Pang nodded in response to Iseult's allowance for Sylph to go free. Frankly speaking, he was not sure if he could actually grip or encage the fairy, but maybe his fire-enchanted gloves had something to do with it. He uncapped Sylph by removing the hand above her and allowed her to flit freely.

Yltriss glared daggers in Gabriel's direction, though not necessarily at Gabriel. She made it a habit to look above his left shoulder in order to talk to the AI within his suit, as if not to insult the man behind the machine, but it was very difficult to talk to a wall or a bit of sky sometimes as opposed to an actual person.

"I do not mean to sound harsh towards anyone," she uttered, her gravelly voice hesitant. "It's just . . . three years changes a lot when you are used to something. Imagine knowing someone, perhaps intimately, and finding out that you are talking to a younger version of him that you may never know again, or may not even be him. That is challenging. In my long life, nothing could have prepared me for this. But to answer your question, he was . . . nice. Sweet, I guess one could say. He made many constructs that you may consider your equals, or maybe brothers and sisters, but that was when he was under the effects of Tanzynite like I was, and am no longer. You, however, Gabe, are different. Your power is a part of you, it seems, and not artificial. It is what I consider one of your greatest differences."

A wan smile revealed itself from her as her green eyes flashed toward Gabe, then looked away a few seconds later. It was so easy to consider this as the same Gabriel, but it wasn't. If she ever were to return to the location she came from, she had to remain faithful to the one she cared for, not his lookalike from another point in space time.

"But I digress. Let us get you some food before we head off to adventure. This completes the tour for now, except a few final words: if you need a bio break, there is a restroom in every major room, including your bedrooms, the locations where you first arrived. I do hope you remember the numbers of the rooms you came from, elsewise we sort it out by vote or by rapport if roommates are needed.

"The Gate is that way"--she showed the hall with a sign saying Gate--"and the cafeteria is where I will lead you. Oh, also, this is the main shop. Some of our prices may be a bit large, but we give you a set amount of 2000 coins upon arriving. You may spend it however you would like, but some weapons are available in the room adjoining this one and the Gate. It is all stored in a plastic debit card, quite literally. If you shop, you can see the amount on the card, and the money spills out of the card and onto the table. Pretty neat stuff. The engineers and magicians know their stuff. Once you are fed, or if you would prefer waiting, the job board is here in the shops. That central kiosk holds many a job, too many in my opinion, but the bright side is that we will never run out of things to do.

"Now, come with me. The best way to get to the cafeteria is through the arena, and on the way you will see some of our best and brightest, Kolm and Galla. They are in a fight to the death at the moment. I think you will find it quite exciting. Do not worry. In the arena, life is recoverable even in death."

"We have many safeguards," said Pang, hoping to ease people's conscience regarding the consequences of losing an arena match in the worst way possible: through death. "When people fall in battle, a light brings them to fully restored condition. Call it our emergency phoenix feather, in a way. This does not work outside of the Haven, however, so mind yourself."

- Berybrillo, with Sonya in the kitchen before approaching Orion, Ceres, and Jerod -

Berybrillo looked over from her progress for the fruit tea, impressed that Sonya was able to find things and craft things a little beyond the recipe. She had the nature of a good cook when it came to experimentation, it seems, which made Berry smile. Perhaps Sonya was not as iffy as she feared after all, if judging from first impressions. She kept close just in case Sonya ever required help, but she stepped out into the cafeteria to give the folks there a proper greeting.

"Hey, Ceres. How is the food treating you? Do you mind introducing me to your friends? I feel that I recognise them, but I don't recall."

She scratched the upper part of her neck awkwardly. She really was unsure if she remembered the others.

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage

The mage's eyes widened at Galla's wish to crumble the earth below. What would be left, and how would this profit her? While Kolm had flight, he was not so sure that Galla had the ability to fly. He had never seen her do it, at any rate, and he didn't think now would be a great time for him to teach her.

It would only be a matter of time before the skeletons would unleash their fury, he was certain. Taking this opportunity while Galla was mostly preoccupied, Kolm wrenched his right arm free, taking a mad lunge and swinging at one of the skeleton's heads. He then slammed his left palm onto the ground, causing ice to spread out from his fingertips and spread out around them in a five-foot ring. He hoped that it would cause the skeletons–and possibly Galla–to lose their footing, and perhaps even damage them in the process.

@Elrandir , @Thanny , @Scrapmaster

The elf's gaze shifted from Yltriss as she spoke of her previous ties with the mute individual. An alternate form of someone you once knew . . . . It sounded as though Yltriss was particularly close with the Gabriel of old, though it seemed that the one before them was not the man she once knew. Isadora couldn't help but wonder what would've happened had Alexander ended up in the Haven. If it was an alternate form of him, would he be any different? Would he be free of his obligations, and be able to remain alongside her without the need to fulfill obligations to his crown and kingdom? Or would this be so, only for him to be a different man entirely that Isadora no longer could love? Many questions infiltrated her mind on how this Haven truly worked, and what it meant for those "chosen."

Isadora fell in line with Yltriss and Pang, dark locks swishing against her back. While she admittedly was a bit curious about the fight between renowned members of the Haven, she wasn't particularly desirous to see even more death, even if temporary. She swallowed hard as she overlooked the arena, noticing a few of the Haven's patrons seated and watching, as though they were gladiators down in the ring fighting for sport.

How disturbing, she thought to herself, though she could, sadly, visualize King Alexander cheerfully taking seats up alongside the other viewers, as though death were something trivial if it meant a good show.

(Will post for Orion once Jerod responds)


Child of the Pale Mistress
- Iseult Mylis, Faloan Apateon - The Haven -

Both the Dragoness and the Dark Elf were slightly confused by Yltriss's words, but nonetheless continued to follow her. 2000 coins were nothing when compared to a dragon's hoard, not that Faloan knew about it. Her "hoard" was of a different kind. Instead of gold, magical artifacts and other silly thrinkets, she prefered knowledge. That was a hoard worth protecting.

"I just want anything to eat," Iseult said, "I lost what little I had on my stomach after . . . well . . . after arriving here."

"Did you lose the contents of your stomach, Ainu?" Faloan asked, "I suppose not everyone would be able to resist being pulled from one universe to another."

"You didn't-" Iseult said before being stopped with a finger on her lips.

"No. I didn't. Now, let's go to this cafeteria so anyone who is hungry can eat something, then we can continue with whatever is that we are meant to do." Faloan answered as she removed her finger from Iseult's lips.

Oh? So this place had an arena, and someone was fighting at the moment. That would be interesting to see. What Yltriss said caught both women's attention, albeit for different reasons. Faloan was more interested in that no matter if you died while being on this arena, some kind of magic was there to bring you back. Iseult was interested in the fact that they were preventing those who fell in battle to move on to the afterlife. This went against the words of the Pale Mistress. But this was another universe and, maybe, there were other rules.


The Destined Undestined
(( Hi, everyone. This is a timeskip to jump into something that is hopefully more active, as matters are tending to hang a little in terms of conversation. You may integrate your characters (and NPCs, if you wish) in either location, whether it be with Pang after a more in-depth tour of the building, or with Yltriss and Berybrillo.

By the way, guys, I would like to push that if you would like some NPCs of your own, or to assist in worldbuilding, or to integrate some things into the plot, I am all for it. Let me know ahead of time and I will be more than happy to assist in making this more fun for everyone.

--Thanny ))

-- -- --

Through the number of fantastical saves from death, miraculous summons, or a moment of cosmic interference, seven or so new members were brought to the Haven. Existing members invited them with open arms, greeting the new family members / coworkers, and after a quick respite to calm their stomachs and clear their minds they were led around by two different groups.

Pang led the group of new individuals around the Haven who did not feel an interest in eating, revealing to them a very quick tour of their surroundings. Among the topics discussed was information going over the shop and the armoury. He gave them a jog over the prices of obtaining new powers, upgrading weaponry and their own powers, and how to make an exchange of weapons if they wished to experience a different manner of beating down or shooting enemies. Also revealed was the Gate, a serpentine ring popping with electricity and humming with a one-toned drone. It was a marvel of technology surrounded by important-seeming wires that fed from machines on the wall and into the body of the ring, though where it originated was difficult to say, whether it came from a laboratory or from some sort of creature that once was alive within the multiverse.

Yltriss and Berybrillo took their time, making sure the newcomers were well-fed and mapping out the layout of the Haven, as well as discussing a brief overview of the three rules. They went over the existence of those who were in charge, the higher-ups who assisted in keeping the place well-informed and well-stocked. It was a symbiotic relationship: the members of the Haven fight to defend the many realms, and the higher-ups keep them happy, healthy, and prepared for what can be considered any possible event. As a side note, Yltriss also commented upon the fact that no one in the Haven has seen one of these higher-ups. The only communication between the two conjoined peoples, the higher-ups and the Haveners, were through missives and the Three Rules. Beyond that? Nothing.

1.) Those who do not work outside of the Haven will disappear in three weeks until they do so.
2.) Those who betray their allies unto death will not be suffered to live.
3.) Those who seek vengeance upon another must combat through words or the arena. Open fights within the Haven are punished severely.

The groups both reconvened at the job board about twenty minutes after they first separated. You are free to place your character (both the newcomers and the existing members if they wanted to help with the tour) in whatever location you deem best, whether he or she had taken the tour, remained in the cafeteria, or neither, instead wandering the Haven on your own or doing your own thing. To @Mystics Apprentice and @HeartOfFerria, Kolm and Galla are welcome to join everyone next to the job board after their arena match.

-- -- --

The tour guide, Yltriss, watched as the last of Pang's group trickled into the first floor of the shops, a finer distraction than the buzzing of halogen lights over some of the robotic shopkeeps' heads and merchandise. With everyone seemingly accounted for, she broke out her grating voice over the din of the crowd if anyone was conversing: "So this here is the job board, which some of you already know. There are a wide variety of jobs here, ranging from bottling up tadpoles to taking down warlords. One of these entries entails just that, but that should probably be left until after your first mission. If alone, I'd recommend three Bronze-ranked mission, then maybe three Silver-ranked ones, then three Gold-ranked ones, and so on. Different quests have different payouts, but look out for the tougher ones. You may not make it home alive if you bite off more than you can chew, especially considering recent events. Something fishy is going on. Pang knows more about it than I do, but keep your guard up out there."

Pang had a frown above his fuzzy chin, and his dark-circled eyes closed, deep in thought.

"This is a subject for another time, sadly, but yes . . . be on your guard," he replied, reopening his eyes. "We dealt with a menace who was targeting the Haven. Someone has a beef with us, someone important, but we do not know who or why. Stick with a group if you can and guard each other's backs."

Yltriss nodded gruffly, looking at the faces in the crowd. "Overall, for a mission, I would suggest a higher Silver-ranked mission. We all have skill -- that was decided before you even came here -- and we can combat with numbers and strength if need be. Some of you may be rusty, but we will make sure the rust breaks loose. Any questions? Any suggestions for jobs?"


Random Schemer
{The Harrowed - Jarod: The Haven; cafeteria}
Jarod smiled as Ceres joined Orion and himself.
“Glad you can join us, friend.” He said to the paladin. “As you said, the more, the merrier.”
The blind wanderer paused as he seemed to be listening.
“Though we may have more. Streams are converging shortly. We should be at the job board for something important.”
****a little later at the Job board****
Jarod listened carefully as Pang and Yltriss gave their explanation of the job board. It seemed simple enough. But what caught his attention was this talk of someone targeting Haven’s agents. Perhaps there was more to his coming here than his own designs?
“I do not mean to dwell on a sensitive subject.” He pipped up. “But is more known about those who target Haven’s residents?”

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage
–Orion, Isadora, and a surprise guest–
@Thanny , @Elrandir , @Scrapmaster , @HeartOfFerria , @rikunobodyxiii

"Yes, I am most curious about these interested in assaulting the Haven as well," Orion added, appearing behind Jarod and tucking his journal under his arm. "I cannot fathom why a group would attack those who seek to aid, but then I suppose there are terrorist movements that would rather see our threat 'diminished' as opposed to fearing our presence."

This was the first that he'd heard of this, and it intrigued the researcher immensely. Regardless, he was present with Jarod and Ceres when the others arrived. While their group had increased massively from the merry trio that they initially formed, more help was always welcomed. The man moved from behind Jarod and began to survey the job board, pushing his glasses further up his nose as they threatened to slip down from leaning over.

"I would be interested in removing this missing grimoire," Orion voiced, finger running along the job board and halting on a bronze mission. "This sounds like it would be simple enough for starters, and interesting to boot."

"I believe it would be too simple, if you ask me," Isadora said haughtily, gesturing toward the gold listing, titled Forestalling Justice. "With our numbers I feel that we can take on one of the more complex missions. Besides, I like the idea of preventing a war from expanding with this mission."

Orion shot the woman a sharp glance, before turning toward the others, chiefly Ceres and Jerod, if only for being more familiar with the pair. "What are your thoughts?"

From across the way, a young woman threw a braid over her shoulder. She rose from her seat, jabbing the butt of her silver spear onto the tile floor and moved over to the lot. She smiled warmly at them. If Hektor were there, she would offer him a friendly smile in particular. "Hello, I am sorry, but I couldn't help overhearing that you were seeking out a job for your first missions?" She jerked her spear in the direction of Orion's suggested quest. "Starting out, I'd really really advise listening to Yltriss here and not take something completely above your level. People really do fail to return at times, and I'd hate for anyone starting out to be in over their head."

She was in her early twenties, perhaps, and no older, pristine silver armor glinting in the well-lit room. Her violet eyes had warmth, and there was a certain playfulness to her smile. "Oh, I am Rhiannon, by the way. Rhiannon Skrymir."

(She's a-back! As an NPC. @Thanny , can NPCs go on quests if they do not partake in combat?

Also, will post for Kolm once Galla responds, though I am perfectly fine with Kolm sitting out on the first mission. I have other characters that can go on a quest while they finish things in the arena)


The Sleepy Magician
As she was thrown off Kolm, the necromancer swiftly picked herself off the ground and moved behind one of the shield bearing skeletons. From above her masters skeletal form loosed black flames upon the 5 targets below. The flames ravaged everything that touched them and screamed with the very essence of damned itself. Galla herself would remain moderatly protected as the shield skeleton burned up in her stead. As will the other skeletons.


“Grimoires usually mean mages which often lead to trouble. I would agree in starting there.” She replied bluntly which was very unsuual for her nature for those who knew Ceres well. Her eyes continued to scan the board. “The undead are another issue i would like to put to rest” she added.

After a quick rundown was given to the dazed Girl, Sonya looked to Berybrillo. “So I am required to take down high value targets to remain here?” She clearly got the wrong idea about the quests. “If so where may I obtain an axe and throwing knives?”
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Child of the Pale Mistress
- Iseult Mylis, Faloan Apateon - The Haven -

Iseult had spent some time filling up her stomach with food. It was nice, delicious even. Faloan meanwhile had spent the rest of the time learning the layout and workings of the Haven. How such an interesting place could exist was a mystery, but she had time to spare, and if she kept doing the Haven's little jobs then she could find out more about the place.

Some time later most, if not all, of the current members of the Haven were standing in front of the job board, trying to decide what they would be doing.

"I think I will join in retrieveing this grimoire as well. I think it is the logical thing to do at the moment," Iseult said.

"Wise choice. Starting with a simple quest to get used to the flow of things is the best course of action, in my opinion," Faloan said as she looked at Isadora, "while stopping a war is good and all, think that, in our current state, some of us might not return. We do not have much knowledge to take immediate actions. Perhaps take a couple of easy quests to get a feel of how things work and then we can take on those harder quests."

Faloan took a moment to take a look at the quests currently on the board, some of them sounded simple, but that should be enough to get used to their current situation.

"The quest about the grimoire sounds good. The one about the medical caravan is too," Faloan said as she tilted her head.


The Destined Undestined
- The gathering at the job boards, with Yltriss, Pang, and Berybrillo -

Pang locked his jaw for a time, unsure if he should have talked so freely about this matter, but in the end decided to be more glib about it. There were people's lives at stake, and while he was the most affected by the information to be shared it was time to share his findings.

"All I know is bits and pieces of a fragmented whole. A man with spectacles, a gaunt face, and sharp eyes enthralled Aprameia, a resident of the Haven about two years ago upon breaking the first of the Three Rules. She was turned into a lich, and we allowed her to pass death's threshold, but the man was still at large. Winona, as well as the lovely Ceres here"--he gave her a smiling nod--"found this man and killed him when he tried to resist custody. Before they did, they found him talking to someone they did not see or hear, as if this person were giving him orders. It's possible that he was long-since mad, but Winona seemed otherwise convinced. He was dangerous, Winona said, and who knows what that means regarding his master.

"Beyond that," he sighed, rubbing the back of his neck with his pawed hands--"I have been doing some digging. There were other reports of people murmuring to people not typically observable. One who observed this witnessed a being with, and I quote, 'golden eyes, a stark white face, and lines streaking away from a shorn nose.' I'm going to keep a lookout for someone like this, but the report was fifty-something years old. Who knows if this being still exists. A lot can change in fifty years, especially for my people who don't live quite as long as humans."

Yltriss observed the girl Sonya having a question that surprised some around her, then looked at Berybrillo skeptically. Berry's cheeks turned red, and she was quick to respond.

"W-we don't just need to fight and kill! Though the job or the situation might demand it, there are plenty of tamer missions where we can save the day without bloodying our blade. Nevertheless, I'll show you to the armoury. We have quite the selection of weapons."

Yltriss flashed a grin, her scars rippling across her face, as she continued.

"It seems a good number of you will follow the grimoire quest. Very good. That is an excellent start. It will get you familiar with some of the nasty beasts of the world, including those . . . horrid goblins. Someone should really dedicate their life to slaying those things. He'd be a silver rank or higher without much difficulty here.

Kudos to Zack Chua for the picture.

"With that, let's get you started and equipped," Yltriss continued, pointing towards the armoury. "Carry only what you favour for now. If there are any nasty surprises, I would like everyone to be best prepared. Pang, I trust you will handle everything here at the job board?"

"Happily," he replied, which was true but poorly emphasized underneath the waves of sleepiness. "I'll get everyone listed for the quest for the book, unless anyone has second thoughts?"

[[Host here. Last stop before entering the gate and starting the desired quest(s). If anyone wants to go on a different quest, feel free to talk to Pang about it, or with each other.]]


The Sleepy Magician
Ceres stared at the board. Her eyes looking at the name Aphremia under the undead slaying quest. Those who knew her well could see a silent rage building in her eyes. Her choices being swayed by her desire for justice. “Ill be going back to the Sapnin area...It could take time but Ill be able to handle it alone.” She said.

The young girl in black also looked at the quests. She found books pointless and was uninterested in the grimoire quest. However the quest involving bandits did seem to appeal to her. She didn’t like to work with people. However if she had to she would. She decided it would be best to obtain weaponry first. Several throwing knives and a battle axe should suffice, it wouldn’t be Stone Ripper but such a weapon would suffice.

Mystics Apprentice

Colorfully Ecstatic Time Mage

Unfazed by the floor of ice that Kolm weaved together, the skeletons and Galla held their ground, the one above spitting forth fire whose fury he would soon experience for himself. As the unrelenting accursed flames showered down upon the party, the ice mage kicked off the ground, speeding diagonally away. He flew up over the skeleton that was barricading him, though he was not fast enough to escape. The flames met with his clothing first, eating them away within seconds as they met flesh. And did they hurt.

Oh, did they hurt.

Agonizing pain lanced up Kolm's back, stretching along his torso, up into his chest, and soon into his neck. He couldn't think nor focus on anything but the agony. From fifteen feet up, the mage fell flat onto the ground, trying to roll to rid himself of the flames but it was not happening. It was true: these flames ravaged everything that they touched, including him.

Galla would witness a burning, shrieking heap that was hardly recognizable, until a few moments passed and the sounds ceased. However the Haven acknowledged a victor would come to pass, and the flames would ebb away to reveal Kolm.

His clothes no longer ashes, his body once more whole, he pushed his chest off the ground with his palms, shaking fervently. He brought his aqua gaze up to meet Galla's, though they looked haunted. His brush with death had apparently done a number to him.

"Well done," he managed, before finally getting to his feet and walking past the necromancer. He didn't bother to shake her hand, nor congratulate her further. Instead he moved toward the edge of the arena, seeming eager to put this battle behind him and clear his mind with something else.

–Isadora, Orion, and Rhi (NPC)–
@Scrapmaster , @Thanny , @Elrandir , @HeartOfFerria

A smile lit Orion's face as his gaze flickered onto Faloan. It seemed that his idea of the grimoire quest was growing in popularity. It did surprise him when Ceres was intending to venture out alone, and while he weighed out the possibility of volunteering to go with her, the dark-haired elf stepped forward.

"Then with two the quest should be that much faster," she voiced, turning emerald eyes onto Ceres. "Besides, I'm not much of a fan of goblins or grimoires."

It seemed that everyone was getting along nicely, or at least from Rhiannon's position. She clasped her hands together and smiled, watching as Ceres was already making new friends, or so it seemed. Isadora didn't seem particularly friendly, but who knew what she was enduring, and what she had left behind? Upon Pang explaining those interested in the Haven's patrons, her gaze darkened, shooting Pang a nervous glance. Was it wise that he was vocalizing all of this, in front of new and old alike? She supposed it would be good if they knew what they were up against, but even still . . . .

"I am sure that no one has anything to worry about," Rhiannon added, daring Pang to state otherwise by the sharp glance she shot in his direction. "Besides, it is worth noting that people claim to hear voices and speak to others outside of the existing plane all the time. Sure, there may be a few questionable cases, but doesn't that exist everywhere? We don't know enough yet, and a lot of what we do know is pure speculation at this point."

Of course, she had her reservations on the matter, and she was well aware that herself, Pang, AND Winona were a bit more certain than speculative. But alas, she didn't wish to worry the newcomers. They already had enough to worry about.

"I will place my lance where it is needed," she said wearily. "Otherwise, I just returned from a mission yesterday and am none too eager to head back out. I'd rather work on my painting than go fight and adventuring, but no one should have to undergo anything alone."


The Destined Undestined
- Pang, heading with Ceres on the undead hunting mission for Sapnin -

Pang glanced at Ceres as she spoke up, unsure of what to think, possibly because he was rather sleep-deprived. Something within her eyes uttered more than what could be heard, and on impulse he felt compelled to join her on this quest rather than go with the new recruits like he had always previously aimed to do. Besides, Isadora, one of the newcomers, was going as well, so it was not a total rejection of his self-established duty.

"Make that three. The Aquafolk have had it rough. Nothing would please me more than to help them out some more, especially since this will stop another plague of undead from tormenting them. I know the maps there well, too, so directions are not going to be too difficult."

And then there was the discussion at hand, which earned him a glare from Rhiannon. He averted his eyes and looked down at the floor, sensing that he was culpable of saying more than perhaps what he should have. What Rhiannon rebutted was true, in that there was much that was speculative in regard to those who speak as if to themselves and everything in general. However, he was truthful, perhaps to a fault.

- Berybrillo, queen of uncertainty and possibly heading to the War Front mission, and Yltriss, who will help with the Grimoire quest -

Berry, unsure if she should stick her nose in the situation, waited until the end before piping up with abundant energy, "I would welcome you to have at the grimoire quest, Rhiannon, as that would be an easy one for someone of your skill, but it seems to have a limit on how many go to it. I'd recommend you or Yltriss to helping out with the grimoire quest and lead the others. If not, I'll go, but I have my eyes set on the supply mission. It goes well with my powers, and I can do it alone if need be."

She pointed toward the War Front mission on the board, where a caravan requested protection from ransacking folks. She smiled at everyone confidently, bright eyes behind her blue locks. Yltriss, on the other hand, was little amused about being picked without her say in the matter, but coiled her arms in front of her and spoke through a frown.

"I will partake in this gobby quest, so you can rest up, Rhi. Out of us all, you are probably the most athletic. That requires as much rest for the mind as for the body." She turned toward the rest with a lopsided smile showing her years. "Come, let us get ourselves equipped and set on our respective missions. I hope to see everyone return alive. Dismissed."

-- -- -- -- --

After everyone was properly equipped with weaponry, set with the job board and paperwork, and done with general orders from the shops, all that was left was the Gate. With the crackle of electricity, the gate sprang to life and generated one entrance leading to three locations, sending everyone to their respective chosen quests.

Insert your characters where you have decided, or where you would like to fit them.

For the Grimoire in the Goblin Den quest, you were sent onto a road near a hay-roofed hut in the late afternoon, where a wizened ranger in well-patched clothing catches sight of you and grabs his long blade and hunter's knife before heading out the door. He points them both at you daringly, glaring with a grey gaze, unsure of your intentions, and seemingly able enough to fight all three of you at once.

"State your business in these woods, or begone. The roads are not safe even for teleporters like you, especially if you intend ill for my forest."

Terrain boosts:
Dark magic effectiveness = 1.5x day, 2x night,
Light magic effectiveness = 1.25x day, 1x night
Fire magic effectiveness = 0.5x day, 0.5x night
Ice/water magic effectiveness = 1.5x day, 1.5x night
Earth magic effectiveness = 1.75x day, 1.75x night
Lightning magic effectiveness = 0.75x day, 0.75x night
Air magic effectiveness = 1x day, 1x night

Usable Patrons:
Sol Piscu (Ceres)
Pale Mistress, Istrora's Goddess of Death (Iseult),
Kiriel, Istrora's God of Knowledge (Faloan)
Popuanano, an ancestral guardian (Winona)

The Viridian Glade is not as friendly as the colourful name may hint. The dark boughs of tall trees hide a number of dangerous creatures, some of them even being intelligent. Water and earth are abundant, and the air is immensely humid, even if the temperature is mild. The caves are just as dank, and interlace with each other in complete darkness. Goblins, ogres, and kobolds inhabit most of them, none of which are too friendly to humans, and the only one who dares live in a forest full of monsters is a grouchy old ranger living off of an old logging trail which is slowly being reclaimed by nature.

For the Undead Incursion quest, you are able to witness a breathtaking view of the hilly landscape of the Rhona Plains near midmorning. Behind you is the remnants of the portal before it disappears entirely, as well as the towering form of a two-walled keep. Confused eyes peer over the walls, and hasty arrows are nocked and ready to fire, but none came because a happy cry called out from the parapets.

"Ho, Haven members! I recognise you!" comes the speaker, a man dressed in gold armour who leaps off of the wall with a display of air magic, landing easily. "Do you not recognise me from a fortnight or so ago? Commander General Briggs! I had the pleasure of feasting with you after the last battle was won." Weapons lower as Briggs takes steps closer to you, and he appraises you all with a mote of surprise before stopping short. "Why are there so few of you? There were many last time."

Terrain boosts:
Dark magic effectiveness = 1x day, 1.75x night,
Light magic effectiveness = 1.75x day, 0.75x night
Fire magic effectiveness = 0.75x day, 0.75x night
Ice/water magic effectiveness = 1.25x day, 0.75x night
Earth magic effectiveness = 1.5x day, 1.5x night
Lightning magic effectiveness = 1x day, 1x night
Air magic effectiveness = 1.5x day, 1.5x night

Usable Patrons:
Sol Piscu (Ceres),
Pale Mistress, Istrora's Goddess of Death (Iseult),
King Alexander of Arcana (Isadora),
Chronos The God of Time (Hektor)
Shangti, Ruler of Law, Order, and Creation (Pang)

The mountain pass is wide enough for an army to pass through, lichen-green stone covering stones outside of a thin road meant for foot traffic and narrow wagons. The Rhona Plains nomads, famed for being gifted in the ways of horse archery and having a strong sense of spirituality, were overwhelmed by a growing number of undead. Unable to kill the undead with their piercing arrows, and not having any oil with which to burn the undead to grey ash, they fled to the Aquafolk's lands on the other side of Redoubt Gap, the location of a fortress. A small party of Rhona archers left their horses in favour of garrisoning the walls, and the Aquafolk holding the fort had some fresh reinforcements too from Sapnin Village.

On either side, the mountain pass climbs in steep, jaunting curves with several rest areas for horses, oxen, and mountable lizards in wagon trains. These would serve as good ambush points, but undead do not tire, nor do they willingly hold back when the enemy retreats. The fortress' thirty-foot walls are carved from the mountain stone by earth mages, with two open-faced staircase leading up the side of it on either end. An arrow tower juts out near the gatehouse, allowing for a strong defensive position.

For the War Front quest, you find yourself on the ledge of a tall bluff overlooking a nighttime panorama of a forest following a river. Below lies the caravan you are seeking, it seems, as you can witness from your height that horse-led wagons guided by lanterns rolled steadily along at a slow, quiet pace. Their guards were alert and active, moving about with scanning eyes ahead and behind the escorted wagons. It seemed that they were doing a fine enough job, but there were too few of them to fight back any more than ten bandits. That is where you come in. Intercept the convoy and protect it from any would-be ne'er-do-wells.

Terrain boosts:
Dark magic effectiveness = 1x day, 1.5x night,
Light magic effectiveness = 1.5x day, 1x night
Fire magic effectiveness = 1.25x day, 1.25x night
Ice/water magic effectiveness = 1.75x day, 1.5x night
Earth magic effectiveness = 1.25x day, 1.5x night
Lightning magic effectiveness = 1.5x day, 1.5x night
Air magic effectiveness = 1.25x day, 1.25x night

Usable Patrons:
Kiriel, Istrora's God of Knowledge (Faloan)
Chronos The God of Time (Hektor)
Raiden, God of Storms (Lucia)
Popuanano, an ancestral guardian (Winona)

This world, known only as URF, is potent in the elements, allowing for outsiders to feel very much at ease here, and often desire to live here. An intricate balance has been followed by the Wizened Tree that grows in the center of the continent, which is by all accounts the strongest magic user of the world, creating and destroying in the manner it sees fit like Nature itself. Many peoples have found this place home, but halflings, gnomes, and men populate more than half of the continent. Dark creatures exist as well, the opposing side of the balance the Wizened Tree has crafted. Best get this mission over with before the Wizened Tree catches on and tries to snuff you out for tipping the finely crafted balance.


Child of the Pale Mistress
- Iseult Mylis, Faloan Apateon - The Haven -

While everyone else was talking among themselves, Iseult was rubbing her shoulders, wondering what would happen once their mission started, the sensation of someone touching her shoulders and sliding their hands until they were wrapped around her neck made her shiver a little.

"Are you worried, little Ainu? You will not be alone, two more will go with you on this task," whispered the voice of Faloan in her ear, "so don't be scared. I am sure nothing will happen to you. And if it does, well, you will have the honor of being face to face with the Pale Mistress."

Iseult glanced at her left, finding Faloan resting her chin on her shoulder, her eyes looking into hers intently. She quickly looked forwards, avoiding to look at the Dragoness.
"I-I'll be f-fine. Yeah, fine," she stuttered slightly, "I won't worry."

"Good. That's what I like to hear," Faloan replied as she moved closer to Iseult's ear, "good luck out there, Ainu. And remember, keep your eyes open. Goblins can be rather, well, let's just say that you wouldn't like to be captured by them. At all."

The Dragoness let go of the Dra'tul and walked away, the sound of her bare feet making minimal sound as she went to get herself ready for her own task. Meanwhile the white haired elven girl was left a little flustered by what had happened.

- Iseult Mylis - Grimoire in the Goblin Den Quest -

The moment Iseult's vision focused once more she could see it was late afternoon and that they were in a road near a hay-roofed hut. If this was how The Haven sent their members to their missions, it was interesting, and she was not going to question it. There was a man that came to them, asking what their purpose was. Maybe he could help them complete their task.

"Greetings, we are members sent by The Haven, I'm Iseult Mylis and these are my companions on this quest," Iseult asnwered, "we came because we were tasked with finding a grimoire that was, apparently, taken by goblins. We mean you, or your forest, any harm. If you could point us in the right direction that would be most appreciated."

- Faloan Apateon - War Front Quest -

Faloan could smell the scent of the forest, of the river, she could also see the slow moving caravan in the distance. They had a nice guard, but not enough to protect themselves if the enemy had more numbers.

"It seems that our clients are over there. It would be in our best interest to introduce ourselves and explain why we were sent here and what we are going to do," Faloan said calmly.

She began to make her way towards the caravan. Her surroundings felt familiar, as if being in Istrora again, it was nice, but this was not her world, it was a totally different one. After a few minutes she managed to get close enough to the caravan, she raised her hands as she got closer to the guards.

"Good night, gentlemen, my name is Faloan Apateon, member of The Haven, same with my companions here," Faloan said with a smile as she tucked a strand of hair behind her hear as she waited for everyone to introduce themselves, "we were sent here to protect your caravan and your supplies from any possible danger."

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