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Multiple Settings The Hakkenden (Anime Setting, Need Some Caretakers!)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Romance, School, Super Powers

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@Wandering Spirit What is the limitation to her ability? She can't evade "everything."

When I get a chance to get on my laptop, I'll finally set up these threads. I have not had the opportunity.

@Yoaisami I click on the attachments and get only errors or broken link. It could be because I have only had time to read from my phone. Look at the approved CSes to get an idea of what is acceptable. If the weapon has a special ability, then it is used as your characters special and explained in the special ability section.


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@The Black Knight
Alright, I've fixed it up for examination! You're probably tired of constantly rechecking my cs I'm sorry fjklsa;fd
I'm assuming you took the fragments on his umbrella as a special ability so I erased it?? Well anyway I hope it looks better haha, and I think it looks quite similar to the other cses now (hopefully)

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@Steve Freeling @Illiyasviel Von Einzbern @Jabu @Wandering Spirit

Those who have been approved. Please check out this Character Thread: Fantasy - The Hakkenden [Character Thread]

Post your CS there.

Here is the OOC.


If the approved persons do not post their CS or post a hello in this OOC, then I will assume they lost interest in this game and drop their role. I know this website has a high attrition rate for attention spans, so I'm not going to go find people who should have been watching this thread if they wanted to join the game.
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You found me in a constellation~
FFFF It’s Yoshikinu I’m a turd oml
You don’t need to check back on cs bc I changed it there as well ;;


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id like the tei doggo

do you allow people to double? if so, i can also play a caretaker. take care of pupper.


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This looks super fun! Hard choice on what role to take, though... It looks like you're running a little short on care takers atm so I guess I'll go with that! I should have a character sheet up sometime tomorrow if you'll take me ^u^

Soviet Panda

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Character Name: Kodama Shuko
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 140lb
Hair Color:
A deep purple, almost black.
Eye Color: Purple.
Grade: 12

General Appearance:
Aside from his shorter than average height, Shuko has several piercings in both ears. While he wants to get a tattoo, he has yet to decide on what to get.

Personality: Stubborn and head strong, Kodama Shuko has but heads with many people and gotten into multiple fights. This is not helped by him being self aware of his fairly short stature.

Talents: A member of the kendo club and distance track team.
Favorite Subject: PE
Current Story: Do they have any plans for the next grade or after high school? How are their parents? Where do they live? Can they accommodate having a Hakkenshi?
Extra: Anything else you want to add?


Character Name: Watanabe Karin

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5"3 / 1.60m
Weight: 319.67lbs / 145kg
Hair Color: Ash brown
Eye Color: Honeyed amber
Grade: 10
Hakkenshi: I shall await for either a randomization or democratic discussion.

General Appearance: Karin holds a slender body with an average stature for a girl her age. This makes her quite flexible and capable for sports such as karate and gymnastics. Her skin is a warm tone. Honeyed amber eyes gaze at the world with a hopeful and idealistic mindset ( if not to mention a little naive). A recent decision in her life has resulted in her favouring more comfortable clothing such as hoodies,, pullovers, leggings, flannels shirts and work pants. Sleek, straight ash brown hair tends to fall just over her shoulder so she tends to keep it in a pony tail. The only exception is school or formal occasions. The only piece of accessory Karin seems to always have on her is a circular copper necklace tied around her neck in black leather. The centre is void, however on the rim, is written her family name.


Personality: Karin is a friendly and passive by nature. She rarely allows a situation to hinder her spirit. Karin is an idealistic person, and her decisions usually align with her morals. She is a rather social girl however; the result of a tragic event has made her more silent and brooding at times. She has also become more of a practical person and tends to out of home more often than she likes to admit. This ties in with her sudden independent streak in her personality, which can sometimes collide with that of her overprotective brother.
Likes: History books, karate, animals, tea, indoors, evening walks,
Dislikes: violence, overly-crowded areas,

Talents: Having become aware of the value of time, Karin has grown keen on organisation and time-management, able to manage various tasks in a short period of time. She is quite capable in Karate (red belt) and is growing interest in gymnastics after practicing in her physical education class.
Favorite Subject: History

Current Story: It has been a year since the tragic death of Karin’s parents. Since then it has been only Karin and her older 21 year old brother Hibiki; whom is considering dropping out of college in order to work full time and earn enough money to maintain the house and his younger sister. Karin is aware of this, which is why she is secretly working a part-time job in MOS Burger including some smaller paid errands around the neighborhood. Because Hibiki is rarely home, it is not too difficult to accommodate a Hakkenshi under their roof. Although if her older brother ever found out, it will take some getting used to. Karin has a plan, should that ever come to pass. As much as she dislikes lying, she understands the importance of the Hakkenshi’s mission.

Extra: If it’s permitted, I’m open to sub-plots/ suggestions on relationships and other factors revolving around Karin, small stuff like that if anyone is interested. However I do prefer most of what happens to be organic.


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