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Realistic or Modern The Roadtrip (looking for 2-3 partners)

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(TW: domestic abuse)

The Setup

A small group of 20 something to 30 something friends is contacted by another friend from college who they haven't seen in some time.

She has been out of their lives since she started dating her boyfriend, a charming but controlling cop. He has done his best to separate her from friends and family.

Now she is suddenly back in their lives. She has to get away from him, but she is pregnant with his child, and he isn't going to give her up so easily. She wants to travel across the country to stay with her sister for awhile until she can figure out how to get him out of her life for good.

The friends agree that they need to go with her and they plan a Roadtrip. Little do they know that her boyfriend will be in pursuit and he will terrorize them along the road.

Themes: horror, friendship, survival

I am looking for 2 to 3 partners interested to playing the woman escaping her boyfriend and the other members of the friend group. Reply to this thread with interest!

18+ only, please
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