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Fantasy The Guild Stone ((Old OOC))


Broom Shroom

On the skirts of the city—past the grassy hills in arms of the outer woodlands—is a structure of impressive height and build. Whether for the first time, or the fiftieth, you find yourself standing in front of those gilded wooden doors, the wind sweeping across the grasslands behind you.

There's no knowing what may lie inside. There are countless stories told, and every day is a new encounter, but for better or worse you must be willing to take the risk.

Step inside, adventurer. Your story begins here.

•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••

Welcome to the Waystone Guild, a place where stories and magic combine. Waystone sits on the outskirts of Lantana city, and accepts all manner of adventuring folk. To see what there is to do, check the quest board.

•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••

Starter Items
Every adventurer is given a set of items when they sign up to the guild: a waystone, an enchanted map, and a bag of holding.
  • The waystone is used for long distance transport (anywhere more than a day's walk). Visualise the place you want to be and it will take you there.
  • The bag of holding can store anything small enough to fit through the mouth. To retrieve, think of the item and reach inside.
  • The enchanted map will help you keep track of your position. When you accept a task the target area will appear on the map, as well as any points of interest.
Each character may have two affinities. One of these must be a standard affinity, the second can be either a standard or specialised ability.
Standard Affinities: Air | Earth | Fire | Water | Body | Spirit | Light | Dark
Specialised Affinities: Ice | Lightning | Plants | Transform | Summon | Enchant | Music | Other
There are six ranks in total. Your character may only start at one of the first four.
Order: Copper | Iron | Silver | Gold | Platinum |Iridium

Ranking Tips:
- Complete quests or stories to earn points towards ranking.​
- Those who start at a lower ranks will progress faster.​
- If you're low rank, going on higher ranked missions will earn extra points.​
- If you're iron ranked or above, bringing a copper along will earn extra points.​

    - Specifically, the histories and explanations people create throughout the RP.
    - Do not change something without first discussing it with them.
  2. No modern technology, though magic equivalents may be allowed.
  3. Main characters are to be a part of the guild or intending to join.
    - Secondary characters can be made for groups outside guild.
    - Cannon fodder enemies / random NPCs are fine.
    - Exceptions may be made for characters related to quests.
  4. Race Limitations
    - No fandom characters or historic figures.
    - No gods or beings from religious texts.
    - No extra-terrestrials.
  5. At least one paragraph per post.
  6. New members are always welcome.
  7. Common RP courtesies and Nation rules apply.
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Broom Shroom
Hmmm This looks interesting Are there still places left ?
Yes! The more the merrier!
I'm interested!! Are animal-like races allowed too?
Yep! Go for it.
Looks cool, though should we be allowed to make gold rank people from the start aha
Gold isn't actually the highest rank, just the highest you're able to start a character at. There will hopefully be some sort of incentive introduced later on for those starting at lower ranks. Just gotta figure out how to do that without overcomplicating things.
but can i be an antagonist
You're welcome to play a character who intends to betray the guild, or has a hidden agenda, but they definitely need to be a part of the guild at the start. Once things are more established there might be room for antagonists in other groups.
Interested. What are body and spirit affinities, though?
Welcome! The affinities can manifest in a few different ways depending on how they're trained. For body, it might be enhancing strength, sharper senses, or even resistance to extreme elements. Spirit could be an ability to speak with souls, deal blows directly to a person's spirit, or detach ones psyche from the body. They're pretty versatile overall, covering various different branches of magic.
To what extend can a character be from a different place? Should their origin be within/near Lantana City?
Characters can absolutely be from far away, other side of the globe if you want. Worldbuilding is welcome and encouraged : )
I'm definitely aiming for Necromancy as my character's defining magic. Which means the specialized affinity would be Summon. But should Standard be Body or Spirit? Since it's summoning bodies, but essentially controlling the spirits of the dead.
Spirit and summon would definitely work.
Making characters is a guilty pleasure of mine... so... are we allowed to make more than one ?
Absolutely! If you ever find you have too many, you can stow them away on a quest or have them idle doing something else. They'll stay on the guild registry for when you want to play them again.
so what monsters would be close to the guild?
There aren't any particularly powerful monsters near the guild (courtesy of all the adventurers), mostly copper ranked and a few irons. Nothing to say a bigger monster couldn't be accidentally chased into that region though.
So I want to clarify how this RP would work. Do you want this to be more linear DnD-like where the characters will form a group and embark on a journey together or do you want this to be more of a sandbox in which the players can also semi-DMing a particular quest?
Definitely more of a sandbox. You can form your own groups or play quests 1x1, and if things go well I will introduce larger story arcs for people to participate in. Alternatively, one of the functions of the waystone is to send out a request to other members of the guild for help, allowing them to teleport to your location.
Ok I have a few questions. Is this based on something? Can I play I changeling? From D&D?
The RP isn't based off any established world--it's completely open to imagination. Changelings are totally acceptable, just keep in mind this won't be a dice based RP--the rules on magic are pretty fluid.
Is this based on any established franchise/lore/etc.? If not, that's just as well! I do like improv!
It is not! The world is basically sandbox, the only exception being the areas other players have created themselves.
Is there a usage limit for the waystone?
Nah, I'll pull people up if they start abusing it too much, but primarily it's for getting to and from quest locations.
As I understand it, I can choose a rank and two affinities at the start but can I have a guild specific role (Like the scribe that is listed in the Character List), or would I need to work up to that?
There would need to be in-game progression to a guild role. For now I will hold most of the positions, but Pri (the guildmaster)'s character sheet does mention she is only a stand until the next one guildmaster chosen. Of course such positions would only go to people who are active on the thread, and seem to have a good grasp on the mechanics of the guild.
I noticed people were combining affinities to achieve unique powers for their characters. So, if I were to claim Dark (i'm guessing its similar to actual darkness and places of darkness) and Lightning as my affinities, could I reasonably say I have the ability to wield a powerful shadow lightning?
Absolutely! As a general rule affinities will manifest as a personalised form of magic which tends to be stronger than single elements, but they don't have to.
Can there only be so many characters to a certain affinity for the time being, or are there no restrictions so long as each character has interesting distinctions from the others of the same affinity type?
There are no limitations on number of characters per affinity.
What's the general amount of points earned from jobs needed to progress through the ranks?
I have a point metric I use for the ranking that I will not be disclosing. However, I will say that upper ranks require more points to progress, and starting at a higher rank changes the scale for the amount of points earned in missions. It is also at my own judgement. If a good amount of effort goes into a quest I will likely add extra points.
Quick question, is there a map of nations and things in world so I can make sure everything fits? Or is that something we also make up?
The map is left deliberately vague so people have the freedom to add new locations as they please. It's also why everyone has a waystone, so that trying to figure out travel isn't so much of a nightmare.
The guild strikes me as the type that doesn't observe the good/evil axis as heavily as the guilds of other roleplays. It made sense for a strictly "good" person holding Silver rank to have loosened up a bit prior to the present day, as infighting now would be disruptive.
Given the nature of some of the creatures they deal with, and many of the troubled backgrounds the adventurer's come from, there's definitely a great deal of moral ambiguity. The guild does enforce certain standards of conduct, but someone with a strong code of ethics would definitely find them challenged.
I know on the interest check you said bringing a copper along would bring extra points, but does the same apply to a gold bringing an Iron-silver?
The copper rule will only apply to coppers, however I may grant points at my own discretion for iron rank or other factors.
Is there a universal language everyone uses, or should I list the languages I know on my CS page?
There will be one universal language. The exception is for ancient texts, and variations in the written form of the universal language.
Can i have a custom secondary affinity that is not listed?
The ones listed are only ideas. The custom affinity can be anything (within reason).
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True Black Rose Beauty
Me: Trying to decide what to pick for the specialised ability.
Space: Bigger storage, portals, and anything space related.
Enchant: Can buff or debuff someone, not bringing the controlling people part up, nor erasing people's memories. *Pointing at the enchantment spells in Pathfinder. 😐


True Black Rose Beauty
Air / Space it is then, and they are going to be fun.
Most new adventurers: What kind of magic was the waystones and bag of holdings made out of?
Elite adventurers: Space magic. 😆

Space magic users: Throwing people, and other bigger stuff into their space storage. The bag of holding manages with the small stuff. 😅
I can see stuff like this happening.
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True Black Rose Beauty
I know right, and it is hilarious. 😆
Space magic users can do something like that if they have air magic. Heck, they can put animals into their storage portals, or put a house if they want to. They are weird like that. 😅
They can move buildings if they want.


Wood Pulp Connoisseur
I'm definitely aiming for Necromancy as my character's defining magic. Which means the specialized affinity would be Summon. But should Standard be Body or Spirit? Since it's summoning bodies, but essentially controlling the spirits of the dead.


True Black Rose Beauty
Waystone Guild: Relaxing at the guild.
Celia: Appears out of nowhere, and knocks herself out.
Them: Oh dear.
Me: Well, that is one way to get to the guild. 😅


Broom Shroom
Aelia Aeldyne Aelia Aeldyne
I am living for that history behind the ironsand wastes. Taylor seems very well rounded, and the nature of her light magic is super interesting. Good job!

Blackrose7 Blackrose7
Celia's background on the farm is adorable! I like to imagine the rats accidentally popping out of the portals at inconvenient times. Looking forward to seeing them both in action <3


Broom Shroom
Update on current progress.

I'm 'bout to head to bed for the night, and have work first thing in the morning. However, the main thread is already up, so if anyone feels like introducing their character chilling at the guild hall (or arriving if you prefer), they're most welcome to. I will be redoing my guild clerk character, then hopefully jumping in myself.

Aelia Aeldyne Aelia Aeldyne Blackrose7 Blackrose7
Absolutely! If you ever find you have too many, you can stow them away on a quest or have them idle doing something else. They'll stay on the guild registry for when you want to play them again.


Wood Pulp Connoisseur
I should be able to once my CS is accepted, but probably not today since it's getting late and I still have other stuff to attend to. Tomorrow, definitely. Unless someone beats me to it, ofc.

Zef The Owl

Senior Member
What is the second affinity? You can have two of them if you want. Zef The Owl Zef The Owl

I considered a second affinity but chose to only have one. I couldn't think of a subtype to "Manipulates light", being it's more of a general thing. He'll just be able to do general light related things, like blinding people with flashes of light, bending light around himself to become invisible, maybe some searing rays later down the line, things like that.

But given he's a newbie I just want him to start simple, so, just flashbangs for now.

Aelia Aeldyne

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here
new characters
(I'm working on a 2nd char but am tired so I'll sleep and finish when I wake up. All I can say for now is that they'll be a nasty piece of work)

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