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Dice The Fajadi Affair of Descending Fire RY 768 (Exalted 3e Dragon-Blooded) (OOC)

Weekends I am full time dad, so only some rough ideas in my head so far, but if (when really) work is slow today, I'll take a crack at it after I set the new scene.

I'm going to put up a post for the boat, because to me, you all are still mostly strangers to each other and now you are going to be alone on a boat for at least 15-20 minutes, seems fairly natural that some awkward character building conversations would come up, or jitters and or venting about the upcoming investigation, or maybe some rough IC planning on how to approach things.

If nothing comes of it I'll transition it quickly.
Well, sorry that didn't bear much fruit. Work blew up today, but I'll get a scene transition up tonight most likely.

@Esbilon would Sayan split off from Tomiko and Alys to check in with Yasimin?

If they are, would anyone go with them?


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So... to update the group. Long story short, I'd been having problems with embracing the character I'd initially made due to a personal awkwardness with spellcasters combined with the intended personality of the character.

After working with @magnificentmomo, I've come up with a set of alterations that I can work with in a more familiar sense given that most of the dynasty lore feel (and playing within a well established aristocratic machine in general) is very new for me, in spite of my best efforts.

To very briefly summarize what is changing with the character...
I'm shortening the name to Zakas.
Aspect is now Water
Concept is naval officer
Secondary School is Spiral Academy

The statistical minutiae has been updated already, but I'll be updating the intimacies and some additional blurbs once I'm back from my brother's place.


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Aside from accidental errors I may have missed, that should be everything. Polished some details after building out the full wishlist too. I should be all set.

Like before I'm assuming Zakas is familiar with Sayan prior to game due to the distant relation and now the shared school. I'm open to suggestions if other players have ideas on past history.
Triple whammy of two sick kids while moving into a new house delayed me, apologies.

While that athletics and or craft roll wasn't needed as you all have mostly exhausted what you can currently learn about how the stones were moved (unless I'm overlooking a charm or something), in general don't be shy to throw some other exploratory dice. Unless you want some additional mechanical context before rolling, feel free to roll a perception check or Read Intentions, or whatever, if you end up throwing motes at something that there really isn't anything there for then I'll just let you know and refund the motes. Faster that way.

Also maybe that's a hint that perception or read intentions could help at least one of you.


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I had assumed we were clear in searching the house given the level of detail we are apparently observing. Are we subject to an immediate ambush on entry?
I think it is fine either way to enter cautiously or feel confident with the info you already have to approach. My next post isn't going to be "ROLL PERCEPTION AWARENESS AND JOIN BATTLE SUCKERS", more character stuff than anything. There is more to this scene than a crying woman in the corner, and your group already has some of that information. I'll have an IC post up later.

I'm trying to find the sweet spot for roll calling in this group. If I do it for every little thing, to me, it almost becomes like running a computer text adventure/Quick Time Event, which isn't the most fun for me. Although sometimes it elongates my response timeline because I need to do some bookwork to accommodate an unexpected decision, I prefer to set up scenarios and see what tactics you take and roll with those.

The thing that keeps that from devolving into paranoia rolling at every shadow of a scene is your social contract and trust in me to not be a dick. But does involve me feeling out the gradient between being far too subtle, or basically all but asking for rolls without directly asking.

When I have been too vague though, and it is just falling flat, I'll be a bit more obvious.
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Yep it's a good'n, although can spook some people. It really is pretty straightforward once you get used to it.

Moving is awful and I hope I die in my new house. Catching up now.


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I'm completely spacing on who this woman is, and I can't find any reference to her in the thread history, so what is it Zakas would recognize about this person?
There were three miners that were assaulted by the qadi, one of them was a woman. She is the only one of the group that isn't dead out there under a pile of rocks.

edit: Since I haven't put up the lore thread for easy reference yet, I'll also remind @Esbilon that the red scarves are worn by the miners, who are the primary adherants to the brewing aprophetic heterodoxy.
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Yeah, I've been dead for the past two weeks. Still recovering from a double whammy of kid-transferred illness over the weekend. Once I'm recovered I'll move things along.
The report of my death was an exaggeration.

I guess the flu left me weak enough to catch some random sinus infection, and then I had a bunch of work to catch up on, but I'm back with a vengeance.
Also, friendly reminder to always include the 2 dice from a stunt, as that bar is ludicrously easy to clear.
@Sherwood I can see how you would interpret my earlier post that the drapery would be obscuring an entry, but that was just decoration. The wall itself with the racks of casks is fake and would move out, that's what I was getting at with the weathering on the floor. Sorry if it was oblique. With your previous successes you should also be able to see some sort of mechanism, be it latch or button, to unlock the false wall so it would move freely, if that's how you'd want to proceed.


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Ah, got it. I would go ahead and operate the switch to open the door with Alys on the side to be ready for any threats.

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