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Dice The Fajadi Affair of Descending Fire RY 768 (Exalted 3e Dragon-Blooded) (OOC)

Yeah, there are also some tweaks to various charms (although I haven't really had a chance to dive in).

We can retool everyone after we close these scenes.

Had some good days and hope to back in the groove soon.


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It lives! I had thought that this was a lost cause. I think I can get back on with this, and I can give Sherwood a nudge. He should come back too.


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I'm working on my action right now. It's taking a moment to remember how this character works.

I do have a question though after reviewing my character sheet. Now that the book has gone through the layout stage, I see that they added 5 free excellencies in addition to the 15 starting charms. Assuming we incorporate that into the game, should we reconcile the additional charms before we post any actions? Alternatively, should we ignore that update to the Dragon-Blooded book?
Post up. Please respond with your final Defense and Soak after charms, and I'll do the same from here on in.

It gives a slight tip to the defense, declaring after seeing the Attack roll, but that's the breaks with PBP sometimes. The alternative of declare, declare, roll, seems like it would take too long.

For future attacks (and the current one for Zakas), would you like to describe the outcome with your damage roll, or leave that to me?

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