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Dice The Fajadi Affair of Descending Fire RY 768 (Exalted 3e Dragon-Blooded) (OOC)



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Also, I haven't been reading the fight, so when it becomes relevant to me, I'd love some description of what Sayan actually sees.

Red Shadow Claws

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Animas flaring can be seen for miles away... they are like bonfire in the sky.

She would see a white (earth aspect) anima flaring, and coalescing into a white jade pillar.
S'all good.

All I said previously was that Yasimin's compound was "not too far" from the plaza. In broad daylight someone going bonfire inside a building would be difficult to casually spot from within a different building a few blocks over, but you will most definitely see it when you step outside, which I will post as much in a minute.


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While Axan and Alys were able to power through the falling rubble, Zakas' attempt fell short. While he deftly dodged and weaved and rode rubble, at the last moment a stray stone unaccounted for blocked the path of his improvised mount, upending it and sending him crashing to the floor, landing on his shoulder and head.

@Rykon even though you failed, call it a 2 point stunt, and take a point of WP for your troubles. Oof, and apparently 3 levels of lethal too.
Axan, Alys, and Zakas are at Medium Range from Goli and the Miners. Tomiko is at Long. If you move on your action, it will get you to the top of the passage at Short, except Tomiko, unless you have a charm or something.
Round 3
>Axan = 7<
Miner-Acolytes = 6
Nona = 3
Alys = 3
Tomiko = 3
Zakas = 3
Goli = 0
Wasn't this initially labeled as Bashing or did I miss something?


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I've been feelin it too. Given that allergy medicine doesn't seem to help, looks like I just caught the springtime crud. Already missing the cold weather now. Get well soon.
I have some re-occurring mystery illness and have to see an ENT. Was completely sapped and couldn't focus. Feeling better, and after I catch up on work I'll resume.


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Yeah, I'm no dad, but things have been crazy here too. Just gotta keep the coffee flowin. Godspeed man.
Hey y'all, what I thought were temporary setbacks have turned into my new status quo. I'm going to be out of commission for awhile, but when things calm down in a month or two I'd still like to pick this up. Sorry for taking so long to call it, I just kept telling myself that "tomorrow will be better... next weekend will be better..." and I've just been continually swamped.

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