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Dice The Fajadi Affair of Descending Fire RY 768 (Exalted 3e Dragon-Blooded) (OOC)

Did I misjudge that? Were we actually looking to fight?

Has it just been a busy week, or did I leave that a little too open ended? Sorry this has been going a little slow.


Princess Psychie
I am fine with the ending of the scene. Alys is an enthusiastic fighter, but is not one to just blindly jump into a scrap. We are trying to defuse the rumblings of trouble here, after all.
That was what I figured, and tried to respect your success on the intimidation roll. I thought not fighting was the most advantageous way to take that, depending.

If no one has anything else to say to or ask of the people you just saved, or follow up on anything else in the scene, I'll have them get on their boat, and we can head to the manse. I'll give more people the chance to weigh in, and if I don't hear anything I'll advance the seen around midnight central, or sometime over the weekend depending on my schedule. Although, once I end this scene, I think it would probably be most appropriate for @Esbilon to set the scene in their manse.


Luna's Concubine
I am fine with how the scene is wrapping up. I want Tomiko to be less quick to jump into a fight, being more ready to try and solve the problem with her mind.


Seven Thousand Club
I'm on holiday for the next week, so I'm afraid posting won't be a top priority, but I'll do the honors if I find the time.
Plan to, just had a busy weekend, and work has been busy today. Hope to give it a go tonight.

@Esbilon totally understandable. I'd want to do justice to your manse stuff, so is it okay if I have your character go ahead and have the group work on a parallel storyline?
Sorry y'all, I'm kinda stuck, so instead of trying to make an educated guess as to what we might want to do I want to field it to you all.

Is there anything that you currently would want to try and do, adjacent to the fomenting rebellion, because we've sorta tied progression of that plot to some conversations and revelations to be had out of the public eye at the manse. Also some fallout from what just happened needs a scene change to finish baking and come back to you guys.

I'm even okay splitting the party a little, since we have a designated rendezvous set up at the manse.
Would we like some action scenes, or some intrigue?

What are we interested in, since the current scene seems to have lost interest, if it even had it for some.

Sorry again everybody. I kinda let this get off to a slow start.

Edit: to clarify why, at least in my mind, the rebellion stuff needs the manse, or a place like it to advance, is that frankly it needs some infodumps so that this can slowly unwind, because I wanted to avoid just throwing you guys into the middle of an open rebellion. I was hoping for a slow burn.


Three Thousand Club
While my character is totally incompetent at intrigue, it wouldn't bother me at all to focus on that for a time. I sort of expect shadowy schemes to foment beneath the surface before the action comes to a head. So, I'm generally up for whatever the group at large wants to do or try.
Thanks @Esbilon, sorry for putting that weight (and our wait) on your undoubtedly sweaty shoulders, although I'm excited to hear about your manse, and see Sayan's hospitality in action.

Re: heat, I can sympathize, I'm in North Texas. While many other Texans try to deride people elsewhere complaining about heat, I embrace anyone suffering in heat. We are kin in our fiery hells.

Dallas, TX Monthly Weather Forecast - weather.com
There's a toggle for Celsius at the top.

This has been a particularly hot summer, reminds me of the summer a few years back where we had 40 straight days 38 C or above, with a total of 70 days at or above for the whole year.

Again, I don't heat shame. Your sweat is my sweat comrade.


Luna's Concubine
I'm a Las Vegas, Nevada resident, and we have our own share of triple digit heat. The only plus side to our temps is that we have very low humidity, except when its the monsoon season. Then that just sucks even more.

Red Shadow Claws

Five Thousand Club
I live in israel, but we've had some higher than average hot days recently, and since we're on the Mediterranean, we have high humidity. A/C helps me survive...


Seven Thousand Club
You people are all from places where it's supposed to be hot. I'm in Denmark. Last year at this time, we'd had one day of 20+ Celcius, this month it's barely been below that since May.
Hell week continues. I've been on a priority outage call since 2am. You would think that a clustered database would be more resilient to corruption. My on call rotation ends tomorrow evening, but I'm not gonna jinx it by saying anything.
To echo what Mnemon Senesh just said,
"Forgive me".

Those back to back all nighters at work last week really took it out of me. Now I'm well rested and full of inspiration again.

"Forgive me" again if some of that post comes off as rushing things a little. If we weren't hurting on pacing so much I might have let there be a bit more back and forth before the Satrap came in, but I feel like cards are on the table and we can start off.

Kudos to Esbilon for the manse post. I'm not sure which Dragon XP that counts for, but I will figure out something. I know that now piques everyone interest about XP, and just know I'm generous with XP, and will draft up something official for awards soon. I'm tinkering with a few things.
I get it.

Actually, what I was toying with is linked to that, and again I'm sorry this has been moving a little slow. When I have posted, it seems like things didn't really go anywhere, so hopefully this could help.

I was thinking about stealing a sub-system from the new Scion edition called Deeds. I could paraphrase, but why not just copy/paste?

Deeds are somewhere between
a player’s goals for his character and the character’s own
Deeds are story moments a player wants to see happen
and an expression of a character’s desire to grow and shape
their Legend — they’re goals the player wants for their
Achieving a Deed is the responsibility of the entire
table, no matter who it belongs to. While a player should
always be watchful for opportunities for his character to
succeed, he should also watch for opportunities to set up
his fellow players to achieve theirs...
The Storyguide should
also use the Deeds as guidance for the types of stories players
are interested in playing and will provide opportunities for
the players to achieve heroic Deeds...
Short-term Deeds are achievable within a single session.
The deed may be a scene a player wants to see happen,
a character ability he wants to use, or a moment he thinks
would be interesting or cool.
We'd start off with just Short-Term Deeds, and maybe some Long-Term deeds, and as the group develops we could make some Group Level goals.

Other than facilitating open communication of the kinds of stories you are interested in and want to participate in, it gives an additional incentive of XP! RAW, deeds in scion can lead to some XP disparity, which I am not a fan of. So I would have it that everyone would receive true blue regular XP for every deed the group accomplishes, with a bonus if everyone Deeds within what could be considered roughly equivalent to a session. Kinda overlaps with Dragon XP a little, but scratches a different itch in my mind.

This can give a stronger pointer to "I want to do this" than what I can glean from a character sheet sometimes.

And, the beginning is always the hardest. Trying to figure out how much give and take you all want, and what you will be interested in.
Quick note for clarity @Psychie, there were three drunk miners. The boy, the man with the gun, and the older woman.

Also, if Sayan isn't necessarily feeling up to a jaunt over to the North bank, I could see Zakasuke being familiar with the area, as there is probably some vendors who sell some arcane items nearby, kinda like a home remedy shop where the huxter actually has a few gems hidden in the trash, but the Satrap wouldn't necessarily know that, and may not know Zakasuke by looking at him.


Princess Psychie
Ok, but there were only two bodies found, correct? And was the boy one of the dead, or was the other body the older woman?

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