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Dice The Fajadi Affair of Descending Fire RY 768 (Exalted 3e Dragon-Blooded) (Characters)

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A note on Intimacies- Get down enough to round out your character, but don't be too overly concerned about getting everything absolutely 100% down. My followup question after "Do you have an intimacy for that" is usually "should you?"


Luna's Concubine

  • ledaal tomiko.jpgName: Mnemon Larissa
    Caste: Air
    Age: 32
    Secondary School: Cloister of Wisdom

    Str: 2
    Dex: 5
    Sta: 4

    Cha: 3
    Man: 1
    App: 3

    Per: 4
    Int: 4
    Wits: 2

    Athletics: 2
    *Awareness: 4 - Spotting Small Details
    *Brawl: 1
    *Dodge: 5 - Ranged Attacks
    Integrity: 3
    *Investigation: 5 - Reconstructing Events
    Larceny: 1
    *Linguistics: 1
    *Lore: 2
    *Martial Arts: 5 - Air Dragon Style
    *Occult: 4
    *Performance: 2
    *Presence: 2
    Resistance: 2 - Enduring Pain
    Ride: 1
    Socialize: 1
    *Stealth: 2
    Survival: 2
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Princess Psychie

  • jade sword (2).jpg Name: Cathak Alys
    Age: 28
    Elemental Aspect: Fire
    Secondary School: House of Bells

    Str: 5
    Dex: 3
    Sta: 5

    Cha: 5
    Man: 2
    App: 2

    Per: 2
    Int: 2
    Wits: 3

    Archery: 2
    *Athletics: 3 - Feats of Strength
    *Awareness: 2
    *Brawl: 1
    Bureaucracy: 1
    *Dodge: 1
    *Integrity: 2
    Linguistics: 1
    Lore: 3
    Martial Arts
    *Melee: 5 - Swords
    *Presence: 3 - Taking Charge
    *Resistance: 3 - Enduring Hardships
    Ride: 1
    *Socialize: 1
    Stealth: 1
    Survival: 1
    *War: 3 - Small Unit Tactics

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Seven Thousand Club

  • Name: Mnemon Sayan
    Aspect: Water
    Anima: A crane formed from the white of breaking waves plunges into the deep blue depths.
    Concept: Dragonblooded socialite


    "As in the presence of the Master, the Servants are equall, and without any honour at all; So are the Subjects, in the presence of the Soveraign. And though they shine some more, some lesse, when they are out of [her] sight; yet in [her] presence, they shine no more than the Starres in presence of the Sun."

    At the heart of the Realm, there is the Empress. Though the Imperial City is not located in the centre of the Realm, it is from the Empress's palace that everything flows, and to which everything is bound. Without the Empress there, all the threads of her great empire are unravelling and either everyone must change, or someone else must take hold of as many of the disparate threads as is at all possible. Sayan hopes that her grandmother will be able to step up to the task, but fears the war it will take, for even Mnemon is not mighty enough to do so uncontested. And though that is her hope, she does not pin everything she is to that hope, she has her Aspect from her father, and like the water whose power she carries, she will flow in reaction to the changes the world present to her.

    The day Mnemon Sayan graduated from the Spiral Academy was the day Tepet Fokuf was proclaimed Regent of the Realm and the Great Houses finally acknowledged what had long been rumoured: That the Empress herself was missing, and that all her subjects who had before been like stars before the sun were now free to shine on their own as brightly as they could. Following her graduation, she was not immediately sent to serve in the Thousand Scales of the Imperial Bureaucracy as would have been customary, rather her mother felt that she should learn martial skills beyond what her early tutoring had involved. Therefore, she was granted the use of ***MANSE*** where she was introduced to Black Cliff's Edge, a minor deity and a surprisingly skilled master of the martial arts. She would train with her new Sifu all day and make a name for herself in the upper echelons (such as they are) of Fajad's socity at night, hosting galas, attending salons, visiting acquaintances, and strolling in parks.

    Now Black Cliff's Edge has pronounced her "tolerable," as high a praise as she has heard from him, and left her to her own devices, the contract he had made with her mother fulfilled. This also leaves her free to pursue her own objectives in the city more freely, and now that she has had time to gain an understanding of it, she is more than ready to leverage that understanding and her not-inconsiderable abilities to the good of herself, her House, and the Realm. In that order.

    She is as yet unmarried and though her mother has been in discussion with various parties regarding her hand, no firm decisions have been made. Sayan, as well as her mother, prefers to leave things open for now, who knows when a marriage to an eligible young woman such as she will be just the thing to seal an alliance that proves crucial to securing Mnemon's ascent to the Scalet Throne.

    Her distant cousin Mnemon Senesh was the first person to welcome Sayan to Fajad, and the first person there to earn her ire. The situation in the city is precarious and the situation in the Isle even more so, and yet this so-called commander spends her time in heretical religious debates with mere mortals. Though she admits that Senesh's good relations with the Fajadi religious leaders has provided her with a useful angle into the higher society of the city, she has nothing but contempt for the woman herself.

    A rather more promising contact she has made in the city is Yasinim Taraq, the leader of the consortium in charge of extracting materials and wealth from Pyrevein, the Behemoth that is the source of Fajad's current wealth. The other woman is hungry for the kind of prestige and validation only the old bloodlines of the Scarlet Dynasty can truly bestow, and Sayan in turn is delighted to shower the other with glamour and affection, so long as she and House Mnemon profit from the relationship. Had Yasinim herself not been a woman of singular talent and drive, it is unlikely that she would be able to keep Sayan's attention for very long, but so far that has not presented a problem. There are many rumours of course, the passion and decadence of the Dragonblooded is famous across Creation, but neither woman is the kind to kiss and tell, or deny delicious gossip.

    Childhood and Exaltation
    To build a manse that will enthral generations not yet born with its beauty and majesty, to grasp the very nature of the Immaculate Dragons, to command the very Essence of Creation. These are the dreams young members of house are most strongly encouraged to have, but none of those were for Sayan, daughter of Mnemon Yalin and granddaughter of the House founder herself. Even as a child, she showed rather less wisdom than is expected of that august bloodline, but made up for it with an easy charm and quick wits.

    When she arrived in primary school, she kept up this behaviour, being prone to get into trouble and build ill-considered relationships, but invariably she would smile, laugh, and cut ties with those she had to. While she did get into some trouble, it was never more than could be solved by her skill and her pedigree. One of the many unwise things a young Dynast may do in primary school is to try and force their Exaltation to the fore. Of course, this will do nothing for one not chosen by the Dragons, but it has been known to make those who have been blessed come into their power sooner, and Sayan has never been the patient kind.

    There was a rumour in the House of Owl and Magpie, the primary school in Arjuf Prefecture where Sayan was sent, that Gracious Rock who instructed them in unarmed combat was not merely a foreign mortal reaching above her station, but in fact a sorceress who had achieved her skills by binding her soul to a demon. While this was of course preposterous, there was no denying that the woman was far more beautiful than a mortal who had been at the school for decades had any right to be, nor that she was extraordinarily skilled and more than a little unsettling. Sayan, in her wisdom, decided to seduce the older woman at the ripe age of 13. What exactly transpired between them is a story neither has told anyone since, but it is a fact that the morning after Sayan was chosen by Danaa'd, her instructor's bed was found broken and thoroughly soaked.

    Age: 25
    Mother: Mnemon Yalin
    Father: Peleps Memana

    She's a bon vivant, loves life, luxury and meeting interesting people.
    she's smart with a good head for organisation and enjoys playing with bureaucracies
    both to make them run smoothly when it suits her, and to make them grind to a halt when that's her objective.
    the Spiral Academy teaches both those lessons, though only the former is on the exams.
    She's not a snob as such, but being a well-bred Mnemon without a certain amount of arrogance is practically impossible
    She's a very recent graduate of the Academy, so in her late teens or early twenties, I don't recall exactly what the time line of those things are
    I'm not entirely sure how she feels about Mnemon herself, or how closely they're related, but she wants to come out on top of the civil war and traitors never really come out on top
    that said, she'll leave a sinking ship
    plus, she'd prefer for there to be no civil war at all, but that seems unlikely.

    Her mother was a Mnemon air aspect, and her father a Peleps water aspect.

    Secondary School: The Spiral Academy

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Three Thousand Club

  • Zakas.jpg
    Name: Peleps Zakas the Mistwolf
    Aspect: Water
    Concept: Ambitious Naval Officer
    Age: 28
    Secondary School: Spiral Academy


    Zakas grew up in a house boiling over in financial turmoil, from the credit they owe to lost revenue with the trade fleet. While he enjoyed the prosperity afforded to great house scions, especially from a prominent lineage within the house, Zakas dedicated himself to the task of financial autonomy, both for himself and his house. With this goal at heart, he chose to deviate from his parent's urges to attend the house of bells with many of his friends. Instead, he attended the Spiral Academy, a veritable den of rival sharks. Zakas reveled in the environment, despite his rather un-polished social skills. Shortly after graduating, word came back to the household he lived in. His father like many Tepets, had died in the battle of futile blood. Upon seeing many of his cousins at the funeral, and some private moments with his mother, Zakas adjusted course and joined the Navy with his father's Daiklave in hand.

    Since joining the Navy, Zakas has unlocked his own legacy through Mistweaver, earning the name Mistwolf as a hunter lurking in a shroud of haze.

    Tepet Harke was a jovial man much of his aspect came through in his breezy care-free approach to life. Only the soldiers of his unit knew the frigid core of the man, but few had lasting grief with him, especially by the end of the funeral. Both Zakas and his mother relied on his advice for many decisions and his absence has hit harder than they allow others to see. As the man was once Zakas's own Sifu in his sword work, Zakas has been reluctant to find a new one since the loss of his father.

    Peleps Nalrie has born recent events with stoic grace and private grief. Now a widow, some matriarchs have had the audacity to speak of remarriage, but not to her face. Zakas keeps counsel with her, sharing in private grief and plans for the future. In an attempt to move past the tragedy, both have set sights on the western empire plan, hoping to sow profitable investments in areas where the navy travels frequently and bury the loss with their duties.
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Proverbs 17:9
  • Name: Cynis Neqel
    Age: 28
    Elemental Aspect: Wood
    Secondary School: The Heptagram

    Backstory: Cynis Neqel was born to Hina, the daughter of Wisel and the manager of the Eventide Conservatory in the Imperial City. As a result, Neqel grew up surrounded by slaves bred, bought and trained to be the finest courtesans in Creation. While she was a socially adept girl when raised by tutors and the best instructors money could buy, such arts weren't meant for her. Instead, Neqel became an early adept at flitting unseen from room to room, learning discreetly of what men and women did together, overhearing secrets whispered across pillows, and coming to understand the Conservatory's customers by what they carried in the pockets and purses of their discarded robes.

    By the time the child was old enough for Primary School, her grandmother had given her tact support for training in House Cynis' intelligence methods. For every lesson on history, etiquette and economics during the day, Neqel received a lesson in infiltration, theft and the fine art of poisons. She'd always had a green thumb and her family exchanged knowing looks at how effortlessly the study of medicine came to her. While Neqel had her heart set on peering into the arcane arts through mastery of Sorcery learned at the Heptagram, her parents had already begun arrangements for the talented daughter to become House Cynis' next physician by day and chief poisoner by night.

    Exaltation came the day after Neqel graduated from Primary School, as she stood in her beloved gardens and was told her dream of attaining the Heptagram was over given her mortality. Drawing her Second Breath changed everything. Wisel and Hina both gave their blessing for Neqel to attend the Heptagram after all, for nowhere on the Blessed Isle was there a better library or better teachers for all of medicine and botany. Neqel proved that true, for she spent the next seven years learning everything the Heptagram could teach her about how to heal or harm with anything that grew. Sorcery was her real dream, though, and it remained ever elusive. She sought the enlightenment of a Tree Lord, pursued the trance dreams of a Wyld Plum and at last undertook the great Trials of Mela but epiphany remained out of reach.

    When her seven years were up, Neqel returned to her family knowing all they'd wished of her but not knowing all she'd wished for herself. With her natural talents, Hina put her to work engineering new yields of qat and cocaine while using Neqel to spy out rivals and steer select evenings with carefully administered doses of the right substances. Neqel learned to take a degree of pleasure in her artistry, for a mere peasant could poison someone. It took a Dynast of rare talents to inflict other sorts of drugs on unknown targets, to relax the right mind during a critical trade agreement or to embarrass an obstacle with inflamed behavior that could cost them status, position and the ear of someone House Cynis wanted turned elsewhere.

    Still, it was an empty, fruitless existence. While Wisel continued to work out a marriage for her, Hina at last took pity on her depressed daughter and bid her to travel the satrapies for a time. In particular, Fajad had some interests aligned to House Cynis' own ambitions. And while Neqel could travel there under the auspices of doing medicinal research of local flora, her observations could be valuable on the market and governance of the nation while giving her local access to carry out any requests House Cynis might make of her.

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Red Shadow Claws

Five Thousand Club

  • Name: Ragara Axan
    Aspect: Earth
    Age: 30
    Secondary School: Learned Bastion (Ragara School) & Heptagram

    Str: 4
    Dex: 2
    Sta: 3

    Cha: 3
    Man: 2
    App: 2

    Per: 3
    Int: 5
    Wits: 3

    * Athletics 3 (Feats of Strength)
    * Awareness 2
    * Craft (Architecture) 5 (Spartan)
    * Craft (Geomancy) 5 (Earth Manse)
    * Craft (Weapon-smithing) 4
    * Craft (Artifacts) 3
    * Integrity 3
    * Lore 3
    Martial Arts
    * Melee 3 (Spear)
    * Occult 3 (Geomancy)
    * Presence 3
    * Resistance 5
    * War


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