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Dice The Fajadi Affair of Descending Fire RY 768 (Exalted 3e Dragon-Blooded) (OOC)



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For future attacks (and the current one for Zakas), would you like to describe the outcome with your damage roll, or leave that to me?
I've always been used to the ST's narrating the extent of damage, as players never really know the full stats of the opposition.
I've always been used to the ST's narrating the extent of damage, as players never really know the full stats of the opposition.
That works, I was just spit-balling for post flow.

Was even more full-time dad this weekend than usual, and had some priority outages yesterday. Oh the joys of application support.

5m back at top of the round.
Onslaught refreshes on your turn (Not an issue for you since you're all going first...)
They're no longer surprised.

@Esbilon Should I take that post in a different direction, or did it just get lost in the combat posts?
Copying the earlier layout, for reminder, as well as what was just put in the thread for positioning-

Since assessing viability of Mist is important, and spacial awareness in general, I'll lay out the scene plainly, and hopefully clearly.

Lengthwise from entrance to the back false wall is roughly 3 range bands. Side to side is roughly two, give or take due to actual positioning. If you were looking in through the front door, you all would be positioned in the back right corner of the room. There are evenly spaced columns throughout, with drapery and cushions for lounging. No chairs, but small raised tables that might have bottles or hookahs on them. About half of the back wall is the false wall/door that is swinging out into the room, opening to the left. The casks on the remaining portion of the wall are real. Long wooden bar along the left wall, with bottles behind it. Feel free to add detail within the milieu as we go. "

"Axan, Zakas, and Alyz have moved into Close Range with Goli, Abiz (RIP), and Stregga, and now the battlegroup, arranged around the precipice of the large hole leading into the hidden passage that was the false wall. Tomiko is at Short Range on the opposite side of everything from Nona, who is cowering in the corner, also at Short Range."
Yeah, it wasn't so much a question of could you hit her, it was if you would target switch or not.

Also, dunno if you have spent any WP, but take a WP back for a 2 point stunt. Also also, were those personal motes, or are you glowing a bit? @Rykon ?


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Personal, Zakas needs to be able to enter stealth to get full use out of Mistweaver and his charms. Unfortunately even with mists, I dont think a flaring water anima would be subtle at this range.

Though it doesn't look like the fight will last long enough to enter stealth and attack again.
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Yeah, I was just busy all weekend and starting the week off right by getting sick again. Kids are little germ monsters.

Should be back in fighting shape tomorrow.

@Esbilon I didn't necessarily have anything for her to just tell you outright, I thought maybe you'd have something else you'd want to say or ask her.
Ah. I feel your pain. My five year old was up at 3 am with belly pain bad enough to scare me to go to urgent care at 4 in the morning. Luckily it was just a tummy ache, but I didn't want to ignore a potential problem.
I was listening to an Actual Play where they told the player to just roll damage pretty much at the same time as attack to expedite things, and that makes a lot of sense here too. Let me know what y'all think.

So for Decisive Attacks there is no reason to not just roll damage immediately. Barring certain charms threshold successes aren't an issue.

For Withering Attacks I was thinking about how that could work, since you wouldn't know your final pool until you had threshold, but then I realized since the dice roller doesn't rearrange dice in order (something that bothered me at first) you could just roll your maximum damage and we can "soak" off however many die from the right. Thoughts?

Also, @Esbilon I got the feeling you didn't have anything else for Yasimin, so I thought I'd just cut you loose there. If you do still have more you'd want to discuss with her, the conversation could still go that way. Otherwise you're free to go where you'd like. If you want to try and rejoin the group, I'd probably have you getting there at the top of the next round.


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@magnificentmomo right. There was something I wanted to ask her, I just had trouble keeping everything in my head. The curse of pbp is short conversations spanning months.
@Esbilon Yeah, sorry for exacerbating the regular pacing problem of PbP.

@Psychie No problem, probably should have reiterated you had 17 damage to roll from your initiative.

What do you think of my suggestion to just roll damage with the attack post in the future?

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