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Fandom Song of Rage

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This is a Naruto AU RP. A different continent, different countries, and a different history.


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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, Naruto Universe, Slice of Life


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
“You know, if you just wanted a look, I could have just told you about the place.”

“Mmmhmm, and you telling us about the place would accomplish what?”

Two cloaked figures overlooked a small hill. Below was a crater so chalked full of miasma and corrosive chakra that nothing should be able to exist there. Instead, a bustling city thrived inside. At the forefront, one of the figures wearing a slightly lighter blue cloak sighed, and tossed a handful of crystals to his compatriot.

“Again, not sure why all of you needed to come out here. Did you miss me? Is that it?”

“Or, possibly it could be we’re not the most trusting of a turncoat. Excuse us if we don’t welcome you with the most open of arms.”

“Well, did I do good?”

His apparent supervisor eyed the crystal, turning it over in her palm. “Possibly… possibly. How many did you get?”

He shrugged. “A good ten. Hey! Don’t look at me that way, they’re under suuuuper tight guard. I may have had to ‘salvage’ about three of them. And the other seven I just happen to know where they were being processed. Takes a lot of work and…. You’re not listening. Great.”

“You give me a migraine at the best of times. But yes… I suppose you did good, Inaba. If it's the real thing. Any suggestions for how we could test it out?”

“There’s a graduation ceremony happening today. I have family in it, and I’m oh so proud of them.”

“Hmm. Let me mark an escape right here, and we’ll be on our way..”

“You know, if you really didn’t trust me, you wouldn’t tell me these things. I got it, you’re falling for me!”

A resounding ‘thwack’ echoed in the hills as the female in the darker cloak started her way down. The male rubbed a goose egg on his head and smiled. “Someone forgot to mark the area… Hmmm… nah.” He shrugged and followed along behind, both of them seemingly disappearing in a shower of bubbles.

Down below, a celebratory ceremony began with confetti raining down and an older ninja nodding his head at the group of genin below. He walked with a cane but had a gaze that could freeze fire. He walked up to the podium before slamming his cane down. Looking at each and every one of them until quietness had at least taken over the group.

“You’ve done well so far. Each and every one of you has done well to make this far. I expected no less from any. You have all met my expectations. I’m light on praise and high on expectations, but, well, suppose it wouldn’t hurt to say I’m proud of you. You’re a good batch. The village needs you, and I’m somewhat relieved that you’re the next generation. Hopefully, you can avoid the mistakes my generation has made.

From today forward, you’re genin. I am no longer Jikan Sensei to all of you. Simply Jikan will do if you ever wish perhaps to buy your old academy teacher lunch. Your senseis will new assigned as follows:

Kurio, Ajisai, Tsubaki, you are assigned under the Jonin known as Ichiro… Good luck.

Sachiko, Wakanake, Shioreta, you are assigned under the Jonin, Miho Shimamura.

Ryuuka, Aya, Shibata, you are assigned under the Jonin, Hayate Yamamoto.

Now, we have a surprise guest, the Tsumikage herself who wishes to speak to you.“

A woman in a flowing purple kimono stepped up from behind Jikan, surveying the assembled genin with soft eyes and a gentle smile. “I would offer you congratulations of my own, though I fear it may pale in comparison to earning the old man’s praise.” The Tsumikage chuckled, continuing with a playful lilt to her voice. “But as he said, you’ve all done well to come this far. You’ve all started on the difficult path of the shinobi, the challenges to come with dwarf what you met in the academy.

You won’t be alone in this. Learn to lean on your teammates, support each other and grow together. I hope to see each of you among my jounin council down the road from here. Until that day, learn from your sensei and the missions ahead of you. Jikan, if you would.”

Jikan stepped forward, and motioned to a collection of trees where three jonin seemingly just appeared out of nowhere.

“Now, to meet your new senseis! I present to you, Ichiro, Hayate, and Miho! Please meet with them, you’ll be beginning your journeys as genin tomorrow.”

Walking up to his three genin, a man without a shirt prowled, his eyes shifting among the various students there. He had a rather powerful build, and was covered in scars, but looked more like a wild animal than a man. It was how he got the title that their sensei Jikan had abstained from using “Ichiro, the Feral”.

“Kurio, Ajisai, Tsubaki, get your asses out here. I’m your sensei. Name’s Ichiro. Our first mission’s tomorrow morning. We’re doing something stupid. Yeah, I’m a terrible sensei, get used to it. Least ya’ll don’t have to worry looking bad. Mission’s stealing some seeds and grain and something or other. Meeting at the western Crater Edge tomorrow at 9:45. Here one of you responsible types take the scroll, I don’t want it.”

With that, he tossed the mission scroll at Ajisai, and crossed his arms.

“You each get one free question. Go on. Use it. Humor me. Oh, and introduce yourselves… I guess

Another jounin leaned back against one of the trees, his posture seemed far more relaxed than the other two were. “Ryuuka, Aya, Shibata, come over here.” Shibata would easily recognize Hayate, but he still called his name regardless. Dressed in black and teal robes decorated in gold trim, it was difficult to get a good idea of his build beneath the loose fabric.

“I’m Hayate Yamamoto, your sensei for the next…” He thought for a moment, rubbing the back of his neck, “well, awhile. We’ve got our first mission already, we’ll be meeting at the entrance to the mines at 0530. Need to get there before the miners do.” Hayate produced a thin scroll from one of his pouches. “I’ll be honest, probably one of the strangest missions I’ve ever been given. Chasing down a glowing spider in the mines. Hopefully the Kounna didn’t accidentally squish it already…

He cleared his throat, looking over the trio in front of him. “Now then, I’ve already read your files, but let’s make it official. Introduce yourselves.” In his excitement, or perhaps nervousness, Hayate had neglected to give much more than his own name.

Oh well.

The final jonin was somewhat unprepossessing compared to her peers, being a slender, mousy haired woman in tan slacks and a baggy, blue sweater, although admittedly the many knives and pouches strapped over the top of her civilian clothes did add an element of flair to her appearance.

Miho Shimamura, the female jonin, pulled a cigarette from her pouch, put in in her mouth and lit it before tilting her head up to inhale a deep puff while she massaged her temples with her now free hands. Apparently those last few shots had been a mistake, or maybe it was just that she felt like shit every time she was up past ten p.m these days? Was she really getting that old?

“A’right. Fuck. You three.” Miho said, after exhaling a long plume of acrid smoke and singling out Sachiko Kounna, Wakanaka Tsube and Shioreta Koino with jabbing fingers. “You’re with me, cmon, introduce yourselves while we work, I wanna know what I’ve gotten myself into,”


Don't take yourself too seriously.
Wakanak Tsube

It was a wonderful day to be Wakanaka. His morning had been excellent, his breakfast expecially good, all things pointed towards good fortunes! He was, by far, ready to take on whatever stood in his way! The ceremony for their graduation was, as well, really nice! He even got to see the... well... Witness the blurry purple form of, the Tsumikage! He heard many tales of her beauty, she was most certainly blessed by the gods! Her voise was also very pleasant to behold, it contrasted with the old man's malignant grumble barking very well. Like hearing song birds after a storm.

He did wonder... Who would be his teacher henceforth...? Old man Jikan... Was a scary teacher... His punishments were worse than any the gods could come up with, and they had the ability to just kill you out right!

But Jikan made you wish you were dead...

No matter~! He mever had to deal with the old man again! Sure, respect your elders, but he wont ever forgive being called sightless as a mole 4 years ago. Never. An apt descriptor but unforgiveable.

...Now... which one of those people were his teacher? The first seemed cool! He looked like he has seen a great deal of missfortune, but... Surely he could turn that fortunae arou- ah, no... seems not...

Ooh! That one is in a interesting looking- ah... not them either...

...He paused to stare at the last person... He coild smell the smoke, the left over scent of liqour, the smell of... Forsaken dreams, missfortune and years of dissappointment and waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Wakanaka's first impression from his...her...? Voice was... Not very pleasant either... Its good to be expedient in one's profession. But... this goes beyond uncaring. Unpleasant, rude and honestly very, very, VERY unfortunate.

He shall say a prayer so that things get better...

"...May the gods protect us in our struggles and stave off missfortune..." his eyes closed and focused he decided to get walking... "...guide our hands as we work and steer us from misstep..." he began to mummer something about helping him survive this new teacher, before looking to the other two...

...He could see Sachiko... But the other was blurry. "Umm... Hi again..." he was to worried to do a good greeting... This jonin... did not inspire confidence.

@ squad Miho


Shioreta Koino

The graduation ceremony was far better then she ever anticipated, though for her it was more so the fact she even made it there to begin with. To say she struggled through the academy would be an understatement. It wasn't as if she had issues when it came to the standard tests. She managed to ace every paper test that she took or anything in regards to reciting what they were taught. She had to given when it came to the physical portion it was a much more difficult process. She struggled so hard when it came to hand to hand combat. Her accuracy throwing a kunai was quite weak, even to this day the fact she managed to even hit the target for her final test was a sheer miracle. The fact she got to be here being congratulated by the Tsumikage would of resulted in her tearing up... if it wasn't for the fact her tear ducts were likely empty from all the pain she had to endure pushing herself to just barely pass the starting line.

Shioreta looked upon who was meant to be her jounin for who knew how long. In truth she seemed far from pleased to be there, though she didn't care so much. For how much of a disapointment she might seem it only felt right someone might feel that way. The pale skinned girl walked forward with a warm smile on her face. A rather strange looking 'backpack' was on her back. The jointed leg like limbs extended out one above her shoulder and the other under like a typical backpack strap though meeting in the center with claw like blades extending out gripping from each section holding them together like a strap. On the back the quadruped like body seemed to tilt left and right slightly as she walked. What looked like the head of a large dog lay pointed looking at the ground lay locked in place. A bizarre sight for the uninitiated, though those who were a bit more knowledgeable could tell it was a puppet.

Coming to walk beside who her leader was she was quick up to pick up the smell of the smoke. A rather awkward look came upon her face as she continued to force a smile on her face despite the discomfort. To say it was disruptive was perhaps a bit of an understatement though she grinned and bared it. It wasn't like she had much choice in the matter. her frail lungs would need to learn to deal with it. She couldn't help but look towards Wakanak hearing in part the prayer he was reciting. Their appearance was... familiar though she wasn't exactly the most social type. She very much kept her head down in the books working hard in the academy which didn't tend to help allow her to get very close with too many people in the academy. It wasn't as if she didn't like being around others, she just had other things to worry about.

She was a little surprised when he came to an introduction only to say what little he did. The again made it seem as if it was more directed towards perhaps Sachiko, though she was likely more overthinking it. It mattered not as she smiled warmly nodding her head whether it was even meant to be directed at her in some part or not. She wasn't really sure just a greeting was really what their Jounin was looking for. She wasn't the type to usually speak up but she felt like she had to try and create a good first impression. She suppressed the awkward cringe as more smoke managed to find its way to her face keeping up a smile on her pale face.

"Ah... um... hi! My name is Shioreta Koino. It's nice t...." She spoke with an initial stumble, catching herself before just as suddenly being cut off again by a cough brought on by the smoke she inhaled while speaking. She lifted her hand up to cover her mouth and nose having a bit of a coughing fit that lasted several seconds before she finally stopped. She looked almost to be trembling a bit keeping her hands over her mouth as if to block any more smoke getting in to regain her breath. She shook her head a bit lowering her hands as she quickly put a smile back on her lips as to look up beat hiding away any discomfort she felt.

"S... sorry! It's nice to meet you all." She spoke with a warm glow on her face despite looking like she was about to just about to collapse to ground a moment ago. As soon as she stopped talking she seemed to take a moment taking in slow deep breaths doing her best to avoid the smoke from Miho's cigarette. It wasn't exactly the first impression she wanted to give to her squad leader... or really her teammates in general. Still she was happy to be there in the first place. The fact they believed she was suitable to be promoted to a Genin was far more then she ever excepted of herself despite all the effort she put to accomplish it. If she ended up dying on that day being unable to handle it she could still die happy to of reached her initial goal!

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Frozen Pooppy

Aya was nervous, but happy. Finally her academic years was over! One of her older sister, Yuki-nee, always brags about the missions she had done and how one's ninja life didn't start until they at least become a genin. Aya now had quite a high expectation because of this. Her eyes were gleaming and she was quietly rehearsing something during the jikan sensei's speech, ignoring the old man while still looking attentive enough not to draw much attention.

"Nice to meet you sensei, my name is Aya Ogumo. I will be under your care. Nice to meet you sensei, my name is Aya Ogumo. I will be under your care. Nice to meet you sensei, my name is Aya Ogumo. I will be under your care."

Reciting those words repeatedly like a shugenja trying to chant their spell. The girl finally stopped after the jikan sensei finished his speech and summoned three new figures, one of them would likely be her new sensei so Aya tried to get a better look at them by using her dojutsu. Four smaller eyes appeared in each of her eye, the small eyes were compulsing at different frequency and stare at different direction, creating some uncanny appearance. She hoped none of the students look at her right now.

The first one was a shirtless man... Aya cringed when her dojutsu showed her more than enough details about his body than she wanted to know. The bulging of his muscles, the broken skin tissues of his scars, the sweat- enough, she turned off her dojutsu.

Wanting to erase the memory of what she just seen, Aya shifted her attention to the next person, which was apparently her would be sensei. Not much could be said about him, this Hayate sensei looks normal compared to the man next to him, he wears clothes! Moreover, he was a Yamamoto so Aya felt more at ease.

The last jonin was small compared to the other two. A woman that started smoking when before calling her would be students. Aya stared with disbelief for a brief moment. She didn't know how exactly this sensei behaves, but the impression she showed pretty much reminds Aya of her eldest sister. The jonin woman looks exhausted, just like her eldest sister after studying those so called secret scroll of yaoi. Aya hoped that sensei didn't have any string whip on her, for the sake of her fellow genins.

Satisfied in observing the senseis, Aya walked towards her new Hayate sensei with new vigors. She could confidently said that she was happy with how things turned out, and since sensei wanted the students to do official introduction Aya felts confident with her already rehearsed one. She showed a bright smile and pointed at herself. Even her hoarse voice couldn't stop her from impressing her sensei with this absolutely ultimate super great introduction!

"My- Aya."

Her perfectly practiced introduction. Gone.

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Shibata Yamamoto
Shuffling his feet impatiently Shibata sighed, since he was undoubtedly about to spend who knew how long doing insignificant D-rank missions he wanted to hurry up and work through them as quickly as possible to get to something worthwhile rather than listening to speeches. Risking a glance at the onlookers he picked out his sister among a group of his clan members, as much as her beaming smile was a welcome sight her being seen outside albeit in a wheelchair had become something of a novelty in recent years.

Turning back he sized up the trio of Jonin naturally easily finding his new sensei loitering under a tree. There were certainly many things he could learn from his own clansmen Hayate wouldn't have been his first choice from among them, the man's way of using their clan's kekkai genkai was far from traditional. Not being able to do much about it he squared his shoulders and walked over trying to project confidence.

"Hayate-sensei." He greeted with a slight smirk which became a bit more obvious as the first of his new teammates stumbled over her words, rolling his eyes slightly he knew he should at least be polite and turned to face her fully. "For those who didn't know already I am Shibata Yamamoto. Pleasure to be working with you." His tone didn't exactly reek of sincerity.

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Your Lovable Jackass GM

Sachiko sat giggling in a swing the entire graduation ceremony, just peering over her grades. She seemed extraordinarily happy... over a 60.

"Not one point over, yes! Was worried I'd gotten that last question right...."

She pumped her fist to herself as old man Jinkan stepped aside for the Tsumikage. Sachiko didn't pay too much mind. That was greatness she would hopefully never have to meet or deal with. Flattering of them to come though. Then came the jonin. Sachiko stared in awe throughout the entire trainwreck of their introduction. She still was gawking as their jonin introduced herself, a single thought floating through her mind.

Man... I need to try harder to be a disappoint... These guys are pros and still managed Jonin...

She was still gawking throughout her teammates gathering. Shirtless guy was tactless as possible. And the crystal guy was insulting her clan in audio distance! Well, mostly if someone was eavesdropping, shaking her head, she looked to her two teammates. They'd be stuck with her for the next few years. Awesome. She was going to make them look so good. Wakanabe and Shioreta. Wakanabe was in the middle of a prayer, and Shioreta was having some sort of asthma attack.

Sachiko finally stood up, waltzing her way forward, and slapping Shioreta's back to try and help her breath.

"Don't apologize, don't apologize. Today's a good day, not everyone makes genin! Both of you are incredible! Of to such a good start. Tehehe. Least I hope so."

She looked around.

"Wow. Things are too stiff. I know! I'll start us off with a joke!"

She pulled out a book from a little black pouch on her back. Book of Puns and Dad Jokes. She took the fated breath.

"So why couldn't the bicycle stand up? It was two tired! Eh? Eeeeh!?"

She motioned her joke with her hand, waiting for a response, before shrugging.

"I'm Sachiko btw. My ninja skill is I'm lucky, like a rabbit!"



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Ajisai Shizen

Ajisai resisted the urge to kick off the slippers her mother had forced onto her feet for the ceremony and her fingers twitched with the urge to pull at the scratchy fabric of the unfamiliar purple and white kimono that she had been forced into. The only thing that stopped her from giving into these impulses was her mother and siblings faces that stared proudly at her from the crowd. It was rare of her family to take part in events outside the compound so she knew that this meant a lot to her family. Forcing her fingers to smooth out any wrinkles they may have left she took a deep breath and forced a smile upon her face.

A few days ago Ajisai was as excited to finally graduate as any academy student but as the date grew closer and closer so did the realization that once she graduated Ajisai would be a genin. A genin with a squad and teammates that weren't their family. To someone so unfamiliar with socializing with other's she found herself suddenly anxious and nerves clawed her excitement away. Even her mother's attempt to cheer her up with her favorite strawberry waffles didn't help. What if they don't like me? What if I can't help them? Will they be nice or mean?

The ceremony itself seemed to crawl by but she hid her nerves well under a small smile and light eyes, and concentrated on old man Jiken and the way his cane sent vibrations through the floor beneath her feet as he slammed it down. In a way the familiar feelings helped calm her and she found herself able to breath easier as the ceremony dwindled to an end. She was even able to appreciate the beauty of the Tsumikage as she made an appearance and had almost completely calmed down when it came time for the teams to be announced. Suddenly they came flooding back in full force and she had to swallow back nausea and hide her clammy hands behind her back. This is it. Their going to see me and hate me.

Only years of keeping her cool and learning to hide her true feelings in public helped her calm down as a large shirtless man approached them. He was covered in scars and the way he walked reminded her of the predators that she would often watch within the forest. Many had been transformed and damaged from the poisoned land. 'That's what this man is, he is damaged" she thought, 'and like most damaged things he's also dangerous.'

“Kurio, Ajisai, Tsubaki, get your asses out here. I’m your sensei. Name’s Ichiro. Our first mission’s tomorrow morning. We’re doing something stupid. Yeah, I’m a terrible sensei, get used to it. Least ya’ll don’t have to worry looking bad. Mission’s stealing some seeds and grain and something or other. Meeting at the western Crater Edge tomorrow at 9:45. Here one of you responsible types take the scroll, I don’t want it.”

Broken from her observations by her sensei's rather gruff and unfiltered introduction Ajisai managed to catch the scroll tossed into her direction thanks to her quick reflexes and edged closer to him, firmly locking the unusual nerves away and gathering her courage, Ajisai met his gaze with her usual dreamy smile and asked the first question she could think of as she introduced herself. "My name is Ajisai, where are we going to steal the grain from?"

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Ryuuka Tagamatsu
Squad Hayate

As the Tsumikage's speech ended Ryuuka stretched her wiry arms over her head and twisted slightly to glance at her Grandfather. The old man was still chieseled and lean despite his age and he watched over the proceedings from quite aways back, atop a nearby rooftop. He looked every bit as grumpy and ascetic as usual but Ryuuka decided his eyes looked a little wet and shiny and she smiled privately and waved up at him, which he returned with a curt nod. Stubborn old man, Ryuuka thought fondly.

With that of the way Ryuuka ambled up to her new sensei, trailing behind two other genin she supposed where her teammates, a supposition that was confirmed when they introduced themselves, with mixed success admittedly. So Shibata and Hayate Sensei were both from the same clan then, interesting. Ryuuka's grandpa had once shared a couple of choice words about the Yamamoto clan, something along the lines of "Weedy, gem hoarding, tricksters," he had called them, which Ryuuka tactfully decided she would not mention this opinion. Hayate looked pretty buff anyway so maybe it didn't apply to him, it was kinda hard to tell under the robes but he carried himself kinda like Gramps, good balance.

Without warning Ryuuka surged forwards to try and wrap her arms around her teammates, pulling them in for a loose sort of group hug.

"Sup! I'm Ryuuka!" Ryuuka said, adopting a bright, winning smile. "Birthday: 24th of the 4th, Life's Ambition: Taste every flavor of ice cream in the world or something, I dunno. Let's all get along 'kay?"

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Miho Shimamura

Oh Gods above is this my life now? Miho asked herself quietly as the three brats toddled up to her, one mumbling shifty sounding prayers under his breath, one apparently choking to death and worst of all, one making puns. Miho hated puns. The exasperated jonin pulled the cigarette from her mouth and turned it lengthwise to examine how much was left unsmoked. Still over 3/4s. Miho sighed mournfully and stubbed it out thoroughly on the rim of a nearby garbage can before discarding it.

"Alright, jeez take it easy. Breath. Breeeaaaathe," she said to Shioreta, pinching the bridge of her nose to ward off an approaching headache, before straightening up to take in the trio of genin as a whole. "Look I know your names okay? I'm hungover not daft. I was really hoping for something more substantial? What do you suck at? What do you suck less at, what do you want, that kind of thing," Miho turned around and started walking towards the village gates, gesturing limply with one hand for the children to folllow. "C'mon, we have a long, tedious walk ahead of us so you might as well use the time, now let's go. Going forwards you'll normally have a mission briefing delivered to you before hand -one you'll be expected to read- but for today I'll just fill you in; we're making a supply delivery to an annoying old man who lives outside the village, pretty basic stuff so let's not have any screwups hmm?"

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Don't take yourself too seriously.

Well... Maybe she will be okay...? Maybe...

However, leave it to Sachiko to lighten the mood, in a way that almost made Wakanaka cringe his face in half. Still, despite the impossibly massive amounts of physical, mental and spiritual pain that joke caused him, he could respect her desire to attempt a parlay with the grouchy situation.

If parlay meant dropping a bomb coated in verbal dung.

"...I am Wakanaka Tsube!" He announced, just loud enough to make his sensei wince. "I want to utilize my strengths and better my weaknesses. Simple prayers and wishes are best, to avoid confliction or punishments from the divine for your greed.

I am good at useing tools.

I am... bad at looking at things very well... Umm... I suppous..." He squinted at his sensei hard, mumbling "Oh its a woman..." under his breath.

Speaking of breath, his eyes went to the currently possibly hyperventilating figure of Shioreta. Not to much taller than he, but nonetheless, he reach out a hand and patted her head.

"We shall become good friends, so please calm down."

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Shioreta Koino

Shioreta couldn't help but feel like her introduction wasn't exactly the best for a first impression. It was in some part her own fault. She had exacerbated herself way more then she should of that day without giving herself more time to breath. It was only inevitable she would have a sudden attack like that by attempting to rush out to speak without giving her body a chance to catch up. It was her responsibility to recognize the environment she was going into and adjust accordingly. She was at least in part for her fumble, but that didn't mean she should just give up. As she was taking in deep breaths to regain her composure she felt a sudden smack from Sachiko on the side of her back to what she assumed help her breath.


She knew it was meant to help though her frail body wasn't exactly the most receptive to such contact. She was almost certain it might leave a bit of a bruise. Still she smiled lightly hiding the discomfort. As frail as her body was the good part of her hard work was becoming more resilient to the pain it brought. She might get hurt more easily but she could suck up the pain she felt better then most could. The last thing you wanted while struggling to get through the academy was looking like you were hurting and in distress. She was almost certain if she did she would of been kicked out long ago and wouldn't be where she was today. She lightly nodded to Sachiko in acknowledgement despite not fully agreeing as to avoid any trouble.

Her sensei's words only confirmed her early worry about looking bad in front of her. Still the tone of her voice wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. She seemed to show some care so it wasn't as if she was completely heartless viewing them as a hassle. How much though was too hard to tell given the very little interaction they have had so far. It didn't change the fact she would of rather made a strong first impression given the focus she had shifted on herself now including the one named Wakanaka as he spoke patting her head. She couldn't lie the gesture wasn't exactly the best received already feeling looked down onto and then just patted on the head. What did she look like a dog?

"Thanks... I'm fine now. Sorry for the worry." She spoke keeping the upward curve of her lips bowing her head lightly. She could at least breath normally now, the fact Miho put out her cigarette likely contributing to it. She glanced towards Wakanaka as if to give him a nod despite being a bit ruffled by his gesture. It was all in good will, no reason to let it bother her. She started to walk normally following after Miho as they made their way to do their mission. It sounded rather simple... overly so from what she expected. She had some realistic expectation they wouldn't likely be doing the most dangerous jobs around though delivery seemed quite... basic. Was there some bit of possible danger that made it too risky for some untrained to deliver? Either way it seemed simple enough to give her a chance to perhaps look a bit more competent so her little episode could perhaps submerge deep in the back of their minds hopefully forgotten completely... though Miho's inquiry and the fact Wakanaka answered it meant she couldn't really fully escape it.

"Well.. I... am not the most physical person. My body is a little frail, though I'm able to do most things fine I just need to be a little careful. I do have... well asthma works as a way of categorizing it." She spoke getting right to her weaknesses wanting to push that aside as quickly as possible. It was the first thing she asked even if her teammate had answered it in the reverse way. She took a second as to make sure she didn't accidentally wind herself again just to be safe before continuing smiling brightly as she did so.

"I am skilled at puppetry. I mostly rely on hiding away and taking control of my puppet to act for me. The puppet I'm carrying like a backpack right now is Hageshi... though I guess the name doesn't really matter to anyone else... though I thought it was cute and it might be useful to know it for some reason." She spoke letting out a light giggle. Her hand patted lightly at what was the leg of the puppet acting as a strap to hold it on her back. She couldn't help but blush a bit finding just out childlish it sounded, often forgetting the fact she wasn't exactly an adult either and it was reasonable for her to think that way. She took another brief pause before continuing.

"My goal... I suppose is to just become a decent shinobi." She spoke being quite plain with her goal. It wasn't exactly quite the extent of what she wished to accomplish but it came off more modest and was a much quicker way without having to get into the details nor her motivation to do so. She looked to Sachiko feeling a little awkward knowing what she wanted to say before she said it.

"What about you Sachiko?" She asked warmly trying to be friendly. She felt awkward trying to socialize though she wanted to make sure she wasn't creating a bad impression, even if her puns were rather painful to hear.

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Sachiko flipped through her book with a rather big grin on her face. It was fairly apparent she was just barely restraining herself... Or slightly apparent. Her eyes weren't really on the pages. More everywhere else.

As their sensei asked for their strengths and weaknesses, Sachiko's eyes wandered to the dog puppet on Shioreta's back, then her coughing, to Wakanabe's giant ass meteor hammer, then his glasses, and then to her own two ninja pouches. She shrugged.

"I'm Sachiko. My ninja skill is I'm lucky, like a rabbit!" She repeated.

"And guess I don't really have a dream, tehehe. Side's Shioreta, can I call you Shio? Imma call you Shio, I don't think you'll be a deeeecent ninja, I think you'll be a great ninja! Puppets, wow. Is your dog spikey? Does it shoot things out its mouth? Ooo! Ooo! Does it have a flamethrower? Man, I can hardly move myself, moving another creature's gotta be sooo much work.

Your flail's awesome Wakanabe. Wanna show me some moves later? Oh, after the mission I guess. What was it again?"

Sachiko walked after their sensei, headed down the road, before holding out her hand, and motioning to herself, as if to say 'gimme' on the mission scroll.

"So... we got one teammate who believes heavily in god, and another who believes heavily in 'dog'. Which one's the dyslexic? If I get flashbombed and can't see Hageshi, does that mean I'll no longer believe in a dog?"

She put the pun book away in her black bag, and pulled out a small contact case from the same, putting them in as she walked. The bag sagged from weight.

"Wish I knew your prescription Wakanabe. These things are suuuuuuper useful. I don't have to be blind!" She blatantly mistold a truth. Technically, she was correct, but Sachiko was seeing just fine without them.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Kurio Shimizu
Standing with the other graduates, Kurio shifted his weight slightly. The excitement in the air was palpable, along with nervousness. They did it, they all managed to graduate and become genin despite what felt like Jikan's best attempts to prevent them from doing so. It was rare to hear praise from the old grouch to say nothing of having so much of it piled on like this. Kurio tilted his head slightly at the team assignments, barely catching the muttered "good luck."


Wasn't that the name of the jounin he'd overheard his father and uncle complaining about? He didn't get to catch much of the conversation before being spotted. Something about him being too wild to even be a jounin.

His attention was brought back to the speech as the Tsumikage stepped forward. Easily the most powerful shinobi in the entire village, he wanted to one day meet if not surpass her in strength. It was a goal Kurio would never willingly voice, and one he knew was a little too lofty to reach.

“Kurio, Ajisai, Tsubaki, get your asses out here."

"...Ah," So that's Ichiro then. Eyes quickly scanned over the man's posture, the numerous scars covering him. It was clear Ichiro had seen plenty of battle. Too wild . . . unfit for a sensei . . . His aunt had to know what she was doing when she chose him of all people, right? Well, there wasn't much Kurio could do about it so he followed Ajisai over to him.

Ichiro's introduction was... brief and more than a little blunt. One question, hm? Ajisai's introduction was just as brief, her own question directed at the mission that awaited them. "I'm Kurio Shimizu," the genin spoke with a serene smile and slight bow, "I specialize in medical ninjutsu. How about you, sensei, what do you specialize in?"

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Hayate Yamamoto

Hayate watched each of his students approach, fighting not to cringe at Ichiro and Miho beside him. None of them had been expecting this assignment, hell none of the village's jounin expected Ichiro to get it. But here they were, each with a trio of fresh-faced genin to train and mold into the village's future. No pressure or anything. But the jounin wasn't given much time to dwell on the thought as the first of his own students walked up to him. Dressed in a fine, silken kimono, she was clearly the one from the Ogumo clan. He kept a slight smile despite her unfortunately botched introduction.

The next to approach had been his nephew Shibata. At least out of the three, Hayate already knew him. Though the switch from family to sensei was likely going to be a slight adjustment for them both. Plus the inevitable complaint he was using their Crystal Release "wrong." Oh well. Not like Hayate was keen on forcing his fighting style on any of the three. He lightly tossled Shibata's hair knowing it'd likely get a rise out of the genin. Now teach them how to unwind a bit?

Yeah probably.

Ryuuka their third and final member finally made an appearance, attempting to ambush the other two in a hug. The jounin didn't even bother to hide a chuckle at that, she had plenty of energy that much was certain. As a Tagamatsu, the chances were pretty high she would be a taijutsu specialist. Something he could teach at least.

"Now that introductions are... mostly out of the way," Hayate made sure not to look at Aya, she tried. "Dp you have any questions for me? Maybe about our mission tomorrow? I'm sure most of you have celebrations in mind for graduating, but I suggest trying to get some rest. Gotta be at the mine at the asscrack of dawn and all that." The joke was far from professional but hey, Hayate was anything but a morning person. He was likely as unhappy about the early start as the genin.

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Aya was a bit startled when Ryuuka pulled them into a group hug. Not that she didn't like it, but the only person that frequently gave her hug was Yuki-nee so she wasn't prepared for this. She gave Ryuuka a small smile in return, although it actually looks more like grin.

Back to the main topic, Hayate sensei was giving the students a chance to ask questions regarding the mission. Aya was pretty confident about the mission though, since she's used to handling spider. She was sure a glowing spider wouldn't be much problem and was actually more worried about the place. A mines would be likely deep underground, right? Then...

"Sensei," Aya cleared her throat before continuing, making sure that her hoarse voice didn't obstruct her next words. Although it resulted in her voice sounds like a whispering. Since they're going to enter the mine in the early morning, her question would be so important that their life might depend on it later, probably.

"Should we, bring lunch?"

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Paranoid Android
Shibata Yamamoto
Considering the mission Shibata decided pest control was probably better than some of the grunt work they could get as fresh genin, casting a sideways glance at Aya he thought about their target. "Could this spider be some kind of summoned animal? What if-ARGH stoppit get off!" His musing stopped suddenly with a yelp as his uncle turned sensei decided to mess up his hair, batting the hand away he pouted and was trying to smooth his hair back out when his other teammate jumped on them. Stumbling under Ryuuka's weight Shibata pushed her off and sized her up along with Aya thinking that a less focused boy might be considering the perks of being with two girls but he had better things to do.

Trying to regain his poise Shibata folded his arms inside his sleeves and looked at Aya quizzically as she asked her question. "I guess that's better than complaining about claustrophobia but are we really expecting a bug hunt to take more than six and a half hours? I'd wager we can easily be done in half the time." He looked to Ryuuka for affirmation, if her boisterousness was anything to go by she should at least be a bit more confident.

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Tsubaki Sana

Tsubaki was buzzing with excitement from the beginning of ceremony. Today was the day she'd been dreaming of since she first started training. She was officially a genin, and as much as she looked forward to this ceremony she wanted to get on with it. Yeah standing here at graduation was awesome and well expected from her with how hard she's been working her ass off, but she just couldn't help but zone out.

She couldn't help but think about what kind of team she'd be assigned to. The idea of working in a team unsettled her slightly. It was the whole idea of being responsible for other people's lives and them being responsible for yours. Something about that made her uneasy but again what if they don't like her? What if they don't trust her? Or what if they're just plain stupid? The last thing she wanted was to be stuck for who knows how long with a bunch of idiots that would slow her down.

“Kurio, Ajisai, Tsubaki, get your asses out here." Tsubaki blinked as she was soon pulled from thoughts by a gruff voice. Her eyes followed the voice until she found the owner. Any excitement she had was quickly blown out the window. Was this man supposed to be her new sensei? Surely this was a joke right? He was shirtless and covered in scars. Sure, he's probably seen plenty of fights but she couldnt help but wonder how many of those did he win? The more she looked at him the more he came off as a wild dog. He was definitely not someone she'd peg as a teacher type. And the more he talked the more faith Tsubaki lost.

'Great my team and I are gonna die cause some thinks it's funny to stick us with the unhinged guy.'

"Yeah, my question is, is this a joke? Our real sensei's hiding right? How'd we get so lucky to get stuck with you? I'm Tsubaki Sana by the way."

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Alarmed and Strangerous
Ryuuka Tagamatsu
Team Hayate​

Ryuuka snickered good naturedly when Aya brought up lunch with momentous importance. Ryuuka was still leaning easily against the other girl so she righted herself and put her arms up behind her head. "Hayate sensei should just buy us lunch though~" she said playfully. "It's important for jonin to take care of their precious students right~"

"Really though I think it kinda depends on how big the mine is." Ryuuka said, tilting her head at Shibata. "If there's a lot of tunnels there are finding one spider in there could be kinda like finding a needle in a haystack. It's probably better to take lunch and not need it then leave it behind and get hungry," Ryuuka frowned suddenly and pushed one hand up against her chin in an exaggerated. "Now that I think about it isn't kind of weird to hire shinobi just to take care of one spider? Even if we're only genin you'd think they could just pick up a can of bugspray or something," Ryuuka shrugged. "At least if it glows it should be easy to find in the dark,"

Ryuuka took a step backwards away from the group. "If that's all for today then I'm gonna dip- gonna see if I can needle Gramps into making takoyaki for dinner to celebrate graduation~ but he definitely won't go for it if I'm late to afternoon practice,"

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Miho Shimamura
Team Miho
Miho stopped abruptly, turned around and lowered herself at the knees until she was eye level with Wakana and nearly face to face with him. Her expression was carefully neutral, even wearing a thin smile, but hostility radiated out from every fiber of her body, the kind of hostility she had used to trigger deep, primal fear in even seasoned shinobi. Miho spoke and her words seemed innocuous but the killing intent she was projecting seemed to convey a secondary meaning alongside them.

"That's a shame about your eyes."

~I heard that you little shit~

"I'll see how you go the next couple of missions and if it causes any issues,"

~I'm gonna be watching you very goddamn closely and if it turns out those little eyeballs aren't seriously defective~

"Then we'll work out something together,"

~Then I'm going to take that as an insult and gouge them out myself~

With that Miho stood up silently and continued leading the way as if the brief exchange had not occurred

"Oh and you. Not a real answer," Miho said, gesturing curtly towards Sachiko. "Everyone's luck runs out someday," she said grimly. Privately Miho wondered what the kid's angle was, she was obviously playing some kind of game here, but the jonin didn't care enough to press the issue, not unless it made her life harder. "And like I said we're making a delivery, the only catch is the old man leaves on top of Tamakawa mountain,"

The four shinobi continued on through the village, eventually arriving at the main gates were a guard in a little booth was snoring softly in his seat, plainly having taken advantage of the ceremony pulling most people into the center of town to catch some undisturbed shut eye. Miho cleared her throat pointedly and the guard shot up suddenly, glancing around frantically.

"ehh! Wassat? I was just! UH I WAS LOOKING AT THE CEILING! FOR Uhh MOLD! YES! AND-"

"Save it for someone whose job it is to care bud," Miho said tiredly. "I just need the scroll for old man Fuji?"

"OH right of course," said the guard, looking tremendously relieved, he immediately turned around and began rummaging around iin the back of his little booth.

Miho used the lull in the conversation to glance back at her students. The blind one, the asthmatic one and the "lucky" one. Probably best to be on the safe side.

"I'm gonna borrow some extra gear to," Miho said to the guard's back "A length of rope and some extra kunai,"

"Right away m'am," said the guard cheerfully, causing Miho to wince and he soon turned back around with the items in question and a bulky looking scroll.

Miho took the rope and the extra kunai and handed the scroll back to one of the genin. "careful with that, it's heavier than it looks. There's a year's worth of groceries and stuff in it,"

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Ichiro stood still, staring at all three as they finished their various questions and complaints. His steel like eyes went back and forth from one to another, taking in his students. His back was still hunched over and his muscles twitched like a wild animal.

A small smile formed. Files, files didn't tell you anything like meeting someone face to face. He let silence hang in the air following them, the smirk growing.

"Pity... Curiosity... Fire. Nice! Let's take it from the top."

He cracked his neck side to side, and stood a little straighter, his height becoming more prominent than it was before.

Ajisai said:
"My name is Ajisai, where are we going to steal the grain from?"
"Ajisai, huh? Your name's mentioned in that scroll. Supposed to be my copy, but... Tch. Anyways, missions pretty stupid. We have to go harvest some seeds from some plants. It's supposedly pretty important though."

Ichiro produced a worn map from his pocket, laying it out infront of the three, resting it off of a nearby railing.


"We're getting it from here. Inoichigakure used to use this warehouse to produce some sort of bioweapon, or something or ot her. I just know they asked me to scout it last month, there was no ninja there, its abandoned. Something about perfect for genin. I'd rather take you all to a fight, rid some bandits or beat up other enemy nin, but something about baby steps. I dunno, I wasn't ever really a genin. Just wear gloves, don't know what sort of plants these are. They recommended it to our happy lil' squad cause it has some plant lady called Ajisai in it, and that's you right? Try not to fall down some stairs or whatever between now and then."

He stretched his arms above his head, most of the genin now coming up to his lankey chest.
kurio said:
"I specialize in medical ninjutsu. How about you, sensei, what do you specialize in?"
"What I specialize in? Beating shit out of people. Suppose in fancy people's terms, taijutsu and Four Legged Style. Like to rip things apart. What I'm most famous for though's probably a lil ninjutsu I made with water release I like to call 'The Undying'. Does what it says in the tin. I'm really hard to kill, though wouldn't say immortal, but hey, don't know yet. Think I made it into some bingo books for it. Man, worth letting that ninja get away for watching me take a pike to the chest. Hahaha... good times... good times... lots of blood. So you're the medic... You're going to get lots of practice it looks like, especially with Ms. Firebrand there. I can tell she's like me. Liable to get hurt. Hehehe.

Speaking of which...."

Tsubaki said:
"Yeah, my question is, is this a joke? Our real sensei's hiding right? How'd we get so lucky to get stuck with you? I'm Tsubaki Sana by the way."
"My favorite question. Short answer, yup, and you're the punchline. Got a problem with it? Go speak to our glorious Tsumikage. Course, getting to her office can be a bit... tricky. Do that and you're more than free to get off the squad. Think she already left, but I'm sure she'll be there for a few more hours."

The smile dropped back into a snarl, and Ichiro turned away to leave.

"9:45. Western Village Gate. Be late and I drop your ass as a ninja. Insult me, hit me, disobey whatever the hell you feel like, but get the job done and be on time. We're ninja. Long as a tool works, who cares what it looks like."

(Reactions whatever you want)

The next morning, Ichiro could be seen at the Village Crater, pacing back and forth. He had a surprisingly large sack hung over his back, everything from camping gear to medical supplies sticking out. Soon as everyone was gathered, he motioned to go, and they'd be off. The path out of the village was as desolate as ever, slowly rising out of the crater, some of the genin would see the outside of the village for the first time, the middle of a massive valley a bubbling scar in the land, a thick purple coat of miasma pouring out of it and over the valley itself. Leaving it, the air began to become fresher and fresher.

Ichiro snarled as the path became green with trees on the way flourishing in unnaturally rich shades.

"I always HATE the way to the Life Village. Tch. I'll be keeping perimeter watch, you guys don't worry about ninjas. Only genin, fighting others is a bit much for your rank. Least if you want to not be as pretty and... historical as I am."

He ran a finger over one of his scars.

He pointed to a shack in the distance, in the middle of a field of plants, rows of large green and varies species.

"Those are what we're getting samples from. I'm going to... prowl. Go get'em and we can call it a day."


Don't take yourself too seriously.

He did nothing but stare forwards, her words were easy enough but... he could feel... Feel the intent... the palpable desire to kill, the hatred and rage...Like staring into the eyes of a tigeress(its the thrill of the fight) he could barely contain the primal urge to flee... But he couldn't, the immense power before him kept him still as a deer...




He was given a good teacher!

"Gods be praised..." he wimpered, and kept quite for a time, he felt sorry for the other students. Truly he is the one who got luck. This woman, roughly hewn as she may be, was a diamond!

He only needed to see how her facets shined to truly see her worth as his mentor!

...As in see her fight.

Still, it took all his will power not to pee his pants, gods she was scary.

As such, he grasped the big scroll, as to not burden the others with it. He took a moment to tie his weapon around his waist with the chain, securing the large scroll onto his back, heads flapping harmlessly together like two spiked metal pom pom balls on his belly.

"A gift of bounty, the old man shall have many gifts to his door. I wonder what causes such good fortune?

Is he a respected shinobi?" Wakanaka asked their inglorious leader

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Shioreta Koino

Lucky like a rabbit? That didn't really sound much like a skill. Sure she wasn't exactly the greatest example of good luck herself given all the problems she had but it still didn't mean it was a real thing. The laws of physics existed with every bit being accounted for. It seemed more as if she was a bit delusional if anything if she truly believed such a thing. Hopefully it wasn't to an extent she wouldn't put her life on the line thinking random chance would be there to save her. She blinked as she was given a nickname pausing for a second as she rambled on praising her? She really wasn't sure what to heck to make of her as it only shifted to Wakanaka.

"Uh... sure. Shio is fine... or Reta I guess I've been called before. I don't really care too much what I'm called." She spoke as if to try and shift the girls attention back to her. She was quick to put a smile back on her face realizing she had dropped it more to look dumbfounded at the girls reaction. It was hard to keep up the smiling exterior when someone really managed to find a way to baffle you in how they behaved. If only she could of inherited half the girls energy instead of being left with so little herself to start with maybe she could of been a lot better off herself.

As they walked she looked to Sachiko as she seemed to carry on with her puns. She smiled though it was a miracle she didn't start to cry instead of the pain they were starting to cause.

If you are going to use puns and crack jokes... at least be more clever with it. A pun about his god having strict 'dogma' would of been a far better pun to try and go for if you wanted to go for god and dog.

Arriving at the main gate Shioreta remained silent observing the reaction of the guard who was clearly dozing off rather then doing his job. She couldn't really blame him, it was likely a boring job a good majority of the time. Then again he was being paid fot the job so it wasn't exactly a great excuse anyways. The fact it was a scroll did stick out a bit more. You didn't typically carry supplies in a scroll. To be fair though, it wasn't as if she knew enough about it to know viable of a practice it was. If it was so great though wouldn't it be used all the time?

She watched the scroll being handed off quickly picked up by Wakanaka. It was a much better option then her trying to carry the scroll if it was heavy. Her puppet made it difficult to carry much more herself... on top of the fact she wasn't exactly the strongest person. The puppet was already quite enough for her to carry about as it was. Surprisingly he also seemed to bring up asking about the 'old man' they were delivering the scroll too. Rather on point with what she was curious about herself and she didn't even have to worry about inquiring their teacher about it. The less she had to ask she assumed the better off she might be. She kept quiet listening in intently not speaking up for now.

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Your Lovable Jackass GM
Sachiko whistled.

"That'd sure be unlucky for my luck to run out, wouldn't it?"

She had a smile to her voice, but before she could troll further, a massive killing intent was released towards Wakanabe. Sachiko could feel it in the air, it even made HER skin crawl, and she wasn't even the one it was directed at. Perhaps poking a dragon was a bad idea. Sachiko gave a nervous laugh, and backed off, gulping at the display.

Wakanabe took the brunt at it, and it had looked like he'd found god in those moments. Well one'of'em anyways. Sachiko felt more like she'd found a demon.

"R-remind me to buy some roasted soybeans later..." *

Sachiko said in an unusually timid voice

As they made their way the guard, who turned to get their stuff, Sachiko motioned to their sensei, and put a 'shh' finger to her lips. Sensei wanted to know what Sachiko could do? Well.... She'd find out. Sachiko reached into her bag, and pulled out a single smoke bomb, holding it up by a single finger, chakra sticking to it. A sticky finger! Swiping with this lil D-rank Jutsu was just as easy as placing an object. Quietly she put it in his pocket, and smiled, backing off. Her brother had taught her the fundamentals by keeping her hat in place with chakra. He called that one 'hat jutsu'.

That's what she could do.

Then the supplies came. Before she could even claim the scroll the blind bat had it!

"Dangit! I wanted it! It coulda let me be lazy... Now sensei can ask me to do things..."

With a sigh, she took the heavy rope, tying it around her shoulder, and looking at the string of kunais in it. Looked like they were going climbing. Sachiko bit her lip, debating whether or not to spill the beans about a little technique she's been practicing, but then shook her head. Best to keep one's card's close. Sachiko's mission, pass as slightly as possible in everything she did. She had to be a passable little ninja who nobody would take as a threat. Granted, puppet and a taijutsu specialist both tended to make a name for themselves, maybe Sachiko wouldn't have to try quite so hard?

"Well, shall we be off Shio, Waka? We're going to make this old man's day! He can't be happy with year-old supplies at this point! Shio! Catch me if I fall! Waka, get the incense ready if Shio doesn't catch me! Hehehe."

She refrained from teasing sensei, still remembering the earlier showing. Assuming Sachiko's little prank was allowed earlier, the sound of a smoke bomb could be heard going off and Sachiko shrugged. Refraining didn't always mean success at not doing something.

(* Roasted Soy beans - Used to ward off evil spirits by throwing them.)


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Hayate Yamamoto

Hayate flashed a brief, toothy grin at Shibata's irritation from his hair being put in disarray. It really didn't take much to get a rise out of the kid, but that didn't make it any less fun. His amused grin soon faded for a more thoughtful expression at his nephew's question. "The mission details didn't mention anything about it being a bound summon. It's more someone's pet got out from the looks of it." Hayate gave a brief shrug, "Besides, it wouldn't be a simple D-Rank mission if it were an escaped summon. There won't be any real danger posed to you." He rubbed the back of his neck, "Unless you guys started taking swings at each other on your first mission. Like what happened with my team when I was a genin..."

He chuckled softly at the urgency in Aya's question, a glint of mirth lingering in his dark eyes. "I'll leave that one to your own discretion, kay? Not really one for micromanaging anyway." Hayate looked over at Ryuuka next, "Think I should buy you lunch?" The jounin tapped his chin thoughtfully with his finger for a moment, "If you three do well on this mission I just might!"

"The mine's fairly large, but we know where the miners have been working at and there haven't been any reports of weird, glowing spiders so that narrows the search area somewhat."
Hayate leaned back against the tree, folding his arms in front of him. "As for why they hire shinobi for this...? Well, you need to start somewhere, and it's easier to learn to work together as a team when it isn't life or death. But I think I've taken up enough of your time, I'll see you at the entrance at 0530."

Hayate wasn't a morning person. Perched on a boulder near the mine's entrance, a thermos of tea balanced on one of his knees, he bit back the urge to yawn for what would have been the tenth time in the last few minutes. Through the hazy fog that always blanketed their village, the sky was beginning to brighten with the first streaks of color. While he had told the genin their early start was so they could beat the miners there, that wasn't entirely true. Kosuke Kounna, the main overseer, had been there when Hayate arrived. The two had gone over a map detailing where work had been going on, and Hayate copied the information down for his students to use.

But now, he was alone for the time being and fighting not to doze off at his-

Oh, they're here.

Clearing his throat, Hayate gave a brief nod to each of them as they arrived. He didn't say much of anything until they were all there. "Told you it was gonna suck." The jounin hopped down, stretching in a failed bid to wake up more. "But you're all here and we have work to do." He passed a map and flashlight to each of them. The maps were marked with circled areas and notes detailing where work had been taking place. While the flashlights were fairly small, the kind meant to be clipped to your clothes so your hands were still free to use.

"All of these areas in blue are areas being actively mined. Work areas and the paths leading up to them are all pretty well lit and no one's mentioned seeing any spiders which leaves us-" He pointed to three large unmarked sections on Ryuuka's map, "with these areas here to search first. So, how do you three want to go about this?"

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Alarmed and Strangerous
Miho Shimamura
The party of four departed, a cloud of smoke emerging in their wake as Miho observed, but didn't care enough to interfere with Sachiko's prank. Outside of the village the air was cleaner and even Miho seemed to perk up a little bit as they made their way down the simple road, although that might just have been because the relative quiet was easier on her headache. Their destination was easy to spot, the area around Tsumigakure was mostly plains, so Mt. Tamakawa was the only real natural landmark for kilometers in any direction. As far as mountains went it wasn't the largest but the lack of natural tree growth in the region had exposed the mountain to erosion over the centuries and its sides were surprisingly steep as a result.

"No there isn't an easier path, before you ask," said Miho dryly as the team stead before what was just short of being a sheer rockface. "But there is a technique we can use to to speed things along that shinobi use to handle difficult terrain. If you're familiar with it, great this will be good practice. If you're not then I will demonstrate and then it'll be good practice. The rope is here in case you screw up or run out of juice." and with that Miho took the coil of rope from Sachiko and tied a kunai to the end. Miho swung the rope a few times to build up momentum and then sent one end flying up the side of the mountain where the kunai landed snugly between two rocks and became jammed.

"There's your guideline," Miho said shortly. "Loop it through your belt or something like that, you can use your fore head protector if nothing else and then loop in some of these kunai underneath you on the rope. You hammer those in as you go and then if you fall you'll stop when you hit one. Probably. Of course this will go a lot faster if you don't even need these so before we begin who's familiar with the tree climbing technique?"

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Ryuuka Tagamatsu
"Mornin' Sensei," Ryuuka mumbled, trying and failing to stifle a yawn as she rubbed a shoulder and winced. Despite the chill of the early morning Ryuuka looked a little flushed. She had incorrectly assumed the early start to her mission would let her skip her usual morning practice with her Grandfather. Instead the old coot had just woken her up an hour earlier then expected for sparring, yelling something about how she needed to be ready at all hours to answer the call of destiny. At least he made her breakfast.

"I think we should split up into two pairs and start from opposite ends of each section," Ryuuka said, rubbing her eyes and squinting at the maps her teacher was holding with a frown of concentration. "Spiders aren't very smart generally but it probably knows enough to move away from noise, especially if it's been avoiding the active mining sections. So if we pincer it we can kind of herd it inwards and force it out in the open,"

Despite her drowsiness Ryuuka was still aiming for that free lunch so a good plan was important. That spider was toast.

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Aya slowly walked towards the meeting point, her eyes showed signs of lack of sleep. Aya was a morning person, she shouldn't have any trouble coming here this early, if not for her sisters telling her scary stories about first mission gone wrong and made her overly anxious. Aya ended up spending hours just to pack a few stuffs that she thought would help during the mission.

Lunchbox, torch, bandages, sport drink, headlamp, she put those things inside a bright red backpack. Together with the flashlight that Hayate-sensei gave her, she could possibly wields three light sources at once... Of course she would only use one at a time to conserve the light source in case of emergency situation. She also brought one last thing, a rat wrapped inside a spider silk coccoon. Taken directly from the Ogumo Clan's spider food storage. The coccoon was suspended on a thicker thread which was held by Aya.

"I bring, a spider snac- eeekk!!!!" A brief shriek escaped her lips. The rat was still alive and when it suddenly struggled to break through the coccoon, Aya seemed to extends her hand as far as possible to make some distance with it. Her face looks like someone who's seeing a ghost.

"Use for lure. Use it!" Dropping the coccoon on the ground, Aya backed away from it and put Ryuuka between her and the struggling rat.

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Shibata Yamamoto
Arriving at the meeting point Shibata casually raised a hand in greeting. "Hey." He'd had to wake a little earlier than usual to arrive on time but it would've been neglectful to not get to sleep early enough to not be totally frazzled for his first mission, it wasn't that much earlier than when he usually got up to go bother someone until they trained with him. He cast a sidelong glance at the backpack Aya had brought along as opposed to his own kit that he had packed into the standard pouches and his pockets.

Listening to both ideas presented by his teammates he looked down at the struggling rat with an expression of distaste. "Does it have to be alive to be bait? Could at least put it out of it's misery." Thinking for a moment he examined the map. "We could use both ideas, if we can narrow down which of the three search areas it's in then we could set a trap there to capture it, if we can lure it into a particular tunnel I could block it in with my crystals."

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Kurio Shimizu - Team Ichiro
Kurio's eyes briefly shifted over in Tsubaki's direction as she appeared beside him, demanding to know if this team assignment was some kind of joke. A common sentiment towards him it seems. The genin didn't say anything for the time being, gaze focusing instead back on Ichiro and his reaction to the three of them. Would it be anger? Annoyance?

Instead, the jounin smiled. "Pity... Curiosity... Fire. Nice!"

Interesting... Perhaps the misgivings towards Ichiro were unfounded, even if only slightly. There had to be some truth behind the other jounin's concerns after all. Only time would tell it seemed. Kurio kept his hands folded neatly in front of him, listening to the details on their mission. Investigating a project Inochigakure had apparently abandoned. "Abandoned or no, a weapon from them could yield valuable information." He spoke cooly, though quickly added, "From... what I understand, anyway." Tsumi and Inochigakure were enemies, that much was common knowledge. It was practically unheard of to not know at least one person that's clashed with shinobi from that village. The Shimizu were no exception.

He looked up from the map as Ichiro stretched to his full height, making it obvious just how much taller he was than the three of them. Though, a quick glance at Ajisai and Tsubaki easily cemented Kurio as the shortest on the team. Much to his silent annoyance.

Ichiro speaking back up reclaimed his attention. A taijutsu user that liked to rip things apart. Explained his appearance, getting up close and personal to an opponent made injuries much more common- "What I'm most famous for though's probably a lil ninjutsu I made with water release I like to call 'The Undying' . . . . Think I made it into some bingo books for it. Man, worth letting that ninja get away for watching me take a pike to the chest."

For the first time, Kurio's soft smile faltered slightly. The genin blinked a few times. "I-I see..." The rest of the briefing was short and sweet. 9:45, Western Gate, do not be late. Though one final remark forced its way into Kurio's mind, settling deep below the surface. It brought a slight frown to his face as everyone dispersed.

"A tool...?" He softly repeated before turning to leave.

Kurio was the first of the three to arrive at the appointed meeting location with a soft "Good morning, sensei." Being an early riser made the meeting time plenty easy. He double-checked the large leather pouch attached to his belt, all of the genin's medical supplies packed neatly inside. Though a quick glance at Ichiro showed he wasn't the only one with such supplies.

The team was off with little ceremony once all three of them had gathered. Kurio lightly tugged at the cloth gloves that adorned his hands, he'd get used to them before long. Ichiro had a point about them being a good idea considering the unknown nature of these plants. In the meanwhile, he took in the massive shift in scenery. Having never set foot outside of the village before, the sheer amount of color was an almost startling difference to the sparse landscape that made up their village. And the closer they drew to Inochigakure, the more vibrant the hues became.

We're still so far from the actual village... If this is just the outskirts, what does the village itself look like? The genin couldn't help but wonder as they continued on. It was clear Ichiro wasn't fond of their surroundings.

Finally reaching their destination, Kurio waited for Ichiro to depart before turning to his teammates. "Collecting samples and seeds should be straightforward enough." He withdrew a scarf from his pouch, tying it around his mouth and nose. "I have extra gloves if either of you need them. If these plants were meant to be weapons, it may be a good idea to take caution. My poison knowledge is still limited, I'm afraid." Kurio turned back towards the field in front of them, "So how do you wish to proceed?"

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