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Fandom Naruto: Song of Rage (AU)

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This is a Naruto AU RP. A different continent, different countries, and a different history.


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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, Naruto Universe, Slice of Life


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Naruto: Song of Rage
KageYuuki - Head GM
Atlannian Spy - Lore Guy
Ganryu - Jutsu Grader

Listen well children, the fate of our clan and our village has always been intertwined with the Akuma, the great chakra beasts that roam these lands. While others have despised or feared the Akuma for their innate elemental abilities, only WE, the Shimizu clan and later this entire village following in our footsteps, have managed to tame and harness that power by binding the Akuma to us! Our former masters in Jingakure, the so-called Village Hidden in Embers, cast us out for this breakthrough! Fearful of our power! The short-sighted fools!

We wandered as landless mercenaries for generations after that. But eventually, our strength won us new allies and even a home! When the founder of this village, our first Tsumikage, faced down hordes of the enemy upon these very plains he used our most powerful and forbidden technique, the Song of Rage to detonate his Akuma and release an explosion of energy the likes which the world has never seen! The impure chakra it released forms the miasma which weakens and kills any fool who attempts to invade our lands. Only by our carefully honed techniques and the crystals we all wear, can we master this twisted land and call it our home.

Now not all of you younglings will form a pact with an Akuma as did the Tsumikage. Some of you are from other clans that joined us later, some of you simply have unique skills of your own. It matters not, you all bring something of value to our village. But you will all be genin soon, it will be you who bear our legacy forward into the future and pay for the sins of our past, so it would serve you well to remember them…

This is an AU RP. A different continent, different countries, and a different history. No canon characters exist. One large difference is we've rebranded the Tailed Beasts as Akuma, so that we can have more of them. So... mostly left with the rank system, combat, and ninja life.

We're starting as genin in a small village renowned for its Jinchuuriki and in general being a basically radioactive wasteland, called Tsumigakure (Village Hidden by Sin). There are 5 large villages in the RP, and 3 smaller ones. The main plot of the story is the growth of the genin and their adventurers, so you don't have to worry about all the politics in the background, but feel free to join in if you want.

What makes Tsumikagure unique is the Well of Corruption, a small pool in the center of the village that's filled with Akuma chakra, which like a tailed beast’s, corrodes anything it touches and can be lethal. So, how do people live here? They've mined a small gem that absorbs that nasty miasma in the air, letting them live a pretty peaceful life in a village that's mostly safe. The closer to the center you are, the more dangerous the miasma, and the gems can only absorb so much. There's a rare technique let's jounin and the Tsumikage get closer. Hidden records and other important stuff is hidden here.

The village has existed for 50 years and is on its 3rd kage, the 3rd Tsumikage.

We'll have a lore thread for the world, and a more in-depth village history.

World Changes

There is no tailed beast. We have tailed beast ripoffs we call Akuma. There are more of them, they can split off, and are general pains in the ass. Their chakra is more corrosive than a tailed beast's.

5 Major Villages, each tied to an element, and 3 smaller villages in the world.

Brief overview and their stance to Tsumigakure:

Major Villages
* Jingakure - Village Hidden in Embers - Enemy - Hidden in a large coal fire, navigating to the village is all but impossible to those who don't know the exact path. One wrong turn and one might find themselves in the midst of an inferno. Highly materialistic, the coal gives value to the village, and they are the most likely village to go to war for a profit. Or just flat out go to war. Easily agitated and set aflame much like the land they live in. Tsumigakure split from this village decades ago.

*Hanegakure - Village Hidden in Feathers - Neutral - Located on a series of floating islands, traveling to and fro requires the help of massive birds. Almost every shinobi is paired with one at a young age - most sharing a summoning contract. Because of this, these ninja are often experts in cooperation techniques with their summons. They are naturally curious and respected by most villages. Many mapmakers come from here. The biggest complaint other villages have is their ninja's tendency to explore into their countries, earning them a 'go away', but few want to try and brave the islands to fight Hanegakure.

*Arashigakure - Village Hidden in Storms - Ally - The magnetic field in this region is heavily warped making the use of metal weaponry nigh impossible. Compasses simply don’t work here. Thanks to the prevalence of lightning strikes, these shinobi specialize in channeling natural lightning into their techniques. They are known for saying little and meaning it. Seldom do they venture out their village, but what few times they have nearly always ended in war when they were obstructed. Their hatred with Jingakure has turned into a deep friendship with Tsumigakure, and they tend to offer behind the scene protections.

* Nendogakure - Village Hidden in Clay - Neutral - The overabundance of earth chakra in the area causes the land to constantly shift and change. It’s not uncommon to wake up one morning to a radically different landscape. How do the shinobi keep their village from constantly being ripped to shreds? Build it on the back of a giant tortoise. So the village is also moving, just slowly. Never in the same location from one year to the next. A . . . creative village, they are unpredictable to the world around them.

*Sangogakure - Village Hidden in Coral - Enemy - A gargantuan reef of coral with large, air-tight hollow sections in which algae grow, maintaining a breathable atmosphere. Access to the village is generally only possible by navigating a series of labyrinthine sea tunnels which are dark, often flooded and full of perilous sea creatures. As ruthless as the ocean they live in, Sangogakure nin are known for leaving few survivors and taking what they want. Often times that has been Tsumigakure's techniques, leading to much turmoil.

Minor Villages

*Inochigakure - Village Hidden in Life - Enemy- Despite being in a cavern deep underground, this area is vibrant and full of all manner of plant life. Intricate statues of various animals surround the central spring. Senjutsu and sages both spring from this part of the world. However, life often chokes out other life, and this village has been fundamentally opposed to Tsumigakure since its conception. They've never agreed to a truce, and often their ninja will attack Tsumi nin on sight. The fact that they neighbor it only seems to encourage this. Most likely to be in conflict with.

*Tsumigakure - Village Hidden in Sin - Self - The village hidden in a crater where Akuma chakra corrodes any who would step foot inside. Their own nin have found a way to subvert this. Continually trying to grow, they often have a problem of attracting the unwanted gaze of other nations. They are well known for their Jinchuuriki, and though they are small, they tend to have a fair bit of battle experience.

*Gunshugakure - Village Hidden in Crowds - Neutral - Some wouldn't even call this a ninja village, but more a massive metropolis of trade that happens to have a few ninja, and that's what they want the world to think. Where the trade ends and the ninjutsu begins is often hard to see, and a series of complicated agreements and trades keep this village safe, relying on alliances rather than natural barriers to protect them.

World Map

Village Map

(Gan likes Incarnate for maps.)

Both maps will get more filled in as we explore this world. Especially the Village Map, let’s explore it.

Stuff you can make up:

We WANT you to add to this world and make clans. Want a Kekkei Genkai? Well, make a new clan for it, describe them, what they do in the village, and go for it. There are a few Kekkei Genkai we'd like to avoid:
Sharingan - Someone explain to me what the @#$@ this one does in canon, I dare you.
Uzumaki BS - Nobody gets to be superman.
Byakugan - Sorry, we just want to see some new stuff.
Swift Release - If I see one more application with this on it…
Ketsuryugan - You want blood jutsu? Sure. Eyes that can control other people’s blood? No
Kurama BS - No one’s turning genjutsu into reality.

Clans in the RP so far:
Shimizu - A clan of Jinchuuriki, they founded the village.
Kounna - Explosion Release users, they mine the quarry in the village.
Yamamoto - Crystal Release users, they research the crystals that keep villagers safe.
Naruhiko - Fungal Release users, they deal heavily with agriculture.

  • Obligatory RPN rules apply
  • This will be an advanced rp so 3-4 paragraphs minimum per post
  • We’ll be using Discord for the OoC, if you want the link PM Kage
  • Burning house rule:
    • After one week without a post, your turn will be skipped (you can still post after this, this is just to try and keep things flowing)
    • If we go two weeks without hearing from you, you’ll be kicked and your character dealt with accordingly.
    • Multiple instances of you vanishing for nearly two weeks and then suddenly posting may also result in being kicked. If you can’t tell, this has been a bit of a problem in the past


Paranoid Android
Another opportunity to throw crazy ninjutsu ideas against the wall and see what sticks?


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Aye, custom techniques are always encouraged. It doesn't mean all of them will get the ok.


I have a character with Sharingan in one eye, and Byakugan in the other with the power to use chains to shackle Tailed beasts like the Uzumaki by using Swift Release to activate it at the cost of using their blood or the blood of others controlling them through it by the use of their power of the Nine tail!

Boo, how couldn't you include the Rinnegan in the list so I can have an excuse to have a 3rd eye for that. Phooey!

Oh and also nice maps!


Don't take yourself too seriously.
I see your plans!

You wish to dodge me!

But you cannot escape the ever watchful eye of Ori!

When... its looking...

...and not asleep...

But yea looks fun! I'm expecting a 15 page backstory in the mining techniques used by the Jingakure by Atl.

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Professional Asswiper
Oh cool I loved the Hoshikagure storyline.
So this is set outside the Land Of Fire, or is it just a different segment of it?


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Oh cool I loved the Hoshikagure storyline.
So this is set outside the Land Of Fire, or is it just a different segment of it?
It was a neat little filler arc, though as a reminder neither it nor any canon location exists here.

As for the question, we're outside of it. We're our own little village unfortunately nestled between two superpowers lol.


Pretty neat setup, but have you considered calling the Akuma the Gouki (Great Demon/s) instead? Street Fighter jokes aside, yeah I'll be your resident Rock Lee/Might Guy type.


Your Lovable Jackass GM
I see your plans!

You wish to dodge me!

But you cannot escape the ever watchful eye of Ori!

When... its looking...

...and not asleep...

But yea looks fun! I'm expecting a 15 page backstory in the mining techniques used by the Jingakure by Atl.
Bold of you to assume we don't already have one. :D

Pretty neat setup, but have you considered calling the Akuma the Gouki (Great Demon/s) instead? Street Fighter jokes aside, yeah I'll be your resident Rock Lee/Might Guy type.
I'm you're resident tenten type, minus the sucking, and hopefully with screentime, so that'll be fun.


Old soul
i swear i have some sort of naruto addiction..
alternate universe with no sharigan or angsty uchiha bull crap?

count me in


Your Lovable Jackass GM
Btw, I have a char sheet I'll post later tonight after work. I chose the explosion release clan(Kounna). I don't have explosion release.... If anyone was actually wanting it, feel free to get with me and sync backstories.
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