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Fenn blinked at all the creatures that appeared, and the girl that had taken the place of one of them. Interesting. He wasn't sure what to make of it but there wasnt much point of questioning it.
At kaiya's questioning on why they were here, Fennorian chose to answer for himself.
"My family sent me here on vacation, they think I work too hard." He half shrugged, glancing down at the strange creatures.
"Oh, where are my manners?, I am Fennorian of House Ravenwatch. It's a pleasure to meet you all."


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//Interacting with Millie myeyesblurry myeyesblurry and Fennorian DovahBeat DovahBeat

“Fennorian, huh? Alright, cool. My name is Kaiya, Kaiya Arita. Nice to meet you!” she said with a grin. “I just thought it’d be nice to get away for a while, but I ended up caught in the storm. Kinda unfortunate, eh?”
“Yeah… it is quite unfortunate. I thought I’d be better prepared, since this weather is common in some areas of different regions, but this was much worse than I thought,” Luna piped up. “I mean, my friend here, Pika, almost froze… He might’ve gotten sick.”
Upon hearing that Pika was under the weather, the leaf-clad creature known as Veena turned to him, nuzzling up to him as if to warm him up faster. Tricki still simply hid behind Luna, blinking as she took in the sights of the common area. She definitely seemed shy just because she was new to the world.
“Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I’m Luna. This is Pika, Veena, and Tricki. The rest of my team are resting in their Pokeballs. I was taking a break from my journey before I went to the Unova region, since I’ve already been to Johto, Kanto, and Sinnoh,” she explained, her hand never leaving Pika’s back as she stroked his fur. Hopefully they understood what she was saying… and they weren’t too startled by her transformation. She wouldn’t give up that information unless she absolutely had to, as it could be dangerous for her and her partners, as well as anyone else who was involved with her.


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Kaito. Being useless.

He huffed when Aida gave him a sarcastic remark. Fine then. He let go of his tail so it slid back down in front of the fridge. See if he's helpful again. Instead he turns over to face the wall instead, and closed his eyes.


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Millie interacting with Kaiya/Luna Gingerheartwarrior Gingerheartwarrior and Fenn DovahBeat DovahBeat

Millie let out a soft giggle at Fenn's answer. "It's always good to sit back and relax, sometimes!" She chimes in, but suddenly curious at what's happening down with Luna's pokemon. Is that a Zorua? A very peculiar looking Zorua at that.

Oh- introductions! Of course. She nods when Fenn introduces himself, House Ravenwatch? Interesting. A title. Kaiya and Luna didn't have titles. They were cute names though.

She feels a sense of pride when she introduces herself, "I'm Millicent. Millie for short. I'm Kindness, of the Seven Heavenly Virtues." She nods happily along with her introduction. Why keep it a secret? Why be humble about it?

She's kindness. Not Humility. She hums to herself.

Oh, right! Pokemon! She pulls another ball out of her bag and holds it out, "I have a Zorua too. He's shy, they might form a bond?" She's asking permission, she won't let him out until she knows it will be okay with Tricki and their owner. Piggle was always outcasted for being different, and this Zorua looked different from him and every other Zorua she'd seen before. She thinks they might find solace in the other.


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Tyler, ditching Pride and interacting with Pika Gingerheartwarrior Gingerheartwarrior

He didn’t see Yaru, but someone else seemed more in need of a blanket. Huddled in front of the fire was a small yellow mouse, it sneezed and was in a smaller blanket. He was already carrying a big blanket! It was perfect! He dragged the blanket over and looked between everyone. He looked at the yellow mouse.

Here, have this.” He said as he started twirling around, the blanket bunching up around him, then he started walking circles around the sick mouse, letting the blanket fall around it instead. “Now you will be better.” He squeaked out and patted Pika’s head.

No introductions, too much happening, everyone was too big, Pika wasn’t big. He had to scurry back to that room and find another blanket, what if another mouse got sick, or he found Yaru? He needed to be ready with blankets!


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//Iteracting with Millie and Tyler myeyesblurry myeyesblurry
//Kaiya waiting on Fennorian

Luna nodded. “Of course! Tricki needs a friend other than us at this point. She’s too shy to even walk around outside when there are other people and Pokémon around, since she’s only ever seen me and my Pokémon friends,” she explained to Millie. “I found her when she was just an Egg, her mother… I don’t know what happened to her. But the woman who gave the Egg to me seemed nice. It was almost as if she was the mother herself. And, she might’ve been.”

At the feeling of someone else’s hand touching him, Pika began to glare at the new person— er, mouse boy. “Pika…” he huffed, as if to say, don’t touch me. However, when he realized that Tyler was only trying to help, he let out a small sigh and nodded in thanks, although still wary. He didn’t like the contact. This person should consider himself lucky he wasn’t zapped…

Luna quickly turned at Pika’s slight signs of hostility. Spotting Tyler, she gave an apologetic smile. “Sorry about him. He doesn’t really trust anyone, yet at least, but thank you for your kindness.”

Now Veena seemed to be trying to get Tricki to come out, as she wanted her to be able to interact with others who could help her come out of her shell. She felt safe around Millie, and believed she could trust her… especially as she was more trusting than Pika.


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((Still don't have a fancy for link yet rip))

Link nodded with a hum before revving the motorcycle again, then speeding off in the direction Hartmann pointed out. He followed his directions dutifully to find the tank.

However, upon spotting it in the snow, Link's eyes widened, and he skidded the motorcycle to a halt. He then hopped off the bike and took a defensive position in front of Hartmann, shield held out in front of link in preparation to parry the guardian's beam. What he didn't realize, was that the tank was not a Guardian.

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((My brain is not working anymore sorry for this))

Fennorian watched with mild curiosity at these creatures, none of which were familiar to him. However, Millie's introduction intrigued him. Virtue? What was that supposed to mean? People couldnt be the embodiment of virtues... could they? Did that mean they were Aedra? Fenn grew a little nervous at that thought, aedra tended to not like the undead, especially not vampires.

Trying to conceal his nervousness, Fenn focused on watching the strange creatures.
"What did you say these creatures are? I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with them."


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//interacting with Fennorian DovahBeat DovahBeat and Millie myeyesblurry myeyesblurry

“Yeah, I’m curious too,” Kaiya responded, looking towards the three creatures near or in the blanketed bundle, as well as the Noibat on Millie’s head.
“Oh! These are called Pokémon. They are wonderful creatures, and can be great friends too, if you treat them right. Like Pika. He’s my best friend, and the rest of my Pokémon are amazing friends as well,” Luna explained, giving a smile towards Fenn. “Although there are some that others consider ‘unnatural’. Pika, Veena, Tricki, and two other members of my party, Sheldon and Pixi, are considered ‘unnatural’, four of them for—“ she said, but was quickly hushed by a quick “Chu!”
Pika was obviously upset by Luna’s explanation. After shaking his head at his partner, he shot a glare towards anyone else nearby, as if saying; don’t ask. Don’t tell anyone.
“Well, now I’m intrigued—“ “It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”


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Millie interacting w Kaiya/Luna Gingerheartwarrior Gingerheartwarrior and Fenn DovahBeat DovahBeat

Millie beamed at Luna giving her permission to introduce their Zoruas. She nodded along with her explination of Tricki. Oh, "Poor deary..." She mutters. Wait- Luna was right. It could have been her mother. That makes sense, Zoruas are quite the little trickters, aren't they? Though, what would the reason be to give up her baby...?

"Oh-" Right of course, she lets Piggle out. A small flash of light, and stands a small black and blue Zorua. Peculiar little one, and fairly nervous for a moment. He looks around, tail slowly wagging lowly behind him. He was curious for the whole environment for a moment before seeing the other Zorua.

That was peculiar, Tricki looked different. Not like him, not like the others. His ears go down and he scoots closer, lowering himself to show he's no threat to his new friend. "Zor?" He looks pleadingly at the other pup pokemon, not moving.

Millie smiled, but hid it behind her hands. Piggle was such a cutie. She looks back at Fenn who looked nervous. Oh, the pokemon? She was slightly nervous her first few times as well. She sighs happily when Luna explains pokemon.

"Nothing to be scared of, Fennorian. Pokemon and human often work together and, as Luna says, can become great friends." She chirped, but then noticed Luna getting cut off.

"... Though, I'm curious. Your pokemon are unusual. Mine are what they call shinies, I've never seen pokemon that look like yours. Or the fact that you shapeshifted. As far as I know, can't only Zorua's do that?" Considering Luna did not look like a Zorua in either form she had shown herself in, Millie was.. Puzzled? She traveled with Pokemon for the longest of all her travels. She was so curious about their existence.


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//interacting with Fennorian DovahBeat DovahBeat and Millie myeyesblurry myeyesblurry

“Oh… uh, Tricki only seems unusual because she was born that way. She was… born naturally,” Luna began to explain, only to get Pika nudging her gently as if to say don’t say anything.
“Naturally?” Now, if she hadn’t been before, was fully intrigued at the strange girl’s wording.
“Yeah. Bella, my Gardevoir, and Tricki were born naturally. Hatched out of Eggs, in the wild or under the care of a Trainer. As for me and the other four Pokémon in my party, as well as many others, let’s just ask this: have you heard of cloning?”
Veena looked at Luna as well now, her head lowered as if she agreed with Pika. “Leaf, leafeon,” she said, shaking her head.
“Yeah, yeah, Veena and Pika, I know. Only the professors are supposed to know about this, but I doubt any of these people would take us back there. They seem really kind,” she said with a smile, “and others deserve to know what kind of pain Team Rocket put us through.”
“Cloning? But… that makes complete copies of people and animals, right? Does it work the same where you come from?”
“Well, yes… and no. It’s a bit confusing, honestly… but I know the general gist of it. I wasn’t supposed to be able to shapeshift, but it was a… side effect.”

Tricki, upon seeing the other Zorua, began to walk forward slowly, as if trying to gauge the situation. Her tail wagged gently, and she smiled shyly. “Rua…!”

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Tiger 237 "Stefan" and Crew

The sound of a nearing engine gave Muller the strength to look out the driver's sight. He could see a beam of light penetrating the snow, which turned out to be some sort of motorbike. "K-Kertz..." He spoke, slightly shoving the driver. The man was out cold.

"Uhh...Link?" Hartmann asked, wiping some ice off of his caps' beak. "This is Stefan, aka Tiger 237. I'm pretty sure you'll get used to it quick." He spoke, preparing to meet up with his comrades. "Kommandant! Treiber! Geht es euch gut? Its me,"
He waited a few moments, before no reply. "Link, I think they may be nearly frozen inside the tank. Should we wait until the others get here? Or do you have something like a firestarter?"

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Link glanced between Hartmann and the tank, on edge until the German explained that it was not, in fact, a Guardian. He relaxed his defensive position, putting the shield away.
"I have a way to start fires." Link answered, Taking out the shiekah slate again and using it to swap his sword for a one-handed flamesword.
"This should work." Link unsheathed the blade, heat radiating off of it and melting the snow that dared to fall too close. He gave it an experimental swing, flames erupting where the sword was swung before going dormant once more.

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Fennorian had to resist correcting Millie on why he was anxious. If she couldn't sense his vampiric energy then there was no point in revealing that part of himself when it could put him in danger.
"How intriguing! I haven't heard of successful cloning, aside from temporary illusions using magicka. It's even more curious how you manage to shape-shift as a side effect. Hmm, I wonder if it's anything similar to Lycanthropy or vampiric transformations..." he pondered out loud, crouching down to look closer at the nearest 'pokemon', as they were apparently called.


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//interacting with Millie myeyesblurry myeyesblurry and Fennorian DovahBeat DovahBeat
//Awfully long post, my muse SKYROCKETED

“Some of the first clones didn’t survive. The only ones that did were one Pokémon, cloned from a rare species called Mew, who they called Mewtwo, and… me. I had Mew’s DNA put into me, giving me my shapeshifting abilities and ability to speak to Pokémon, while Mewtwo got the psychic powers. He’s my caretaker, although after an incident at our home, all of us split up. The rest of the clones were Mewtwo’s creations from others’ Pokémon, some of which I have met,” Luna continued. “That’s why Pika, Veena, Sheldon, and Pixi look different. When we split up, those four came with me to journey across different regions.”
“You must have gone through a lot. Labs are not fun… not at all,“ Kaiya sighed. “But why did you hide? What reason was there not to go into the world until then?”
“We’re seen as misfits; experiments. Property. We always need to be cautious around a group called Team Rocket, who wish to take us back… they believe we belong to them.”
“Pika! Pikachu!” Pika interjected, obviously angry at the treatment they had gone through. “Pi pikapika, pikapi… pi… CHU!” Having been cut off by a sneeze, Pika decided it was time to be quiet and sit back down.
“Pika… please don’t overexert yourself. You need rest,” Luna said, before turning back to the others.
“What was he saying? I couldn’t understand a word.” Kaiya said. “Can they only say their own name or something?”
Luna nodded. “In most cases, yes. Some, like Mewtwo or even Slowking, can speak through telepathy, and rarely in human speech. Anyway, what he said was that… he wished we could be free to live wherever and however we want, without living in fear of being captured. And I agree.”
“Yeah, that’d be nice, wouldn’t it..?”


Number 5.
Fire? Okay, he could do that. Though, it wouldn't hurt to grab additional blankets too. He could carry more of them than Tyler could, and there was a lot of people heading out to save those stranded in the snow... As Tyler rushed ahead, Pride backtracked, padding back over to the closet to retrieve more blankets, as many as he could carry. There wasn't too many, about five? He had counted five, at least. "Tyler, wait!" Too late. Tyler was already gone, out of sight, likely far ahead of him. He sighed to himself, letting the blankets hang over one arm before retreating back into the main room himself.

There were more people than he expected. Others, people that hadn't been there before, a few young women -one that seemed familiar somehow, but the fog within his brain wouldn't disperse and allow him to place her- some animals? Were those animals, even? He paused in the doorway, head cocked to the side in bewilderment as he eyed the little creatures up, Tyler was over with them. Oh, and a man too. Tall. Very tall...

Ah, right! The fire! He was letting himself get distracted-


It had already been lit. Now what...?

"Are-" He cleared his throat, shifting his weight from foot to foot, eyes roaming around the room. "Are any of you cold? I have spare blankets." His gaze lingered on Millie once more, eyebrows knitted in thought. Where had he seen her? Had she been a lost soul? One of the many he'd encountered in Purgatory? No... There was more to her than that. He just didn't know what. "And I can make food if anyone is hungry...?"

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Tiger 237 "Stefan" and Crew

"Oh yes, very nice indeed!" Hartmann exclaimed, surprised at the sight of a flaming sword. "Kommandant!" He yelled, climbing on top of the tank. He placed his MP40 down by the turret hatch and opened it up. A cold gloved hand reached for Hartmann, making him shriek in sheer surprise.

"Hartmann..." Muller mumbled, after Hartmann shrieked. "Danke, Hartmann." Hartmann helped his commander out of the tank, whos' gaze switched to the strangely dressed short man. "Das ist unsere Rettungstruppe?" Muller asked Hartmann. "Ja, Mit mehr auf dem weg." Said Hartmann.
"Hast du herausgefunden was mit dem motor nicht stimmt?" Hartmann asked. "Frost, alles druber." Muller spoke, remembering when Schroder had discovered the engine had frozen over.

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Link tensed when Hartmann was grabbed and shrieked, but quickly relaxed once things were calm again.
He had very little idea of what they said, though he could assume it was referring to him and the rest of the rescue crew lagging behind.
Link tilted his head at Hartmann to convey his confusion, he had never heard of a language like this before. He knew a little bit of Gerudo, but not enough to hold a conversation. Not that it'd be helpful here, anyways.
"I will admit I don't know much about how this mechanical stuff works, but if you need me to thaw something out I can easily do that." He informed, holding up the flamesword.

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Fennorian listened respectfully, so preoccupied with watching these creatures that he didn't notice the humanoid deer creature walk in. In all honesty, it startled Fennorian, he looked an awful lot like how Hircine is depicted. Fearful of the possible connection to the Daedric Princes, especially one so close to the Prince that created Vampries, Fennorian went into mist form on instinct and darted to the other side of the room before solidifying again.
He quickly realized that was an overreaction. Oops.


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nah i write one post i sleepy not writing for all of them Millie @ Kaiya and Luna Gingerheartwarrior Gingerheartwarrior uh and also Tricki lol, @ Fennorian DovahBeat DovahBeat , @ Pride jump. jump. and also Tyler just ran to Pride when he saw him my tummy hurts lol

When Tricki wagged her tail, it was a full invitation for Piggle to start fake pouncing. “Zor zor!” He cheered, before actually pouncing and then bouncing off Tricki and rolling onto his back, ready for retaliation.

Meanwhile, Millie just nodded along with Luna explaining their story. Cloning, was that… Why she could transform? She wasn’t just a human, or a pokemon. Actually, was she even a human? It would make sense if she’s both, for her to do that. She wouldn’t know, there seems to be bits she’s vague on.

Which would make sense, considering the threat of Team Rocket.

That sounds awful. Even for my team, we’re friends. Pokemon should belong to no one, it’s a mutual experience to travel with my team.” Despite these statements, it was the humans that tamed the pokemon, rather the other way around. So.. Is that fully true?

She looks at Fenn speaking. Lythcanthropy ? She knew Vampiric, what was that first one? She pondered, watching him interact with the pokemon. It was familiar, you can’t live for such a long time and not hear everything once, right? It was slipping her head. Something that can transform, along with a vampire, at least.

The idea of transforming is interesting, she was excited to have a Zorua for that reason. She should ask Fennorian about these things, he’s not from a pokemon world. She can ask when they’re done with the pokemon…?

Oh, deary, Pikachu.” She says, in her best soothing voice, “Luna’s right. You need to rest. It really is awful what they did, but it will be okay.” Maybe she could get closer to Luna and her pokemon? She spreads kindness, she should help their world. She can help free them. She can try, anyway…

She turns her head at another voice, and sees a deer person. Deer boy? He does look rather young. He… looked so familiar…. She squints at him- and he’s looking at her? His eyes are lingering, a similar emotion in his eyes. He must be from her world, perhaps? Crossed paths? A deer human, hadn’t seen many animal human hybrids in her travels just yet. Some soul in heaven, or a lost soul?

He doesn’t look very lost. Tyler had scampered his way next to him as well, and Tyler positively glowed when he looked up at the deer. Tyler wasn’t a lost soul, either.

She blinked, he was asking something. He’s holding out blankets, might make sense he would… ask if they need any? She looks down, Pika wrapped in one and the others near the fire. She smiles at the scene, forgetting his question.


Oh! Sorry,” She jerked her head back, she doesn’t know how long these pokemon were out, Luna had made something for Pika, but cooked food can add more flavor and emotion into cooking. It might warm them right up! “Cooking sounds great, I could help? Some… Soup perhaps, warm and easy on the stomach.

With bread. Soup and bread, Pika should like it? She hoped so, anyway. She makes her way closer to the deer boy, who was between them all and closer to the kitchen. “Thank you, your kindness is wonderful.” She praises, offering blankets and to make food? So well mannered. Everyone was so kind here so far. “Such blessings!” She beamed, such blessings to have found this group.

With so much thought and then planning of the soup, she hadn’t even noticed Fennorian had quite literally disappeared until she turned around. She looked around, seeing him across the room. “... Fennorian?


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//Interacting with Millie and Piggle myeyesblurry myeyesblurry Fennorian DovahBeat DovahBeat and Pride jump. jump. Mentions Tyler.

“Zoru! Zorua!” Tricki barked, definitely feeling much better. When Piggle pounced, she was almost knocked off her paws due to her small size, but she managed to keep her ground. Darting around in a zigzag motion, she got close and pounced back, jumping off of Piggle and giving a bit of a giggle-like cry. “Rua! Hehehe!”

“Oh, don’t worry about me. A blanket might be nice, but… I really shouldn’t impose by having you cook for me,” Kaiya replied, attempting to keep her cool. She seemed… almost nervous at the mention of food, almost slightly nauseated even? Despite this, it was also obvious she did appreciate the offer.

“I agree. Pokémon and people should be friends, not ‘own’ each other. Mewtwo would agree, too,” Luna replied to Millie before turning to face the others so that she could see them easily, still never leaving Pika’s side. “Right, some soup might help. When I would make stews from the plants that grew on the island, any sick Pokémon would feel better really quickly!”
Pika huffed. There was no way he’d be soft and let others care for him… but Luna would be upset if he was being this stubborn. Fine, he’d let them take care of him… for now. Tyler was nice, though… Maybe he could be friendly to others. Just this once.

Upon seeing Fennorian scurry to the other end of the room, Veena went to go see if he was okay. “Leaf? Leafeon…” she said, quite obviously worried about him. Even though no one was quite trustworthy yet to them, no one deserved to feel fear. If she needed to, she would go get the other three team members out of their Pokeballs to cheer him up, and help out around the place. Especially Bella. She loved to help others. “Feon. Leaf!”


We've Going Hard for Too Long


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Jacqueline smirked lightly as the German introduced the tank and his crew for a bit. She's not a total arrogant person but she surely have a lot of respect when meeting new people yet she approaches to the German, having to think about the issue about the Maybach tank engine. She has experience on engineering skills but never she had tried to fix a engine of an tank before in her entire life, and this is going to be hard for her right now. And it should needed a bit of skill to fix one, as she looked at everyone else who followed the German. It really does need her to find some mechanic tools to fix the tank engine as she removed her snow coat and cracks her fingers because she is going to find out what is the cause of the tank engine being broken in the main road of snow. Really getting her how to find some sort of a issue if it is the pistons or just a heating issue, which it should be very hard for Jacqueline because she is encountered a German tank issue.

"Alright, everyone. Can you please move back a bit, I'm gonna fix this 1943 tank engine from our friendly German friend," Jacqueline began to advice everyone to move back as she is going to fix the engine. "Where's the engine being placed at?"


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Aida scoffed, wondering if he'd get yelled at if he shoved the other's tail out of the way to open the fridge. He didn't need anything out of it currently, but the thought was mostly fueled by pettiness. If anyone else needed to get in the fridge they'd just tell the guy to move probably.

'Seiichi and Yoshida aren't here to scold me for it either.' He thought as he got the can opened.

Ah, Yoshida. He was a shinki to Seiichi only a month longer than Aida, and he was like an annoying older brother.

Putting the can opener aside noisily instead, he started on eating the pear slices and didn't try to bother the lizardman anymore. For now.

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Yaru meanwhile, had found himself catching up to Link and Hartmann at some point, waterbending the snow at his feet occasionally throughout until he was close enough to make out the tanks shaping the snow, deciding to walk the rest of the way. Link's flame sword was a curious thing, and made it easier to pinpoint exactly where they were near the tank along with Hartmann's shouts.

When Hartmann shrieked, Yaru picked up the pace, though sighed in relief when he realized the young man wasn't in any immediate danger once close enough.

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Number 5.


Location: Main room
Currently Feeling: Bewildered
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The woman had a bizarre way of speaking. Kindness? Blessings? Was she an angel, perhaps? Angels had flown over Purgatory, some had even stopped to talk to him, perhaps she'd been one of them? His memory was fractured, thanks to his time spent in such a place, it would make sense that he couldn't fully recall her. Satisfied with the thought, he allowed his gaze to wander to Tyler, who'd practically tackled his legs the moment he'd made himself known. He gripped the nearest shelf to avoid staggering, one of the blankets slipping off his arm and onto the floor. "I see you were making friends?" He glanced at the Pokémon gathered, squinting slightly in confusion. Just what were they? They were cute, almost animal-like, but clearly not animals. Strange...

He pursed his lips, eyebrows still knitted together, bending down to pick up his fallen blanket. "Soup sounds perfect." She'd offered to assist, too. Pride could cook on his own, he'd made soup before -chicken noodle soup, to be exact- but he wasn't going to reject any help. He wasn't a perfect chef, after all. The others, minus the blonde woman, seemed to agree upon soup as well. And if he'd heard right, those strange little creatures were... Pokémon? It meant nothing to him, but it was a name, at least. Maybe he could find a book or something about them... "I'd appreciate the help too. The others left to rescue some people stranded in the snow. So we're going to need a lot of soup..." Nodding to himself, he set the blankets down on a nearby chair, hoping that anyone who returned to the cabin would notice and make use of them.

"Who's...?" Fennorian? What was wrong? Everyone sounded worried about him.

...Wait. How did he get over there, when he'd been...?

Oh. Maybe he'd been startled by his sudden appearance. He wouldn't blame him, demons were intimidating beings. He shuffled closer to the kitchen, rubbing at one of his arms. "I'm sorry if I startled you." He shot a glance Fenn's way, before swiftly pulling his eyes away, staring down at his feet instead. "I'm not- I have no intentions of harming anyone. I'm not a being of Wrath." Wrath demons were the violent ones, not demons of Pride. No, they were self-centred, arrogant, egotistical... At least, they were supposed to be. He didn't really fit that criteria anymore. He swallowed, raising his head back up to look at Fennorian once more. "Are you okay?"

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Tiger 237 "Stefan" and Crew

"Uhh, Ja. But we don't want the engine damaged since there are some rather fragile parts inside, or at least I think so. So no heat on the engine for now." Hartmann spoke looking his Kommandant up and down, to see if he had any thoughts.
The woman had finally pulled up in her Mercedes-Benz, which Hartmann noticed by the bright clear headlights. It was getting dark, and that meant they had less time to spare.
Kertz and Schroder also climbed out as well, their teeth chattering against their own teeth. Both were wrapped in insulating blankets, but a frozen tank might as well be an ice-box."
"Oh of course. I show you das engine." Hartmann spoke, leading the woman to the aft of the tank. He placed his hands against a cold handle and unlocked the plate of metal, which was pretty large. He pushed the lid up, with the cold of the metal attempting to push him back, and the plate came down with a clang.
Frost was built-up inside the engine and in nearly every crease. Every piece of exposed metal and pipes were also covered with a layer of light frost. "Oh mein gott." Hartmann sighed.
Upon closer inspection, the cylinder head covers have a 1-centimeter wide crack a few inches long, allowing unwanted frost inside.
"It would appear we need Link's flame sword." Hartmann spoke up.

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The deer man had mentioned more people, stranded in the cold… “Poor things… I hope they’ll be okay,” Luna mused, looking back at Pride. “If we’ll need a lot of soup, some of my partners and I could also help. I’m not sure if my ingredients would be useful, though, maybe for the Pokémon if we added them to their bowls…”
Pika, however, still was not having it. More people? Great. He had already had enough interaction for the day… all he wanted to do was curl up and sleep. Preferably next to Luna, but it seemed like she wanted to help these strangers. He voiced this quietly, letting out a small huff of annoyance. “Pika. Chu.”

Now, Kaiya, who also appreciated the hospitality, nodded. “I may not know much about this stuff, but Dad did teach me how to cook… or, well, I watched him and picked it up on my own. If you want any extra help, feel free to ask me.”


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    Link nodded, and followed Hartmann to the engine with the flamesword. He inspected the engine to think of the best way to defrost it, without also damaging it further. Eventually he decided on resting the blade of the sword against the metal, the heat radiating off of it quickly melting the ice and frost. Link left the sword there to continue thawing the engine, then walked to the side of the road a little out of the way in case anyone else ended up arriving from the road. He took out his slate again and used it to summon a bundle of wood and a fire arrow. He set up the wood and used the arrow to ignite them instantly, the dry sticks catching with a Fwoosh!
    Link looked back at Hartmann's crew, gesturing for them to come gather around the fire to start warming up. It wouldn't be good if someone ended up getting frostbite when he could've prevented it.

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