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Number 5.
It was... Snowing? Was this snow? Tyler had described it before, said it was white, and soft. The specks of white beyond the window looked soft, and the inside of the bus was relatively cold, he was glad to be wearing a sweater. With a contemplative hum, Pride stretched his hand out towards the window, letting his palm rest against the cool glass, eyes widening as the snow fell in thick, ivory chunks. He pulled his legs up onto his seat, drawing them up against his chest. "It's hard to see out there." He glanced down at Tyler, who was seated beside him, seemingly as entranced by the cold weather as he was.

There were others around too, other passengers. Bizarre looking people, or... Creatures. Some didn't seem to be human. Some seemed to be human, but upon closer inspection, weren't. He idly wondered if they'd seen snow before. "Wait-" Tyler probably wouldn't be able to see well, the window was on Pride's side, and Tyler was small, not tall enough to see from where he was. He drummed his fingers against the icy glass for a moment before letting his hand drop to his lap, lowering his legs and patting them. "Did you want to see it? You can sit here. I don't mind." He glanced at Tyler as he waited for the response, before pulling his attention back to the outside world.

Everything was white. The trees, the ground, the sky... Was snow supposed to fall this fast? Or be this thick? How would they even make it to their destination if they couldn't see anything? "Is it meant to be this heavy?" Even the dust storms in Purgatory hadn't been this bad. The snow seemed to be obscuring everything. Shit. Was that going to be a problem? What if they got lost? Or stranded out here? Would they be buried within the snow? Could snow bury them?

...Wait. Had the bus stopped moving? He didn't hear the rumble of the engine anymore, nor see the world moving by. They didn't seem to be at their destination either. He swallowed thickly, glancing between Tyler and the rest of the bus, wondering if anyone else had noticed the sudden stop. "...Is this our stop?" He lowered his voice, foot tapping erratically against the ground. "Or anyone else's?" Louder, so the others could hear.

interacting with myeyesblurry myeyesblurry (Tyler)


Leech Boy
Tyler Interacting with Pride jump. jump.

He rocked back and forth, kicking his little feet back and forth. His eyes focused on the snow- he hardly remembered snow. It’d been so long.

Yes, hard to see. There lot of snow.” He mused, happily. Then Pride was asking if he wanted to sit on his lap to see the snow better! “Yess!” He cheered and put his feet under him, leaning forward to hop onto his feet and then get closer before climbing onto Prides lap.

Oh but it was still hard to see… Okay, he then stays standing on Prides lap and holds his hands up against the glass. Nose to the glass, feeling the cold. Each breath fogged the glass more than before, and his little claws left clear spots where he ran them over it. His tail wagged slowly behind him, swaying happily with him.

Pretty…” Even if he couldn’t see the trees- this looked familiar. “The green grass went away when it snow. Snow lot sometimes but… Not this much?” Pride was right, this was a lot of snow. Too much snow. Would it hurt the grass under? Is it gonna be okay? Now he was sad and worried about the grass…

Oh- but- Wuahh!” And suddenly the bus was stopping. He wasn’t prepared for it- nor his hands. The glass is cold and slippery. He’s suddenly hitting the chair in front of them and falling to the ground.

Oh I fell.” ):

Gorgeous Watchdog

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Sonic sat in his bus seat, his green gaze watching the snow fall. He grumbled under his breath as he shivered, wishing that he had the thought of bringing a jacket or something. Not that his back quills would pop two holes in a jacket, but it would be better than just wearing gloves and sneakers.

"What? You never seen snow before?" Sonic asked, glancing at the stranger who asked if the snow was supposed to be heavy.

Sonic had seen snow before, but that didn't mean he liked it. Like their earth counterparts, mobian anthropomorphic hedgehogs weren't fans of snow or cold. Had he known it was going to snow, he probably would have stayed home, in the Green Hill Zone, or fattened up for winter hibration. Of course, staying in the Green Hill Zone was probably the better option, as Sonic didn't know if Tails or the others could handle it by themselves should Dr. Eggman rear his ugly head.

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villains aren’t born, darling. they’re made
This vacation was supposed to be fun. Megumi had wanted nothing more than to get away from his idiotic father figure turned sensei and the rest of the group of misfits he hung around. That was why he found himself, Kuro and Shiro on either side of him, sitting on a bus with several other strangers, trudging along toward their private cabin getaway.

Why was there so much snow? He'd watched the news before they left...had a blizzard been predicted?

He was sat behind a...well, were those antlers? And a little tiny mouse-like creature that Kuro had been taking an interest in the entire ride. Every time he spoke Kuro's ears would perk up, causing Megumi to place a hand on the black dog's back to keep him still.

When the bus suddenly came to a halt, Megumi let out a borderline irritated sigh. Why had they stopped? He was ready to crack open one of the several books he brought with him in the comforts and silence of his own cabin, but of course, there was some sort of issue. Standing just slightly, Megumi heard the person in front of him speak, asking if this was anyone's stop.

"Not quite," Megumi addressed him, watching as his little friend plopped down onto the ground of the bus suddenly. Megumi wasn't quick enough this time, watching as Kuro bolted from his seat to go and nudge the little mouse, almost seeming like he was trying to help him up.

Shifting off of the seat, Megumi grabbed Kuro by his collar and tugged him gently backward. "Sorry about him." He muttered, lips forming a thin line. "He's harmless."

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Leech Boy
Kaito @ everyone on the bus. Trying to encourage them to follow to the cabin

Kaito was blinking away, extra lids attempting to clear the vision that would never work. It was the snow outside. It was freezing the windshield. He was upcoming on the first cabin- none of these are in for the stop he thinks, but there was too much. Too much snow. Shit…

He slows the bus to a stop, even hearing a thump of some random brat falling out the seat somewhere. Fucking kids. This is why he couldn’t be a life guard. Whose the parent, tell their brat to sit in the chairs, not climb. Oh well, at least it’s not crying yet.

Braking and parking infront of the first cabin, nice large well lit. Pretty. Nice place to hide out for the storm.

He stands up, turning to the guests.

“ ‘Mpologies. Too much snew. Yee know? Comee.” He mutters while yelling out atll at once. He needs to get into the cabin. IF they broke down between other cabins he would have frozen to death. This is for his safety. Doesn’t care if they get to their cabins. This would likely be an upgrade either way. And enough rooms he could hide away.

As long as they keep their brats out his room. He reaches for his communication device and informs the base they’re taking coverage in the cabin.

Then he opens the door, “Hurry lads, freeze befer ye get half way at that pace. “ And he’s already hurrying off the bus to the cabin, low explanation for them. They won’t want to freeze, they should follow.



Aloy got off the bus, she had seen snow before, but she just took the time to study her focus and her weapons on her back. Back in the Frozen wilds, she was used to the weather around there and came prepped.

There were various creatures, one blue and a few others.

But she wasn't going to stand outside to freeze so she followed the others toward the cabin and walked inside.

myeyesblurry myeyesblurry jump. jump. Gorgeous Watchdog Gorgeous Watchdog darkred darkred Caiotic Caiotic


Gooey 🐌
Link stood from his seat and quickly followed the others to the cabin. It was pretty cold out, reminded him of Tabantha and Hebra. He should've had the foresight to put on some warmer clothes before getting out, as he was shivering now, but the cabin wasn't far. He'd make it in before it got too bad. He trotted up towards the cabin, trying to keep warm by moving. He didn't get the chance to note much of those around him, too concerned with staying warm for the moment.

Mentions: everyone briefly


Leech Boy

He reached the cabin quickly and opened it, slipping inside and letting the first occupants follow him in.

He nods at Link and Aloy. Non children. Great. Seems to be only one child from what he heard briefly. This wouldn't be a horrible time then.

... Or would it. The child might become more rowdy with no other kids to play with...? Shit...

He ignored everyone quickly. He finds the cabinets to find some canned foods. He sighs in relief; at least they wouldn't starve. Who knew how long the storm would last...?

He puts his communication device on the counter and slips into a seat, pulling his phone out to text his mom. She worries about him, and for good reason. Stupid cold bus job. Better than a life guard.

... Maybe he should open his search for jobs wider than a bus or a life guard..


Number 5.
He turned his head, looking towards the person who'd responded. Not that they were a person. It was a hedgehog? A blue hedgehog? Strange, but most of the other passengers looked bizarre, so he didn't question it. "No, I haven't." He lowered his head for a moment, staring down at Tyler in his lap, idly watching the window fog up from the mouse boy's breath. Only snapping back into motion at yet another voice, shortly followed up by a thump, as Tyler toppled off his lap.


"Are you okay?" His eyes were upon the smaller immediately, noting the presence of a dog. There had been two dogs sitting with the passenger behind them, the one who'd spoken up not long ago. He was talking again, apologising the dogs behavior. Pride simply extended a hand down to Tyler to help him up.

"I think you're alright." He couldn't really offer much reassurance, the dog had approached Tyler, not him. Besides, the driver was trying to usher them out of the vehicle... They could talk more once they were outside. Glancing back at Megumi, and then to the other passengers who were exiting the bus, he gently nudged Tyler towards the exit, rubbing at his cold arms with his hands.

It didn't take long for him to fall silent, mesmerised by the soft, icy flakes of white falling from the sky. Pretty...

myeyesblurry myeyesblurry Tyler, Kaito (mentioned) Caiotic Caiotic Megumi, Gorgeous Watchdog Gorgeous Watchdog Sonic


Leech Boy
Tyler Interacting with Pride jump. jump. , mentions Megumi Caiotic Caiotic

Tyler looked up from the floor to see Pride and- “Eek!” He squeaked when the demon dog came to him and pushed him. He instantly grabbed onto Pride’s legs then the outstretched hand. Climbing up and latching onto the hand, tightle wrapping around Prides arm. Tail wrapping up around Pride’s arm, keeping him on his arm.

D-Deer boy! Demons!” The dog was scary and big and he wasn’t big he was small but Pride was big, he clung to him for dear life.

Pride was just comforting him, saying he was okay. And Megumi said the dog was harmless. Oh- the other demon was like him, he was a pet too once! He wasn’t a pet anymore, he was free. Megumi was probably mean, bad, like the demons back home. Having pets. So mean. He sulks on Pride’s arm.

Pride carried him off the bus and he was glad for his fur and the clothes Pride gave him. He was all warm! Snow was quickly covering them, making them all slightly paler in the world of white. It was pretty. Oh, but his tail was getting cold.

Deer boy- my tail gets cold. No fur on my tail. Bus guy went to cabin, it might be warm. Oh- Do you think there will be a five house in the cabin? You want one of those, I want one of those. Comfy and warm. We should go!” He chirped, and tightening his grip when Megumi appeared too. >:(

Gorgeous Watchdog

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When the bus came to a halt, Sonic got off of the seat. He followed the group to the cabins, but only after pausing to make sure that everyone was off, including those he was talking to.

After a few moments, Sonic reached into his quills, pulling out the letter that stated which cabin he was staying in. Though, due to the snow that was falling, Sonic wasn't sure that he would be able to make it there, as he could now barely see his own hands, yet alone the words on the letter.

"Nice of Tails to book me a vacation, though, I don't think that he had quite imagined this." Sonic said, nearly bumping into someone as a result of his distraction.

"Sorry!" Sonic said, before trying to see who he bumped into.


villains aren’t born, darling. they’re made
Mentioning jump. jump. Pride and myeyesblurry myeyesblurry Tyler

Megumi was quick to follow everyone off of the bus in confusion, Kuro by his side and Shiro trailing behind him. Kuro was constantly trying to get up behind the creature that held the small mouse, causing him to have to practically hold Kuro the entire walk into the cabin. Was this where they were going to have to stay? And for how long? Megumi wondered if there was any sort of working TV or radio, wanting to tune into the news as soon as possible.

Before they entered the building completely, he waited for his pups to do their business and play in the snow a bit before joining the others.

Brushing the snow off of his jacket, he sighed. Kuro's obsession with the mouse was going to become an issue if they were all staying together for a prolonged time. Making a quick hand sign, Kuro was released, the shinkigami disappearing but still leaving Shiro by his side.

Tucking his hands in his pockets and letting his shoulders slump a little bit, he approached the two he had been sitting behind on the bus. "Is he okay?" Megumi asked, referring to Tyler.


Number 5.
He didn't notice Tyler cling to his arm, despite the sudden weight causing the limb to drop to his side. His eyes were upon the sky, his free arm raised up and fingers outstretched, mouth pulled into a weak, awe-filled smile. "I like it." It was cold, he was shivering, but it wasn't unpleasant. Not oppressive, like the burning heat of Hell. He pulled his arm back as Tyler spoke up, blinking.

"Cold? Right... We should head inside." The cabin wasn't too far away, he could see some of the others had already made their ways inside, their prints embedded in the snow that lined the path ahead. He pulled Tyler closer to his chest, hoping to share some warmth with him. "Is this better?" Supporting Tyler with both arms now, Pride quickened his pace, stumbling slightly over the bottoms of the jeans he wore, too long and baggy for his small frame.

The snow crunched behind him and he found himself turning to face the man from before. Another, different dog was at his side now. He lifted Tyler up higher, just in case. "He's okay, your dog just spooked him." But it was okay, the dog wasn't threatening, it didn't seem to want to hurt them. It was rather cute, honestly. They were closer to the cabin now and part of him was tempted to lower Tyler down, so he could run ahead of them, head inside. But he doubted with the other dog around Tyler would want that.

"What's your dogs name?"

myeyesblurry myeyesblurry Tyler Caiotic Caiotic Megumi


Leech Boy
Tyler interacting with Pride jump. jump. and mention Megumi Caiotic Caiotic

Oh, and now they put the demon away. That was so sad. He glared at Megumi from beyond Pride’s lanky arms. But then Pride was holding him, giving him a hug. He melted into it, grip loosening as he relaxed in Prides arms.

I like being held.” Forgetting Megumi and the demon dog already- oh. Nevermind. He was asking if he was okay. Pride spoke for him. He perked up hearing Pride ask what the dogs name was. Does Pride like dogs? He’s a mouse. He can’t compete with a dog…

He doesn’t remember if they had any pets when he was alive. He… Something smelly- farm animals probably. So, sheep? Pigs? He can’t remember. He sighs, and just lets Pride carry him to the cabin. He opens his mouth and tilts his head back, trying to catch snow flakes on his tongue instead of listening to them-

Deer boy!” He shouts when he gets a taste, “It’s so cold! It’s heaven’s water!” The water in heaven was so cold and nice, refreshing. How did they find heavens water here…? He only had it when their angel friends brought some for them that one time. Long time ago. He opens his mouth again to catch more.


Gooey 🐌
Link stepped into the cabin, dusting of the thin layer of snow that had collected on him. Still cold, and only getting colder the longer the door was left open waiting for the others, he set out to find the fireplace. It wasn't hard to locate, and he kneeled next to it to feed it some kindling and grab a flint and a spare sword from his personal stash. One strike of the flint later, and they had a warm and cozy fire.
Then he noticed he'd been bumped by a... blue creature. He didn't recognize it, but that didn't mean anything considering he was an amnesiac.
"Hm? It's alright." He assured the blue creature.

Mentions: everyone
Interacting with: Gorgeous Watchdog Gorgeous Watchdog


villains aren’t born, darling. they’re made
Interacting with jump. jump. Pride ♥ and myeyesblurry myeyesblurry Tyler ♥

Megumi nodded his response, inwardly thankful that Tyler was okay. Despite being big and seemingly scary, his divine dogs were (mostly) well-behaved and very kind. "Hm?" Was his initial reaction upon being asked his name, brow raised as he wasn't expecting it. "The black one was Kuro and this one," a quick motion to the white dog at his side, sitting and staring up curiously at Tyler. "Is Shiro." Megumi wasn't one to smile, but the corner of his lips twitched up in appreciation at the question. "Shiro won't approach unless he is approached, so you're fine to get down." This time he addressed Tyler directly. "Kuro was just excited. He's never seen a mouse before." Another pause. "If you're interested, you could pet him."

His arms went up to cross over his chest, briefly looking over his shoulder now that they were barely in the cabin, watching as several other people moved about. It was cold, colder than he expected a cabin to be, and was hoping that there was some sort of heating that would kick in soon.

Hesitating slightly, it felt foreign for him to not remove his shoes upon stepping into a house.

Megumi wasn't social, people were never something he found himself longing to be around, so if they were here for a duration of time that would be interesting.

Gorgeous Watchdog

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Now that a fire was going, Sonic could see slightly better than he could before. He knelt by the fire, letting it's warmth warm up his body.

"Thanks. I was wondering if anyone was going to start up a fire. Too cold for my kind right now." Sonic said, before studying the person, or elf, before him, trying to figure out who or what he was. Was he a human with elf ears, or an actual elf? Sonic wasn't sure, and thought that it would be rude to ask.

"Say, do we know one another from somewhere? You look sort of familiar." Sonic said, still studying Link.


Sever the wicked

  • Emmet had been more than content to sit with his brother, hold onto his hand tightly with one hand while the other sat atop his knee as it bounced rhythmically. The whole ride here he had been glancing to Ingo repeatedly, checking to see if his older brother was okay. The bus was much less crowded, but also far less fun than the train ride they took beforehand to get here.
    But as boring as buses were compared to trains, Ingo seemed calm.
    That was a verrrry good sign.
    Ingo had been easy to overwhelm in Nimbasa, a large, bustling city like that was far too much for Ingo’s system. Trying to soothe his overwhelmed brother—who cried and rocked back and forth, wailing about how everything was too loud and too bright—was not a destination he liked to be at. And if Emmet was being honest with himself, Nimbasa had been a bit too much for him for quite some time.
    A new set of tracks would help he hoped.
    The bus came to a sudden stop, halting Emmet’s internal thoughts in their place.
    Ingo’s other hand was suddenly braced against him, keeping Emmet from slamming his face into the seat in front of him.
    “The conductor isn’t good at this,” Emmet stated bluntly, earning a scrunch faced scowl back from Ingo, who lightly shoved his shoulder.
    “Emmet, don’t say that!”
    But he was right! Emmet knew he wasn’t wrong. It wasn’t right to break so suddenly, it put your passengers at risk! What about safety!?
    Emmet didn’t press it though, instead looking to the others about the bus.
    “It appears we’re at the end of the line,” Ingo announced, voicing something that Emmet had already been thinking out loud and fairly loud. Ingo should have been louder though.
    Emmet stood up, grabbing some of their cargo and taking it with him as he stood still, gesturing outwards with his hands.
    “All clear!”
    Ingo sighed, pushing himself up off the seat and grabbing their remaining bags.
    Emmet was more than happy to let Ingo take the lead, it was easier to not lose track of him in all this snow with his black coat on, even with poor visibility.
    Well, they would not be delayed.
    “Full speed ahead!” Ingo called, so loud! He probably wasn’t aware of his sudden change in volume but Emmet sure was, and it make him only want to smile even bigger. Everyone surely heard him like that.

Interactions: Open!
Mentions: everyone, but specifically Kaito myeyesblurry myeyesblurry


Gooey 🐌
Link looked up from where he continued to tend the fire, glancing over at Sonic.
"Um, maybe? I'm afraid if we knew each other I wouldn't be able to recognize you now. I've lost my most of my memory."

He then heard someone yell incredibly loudly. He winced, sensitive ears twitching from the painful volume.

He wasn't mad that someone had been loud, but it didn't feel nice either.

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Mentions: Jellycat Jellycat


Number 5.
Heavens water? He glanced down at Tyler, watching as the flakes fall down into his mouth, before poking out his own tongue, waiting. It took a moment, but soon enough a snowflake landed within his own mouth. Tongue recoiling, his eyes went wide with surprise. "It's freezing!" And... Wet? He blinked, frowning, and then stuck his tongue out again, trying to catch another flake.

Despite the frigid temperature, it was refreshing. Almost identical to Heavens water. Was Tyler somehow correct? This place wasn't Heaven, was it? It couldn't be. He wouldn't have been allowed entrance. After letting a few more snowflakes melt on his tongue, Pride turned back to Megumi, and his dog. Shiro. Shiro looked soft, like the snow. "Shiro." He repeated, nodding absently. "You're very cute." Cute was the correct word, right? The feeling upon seeing something small, or soft, or appealing? Like Tyler. Or even Humility-

He fell silent as he stepped into the cabin, Tyler still held up in his arms, eyes raking the room briefly, taking note of the others around. "Did you want to pet Shiro?" He'd release Tyler if he did, if not that was fine too. The mouse boy was warm, and Pride was cold. He didn't mind the contact, it was nice actually...

An excruciatingly loud yell startled him, and he flinched back violently, backside bumping against the nearest wall. His ears stood erect, angled towards the source of the noise, wide eyes staring unblinking at the doorway and the two newcomers that had arrived. He tightened his grip on Tyler, pressing himself against the wall, stilling completely.

...Had it been one of those men who'd yelled? Were humans even capable of such volume? What did full speed ahead even mean? He just stayed frozen, refusing to pull his eyes away from Ingo or Emmet. He couldn't tell if they were threats yet.

myeyesblurry myeyesblurry Tyler Caiotic Caiotic Megumi Jellycat Jellycat Ingo and Emmet (mentioned)


Leech Boy
Kaito interacting with no one. Open for interactions, but he's introverted. He hides <3

Ah great, everyone made it inside. Instead of looking at his phone his eyes studied everyone. There was a dog too. He feels similar about dogs as kids. At least this kid seemed afraid of the dogs, so… This might not be too bad.

Regardless, he lets himself transform back into his scaly form and slips out of the seat. Making his way to the refrigerator and climbing up onto it. Higher than the dogs and kids. He curls up as small as he can on the top and lays there, trying to get the heat it gives off in an attempt of keeping the inside cold.

His tail dangles off and sways side to side, on the side of the fridge. Leaning his head on one arm, scrolling on the phone with the other hand.


Leech Boy
Tyler interacting with Pride jump. jump. , Kuro/Mentions of Megumi and Shiro Caiotic Caiotic , and mention of Emmet and Ingo Jellycat Jellycat

Cold. Like my tail.” Please don’t forget his tail is cold. ):

Pride got the hint, not before insulting him by calling another creature cute though. That was Tylers job. > : (

Megumi was explaining Kuro- the demon dog? And Shiro is… An angel dog maybe? He didn’t know. Oh, but… Maybe they weren’t from the afterlife! They just had black and white fur…? He’d seen lots of fun creatures since meeting Vince’rd. He took them all over the place!

And Pride was talking to Megumi, would he do that to another bad person? The dogs seemed happy… He was more curious now, so when they both asked if he wanted to pet the dog, he shyly nodded.

Pride didn’t put him down yet, so he loosened his grip with his tail and reached down to hesitantly pet Shiro with it. A few pats in and someone was being loud, and it startled Pride. Tyler let out a squeak when he started getting squished by Pride :0!

He squirmed around until Pride loosened his arms slightly, and took advantage of the fact Pride was letting him be so close. He never liked contact, but he let him touch him twice already, so he crawled up closer to Pride’s shoulder and snuggled his head against his neck. Trying to comfort Pride. Or get him to pay attention to Tyler again instead of Ingo and Emmet. They’re not Tyler! > : (


villains aren’t born, darling. they’re made
Shiro interacting with Tyler myeyesblurry myeyesblurry , Mentions or interacting (idk I'm at work doing this part before I write the reply) jump. jump. , Mention of Emmet and Ingo Jellycat Jellycat

Shiro was very confused by the small creature touching him with his tail. He tilted his head to the side slightly, white ears turning out inquisitively as his tail started swishing happily against the ground. It wasn't every day strangers touched him.

When there was suddenly an extremely loud noise and Tyler retreated, Shiro's ears flattened and he got low to the ground, moving to step in front of Megumi for protection. Megumi gave Shiro a couple of head pats in comfort, also cringing himself because of the sheer irritation that now plagued him.

"What the hell was that?" Megumi found himself mumbling, looking around the room in search of the noise. Upon spotting the newcomers, it took everything in his power not to pinch the bridge of his nose in irritation. Shiro calmed quickly, perking back up and walking over to rub against Pride's leg, instinctually making sure he was okay because of his stumble.


Sever the wicked

  • mood :
    Verrry good!

    location :
    At the door
    outfit :
    White coat and conductor hat, thick, chunky knit green sweater, white pants.
    mentions :
    Pride, but not by name jump. jump. Megumi and Shiro Caiotic Caiotic

    interactions :
    Subway Boss
    Emmet was quickly approaching, opting with how close they were getting to move alongside his brother, marching in a stiff legged walk like made him look like a toy soldier. It was truly the best way to move anywhere, it was quick, wasted no time, but more importantly, it felt verrrrrrry good to do and that made it perfect.
    He could see the other passengers—where they people? Pokémon? Emmet wasn’t entirely sure—still lingering close to the front as they drew closer to their destination.
    One of them had some verrry cute looking companions, though Emmet internally wondered if Shiro might make Ingo nervous. He had noticed that sometimes, white Pokémon made Ingo a little nervous. Emmet slipped his gloved hand into his brother’s swinging it as he walked in an overdramatic way. There, that would help them stay coupled and right on track.
    “We reached our destination,” Emmet called out. His voice was almost monotone and neutral in volume, clearly, the one who had yelled was not Emmet.
    coded by reveriee.



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interactions: N/A [intro post]
[warning. Instability detected in: GPS_guidance.PACKAGE, CBL_Connect_GlobalServ.PACKAGE. Connection to CyberLife servers: Offline. Defaulting to offline subroutines. . .]

'Wake up, Jill.'

The voice that filled her head was familiar. Grizzled, low and warm. Repeated every time, sometimes faltering in cadence, sometimes brisk depending if the 42-year-old lead researcher had his coffee that morning. Yet when she opened her eyes, Doctor James Meyers wasn't there. instead, her eyes immediately adjusted to the cracked, faded leather padding of a bus seat she was positioned in. Jill blinked again, immediately brought further into her surroundings by the reality of the world around her. This wasn't a CyberLife laboratory. Was she going to her new home? Weren't they going to finish the final calibrations before today? She tilted her head, looking down, then to the back of the bus. Not a single other Android was present- nor was the inclusion of a charging station for that matter. Running a memory diagnostic revealed no signs of tampering nor corruption. Yet, the gap between activations was startling. Just yesterday, she awoke at 8:33 A.M on July 5th, 2038. It was now July 6th. Strangely, the year wasn't listed. Every attempt at a refresh returned futile. Where was she?

[Priority directive: Establish geolocation. Contact CyberLife representatives.]

Glancing out the window, Jill's eyes tracked the soft, slushy flitters of snow as she calmly stood up and proceeded to the front of the bus. On the floor, recent scuff marks were instantly identified apart from the years of wear and tear upon the metal floor. Someone was here.. people. Humans? Androids?

[Secondary directive: Locate individuals.]

Wasting not a second more, Jill glanced out the open door as the sting of the cold hit her eyes. [-12°F. Component damage risk. Avoid unshielded exposure.] Glancing about the area, Jill spotted a first-aid kid secured to the upper-right portion of the bus. Pulling the box off the shelf, she pulled open the cover; taking the thermal blanket bundled inside and wrapping it around herself. Jill closed the kit, bracing it against her chest before bundling her torso fully in the blanket as she proceeded to step out and into the snow. [Multiple footprints, various sizes; heading NE.] With a destination imprinted, Jill began to follow the trail. Hopefully, either she would find someone, or someone would find her.

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