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We've Going Hard for Too Long


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She chuckled lightly that there is indeed a second bed in this room, she laid down her luggage first before unpacking. The street racer could get things way out of hand when she gazed upon the woman's holographic display being shown near her collarbone a blue triangle being glowed and the words 'RX-300' is being written neatly. She may seemed to be a maid in vacation or just a really weird android type of person, but she nodded lightly as she needed something to help with right now.
"Yeah, I was gonna need to put my clothes onto the cabinet, that's all," Jacqueline replied to the woman about putting her clothes onto the cabinet. "And I don't mind having some hel-"

Just as Jacqueline is going to finished speaking, a loud shout was heard outside of the room from a German person. They said that they need the help they can because their crew is stuck on the snow, even their tank's engine is broken. She got out of the room, putting on her snow coat once again and approached the shouting German.

"Alright, buddy... where's your crew?," She asked the German for directions to his crew. "Even if I ain't no tank expert but I assure you that I could fix the engine in no time."



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    Subway Boss

    At the mention of stranded people, Emmet’s smile faltered into a flat line, hands at his sides suddenly clenched into tight fists. In this weather? Stranded?
    Don’t think about what Ingo had told you. Don’t think about him shivering in the snow, completely alone.
    “No, that won’t do. Please, let me and my brother be of assistance! I have experience transporting passengers even in inclement weather! Me and my partner would be happy to assist!” Ingo insisted, worry spilling into his every action. His brother was always the sensitive sort. Easily moved.
    Still, Ingo was absolutely right, stranded passengers left alone like this? That was unsafe! Emmet was the—no, he was a Subway Boss. Safely transporting passengers was part of their job! It was their job to serve the public.
    Sure, they weren’t on the job but that didn’t overrule the importance of safety. Besides, it was the right thing to do anyways. Despite what people thought, he wasn’t cruel. Usually.
    “I am Emmet. I am verrrrry ready to help with Ingo.”
    Emmet released his Eelectross, whose yellow patterns flashed brightly with electricity within his body. He wouldn’t be as vital as Fusee’s flames against the cold but his partner’s, Signal, electricity would be verrrry helpful in the low visibility for certain. They were safe drivers, them and Ingo, nobody would derail them.
    “The safety of our passengers is verrrry important. I like safety almost as much as I like battling with two combinations of Pokémon. So let us link to this train and provide our service.”
    coded by reveriee.



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Link nodded to Hartmann, waiting on the ancient-tech motorcycle. He wasn't used to asking and waiting for help, normally he was the only one who would help.

"If this is everyone who's coming, we should get moving. The snow can only get worse from here as night falls. I'd rather not be stuck outside all night in the possible event of a Bloodmoon." He called.

He didn't think there would be a Bloodmoon tonight, but they never seemed to have a pattern. Better safe than sorry.

At Hartmann's comment on being an enchanted royal knight, he half shrugged. That wasn't really the case, exactly, but close enough he supposed. These were 'perks' that came with being the Hero chosen by the Sword that Seals the Darkness. He just happened to be a royal knight before that.

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When Tyler mentioned that there may have been a radio, Yaru had tilted his head a bit at the mention of a lizard man. Had he seen someone like that when he entered? Maybe he had missed them when he had entered and had taken a look at those present, but he'd have to look into the supposed radio at some point.

"Thanks for letting me know, I'll ask him about it." He replied, though quickly noticed the squinted look sent his way.

What did he do to make this kid dislike him so much? Was it because he was trying to be nice before? Or had he said something the kid didn't like? Before he could think about it any further, someone was shouting for help. Turning his head towards the noise, he frowned. While there were already a few who had gathered to aid the young man who had shouted, he mentioned something about a vehicle with a frozen engine and a crew being stuck, right? While not 100% confident in his metalbending abilities he figured he could still offer them if they ended up being needed at all.

"Excuse me." He muttered, excusing himself from the brief conversation he had with Pride and Tyler before going to the door.

"I'll help." He called, ignoring the chill from the cold as he stepped out. Even if the Avatar 'wasn't needed' he still had a job to do and he'd offer whatever assistance he could.

"How far is your crew?" He asked the young man, though glanced briefly at the gun at his side in slight confusion. Handguns weren't something he had in his world. Canons and tanks? Yeah, those were common among some of the militaries of his world. Planes weren't as common, but they were getting there, so seeing what Hartmann was carrying was a bit foreign to the older man.

The best he could compare it to was a canon, just...smaller. Pursing his lips into a thin line, he decided to change the course of his thoughts because there was a lot going on with this group in general.

Like lizardmen and animal human hybrid children, but he digressed. If no one else was coming, he'd close the door so the rest wouldn't have snow blowing in from outside.

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Stricken Steel

On the moon, drinking sparkling water.
Tiger 237 "Stefan" and Crew

"There is one thing I must immediately share with you all-" Hartmann started, but was interupted by two young men.
Hartmann began to panic from being with bombarded with so many questions at once, and the fact he had just witnessed some things that shouldn't exist. What were those monster-like things?
"Calm down! I must share something with you all! I do not know why, or how, but I am here with mostly English speakers. So either you be American, British, or anything else, my crew cannot trust you due to our current war. But you all can help, I seriously appreciate it. The tank in question is a Panzerkampfwagen Tiger 1. It was built just last year in 1943, and runs off of a Maybach HL230 engine. Whatever you do, do not approach my crew before me. Any---uhh, questions?"
"Oh yes, I think at least a mile, maybe two. The tank is on the main road. And I also thank you all for helping me and my crew.

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"Of course." Jill smiled, before glancing outwardly at the yell of Germanic Thunder and nodding as the other woman left the room. Moving over to the woman's bags, she wasted no time in opening them, sorting through the contents of the luggage, and proceeding to neatly sort, fold, stack, and arrange the racer's clothes neatly on the single dresser cabinet adjacent to the two beds against the wall. Once finished, she turned back around to her own bed and proceeded to sit neatly on the edge; closing her eyes and lowering her head in meditative thought.


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//I’ll definitely create a post template for my characters in a little while, I’m on the road at the moment :) I hope this is ok for an intro post!
///Mentions the cabin crew. Luna is in the form of Alolan Ninetales, and the yellow rodent mentioned is Pika the Pikachu.

Running through the snow were two creatures, one a small yellow rodent with long ears and a lightning shaped tail, the other a snowy white fox with a slight blue tint on her paws, carrying a bag in her mouth. They looked as if they were trying to find shelter, frantically glancing around every so often. The fox was almost invisible through the snow, but the rodent’s vibrant colors were quite easy to see.
Upon hearing something in the distance, the foxlike creature stopped abruptly, turning her head towards the source. Noticing his partner had halted, the electric mouse stopped as well. “Pika, pikachu?” he asked, tilting his head. Certain that she knew someone was in the distance, she nodded and crouched down so the other creature could climb upon her back. Upon him doing so, she stood and began to race towards the noise, calling out in a concerned manner. “Tales! Ninetales!”

It was cold. Too cold. The woman didn’t understand. How had she gotten here? Where were her friends? Did they get brought here too? No matter, she needed to keep moving.
Having finally gotten somewhere, she heard the cries of a strange creature in the distance. “…What’s a Ninetales?” was her first reaction to the cries, then seeing the creature on her back, which looked really cold. Deciding to follow them, she stayed a small ways away. Maybe they could lead her to safety. Animals always had a good sense of survival. And as a plus, unless they had a strong sense of smell and cared enough to look around, they wouldn’t notice her… not yet, anyway.


We've Going Hard for Too Long



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It was built just last year in 1943, and runs off of a Maybach HL230 engine. Whatever you do, do not approach my crew before me. Any---uhh, questions?"
"Oh yes, I think at least a mile, maybe two. The tank is on the main road. And I also thank you all for helping me and my crew.​

When the German spoke that their crew was maybe either a mile or two miles away in the main road. Having to be extremely shocked to hear that the tank engine which is a HL230 tank engine was made by Maybach, the same person and name of the Mercedes Benz vehicle back in 1943 which means World War 2 like how did that happen all of a sudden? But she rose a eyebrow for a second before putting on her snow coat and approached the German soldier with a cold glare in her eyes right now. She may be cold-blooded, but she needed trust to have a lot of bonds during this vacation.

Talking about someone who wants to follow a German soldier all of a sudden.... but she clearly needed them some help because she may tell them that the war is over in 1945, but it should not work at all.

"Okay, my man.... so you said that your tank engine is from freaking 1943!! And Maybach is the one who made that!! That's the same name in the Mercedes cars," Jacqueline began explaining how Maybach made a tank engine back in 1943. "That's way too confusing to hear about but lead the way!"

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There was a lot to unpack here. Half of the things coming out of Hartmann's mouth confused him a bit.

"I think some of my questions could be answered on the way to your crew, cause I have many. Also...1943? The year last I checked was 234 AG, with no war going on right now." Yaru spoke up, slight confusion in his tone.

Guru Peha had shared a theory of multiple universes to him at one point while he was recovering, though Yaru figured they were some of the ramblings of a lonely old man that just liked weird theories. Guru Peha was nice, but he also seemed a bit senile so Yaru never really questioned or thought much of some of the things he'd ramble about.

This situation was kind of freaking him out internally. On one hand, the people with animal features was starting to make more sense, on the other hand everything else was weirder than even he was used to.

At least someone didn't seem as freaked out, mentioning cars and such. An automobile fanatic then? He couldn't relate, since he couldn't drive to save his own life.

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//Mentions the cabin crew.

At the sight of a cabin in the distance, Luna looked at the small mouse on her back. He was shivering, his fur paling in comparison to its natural vibrant colors slightly. Quickly, she had to make a decision. It might be easier for them to see her if she was able to become a brighter color as well.
That was it! A Flareon could reach high temperatures, as well as let off some heat in order to keep itself from overheating. In a split second, the white fox Pokémon was gone and in its place was a small orange-reddish doglike one, cream-colored fur on its neck and tail. It was easier for her to carry her bag on her back, as well, and for her partner to stay warm. She called out once again, this time in a more frantic manner, trying to get anyone’s attention.

Kaiya continued to follow the pair, shocked when the fox creature changed form right before her eyes! What was it, exactly? Her curiosity had not yet peaked, but it was definitely getting there. She had to follow them, for her curiosity to be satisfied, but also for her own safety. She would certainly freeze out here, if she didn’t…

Stricken Steel

On the moon, drinking sparkling water.
Tiger 237 "Stefan" and Crew

Hartmann proceeded to stare at the woman whom just recently arrived. "Why yes, why did you just-" He was trying to piece the puzzle together in his fragile war-torn mind.
"W-wait." He stammered, his mind finally pieced the last puzzle piece. Then the Japanese man then spoke up, mentioning something that would change his life. "234 AG?" Hartmann asked himself, raising his brow. "This could mean, like, we are not familiar with our surroundings, yes? How did our tank suddenly appear in a snowy land? How come I've never heard of the Kingdom of Hyrule? This...Are we from...different Earths?" Hartmann didn't know how to exactly put it, since sci-fi wasn't a hot topic in his time---yet.

Peter Muller peeked out of the hatch of Stefan, searching for Hartmann. "Y'know, Kid probably didn't make it." Kertz mumbled solemnly. "He probably deserted us. We should've ended him." Schroder remarked aloud. This interrupted Muller's train of thought, and triggered him. "Schroder, Maybe I should backhand you to see how Hartmann's pain is. You self-obligated hog. When we get back I will personally make sure you get kicked out from the army," Muller growled in a fiery tone. "And, you know what? Why don't you get the pleasure of trying to start the tank, your turn now."

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Link rolled his eyes and revved the engine of the Master Cycle Zero.

"Sorry to Interrupt, but last time I checked people could be freezing to death out here. We can argue over what year it is later." Link reminded, tired of waiting around when lives could be on the line.

"And for the record, it's 100 ACG where I'm from."

Fennorian had already picked out a room, a small one in the corner of the cabin. It was plenty of room for him, even if he was used to living in Ravenwatch Castle. He stepped out of the room, overhearing the organizing of a rescue group. He approached them, hoping to catch them before they all left.

"I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help in terms of a rescue or mechanics, but I  am a healer. So if any of you are in need of medical attention when you get back I will be glad to help." Fennorian informed, internally hoping that none of them would be actively bleeding upon return. That would make things... difficult for him.

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Different years, different Earth's. Link was right though, they could discuss it later.

Nodding to both the Hyrulian and the newcomer that offered assistance if they needed any form of healing upon return, he turned his head to Hartmann.

"Lead the way, then. We can figure out this whole different Earths business once we're back in the cabin with your crew." He spoke. Hartmann did say that it would be best if his crew saw him first, right? Plus he knew where the tank was.

"Just a heads up, but I can try and get the tank moving on the way back with metalbending." He offered, but left it at that for now. Whenever they'd move out, he'd follow.

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Meanwhile, one of the other passengers who had been on the bus and had found a room had peak out into the lobby at all the commotion. Aida had been putting the few spare clothes he had brought away and tilted his head a bit. He hadn't missed all of the conversation on the way out of the room he had chose, something about people stuck in the snow?

Well...it seemed others had went to help, and deciding not to be in the way had moved to the kitchen. There had to be some food there right? How else was everyone going to be fed? Aida didn't like cooking though, and sighed under his breath at the thought.

He did stop and did a double take at the lizardman laying on top of the fridge for all of five seconds before deciding to look through the cabinets for now.

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Mentions: Rescue Crew, Kaito ( myeyesblurry myeyesblurry )


Number 5.
Pride had offered Yaru a polite nod in goodbye, remaining quiet as the other left, gaze following his back until he disappeared out of sight. There was a slight urge to follow, offer up his own assistance to the people stranded out in the snow, but what was there he could do? He wasn't used to the cold, wasn't even used to the outdoors, if he went back outside, he'd likely end up just as stranded as the poor group that remained out there. No, it was best to remain inside, find a comfortable enough room, and then figure out potential ways to assist.

...Speaking of rooms, Yaru had offered up the one he'd been looking at. "Do you know how we could help?" Maybe they could find blankets to warm the people up, or cook a hot meal... He wasn't too bad at cooking. Tyler liked his meals, at least. "I don't- We shouldn't go back outside, it's too cold." And he didn't really want to interact with too many people, it was overwhelming, tiring. He already felt fatigued. Sighing quietly, he poked his head into the room, readjusting Tyler so he could get a look inside too.

It was larger than the previous one. Larger bed, enough to fit two adults. Dresser, closet... Fireplace? It looked like one, but at the same time, it didn't. It didn't seem hollowed out like they should be, and it seemed to be plugged into the wall. Weird. "Maybe we could cook something? There's a lot of people here, they might be hungry." Advancing further into the room, he finally set Tyler down on the ground so he could go explore if he wished. "Do you like this room?" There was no sign of a bathroom, but maybe this place just didn't have en suite bathrooms? A shame, he wouldn't like to disturb anyone with his bathing, but he supposed it wasn't too bad. He didn't need to bathe, he didn't sweat or produce an odour. He just... Liked to.

Oh... The bed was so soft. "If you like it, we can probably stay here." And there were blankets in the closet! Big, thick, soft and warm blankets... He plucked one out, draping it over his shoulders as he retreated back over to the bed, legs pulled up against his chest, chin on his knees. "I think it's nice."

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//Interactions: Open.

Finally! She made it. Maybe there was hope after all! She might not have made it to the front door, but she saw at least someone through a window.
Reaching up, she began to thump her paws against the aforementioned window, letting out small cries as she did. "Flare! Flareon!" If anything, maybe one of the two noises would reach those inside the building.
Yes, it may have been easier in her humanoid form to reach someone. Yes, it might be less... surprising when she turned back. But she had to keep Pika warm. That was her first priority. Everything else? She could worry about that later. Hold on, Pika... I'll make sure you're safe.

"Not even going through the front door, eh? Ah well. They're probably just animals, but weird-looking ones." Kaiya sighed. She'd find the front door herself. Make it less startling for everyone inside. She couldn't help but look back at them, though... Hopefully they'd be alright.
Finally tearing her eyes away from the two pitiful creatures, she circled the cabin, searching for the entrance. Surely, there'd be people around, or at least a sign? If not, it was probably the same as a house... right? If they didn't notice her skulking around first, she'd definitely be noticed there, in front of the common rooms.


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Millie interacting with Luna/Kaiya Gingerheartwarrior Gingerheartwarrior

She watched the human and pokemon approaching the house. She was currently sitting on the support of the roof, hiding. Enjoying the cold wind running against her in the height.

"Oh deary, oh no, poor little thing," She whispers, grabbing the support under her and swinging off. Hanging by her hands, she lets herself fall down delicately. She can't fly, but she's not heavy in this world. Snow softening the impact more, leaving little imprints. "Hello there, little Flareon, it's far too cold out here for you..."

She's reaching for the poor thing. Then turns to the human with her. "Yes, there's a group of people inside. They should let us in. Poor things, were you lost?" She didn't need the warmth, she didn't need to go inside, she was happy out here, but she would walk them in when someone opens the door. It's the least she can do to spread kindness.


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//Interacting with Millie myeyesblurry myeyesblurry

“Not exactly lost, per se, just… wandering around, in my case,” Kaiya replied. “However, I do not know these creatures… I just wanted to make sure they were safe.”

At the woman’s kindness, Luna’s eyes brightened up. She nodded, nudging the Pikachu with strange-patterned ears on her back, who had inched closer to her neck fur. He looked at her, then at Kaiya, and then at Millie, beginning to grow defensive.
However, it was cut short by a small sneeze, followed by shivers, which made Luna worried. Was he sick? Did she not make it fast enough? Hopefully she could help him recover…
“Chu…” “Flareon…”


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Tyler interacting with Pride jump. jump. , Mentions for Yaru Takumi98 Takumi98

Oh wait- Yaru was leaving! He frowned and watched Yaru leave. “Bye bye.” He said softly, tail waving him away. He didn’t mean to make him leave, just needed him to know he messed up! Now he was sad.

Pride seemed to like the one Yaru suggested though, and even took Tyler in. Yaru didn’t mess up. Yaru was good, and he ran him away. Poor Yaru.

Help?” He thought and looked around, this room was cool. The fire house did look weird and solid. Him and Pride both would be confused. Oh, wait! Fire house! The living room should have one! “We can start a fire.” He chirped looking up at the bed. It was so tall, Vince’rd’s weren’t as tall. There were lots of blankets too in the now open closet.

Fire and blankets.” He suggested, if they start the fire house and they bring blankets… Maybe from another room. Pride might like keeping these to himself. Then that’s helping to make things more warm! And he can bring Yaru one!

I like this room, but we can help.” He’ll scurry out of the room without Pride, he’ll find the one closest to the hall and attempt to open the closet. He’ll drag as many blankets as he can to the living room once he gets it open- Ah there we go!

Oh. He’s really small, and blankets are really big… He can only grab one for now, but that is okay. He takes it and starts dragging it out, and once he’s in the hall he shouts out for Pride. “Can you make fire? I got a blanket!” (:

He’ll drag the blanket out and look around for Yaru. He’s the one he was mean to first, so he needs the first blanket! Wait. Where was Yaru? He looks around, holding the blanket. He wraps himself in the blanket, was it.. Cold in here? He drags the blanket, now with the end slightly wrapped around his shoulders, around the living room. ):


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Kaito. Being antisocial. I know he's so not important, but I love him, how can I ignore him?

He glares at Aida. Tail swaying in front of the fridge door. He leans down and grabs his tail, pulling it up onto the fridge with him. Come to think of it, there are bedrooms. He should find an opportunity to gather food and hide... Maybe. Maybe not. The kid is gone, maybe he could interact with others... He could try to make a connection. That's what his parents are always worried about...?

Meh. He holds his tail close, so Aida won't even have to talk to him if he needs into the fridge.


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Millie interacting with Luna/Kaiya Gingerheartwarrior Gingerheartwarrior and open for interactions/ trying to get into the house now.

She smiles at Kaiya's words. Such kindness from this soul. That always brightened her own soul, feeling light and giddy. The warmth growing in her, warming her skin more, the cool air reacting with her. "A blessing for you, helping others." She had her hand over her heart, appreciating the warmth.

Then she's startled by the small Pikachu sneezing. "Oh goodness. Come closer to the door, here." She ushers them closer to the door and starts knocking on it. "Hello? We could use assistance." She calls out to the door, a plea for those inside the house.

These poor lost creatures, well, Kaiya and the lost creatures. She'll make sure they get in safely. Even if she has to kick the door! Right? Oh, she hopes it doesn't resort to violence.. Please, someone open the door...


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FennorianMentions: rescue crew (briefly), Gingerheartwarrior Gingerheartwarrior myeyesblurry myeyesblurry
(Just fenn while I wait on others with Link)

Fennorian had turned away from the rescue party and went back inside to prepare for possibly needing to heal the crew when they came back.
Upon entering the living space, however, he heard a knocking at the back door. Curious, he approached and opened it, looking down to see some very cold looking animals, and a human woman.
"Oh, dear, come inside, all of you. It's much too cold outside." Fenn ushered them inside, closing the door behind them and bringing them to the fireplace link had lit earlier. Fenn seemed hesitant to get too close to it, but it had enough wood burning to last until the rescue crew came back.
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//Interacting with Millie myeyesblurry myeyesblurry and Fennorian DovahBeat DovahBeat

“Thank you very much,” Kaiya said as she quickly took the offer and ushered the two creatures inside. She immediately sat down near the fireplace, warmth coursing through her body. “This feels so much better already.”
She turned back towards Millie and Fenn, partially motioning to them that they were allowed to come closer, however hesitant she may be to let them too close to her bag. “Sorry to intrude on you guys. Didn’t think there would be anyone else in this cold weather until I heard voices. What happened to get you here?”

Luna had also immediately rushed towards the fireplace, sitting in front of it with her backpack placed next to her, and Pika in front of her. After taking a moment to look around and, hopefully, seeing no one paying attention to her specifically, she let go of the Flareon’s form and returned to her normal self.
First and foremost, she needed to get her supplies out.
“Aspear berries, check. Blanket, check. Oran berries, check.” Perfect, she had everything she needed. Placing the small blanket over Pika, she got a couple of Berries into a small mortar and pestle set, beginning to mix.
Of course, this wouldn’t be without consequence. She would have seemingly popped out of nowhere, if no one saw her transform… maybe she should have let someone see her.


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Millie interacting with Luna/Kaiya Gingerheartwarrior Gingerheartwarrior and Fenn DovahBeat DovahBeat

"Bless you, we appreciate the kindness of letting us in!" She beamed at Fenn and let the others inside first. Once inside, she smiled at them all getting to the fire. She didn't need the fire, but she didn't want to stand there awkwardly. She approaches too.

She blinks as the previously Flareon transformed into a. Human? Well, yes human, but what was she if she could transform? She seemed to be taking care of the smaller pokemon. Was that also some transformer? She was curious now. Her pokemon couldn't do that...

Oh, pokemon! Right! Now that they were warm, should she let Fitter out? He was quite the noisy little one, and likes being out of his ball. Everyone seemed friendly so far, and seemed to appreciate the pokemon. She reaches into her small bag and pulls out the already shaking ball.

"Okay okay, Fitter, hang on!" She giggles as she presses the button, and in a small flash he was in the air. Stretching and squeaking out his calling, immediately flying up to her shoulder and landing, grabbing some of her hair in his little clawed hand.

Once he was settled, she gave him a little scratch idly and took in the surroundings. The fire was warm, she stands close. She doesn't like the warmth, but Fitter appreciates it. He didn't have fur like the other pokemon she had, she felt for the little guy.

"I'm also curious," Though, they were all safely inside, rather outside, "But I just appreciate the cold. I love exploring!"


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//Interacting with Millie myeyesblurry myeyesblurry and Fennorian DovahBeat DovahBeat

Ah, whoops, the other girl had seen her. Maybe she was good, though, since she didn’t seem to freak out..? But that could also mean she had ties with scientists, from what she remembered.
She decided it wasn’t a bad thing, for now anyways, if she didn’t know about the cloning experiments. If she didn’t, then she was safe.
Sensing their friend’s discomfort, two flashes of white light appeared from her bag, revealing a strangely patterned Leafeon and a young Zorua. Luna looked at the two Pokémon in front of her, still keeping her hand on Pika’s back.

“More strange creatures, huh?” Kaiya asked, having turned to them. “A bat, a dog, and a fox, in addition to the mouse.”
“My apologies… they’re really protective of me. Veena, it’s okay. Tricki—“ Before she could even finish her sentence, the Zorua, presumably named Tricki, dashed behind her to hide herself from view. She seemed to be a baby; very shy, and not quite used to other people yet. “You’re okay, Tricki. They won’t hurt you.”
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Aida huffed softly noticing Kaito glare at him from the corner of his eye as he checked the canned goods, though didn't find anything he was particularly in the mood for when it came to dinner. Maybe the lizard guy didn't like him making noise? Who knew, it wasn't really Aida's problem.

"You woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something?" He asked, finding a can of pear slices. Meh, this'll have to do. From there, he looked into the drawers for a can opener and a fork.

From the sounds of it, there were more people coming in from the cold, which made him wonder how many people might have to share rooms,depending on how many people also came back with those stranded outside and how long would they be stuck here? For a vacation so far it wasn't all that fun with the snow storm going on right now.

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