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Fandom Slice of Life - Assassin's Creed, Overwatch, Naruto Shippuden, Star Wars

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Slice of Life

Cold Ramen Noodles

Two Thousand Club

1. Please be at least 19.
2. Be active. This means at least 2 replies every week unless of course you have an emergency or are super busy. If you know that you'll be busy every week, then I am not the partner for you. I lose interest easily if there is not a steady flow of replies. And they can be short!
3. Be alright with short responses. I do about two paragraphs per post. But sometimes I will write a lot. It just depends. But I will always put effort into my responses and ask that you do the same.
4. PM me if interested and include in your message to me your favorite color. If you can't PM yet, then just like my search thread and I will message you and then you can tell me your favorite color.
5. I'm a go with the flow role player so that means I won't want to plan out every little detail of the plot right away. But we can plot as we go.



These are the canon characters that I can play-

Soldier 76

We can do when the original Overwatch group was around. We can do Blackwatch. We can do during the recall. We can do something that takes place after the recall; when Overwatch has gotten together once again. I do only want canon characters for this one.

Assassin's Creed:

These are the canon characters that I can play-

Henry Green

I also have two original characters that can be used in modern day plots; one is a skilled Assassin suffering from the Bleeding Effect and the other is a clueless artist who Abstergo is after because his DNA will lead to memories that they want.

Naruto Shippuden:

These are the canon characters that I can play-


Star Wars:

These are the canon characters that I can play-


The first three movies and the prequels. Nothing past that. I hate Kylo and Rey and all of that garbage.
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