1. TheUrn2019

    Fandom Looking for semi- literate partner who is into MXM, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a partner who is into MXM, likes long term, romance, angst, emotional stories. For more information please message me through PM.
  2. Lunar

    A Silent Voice - An emotional journey.

    "When a grade school student with impaired hearing is bullied mercilessly, she transfers to another school. Years later, one of her former tormentors sets out to make amends." Hello everyone! I am bringing the award-winning manga A Silent Voice to life as an interactive quest RP! You will...
  3. ThatGuyPat

    Fantasy Angels & Demons: A Fantasy Romance Plot

    An angel fallen from grace, and a demon who defied his evil ways. Separate, they are outcasts, but together, they are destined to end a conflict as old as time. If that sounds even a little bit interesting, you've come to the right place. To introduce myself, I'm Pat, and I have 3+ years of...
  4. Finrer

    Realistic/Modern Cope with me.

    Moonsin was small, dormant, and ever-so quiet in the waking tides of the fresh night. For the summer classes at Moonsin University were beginning to trudge into effect, for all inspiring students young, old, new , experienced and fresh. In all idea to pursue what was desired for something bigger...
  5. MelodicFox

    Fantasy Young Royal

    ~IDEA~ The day everything happened was a dark day. Rain was falling from the sky and thunder rumbled in the distance. The air had a cool chill to it. Everything was quiet as if waiting for something to happen. That is until a carriage broke the silence as it raced down an old and broken down...
  6. anxietyrat

    Realistic/Modern we've got obsessions. {dark, advanced & detailed} {Open}

    ⫷obsession⫸ ▸noun ▸the state of being obsessed with someone or something. Greetings, I'm Rat, and I come with a specific plot in tow. For the short and brief of things, I'm twenty-five, subjectively advanced, and a dedicated character and world builder as well as an avid plotter. I love OOC and...
  7. Amunet

    Chronciles of Domhanda - Medieval Historical Interest Check

    Currently open and accepting new players! Political schemes, romantic scandals, royal assassinations...bloody battles. Our main story starts in the city of Baile - a dark, impoverished place in northern hills of Glasluigh, recently liberated from the tyrannical Empire of Crosaire. The country...
  8. ThereWithBellsOn

    Multiple Settings Writing by yourself is, at times, a grueling task. [MXF] [Ideas welcome]

    Hello all you fine members of RPNation- Bella is the name, writing is the game. I am 21+, from the lovely land of Canada. I hope you are all doing s'well in your varied locations as well. Now then, I am back, from my generally long hiatus and itching for- a whole array of things, all at the...
  9. thelittlebay

    Multiple Settings Plot ideas, philosophy, looking for advanced, long-term partners [UPDATED]

    Hey everyone. My name is Jordan, and I'm a 19 year old college student currently on summer break. I've been RPing for around a decade now, and am searching for long-term partners with a love for detail, a passion for world building, and a penchant for philosophy. I really want to work on...
  10. Kino1998

    Fandom Craving a Negan or Levi!

    Hi everyone! As of late I've been really craving an Attack on Titan or a The Walking Dead roleplay. The roles I've been craving are... (My preferred character in bold) Attack on Titan: Levi x Oc/Eren Armin x Eren Reiner x Crysta The Walking Dead: Negan/Rick/Daryl/Carlx Oc/ Willing to play...
  11. dawningEclipse

    Fandom Harry Potter Marauders Era and More! (F/M)

    Hello! I’ve been in such a Harry Potter mood it’s crazy! I've been looking for some more RP partners lately as I have found some more free time for writing! As for what I am looking for, basically, I am looking for is a whole lot of things! I love Fantasy, Modern, Sci-fi, Historical, Adventure...
  12. thexmagpie

    Realistic/Modern Angst, romance and danger ~

    I’m looking for someone to rp with that meet the following requirements: -Fluent in English with good grammar & spelling -Over 18 -comfortable with darker subjects such as mental illness, drug/alcohol use etc -polite and friendly OOC I have an OC that I stick to for all plots, a character...
  13. TheSkilledKookie

    Realistic/Modern In The Woods

    — Before We Start — • I am almost 18 years old, less than eleven days. • I am pretty open with anything. • I am hoping we will be able to do like 2+ paragraphs, but if dies down to like 1 paragraph then that will be okay. — Idea of The Plot — The character that I am playing is a male. He is...
  14. Psychonaut


    Hi. I'm looking for a few role-playing partners. I really enjoy writing. I put a lot of time and effort into my posts. I aim to make each one better than the one before it, whether it's a few words or a few pages. I usually post at least once a day. I'm not picky about genres, but I could...
  15. Nathas21na

    Realistic/Modern In Need of Dark themed RPs / Angst

    Hello! · · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · · I'm just gonna go here and see if anyone is up for some dark themed rp? I'm currently in need of inspiration. So, I'm mostly open for new ideas but if you're here for teenager kind of stuff then please look elsewhere as my characters tend to be older. Some...
  16. LadybirdMooch

    Multiple Settings Here We Go Again

    I NEED A CUTESY ROMANCE ROLEPLAY Well, I need other roleplays too, but I am really really craving something cute and sweet right now. Yes, I throw my loneliness into writing. No, I am not ashamed. I've been finding it hard to write anymore, and I know that you guys always help me with that...
  17. Satanic Nightjar

    Multiple Settings Looking For A Semi Lit/Lit Partner, MxM or MxF, Angst, + Interesting Plots

    I know, very descriptive title. For the brave few of you that made it through that title and are now viewing this thread, let's dive right in (: I'm Satanic Nightjar, as you can tell, but you can call me Cas/Caz if you want, as it's what I'm used to after being Casmir Landrikson since I joined...
  18. LuvSnoop

    Fandom Zombie Attack!

    When a virus turns the human race into blood thirsty zombies, their last hope is a scientist named Gwen Lasky
  19. weldherwings

    Realistic/Modern 🎗 | please stay with me [search!]

    passing by the edge of this winter atleast until the change of the weather when spring comes and flower bloom just stay until then please stay and wait a little more. howdy ho neighbour-reno. my name is stephanie and i told myself to limit the amount of roleplays i’m doing because i work full...
  20. Scribbled Smouse

    Realistic/Modern (1x1)Male Yandere needed!

    Hello, I'm looking for roleplay partners who are: •Literate •Patient •Able to write 3+ paragraphs (not for every response but has the ability to) •Able to communicate ideas The type of male Yandere I would like is the "prince charming" type. The kind that everyone sees as perfect but really not...