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Fandom Slice of Life- ( Ages 21+) - Fandom Cravings

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1. Please be at least 21. (I'm an adult. I want to rp with adults. All site rules will be followed.)
2. Be active.
3. Be alright with short responses. I do about two paragraphs per post. But sometimes I will write a lot. It just depends. But I will always put effort into my responses and ask that you do the same.
4. PM me if interested and include in your message to me your favorite color. If you can't PM yet, then just like my search thread and I will message you and then you can tell me your favorite color.
5. I'm a go with the flow role player so that means I won't want to plan out every little detail of the plot right away. But we can plot as we go.


  • Hello there! I am looking to do a role play where I play either Genji or Hanzo. I just really like their back stories.

    Now who can I play? Either of them, really. Or I can actually play both of them if that's what you prefer. I can play Genji during his time as a Shimada, during his Blackwatch days/early Overwatch, during the time when Overwatch was disbanded, or after the recall when he's rejoined Overwatch again. As for Hanzo, I can play him during his time training to be the Shimada heir, during the time that he spends on his own as a mercenary once he's mutilated Genji, or during the Overwatch recall time.

    *I play Hanzo as an individual who was greatly manipulated when he was a child and onward; someone who was turned into a weapon by his father and the Shimada clan. I do not play him as a merciless murderer.


    *Hanzo joins Overwatch? I can play Hanzo or Genji in this plot and you would play the other one. Or I play both and you play someone like Jesse or Mercy. Or Mei.

    *Genji in Nepal. I would play Genji in this plot. You can play Hanzo tracking his brother down in Nepal (the animation where Hanzo finds out that Genji is alive never took place). Hanzo is there for mercenary work and is shocked at finding a cyborg ninja who claims to be his brother. He is apalled by what Genji has become and must come to terms with the fact that he is the one who turned him into it.

    * Blackwatch time. I'm playing Genji. You can do Mercy. Or McCree.

    * Hanzo as a mercenary after the Genji incident? He ends up down in the South. I'll play Hanzo and you can play McCree.

    * Hanzo kills Genji fully and then runs away from the Shimada clan. He joins Blackwatch. I play Hanzo. You can play Mercy or McCree.

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