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Fandom Slice of Life- ( Ages 21+) - Fandom Cravings

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1. Please be at least 21. (I'm an adult. I want to rp with adults. All site rules will be followed.)
2. Be active.
3. Be alright with short responses. I do about two paragraphs per post. But sometimes I will write a lot. It just depends. But I will always put effort into my responses and ask that you do the same.
4. PM me if interested and include in your message to me your favorite color. If you can't PM yet, then just like my search thread and I will message you and then you can tell me your favorite color.
5. I'm a go with the flow role player so that means I won't want to plan out every little detail of the plot right away. But we can plot as we go.


  • Plot 1: Let me say right now that this is going to be pretty dark. I'm going to be playing Hanzo. And in this story, Hanzo did end up murdering Genji. After he sliced him up, Genji bled out and died. Hanzo was forced to stay there and make sure that his brother was fully dead so that he could confirm that he had in fact killed him. Hanzo, realizing the horror of what he's done, leaves the shimada clan. He moves from place to place haunted by the memory of his younger brother who had always thought the world of him. Genji had always loved him so much and Hanzo had murdered him in cold blood to appease the elders of their clan because Genji had lost his honor. Hanzo realized that he was the one who had lost it, not his brother.

    On a desperate quest to gain his honor back, Hanzo joins Blackwatch, hoping that maybe he can help people from the shadows. He sees his brother everywhere he looks and Hanzo feels that he will never find peace for himself. Not that he thinks he deserves it.I'll play Hanzo and you can play any member of Blackwatch or the Original Overwatch. So McCree, Moira, Mercy...etc.

    Plot 2: I need someone to play Hanzo this time around. And I'll be playing Genji. This takes place during Genji's time in Nepal after the original Overwatch was disbanded. In this plot, Genji never tracked down Hanzo like he did in the animation. Instead, Hanzo is on a quest to become at peace with himself given everything that he's done and the horror he feels every day knowing that he killed his younger brother. He decides to see if he can find peace in Nepal where a group of omnic monks have established a sanctuary. It is there that Hanzo runs into Genji and he discovers that his brother is very much alive. But Hanzo is shocked at the state of his brother's body and unable to comprehend or accept his new appearance.

    They're now on a path of brotherly bonding and searching for some forgiveness for Hanzo.

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