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Fantasy Shards of Destiny (Always Accepting)

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Would anybody be interested in a semi-sandbox GM Guided and sometimes quest option role play on my fictional world? There are several playable races available to select from as well as hybrids, each set with their own respective lifespan. Some have their own lore written out and magic is limited to a few races.

This would be a high fantasy multi-race to that is pagan in terms of religion (some races have their own gods and goddesses they believe in), each country (there are several continents) has its own politic system they live under plus each race (well the races for my book series of which this is based off) has their own politics. You will face monsters, both extinct and fantasy, potentially encounter bandits and pirates, and explore a variety of environments.

I only require you to be active with a once a week post, inform me if you are leaving or if you will be absent, and to follow rpn rules/my lore to an extent (racial lore, passage of time, political information for respective continent, currency, etc.)

  1. Follow RPN Rules as well as my basic lore I will outline.
  2. Be active once a week.
  3. Inform me (scorpiodragon) if you are going to be absent or will be leaving the RP.
  4. Side stories are allowed, just make a mental note to inform me ahead of time.
  5. At least 1 paragraph (100 words minimum) per character per post.
  6. If you have more than 1 character, please color your character speech so it's easier to see who you are working with.
  7. Note that I will be throwing in NPCs at random, may play the Gods and Goddesses (as needed, like if you are seeking them out or want a prayer answered) as well as the general direction of monsters.
  8. Do not kill each other unless you have the okay from that person and myself, and please give me a reason why you wish your character to die. You can injure each other though.
Posting Requirement: There is a posting requirement of once a week, 100 words minimum (translates to 1 paragraph) per character though you may include all characters in a post if you wish. No one-liners, text or chat speech is allowed. There is to be none of this action before words (ex. *Sees Bill and waves* “Hi Bill!” *Walks over*).

Try to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Thoughts are to be done in italics. Don’t put two people talking in one paragraph, that is difficult to interpret who is talking.

If you are having issues with what to write follow these guidelines:

T - thoughts. What is your character thinking about?
E - emotions. How do they feel?
S - senses. What do they hear/see/smell/taste/touch?
S - surroundings. What is going on around them?
A - actions. What do they do or say?

A torrential rain poured from the sky, likely brought by Lorasil, the oldest son of Lady Nitrix and Lord Vamdes. What had started out as a peaceful day for travel began to turn into a wet one as footsteps hurried along the road, seeking some form of shelter, a letter within your hands only telling you to come to Oghaz Nan. Glancing up towards the sky, the weary traveler could see the clouds were gray, lightning roiling within the clouds nod creating flashes of white. For a moment, a shimmer of red and gold feathers can be seen, a long streaming tail fanning out behind it, a mournful trill echoing from the phoenix as feathers float down and you watch it go on its way. A shrine to Xyzana, Goddess of Travelers and oldest daughter of Nitrix and Vamdes catches your eye as you begin to move on, a wooden bench with an awning to shield you from the rain in the distance. Perhaps the rain will let up soon but before you can even rest a loud noise echoes from behind you and you jump up as an adolescent Manticore jumps out at you. Frightened, you look around and spot a tavern to your left with a sign saying The Psychotic Bone and a valley beyond which lies some buildings...surely you are coming to a settlement but can you make it?

Do you...

Fight the Manticore?

Duck into the tavern?

Take your chances and run for your life?

This is where your story begins.
We will start out within a tavern known as The Psychotic Bone, situated on the outskirts of the Orcish city Oghaz Nan which is located on the east coast of Clolight.

Clolight is the easternmost continent on the planet Xaythea. The continent Mosun lies to the west where Putay Sea separates the two areas. Copyright of certain races and all places/lore belongs to moi. If anyone is interested, I will make a quick lore thread.
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..Fine. I'll bite.

What's the Setting like? I saw some things in the lore, but what's the state of the world? What're the various nations, religions, etc. etc. etc.
Because that might be necessary for making a character. ;)


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Sees immense post. Throws up hands.

Alright, alright! I give up! You win!
Lol. But seriously. Gimme time to read this.
YAAAASSS! You have KITSUNES! You have made an Otaku’s dream come true. :)


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Don't worry, I will. I'm posting stuff onto the lore page as well and need to come up with a tavern description anyway as well as a description of the settlement.


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If you are still interested, IC and character sheet are up. DanGriin DanGriin darkborn darkborn when you have looked through the lore and read it.



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We have a variety of races for you choose from if interested and only on the first page. Looking for more adventerures to join us.


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Choice 1 has been completed!

Quest 1 has yet to take effect. Meet us at The Psychotic Bone if you wish to join us adventurer. We could always use more who are willing to risk their lives.


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Even though nobody cares, the Ancient Ones are always watching but do not get on Vamdes’s bad side. They would welcome any who seek to join.


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Interesting setting, nice roleplay so far, I guess you could say I'm interested. Is there anything I have to do other than posting in the character thread before I can join in on the RP?


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Nope, just post a character and then you can jump in. You can read the lore as you wish, the only thing that really needs note is the race ages as you will need that as a guide in order to create a character. You could also view the Q&A as well in the OOC thread if you wish upon creating a character. Glad to have you aboard Yomojo Yomojo .

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