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Fantasy Shards of Destiny (Always Accepting)

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Would anybody be interested in a semi-sandbox GM Guided and sometimes quest option role play on my fictional world? There are several playable races available to select from as well as hybrids, each set with their own respective lifespan. Some have their own lore written out and magic is limited to a few races.

This would be a high fantasy multi-race to that is pagan in terms of religion (some races have their own gods and goddesses they believe in), each country (there are several continents) has its own politic system they live under plus each race (well the races for my book series of which this is based off) has their own politics. You will face monsters, both extinct and fantasy, potentially encounter bandits and pirates, and explore a variety of environments.

I only require you to be active with a once a week post, inform me if you are leaving or if you will be absent, and to follow rpn rules/my lore to an extent (racial lore, passage of time, political information for respective continent, currency, etc.)

  1. Follow RPN Rules as well as my basic lore I will outline.
  2. Be active once a week.
  3. Inform me (scorpiodragon) if you are going to be absent or will be leaving the RP.
  4. Side stories are allowed, just make a mental note to inform me ahead of time.
  5. At least 1 paragraph (100 words minimum) per character per post.
  6. If you have more than 1 character, please color your character speech so it's easier to see who you are working with.
  7. Note that I will be throwing in NPCs at random, may play the Gods and Goddesses (as needed, like if you are seeking them out or want a prayer answered) as well as the general direction of monsters.
  8. Do not kill each other unless you have the okay from that person and myself, and please give me a reason why you wish your character to die. You can injure each other though.
Posting Requirement: There is a posting requirement of once a week, 100 words minimum (translates to 1 paragraph) per character though you may include all characters in a post if you wish. No one-liners, text or chat speech is allowed. There is to be none of this action before words (ex. *Sees Bill and waves* “Hi Bill!” *Walks over*).

Try to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Thoughts are to be done in italics. Don’t put two people talking in one paragraph, that is difficult to interpret who is talking.

If you are having issues with what to write follow these guidelines:

T - thoughts. What is your character thinking about?
E - emotions. How do they feel?
S - senses. What do they hear/see/smell/taste/touch?
S - surroundings. What is going on around them?
A - actions. What do they do or say?

A torrential rain poured from the sky, likely brought by Lorasil, the oldest son of Lady Nitrix and Lord Vamdes. What had started out as a peaceful day for travel began to turn into a wet one as footsteps hurried along the road, seeking some form of shelter, a letter within your hands only telling you to come to Oghaz Nan. Glancing up towards the sky, the weary traveler could see the clouds were gray, lightning roiling within the clouds nod creating flashes of white. For a moment, a shimmer of red and gold feathers can be seen, a long streaming tail fanning out behind it, a mournful trill echoing from the phoenix as feathers float down and you watch it go on its way. A shrine to Xyzana, Goddess of Travelers and oldest daughter of Nitrix and Vamdes catches your eye as you begin to move on, a wooden bench with an awning to shield you from the rain in the distance. Perhaps the rain will let up soon but before you can even rest a loud noise echoes from behind you and you jump up as an adolescent Manticore jumps out at you. Frightened, you look around and spot a tavern to your left with a sign saying The Psychotic Bone and a valley beyond which lies some buildings...surely you are coming to a settlement but can you make it?

Do you...

Fight the Manticore?

Duck into the tavern?

Take your chances and run for your life?

This is where your story begins.
We will start out within a tavern known as The Psychotic Bone, situated on the outskirts of the Orcish city Oghaz Nan which is located on the east coast of Clolight.

Clolight is the easternmost continent on the planet Xaythea. The continent Mosun lies to the west where Putay Sea separates the two areas. Copyright of certain races and all places/lore belongs to moi. If anyone is interested, I will make a quick lore thread.
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..Fine. I'll bite.

What's the Setting like? I saw some things in the lore, but what's the state of the world? What're the various nations, religions, etc. etc. etc.
Because that might be necessary for making a character. ;)


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Wow okay.

Quick Race Info:


  • Tend to have an enmity with werewolves
  • Good fighters and trackers
  • A legion of vampire and werewolf soldiers on reserve is known as Tempest Wraiths
  • Separated into covens, each run by the strongest chief
  • Like werewolves, governed by a council of the oldest living vampires
  • Able to birth young and turn people; rarely turn people but forbidden from turning children
  • Silver burns vampires along with werewolves

  • Able to shift into a wolf, take on a hybrid form and have a human form
  • Have an enmity with vampires
  • Have accelerated healing and all the abilities of werewolves
  • Silver and Wolfsbane are poisonous and cause burns
  • There are twelve pureblood families in existence, lesser purebloods and half-bloods
  • The werewolf community is scattered in small pockets throughout the world, yet a famous community lies within the megalopolis of Sokjin (pronounced “Sock-gin”)
  • Their hybrid form consists of glowing wolf eyes, long ears, bushy tails, fur on their bodies, muzzles, elongated fangs and claws with digregade legs
  • The werewolves are run by the council, the oldest living members of the 12 houses

  • A race of my imagination, they tend to live within their ancestral home of Storzine
  • Malmorn are hunter gatherers and believe in animism though were formerly a Theocracy.
  • They can use magic.
  • Only a few of this race are left within Xaythea
  • Have horns, tails, wings and glowing eyes

  • A race of my imagination, they live mainly within Mosun though sometimes they can be found as peddlers and travelers in other areas of the world
  • Runimagi tend to be ecomancers, manipulating the four natural elements
  • They tend to be tattooed with up to six animals, though one to four is the most common with only the strongest having five or six, giving them the ability to not only communicate with them but also shapeshift into them as well; they can only communicate/shift into with the species tattooed on their bodies.
  • A race able to use magic within Xaythea

  • Shifters are rare
  • Able to shapeshift into any living animal they see though generally have a preferred animal as their form
  • Can be distinguished from other races due to fur, scales or feather patterns on their limbs and backs as well as the small horns on their heads; those who spend a lot of time in the water have gills in their necks while those who prefer higher places have deeper lungs to breathe in thin air; some keep traits of their preferred animal within their normal appearance
  • Can lose themselves if they spend too long as an animal, turn back into their base form if unconscious or asleep
  • Must shift back into their base form before turning into another animal
  • Used as spies/assassins and scouts
  • Sturdier than humans with enhanced senses; have accelerated healing

  • Have a council like werecats, vampires and werewolves
  • Their humanoid form contains fur on their back, shoulders and arms, short rounded ears, claws, sharpened teeth and glowing eyes, otherwise it is pretty much human.
  • Has two forms; humanoid & bear
  • Can turn into any bear species and can interbreed, no matter the species
  • Children are born humanoid until they turn eight, then turn into bears until puberty when they learn to shift into all forms
  • Wear simple garments that are easy to remove

  • Humans tend to be scattered throughout Xaythea, one of the youngest races
  • Highly adaptable and intelligent
  • Very few can use magic and often feared because of this
  • Most prevalent race on Xaythea despite being one of the youngest created

  • A race of fair and graceful creatures, sometimes mate with and have children with humans, kitsune and vampires
  • Four Seasons Forest tends to have four different types of elves living within each direction laid out like a compass
  • One of the races able to use magic

  • Not trusted generally and feared, leading to settlements away from other races
  • They have a lot of issues with elves and humans
  • Sometimes enslaved and used in mines, for hard labor and as soldiers for other races
  • Have a warrior tribal society where they fight for position among each other
Rakash (formerly Dargmon)

  • A race of my imagination, they were originally humans but were blessed by Ygfana who turned them into scaled creatures resembling bipedal dragons to protect them from the heat.
  • They tend to live within Trizale desert or other hot climates, somehow always located near the sea. Rakash cannot tolerate cold well but can survive living in areas of volcanoes and live in volcanoes themselves.
  • Normal forms differ on if they are aquatic or they are terrestrial dragons; Terrestrial Form: As a much smaller bi-pedal hybrid between humanoid and full dragon, the physiology allows the dragon to walk upright whilst remaining very ‘dragonesque’ in appearance. A full anthropomorphic head is coupled with digitigrade legs, scaled skin, claws, talons, some with wings, and a sizable tail allow the dragon to move safely within buildings and crowds which the True From dragon is unable to achieve. Not all have wings but those that do are able to fly and glide as well as slow their falling. Aquatic Form: A notable exception would be water dragons, who may have a mer-tail, fins or legs, and can still have wings, but cannot fly. Instead, like flying fish, they may glide briefly, or easily adjust their falling.
Arvusin (formerly Night Dwellers)

  • A race of my imagination, they dwell mainly within Zualbree and Souldes
  • Cannot take sunlight due to it burning them, thus they are nocturnal
  • Have a bond with Ghost Dogs
  • Have claws and fangs with venom sacs & bat wings
Suon (formerly Suon Wolves)

  • A race of my imagination, they dwell mainly within Alondale
  • Lovers of music
  • Can change into humans
  • Governed by a Lord and Lady; male and female Suon Wolves differ in height and fur color but generally live in a patriarchal mixed government
  • Wolf forms are size of a small horse
Zalyon (formerly Starkey Birds)

  • A race of my imagination, they live mainly on Meakromuth which is surrounded by Turanaia Sea
  • Sentient hybrids led by a king and queen; they are a cross between birds and light monkeys
  • Love fruit; mango and coconuts being their preferred fruit
  • Often captured and forced into slavery by human and other beings’ poachers
Kuvinean (formerly lightning people)

  • A race of my imagination, they are able to manipulate weather and harness electricity
  • Lighting bolt tattoos which act as chargers for the electricity coursing through their bodies; tend to glow white, blue or purple
  • Have purple, black or yellow/amber eyes and electric gem sacks in their bellies: specially protected and very hard
  • Live within Clolight

  • People that can change into human, half-form, or a quad form (big cat); half-blood can only turn into a human or cat
  • The hybrid shift has a fully furred body, enlarged ears, cat-like claws and fangs, a tail, whiskers, feline-slit pupils, and digitigrade legs; only applies to purebloods
  • Iron, gold, and catsbane are harmful/can burn or poison werecats
  • Become feral when in quad form
  • Females are always leaner and smaller than males
  • Enhanced senses and accelerated healing
  • Has a council like werewolves, vampires, and werebears

  • Live longer than men, up to 500 years
  • Capable masons and smiths, their blacksmithing is matched only by the elves and their masonry creations are bested by no other race in Xaythea
  • Stout and small yet capable of great endurance, physically strong, make light of heavy loads, males have beards
  • Tend to live above and below ground within mountains and the earth

  • Possess great speed and stamina
  • Seers are common among centaurs and many are diviners
  • Appear as half-humanoid (from the waist up) and half-equine (from the waist down). They come in a variety of colors and their height varies depending on the breed of their horse half. Average height is 13 hands tall.
  • Most centaur herds are ruled by a pair bonded couple, with the stallion given the title of Syven and his mare the title of Syva. The Syven is the leader in all things related to war, hunting, training, and trading with other herds; the Syva usually supports her mate and in addition oversees the activities of the healers, priests, mages, and all assortments of study and schooling.
  • Centaurs are born human and remain so until their first year of life when they form into a chrysalis for a year where afterwards the child will be emerge as a proper centaur foal.
  • Many are very capable in both physical and magical tasks, and are very quick to learn and adapt.
  • Gain magical affinity by their tenth year of life.

  • Have two to nine tails, with nine tailed kitsune being treated as divine and feared in their culture; there are also single-tails which are pretty much sapient foxes
  • Capable of shifting between a vulpine fox form, a human form and rarely a hybrid form of the two; stays fox until one hundredth birthday, gains spirit form at three hundred
  • Can turn into any fox species; get silver fur at 1,000 Years and gold fur at 5,000 Years
  • They are known to be quintessential tricksters
  • Those born tail less or with one tail will be completely removed from all magic. Those will a single tail will still be able to shift into humanoid form, but those without tails are stuck in their fox forms as simple, but sapient, foxes with unusual coloring.
  • A group of kitsune are called a skulk to outsiders, they call themselves a clan.
  • Male kitsune may have up to three mates who live together in one home, females tend to have one mate throughout their life.
  • When a kitsune dies and their starball remains intact, they have two choices. They may pass into the spirit realm as normal, which will allow their gem to disintegrate and release the soul within, or may choose to continue to ‘live’ within their starball.
  • Those trapped within their Gems are often called ‘the Kosoku’, or the Bound, and do not need any form of sustenance save for the time to recharge their energy should another use it. However, many Kosoku eventually lose themselves to madness, and beg to have their Gems smashed as an end to the loneliness and inability to do anything by their own power. Being separated without it for too long can cause them to go mad, become ill and eventually perish.
Too big to post but I will give links to appropriate topics on my blog.


Gods & Goddesses

Race Ages


Moons and Seasons/Days


Animal Ages (not the extinct kind)



Land Info: Supercontinents, Jof Lands

There is some info on respective races: Kitsune, Werewolf ranks, werebear ranks, werecat ranks, Rakash, dragons, Zalyon on my blog and if needed I will get info on those tomorrow.
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Sees immense post. Throws up hands.

Alright, alright! I give up! You win!
Lol. But seriously. Gimme time to read this.
YAAAASSS! You have KITSUNES! You have made an Otaku’s dream come true. :)


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Don't worry, I will. I'm posting stuff onto the lore page as well and need to come up with a tavern description anyway as well as a description of the settlement.


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If you are still interested, IC and character sheet are up. @DanGriin @darkborn when you have looked through the lore and read it.



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We have a variety of races for you choose from if interested and only on the first page. Looking for more adventerures to join us.


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Choice 1 has been completed!

Quest 1 has yet to take effect. Meet us at The Psychotic Bone if you wish to join us adventurer. We could always use more who are willing to risk their lives.


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Even though nobody cares, the Ancient Ones are always watching but do not get on Vamdes’s bad side. They would welcome any who seek to join.


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Interesting setting, nice roleplay so far, I guess you could say I'm interested. Is there anything I have to do other than posting in the character thread before I can join in on the RP?


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Nope, just post a character and then you can jump in. You can read the lore as you wish, the only thing that really needs note is the race ages as you will need that as a guide in order to create a character. You could also view the Q&A as well in the OOC thread if you wish upon creating a character. Glad to have you aboard @Yomojo.

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