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Fandom (RP Thread - Open to New Recruits) Crossroads - A Multifandom Roleplay

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Vitals: 100%

Location: Node City - JOEZ' BAR

Interacting With: Andrita Andrita

Unfortunately, there was a certain sense of emotionless tone to the stoic-as-hell soldier as she addressed the kid with a nod of the polarized emerald visor. "A superhero? Can't say I remember your appearance from any of the comics I read as a kid." She paused for a moment, looking up and around as she recalled a panel to the front of her HUD with an upward flick of her eyes. Blue text scrawled across her screen, reading:

[!ATT: Unknown signal coming from [UNKNOWN]- relay NAV coordinates? Y/N]

Blinking once with her eye angled at 'Y', the message went away as the coordinates to the concert were highlighted by a yellow navigation marker on her HUD; the letter '0.5km' away. She'd been looking at the duo the entire time, and the only thing they could see was their own reflections in the green visor. "I suppose we're going to find out what- or why we were brought here. There's a signal I've intercepted a half klick away from here. You're welcome to tag along, just stay alert and be on your guard." With that, the soldier turned and started out of the bar at a steady pace.
Gawr Gura
Location: Node City

William is now asking if the event is a concert or a fair, to which Gura responds "It's a concert, I think. I mean there is going to be music aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Her words trailed off when she is approached by a certain virtual idol of whom she is a big fan of. "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD! ARE YOU HATSUNE MIKU?!?! I CANT BELIEVE YOU'RE HATSUNE MIKU IN THE FLESH! AND YOU'RE TALKING TO ME?! OH MY GOD THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Gura could not control herself fangirling over one of the most known virtual idols in the day. So much so that she forgot William is there. Thankfully, ROBO approaches Miku and offers her a ticket. "Oh, hey there ROBO. Say, would you mind giving William here a ticket as well. Don't worry, I have some extra bucks with me." She asked.

Ciscodog Ciscodog saniachan saniachan AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc Tiki Riki Tiki Riki

Tiki Riki

"Hey, have you seen Mar-Mar?"
Node City
Ciscodog Ciscodog , saniachan saniachan , Topless Topless , AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc

Hatsune Miku

Miku was taking in what ROBO_Head had said about the concert starting soon, and was about to respond with profound interest when Gura's fangirling made her jump a bit. She got used to the cheers and adoration of her fans, but she had not expected to see said fans anywhere near here. Admittedly, for as much as she was enjoying the anonymity, she was getting quite confused how pretty much nobody knew about her. She sighed in relief at finally being recognized before getting back on topic, smiling amiably at ROBO_Head.
"I am quite interested in a ticket actually, but how much would one cost?"

Node Ruins
Leopard_dragon_Love Leopard_dragon_Love , II-CinderRadcliff-II II-CinderRadcliff-II , Teacup but existent Teacup but existent


Tiki jumped a bit as she heard the car's alarm, then watched in confusion and surprise as the newcomer basically dismantled the car. She tilted her head a bit as the lady apologized and started walking away. Seems that their worries were for naught. She put the dragonstone back into her pocket and looked back at the other three. Now that that was over, she was a bit lost on what to do now, but Caramon's remarks gave her an idea. Loud enough for Jennie to hear, Tiki responded to Caramon.
"It really is, speaking of others, don't you think we should be going back to the city proper in that case? I'm sure we could find more adequate help for your brother there."

The Crimson King

Pity this busy monster, manunkind.

Without any warning, or sign of it’s appearance, a massive beam of incandescent light shoots down from the sky, into the heart of Node City. It sustains, stretching high into the sky ever still, breaking through clouds and outshining the sun. The sound of it is almost deafening, and it’s near impossible to gaze upon directly for more than a moment. A sort of panic begins, residents of the city spreading news of it through word of mouth, through social media and it eventually makes the news, the strange phenomenon now a legitimate point of concern within the city. From the Agri-Farmlands it is clear to see. Even from the Keyblade Graveyard it glows in the distance like a glowing ivory tower. It’s not long before a massive hole is bored into the sky by the piercing light, a black fog pouring down into the city, flooding it with darkness despite the pillar of light’s unending illumination. Dread washes over the City like a plague, and the chaos evolves.​

Denji Hayakawa
The Keyblade Graveyard.
Interacting with: Teacup but existent Teacup but existent

The rookie Public Safety member had settled upon a boulder near where the Darkside had fell to take a rest after the battle. He exhaled in relief, gazing over at the two he had come to assist. Dog Lady was gone. Where’d she go? Must’ve dipped out after all the action got used up. Denji could relate to that, hell, anybody in Public Safety could. Not much reason to linger on the site of a battle unless you got a good reason to; guess she didn’t have one. He whistles, gazing off into the distance,
“That’s a crazy looking skyscraper, huh, never seen one so tall; I’m surprised I didn’t notice it before! Zenkichi, right? We should probably make tracks before more of those things show up. And if there’s a city over there I want a piece of it. This desert is a huge mood killer.”
He hopped off the boulder he had sat upon, and rested his arms behind his head, stretching from side to side before turning back to the masked man.
“Willing to bet people there will know what’s up with the teleporting stuff. You comin’?”

Noctis Lucis Caelum
Interacting with: Solirus Solirus Vagabond Spectre Vagabond Spectre

He was almost immediately jolted back from his reckless anger by both the display of power by the giant, who claimed he meant no harm, and the astronaut, who discouraged violence. It was impossible for these two to be with the Niffs. They both were as lost and confused as he was, and he relaxed his posture, and exhaled, his Blade dematerializing into crystals with a flick of his wrist before he speaks,
“I’m sorry. I was on a very important mission before I was brought here. I didn’t mean to lash out at you guys like that. I must seem like a huge jerk. What a terrible first impression on my part, huh?”
He bows, both in apology and in respect, rising to meet their gaze once more. His expression changes to something like a somber feigned smile,
“How about I make it up to you two by joining you? We can figure out what’s up here together. It’s Noctis, by the way; what are your—?“
Before he can finish speaking, it catches him, the massive pillar in the distance shot up right before his eyes, the light shimmering visibly even from this distance.
“You guys saw that, too, right? I think we’ve got a lead.”
He turns in it’s direction after speaking, now hard focused on the newly erected tower of radiance.


We've Going Hard for Too Long
Without any warning, or sign of it’s appearance, a massive beam of incandescent light shoots down from the sky, into the heart of Node City. It sustains, stretching high into the sky ever still, breaking through clouds and outshining the sun. The sound of it is almost deafening, and it’s near impossible to gaze upon directly for more than a moment. A sort of panic begins, residents of the city spreading news of it through word of mouth, through social media and it eventually makes the news, the strange phenomenon now a legitimate point of concern within the city.
Just as when Dover is going to say something else to the shark girl, panic ensures as a large beam of incandescent light shots down from the sky and into the heart of NODE City as his reaction when he pulled out his tactical M4 assault rifle with a ACOG scope and aimed to the large light for a second because of how things were already going bad for him in his first day at the city. He couldn't have a reaction of shock at all because he has experience of getting involved in certain situations in a public area just like this current situation, having to be patient on what is going on because he doesn't have his phone because he used it whenever he is going back to his home but the people in the city are in panic mode because of the large light. He then looked at a light blue haired girl that has two ponytails with a very warned facial expression because of the danger that she is going to be a early casualty and it could make the entire concert gone wrong because of the large light, "Miss, please leave the area quickly or you'll be in the trouble brewing right now if you gonna be dumb!"
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Tiki Riki

"Hey, have you seen Mar-Mar?"
Node Ruins -> Node City
Leopard_dragon_Love Leopard_dragon_Love , Teacup but existent Teacup but existent , II-CinderRadcliff-II II-CinderRadcliff-II


The young dragon jumped once more as the beam of light shot down from the sky into the city proper not so far away. Perhaps out of battle instinct, she once more took out her personal dragonstone, and holding it above her, she was bathed in a bright light not unlike the one at the heart of Node City. In a matter of seconds, her silhouette morphed and grew into the more reptilian form that Raistlin had sort of seen prior.
Tiki shook off the vertigo of so quickly transforming as she looked around, a bit paranoid of any imminent threats. Seeing none, she launched herself off the ground, leaving 2 massive footprints in her wake as she took off towards the city.

Hopefully the confusion and panic doesn't make the surprise appearance harmful to the young girl...​
--Goldtsuiker Family, stranded in another world--
Interaction: The Crimson King The Crimson King @NodeCityBlackOut @SkiesAboveNodeCity

From the rumbling storm clouds above the outskirts of the currently panicking Node City, a gold and silver starship emerged. Hovering above their new locale and status quo, the Goldtsuiker family watched as their arrival caused a pillar of light to emerge out of nowhere, and a blackened fog consume the city underneath.

"Oh no." A pair of red and blue robots that were as big as mere balls gulped as they perched on the cockpit's steering wheel.

"I told you we shouldn't have done that!" The red one, modelled after a small samurai robot with a large red sword on its back, snarled at the blue one.

"Me?! You're the one who pressed that universe travel button!" The blue one who appeared to be modelled after an egyptian with a gattling gun on its back snapped back.

"You pushed me into that button, dimwit!" The red one looked down at the button, which his sword is now stabbed through like excalibur on the stone. "Oh great, and it's broken too! Now we're stranded at whatever world we're now, and it's your fault, Ricky!"

"Nuh Uh!"
"Yes, it is!"

"Nuh Uh!!"
"Yes, it is!!!"

"You know, I was going to ask how'd we get here and scold you two..." The messy brown haired Zox spoke as he popped on his favored leather black coat, hopping down onto the main cockpit turned living room, having felt the rumble of traveling through universe, looking out the window and shielding his eyes from the big pillar of light in the distance. "But since you brought us to somewhere interesting, I'll let the fact that you've stranded us here slide for now." He chuckled, whistling as he sees the cityscape below shrouded in fog. "Phew, look at all that smog..."

"Ah! Big Bro!" The two minibots yelped, "We're sorry!"

"It's fine. I'll let Flint do the scolding later." Zox chuckled, lucky that his sister is quite the heavy sleeper. "For now, though...Why don't we investigate that light over there? I'll drop off and pillage whatever's down there."

"Um...Are you sure, big bro? It looks a bit dangerous." Ricky chuckled nervously, getting a stinkeye from Cutanner.

"Oh, now you're scared?"

"Shut up!"

"Hahaha...Yes, I'm sure." Zox smiles, crossing his arms. "Now hop on it, kiddos! We've got a thrilling city to pillage!"

"Aye aye, cap'n!" The two cheered, soon steering the starship towards the heart of the city. Despite their bickering, the two are still loyal to their big brother. As they got near the light, Zox took out what seems to be the ship's steering wheel fashioned into a hand gun, popping a golden gear into its chamber as the starship circled the pillar of light from a moderately safe distance. Going too near to it seems to be a bit too bright for the brothers. Guess that means he'll have to make the trip on foot.

The seemingly large pit beneath the cockpit filled with various mechanisms that'll provide stairways and lifts to the other parts of the ship suddenly opened up, much like a cargobay of sorts. With a smug grin, Zox Goldtsuiker, the patriarch of the Goldtsuiker family hopped off the side of his living-room cockpit, beginning his descent into the thick fogged city.

Being the daring man that he is, Zox didn't seem to mind the harsh winds that pelt his face as he fell, having felt this thrill for a long time already, he grinned as he dove head first into the black smog, disappearing into it as if diving into the water.

--Zox Goldtsuika--To: ???(Rooftop Near the Heart), Node City(Fogged)-->
Interaction: The Crimson King The Crimson King , @NodeCityBlackout
Zox positions his body in an upright position a he nears a landing zone--one that is literally made for a helicopter it seems as he lands ontop of an empty helipad. Dust kicking up under his feet around the concrete as he landed on his feet, kneeling to disperse all that force. After a short while, Zox straightens his body and looks around...

Zox hears frightened screams of the masses somewhere below him, although that didn't matter to him as much. What surprises him though is how thick this black fog is, obscuring even the beacon that guided his crew into this mess of a city to begin with.

"Hmm...Now this is thrilling." Zox rubs his chin as he walks to what he percieves to be the edge of the skyscraper that he's in, looking down below, despite the fog obscuring his vision. "It's quite dark in this place, despite that beacon..." He observed before deciding to aim his weapon, the Geadlinger, a red and black blaster with a ship wheel on the side and a blade on the other, on the fog in front of him, pulling the trigger and taking literal shots in the dark, checking if it will illuminate it slightly.


F o u r

Nathaniel watched as the hostile individual dematerialized their weapon, apologizing for their previous behavior, even stating they were in an important mission, something Nathaniel was also here for, but he'd want to keep that a secret in the meantime,
"You analyzed the situation well enough even in the heat of the moment, do not worry too much on the threats, you at least warned us instead of pouncing on us directly"

The boy quickly suggested he follow along with them,
"Very well, you don't mean us harm any more, as such bringing you along is a good idea." Nathaniel stated before the boy revealed himself to bear the name: Noctics, a name that reminded him a certain planet in the Imperium, however before Noctis could finish his question, a beam of brilliant light appeared almost rivaling the glow of the Imperial Palace

"I saw that clearly" Nathaniel looked back between Noctis and his green companion, "Let us move now, the less time we spend chatting here, the faster we'll get to the city. What are the top speeds each of you can achieve?" Nathaniel asked, "also, if you were wondering, to keep it short, my name is Nathaniel"

Interactions: The Crimson King The Crimson King Vagabond Spectre Vagabond Spectre


Kitsune of the North
Jennie.jpg Jennie Gladwin Melton Location: Node Ruins Interactions: Tiki Riki Tiki Riki Teacup but existent Teacup but existent Leopard_dragon_Love Leopard_dragon_Love Jennie turned around as the Warrior had called out for her return, or rather the suggestion that they stick together. Although a little reluctant she did shuffle her way back towards the group, preferably sticking towards the rear so that she wasn't in the way of the others. Her hands reached for her harp and gave a gentle strum of the strings, the water vapor in the air condensing and flowing around herself - the floating stream melding into her clothes and lifting the dirt and grime out before dissipating back into the air. Water magic is extremely common for Sea-Folk like her, as the Sea-Folk were one of the driving forces of the water cycle in her universe. Their presence was a good omen for prosperous agriculture, and one could expect increased rainfall for however long the Sea-Folk inhabit any particular part of the worlds oceans and lakes. Now prim and proper, she gave a slight bow before straightening herself.
"Allow me to introduce myself. Jennie Gladwin, pirate captain of The Great Galewind." Jennie stated before making a slight gesture to her instruments. An elegant harp, a vintage flute, and a masterfully carved tambourine. "I am also a proficient bard, so expect to have music drown out any silence the evenings may bring."
With her introduction now out of the way, she made a more meaningful glance at the Mage leaning on the Warriors shoulder. He seemed injured, though what that injury was she didn't exactly know. None the less, for the time being she'd hold off on showing more of her powers, being that she couldn't exactly trust them so easily so soon. She already made the mistake of showing off one of her powers when dispatching the abandoned car from reality, and she didn't intend to reveal all the cards in her deck yet. Once the beam of light appeared she immediately clenched her eyes shut and turned away from the brightness, covering her ears from the horrific noise that came with it.


Cryptic and Unforeseen

Just before any information could be said Node City's beacon activated without warning. Was something wrong with the Cytus Core?
"This unit recommends to evacuate everyone to their homes. Effective immediately. This unit has the power to reschedule, but if the disturbance is a sign of threat, the audience may not."
A jumbo-tron in the center of the stage gave the warning.
The crowds began to freak out stronger, and ran from their seats as they flooded away from the building.
"This unit sincerely apologizes. Activating plan 1: Investigate + Find Allies."
He quickly accesses his iM, only to find the Cytus Server down. This isn't his only form of communication luckily, but in order to avoid any of the fans tampering with him, he begins to run.
"This unit is running to investigate the city tower. Please do not follow. It is for your safety. Threat level unknown, Chance of survival unknown. Please go to your homes or anywhere away from the tower. May you find safety."
And with that, he dashes to the tower, making a decent speed for a hunk of metal. Sure he left his equipment at the stage, but that's not what's important. What's important is that he gets help.

Interactions: Topless Topless saniachan saniachan Tiki Riki Tiki Riki AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc

Teacup but existent

Clear blue skies and warm summer days!
Location: Node Ruins| Interactions: Tiki Riki Tiki Riki + II-CinderRadcliff-II II-CinderRadcliff-II + Leopard_dragon_Love Leopard_dragon_Love

qiqi_happy (1).png
Her attention having been on the car where the newcomer hid behind, Qiqi didn’t seem to notice the gem Tiki took from her pouch, nor did the zombie notice Camaron’s eye-popping expression or Raistlin’s recurring dependence on his brother.

As Jennie revealed herself, Qiqi’s head gently tilted to the side. Was the Melton from these parts? Maybe not, given the pattern of the past few people Qiqi has met in these ruins. The zombie shut her eyes briefly as the melody began echoing through the ruins, taking it in… it was nice.

What wasn’t nice was the interruption via the car alarm, and the flurry of curses that had followed. Qiqi’s eyes opened up, just in time to watch the mist surround Jennie, and the ribbons of rubber and metal take the place of the unfamiliar vehicle. Qiqi was a little relieved to hear the strum of the harp once more, albeit in an aggressive manner, but she had to admit that the pirate attacking the remnants of the car was a little funny. She didn’t show much expression except a small smile, but she really did find humor in it.

Once Jennie began and ended her flustered gabbing, Qiqi put back her sword, her smile fading. She nodded to confirm Camaron’s point of staying with others. Tiki did have her own good point, though. Qiqi was unsure if the city would be like what she was used to, but it’d be better than staying in the ruins.

My name is Qiqi. It is nice to meet you, Captain Jennie.”

The zombie softly replied. They were right about to take their notebook once more...

Suddenly, the beam of light suddenly made its appearance. Qiqi covered their ears, clearly bothered by the sudden loud sound of the pillar. What in the world?

What gave Qiqi even more reason to “what in the world” had been Tiki’s sudden transformation. The zombie would watch as the newly-revealed dragon would launch herself towards the city. Did Tiki have something to do with the deafening pillar? Pulling the two tails of her cape over her head to cover her ears, Qiqi then raced right after Tiki, sword now unsheathed just in case.

Location: Keyblade Graveyard | Interactions: The Crimson King The Crimson King

neutral_Portrait_Zenkichi (1).pngAs the Public Safety member had his own settling point, Zenkichi had been right by him… on his own two feet rather than his rump, that is. The police inspector had been trying to see if he could reach anyone, mostly Akane.

“Come on…”

muttered anxiously, groaning as the call failed. Was there really no way to contact anyone here? God, this is annoying. He barely seemed to notice Lappland’s absence, stuck in his own world plagued by a dilemma.

But then came a sudden beam of light, which finally took Zenkichi out of that plagued world of his. He’d look up, taking a glance at the glowing pillar for a mere moment before looking at the rookie who had let out a whistle. Wolf couldn’t help but feel a bit reminded of those kids from that whole Metaverse shindig… mostly, Denji made Hasegawa think of Skull.

Though, enough reminiscing about the past. Since when was that thing there? Never, that’s when. Something was up. If this is another EMMA situation, oh…

You didn’t notice it because it wasn’t there until now. I doubt they just booted up that thing… nonetheless, you’re right there. We need to move.”

put his phone in his pocket, smirking gently and nodding towards Denji’s invitation. If people near that knew about a way back, or had been the cause of this whole thing, Hasegawa isn’t thinking twice.


With that, he made the first step, now on his way towards the pillar of light.​


Skilled in many, Master of none
Location: Node Ruins
Interaction: Teacup but existent Teacup but existent , II-CinderRadcliff-II II-CinderRadcliff-II
Caramon gave the new, rather pretty, woman a big friendly smile. Raistlin eyes her with some interest, too. He'd never seen magic like that. Mages were not allowed to use weapons likes swords or anything of the like. Only a small knife or dagger for the most dire of situations. Seeing magic like that had him very curious. He could see that she was in no mood to discuss anything, however, so he curbed the thrill over witnessing such a new form of magic. It wasn't like he wanted her to know his own inner power, either. At least his eyes seemed to react normally to her. Her skin wrinkling before rotting and falling off her very bone.

Looking away, he tried to figure out the machinery strewn about. He prodded on pile if scrap metal with the end of his staff. Never had he seen anything like many of these broken metal contraptions.

"You can never go wrong with music." Caramon said acceptingly, though the smaller twin remind silent on the matter. "I'm Caramon, and this is my twin brother, Raistlin. He uses magic too, he's real good." He said it with more than a small touch of pride that made the mage glance his way and smirk. Caramon was about to continue on with the girls, but a bright light inturrupted him. Caramon had to close his eyes against the sudden unnatural bright light.

Raistlin, however, turned to look at it. The massive explosion of sound made his ears ring, and the light made his magically enhanced and cursed vision dance with spots until instinct bade him to protect his sight by blocking the light out. The power of the beam washed over him, colliding with his own magical aura. He fell back a step, almost as if he were struck. Covering his face with the wide thick sleeve if his crimson robes, and peering thru a crack in his lidded eyes, he made himself locate where the light was going. In doing so, he caught a glimpse of the feathered dragon as it left. By the time the light was gone, and the twins could properly see again, Raistlin could not spot the dragon- unlike any type he'd read of before. That beast was not of the metallic or chromatic types he knew of.

Caramon hadn't even tried to look. Hiding his face and missing all the excitement until the brightness vanished and he could carefully peer his eyes open. He turned his head, alarm evident. "Raist! Oh, you still there..." relief flooded his face despite the look of annoyance on the mages face.

"And where would I have gone?" He snapped. Caramon fumbled with an answer, and the mage cut him off. Any form of appearing ill or hurt seemed to instantly vanish.

"Come, my brother. We are going to investigate." Raistlin said, not even caring if Caramon wanted to go or not. He just started walking.

"Are you strong enough to travel, Raist?" But he only got a fiercely angered look for an answer. Caramon fidgeted for a moment, glancing from his twin to the worryingly unemotive child quickly putting distance between them to the new woman. Finally, he sighed and began to obediently follow his twin. He didn't seem to be nearly as into the idea of investigating the light. If his brother was excited over it, than it could only mean magic. As proud as he was of his twins magical ability, magic still frightened him. He couldn't defend against magic. He could only trust his sibling.
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Team of Conflict
Node City
Ciscodog Ciscodog Topless Topless AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc Tiki Riki Tiki Riki The Crimson King The Crimson King Teacup but existent Teacup but existent

Just when Altale was going to look for her assigned seat, a teenage girl with long, turquoise twin tails approached ROBO_Head. The shark girl's fangirling squeal proved that she must be quite famous for whatever reasons. But what made Al somewhat tense to see humans around was a possibility that they might be Pokemon trainers (which was quickly debunked by the lack of Pokeballs on them).

And then chaos ensued as a massive beam of incandescent light shot down from the sky. It somehow reminded Altale of the Galar Particles that those Rocket scientists once talked about back in the lab. The catch? She's not even in Galar to begin with. And thus, curiosity (and recklessness) ensued to the point of Al making a mad dash to the light's source despite ROBO's warning and her bare knowledge of the city's roads. I mean, he's a DJ robot, for Arceus' sake. Altale wasn't that sure about his fighting capability yet.

Vagabond Spectre

Five Thousand Club
Eli Vanderbilt
Interactions: The Crimson King The Crimson King Solirus Solirus


Pacified, Noctis became. His hands remained raised and empty until the introduction of names. He was more than relieved that the misunderstanding has been cleared in the air within seconds. He can safely be at ease just like he instructed at Nathaniel and Noctis. Leaving the two adults to speak to one another, Eli broke eye contact with Noctis to gaze deeply into the city. Almost mesmerized by its shape existing near farmlands and its futuristic aesthetic. The conversation almost became background noise.

A streak of mysterious light pierces the sky at instant speed. The snapped the space boy back to reality yet remained its gaze to the light. Judging body language, he appeared stiff and alerted. Must have interpreted the beacon as a call for help, or something far worse. As a Green Lantern or the only sole Lantern left, an event such as this is something he has to investigate with haste. Taking a slow ascend up to 15 feet in the air. His answers were straightforward and said with a tone of a hurried boy.

"Eli Vanderbilt, Green Lantern corp. Roughly 77 KPH."

Taking flight forward with a slow acceleration to 88kph maximum. His undivided attention towards the beacon made him lose focus of his current party, slowing down and accelerating to keep pace with others. After all, he has a ring capable of traversing space without the use of conventional human technology. His green glowing body can be easily be distinguished from the sky like a comet. Flying at 24 feet into the air, the closer he flew the more he identified the city's details, the black mist of smoke devouring buildings and lights in its darkness. This really calls for his attention.

Tiki Riki

"Hey, have you seen Mar-Mar?"
Node City
Ciscodog Ciscodog , @saniachan, Teacup but existent Teacup but existent , Topless Topless , AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc

Tiki & Hatsune Miku

The young dragon was trying her best to fly amidst the smog over the city, but quickly gave up that pursuit as it continued to thicken. At best, she'd have a few close calls, but at worse she might destroy more than a building. Trying to make out the ground below her, she noticed several groups of people all fleeing from one building, the concert stage. Where better to get some answers right? Surely at least one of them knows what's going on? The chance was solid enough to make her try and land, away from the fleeing citizens of course.

Meanwhile, the twin-tailed girl was conflicted on what to do next. She wasn't sure if ROBO_Head and Altale would be okay, but she also wasn't sure where she would flee to should she choose that option. She didn't think for too much longer before her thoughts were interrupted by the ground shaking slightly from Tiki's landing. Jostled out of her thoughts, she headed outside to see what was happening.

She wasn't able to see very much, but she swore she was able to see a dragon moments before it seemed to vanish. While trying to process this, she noticed a child running up to her, breathless and holding an odd stone before she put it away.
"Miss! Do you have any idea what's going on right now?"
"...No clue, but I think I know a way to get some answers."
"Well, come on then!"
But Miku hesitated. Was she really going to follow ROBO_Head and Altale? She had no idea what would be awaiting them should she follow, but she would be lying if she said she wasn't curious as well. Plus, this young girl didn't look like she was going to back down from it, and it wouldn't reflect well on her if she let a child venture into potential danger. Shaking off her hesitation as best she could, the two of them raced back inside the concert hall and towards ROBO_Head and Altale with the clear intent to follow.


We've Going Hard for Too Long
William McDowell A.K.A Dover
Location: NODE City
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Immediately, she held onto William's waist in fear. "L-Lets get out of here!" She said, her tone speaks of terror. She never haven't got this scared for a long time, but only because she played some horror games.
He looked over at the shark girl when she holds his waist in fear because she said that they would get out of the concert as he was seemed to be getting more and more protective of the shark girl as he thinks of it as protecting a V.I.P person but it is not a V.I.P person at all yet it is a normal girl as he would nod and looked for a possible route to get out of the chaos from when he was thinking about one. He seemed to be thinking about the moment like when he was involved in a risky escape route in a Norweigan outpost that was captured and used by enemy Russian forces that are using the camp site for a possible capture of a very important person of Norway, trying to find some place to escape before he could see a route where some possible spectators of the concert used as a escape route. He then looked at the shark girl with a very cautious facial expression because it could get things very dangerous for the shark girl when he crouched a bit because he is going to carry her out of a safe place, "Okay, kid. I can carry you on my shoulder since you're small so come on or we could be dead by now!"
Gawr Gura
Location: Node City

"Who you calling small? And don't call me a kid. I'm only like...some thousands of years old or whatever, but I'm definitely a lot more older than you." Gura spoke, a little offended if it weren't for the situation. Regardless of how she felt, she would climb up to William's shoulders. Such a cute sight indeed. "Lead the way my steed!" She yelled.

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Vitals: 100%

Location: Node City - Plaza

Interacting With: Andrita Andrita Mentioning: The Crimson King The Crimson King
As the Spartan made her way out of the bar, hopefully with her newfound, just-as-lost companions in tow, the sound and the beam both hit at once; appearing to blast through the sky long enough within her enhanced reflexes to gauge the point of origin. However, even with the safeguards in place the MJOLNIR's helmet reacted half a second later to the intense sound and light; compensating as best it could by polarizing the interior visor and muting the entire helmet. Aria lurched back lightly, gaze flicking to the beam for a second before looking back down and over to the duo following her, if they were. She didn't speak simply due to the noise, and instead held up her index finger on her right hand and moved it around in a circle before lowing it back to her side. Her ECOMP blared the obvious as the robotic, posh-sounding English accent modeled after Auntie Dot struggled with the sudden phenomena. 'Unknown thermal energy signature detected. No immediate threat present, Lieutenant. I recommend investigating the source.' Aria turned back toward the duo, and asked sharply, "What are your combat capabilities?"


Cryptic and Unforeseen
Approaching tower... Preparing OS System Uplink...
Warning: Scan found 3 entities in near proximity.
Cancelling Uplink...
Responding to error...

ROBO stopped as he approached the tower. He was now a decent way from the concert hall. He looked behind him to see the Ampharos, the idol who, according to the young girl before, is named Hatsune Miku, and a new girl. He stopped for a moment, assessing them and what exactly they may be doing. He warned them after all, or at least warned Miku and Al. He eventually decided to speak.

"This unit is unsure of the safety of this operation. In conclusion, this unit is confused on why you would follow, despite the warning. But, after reassessment, the reasons may be widespread. This unit is afraid you may never heed that warning, so this unit has no choice. If you believe yourself as fully equipped, you may proceed. However, if you are afraid of the consequences, you have permission to leave now."

He looks at the group. He doesn't want them to get hurt.

"This unit has one final inquiry. Why are you intrigued to enter the Node City Tower? For knowledge? Curiosity? This unit simply does not understand why you would risk your life force into this."

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Location: Node City
Interaction: open

It took Raistlin and Caramon time to reach the city. They were only human, and without a mount they could only walk. Raistlin could not run, at least not for long. So they were forced to pace themselves. The mage started strong due to excitement, but by the time they reached the city he was again leaning on his brother. His feet seeming to struggle in taking each step. The first thing that they saw was the citizens leaving the city in a panic. Some people in official looking uniforms tried to stop them, saying that it was dangerous. However, Raistlins answer of "I might be able to help, I am magi" only caused confused looks.

The twins shared a look of bewilderment, actually looking like twin for the briefest moments before Raistlin again moved closer to the smoke.

"Be careful, Raist. " Caramon didn't like the look of this. As they got even closer, Raistlin began to cough. Caramon had to practically drag his twin away from the smoke. However, even Caramon had noticed there were still people trying to escape the thick unnatural air.

After a moment, the mage caught his breath. "I can cast a spell that might dissipate some of the smoke for a little while. But without knowing the source, there is little I can do." The mage informed his twin.

"There's still people in there, Raist." Caramon said, watching his brother close his eyes. Caramon remained silent, watching the smaller twin think.

"It's just smoke, my brother. Unnatural, yes. As long as their lungs work, they will be fine." Raistlin opened his golden eyes glared at the smoke. It might as well have been a brick wall. Raistlin had trouble enough breathing with clean air. This smoke would no doubt suffocate him. The source, though! What was the cause of the powerful beam of light, and this smoke. Would they even find it within the black mass? Depending on the casters power and control, the magic user could be outside the city limits.

"Keep me steady, my brother. I will see what I can do. Then you may go and help who you can." Raistlin said, seeing Caramon about to argue. It would be a good test to see how much of his statement of it being 'just smoke' was true. A golden hand slipped into a pouch on his belt, pulling a small handful of its contents out. Sand slid between the cracks in his thin fingers, and Caramon adjusted the way he supported his twin to the mage would be able to cast his spell. Chanting a short incantation in the magical language, he made a wide sweeping gesture with the staff he carried. Part way thru his words, the stillness began to stir as wind was summoned. At the end, the made held his hand flat so the sand rested in his palm, turning so that he faced west he blew the sand out of his hand.

What followed was a torrent of wind, seeming to also come from the heaven in a twister of sorts. It hit the twins, causing the mages robes to whip around him, but otherwise did not budge them. The twister then went into the smoke, but it wouldn't be enough to clear the city. Not even half of it. Raistlin, as skilled as he was, was still only one man.
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Node City
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On the way to the light's source (which turned out to be a tower), Altale didn't notice two human girls following her and ROBO all the way there. She only realized when ROBO suddenly stopped on his track and gave them all one last warning about how dangerous this thing possibly would turn out. Luckily for Al, her ticket was already safe in her dimensional pocket by the time ROBO voiced his concern.

"Aw, c'mon now. I'm no stranger to dangers, bucko," Altale chortled in an attempt to placate the DJ robot. This time she opened up her telepathy to everyone around her, not just to ROBO. "As a wild 'mon and a former lab Rat-, I know a danger when I see it. I can deal with that, no worries," the Ampharos proclaimed despite her near-slip when she almost said "lab Rattata" instead of just "lab rat". But still, the notion of "a former lab rat" could be rather unsettling to those who didn't know her full story yet Altale casually said that like she had nothing to lose -- not even her well-earned freedom.
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Tiki Riki

"Hey, have you seen Mar-Mar?"
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Tiki & Hatsune Miku

Miku hesitated once more after hearing the robot's final advice/warning, but as she predicted, the faint resolve in Tiki's eyes did not falter at his words. When ROBO_Head asked about their intentions, Tiki responded right after Altale.
"Honestly, my first instinct was to run even further from the city... But I can't just keep running from everything that's happening. I'm not completely defenseless in the first place, and plus, I am admittedly a bit curious. Maybe this could lead to a way to get back home, and if not, I can at least recall this experience as a learning moment. And, and..." she tried to dig up more words, but whether she was out of them or didn't want to continue, she just shook her head, indicating she was done.

Miku meanwhile was starting to like this idea less and less. She was far from equipped, with not much besides the clothes she wearing. Yet for some reason, she still felt obligated to tag along. Maybe it was also that same curiosity, but it also could be the girl standing behind her. Perhaps her determination was rubbing off on her? Regardless of the reasons (which she would probably try to discern later), she eventually spoke up too after a bit.

"I'm sure we'd all really like to know what's going on here. As for a more personal reason, since this kid here clearly wants to come along, I would never live it down if I just let a kid head towards potential danger. So I guess you could say I'm here out of obligation? Not that I'm doubting any of you guys, just saying," Miku tried to summon a laugh to lighten the mood, but it came up as awkward silence instead.


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Shadow - Node City Outskirts

Shadow was looking around with wide eyes as people of all shapes and sizes were fleeing the wondrous city laying in front of her. She wasn't sure how she'd gotten here, but somehow she'd wound up at a place that looked right out of some fantastical story!
It was a shame something bad seemed to be happening to it. Shadow could barely even look in the direction of the great pillar of light that seemed to have appeared in the city's center. Whatever was causing that couldn't be good news.

She looked back to the people fleeing the smoke that seemed to cover the city and decided that she would help however she could. She started running forwards on all fours, and angled herself towards a couple of humans that were headed toward the city rather than running away from it. They would probably be trying to help too. Maybe they had a better idea about what was going on.

As she approached, she heard the human chanting something as the wind picked up, and suddenly a great torrent of twisting wind descended on him, before shooting off into the city, clearing out quite a lot of the smoke.

Shadow was amazed. She skidded to a stop, wide-eyed and grinning as arrived beside the pair.

'That was amazing! How did you do that!?' She wrote in the air in front of them, the words formed of shadow. There was a small circle of dark runes floating around the wrist of her left fore-leg as she summoned them into existence.

'Wait! Nevermind. More important stuff to do! I'm Shadow! Nice to meet you!' she wrote, standing up on her hind legs and waving a paw at them.

'Do you know what's happening? I'll help if I can!'


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"This unit understands then. I will use all abilities to try to aid you."

ROBO continued onward to the tower, granted at a slower pace. There weren't any other fans following them, so this was the time.

He turns back to the small crew.

"This unit plans to check the integrity of the Cytus core while also contacting an important ally. This may severely damage my hardware. To protect it, please watch the heat levels that are emitted. If you find the unit to become too hot, please turn the power off, located on the back of my neck. I will then have five minutes to leave before my system shuts down. If it does, wait 30 seconds to reboot it."

He then turns back around to show them the small switch on the back of his neck. As he said, it is the power switch, set to on.
He turns back around and speaks to them one last time.

"This unit will be completely inactive. If there are any issues or worries, please speak now."

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