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Fandom (RP Thread - Open to New Recruits) Crossroads - A Multifandom Roleplay

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Teacup but existent

Clear blue skies and warm summer days!
Location: Keyblade Graveyard | Interactions: Cierra Cierra + The Crimson King The Crimson King

"That was my intention from the start, mask!"

Thank God, Lappland wasn't out for blood... namely not out for that of Wolf's.

Speaking of such creatures, the Darkside had been hit right in its eyes, making no noise as it held its eyes for a moment, before quickly slamming its fists down onto the ground. It had summoned more small fry as fast as it could (which frankly, wasn't very fast), but as Lappland whittled them down, it seems that the Darkside may be nearing its demise.

Then came Denji, planting those chainsaws of his and cutting up the large Heartless. But, luckily, it was able to cut short the face-shredding, seeming to have tossed the devil hunter over into the landscape.

The dark pools had disappeared from its fists, as Zenkichi saw his chance. Deciding to take it for himself rather than having Valjean alone handle things, the inspector would rush on over to the Darkside, albeit a little slowly.

The Persona would slam its chains on the ground, sending debris and a pushing force against the Darkside. While at this moment the Heartless had been trying to get up, it was brought to its knees again, covering itself as Zenkichi had begun shooting at it with both firearms of his.


If Lappland (or Denji, if the devil hunter decides to make a comeback in some manner) would like to have - what is likely - a final whack or two, they could do so or forever hold their peace.​


Team of Conflict
Node City
Ciscodog Ciscodog Topless Topless AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc

"I- well, yeah..." Altale derped upon hearing ROBO's deduction which was amazing for a robot. The "lighthouse" part was somewhat accurate thanks to Amphy, Jasmine's Ampharos, illuminating (and practically living in) the Glitter Lighthouse in Olivine City. And for the "electric" part, well... isn't that obvious already? "I actually came from the Pokemon world. It's where, um, monsters like me live," judging from ROBO's intelligence (?), Al tried to explain her origin to him. She even considered mentioning Pikachu at first due to their popularity back home but didn't do it. Instead, the Ampharos hybrid swung her branched tail to her front and lamented, "But of all Pokemon back home, I've been the odd one out all this time."

"But wait, this is a concert, right?"
she immediately changed the topic thanks to the seemingly ever-growing crowd reminding her of the ongoing event. "Are the seats all taken?"

Tiki Riki

"Hey, have you seen Mar-Mar?"
Location: Node City, Node Ruins

"It's not that I don't want to be there, it's just that I don't feel like I fit in..."

This is what the young girl walking down the long abandoned streets of the city ruins convinced herself of as she ran off from the more lively parts of the city in an effort to get away from it all. But even as she walked down these streets of the past, she still felt... out of place. The run down buildings that could be compared to the buildings of our current, real-life times were still completely foreign to the young girl, who came from an age much older than anything she'd seen here.

Dejected, she sat down in the middle of the worn down pathway, the negativity of being left out slowly creeping deeper into her mind, perhaps even fueling something darker... In this moment, her voice came out crisp and clear, voicing the only other thought she had at the time.

"I feel so alone..."
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Skilled in many, Master of none
Location: Node Ruins

Caramon blinked as he looked around. He held a sword in one hand, a shield in the other. Tense, and ready for battle. But the battle he'd been in was no longer there. What happened? The man, a giant by human means but human nonetheless, heard a weak groan and a thud. The warrior spun on his heel with practiced ease. What he saw, though, made him throw his sword back in its sheath and fling his shield into its holder.

"Raist!" The big man sped forward three steps, on his knees before the momentum was done carrying him forward. "Raist!" He shouted his companions name helplessly. The man he bent over was unconscious, groaning softly, but alive and breathing. The red robes bright like a blood stain against the dirt. Metalic golden skin reflected the sun's light.

Caramon looked around, not recognizing anything. Odd things lay discarded on the ground, broken down buildings. A ruin of some sort. Raistlin would love to explore this place, he didn't doubt. But right now, he needed to get his brother help. He scooped the frightfully thin man into his arms, carefully grabbing the long staff that the golden skinned mage used and picked a direction to go. He didn't know where he might find help. However, out in the open was dangerous. If he didn't find people soon, he would have to find somewhere for the mage to rest and hopefully recover on his own.


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Battles are best enjoyed with opponents that rise to the challenge, Lappland thought to herself. This was not such a battle. The smaller shadows creatures were easy to kill and to sluggish to be a real threat. They were simple minded and had little plan other then to scuttle on the ground and attack when they saw fit. The larger one was far to passive an enemy to be worth any sort of effort. She couldn't say the same of the two people she was fighting with. Mask's abilities were still awesome in their right; the strange creature he could summon to attack for him. And the other one? The living chainsaw? His power was amazing in its own right. A living weapon. The idea of fighting him was far more appetizing then the shadow creatures.

But now wasn't the time. Mask used his power again, summoning his beast to attack and leaving the Darkside kneeling before them. With it in such a weakened state, Lappland decided to make sure it was dead. Not that out of distrust of the other two to finish the job but out of her own concern for her own safety. She had someone to chase after all. She pushed past Mask while flipping her swords in her hands, reversing the grip so she could leap up to the beasts head and drive the twin blades downwards into the back of its head. In a way it was less satisfying she had imagined it would be. It didn't seem to have a skull so the blades sunk in with ease and almost silently. She pulled them out and turned to face Mask, scanning for the human chainsaw.

"Well if nothing else, you throw my kind of welcoming party! Hehe. Never thought I'd be working with someone from Reunion but we can't always choose who we die with. Lappland." She smiled a wide toothy grin as she introduced her self, splaying her swords out to the side of herself as she did so, in some grand gesture. She chose not to reveal her connections yet, waiting to see what the other two had to say before she gave away to much.

Teacup but existent Teacup but existent The Crimson King The Crimson King

The Crimson King

Pity this busy monster, manunkind.

Denji Hayakawa
Location: Keyblade Graveyard
Interacting with:
Teacup but existent Teacup but existent
Cierra Cierra

His legs flail rather embarrassingly as he has been planted from his head to his waist in sand like a tree, the sound of chainsaws muffled for only a moment before they’re ripping through the terrain to free the Devil Hunter. He slumps his shoulders and falls to his knees as the Devil’s weapons slow so a halt, only the sound of the badlands’ wind whipping through the air audible. The Devil’s face melts away, dispersing like smoke in the air, his chainsaws retracting into his forearms as they follow suit, revealing the young man beneath the guise of the Hero of Hell, opening his own mouth for sand to flow out in a rather comical display, spitting it out every which way.
“Man, what a mood killer. That’s the first time I’ve literally been thrown out of a fight.”
He sighs, pulling himself off the ground, beginning to button his shirt back up and fixing his sleeves as he made his way back to the fight, moving just above a jogging pace.
It takes some time, but he returns to the site of the battle, his arms behind his head in a display of no ill intent. Moving one arm to wave before introducing himself,
“Uhm, hi. I’m Denji! I knew you guys’d be done by the time I got back, since you’re both super badass.”
He tried for a friendly tone, as he was well aware he made quite the interesting first impression. He needed to be sure the masked guy and the dog lady didn’t think he was some bloodthirsty monster; as least not how he is now. He flashed a goofy smile, showcasing his pointed teeth.
“By the way, are you guys from around here? ‘Cuz I’m sure as hell not!”

Vagabond Spectre

Five Thousand Club
Eli Vanderbilt
Location: Agrilands
Mention: Cierra Cierra Solirus Solirus



A faint hush of his breath escapes to question the unexpected power fluctuations of his ring. Gazing deeply into the ring’s lantern symbol, it’s emerald color reflects back to his dark black visor. His staredown with the ring lasted a minute before raising up from proned position to standing without his power’s assistance. He’s hearing footsteps, quick footsteps. They were running, this sent him to face the tall crops obscuring his vision.

Out of the tall crops divided revealed a glorious 9 foot tall armored being with a with spear taller than any man Eli has ever seen. His charcoal black and shining gold where the first thing he noticed, their pointed intimidating helm give Eli the impression that this is no ordinary knight of sorts. He could not say a word to the giant. Until the stomp of their weapon forced him to speak unto them.

“Are you... The lord of these fields?”

Eli’s ringed fist was clenched at their presence, a subtle sign of uncertainty and suspicion. In the height view of the giant, he appears to look more like a child caught in the act. His helm white as the gloves and boots he wears contrasting to his black and green color scheme. He could feel a bit of wind playing with his green cape. He could only stare into the lens of the helmet of the towering individual and take a look around to notice that he flattened a few feet of crops as a mark to his crash.

There is no injury present nor his expression of pain hinted even the slightest. He shook it off like it’s the norm. The GL cannot explain why he crashed instead of land, his only clue was the moment he got a clear vision of the armored guardian he fell.

“My sincerest apologies... I did not intend to destroy even a stalk of your crops. It was my own fault to fly over this field. I simply wanted to ask to where I am.”

Meekly, he apologize with pure sincerity over hardly even a fraction of the field’s harvest. He is not even sure if the one he speaks to could help him out, for all he knows he found himself in trouble. There was another voice out in the fields. It sound like a woman’s voice. He could have identified this as a farmer but he hasn’t seen any other farmers into the fields in his midflight. This could be another soul seeking for something. He was just desperate for answers and the farm cows will not tell him where he is.
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Cryptic and Unforeseen

ROBO stayed silent and listened to the Ampharos' explanation.
"Fascinating... An entire different animal type from an alternate universe. This unit will try to give it's best understanding when it is confronted by you."
A thumbs-up icon appears on the screen, signifying his loose promise. When it quickly reverts back, he realizes that Al is interested in something else.
"This unit sees you have taken an interest in the upcoming concert: 'ROBO_Mixer'. Although this unit is supposed to have to charge a large summary, this unit finds you as a special condition. Please, accept a free ticket to seat R.387. All seats closer to the set up have been taken, so please excuse the far seating."
Using his printer again, he prints out a ticket slip showing all the details. The name, place, seat, everything a ticket holder would need.
He hands the small slip to Al, and proceeds to speak again.
"When the Mixer event is complete, please meet this unit near Gate A, about 30 mins after the show. This will allow fans to flood out, while this unit can continue to help."
His monitor glows with a smile. He really does want to help, despite only being an AI proxy robot created by a 12 year old. Nora... he hasn't remembered the last time he heard that name. But right before another concert and nothing from her... It's okay that she hasn't messaged in a bit, but on the day of a Mixer...
He resolves to send her a private iM message. He does this internally, so no one would notice. He only pauses for a moment to set it up.
Loading cached credentials...
Welcome back, ROBO_Head
Sending PM...
"This unit wishes to greet you again, Nora. ROBO_Mixer is about to start, but this unit hasn't received a transmission yet from you. This unit is wishing for your safety, and hopes to hear from you soon. -ROBO_2"
Sending to N0ra...
Setting notification module to remind when message received...
Warning: Notifications module is currently deactivated.
You may miss any notifications while it remains off. Please turn them back on, or check frequently.

He returns to Al as if nothing just happened.
"Al, do you have any queries before this unit departs?"

Interactions: saniachan saniachan (Al)
Nearby: Topless Topless (Gura) AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc (Dover)​


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The fields went on and on. Rudolf had never seen a farm with so much land, aside from pictures of the fields in the United States, however Japan was too small a nation to have any this grand. In a way it was almost unsettling. She had been spirited away to a strange farm and now surrounded by the silence of the place. Or near silence, as the wind gently shook the crops, resulting in a low 'ssh' sound as they rubbed against one another. She pressed on despite the fact that it felt like she was in a campy B horror movie, waiting for any chainsaw wielding, hockey masked monster to come out of the fields at any second.

Luckily, the sound of the sashaying crops was replaced with voices. Faint at first but near enough to be heard. Her ears twitched as she tried to single out the direction it was coming from, turning atop her head as they scanned. It was a crop field over, surely, or perhaps on the other side of the one she was walking next to. The crops themselves were to thick to walk through so she moved into a steady jog, looking for, and finding, a path that bisected the golden wall. A few moments later she came across the owners of the voices.

One was a human and the other was possible a human as well. The first was tall, taller then anyone she had ever seen, he was easily almost ten feet. His armor, a bright regal gold and charcoal black, looked like something from a Renaissance painting with a strange dash of post-modern science fiction. He carried a spear that was taller then he was, easily. The other wore a space suit, though the model looked older then what was currently used by NASA, though she was uncertain of the accuracy of that thought since she was by no means an expert on space related apparel. He was a similar shade of green to her own racing uniform.

She was dumbstruck when she saw them, not sure of how to respond to the situation. She had little experience dealing with an iron giant and an astronaut. Again, her mind flashed to the idea that she must have been in some sort of rejected horror movie concept. Still, she had no idea when she would see another living soul and was sure nothing that large could move as fast as she could. It wouldn't have been feasible, too much metal. The astronauts suit wasn't bulky but it hardly looked like something that allowed for sprinting. She was confident she could get away if they were less then friendly.

But what to say?
SImple was probably best. She cleared her throat but kept a healthy distance from the two. She didn't want to interrupt since it seemed they were talking to one another, but she needed to make herself known.

"Hello. I apologize for barging in but I appear to be lost. Would either of you know the way to Tokyo?" She asked, doing her best to hide the wavering of her voice as she craned her head up to the massive armored figure.

She could only hope this went well.

Solirus Solirus
Vagabond Spectre Vagabond Spectre

Teacup but existent

Clear blue skies and warm summer days!
Location: Keyblade Graveyard | Interactions: Cierra Cierra + The Crimson King The Crimson King

And down went the Darkside, the last of the Shadows whittled down.

Zenkichi was engulfed in blue flames, now out of that extravagant suit and within his work suit, glasses replacing his mask. Valjean had disappeared along with Zenkichi's weapons.

"Reunion..? Am I being pulled into another vigilante group?"

Zenkichi would think aloud. He really just wanted to get on out of here, back to Akane, and hopefully in time for dinner. The inspector then realized it was the moment for introductions, as he then cleared his throat. Wolf held out a hand for Lappland to shake, letting out the following:

"Zenkichi Hasegawa. It's nice to meet you... I guess. Now that the niceties are out of-"

Then Denji came along. Again. Was this the same guy that was just tossed out of the battle? Judging by his wording, it seemed so. This was a huge difference from the bloodthirsty chainsaw man from earlier. Zenkichi's not complaining, though.

But him, badass? Well, that's certainly not bad, now is it? Yet another thing he's not going to complain about.

"I'm not, either. Do either of you have some sort of idea about this whole thing yourselves? All I've got is me waking up here, huge... "things" to deal with, and actually speaking to you all... which is happening now."

Teacup but existent

Clear blue skies and warm summer days!

Location: Node Ruins | Interactions: Tiki Riki Tiki Riki

"That's a shame."

A small, flat voice suddenly responded. The pitter-patter of footsteps came closer, closer, closer. Coming from an abandoned building, the petite zombie had crossed through the empty doorway, approaching Tiki.

Qiqi had more of a humanoid appearance, despite their undead species. Her expression was just as dull as her voice and stoic as ever. However, the child-like being didn't seem to intend for any sort of violence towards the green-haired girl. Qiqi would kneel beside Tiki, cocking their head to the side. They did wonder about whatever could be troubling the girl, and why they were just voicing their troubles to nobody... perhaps Tiki had no one to listen to her? That doesn't sound very pleasant.

Of course, Qiqi hardly remembers their troubles, other than the ones about how forgetful they are and how they can just forget others in the blink of an eye. So perhaps she doesn't know for sure how it may feel. But, maybe Qiqi could help somehow. So, that's just what the zombie asked.

"Can I help you not be alone?"

Qiqi was
already accompanying Tiki, so perhaps that was a start to helping out.​

Tiki Riki

"Hey, have you seen Mar-Mar?"
Teacup but existent Teacup but existent , Leopard_dragon_Love Leopard_dragon_Love

The "young" girls would lock eyes for the first time as Tiki took her sudden appearance in. That alone was already a sort of red flag to Tiki, but looking at her face made the young manakete see that her expression was so... lifeless. Perhaps this newcomer really wasn't interested in harming her, but it didn't seem like she wanted to help any more than she wanted to harm.

Still... she desperately sought company, and this mysterious girl was offering it to her, sincerely or otherwise. Tiki decided she would take a chance this one time and gave her a small nod.
"You could... just you being here is already a start."
A small smile played across her lips until she heard the approaching footsteps of another newcomer, but these sounded more panicked and rushing, much unlike the gentle and unnerving steps of Qiqi's just now. Breaking her gaze with Qiqi and trying to peer into the distance, the sight admittedly scared her quite a bit. A large man was approaching, carrying something (or someone in this case) she couldn't quite make out in the dim light. Whoever this second mystery person was, she was quite sure that this second meeting would not be as calm as the one that just happened.​


We've Going Hard for Too Long
William McDowell A.K.A Dover

Location: NODE City
Topless Topless saniachan saniachan Ciscodog Ciscodog
"...So are you here for the concert? Do you have a ticket?" She politely asked.
William simply shook his head as a no because not only he had not bought a ticket just to mess around in the city but to check if there are any possible dangers within the concert area which sometimes lead to disaster and that is why he could try to check around the are if there are some areas to wonder around the city. He stuffs his hands into the pockets of his vest while trying to think on what to do if he could survive the city while holding valuable intel that he stoled from the Russians as he could try to get himself in a undercover idea or just simply protect the intel at any cost. He then looked at the shark hoodie girl with a curious facial expression because he was going to think that he could need some help on protecting the intel once he could try to find something that he could lead him back to the base of Task Force 141, 'I really do not know what to do if I could possibly return to base and debrief what was happened to me when I came to this somewhat city and I really need to show proof in order to have them believe me.'


Skilled in many, Master of none
Caramon was getting to a point where he though it better to find some shelter and start a fire. He didn't know what was going on, where he was. All he knew was that his brother was in need of help. Help he couldn't provide. "Hang in there, Raist..." he muttered, but he knew his twin wouldn't go without a fight. Raistlin was too stubborn to die. Caramon believed this completely.

Raistlins skin had taken a yellow color, making him look jaundiced. The mage, bundled in a dusty, layered, blood red robe with a thick, equally red and travel worn winters cloak, shivered in the larger males arms. The mage was thin an gaunt, with the man who carried him was massive. Caramon, at around 6 feet tall, seemed to have muscle to spare.

His brown eyes found the girls among the buildings of the dilapidated city. They were just kids, but they were still people. Except, as he got closer he noticed that something just seemed.... off. He felt it, and his feelings hadn't led him wrong yet. He looked down at his sick brother. He didn't have time to waste being suspicious.

"M-my brother...! Do you girls know where I can find help? He is very sick." His tone was urgent, but his voice soft. Like he was speaking to a couple little girls. His feet shifted, as if to point out his need to hurry.

Interations: Tiki Riki Tiki Riki Teacup but existent Teacup but existent

Tiki Riki

"Hey, have you seen Mar-Mar?"
Leopard_dragon_Love Leopard_dragon_Love , Teacup but existent Teacup but existent

Seeing his sense of urgency sent Tiki into a small panic, which for someone like her is almost instantly derailing. Her eyes darted back and forth, inspecting Caramon and the person he was carrying. As she noticed the frail state Raistlin was in, her panic increased further as she racked her brain trying to remember how she had gotten here so that she could guide the two to the city proper. Unfortunately, her thoughts came up jumbled, even further increasing her panic as she stumbled over her own words.
"Erm, th-the city p-proper is, umm, it's-"
She clutched her head with her hands, unable to think straight in the current situation. It's painfully clear she's unfit to deal with in the moment situations like this, so her head was a bit delayed. Thankfully though, it came to her all at once, but unable to put it to words, she leapt to her feet and started shuffling backwards.
"C-Come on, I'll lead you there, there's bound to be help in the city proper. Miss, will you be coming too?" she said as she looked at the other girl she was talking to just moments ago.​
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Gawr Gura
Location: Node City

"You don't have one huh? Hmm..." Gura starts thinking of what to do with the soldier, all while he explains what he needs to do in order to go back. "I don't know if I can help you with that one. But, if you really don't have somewhere to go, you can stay in my place." She suggests.

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F o u r


The figure quickly rose up, it appeared mostly unharmed even though the fall looked less than pleasant for the common person. The figure quickly spoke up, worriedly asking if he was the lords of the fields. Nathaniel didn't respond immediately and surely enough the figure spoke again, showing worry and concern for the damage caused, they didn't show any malice in their words, yet in those same words something seemed off. Finally after a bit Nathaniel spoke up

"You crash upon these fields with the force to kill a man three times over and yet your concern lies elsewhere? To answer your question, I am no Lord of the fields, these fields belong to the hardworking farmers who through blood and sweat have managed to maintain this ocean of crops and provide food to countless billions..." Nathaniel stated gesturing his free hand to the crops.

"However, your crash has caused the damage of a small patch of crops, although insignificant it may be troublesome, perhaps the small patch could've fed a family, we shall never know, make it does not happen again, I hate seeing hard work squandered, accident or not." Nathaniel explained once more staring directly at the figure, "Under normal circumstances I would be able to perfectly tell you where we stand, however..." Nathaniel lifted up his spear and pointed at the distant Node City, "I can not recognize that city, as such my answer remains as valid as your own... Now you stated you were fly-" Nathaniel was cut short upon the arrival of a second figure.

A mutant? They appear friendly and they're maintaining a fair distance. Nathaniel turned slightly to face the new figure. "Tokyo is located in Holy Terra itself and as far as I know, we are thousands of light years away, lest this place proves me wrong, for I am... uncertain where we truly are."

Interactions: Vagabond Spectre Vagabond Spectre Cierra Cierra
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To Be As Strong Under The Armor

Terezi Pyrope

Location: Keyblade Graveyard
Interacting with: None(Past Events)

1. Cierra(LAPPLAND)
2. The Crimson King(DENJI)
3. Teacup But Existing(ZENKICHI)

She didn't mind staying.

Whatever ecosystem in place that naturally selected suited men with chainsaws for arms to exist, she honestly didn't mind sticking around in. How did he shower? How did he wipe? Did he willingly turn himself into this, and if so, did he mind that he'd never feel the warmth of a firm hug ever again? Perhaps she'd never know.

The shadowy beasts were nothing special. They were weak, judging from how quickly the three warriors dispatched them. The wind was blowing in her face- excellent. She breathed deep, and it revealed surprising information.

Those were humans, not natives. There was a man clad in black with the most ostentatiously popped collar she'd seen in all her life, screaming odd names- ah, dammit, the tripod lawnmower was human after all. Damn. How disappointing. Ah, and there was an utterly dog-like girl who seemed to revel in the hunt! She seemed like a fun one.

Humans! Then this place wasn't just another planet. This was another rift between universes.

The trio of bloodthirsty oddballs seemed to be bonding well over what they apparently did best- killing things in droves. Terezi faced the wind again, now blowing towards a great grass sea. As fascinating as this situation was, she had a whole new world to explore.


Location: The Agri - Farmlands
Interacting with:
1. Cierra(SYMBOLI)

2. Solarus(NATHANIEL)
3. Vagabond Spectre(ELI)

The acres of rolling land were covered in a thick blanket of crop, which undulated in the wind and made a curious whistling noise. So there were native settlers here. And if the metropolis she saw on the horizon was any further clue, this was bound to be worth her while.

Terezi paused. The wind was her best friend today. She didn't see or hear them, but she could smell them all right- this one, this smelled a whole hell of a lot like dog-girl from earlier. Was it that same vicious, blood-in-your-fur sort of smell? Nah, this one was more groomed up. They seemed more refined, sleek, less mutt-like.

As she pushed her way through a patch of head-high grass, following the scent, she heard a distant voice. Yes, it was in the same direction! Was it a feminine voice? What language were they speaking?

It wasn't long before she encountered the source of the noise as she emerged onto a dirt road. There was a woman up ahead, calling out. Ah, what do you know, another human. Well, half-human, at least. What an odd combination of beast and royalty. Poor choice of outfit to bring out on this excursion.

She seemed confused, almost panicked. Was she lost? Well, Terezi was just as lost as her, admittedly, but...

Wait. Who the hell were those two bozos?

She scowled and quickly returned to the tall grass, where she could reassess. If it was just one girl, she didn't mind, but add in an enormous golden robot and what seemed like a Green Power Ranger? She'd wait and see, thank you very much. The girl seemed friendly enough, that was for sure, but if it was a mistake to trust those two then she'd be the perfect experiment...

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Teacup but existent

Clear blue skies and warm summer days!


Location: Node Ruins | Interactions: Tiki Riki Tiki Riki + Leopard_dragon_Love Leopard_dragon_Love

Qiqi only nodded at that moment, her magenta-colored eyes focused upon Tiki.

“That’s good. I’m glad I’m helping.”

certainly didn’t sound glad, that’s for sure. But they didn’t sound like anything else. Just a monotone, young voice… With a fairly neutral expression. Huh.

As Tiki broke eye contact with them, Qiqi looked in the very direction that the green-haired girl had looked in. A man carrying somethingsomething large. A body, maybe?

“Oh, dear.”

That was all that Qiqi muttered.

As Caramon finally reached them, while Tiki offered to help, Qiqi only offered the following:

I don’t think we know where to find anything, sirs. Or at least, I don’t. This area is fairly new to meI think. I don’t remember if I’ve been here before or not.”

And right then and there, Qiqi took out a small notebook, flipping through it… only to find nothing. There had been nothing about this in their notebook. So surely she hasn’t been here before. Come to think of it, this place looked nothing like the sights she had seen in Liyue Harbor, much less the outside of the Bubu Pharmacy. What was going on?

As Tiki asked whether or not Qiqi would accompany her and the two brothers, Qiqi looked down at her notebook once more, then up to Caramon and his seemingly ill brother. If Qiqi were to jot this down while tagging along, then maybe she could figure out where this was, and how to get back to the Pharmacy. So, why shouldn’t she go?

Getting up, Qiqi would nod towards the others, expressionless as ever.

“Sure. Lead the way… I don’t know your names. But I know my name, it’s Qiqi. So what’s yours?”


Skilled in many, Master of none
Location: Node Ruins
Interaction: Tiki Riki Tiki Riki Teacup but existent Teacup but existent

Caramon nodded, relief evident in his eyes. "Thank you." He said, happy to have made some head way. He was about to introduce himself when the red clad mage he carried suddenly began to writhe, as if in pain, as a raspy, half choked moan came from him. Caramon thought it was a nightmare at first, and let out a soothing coo, "Easy, Raist, I've got-" He quickly realized his mistake as he watched his brother's eyes fly open and the mage began to cough.

The cough sounded terrible and wet. It was a damaging cough, making the mage look like he was curling into himself from the pain.

Caramon dropped the staff he'd been awkwardly carrying in order to keep a form hold of his brother as opposed to dropping him. He was relived to see Raistlin awake, at least. Though the young mage was now being to gasp and wheeze between coughing. After a moment, Caramon had to put the mage on the ground and help him find a pouch on his belt. The pouch was well used, and brown from bloodstains. The mage shoved his face into the soft leather bag, the action aggressive in the way he clung to the pouch like a life line.

Caramon glanced at the girls with a look of sheepish apology, crouched by the mage on the ground. After a moment, the mage began to breathe evenly again and withdrew the pouch from his face. He still wheezed, but he no longer felt like he was suffocating.

"Are you alright, Raist?" The warrior asked hesitantly.

The mage did not yet notice the girls, snapping at the much larger male harshly. "Am I ever 'alright?' Don't ask stupid questions." There was a look of hurt on Caramons face, but he left the mage alone for now.

He turned to the girls, "my names Caramon Majere. This my brother, Raistlin. We're twins."

Tiki Riki

"Hey, have you seen Mar-Mar?"
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Tiki's sense of urgency came to a full stop, now replaced with a bit of awkwardness. Oh well, at least that other person's (relatively) alright. She slowly sat down again as she looked at Caramon.
"It's nice to meet you both... My name's Tiki..."
After all the initial rush, Tiki's senses were back with her as she properly looked at the twins.

"Talk about opposites," was her immediate first thought. Caramon was built like a warrior, and the sword he had hinted he would not back down from a challenge. He definitely looked much more capable than Raistlin, who meanwhile looked malnourished, frail and possibly even sick. Despite that appearance however, Tiki could feel a quiet power from him. Tiki assumed that they were related in some way, and judging by their interaction just now, it did not seem like the most tight-knit of relationships.

She shook her head as she looked at Qiqi, who didn't seem to care about the situation the way she did. It's not that she was expecting a similar reaction, but Qiqi still seemed so uncaring about this whole thing. Yet another flag to put on the other young girl in Tiki's mind. Though, deeper in her mind, Tiki was silently thinking about why she was so apathetic. Maybe this was normal for her? Or maybe... maybe she'd been traumatized before? She didn't know, and she would just have to find out.

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The green Lantern stood still on his crash site to where he hears the the towering man explain and answer his question, giving his own opinion in the process in his breath that is no short of words. He had a that is voice booming and aged, filtered with a brass echo of his armor. He could only angle his head to look up to it’s red’s red eyes peering the soul. Eli seems to be speechless at the moment.

Approaching the fields was yet another character he was unfamiliar with. A human girl but with the physiology of an animal that Eli has failed to identify. Regardless, she was just as lost as he is. Letting the girl speak, she told them that she was from tokyo. A place that Eli was familiar with. He looked back into his green ring out of curiosity if the girl’s tongue was speaking in their native tongue or could speak in the same language as the towering man. Such a detail hardly was an issue to him but he can’t ignore the fact that the ring can just break language barriers easily.

“Tokyo? I am aware of the place but I do not believe we stand on it’s soil as we speak. He told that the city on the horizon is not familiar to him. I tell I too am not familiar of the city as well as these fields. I am also seeking for answers.”

Looking back to the hybrid he casually made his comments in regards to where they are. He briefly look into the city lights shimmering from the distance. Urban areas may have answers to what they looking for, if the city’s population is willing to help. Eli’s body began to glow green, outlining his body. Levitating in mid air without gravity pulling him down yet his capes move from the air. 15 feet high into the air as a decent height to too into the horizon where the city is located. He cannot tell how far the city truly is, it almost looked like an illusion of infinity at some point. He only lasted for 16 seconds before descending down. Not smoothly, his green glow flickered in 6feet and landed on the ground with a soft thud. No pain felt whatsoever.

“The city over the horizon may have answers that were looking for— It’s distance is hard to tell even in the eyes of a bird. I do not seek trouble, i am here to investigate of the case why the world is so... Foreign.”

The radio static became more audible during his recommendation. Sometimes cutting off his audio where he has to stop briefly for a second. Eli shrugged this off as he knows this quite happens sometimes.

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Once the red clad mage began his coughing fit, Qiqi only watched, seemingly unaffected by the pain Raistlin had been in. No sympathetic looks, words, nothing. Only her blank stare.

But, once the pained twin had snapped right back at his brother, who had seemed oh so worried for him, that’s when Qiqi spoke up, putting on a stern face… the first bit of emotion she had shown off since meeting Tiki and the twins. Granted, her voice was still flat, but it’s a start.

“That’s very unnecessary, and rude. He seemed intent on getting help for you, yet you talk down on him. He could be your savior right now. That’s what I think, anyway.”

Once the zombie finished her declaration, her face shifted back into a neutral expression. Qiqi would nod towards Camaron, then looking to Tiki once she introduced herself.

It seemed that things weren’t as urgent as they were only a few moments prior, now that Camaron’s twin brother had woken up and Tiki sat back down. Though, Qiqi should be ready, in case they prepare to go off into the ruins, be it farther or out of them.

“It’s very nice to meet you all. I’m… did I introduce myself.”

Great question! Did Qiqi introduce herself? It seems that even they couldn’t recall. This may be a recurring issue. Qiqi couldn’t help but feel like they might have, like the answer is right under her nose.

Wait, introductions! Qiqi needs to jot their names down so she doesn’t forget.

The zombie would take out something to write with, jotting down the others’ names quickly. Once she finished, she shut the book, putting that and the utensil away for now.​

Tiki Riki

"Hey, have you seen Mar-Mar?"
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Tiki was genuinely surprised to see a bit of expression on Qiqi's face. "Maybe she isn't so apathetic after all?" she thought to herself, but even then, it had been for so little time that it could be passed off as some kind of fluke. An error in an otherwise perfectly working system... Tiki shook her head again, refusing to think of Qiqi as something less than a human being.

Though now, she was derailed a bit by Qiqi seemingly forgetting that she had just introduced herself. That was what, less than a minute ago? And how could she have forgotten the three names she just heard? Ok, maybe that one was reasonable, it's easier than you'd think to forget a name if you're not paying attention, let alone three, but that was besides the point.
"You already did... Qiqi, right?"


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Raistlin remained on the ground, his eyes had been busy scoping the unusual land before him. The girls spoke, and his eyes finally landed on them. Caramon fidgeted some, looking warily at his brother with occasional glances to the girls.

Raistlins eyes widened in visible surprise at what he saw. One, he couldn't really make out. He could see the human face of a warped young girl merging with something else. Something... reptilian. He couldn't tell what, exactly, though. If the images would just stop blending, he was certain he would be able to make sense of it.

The other girl, the one he'd been about to snap at, was odd in a very different way. She also seemed young. But his eyes did not react like they did with most children. He should have been able to watch her grow into womanhood, wither with age, and finally rot where she stood. Instead, she just went straight to the last stage of his cursed sight. It struck him more speechless to have not one one, but two unusual creatures before him.

The mage reached out and grabbed his staff, saying nothing of his findings to his twin. Instead he looked at the larger man and ordered, "Help me up, brother. I cannot on my own." There was an edge of annoyance in his tone.

Caramon, though, was more than happy to go over and lift the mage to his feet. "I wonder where we are..." Caramon looked at the girls, "Do you live nearby?" The question earned a derisive snort from the mage, who remained leaning on the warrior for support.

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