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Fandom (Interest Check! We're still recruiting :D) Crossroads - A Multifandom Roleplay

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Adventure, Multiverse

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Hello, and welcome to Crossroads! This is a multifandom roleplay where just about anything could happen, both IC and OOC! Players are free to GM their own stories and locations (of course, after letting me know to add the location to the list for others to be aware), and meet others! Any sort of roleplay will be allowed here, such as cherished moments in this game we call “life”, or daring battles against others!

The basic idea is that your character(s) and others have been stripped from their worlds in the process of others merging, and have found themselves within one of the multiple areas. What they do in this situation is up to you all.

I’m aiming for the pace of this roleplay to be a relaxed one, as we all have our lives to tend to. As for the writing standard, as long as it isn’t a singular word or sentence, it should be okay!

I’d like to see whether or not people would dig this, via this interest check, and once that’s over with, I’ll put up the character submissions and Discord link in a separate message!

I would like to note that both canon characters, AU characters, and original characters are allowed! Also, sorry if I'm doing this wrong, this is my first shot at doing this! ^^;;

Teacup but existent

*sips the tea*
Here's the character submission thread!!


Teacup but existent

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Just put up the locations thread o7


Teacup but existent

*sips the tea*
Here's the Discord link as well! This'll be for planning and chatter, ya get. I'll get the main RP thread up once we've got a good amount of characters (that aren't mine haha)!



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Tempting. Though I have to ask, if I submit a guy with at least a dozen different transformations, do I have to detail and describe every one of them?

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