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ARC 1: River Valley


The sky was a beautiful blue. Within it, splotches of white puffs, gracefully gliding to the unknown. Birds were up and about, chirping their cheerful tunes. And the cherry trees danced in the soft breeze. The wave of students didn't stop as time got closer and closer to first period's start time. Some students scattered around the entrance and yard, socializing, meeting with friends, or just preparing for the day. Today had marked the beginning of a new school year at River Valley. The incoming class would finally be able to set foot in the renown school. Will this year's freshmen have anything to offer? Will they be any good? This is the beginning of their adventure. Welcome to River Valley, students! And prepare for what's to come!

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Ethan Banesworthy
Location: Entrance to River Valley Academy
Interactions: Open
A new school year, new friends, and new problems. All evil things need destroying, but that does not mean they are. Ethan decides that problems on his first day, he will have no problems. That, of course is impossible, Ethan realises as he looks at the students talking in the yard. This day was going to be impossible. Well, at least the school looked like a good school. KInd of. The brick walls were worn and the floors marked on. The windows had handprints and were slightly cracked in some places. Ethan realised he was letting his inner germaphobe out and he shut the door on that Ethan. Today, he was going to a new school with new friends. And hopefully, no new problems.


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Naomi clutched her books close to her chest as she stared up in awe at the school. She had studied her butt off to be able to step foot here, and now that she was here she couldn't believe it. The initial anxiety of getting accepted had eased up a bit, but a new fear was quickly taking root. Would she be good enough? She stared out among the other students, knowing each one of them was unique and powerful in their own way. Was she going to be good enough for this school? Her powers were far from amazing, the seemingly most amazing part about them she refused to use. Naomi shook her head, trying her best to erase all negative thoughts. This was a new year, and she planned on making the most out of it. She closed her eyes in a small prayer before stepping into the building.
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There will be light
A kid hopped off his bike at the front of the school and looked up at the gigantic building. He seemed largely unmoved by the grandness of the whole deal. He had strikingly good looks, as if he were the chiseled statue of Apollo come to life with the perfect lines of carefully sculpted muscle and blond hair of a sun god. And the way he brushed through the awestruck students unimpressed with the grand scope of the school, the tilt of his chin, his stony expression gave him an air that maybe he had been a statue once. He went over to a bike rack and began locking the bike with a chain.
He figured that he should probably act a little bit more like he gave a damn if he didn't want to be ostracized like last year... and he did care. He truly did. This was a lot more than he'd ever thought he'd be given in life. But he had more things to worry about than the grandeur of a school he'd most likely grow to hate. Hell, his power, singular, wasn't even impressive. He couldn't even summon a breeze on command. His main priority was money. How in the world was he supposed to...

He decided to worry about that later. He had to get settled in first before he started looking for job opportunities.


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Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Open!
She was already running late and she couldnt find her book. Where the hell was her book? She scanned her room frantically as she eyes darted over every surface. She had a rather boring and empty room. A simple bed in the corner with a bay window next to it. A end table, a redwood bookcase and a plush chair. She walked over to the bookcase and popped open the glass door.

She was careful to keep the glass clean at all times and it made her mentally cringe that she wouldnt be able to clean it off when she left home. She spotted the darkly colored book and let out a sigh of relief. She plucked it off the shelf and stuffed it in her already over stuffed back of books and clothing. Oh how much fun her roommate would have with her.

She checked in the mirror to make sure her hair was in a neat bun with no strays out of place. Not that it really mattered. She was going to be the background character this year. No attention needed to be drawn to her or it could go wrong. She sighed and ran a hand over her face. Black circles outlined her eyes. She didnt sleep the night before. The Criminal Law book to good to put down.

Good news? She finished it and was now smarter. Bad news? She looked like she hadnt slept in a week. She turned back to her back suitcase studded with flowers around the handle and zipped it up. She lugged it off the bed and shifted her purse over her shoulder. Today was going to be a good day if she could be on time.

She carefully dragged her suitcase down the steps of her house and onto the pavement. She clicked the door shut and locked it. The house key now around her neck. She smiled slightly as she unlocked her trunk and threw the suitcase inside. She closed the trunk and hopped into the front seat. She liked her car. A black Nissan Sentra.

She started the car and left for the school. She lived about a hour away so it wasnt to bad.

Once she arrived at the school she threw her car into park and turned it off. She tucked her keys back in her purse and climbed out of the car. She was smiling as she tilted her head to the sky. There was alot of people here which meant she could blend in. She adjusted her smaragdine crop top and let out a small sigh. What if she couldnt stick to the background? What if she slipped up with illusions and showed something she shouldnt?

What if- Ok she needed to stop and take a deep breath. She inhaled and held it for a second before slowly letting it out. She would be fine. She couldnt afford to mess up here after she worked her ass off to get here in the first place. She shifted her purse and pulled out a law book, balancing it in her hands. She quickly opened it to the beginning page. It didnt help she had most of this memorized already.

She started to walk towards the school making sure to look up every couple of seconds to not bump into someone. She made it to the entrance and let out a low whistle. It was impressive school. Wonder if there was any art classes or programs she could take.

Dahlia and Vernon Viotto
Interactions: Open!
Dahlia and Vernon came to the school in fear they would be late and miss first period. Plus Mama Oak wasnt going to let them arrive at the same time as the other students! How annoying they had to be up at the butt crack of dawn to pack. Well that was their fault because they chose not to late night. Dahlia let out a huff as she adjusted the bag on her shoulders.

"I hope this school goes well. I mean if Mama Oak works here and hasnt been bothered than we should be fine right?"

Dahlia looked to her twin for reassurance but found none. They both knew this could go bad just because of the way they looked. It wasnt their fault though and even if it was they wouldnt change their looks for anything in the world. Vernon threw an arm around Dahlias shoulder and looked up at the massive school. Students were starting to trinkle in and it make Dahlia smile.

They got a couple weird looks but no one bothered to say anything to them.

"It will all be ok. We will fit in here and we will prove we are worthy of being here! Now havent we worked our ass off to be here?"

Vernon laughed and tugged at the collar of his shirt. He hated to wear thicker shirts that werent sportswear. He huffed and Dahlia giggled as Vernons stomach rumbled.

"Lets find Mama Oak im sure she has food! She always has food on her!"

Dahlia shrugged off Vernons arm and started towards the school with a bright smile on her face. It was going to be fine here at River Valley. She and Vernon were going to fit in even with the strange markings. They made her feel powerful and she reminded herself they were followers of Nature. Wear your marks with pride. So with that she lifted her head and her bright white eyes looked at every student she passed by - Vernon following her lead.

Oak Viotto
Interactions: Open!
Oak had a smile on her face as she walked into the school. Her kids didnt follow her and she was fine with that. Hopefully they would be able to make friends here. She always did worry about Vernon not making friends as much as Dahlia. She was quiet but a strong female who was sure to be a great leader. She just needed to learn self confidence.

She stacked her lesson plans neatly together against her desk. A small room on the side of the gym covered in little trinkets or paintings. She tucked the small stack of smooth inked paper into a binder and then that into a purse. She looked up and scanned the gym, her eyes catching on different objects she could use for later lessons.

She threw her purse over her shoulder and tugged at her white short sleeved shirt. Screw long sleeves they didnt fit her frame all that well. She stepped out of the room and locked it behind her as she made her way out of the gym to go see the students. New year with new students though she was sad to see others go. She enjoyed the senior year from last year though her kids were in the freshmeat this year.

She waved to alot of the students with a big grin on her face. Laugh lines dotted the edges of her eyes. No one cared about her markings and had grown used to them by now along Oaks familiar face. Students waved at her and even came up and hugged her. For those studnets who were among her favorites she brought food for.

"Mama Oak!"

She felt the jumble of words from her kids mind coming before she saw them through the crowd of people. She turned and opened her arms for them to hug her which Dahlia jumped into them. She must not like it here yet or was getting weird looks. Dahlia stepped back and crossed her arms.

"Hello Darlings! How do you find the school so far?"

"Its going fine though Vernon is hungry-"

"I am not! Quit lying Dahlia!"

Vernon huffed and Oak laughed at him. She pulled her purse in front of her and pulled out a container of homemade sushi. Was supposed to be their lunch later but she guessed Vernon could have it now. His eyes light up as he snatched it out of her hands and popped it open. He devoured half the thing within a minute and Dahlia frowned.

"Let let me have some Veve!"

She reached over and snatched a roll out of the clear container and popped it into her mouth. She had a smug smile on her face as Vernon glared at her. Oak just laughed.

"Veve share with your sister. She is hungry to and the way your father feeds you will never last you a hour without going hungry. I should have fed you this morning but we were in a rush to get out the door. I need to go check up with a couple other things. Love you guys!"

She waved and started to walk back down the hall, stopping occasionally to speak to students or to offer drinks and food to them.

"Love you too Mama Oak!"

"Love you too Mama Oak!"

Both of the twins called out before going back to eating the sushi.
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OpheliaCrop.pngOphelia Lavicchi
There would be no motivating quotes in ugly fat fonts, no cozy little beanbags, no warmth or comfort. They were here to learn, and learn they shall. Her classroom was sparse, only rows of desks and chairs and a blackboard. Not one poster or a flick of colour. A room direct and straightforward as she was.

One large heavy mahogany desk was pushed to the corner, polished and glossy. That was hers. Her pride and joy, her area. Ophelia was stood nearby, watching coolly through the window to the grounds below. A cup of hot dark liquid was poised in her slender fingers, positioned meticulously. Even the way she held things was sign of her status. One of honour and class.

The students were arriving.

Her hair was pulled neatly into a bun, long black dress that swished at her ankles as she glid from her classroom. Not even her shoes clicked on the tiles of the hallway, just gentle brushes of her silky material against the floor. Her steps were careful, soft. Perfectly placed. Her walk was graceful, yet looked relaxed and natural. Years of precision. Confidence flowed around her. A silent yet powerful assertive presence.

Dark pupils and dark eyebags, a contrast with her pale skin that was almost glowing in the morning light. It was sunny today, to her distaste. Heat bore down upon her, drawn to the ebony of her hair and clothing. She did not show signs of discomfort.

Ophelia floated near the school's entrance and folded her hands in front of herself. Silent inspection of those that arrived. Her gaze bore right through them, almost intrusively. These were her new ones for the year. The fresh meat. They will succeed. Though she would not be meeting them until much later, hence her motivation to come outside and watch. No teenagers approached her for a hug or a hello like they did with Mrs Viotto. Ophelia was not motherly. She was not a hugger. Occasionally, she would nod to a student or two. A silent respectful greeting.

But she did not smile at anyone, not even a show of recognition towards her own blood. Her son was beginning today, how could she forget. A executive decision on her part to take the boy out of private tutoring and into an institution with others. One where she can watch carefully and follow every slither of his behaviour while continuing to provide an education to others. Excluding their eye colour, it was not hard to discern family resemblance between the two. Both tall, pale, sharp bone structure, dark haired and surrounded by a cold energy of prestige. She had made it clear to him there would be no special treatment just because they were related. Not that special treatment would ever be a threat to begin with. She'd probably be harsher on him than most. She expects the best her students can give, but she demands nothing but perfection from her son.

Not a shiver of emotion was on her face. Unreadable. Calm, yet still commanding attention and respect from the students that passed by into the school.

- - -​

Grayson Lavicchi
Controlled footsteps. Highly traced cheekbones, straight nose, sharp jaw. Eyebrows pulled into a displeased frown. Grumpy, was one way to describe the boy.

A bad morning. Too much reading and not enough sleep. Despite the bags that darkened his under eye area, his gaze remained hard and cold. Biting grey eyes sliding along the expanse of students. However they didn't linger, simply brushed over in recognition as he walked past.

Perfect posture, click of his dress shoes. Distinguished and incredibly calm, simply because he had to be. Distinguished for the standards of his family, calm for the safety of others. His ability was too turbulent, a signature of oppressed force. Like reinforced steel, sharp and unblemished under his control. But if that grasp wavered, it would disease his mind and mutate his thoughts, polluting the air with danger and volatility. For the sake of his reputation and those around him he had no intentions of letting that occur.

But for now, Grayson was very content. Tired, craving coffee, being stared at by an ugly little ghost, but overall pretty okay.

His eyes did level to rival the dead entity watching him. It was only a fleeting glare of molten silver, before his gaze pulled away again with disinterest. Staring annoyed him. He was accustomed to it, ghosts loved to look. Didn't make it any less irritating. He supposed he should be thankful at the moment. It was morning. It was sunny. Ghosts weren't too active in these conditions. At night however...

A spike of dread that he quickly swallowed down, repressing that for another time. The male was not fond at the idea of living in a dorm. He liked his privacy. Unfortunately his roommate was going to have to put up with Grayson's very eerie behaviour at night time. He doubted they would enjoy his habitual sleep-talking and morbid mumbles. Or perhaps the ruckus of ghosts messing around with things in his vicinity will drive them out, encourage them to ask for a different room buddy.

The male did glimpse his mother, yet didn't pay her much mind. Their stand-offish relationship was shared from both sides. An equal diplomatic approach to their motherly son bond. Not an affectionate family. Yet they were both incredibly similar in their mannerisms and behaviour. He was a copy and paste of the woman, just a bit more snippy and hot headed. And taller. Just a little bit.


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Aurora had not attended a public or private school for many years. Her empathic abilities had driven her away from a good majority of large social groups and into the safety of her home. School had been no exception. She could not handle crowds or places with large gatherings. There were just too many emotions--it made her sick. Literally. The poor girl could not hold her cookies and the migraines she got had become nearly unbearable. In other words, it did not take her parents much convincing to pull her out of the system and home school her themselves.

But after all of this time, her parents had decided it was best to send her to RIver Valley Academy, a school designed to assist people like her. The young girl would have been lying if she said that she wasn't reluctant to go.

After she had watched her parents' car roll away from her, Aurora turned to look at her new school. It was a sizeable building and, from the outside, it seemed to be fairly up-to-date. From where she stood on the sidewalk pavement, she could see that a few students had already begun to gather in the yard in front of the building.

She quickly wiped the sweaty palms of her hands on her champagne-colored trench coat dress and closed her eyes for a brief moment. She blew out a shaky breath. "You are fine. You can do this."

With that, her eyes fluttered back open, and she somehow mustered up enough courage to make herself walk towards the entrance of the academy.




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Chita Goukiatsu

"I'M HEEERRREEEEEEEE!!!" A young white haired teen shouted at the top of his lungs from the entrance of the school, a wide grin on his face. The blue in his eyes seem to sparkle at the sight of the magnificent school. From his position, he could see just how vast and beautiful it was. "I'm finally here! Time to go check out the inside!" With no hesitation, he started into a jog and made his way into the school. Once inside he was mesmerized even more.

"Wowwwwww!!" If his eyes could enlarge anymore, they'd pop. "Awesome!" From rooms, furniture, posters, he zoomed from place to place, checking out each thing he laid his eyes on. As he ran around the school, he eventually bumped into another student, knocking both him and them down. "Owww!" The pain was very minor but still there. Climbing to his feet he addressed the person in 'his way'. "Hey, watch where you're going!" A frown had formed on his face as he dusted himself off.

Location: Entrance of school > School halls
Interaction: Open
Mention: Open

Shin Daiha

A black Sudan pulled up in front of the academy and out came Shin from the passenger seat. "So this is it, huh?" The wind carried his hair in a graceful manner and the sun complemented the hints of blue in both his hair and eyes. "You gonna be okay?" An older female voice came from the car. It was Shin's aunt. "Yeah." He replied. So he wouldn't forget, he quickly turned and grabbed his belongings from the car. It'd be embarrassing and troublesome if he left it all in the car and then his aunt drove off, just to come back.

"Geez..." Just the thought embarrassed him. "You got everything?" From the driver's seat, his aunt continued. "Yep." After triple checking to make sure he had everything, he bent down beside the passenger seat to be able to look into the car. "Alright. I'll be off." The smile that was spread across his face was reassuring. It let his aunt know he's gonna be okay and not to worry.

"You need something, let me know, okay?" The tears building up in her eyes were becoming a bother. She was using everything she had to not let them out. She was proud of her nephew and she could only think about how much he has grown. "Geez..." Shin reached through the car and hugged his aunt. "I will." The inevitable tears came strolling down her cheeks. "Have fun, Shin." She smiled and patted his back in the warm embrace.

Shio crying.jpg There was one other person in the vehicle. The young girl in the back seat was staring out the window, opposite from Shin, pouting. "Bye Emiho." Shin said. Emiho was upset that Shin was leaving her and was giving him the silent treatment and ignoring him. In reality, she was holding in tears and wanted nothing more than to just hug her big brother for a moment. "You sure you don't wanna say anything Emiho? He might be gone for a while." Their aunt spoke up from the driver's seat and wiped away her tears. "WAAAAAAAAA!!!" Suddenly Emiho jumped out of the car and ran to Shin, jumping into his arms.

"DON'T LEAVE SHIN~!! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!!" Her tears came down like waterfalls. Shin could feel her tightened grip on his clothing. It took a sec, but he was finally able to set her down. He crouched so he was at her height. "Listen Emiho, I gotta go to school just like you do. It's just I'll be staying at a dorm here. Don't worry though, I promise I'll come see you. Here." Shin held out a bend pinky, offering a pinky promise.

"You promise?" Emiho's voice was shaky but she slowly rose her pinky finger and wrapped it around his. "Promise." He had that sweet reassuring smile on his face again that made Emiho feel a lot better. Suddenly, he attacked Emiho with tickles. "Take this!" Emiho began giggling uncontrollably. "Stop~!" The tickle attack came to a close and he reached into his pocket, pulling out a $10 bill.

"Here. Get you some of your favorite snacks. And take care of auntie, will ya?" He grinned. Emiho took the money and was about to start crying again but held it in. "Okay... B... be careful.. Shin!!" She lunged into him, hugging him one last time. "I will." Shin pulled away slightly and kissed her forehead. "Alright. I gotta go." "I love you!" "I love you too, Emiho." "Love you, Shin." "Love you, auntie." Standing up, he waved his little sister and aunt off before heading towards the school. "Geez... That family of mine.." The tears that had built up didn't even get a chance to fall before Shin wiped them away.

Location: Entrance of school
Interaction: Open
Mention: Open



Kaiya Katayama
stuff to draw.jpg

Location: Entrance of the school
Interactions: Open
Mentions: Open

The school to her looked marvellous, with the red brick standing tall over the students. It was as if it was a guardian, protecting them from the harsh reality of the outside world. People on the outside did not understand their powers, yet they were safe from their judgements and cruelty here. No one could ostracize or criticise you...For being special in that manner, at least. The glass found in almost every wall only stunned Kaiya, as it meant that she could simply watch the cherry blossoms fall. During the peak of blossom season, the sight would be spectacular... Not one day would be boring here, even down to the nature surrounding the school!

She was watching everyone walk through the school gates, admiring all of the different styles, appearances and potential friends for this year! Everyone, whether they realised it or not, stood out in their own way. Some looked tired, others colourful and a small few even staunchly sensible. It just made her want to say ‘Hello!” or “You are cute!” or even “Let’s be besties!” to every single person that walked passed her; Kaiya did not want to come off to over-enthusiastic however, even though it was abundantly clear she was filled with joy and was practically jumping on the spot.

The girl had been full of excitement days prior to arriving at school, as she knew that this year could bring new experiences which were full of happy moments. Every school year has its ups and downs, but she was feeling ecstatic about these oncoming months. Not only would she be able to strengthen her powers, but she would be able to do it along side those similar to her...It did beg the question however, what could go wrong at a school, full of minors with powers?
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Daniel Marcelo
Webp.net-resizeimage 2.jpg
Location: Gymnasium
Actions: Meditating
Interactions: Open

Daniel relaxed his body as nothing except the chirping of birds outside his window filled his ear. The calmness of the room allowed the adolescent boy to focus on his routine as he sat cross-legged in the middle of his floor. Small embers would gently escape his lips upon breathing outwards, and the tiny flames would slowly dance around his body before disappearing into nothing. Daniel often mediated during his routine before school to help him level his stress and nerves. It supported and enabled him to control his negative emotions before they could cause any damage. It was important that he got as much of this as possible as he would no longer have his room due to the dorm situation. To share a room with others would mean he was unsure of how much peace he'd be able to have. It was a slight inconvenience, given this was one of the main ways he's been able to control his flames, but hopefully, his roommates weren't too disturbing.

As Daniel wrapped up his usual procedure and went through his typical daily motions in the morning, he made his way to his new school. Thankfully the walk was relatively peaceful as the exercise allowed him to clear his mind a little bit as the thought of his new school made him nervous. He was left to wonder about the students he would be studying with and the powers they all possessed. Hopefully, not too many students had mostly destructive abilities such as himself. Otherwise, this School year might prove to be a long and potentially painful one. He liked being on the living side of things as painful as it was sometimes. So the thought of overly powerful students brought a sense of unease to the boy's mind. Eventually, the boy simply smiled and shrugged his shoulders as he reached the entrance. “It is what it is, I guess.” A warm smile replaced the young lad's worries as he finally made his way into the school. It was quite lovely and cleaner than most of his old schools, which was an overall plus. He flushed away his worries and stress as he fixed his hat to make sure it was covering his large forehead.

The students also happened to be strangely different from what he was expecting. In a good way, of course. Some had markings, and others had dyed hair and piercings; hell, most of them looked quite normal. Well normalish since everyone here could be a living time bomb just waiting to explode. Nevertheless, the young man gave a warm, welcoming smile to anyone who made eye contact with him. A quick glance at his phone showed him he had quite some time before school started, which was perfect for him. He could use a few more moments of peace before the inevitable mayhem flooded his life for the remainder of the year. Skedaddling his way down the halls, he eventually found the gymnasium and slid his way inside. He felt a sense of relief that no one else was in here, seeing how he felt incredibly awkward when he meditated around people. As he laid his bag down, the young lad once again found himself sitting cross-legged on the floor, gently letting his flames escape his lips before once again making them disappear into nothingness.​


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Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
She shifted her book on her left hand as she propped open the door for the school. The inside was even more breathtaking than the outside. Her eyes widened a slight fraction as they trailed over every detail. If she ever wanted to master her illusions - which she really didnt except to keep them from playing at random. Every detail from the tiles on the ceiling to the glass on the windows to the students.

Wow. They were beautiful. The building was not the students. Hell that would be creepy if she did think that. She glanced back down at her book and shoved the glassed further up her nose dangerously close to falling off. Were they necessary? No not really they just helped her read and look smart. She contiuned to walk with her eyes trained on the inked pages.

She didnt bother to look up from her book as she watched the feet shuffle around her though the corner of her vision. She flipped the page and her mouth dropped slightly. Every time she came to this part of the Law book it still made her gape. She suddenly ran into someone and her book dropped out of her hand. Her balance perished as well as she fell on the cold floor.

Damnit. The one thing she didnt want to happen today had to happen. Just her luck as well. She carefully climbed back up to her feet and bent down to pick up her book. Her page bent and slightly torn. Shame. She had a small frown on her face as she looked up to see the male, she had bumped into. Not angry at him just upset she had torn the page. She tucked her book away in her purse, careful to cover the title.

"Quite sorry I ran into you. Lost in a book."

She signed calmly. She pushed the glasses up her nose again as they threaten to fall off. She needed to schedule a eye appointment to get that fix. She took a mental note of that and blinked slowly coming back from her thoughts. The male hadnt said anything. Makes sense, most people didnt know what she was saying when signing. She must look like she was throwing gangster signs.

How embarrassing. Her cheeks flushed from embarrassment as she looked away.

"Désolé mon pote, je ne voulais pas te croiser. Wait sorry- Uhm cant think straight."

Quite sorry mate I didnt mean to run into you. She mumbled the last part before looking back at him. Slowly looking him up and down. Looked like a snob with the way he dressed, nice outfit, nice shoes, slid back hair. Made her self aware of what she was wearing. She looked bare next tot he tall black haired male and she tugged at her shirt to cover her abdomen.

She knew better than to judge on appearance though. Each iceberg has more under it. Hell she didnt look much like her personality had to offer - or maybe it did. A mess? Check. Constantly overthinking? Check. Smiling and Happy most of the time? Check. Trying not to be the main center of attention? Check though she had just done that. Damnit.

"Quite sorry I didnt mean to bump into you. Im Amethyst!"

She offered a half smile on her light caramel face. Look at her trying to make friends! Her mother would be so proud if they saw her at least talking to someone. She didnt offer her hand out to shake. She didnt know if people liked that as personal space issues.

"Whats your name by the way? Sorry for bumping into you again - im very clumsy."

She apologized once again and she mentally chided herself for it. Try not to be awkward, its not a good look. She ran a hand over her purse to make sure the book was back in there and not poking out.


There will be light
Mentions - Kaiya Katayama

Lucas walked towards the entrance of the school once more. All of his possessions - the clothes that still fit him, a bright red stress ball, a couple of philosophy books, an extra pair of sneakers, a backpack - had been shoved rather haphazardly into a single duffle bag which he carried now towards the entrance of the school- wait did he lock up his bike properly?

Lucas turned around, chin raised trying to see if he had, in fact, locked his bike chain. Only to manage to stumble straight into some poor girl; his, frankly quite heavy, duffle bag managing to smack her in the stomach as his reaction was to immediately spin on his heels and regain his sense of balance.
"Holy ---- I'm so sorry..." He trailed off. There was a slight arrogant tilt of his head, a disinterested note in his steely, unwavering voice. His expression of cold aloofness never faltered from that stony visage "Are you okay?"


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Grayson Lavicchi
Interactions: Cello. Cello. (Amethyst)

Grayson had forgotten how... loud people were. His fingers found his temple, rubbing it to ease his tension. Troubled. He missed the silence of his room. The bustling of people and ghosts was a hindrance. Especially the obnoxious ones, they made him shudder with disgust. Mr Negative Nelly was not very excited about his fellow students. Mr Negative Nelly would have to find some hidden places to sit and read in his spare time. Perhaps the library, boring as that may be for many people. Most understood that it was a quiet place, and not many stupid people wandered into it.

But before he could wander off to explore, his steps had paused to glance down, assumedly for a watch on his wrist. However the male was actually reading along the timetable he had wrote on the top of his hand. Neatly written font, black ink. Not really refined of the male to scribble pen on his skin, but he had his unkempt quirks and moments.

History and Science were good subjects. Pleased. But the next one in particular evaporated his desire.

Intro to Combat.

".. Are you.. kidding me?" A hiss of displeasure, a twitch of an eyebrow.

Grayson, a tall lanky male, pacifist (mostly), was not delighted. His frown deepened. The idea of somebody throwing FISTS at him was not high in his learning passions.

With an attitude like his of course he'd been attacked before, can't say he won nor did he like it. He was posh and refined, not a brute. He was an easy target as a child, weird scrawny pale kid, the only thing that really deterred it now was his height and pissy expression. Plus the whole Telekinesis thing was efficient at pulling people about. Or apart. Kidding. Kind of. That wouldn't go down well with the family.

He felt the collision, his demeanour and posture breaking as he stumbled a step. First thought was that someone had done it on purpose. An attempt to pick and humiliate him. A fierce scowl overcame the boy. Annoyed. He brushed himself off with a grumpy glare, bristling with cold unwelcome energy as he turned to face his attacker.

A female. Short. Very long white hair. He wasn't even moving yet she had managed to walk directly into him. Not to mention, who walked around reading?! That was just asking to run into people. But hearing and seeing the damage to the book made him wince. Grayson didn't like that at all. He watched silently as she picked it up, slipping it into her purse. If she hadn't been rude enough to crash into him, maybe he would've asked what she was reading. She signed for a moment, then stopped, swapping over to another form of communication.

Hearing the word 'mate' in French felt like a crime. An abomination to his ears. Such an ornate language being butchered before him with such vile dialogue. She spoke it fluently, but her word choice made his skin crawl. Grayson didn't even say anything. Just stared unhappily in silent study of who she was. Judgement flowed from him in powerful waves. He was already forming his opinion on her. So far, clumsy. Cheerful person, it seemed. An avid enough reader to walk around reading despite how foolish that was. Maybe didn't think much about consequences. Apologetic. Chatty when awkward. Her ability in sign language hinted at her perhaps being a quiet person most the time.

When he finally did speak, it wasn't very inviting.

"You've said sorry three times." A blunt observation, having no issue calling the female out on her weird rambled sentences.

"You also have eyes," Voice calm despite taking great offence to her clumsiness. "Use them."

The tall male asserted her with his hard gaze, unmoving and unspeaking for a long while. Seemed the boy was ready to just walk off without saying anything else but she then asked him what his name was. He was silent for a long while again, deciding if he should bother wasting his breath on the girl.

"Grayson." He strategically left his last name out of it. "Pleasure to acquaint you." Nauseating politeness. Did he actually think that? No.

Amaya Itami

Location: school entrance
Interactions: Open

Grace stood tall and proud as she stood on the inside of the gates of the school. Her sunglasses glinted in the sun as she looked around her at all the students. She had no bookbag and only a black designer handbag with her today. She had no intentions of really doing any work after all. Several students caught her eye as she walked forwards towards the doors of the school. Such a big place and on her first day she was a bit overwhelmed, though no one would know it. She stepped through the doors of the school and grabbed a map off the wall. with such a large school it was a good idea to have handout maps at the entrance for new students. She stood there looking at it deciding where she wanted to go first. her class schedule was un important to her unless it focused on her special power. She crumpled up the map and put it in her purse. She wanted to be alone so She could go over her social influence for the day. She started walking down the hall and popping into classrooms here and there.​


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Naomi Tachibana
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Naomi navigated the halls, managing to weave through the crowd with practiced grace. The hours she'd spent hovering over a map of the school had paid off after all. Before long she was outside her classroom. Naomi checked her phone, pleased to see she still had plenty of time before class started. Of course, she wasn't too willing to explore the rest of the school just yet, especially with how crowded the halls had become. Instead, she opened the classroom door, pleased to find the room empty.
The only sound in the room was Naomi's shoes as she walked up and down the rows of tables. Finally, she settled in the middle next to the window. Wanting to enjoy the alone time a bit longer, Naomi put in her earbuds. The classical music played gently into her ears and finally putting all her negative emotions at ease.
"Maybe it won't be a bad first day after all." She hummed a tune as she gazed out the window, waiting for class to start.

Haya Enatsu
Location - History Class
Interaction - sharkb8 sharkb8
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"Oh? It seems like the students have begun arriving."

A squeak echoed throughout the silent classroom as one of the teachers known as, Haya Enatsu, reclined in her rolley chair. For some odd reason, the peculiar woman didn't have any shoes or socks on. She seemingly appeared out of nowhere in her chair with the back facing the desks like some villain. A mischievous smile grew on her face as she crossed one leg over the other and turned to face the only student in her class. When she turned, her expression changed to one of cheerfulness.



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Naomi Tachibana
Location: History Class
Interaction: Dimple Doll Dimple Doll

Naomi stopped humming abruptly, her face slowly turning red. She could have sworn no one was here, in fact, she was positive she double-checked. Slowly, she turned her attention to the front of the classroom where, sure enough, a woman she could only assume was the teacher sat. Naomi chose to ignore the fact that the woman wasn't wearing any shoes.
"I'm so sorry ma'am-" she quickly pocketed her phone, "-I didn't know there was anyone here!" Her heartbeat once again pounded as she did a double-take around the room. If she had missed the teacher who knows who else she missed. Lucky for her though, no one else was in the room. She sighed, once again facing the teacher, "I'm Naomi, it's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am." Though she tried to speak calmly, there was no denying the slight shake in her voice.


Kaiya Katayama
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Location: Entrance of the school
Interactions: Lucas
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Kaiya was eagerly watching the gate, trying to piece together who she may be friends with based on the faces she saw. A lack of awareness was created by this act however, as her brain power was focused entirely elsewhere, meaning she was unable to sidestep the heavy bag which caused her footing to fail her and her insides flip. The girl had fallen onto her behind and had now found herself holding her stomach with one hand; the pain, albeit it not that bad, still had her shocked. Throughout life, her powers usually allowed her to protect herself from heavy, incoming objects. Although something had taken a direct, surprise attack at her, it was invigorating in its own sort of way...The feeling was new.

Kaiya registered the man's steel voice, but it still took her a second or two to even consider replying to him, “Maybe...I don’t...Know?” The girls’ voice sounded strained and unsure, causing her to take a deep breath and raise her head up, inspecting who it actually was that did this. What she saw was a very attractive man; he was clean cut, chiselled and reminded her of a Greek God. His blonde hair and blue eyes fascinated her, as it seemed to complete his look. The cogs in her mind began churning, making her question, “Why would he apologise if he doesn't care at all? He sounds so cold and uncaring...Even his stance is that of arrogance. He may look cute, but are his actions ugly? Hmm...” After a brief second or two of this thought process, a slow, yet cheeky smile acquired a place on her face and her eyes lit up. Kaiya raised her arm on one side and patted the floor on the other, “You either get down here with me, or you help me up... Then I am okay and we are even! I am so nice, I even gave you a choice.


Magic Fingers
~Aria Swirlveil~

Aria walks onto the campus grounds with a canvas duffel bag pulled tight against her as she walked the courtyard. Her father's words swirl into her brain as she looks around and tries to take in her new surroundings. 'Remember Aria, not everyone is out to get you. Have fun, make friends.' The girl's mind flooded with those words as she sees that no one was truly looked at her. Had people already new each other before this? Was there cliques happening around her that she couldn't see or notice?

Taking a deep breathe she took her first step forward and once again looked around. The ground didn't cave in, her body was intact. She could do this, right? She took another step forward and kept on going until she was close to the door. She looked through, maybe someone she would know would come down and talked to her. Waiting a beat, then another before she sighed. "Of course that wouldn't happen Aria. Pick yourself off. It's only the first day here." She looks again around her, to make sure no one heard her before walking through the door.


Location: Front Entrance
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The boy adjusted the brown duffle bag strap on his shoulder. He wore an open grey hoodie and a bright red shirt that was probably just a little bit tight as every carefully sculpted muscle could be seen alongside jeans, also maybe just one size too tight to be perfectly comfortable, and sneakers. His blue eyes seemed cold and aloof, though they did flicker once back and forth across her face, assessing her careful and calculated as if trying to see she was worth giving a damn about.
Lucas looked down upon her, his expression unmoving, not changing once as she teased. A marble statue indeed, he seemed largely unmoved by her pained remark nor her demands as he lifted an unblemished hand towards her.
"Your generosity astounds me." He bit back, his unwavering deadpan voice dripping with cold callousness, perhaps there was a slight thinning of his lips, though it was still ever hard to tell with the stony Lucas. "... I'm sorry, again." He said, still with that steely conviction that said that he didn't actually give a damn and was perhaps just putting up a front for the rest of the students that could've been watching.


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interaction: Cello. Cello.
one of the odder arrivals onto the school ground was a simple raven the animal looking entirely normal except for the fact instead of making cawing noises... it was playing a song somehow as if it was repeating back a recording. as it flew over the heads of the students likely confusing them for a while until the music stopped the bird searching for one particular person in particular. Miss oak who was walking back down the hallway after speaking to her children. the raven landing gently on the woman's shoulder. "fresh new year hey? new group of students are looking interesting" the raven began speaking English and soon after the bird's body fell away into a thick black sludge the slithered off Miss Oak only to land on the floor and quickly reshaping itself into a sort bluish haired kid wearing a jumper and a scarf. this was one of the other teachers Alron, of course, his appearance was something that was known to the staff and any of the older students but freshmen were always interesting." so any plans for this year? living scarf gag was good last time but I'm thinking something fun this year, perhaps we... double up" Alron gave a big cheeky smile up towards the other staff member no harm in messing with the freshmen just a little bit after all right.

interaction: Japanime Japanime
"bye just don't get yourself hurt ok?" Margate called back to what was essentially a miniature sun that had been standing next to her.. that being her brother who frowned a little rolling his eyes "don't worry ill be fine besides dad wanted me to follow you just in case" the boy would reply before spinning around on the spot walking off casually blinding a random bystander for a moment, Margate let out a small huff looking up at the school.. hopefully, she'd not be the most.. out of place person here but she doubted it. Her silvery scales flickering in the morning light just a little, oh well there wasn't really much else she could do, with a little hopeful grin she'd walk into the school having to duck under the entrance door as she'd often have to do with any entrance. however, it wasn't even a few minutes into the day that someone had crashed into her. lucky for them striking the bag Margate had slung over her shoulders rather than her. either way, sending both tumbling to the floor with a dulled thunk the ground chilling a bit in the process. "huu oh? sorry? about that i didn't mean to get in the way sometimes can't help it" Margate replied apologetically as she got up looking down at the boy that had run into her... perhaps looking a little imposing though not intentionally.


One Thousand Club
In one of the many chairs scattered around the teacher's lounge, Michio sat, his body as still as a rock. His fingers, however, moved quickly in a rhythmic routine; a red scarf, bejeweled with an array of different stitches, extended from his knitting needles. His eyes were clearly glazed over, mind wandering while his hands continued their work.

This was a relatively normal sight to see amongst the school staff; Michio working on some article of clothing or other at breakneck speeds in between classes. What they were for, they weren't entirely sure, and asking the man himself rarely led to a straight answer. A few could have sworn they recognized them from somewhere, however.

As for the fact that he was currently floating upside down a few feet off the ground... Well, he'll have to come back to earth eventually.

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Karen Kinzoku


If Karen was being honest she hadn't really been paying attention as she walked to her first day of school. She'd had her headphones in as usual and it was probably at a volume unsuitable if you actually wanted your hearing to last another ten years. She'd been trying not to draw too much attention to herself with her awful attempt at singing and slight shimmer she did when she was walking and dancing but once again, if Karen was being honest with herself. It wasn't working. In fact everything about her attire for the first day had been an attempt at neutrality. Her hair was still a baby pink colour with some lilac overtones but instead of her usually noticeable space buns, she'd decided on letting her hair hang loose with just a crown headband keeping it some what manageable. Her clothes were also considerably subdued for her usual taste level, deciding upon some light blue overalls with a white crop top underneath. Her shoes were the exception. She'd kept her odd shoes, one with black and white stripes and the other white with black stars. The rest of her accessories were also black, opting for a choker some bow earrings, some studded bracelets and several rings. Neutrality she had thought, but not without allowing some of her personality to shine through. Her suitcase ,which she was rolling behind her, was also a baby pink colour with some stars scattered over it and the only thing Karen was really concerned about in regards to that was running someone's foot over. Something, she'd thankfully, not done yet.

It wasn't until she was closer to the school gate that she finally looked up properly. The horde of students is what had caught her eye originally and she'd been surprised by the number of them. Second to that she had suddenly been surprised by the size of the school. Could there really be so many of us that had gifts? Not that Karen wasn't some what relieved. Lots of students meant lots of possible new friends and a big school meant lots of possibilities for classrooms, including a place to dance or design. Yes. Life here might not be too bad. And a roommate as well. She might actually enjoy herself here. At a school no less. Karen stopped her music and brought the headphones around her neck. She began her walk towards the front entrance and saw a few girls also making there way inside. No time like the present to start making friends so she mustered all the courage she had and approached them with a smile.

"Hey, I'm Karen. Nice to meet you."

Location: Entrance of the school
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Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
She watched the males face with careful vibrant purple eyes. Its where she got her name from. Her eyes. Did she like the name? Kind of though she wished it was a bit cooler and not really a color name. His reaction to when she spoke in French was very subtle but she could slightly tell he understood her. Not many people knew a second language which meant he also also most likely from a well off family.

She didnt say anything but she watched his reactions continue and then it dropped silent. She shifted her feet and almost tripped again. God how could she be so clumsy. When he said his name her eyes shot straight back up to his. It was a pretty name. One also almost involving a color. Wondered if he was also named after one.

She looked him up and down though her studious gaze finally settled on his face. Ah there it was. His eyes were grey which could have been why he was named that.

"Nice to ... acquaint ... you too. You understand me dont you? Your reactions make it seem like you understood me. In french?"

She raised a eyebrow and tilted her head slightly. She spoke with a questioning tone. She wasnt to sure if she was right or wrong but she wasnt going to come across as a arrogant person who seemed to know everything. What good would that do her? None. She then let her gaze settle on all the other students in the hallway.

Some were looking at them and some were just walking around trying to get places. It overwhelmed her very much so and she sucked in a sharp breath.

"Do you know where the library is or the art room by any chance?"

She shifted her gaze back to Grayson and her eyes were slightly unfocused. She adjusted the glasses on her nose as she looked up over the males shoulder to see dark haired people with strange markings coming her way. Her entire face light up only like it did when she was practicing the cello and the girl launched around the male to tug Amethyst into a hug.

"Thi thi! I cant believe your going here as well! Why didnt you tell me? Have you SEEN the music room yet?"

Amethyst giggled as she hugged the female back before quickly stepping away. Her eyes light up at the mention of a music room. So they did have one here! Maybe it wouldnt be so bad here after all. She completely forgot Grayson was standing right there. It must have seemed like she had forgotten him and that was rude on her part.

"The cellos in there are amazing! They have this red wood one that would totally suit you. Maybe you can write music this year if they have a orchestra! Oh hello sir."

Dahlias eyes snapped to the male who was standing there and dipped her head respectfully to him. Vernon shifted on the side before wrapping his arm around Dahlia. The sight of the two make Amethyst smile wider before her gaze drifted back to Grayson. A apologetic look washed over her. She had ignored him and that was fine on her parts.

She didnt even realize Dahlia mentioning her writing music here but she wanted to keep that on the downlow. Good thing she hadnt noticed and hopefully Grayson didnt either.

"Im quite sorry about that Grayson- These are my friends Vernon and Dahlia."

The twins made a small wave as they were introduced. Vernon stayed quiet the whole time which wasnt really like him. They turned to Amethyst and waved bye though Dahlia was going to ask for all the details later. She knew it. Amethyst never talked to anyone let alone males. She shook her head slightly at them before they rushed off.

"Im quite sorry about them. Anyway back to what I was asking- Do you know where the library would be?"

Oak Viotto
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As she contiuned to make her way down the hall something landed on her shoulder. She turned her head to peer over at it and it was a raven. How beautiful. Her entire face light up when it started talking. She knew this teacher. One of her closer friends on the staff unlike Mrs. Lavicchi who was cold and unmoved and never really seemed to want to talk to her.

That was going to change this year. Her goal was to make friends with the elegant female. How? She didnt know. She was still smiling at Alron as she patted his back in thanks for the appreciation of last years thing. Always something new, every year.

"Hell yea! We are messing with the freshmeat this year. Though we do need to be careful as my darlings are freshies this year. And doubling up? Magnificent idea!"

She had a mischievous grin on her face. As much as she loved her students she looked pranking them as well. Not as much as seeing their little faces when she gives them food/drinks of course but pretty close. She started to make her way to the edge of the hall so she wouldnt take up any space within the hallway. She withdrew a small cake like item from her bag and popped it into her mouth.

"Anything you want to do specifically oh and want one? I made them this morning so they are pretty fresh."

She smiled as she held out another cake like thing. Tasted like buttercream and chocolate. Not the healthiest thing to eat in the morning but food was food.

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Jack Nichols
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Jack wasn't ready for the new school year, well he was prepared for classes and stuff like that but he was totally not ready to meet people or even participate in socializing at all.
Jack tried his best to hide every fraction of skin as physically possible, he wore a giant black hoodie, and black sweatpants, though he was more concerned of people seeing his face, so he wore a blue mask with two black holes, his hoodie hid the rest of his head. He sat by a tree away from everyone and he had his earbuds in listing to phone numbers, the song kind of calmed him down by a little bit though he was still worried of meeting people or them seeing him.

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