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A note was left on your phone. There was another note beside it from your mother saying it was from your new school.

Greetings, student and welcome to River Valley Academy. A big fancy school that teaches kids like you, to hone your powers. Why do we teach you to hone your powers? So you grow to become a strong and respectable First-Rate. But you'll learn about those a different time, freshie! Anyways, River Valley Academy offers many classes and we have a variety of knowledgeable and caring teachers that teach different things. Don't worry, not everything is about boring classes and learning. Some classes hold special activities that engage students. Sometimes a certain grade level will hold events and there can also be school wide events that invite any and all students like festivals or tournaments. Most graduates say there is never a boring time at River Valley so you're in for some fun! Also, I do want to make it noted there are consequences to your actions. You can and will be punished for things such as, skipping class, disrespecting staff, fighting without permission, destroying school property, and etc. Punishments can include, detention, a special training session with one of the more strict teachers, exclusion from fun activities, janitorial work, etc. So I'd follow the rules if I were you! Buttttt in conclusion, we fully welcome you and await your arrival. We can't wait to see you here!
~ Headmaster

Okay so this roleplay will be a little different from your typical school for the gifted roleplay. Instead of just letting people do whatever and letting anything happen at anytime, we will follow a sort of arc by arc structure. Like an actual story. I plan for there to be many events and arcs for all characters to join and take part in. That way it won't just be us going to school every day doing pretty much nothing and not progressing any. But don't get me wrong, you will have plenty of freedom to do what you want. I do also want to note that there will be dorms for 2 people each room. If you have any questions or are interested, let me know!




Dorm Assignments

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I'm so glad you guys are all interested! I will most likely get a character thread up tomorrow.


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I will get the character thread up asap! Again, thanks for showing interest!


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Character thread is up. If you have any question please feel free to PM me.

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