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The Place Between

"Fear not the end, for it is not the end // In her arms are all souls saved and rejoice! // To cast out the stain of SIN // As upon thee as to the world // Salvation, redemption // Praise be upon the merciful one // origin of all that is good // and mother to us all //
Hymn of the Blessed Church of Deliverance

The Place Between, an eternal haven made by the benevolence of a single goddess known as Mother Mercy. It is a place seen only in visions, spoken of in the words of angels. A lake of silvered glass and delicate, pale trees. It is said to be sheltered by the very wings of the mother, shed and given freely to protect the lost and forsaken.

For souls such as the cluster now floating upon the still waters of the lake, motionless and serene, as if in slumber.

They were heroes and scoundrels, each unique in their own right yet bound together by one great thing; potential cut short. Though all souls may be lifted by the mercy of the goddess, there are a blessed few who are granted the rights of reincarnation. The chance to undo the threads of fate and weave it into a new design.

Three angels, servants of the Mother, lingered above the floating Chosen. Mahamain, Haamiah and Telantes were their names.

  • D-SB-abU8AAegdB.png

    A guardian angel, one who was granted permission to oversee the reincarnation of the new Chosen.

“In bereft lands, a raven flew. It returns! Clutched in its beak, resplendence!”

“You are most kind, Mahamain, yet it is the Mother’s endless wisdom you must praise. No recognition shall be my own.”

“Indeed. To think a task of such magnitude would be entrusted to new feathers with light yet to spare.”

“Perhaps true potential is that which years may never grasp?”

“A jest of good humour, surely?”

“Think nothing of it, as ever.”

“Hark! O Sleeper, Awaken!”

All three looked towards the now awakening mortals. While many had met a violent end, their bodies had been made whole once more. Yet while restored in body, for many a distinct change could be felt. Divine bindings, be it against their equipment or soul, left them weaker than they had been before.

Should they rise, the Chosen would find the lake’s surface supported their weight perfectly. Like a mirror, nothing could be seen below but a reflection stirred by the ripples of each movement.

The smallest of the angels, the one with dark wings sprouting from her face and hips, beckoned to the awakened. “Be not afraid, chosen ones, for your salvation has been granted by the benevolence of Mother Mercy”

Together in unison, the three angels recited, “Origin of all that is good and mother to us all.”

Mahamaim, blindingly bright, raised their voice in song. “Rejoice, O children, for in thy mother’s embrace, love eternal! In thy newfound life, redemption! Wise is she, O Mother, O holiest that was, is, and will ever be! Holy, holy, holy!”

While they sang, a scroll appeared within the last angel’s hand and was unfurled with a single flick. The three blazing eyes seated upon Salvatore's halo studied the words within, shifting between the scroll and the Chosen between lines. With hesitation, perhaps reluctance, he handed the unsealed scroll to the smallest angel.

Haamiah glanced at its contents, though only with her centermost eye. The remaining eyes crowding her facial wings never left the Chosen. Once she was content, a smile made its way onto her face. “To be roused so soon after death is undoubtedly a sensation of confusion, perhaps grief. Yet rest assured that all is well. You are safe within Mother Mercy's watch. It is through her divine grace that you have been reborn, and the stain of your sins washed clean within the waters of this lake."

"You are Mother Mercy's Chosen Ones, brilliant souls blessed to bear a second life."
She continued, "One that you may fill with prosperity and glory, free to walk any which path. So is the mercy of the mother."

"Origin of all that is good and mother to us all." Mahamain finished, smiling softly with fingers intertwined.

"Origin of all that is good and mother to us all." Salvatore echoed. He stood to the side with hands tucked neatly behind his back and eyes scanning the Chosen Ones.

Juju Stan

Emergency protocol failure...
Hull integrity compromised... Warning: Atmospheric pressure breach imminent...
Repeat... Emergency...

Red lights flared in the flooded white chamber. Oil leaked from the cracking walls like an oozing heart, drenching the flickering consoles and machinery, staining everything in a dull luminescent shine. The deep crimson shimmer hid the real blood well. For it poured from the lone girl sat there in the seat of the cockpit in a grotesque fountain. The sacred mask of the Meagus was cracked and within its ivory shell, a white face with barely an expression. Her body was pulled back in the seat almost like there was an attempt to yank her out. But she grasped the dangling controllers at her side with all her life. At least, with the only arm she had remaining.

The life dripped from every fiber of her body, with black veins pulsating as she struggled to keep awake. She could feel the millions of cells within her rapidly breaking down as her body destroyed itself.

A Blackout, as they called it.
When a maegus reaches the limit of their mind and body, the consciousness gives way to subconscious. All the pain and negativity they bottle up erupts the arcane particles within them in a self destructive cycle. The uncontrollable seizing back control. Like dark matter, obliterating everything it touched. It took everything she had to control the destruction, preventing it from ripping apart everything around her.

But it wasn’t long now.

Her fading pale green eyes stared up at the flashing lights of the bleeding siren. It must’ve been the liquid pooling her ears, but it took a moment for a muted sound to register.
It was loud, and echoed deep. It shook the room with desperation.

A deep feminine voice played out of the half-drowned intercom. “JaneJane…! I know you hear me…! Break the psyche lock, this instant!”
In response, Jane let out a croak. “And what will you do if you are free, Captain…?”

“I’m coming to stop you from yourself, you stupid girl!”
“Haha… This stupid girl tricked you, Captain...” she smiled bitterly, before letting out a gurgling cough.

“Jane, stop messing around! This is an order from your superior! Free me at once!”
“This wouldn't be the first time you scolded me for disobeying Conduct Codes, haha... Furthermore, I don't think Mr. Ghaland can find and reprimand me from here."

"This isn't the time to be joking, Jane. The psychologist's office is the last of your worries once I'm done with you."
"This isn't a joke, Captain. If I retreat the Virgo Castellian now… :/District-012 will be consumed.”

Jane, you won’t be able to stop it! It wiped out the whole fucking platoon. It’s over. We failed. For once, can you fucking listen to me…! Why are you so dens—”

“I know I’m stupid, Captain. All I can do is follow. That’s all I’ve done my entire life. But… Wasn’t it you who told me? If you fail. You pick yourself up and keep going forward. Even if there is no hope. Because there are those who depend on us.”


“Wasn’t that what you said?”

“Yes… but..”

“Then let me make this choice, Captain. I keep failing everyone. Even now, I am only alive because I was unable to hold the line. This is the only way I can make up for all my troubles. Let me do this last thing for you, my dearest... Captain."

"Jane, what can you possibly do? We all failed. Please. Listen to reason..."
"We all may have failed... But there is one thing we haven't tried. The Ars-Weiss core within this vessel... Nothing can survive the collapse of a singularity.”

“Jane…! Are you crazy? Turn around now! Jane!”
“Captain... You told me you always wanted to see a real star... I want to show you.”
“Jane.. Listen, I don't care about stars. Please, you’re..”

By this time, the woman could barely make out the words as they dribbled into garbled echoes. Her ears had turned to bloody nubs, dropping and falling of the sides of her face. Jane grit her teeth and groaned, pushing her seething bubbling form forward. The very skin seemed to drip off her as she pulled herself from the seats. Her bones felt like jelly as she struggled to affix her body and point her blurring gaze. Her Ecliptic Response was going rampant. It was like she was staring into a distorted kaleidoscope of shapes and colors. Then, as she thought she couldn't push on anymore, she noticed it. On her shoulders sat the fabled Static Child. The formless being, the representation of one's soul. Only those of 'true blood', were able to see them. Her inability to perceive these beings had baned her to the scorned fate of a lowborn, now false-born for so long. Her prayers fell to deaf ears her entire life, and she endured all of the suffering. So why, now of all times, did she unlock it?

She wanted to scream at it, but found no strength. Instead, tears welled up in its presence.
The childlike entity then reached forward, leaning past her head. As thought it gave itself to her fully, the child vanished.
She was completely alone now. However, as one thing was lost, another had returned.

The arcane spark flowed once more in her fading black-tinged eyes, illuminating them. A last shred of energy filled Jane, pushing her that final little bit forward. She focused on the glittering, sparkling titan in the distance. The ancient creature would’ve looked beautiful in the radiant void sky. An icon of nature itself rising from the ashes of a forgotten, rot reality. If it wasn’t for the millions of screams rising from the scattered shards of damaged voyagers caught up in its rising currents, one might have mistaken it for a divine being. The cosmic tide stretched across the horizon, a speckling aurora, as the -NE- set course to the orbital station behind her.

Anelle… You sounded sad… You never showed that side before... You're too tough on yourself. Never showing us your weakness. But that's why I...
When you read my name out later today, at the memorial... Instead of your usual cold glare...
I wonder if I was the one who finally made you cry…?

Using all the pain and heart, the rushing emotions, every ounce of feeling, Jane let out a spitting cry. The last sanctions in her mind lifted, and the Blackout released in full terror. The chamber shook violently, warping as though a furious fist clasped and crushed it. The oil lashed about, floating and shooting in wild spiraling bubbles as reality itself began to unravel. For at least a mile radius, a ring of chaotic making and unmaking would go uninhibited. A complete breakdown of all things. In all the pain ripping through her body, Jane felt a bit of relief she was alone out there now. No one would have to be caught in the waves of uncreation.

Her blood then boiled and suddenly lit into full blaze. With those last moments, her mind and body was swallowed into an absolute darkness that emerged from her. In her explosive eruption, Jane channeled the overwhelming energy down the wires and metal, down the veins of the vessel to the enclosed shouldering blue core.

As darkness seized her remaining vestiges, the last feeling was the acceleration of the iron maiden barreling forwards.
Shooting stars in the sky were meant to grant wishes. But not all wishes are happy ones.
Handholder Portrait-modified.pngThe nova outshined all the neo constellations in the void sky. The light washed over what looked like all of existence. A bright glow eclipsed reality.
Perhaps too bright. After a silent, blinding moment, the shining light did not give way to the darkness that she had expected.

Jane felt a pull, like she was being pushed up from the bottom of a deep dive.
Her pale green eyes opened wide, gasping desperately to refill her deprived lungs. She seized and tossed her head out like she was in pain. The cold grip of death clung still so freshly in her senses that her body almost rejected then notion of life.

Wasn’t I… I thought… Where am I?

After a moment, whether out of fatigue or shock, she lay still and turned her head flat. Her eyes looked across incredulously in this glistening, void lake. Then, she spotted a trio of reflection. She turned her head up now at the three mystical figures that floated above. They bore wings like the cherubs that guarded the lush groves of the sacred Garden of Yvestaria.

Were they Homunculus…? No… I can feel something more here..
But… It is so faint… Have I lost my ability to connect with the Imagination Particle?

Upon searching herself more, Jane discovered the bindings that wrapped around herself and her armor. She felt a restriction within them. But at the same time, she felt these mysterious things holding her together. As if she cannot exist without them.

They then proceeded to make proclamations she did not understand. Prophecies that did not fit into any notion of reality she held comprehension over.

She saw others at the lake, but Jane was the first to rise.
Her soft voice was barely a whisper, as though she was thinking aloud rather than addressing anyone in particular.

Chosen One… Mother Mercy… It makes no sense…” Jane seemed almost angered by this notion, “As if there is no logic… Ah, this must be…! Are you Eclipse Entities? Is that what this is? You’ve bound my soul and dragged me beyond the boundary? If so, I don’t want this life. I will not be a puppet to empty horrors...”

The armored girl tried to manifest her powers in protest, to fight to against her believed captors. The accelerator whirred and hummed as the pieces of metalry collected itself around her waist. The large cumbersome dorsal-facing engines powering the nerve-fibers running up her spine lit up a bright orange. But she felt no call when she reached out. No response. It was empty. There was nothing out there but the cold chill of nothing.

Jane succumbed to the hollow feeling, falling onto one knee as tears welled up her eyes. She felt more useless than she had always been. If she cannot even do such weak magic, what was the point of her existence as a Maegus. What was the point of her life now? She couldn't even die properly.

Did my sacrifice even do anything...? Everyone.. I'm so sorry...

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Sarah could immediately tell something was wrong as she started to wake up. She had expected the familiar feeling of her armor and other equipment around her as well as the voices of concerned Alliance agents. Instead it felt like she was wearing her regular travel clothes and was instead heard a trio of unfamiliar voices. Eyes snapping open, the warrior took in her unusual surroundings in a hearbeat. While it wasn't the strangest terrain she had ever found herself in, it definitely ranked higher than most and the three... things watching them only added to it. As Sarah carefully climbed to her feet, she noted that the flows of spiritual power enhancing her body were hampered somehow, the energy not quite empowering her as evenly as it should. Furthermore when she mentally reached out to her combat gear, only the blade and its scabbard appeared on the belt of her outfit in a flash of magical energy. She could sense that the rest of it was still in the necklace, but she couldn't reach it for some reason. Her mouth opened to ask some questions, but then they started to speak, and as she listened her anger only grew.

"Salvation? Reinforcements were minutes away and had the means of resurrecting me. I don't know about the others..." Sarah pauses just long enough to wave a hand at the others stirring to life. "...but what you did to me was not salvation, it was fucking kidnapping you gigantic assholes!" As she spoke the last few words, her hands clenched and her voice increased in volume as a clear indication of her rage. "Didn't even have the goddamn courtesy to ask before dragging me here either, you just did what you wanted without consideration for my situation or what I wanted." It was only with great effort that Sarah was able to reign herself in at this point and cease speaking, but the anger was still clearly evident on her face.

Reaching for a back pocket, she pulled out a small device that kinda resembled a key fob for a modern car, but with only a single button. Her thumb pressed the button but nothing happened, causing her to turn her attention back to the three angels with a harsh glare.
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  • filler

What came for people after death? The afterlife? An endless eternal void? Or maybe reincarnation? That was a theory Sina Takao had grown familiar with through the novels and stories she had read. It was something she fantasied about but never gave it much thought after. Yet it was happening to her. She stared down at her hands, flipping and turning them over. Seeing her veins was a calming sight. This.. this was all real. The lake beneath her was strange, magical even but it was very real. It rippled with any movement she made. Whatever thoughts she had where interrupted by the sound of someone speaking. Her head snapped towards the direction of the voice. What greeted her was not the sight of a human. Those three things that floated within the sky could not be called human. They looked like biblical angels. It truly made her uncomfortable. Her eyes widened with each word said from the mystical floating beings.

Sina Takao.. had died and been reborn. In the back of her mind, she already knew this to be the truth as soon as she awakened but hearing it from another wasn't something she could easily comprehend. As this realization washed over her the memories all came rushing back. The classroom floor beginning to shine, the white tunnel and the intense pain from the distortion. She remembered it all. How was this fair? Tears of anger began to roll down her cheeks. A Chosen One? She was only a simple girl what chosen one could she be? This Mother Mercy figure resurrected her and the.. others. Yes, there were other people besides her here. There were two from the group who spoke with spite towards the angelic beings.

As much as Sina could agree and sympathize with their anger how much would it help in this situation? There were questions that needed to be answered. If no one was going to ask them she might as well do so. She wiped her tears and tried to calm herself. Breaking down or panicking wouldn't do much. If she wanted to have a mental breakdown now was not the time to do so. Her gaze landed directly on the three beings. "You call us Chosen Ones but why? As far as I know, I have no qualifications to be called such a title." Alright.. that was good. At least she hoped. She couldn't hide the shaking voice nor eyes that started to tear up again but this was off to a good start. "I don't see any of my classmates here. Did that summoning work?" How she knew that her class had been summoned was simple really. As a teenager with unlimited access to the internet, she had stumbled upon the isekai genre a few times before. An entire class being transported to another world was something common.

If her classmates had managed to make it to the other world safely.. then that just makes this whole thing a lot unfairer.

sina takao

the host

Mahamain, Salvatore, Haamiah

♡coded by uxie♡

Gaius Danius Griinia

Kamen Rider Amino
Rios stood tall and looked down at his reflection within this supposedly sacred lake. Those around him seemed to have taken issue with their situation. It wasn't like they could do anything about it. Although he was a bit out of whack right now. He could get the general sense that these giant angel looking things weren't even going to consider sending them back to whence they came. Rios got the gist that they had all died in order to get here. He did recall falling at the hands of four particularly interesting individuals. Which meant that he'd earned himself some reincarnation points. Ultimately that could only be a good thing. While he didn't mind dying. Getting to come back to life was a pretty sweet deal. Seems the resident deity for this place was Mother Mercy. Rios had no idea what that was but it was probably something covered in even more eyes than these big guys. He currently couldn't feel the presence of his Contract Deck. Which could only mean that his powers had been sealed for the duration of this little orientation. No matter, not like he would have done anything. Perhaps offer his services to the big angel things but other than that, not much.

His fellow Chosen Ones certainly looked interesting. He saw a diesel-punk lady, one of those high fantasy types and best of all; a regular high school girl. All were women and all had their charms. It looked to Rios like Mother Mercy certainly took all types in her little reincarnation parade. Certainly this meant that much fun was to be found in their near future. Reaching into Baggy the Wonderbag. Rios pulled out a set of rubber balls. With a grin and a wink, he began to juggle. "Why shed tears? Why be fierce? Our sins have been washed away. Tis the start of a brand new day. Now is not the time to curse and hate. New life bodes well, we must celebrate!" uttered the gesturing jester as he continued to juggle whilst bouncing on his heels. Rios thought that such a heavy atmosphere would pair well with inappropriate tomfoolery. The best time to waste time was when everyone was up in arms. Placing his hands behind his back. Rios changed gears and began a game of keep up with all three balls. Switching between legs and calling out each successful kick. He was having his own fun while this lot was conversing with the colossi above them...
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Ari Number Two

Don't lose Ari~♪ Shine bright Ari~♪
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Juju Juju

"Forces of Omen, bestow the smoldering slice upon this scourge, on top of this hill we sustain and purge, Ultimatum Surge!"

Teruko Jiro felt as though she was drifting through white nothingness. An afterlife, perhaps, she thought. What she also thought was that everything about this was stupid. The stupid magical girl side of herself, Tracy, killed themselves. Her last words are ripped straight from a dumb morning cartoon. Her hopes of any return to a normal, slow life have been dashed all because of this damned fairy bestowing its powers to her of all people!

At least here, in the afterlife, that ferret fairy's voice was gone... Teruko sighed at the frown that'd naturally curved at her lip. I was only getting used to Sundae's banter... that's all... she reasoned.

But in one moment, the businesswoman felt a twinge in her limbs. Then a marred voice. Then she was standing, staring down three of the most bizarre creatures to ever exist. They rambled on something about Mother Mercy this, Mother Mercy that. Not to mention the most unnatural people who awakened beside her, some of which even lashed out at the mystical beings for doing their job. Mhm... This is certainly the afterlife. I see even angels get upset customers. Teruko would have made mental descriptions of everyone in her head, but in a place like this there was no discerning 'normal' and 'not normal.' Well, maybe excluding the schoolgirl who at least appeared to Japanese, too.

Looking at everyone rightfully panic over news of their abrupt deaths, it only left Teruko with more thoughts to herself. It made perfect sense for people to be shaken by news of their death; the accountant, though, was unreadable. Her stone face did not mirror anything that went on inside, and though she initially had a mysterious urge to cry and lash out, the others were doing that plenty. As for what the angels said after, Teruko glances around herself. No Sundae, no sign of Teruko's magic fluctuating. A second life...? This... was perfect.

Walking past what were surely her new allies, Teruko searched through one of her pockets, finding her business card. When she was satisfied with how looked, then at least could approach the mystical creatures. Teruko gave a direct bow, holding the card out in her hands. "Thank you very much for pulling me out when you did."


"Jiro, Teruko. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I shall make the most of your generosity and live a perfectly normal, average, slow life." Teruko's static expression glimmered with a small spark.


Grossly Incandescent
It's cold... a death by a thousand cuts... I have won... but my duty is not complete... my blood is rushing out... I feel disappointment, anger, fear... but as I feel the last of my thoughts
slip away from me... as I feel my vision blur and darken... I feel relief... and as I take my final breath...... I... I...



A feeling like a jolt of lighting passing through his body forces Kras up, he can no longer feel the wounds that riddled his body and now feels the warm feeling of blood coursing all throughout his body. He raises his arms inspecting them, his armor restored to perfection. Reaching behind his back he pulls out his small blades, all sharp and shining. Putting them back behind Kras stands up the Relic sword lying next to him on the ground, yet now has more and more of his bodily functions return to him, he notices the unnatural ground. His head turns, there are people of origin he could not tell and amongst them there were three beings of complete alien form. Kras took a quick sigh after listening to what everyone had to say. Death was too good of a fate for me...but this can only mean that my penance has not been fulfilled and. With his mind no cleared Kras squatted down lifting his relic blade up, it appeared to be in better condition now than when he had originally found it so long ago. He slowly placed it on his back noticing the weight of it immediately the moment he let go.

Instead of speaking out Kras simply started walking around, his vision directed first towards the three angel-like beings, he looked at them from multiple angles before finally looking away back at those who had awoken. They all appear relatively human, but I should expect the unexpected... perhaps for the best. Kras thought to himself once more slowly walking back towards the grab, his face unmoving yet his eyes darting from individual to individual, making sure they couldn't possibly be illusions or trying to see if anything else caught his attention.


Our weakness is that we are morons!
𝓚𝓪𝓰𝓮 𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓱𝓪𝓵
Screenshot 2022-01-16 10.16.35 PM.png

The air around me swirled and blew...

I missed...

The rush of gravity stunned me... the ground only coming closer by the second...

I fell...

The cold embrace of death awaited at the floor...

I died...

A pair of purple eyes snapped open. A chest heaved as the breath of life entered previously empty lungs. A heart ferociously thudded as blood began to flow, a skull and spine once catastrophically injured magically mended back to normal. I was falling! I hit the ground! Why... where... this can't be real. His mind ran through nothing but scattered thoughts, the fear of the death that just came still rattling him. I was going to die! I... I should be dead. If anything, this should be the afterlife. Hell should've already opened and swallowed the delinquent thief whole. Perhaps, he was already set to be punished for the sins that littered his life. Yet, that wasn't happening. His body wasn't being scorched by hellfire... he wasn't being strung up and bound by chains... he wasn't being shredded to pieces by demons. He felt alive.

With a huff, he rolled over from his back onto his stomach, placing his hands beneath him to push himself off the ground, gathering his breath as he remained on all fours. The ground appeared to be a lake, but he wasn't sinking, the reflection of his pale skin and sunken features being visible in the still water. "What is this...?" Kage murmured to himself, pulling his hands from the ground as he shifted into a kneel, finally lifting his eyes to gaze upon the world around him. If the crisis of suddenly dying and waking up alive wasn't shocking enough, the area Kage found himself in was even more bizarre than any of the events prior. For one, this environment was brighter than anything Kage was used to. The clear blue sky and the natural shining light bewildered Kage, his vision being strained as they grew adjusted to the light. His world was a realm of darkness, how could this place be so magnificently vivid? To add to his confusion, other people were around him, odd individuals who looked unlike anybody or anything Kage had ever encountered. Some were still in the sleep that he was in moments ago, while others stirred and rose from their slumber, taking the same grasp of the area as he did.

However, the list of surprises would continue, his sight sliding over to the three beings who began to take their turns speaking to them. Their appearance was otherworldly, only comparable to something an artist could create from their imagination back in his world. Their voices were imposing, yet, something about the way they spoke added a sense of comfort. Certain phrases would stick out among the rest, giving Kage some context to the situation at hand.

Chosen ones. Salvation. Redemption. Reborn.

The lavender hues of Kage widened as he pieced the puzzle together. He was reborn, proclaimed as a chosen one for a mysterious goddess. The reactions of others varied, from anger to gratitude, to utter disbelief. Unlike his fellow "chosen ones", Kage couldn't bring himself to speak. He sat in awe, internally reveling in the fact that he was given another chance at life. Rising from his knee, Kage maintained his silence, adjusting his black cloak and stretching his arms, his body feeling more normal by the second.

This is my opportunity. I've been given a chance. All I need to do is take it... right?


Paranoid Android
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Systems rebooting, platform function nominal, AI function nominal, current timestamp...ERROR, downtime period...ERROR, location data...NOT FOUND.

Sitting up stiffly Aetius-1 repeated the physical check twice more followed by a full system diagnostic but found that their initial startup process had been correct. Despite having clearly recorded catastrophic damage to their core and having felt their functionality crumble away they were entirely whole with no sign of any repairs having taken place and no indication of how long they had been inactive.

Hearing a chorus of voices they observed the trio of winged humanoids, while they didn't appear to be of any species Aetius-1 was familiar with they did somewhat resemble classical descriptions of angels in religious texts both in appearance and dialogue. The others present appeared to be human for the most part though they had come with a remarkable variety of clothing that seemed to be from various time periods, while they were reacting with various degrees of shock, anger or thanks they all appeared to be taking the statement that they had been plucked from their apparent deaths at face value.
"Inquiry, by what means have we been brought here? Is this a temporal incursion or extra-dimensional transportation? If it is the former I will require proof of the date via quantum decay data before I participate in any activity that may disrupt the stability of my origin time period." If they had been transported across dimensions then the physical laws might necessarily conform to those Aetius-1 was familiar with.


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Tyberius Kras

Slowly approaching the group of individuals, Kras noticed one of them had approached the angels, holding out a sort of card in as a gesture to offer. I'm close to them, information will be useful, and we appear to have some time. Kras shifted his destination arriving near Teruko at a close enough distance to see what the hard said but far away enough to not cause any real panic. Kras looked down and quickly read through the card, It appears to be a sort of card of identification, it has their job and their name, yet the rest of the card holds words and sentences that should not be considered grammatically correct... Not to mention she appears to have clothing different than what was typical in my place. Kras looked around at the others, it should've been evident that many concepts from these people were alien to him, yet it was still a struggle to process all this.

"Excuse me" Kras spoke looking back at Teruko, "Is that card meant to be for identification? If so what do the words under your job name represent?" Kras asked with only curiosity in his mind and words. He didn't consider the fact that Teruko might've not noticed Kras approaching and that perhaps his appearance and stature might be discomforting to the others.


The Angels

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    A guardian angel, one who was granted permission to oversee the reincarnation of the new Chosen.
"Thank you very much for pulling me out when you did. Jiro, Teruko. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I shall make the most of your generosity and live a perfectly normal, average, slow life." Teruko's static expression glimmered with a small spark.
Haamiah descended upon the lake, though caused no ripples as her bare feet touched the surface. Delicately, she took the offering and smiled. "It is a pleasure to meet you at last, chosen one. Though I am merely the herald. All thanks must be given to the Mother Mercy."

"Origin of all that is good and mother to us all!" Echoed Mahanaim. They floated weightlessly above Haamiah, tilting their head in curiosity at the strange little slip like a bird admiring a shiny stone. It was a happy moment, one about to be cut short as two of the chosen ones lost themselves to anger.

"Salvation? Reinforcements were minutes away and had the means of resurrecting me. I don't know about the others..." Sarah pauses just long enough to wave a hand at the others stirring to life. "...but what you did to me was not salvation, it was fucking kidnapping you gigantic assholes!" As she spoke the last few words, her hands clenched and her voice increased in volume as a clear indication of her rage. "Didn't even have the goddamn courtesy to ask before dragging me here either, you just did what you wanted without consideration for my situation or what I wanted."
With a subtle movement, Haamiah made the business card disappear, safely tucking it away elsewhere. Hands now free, she clasped them neatly in front of her and listened to the grievances of the mortals. She could feel the three eyes of Salvatore burning into her back, judging and smug. Of course, it was to be expected that some of the chosen ones may be upset with their situation. It was nothing she couldn't handle.

"Sarah Christin-Landale, your past deeds are steeped in glory and sacrifice. I understand that this must be difficult for you, to have left so much behind, but the wisdom and benevolence of Mother Mercy is endless. The answers may not be clear, but they shall present themselves in time. Such is her will." she said, her tone patient and calm. "As for for resurrection... only the Mother may grant true resurrection. Restoring the body and returning the soul is not to be considered equal to blessed reincarnation."

"You call us Chosen Ones but why? As far as I know, I have no qualifications to be called such a title." Alright.. that was good. At least she hoped. She couldn't hide the shaking voice nor eyes that started to tear up again but this was off to a good start. "I don't see any of my classmates here. Did that summoning work?"
It was Mahanaim who answered Sina. "O lost little sparrow, O lark! How far she has flown from home, spirited away in a dark storm! Take heart, for her wings have found peace and respite!"

They swooped around Sina once, then stayed suspended in front of her. As if to cup the girl's face in their hands, they reached out but stopped a few inches away from her skin. A high ranking angel such as themselves could not touch a mortal, for their sake.

The angel's eyes began to leak bright blue tears, like glowing bubbles. Yet instead of falling to the ground, they rose to the sky. "What bitter sadness and doubt! The sparrow cries for her flock, but she is lost! The mother has granted Mahanaim a vision, little sparrow. The flock is safe. The wolf pounces for the sparrow alone, but she is whisked away by a Mother! The sparrow must have faith in her little wings. Potential burning bright like a song from the sky. Sing true, O sparrow and shine! Lay thy woes to rest!"

Mahamain flew up, twisting as they rose and casting down a glistening shower of light. They bobbed back down, placing their hands over their mouth to hold back giggles of joy.

Salvatore stood to the side, watching all that transpired with an aloof air. At least one of his eyes was focused upon Haamiah at all times, observing how she handled the varying responses of the chosen ones. So far, he would consider her reception adequate at best, yet painfully lacking true experience. Any other high ranking angel would have been a more appropriate choice, especially for such an auspicious occasion.

"Inquiry, by what means have we been brought here? Is this a temporal incursion or extra-dimensional transportation? If it is the former I will require proof of the date via quantum decay data before I participate in any activity that may disrupt the stability of my origin time period."
Salvatore shifted an eye to the android. Based on the scroll's knowledge, he knew their name to be Aetius-1. He would respond to them, not to help Haamiah, but because he doubted she could give a substantial answer.

"Consider it neither, for lack of a better definition. The Mother manipulates laws incomprehensible to your human creators, even to most gods." Salvatore commented in response to the android's question. "The Place Between is a realm beyond time and reality, yet this is not your place to stay. Aegisea is to be your destination. You will find the laws of reality to be... more suitable, if not familiar to what you have experienced."


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A angry growl tore itself from Sarah's throat, her eyes narrowing even as she shoved the Escapepipe back into its pouch. "Oh, so you are that kind of celestials, the ones who think they know better than any mortal and just do what they damn well please, the concerns of the mortals in question be damned. Newsflash, any divinity can make mistakes and this was one of them. Not even having the courtesy to ask for consent is what makes you no better than common kidnappers!" There was a short pause as the swordswoman took a quick breath. "And this resurrection being special? What a joke. I've had a number of friends and allies who've died and been brought back by a variety of means, including divine power, but the end results are all the same. Hell, I've died before and this time does not feel any different than the previous ones except for the fact that you've fucked with my abilities and gear."

Perhaps one of the more infuriating aspects about this situation was if they had simply asked for help in slaying some evil or another before taking her, she likely agreed on the condition that she get to return home afterwards. But instead this Mother Mercy had to be the kind of deity she hated most. And to make matters worse, they even disabled the link to Siegfried that their wedding rings gave them, so he had no way of knowing that she was ok... but on the other hand that was a smart move on their part since if they had the link, then he would be able to find her at which point extraction would become a simple matter. And if Mother Mercy tried to stop him at that point, well, the deity would likely end up regretting her decisions just like everyone else who had wronged those he cared about.

Despite her rage however, Sarah was still aware of everything else going on around her and found the description of this place familiar. 'Beyond time and reality? Reminds me a bit of how Tristessa's Velvet Room was explained to me.'


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Screenshot 2022-01-16 10.16.35 PM.png

As his silence went on, the angels took turns addressing the various questions they had received from the wakening mortals. Even for magical beings, they possessed such diverse personalities, as if they could be mortals like the rest. Regardless, they answered promptly, attempting to quell the confusions that were brought up through this timely occasion. However, not all were satisfied with the answers given, one distinct voice growing loud in response to the angels. A blonde woman raised her voice harshly, berating the celestial beings in her anger. It was amusing to Kage, watching the gritty woman the angel referred to as "Sarah" tell off the celestials for bringing her back to life. A smirk lined his lips, intrigue growing with every word that Sarah blurted out. He wanted to laugh, but he held it back, the smirk remaining as he took a step forward. Sarah was to the side of him, Kage turning to face her.

"You know, for someone who was just on the verge of death, you are quite ungrateful for a chance to live, hm?" Kage spoke humorously, taking a glare towards the angels before continuing. "Complaints won't get you what you want, don't you think? Sure, we may all be clueless as to why we have been reborn, but, it shouldn't be an excuse to act so outlandishly. You must be on the less intelligent side of the spectrum, at least from what I can assume." Kage chuckled, his eyes fixated upon the person he chose to antagonize. For the most part, directly trying to upset a person who is unknown to you was not the brightest idea. Yet, for Kage, there was a surprising amount of truth in his words. He believed that this was an opportunity, and if anything, there should be some level of gratitude within all of them.

His smirk straightened out into a more neutral expression. "Perhaps, maybe you could ask more useful questions than waste time attempting to change what has already happened. It doesn't seem like they are keen on letting us go home." Kage sighed with his last sentence, folding his arms over his chest in distaste at Sarah.


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Somewhere Beyond

Bright lights closed in on him with rapid speed as he exited his working place, also called the Crystal Bar. Famous in the red-light district of Shinjuku for its employees who took utter care of their customers how they deemed fit. It was honestly just a mental game on who could rail in the most customers and keep them theirs. Newcomers often had to do the dirty jobs such as keeping the place clean, bringing the drinks and even consuming the most alcohol. Ah yes, how the host club could ruin or make people’s lives depending on their place in the food chain. Leon started on the bottom like everyone else but he quickly rose to the top by using his colleagues as mere pebbles ready to be stepped upon. Faking his personality was like breathing to him after a short while of practice, earning quite a bit of money with it.

As he realized he couldn’t dodge the incoming vehicle, the first thought was that it might have been one of his ex-clients who got banned from the store for inappropriate behaviour towards others customers. It wouldn’t have been the first time they were out for revenge because he cast them aside. Within seconds he couldn’t feel the ground anymore and crashed right on top of the hood of the car. Squinting his eyes to see who it was and who would have thought. One of his high school classmates who he decided to clap back upon. If he recalled it right, he was the first one who was brought into Leon’s games. A wicked grin still managed to creep upon Leon’s lips as he knew this guy’s life was definitely over now as the back of the company also had security cams.

”The end.” He muttered as he felt the life seeping out of him soon after. And then… nothing. It was peaceful in a way, he could finally let go of everything.

That was until he was harshly pulled back into the brightening light which was nearly blinding. Being practically spat into some kind of lake, being refused by whoever controlled life after death. A deep groan escaped his mouth as he brushed the wet strands of hair out of his face with one sweep movement of his hand. His eyes went up to the three floating creatures who had some kind of air around them which he couldn’t exactly describe, but only one thing: ”Fucking creepy.” He muttered under his breath as the disformed beings were just hanging around practically to their own amusement.

It became even worse as they spoke in those weirdly echoing voices. Was it due to the environment or was it just their entire spooky ass embodiment? Who knew. Maybe it was even both.

Once everyone finished what they had to say, Leon rubbed the bridge of his nose as he tried to process this whole afterlife thing. So they were now in what is called the The Place Between. There is one lack of a name if you would ask him. At least give it a name like Somewhere Beyond or We Don’t Even Know Where We Are. ”For as far as I know, I honestly couldn’t give a crap about living another life. You’ll probably just give us a task like: Go slay a freaking demon lord who doesn’t have it all in a row or wait let me guess… You are all going to be heroes who will save the world of evil.” Leon uttered in complete annoyance as he was ready to just move on without being bothered. ”And cleaning our sins in water?” Splashing some of the liquid in their direction while he continued on. ”Do you really think this can erase everything? Bull crap.”

Aaah… This was such a hastle…


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Juju Juju Solirus Solirus (Kras)

While holding out the card and before the angels took it, Teruko couldn't help but overheard and catch a glimpse of some of the other arrivals. She really tried not to, though; it was rude to stare, no matter how strange they appeared. Even when one of them strode beside her, Teruko remained in customary position until he spoke to her. And with a sole glance at him, even the stone-faced woman felt a twinge of discomfort with him being close to two feet higher than her. Surprisingly, though, his interest seemed to be more in the business card than her herself. Well, there was no harm in—

"Oh...!" The angels took the business card; they never gave it back. She bit her lip, turning to Kras and trying her hardest not to lose composure. Teruko took a step back to behold all of his body, then patting her pockets. "… I have another one." Without turning away, she fiddled around until another copy of the card emerged. Obvious as it was, this person was not from their world. The fact that he didn't recognize the info on the card drove it home. Teruko held the piece of paper in front of her, pointing like a teacher. "This is a business card." Her finger shifted to the black text. "Those are the company address, my phone number, my email, and House of Osaka's website. "But I suppose I don't have my phone, so it doesn't matter," she added with a dry chuckle. She offered the copy to Kras, deciding it was better than to an angel who'd never give it back.

At the same time, the surroundings took an apparent turn downhill. The angels who had saved Teruko from her previous life attempted dispelling the ruthless intent of the others—all to no avail. The main one of the yellers, a blonde woman, was particularly upset with the way she was then. Sarah mentioned things about foreign words and reviving herself, and that was when Teruko decided not to question much of it.

Out of the corner of her eyes, though, what looked like a small, pink cloud plummeted into the water. It was a striped ferret, perfectly white and pink across its body. If Teruko had noticed...She might've tossed out all formalities at the moment and return to her usual self.


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TW|panic attack
at last, there was peace. All the pain, all the screams, all of everything came to a halt. As his last breath left his body he was freed from it all, the shackles that bound him were no more as the world finally came to an end. He couldn't hear the screaming in his head, he couldn't see their faces in the reflections, he couldn't feel the dark sludge of blood on his skin. He was finally free.

that was until the bliss was interrupted by another breath. How many moments had passed since the last? How long had he existed without knowing? Would he open his eyes to the dismal world he had closed them too? Why was he forced to breathe in the air he no longer wished to breathe? Why was he forced to suffer all over again. He pried open his eyes, seeing a scenery far more beautiful than he had in a long time. Creatures with wings and other strange appearance quality's spoke to them? Who were the others? Were they like him? Or other people who were there to help him kill off another world. Was he ripped from his peace to become another slave?

screaming broke out and all he could do was stare up with a pained expression. He managed to push himself up into a seated position, ignoring how his body shook with each breath, becoming more labored as he struggled to remain calm. Conflict broke out within seconds of them all being here, this mission would be no different from the last. The water would wash away the sins? It must be a joke all of this must be here to punish him for what he did. The deeds he had done would stain Neptune's seas red with the blood of the innocents. He could almost see it. The water under him turning a dark shade of black. Tainting the liquid in swirls of murk and filth.

he found himself looking to see if anyone else could see it too. He would find none as nothing was happening bellow him, though in his panic he couldn't notice that. He could almost feel the very filth inside him dripping and melting off him like wax, but under each layer was another just as grimy as the last. He couldn't breathe, the air was too sweet and the light too pure. Who was he to breathe this, who was he to be here?

he wanted out. He never wanted to be resurrected. He did not want to be salvaged or put back together. He wanted it all to disappear, fade away with his world, letting him pretend it was enough to redeem him. He knew he could not be good again, he knew what he had done. Still, why did he have to be the only one to suffer? Why did he have to be like this? Why couldn't he be anything but a tool? He wanted nothing to do with this quest or any of these people, he wanted to disappear.

his breathing was barely breaths, leaving his scratched throat like gusts of wind. His face was downcast, his hat hiding his face as he shook, grabbing his head from under his hat and crushing on it painfully. His nails tore at his skelp as fat lobs of salt water fell from his gasping face onto the water. The liquid that fell got absorbed into the well of water bellow and it made him want to scream. Everything he touched would wither away, he could only bring destruction to this world. He knew that that was why they brought him here, what other use could something like him possibly have.

in the ripples of water bellow his tears he could make out his own reflection on the surface, his revolting face staring back at him with a wet face soaked in his tears. Without thinking, he brought his hand down to slash at the image, only to find that he could not do anything more than cause ripples. He could not stop his face from looking back at him. He quickly began to scratch at the ground before giving up, settling in covering up as much as he could with his hands. His tears continued to fall onto his hands, his breath continued to fail him. He was not going to do this again. He was not going to be someone pawn again. He would not let it happen. Spots of black danced along his vision as he heaved, his struggled breathing becoming harder and harder to keep quiet.

He did not want redemption, for it did not exist. He wanted to be purged as every filth is from the earth. The world does not weep when the villain falls, so why was he here?
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Sarah felt a stab of irritation when the stranger jumped into the conversation, not because he got involved, but because he appeared to not have been paying attention. "Maybe if you had actually listened, you'd know why I'm angry!" she snaps at him before turning her attention back to the angels. However the distraction ultimately was a good thing as that brief moment was exactly what she needed to be able to start to reign in her temper. Her anger at the situation didn't lessen at all, but the swordswoman was starting to get in control over her behavior again instead of letting her emotions rule her. Not an easy process by any means, but one she had gotten better at over the years.

While waiting for the response from the three celestial beings, the analytical part of Sarah's mind examined the situation and tried to figure out what her options were. She knew that the Alliance unit that had been coming to reinforce her would have notified the Alliance leadership and her family when they found that her body and equipment were missing. Then not only would they begin their own efforts to find her, they would contact Tristessa and the rest of the Folkvangr search and rescue group since kidnappings like this were one of their specialties. Finally they would contact anyone else they knew that might be able to help, even if t was something as simple as keeping an ear out for any information that might pertain to the situation. Given the fact that the link to her husband had been blocked and the Escapepipe disabled, she figured her communications unit also wouldn't work so there wasn't really anything she could do on her end at the moment, but even so Sarah was positive that they would eventually find a way to find her. Until then she just had to bide her time and watch for anything that would be useful for getting home.



The Goddess Arrives

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    The goddess who summoned you all here. Origin of all that is good and mother to us all
“Ah, death has done little to quench that fire in your soul, Sarah. It is no wonder the twins entrusted their last hopes in you.”

The fabric of the realm shifted, centralized in the cup of wings towering above the chosen. Feathers unfurled, blooming like flowers, lights shining out like golden eyes. The overpowering light made it difficult to see, but as it dimmed and reality returned back to normal, an angelic figure could be seen.

Unlike the angels present, she did not possess any overabundance of eyes or other features too different from a human. Although, the tips of her appendages were coated in a black, crystalline substance that never seemed to stay still. It cracked and shifted, little pieces of it floating up only to burn away to ash in an endless loop.

“Hark! The merciful one returns!” Cried Mahanaim in utter joy. More bright blue tears began to leak upwards from their many eyes.

“Praise be upon her, origin of all that is good and mother to us all!” The three angels chanted in unison, bowing their heads and wings. Or whatever was close enough.

On countless wings of soft, flowing light the Mother Mercy glided down until she was almost level with the silver lake. Here she stayed, hovering above the water's surface without touching it. A smile covered her face, just as warm and bright as the glow she emitted. She tucked the silks of her veil over her arms, covering the blackness of her hands and most of her lower legs.

“My Chosen, at long last. I have waited patiently for this day that I may finally speak with you all. You must forgive me for my lateness. I happened across a flock of little lost birds who needed to be returned to their nests.” She gave Sina a brief, knowing look before continuing. “Haamiah, I am ever grateful for your service. It brightens my heart to see how you have grown.”

“You are too generous, Mother.” Haamiah said quietly, her eyes cast down.

Mother Mercy gazed over the Chosen, slowly and with an intense energy that could be felt by each and every one of them. “Yet I see even the purest words did little to quench the darkness lingering in some hearts.”

It was Jane and Abaddon who drew her attention as she said this.

Haamiah pressed her hands together, as if in prayer. “All blame is to be mine, Mother. Had I sung with more harmony, soothed their hearts…”

Mother Mercy’s laugh rung out across the entire realm, as delicate and merry as bells. “Dear child, no chorus is perfect. Be still. These children are as they are meant to be, free of blemish. Such pain is born of great selflessness and sorrow. The two are linked in hand.”

“Jane, Abaddon, my children, do not let this claim your hearts. Sacrifices made, redemption sought; like stars in a clouded sky, though they may seem out of sight, your heart’s desires shall shine in time. If only you could see what I can, you would know the untapped greatness that lies in you. Have faith in yourselves."
The goddess spread her hands outwards beneath her veil in a welcoming gesture, "Know that nothing was wasted. Your final actions have left echos of change. I hope that this at least may grant you peace, one you may cherish in this new life I have granted you."

She turned to address the group in full, though spared a pointed glance at Leon when she next spoke. “Chosen Ones, by my power have I granted you divine redemption, your previous sins washed away within this holy lake. Your potential lies in your actions, your future in your hands. Keep along the road of virtue, or stumble back upon the path of past deeds. While I am a goddess, I will not urge you in either direction. Your will is free, your fate unset.”

She lifted a hand, and each of the Chosen could feel a burning sensation on their right palm. The symbol of a golden eye, much like those adorning the angels, flashed upon their skin, shining even through armour and cloth. It lasted but a heartbeat, before fading away. "I give you this boon. Although my wish is to allow you to freely enjoy this new life, it would pain my heart to set you loose without any guidance. Should you find yourself lost, or lacking in hope, pray to me. Speak my name and I will hear you. In addition, through this mark you may find a celestial map of your new home, Aegisea. Simply will it in your mind, and it will appear to you."
eye symbol.jpg A symbol burned onto the palm of The Chosen's right hand. When out of use, it is completely invisible, and is only seen when making prayers to Mother Mercy or consulting the celestial map she gave them. This map spans across all of Aegisea and includes the names of the nations and their major cities. The map is made of golden light and is partially transparent. Only The Chosen may see it.
After she was done, she remained quiet and patiently awaited any response from her chosen. She examined them with a motherly gaze, both pride and calmness in her statue-like expression.

The three angels stood beside her, quiet now yet still responsive to any questions directed at them.


Somewhere In Between
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Handholder Portrait-modified.pngJane was trapped in her thoughts. It was suffocating. She almost wished that she could go back to that grasp of darkness. That peace.

Though other 'chosen' spoke freely around her, she felt like she wasn't even real. Was it so easy to accept these words? Without question? Without doubt? It felt like she was watching these people from outside her own body. In fact, were they even real? What were these things were talk about? Demons, business cards, and phones? She didn't understand, it just sounded like gibberish.

They do not act and sound like the humans from where I came from. Why are they not wearing masks...?

Jane then had a realization, throwing her hands over her face. Her cheeks felt burning. She felt utter shame for revealing the most vulnerable part of her. It was unsightly. It was unbecoming. How barbaric. How could it slip her mind? In her attempts to cover up her face, leaving a portion of it to be blocked by the cracked pale mask, Jane hardly look up at the 'great mother' when the goddess descended. Regardless, her eyes shone with doubt. Her heart felt swayed and fluttered by the divinity, but her mind was more stubborn. She was hardly convinced. She has heard the sweet promises and false prophecies of beings claiming to be divine of nature before.

However, these words, while similarly vague and well-meaning, were not laced with the desire like the deceivers of the past.

This fact made her listen more earnestly to the Mother, trying to figure out the truth. If this truly was a second life, in a new reality, then it would make sense that her ability to connect to the PP would have waned. Labyrinth Worlds were not able to resist alerted scrutiny by a Maegus. A new reality sounds impossible. But all things sound impossible until they are done. Then it struck her another possibility. That, perhaps what she can do now... what little she can muster, will eventually fade too.

Then, what would be left of 'Jane'? Would she revert back to A50//J4N3, the insignificant nameless drone whose only purpose was to do what they were told?
Mother Mercy spoke of second chances, but Jane was not so hopeful. She held onto hope for so long, thinking perhaps there was a way. But it was in 'human' nature to sin.

Jane cared not for boons or gifts from beings that she still did not yet trust. She almost looked through the slits of her finger-mask at the golden marking with disgust.
While she gazed at the symbol of a raised hand, that was when she noticed another. Who, like her, seemed to reject this reality.

Tears... I wonder... are you real? Or is this a deception by this motherly entity...

Jane slowly picked herself up and walked over to this unknown man. This one carried with them a weight that felt even heavier than the case that dragged behind her. Entities were only able to copy. They cannot emote naturally. Is this the trickery used to fool her into believing a false truth, or was it just a confusing truth she has yet to comprehend. She needed to know.

"Have you lost someone dear as well...?" Jane said, her voice muffled behind the hand. Fluffykitty9000 Fluffykitty9000

She then reached out, hoping to feel them. To test how real they were.

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Tyberius Kras

Kras nodded slightly trying to grasp what any of the words Teruko was saying meant yet somewhat understood that they related to a business that likely didn't mean much in this new place they were in. When offered a copy of the card Kras simply shook his head, "Thank you, but no thank you, I've already memorized the content of the cards, it'd be best to hand them to the others." Kras added as he moved his sights elsewhere, his eyes fixated on one who seemed filled with dread and tired of their own existence, Kras had the instinct to help yet stopped himself, understanding that his lack of knowledge could cause problems.

It was in that moment Kras felt a presence like he'd never felt before, an alien feeling sweeping within his body as the figure head of the entire thing arrived. Mother Mercy was her name, yet Kras had only the intention to call her Mercy. With her arrival so did a small searing sensation in his right palm, one familiar yet different. He wasn't sure what the symbol was, his palm covered with the metal of the gauntlet yet from the sensation alone he made a guess of it's appearance.

His sights turned once again to mother mercy slowly,
"Mercy, as of now I've not much to ask... but your angels claim that you are origin of all that is good and thus I come bearing a singular question born from curiosity: If the situation presented itself where telling the truth was more harmful than telling a lie would you lie?" Kras asked, aware of his surroundings yet unflinching.

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"I see, then this is a constructed fragment of spacetime separate from the natural plane of the universe, or universes." Aetius was familiar with engineered pocket dimensions though their knowledge was more theoretical than practical. A touch of professional indignation tinged their voice as they went on. "I was designed to analyse that which many had dismissed as beyond comprehension, as long as I am provided with sufficient data and adequate time to analyse it I am certain I will come to understand that which you are so quick to declare 'incomprehensible'."

Placidly watching the 'origin of all that is good and mother to us all' descend from on high Aetius observed the material covering her extremities curiously noting how mismatched it was with the rest of her and her seeming desire to hide them from sight. Registering the burning 'pain' in their own way they sensed their self-repair system inspect the area but find no sign of damage or new material despite the visible glowing shape.

"Intriguing." They murmured as they mentally summoned the map as instructed, dismissing it for the moment Aetius looked up at Mother Mercy. "You say you merely wish that we live freely yet this process appears rather elaborate for such a simple mandate, surely there is a more significant reason to assemble such a group and grant us further favours." Bringing up the map once more they gestured to various noted locations. "The presence of disparate nation states and distribution of settlements would appear to indicate one with a lower level of technological development than my world of origin and going by appearances that of many of the others present." They gestured to the mismatched clothing of the various Chosen. "If this is an act of charity it's recipients appear haphazardly chosen, if there is some method to our selection I would hear it."

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The first words from Mother Mercy had Sarah narrowing her eyes in suspicion. The mention of the twins indicated that the goddess had her eyes on Sarah for some time, but the question is just how long. Considering the dimensional barrier that had been around Ravenloft, it was unlikely that she had observed their sacrifice directly, but there had been a number of times that the swordswoman had talked about it with others that Mercy could have spied upon. As she kept listening to the deity’s words, she felt her anger grow again, her left hand holding the hilt of her sheathed sword in a white-knuckle grip. Thankfully she was able to keep control of herself and choose her words instead of just flying off the handle.

“Let me get this straight,” she slowly starts, her voice quieter than before but no less angry. “You are aware of my history, and thus had to know that I would have been alive and at home before the end of the day. And yet not only did you drag me here, it wasn’t even for some mission to slay evil, something I could have understood and dealt with. No, instead you claim it's just to give us a second chance at life, which I did not need.” Her voice started to rise in volume again. “Do you have any idea how unbelievably cruel what you did was to my family and I? Either you are not a deity for good like your minons claim, or you have ulterior motives for this that you are not explaining." Sarah wouldn't put it past a deity to do the latter, too many of them were in the habit of not explaining a damn thing to anyone, even when it would have been better for everyone involved if they would be direct.



Mother Mercy

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    The goddess who summoned you all here. Origin of all that is good and mother to us all
"Mercy, as of now I've not much to ask... but your angels claim that you are origin of all that is good and thus I come bearing a singular question born from curiosity: If the situation presented itself where telling the truth was more harmful than telling a lie would you lie?" Kras asked, aware of his surroundings yet unflinching.
The Mother Mercy tilted her head slightly, considering Tyberius' words. Wisps of her golden hair fell from under her hood, laying on a shoulder.

"How curious, to ask this out of all other questions. You remind me of another I once knew." She laughed softly, causing the realm's light to bloom for a moment, "Well, Tyberius, I shall answer with my heart. I have yet to find myself in such an instance where the truth harmed more than a lie. To come across such a situation would be indeed difficult, yet I do not believe I would have any reason to hide what is clear as day. It is my nature to speak truth, for that is all I can see."

“Let me get this straight,” she slowly starts, her voice quieter than before but no less angry. “You are aware of my history, and thus had to know that I would have been alive and at home before the end of the day. And yet not only did you drag me here, it wasn’t even for some mission to slay evil, something I could have understood and dealt with. No, instead you claim it's just to give us a second chance at life, which I did not need.” Her voice started to rise in volume again. Do you have any idea how unbelievably cruel what you did was to my family and I? Either you are not a deity for good like your minons claim, or you have ulterior motives for this that you are not explaining."
Mahanaim broke out into tears before Mother Mercy could say anything else. Haamiah winced. Salvatore seemed as impartial as ever.

Instead of immediately answering Sarah, Mother Mercy turned to Mahanaim and extended a cloaked hand towards them, touching their cheek from behind the cloth. "Be still, dear child. If a mortal is to have their grievances, I will hear them with an open heart."

The tears stopped and Mahanain covered themselves with their wings, huddling as if to hide shame. Or perhaps hide from the chosen. Their countless eyes still stared at them all, however, bright and blue and full of hurt.

Despite the hostile tone, Mother Mercy only reciprocated with a voice as serene as ever, "Sweet warrior, I understand the source of your pain. Quench this anguish in your heart. Your family, your love, your legacy will endure and flourish. If you could see what I can, understand what would have happened to your soul without sanctification, to all those who you held dear, you would rejoice. Even mercy may seem to be cruelty if seen with clouded eyes. Lay your troubles at your feet and press onward into this precious new beginning with a heart full of good faith. One day, you will be reunited."

"You say you merely wish that we live freely yet this process appears rather elaborate for such a simple mandate, surely there is a more significant reason to assemble such a group and grant us further favours." Bringing up the map once more they gestured to various noted locations. "The presence of disparate nation states and distribution of settlements would appear to indicate one with a lower level of technological development than my world of origin and going by appearances that of many of the others present." They gestured to the mismatched clothing of the various Chosen. "If this is an act of charity it's recipients appear haphazardly chosen, if there is some method to our selection I would hear it."

For once, the porcelain face of the goddess began to show signs of wear. Her eyes looked saddened, her lips pursed together in a look of pain.

Mother Mercy let out a sigh, one full of weariness, "If you wish to know, within each of you is a seed of potential. Destiny unravels in your path, like fabric before a blade. Precious few beings are capable of this, which often may only manifest mere moments from death." She clasped her hands together, "Once, there were others like you, given a great task by the gods. It only grew contempt in their hearts and innocents paid dearly for it. I refuse to cause such suffering to my chosen ones. If you were to follow your heart, do only what is true to your nature, that is enough. What are good deeds, if commanded of one by a goddess?"

The lake below the goddess shivered, casting out rippled waves in all directions. They lapped the distant shores, making the trees sigh in invisible wind. Then all was still and calm once more.

Mother Mercy looked down at the reflection below her. "Your purpose here shall be revealed to you in time, for it is only you who shall make it manifest...you who shall decide its form."

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"I see... Goodbye, then." Once the towering Tyberius took his leave, Teruko was alone once again. She didn't mind; few of the others seemed approachable in the slightest. Instead, the businesswoman refocused on the angels that kindly pulled them into the afterlife. Some things didn't change, and that included Teruko's preference not to socialize, but to listen to her superiors' words and follow them like a mindless drone. Here, she rationalized that there was no sense of direction for them other than the angels.

Speaking of which, a more humanoid figure descended from above—anyone with half a brain would realize this was the Mother Mercy that the angels mentioned earlier. For a few seconds Teruko felt like she was watching one of those fantasy anime back home. What snapped her out was the burning sensation on her right palm, making Teruko wince and clutch the area of burning. She forced down any exclamation of discomfort, though, quieting herself. "Tattoos hurt just as much as they said..." she muttered to herself. The woman observed the glowing eye intently. And Aegisea? This really was like one of those mangas...

Even as she fell lost in thought, the others' words did not go unheard from Teruko. One in particular, Sarah, was very vocal of her displeasure for admittedly understandable reasons. A few others seemed a lot more distressed at their deaths, and though Teruko was elated earlier at the news of a second life, she couldn't help but have her heart sink as she watched them go through the distress. If her fairy, Sundae, was here, she would flown right over to comfort their tears. As for now, Teruko only stood afar to think, It.. may be best to leave them alone...

It was only when something floated in the corner of her eye did Teruko perk up, eyes widening. It was a pink-white blob of fluffiness, and in that moment, it seemed to notice her as well.

"TERUKO!!!" Any moment of denial that Teruko might have had fell through the moment that the pink ferret creature flew into her in its panicked state. Her smile was bittersweet; they even brought Sundae here. "Teruko! Teruko!" it cried. Feeling its soft fur meant that Sundae also died then, and was also brought here by Mother Mercy. Was Teruko not supposed to live a normal life like she thought? However, she couldn't deny the small comfort in having the familiar creature back in her hands. "What happened? How are we—where are we—what did—"

Tracy killed all of us. The damned powers you gave me was what did us in. Teruko sighed, then pointing to the angels and Mother Mercy herself. "They pulled us into this realm, Aegisea, they said." Sundae's large eyes kept their glare on the powerful figures. The businesswoman never understood what went through its mind; if it sensed the power beholding them or not. With a glance at the other people, Sundae seemed to understand their predicament.

"Sundae, can you still connect to the..." Teruko coughed. "The Candied Swirl realm...?" The name of Sundae's home world still made her wince.

Floating up to eye level, Sundae shook her head—more so shaking her entire body to do so. "That was the first thing I tried..." The ferret cast its gaze yet again on the others brought here, this time with a hint of empathy.

Teruko noticed this; it wasn't the first time her fairy acted as such. She knew what it heralded, too. "Sundae..." Her lip went under her teeth. "I think our focus should be on getting home fir—"

"Teruko..." Sundae rested in the air as a cat would on the floor. It was easy for the fairy's companion to forget that the ferret was once a person, herself. This moment was one of the few that would remind her of that fact. "The job of a Magical Girl is the same, no matter where they are. Candied Swirl could not exist in the first place, if not for the happiness of their citizens." Sundae's body curled as to meet eyes with Teruko. "It's our duty to ensure their happiness."

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