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Fantasy Raven Guild Armory

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Welcome to Kolan and the Guild Wars!


Raven Armory


A Freckled Encounter
Raven Guild Armory

Here You'll Keep Track of Equipment

For now You will be responsible of adding your new equipment to your Armory and Informing Me, Soma or Paul when you do so.

  • If We ask for you to make changes and you do not do so your Equipment will simply no longer exist and anything having to do with it in the rp will be ignored until its changed
if this keeps happening I will post your armory and will keep track of it. Your previous Armory post will be invalid
  • If You Ignore what is put and go on using your weapon with the same unapproved abilities you will be Kicked from the Rp and your Slot in the guild will be free for anyone else to claim.
  • If you change your armory and do not inform us multiple times I will post your Armory and Keep track of it. Your previous Armory post will be invalid

    If you rp and continue to rp with changes to your Equipment that I have not put up at all, and have not approved You will be banned.

How This Works:
You may use this code

Armory code
Name Armory

Armor/Weapon Name
Where they got it/ Where it's from

What the weapon is/made of

It's capable of ______

One could __________ to a human with this but _____________ to bring down an orc.
(So for this line you are just going to say how much damage it could do to a Human and an Orc. Everyone needs this line as a common factor when comparing weapons/weapon capabilities.

List Echaments if any, or say "No Enchantments"

Armor/Weapon Name
Where they got it/ Where it's from

What The armor is/made of

Its Capable of ________

Anything extra about the Armor

List Echaments if any, or say "No Enchantments"

[comment][font=Oldenburg]keep this[/font]
[font=Macondo]To make fonts work[/font][/comment]
// Forward slashes are comments
and do no show up in the final design,
these are to help you find everything easily
and explain some code as well.
These comments must be with in a class or script tags
in order to be hidden, from what I know//

// Long URls are images
# followed by letter and numbers are Hex codes
or color codes, 
the only colors that are NAMED 
and do not use hex codes
 are White, black and Silver//

// This code does not show breaks unless is shows the [br][/br] code
When typing responses to rps, be aware that when you press enter
it will not show that you did. 
You'll have to use the [br][/br] tags
or you may copy and paste: [br][/br][br][/br]
after each time you want to show a paragraph break
you'll only need it one [br][/br]
if you only what to start at the next line//

display: flex;
flex-direction: row;
justify-content: space-between;

//allows the title ends to work//

flex-grow: 2;
border-bottom: solid 3px #102f7e;
border-top: solid 3px #102f7e;
background-color: #102f7e;
color: silver;
font-size: 25px;
text-transform: uppercase;

//the big fancy title//

border-top: 1px SOLID silver;
border-bottom: 1px SOLID silver;
border-left: 1px SOLID silver;
margin:5px 0px 5px 5px;

//the little borders inside the title//

border-bottom: solid 35px #102f7e;
border-top: solid 35px #102f7e;
border-right: solid 35px transparent;
border-left: solid 20px #102f7e;
//the right triangles to make it look like a ribbon//

background-color:rgb( 238,198,118);
border: 3px Solid #321000;
color: black;
padding: 5px;

//Background color and border//
//Also sets teh text color and font//

border: 1px Solid #772500;
padding: 3px;

//one of the lines for the inner border//

border: 1px Solid #772500;
padding: 10px;

//one of the lines for the inner border//


//The header for the weapon/armor Armor/Weapon Name //

border-bottom:2px SOLID #772500;
border-top:2px SOLID #772500;
padding:3px 0px 3px 0px;

//borders for the "Where they got it/ Where it's from"//


//Alignment and spacing for the LVL #//

margin-right: 10px;
border-right: 2px SOLID #321000;
border-Bottom: 2px SOLID #321000;
border-left: 2px SOLID  #772500;
border-top: 2px SOLID  #772500;

//Border and spacing for the Picture//

[div class=TitleContainer]
[div class=Title ][div class=Tborder]Name Armory
[div class=Ribbon][/div]
[div class=ArmBG]
[Div class=ArmBord]
[Div class=ArmBord2]
[div class=ArmHead]
Armor/Weapon Name
[div class=Specs]
Where they got it/ Where it's from
[div class=ArmLVL]
[div class=Pic]
What the weapon is/made of[br][/br]
It's capable of ______ [br][/br]
One could __________ to a human with this but _____________ to bring down an orc.[br][/br]
 (So for this line you are just going  to say how much damage it could do to a Human and an Orc. Everyone needs this line as a common factor when comparing weapons/weapon capabilities.[br][/br]
List Echaments if any, or say "No Enchantments"[br][/br]


[div class=ArmBG]
[Div class=ArmBord]
[Div class=ArmBord2]
[div class=ArmHead]
Armor/Weapon Name
[div class=Specs]
Where they got it/ Where it's from
[div class=ArmLVL]
[div class=Pic]
What The armor is/made of [br][/br]
Its Capable of ________ [br][/br]
Anything extra about the Armor[br][/br]
List Echaments if any, or say "No Enchantments"[br][/br]

or create a description of the same caliber using My Armory as an example.
  • You only need to post once and when you get new gear, just edit it into your post and Inform Me, Soma, or Paul of the change.
  • I will be checking this every once in a while for changes in case you simply forgot to tell us and it was an honest mistake.
  • Old Equipment not in use can just be put into a Spoiler or Accordion to keep post short


Its so that we can keep track of how strong everyone gets and make sure we all understand the capabilities of our weapons. Its also to keep from using Dice and make things simpler. We wanted to make upgrading your equipment a bigger part of the Rp than usual since it will determine how quests go.

Such as if your Axe with a wooded Handle catches on fire, the handle will break. but if your Armory says its fireproof, or fire resistant then it won't break and everyone will see that this was already established and not just something you made up to save your skin or to just keep from losing a fight.

Please put any questions in the [ OOC ]

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Calla's Armory


A Freckled Encounter
Calla's Armory

Crystal Blade
Hand crafted with crystal magic

A crystal long sword with old Faerie runes on them from that glow when the blade is charged with magic.

The blade is a little light but magic can be channeled through the blade.

One could slash through a human but may take a few tries to slice through orc flesh

Fire Charge enchantment. Blade ca be charged with Fire magic to become flaming and deal more damage.

Crystal Staff
Bought from the Capital Market in Kolan

A Staff made with Dark Steel and crystals from Dracoviran's volcanoes.

The staff is light enough to carry easily a d magic can be channeled through the crystal.

One could stab through a human with the point but may take a few tries to slice through orc flesh

Dead Rise enchantment, the staff can be charged with necromatic energy to control a high range of the dead or bind corpses to crystal enchancements.

Prussian Blue Leather
Bought from the Prussian market place.

A tunic with leather padding paired with a thick cloak. Leather boots cover most of the pants and a woven long sleeved shirt is worn under along with a a belt for holding items and her sword

Capable of absorbing attacks but a sword could pierce the leather after a few swings

Its kinda light weight and is covered in simple elegant designs. The cloak is a little heavy for a cloak.

Fireproof Enchantment; Cloak has Invisibility enchantment

In Storage

Blue Rose Armor
Bought from the Ninivan market place.

A tunic with a leather patch over the chest paired with a cloak. Leather boots cover most of the pants and Leather gloves are paired with small bracers around he wrist.

Capable of absorbing attacks but a sword could pierce the leather.

Its relatively light weight and is covered in simple elegant designs, comes with two belts for pouches and weapon's storage.

Fireproof Enchantment

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Roland's Armory


Expert Lurker
Roland's Armory

Crafted together with a friend


Created using a mixture of elven and dwarven steel that was taken from the market. It appears to look metallic but doesn't seem to glint off the light, making it useful for stealth.

The bow of is heavy and needs a lot of force to be drawn; hence why most who have little physical strength don't dare try to test the bow out.

Custom fitted to himself, he's able to draw out the bow to its maximum draw weight with ease. it's capable of piercing through leather armor. Maybe even stick into orc flesh when drawn to maximum draw weight but wouldn't do much damage otherwise. However, it also depends on the arrows that are used. The usual arrows that are used are steel-tipped arrows, but his quiver can be mixed up with arrows made on the fly.

No Enchantments

Farewell gift from a friend


It is made out of elven steel. They are around a foot in length and are focused mainly on swift and confusing attacks.

Great at wounding when it comes to slashing, but can also be used to stab if faced with armored opponents.

Can easily slice through human flesh, but would take a few more hits to slice through orc flesh.

No Enchantments

Scout Armor
Bought from local craftsman


Mainly composed of leather and cloth though padded on the chest, forearm and lower limbs to absorb some damage but a blade can easily pierce through it. The gloves are custom made for an archer.

It is light, allowing the user to sneak around with ease, and is rather flexible - allowing the user to move without hindrance. It offers minimal protection against stabs but is capable of absorbing some damage from blunt attacks.

Muffle enchantment - boosts the wearer's ability to sneak around and to 'blend in' with the shadows.

Durability enchantment - magic that allows for the chest armor to be able to take in slashes and stabs and be able to protect the wearer but will still break under immense pressure or multiple stabs to the same spot.
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Henry's Armory


Disciple of Flame
Henry Sask's Armory

Noble Garments:

Elegant tunic and trouser combination made of silk and cotton. It is raven black in color with gold and silver stitched into the lining of suit. Offers no enchantments other than making him seem like someone important and influential.

Coat Doublet:

The over piece that compliments his Noble Garments. It seems like something of a cross between a doublet and a trench coat. It is made of the same colors and material, reaching down past his thighs. Being 6'4, this would look huge on people of average height. No enchantments

Sun-warding Cloak:

In his years of travel, Henry finally managed to acquire a dark cloak that fit him, covering his whole body amicably. It has a strong enchantment to ward off the harmful rays of the sun from his undead person. The cloak seems a bit worn, which is in contrast to his rather elegant appearance.

Steel Gauntlets:

As the name suggests, Henry possesses vembraces made of steel with no enchantments. While he has them, it is very rare for him to use them. He only puts on actual armor when he feels like his own abilities wont be enough to tackle an incoming threat. But he has yet to face a foe he could not defeat or run away from. Fleeing holds no shame for the man.

Steel Greaves:

Same the vembraces.

Fangs & Claws:

As the name suggests, when things get up close and personal where his telekinesis has somehow failed him, Henry has no qualms getting his hands bloody. His vampiric body gives him a substantial boost to most of his physical traits such as strength, speed, senses, etc. This coupled with his years of training and experience has served him well over centuries.

The strongest parts of him are his teeth and fangs. While specific and he needs go get in real close to use them effectively, they are hard enough to have never broken in the past and sharp enough to pierce even orc flesh with some effort. His teeth specifically can punch through an orc's neck with little to no problems....assuming he can get that close to a pissed off, unwounded, healthy orc without wearing them down first or binding them.
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Arleth's Armory

Roleplay Skittle

Eternally Awkward
Arleth's Armory

Vestments of the Shadow Walker
Quest reward from the citizens of Shnardlepuf


Lightweight equipment that allows for excellent mobility. This gear is comprised primarily of cloth with leather reinforcement across the chest and on the arms.

Not very formidable on its own as armor.

Iron Skin Enchantment - Her armor is tougher than it initially appears to be and is more capable of reducing the damage dealt by any sort of attack. Piercing and slashing blows are less likely to pierce through the armor.

Shadow Step Enchantment – Allows for the use of shadows as doorways enabling the wearer to virtually teleport as long as shadows are around. Wearer must be able to see their target shadow from their starting shadow. Shadows must be large enough for the traveler's body to fit through.

Illusionist's Mask
Commissioned by a crafter from Tbjorniar


This finally crafted mask is made of rare metal from Tbjorniar. The inside is layered with stretchy mesh that cushions the hard metal against the skin and also acts to hold the mask in place on the wearer's head.

It's capable of holding an illusion spell cast on it for up to four hours without the caster of the spell being anywhere nearby nor expending any extra power - as well as softening the blow of the majority of attacks.

Originally the mask is a luminescent silver in color though the enchantment placed on it caused it to turn white. Primarily the mask is used to change the appearance of the wearer's face and while it does little for the rest of the body, once enchanted it will move with the wearer's expressions and alter the sound of their voice. Use of this mask is not limited to Arleth.

"Man of Many Faces" Enchantment - Illusion magic can be cast on the mask and bound to it for up to four hours. When the time is up, the mask quickly begins to fade back to its original white color.

Vidarian Cloak
Reward for caravan escort through The Witch Lands


It is unknown what the cloak is actually made of. Some say it was woven by millions of tiny spiders that crafted it from their silk. Others say that a God tore it straight from the fabric of the night sky. Regardless of what it’s made of, the material is lightweight and incredibly durable. Little can be done to tear the cloak but it is not fire resistant.

The Vidarian Cloak is capable of suppressing the sounds of the wearer. The cloak is a normal cloak outside of its durability but when it is closed, the wearer’s footsteps lose their sound. Likewise, if the hood covers the wearer’s head, the sound of their breathing is swallowed and they lose their voice until the hood is again lowered.

While the cloak itself is incredibly resilient, it does little to soften any attacks on the wearer. It is not recommended for use as armor.

Silent Shadows Enchantment - The cloak absorbs the sounds of the wearer rendering them without.

Si Moraes Mys
Commissioned by her father from the High Elves of Legionatis


While there is nothing particularly extraordinary about the twin scimitars, they are expertly crafted with incredibly sturdy metal from Tbjorniar which in itself makes them easily coveted weapons.

These swords are sharp enough to easily cut through flesh of relatively any sort, though they are not indestructible and can easily break should their target prove to be too solid.

Aes and Tyl are the names of the blades individually, given to them by the High Elf that crafted them.

Timeless Enchantment - Protects the swords from the element of time. They do not rust or wear down and lose their edge but they can still be melted down and shattered, bent, or broken if placed in the circumstances where these things would happen to any ordinary weapon.

Uldyrlit Ing Kver Felmakia
A gift from her mother


While crafted by a deft hand, this dagger does not appear to be anything spectacular and in fact is rather ordinary in all regards.

It is not ideal for cutting through tough materials and instead seems to be designed for stabbing. It looks to be able to easily pierce through most soft substances.

There is a small griffin on the blade and the handle is wrapped in leather.

No Enchantments

*At first glance it was an ordinary blade but after the encounter with the Gloryceans, the circle in the pommel has filled with a gem made of blood, the color becoming more intense with each kill.

Blade Dancer Regalia
Purchased from a merchant in The Fae Kingdom


Minus all of the excess baubles, jewelry, and mask -- Arleth can be seen wearing this when she has a relaxing day planned or when she is certain she won't be going out on a quest that day.

This clothing has no enchantments or secrets to it. It is simply made of soft silken fabric that is light weight and perfect for lounging.

This outfit is not suitable for use as armor, though that might not necessarily stop Arleth from wearing it in combat during an emergency.


Belted Leather Armor
Bartered from a merchant in The Dark Lands


Made of soft leather of a medium thickness, this armor is form fitting and flexible.

On its own it is capable of softening the blow of blunt attacks and might slow piercing or slashing blows but likely do little to entirely halt them.

While the image of the armor shows a section missing over the breasts, Arleth's armor does not have that empty space and instead her armor covers all of her skin. She generally wears a black or other darkly hued blouse beneath it though the sleeves are the same style as the ones pictured. The decorative scarf at the hip would instead be black.

Iron Skin Enchantment - Her armor is tougher than it initially appears to be and is more capable of reducing the damage dealt by any sort of attack. Piercing and slashing blows are less likely to pierce through the armor.

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Helios's Armory


Silly artist

** Helios does use items to help, despite using his claws, horn, and teeth in a fight.**

Handmade by Helios

B3E0226F-AC59-408F-8F87-0855EDBD7A0C.jpeg They are small bombs that can fit in the pouch that’s hidden under his sash. The reason why they are called surprise bombs is because he doesn’t know which one is which, so he doesn’t know what will happen to the enemy. All he knows that it will either slightly burn someone or knock them out with sleeping gas.

No enchantments, it’s made with herbs.
Lvl. 1
Given by Grandpa Milo

D37C9B8A-B703-465D-80D1-213BC7424532.jpeg His grandpa shove this armor to Helios before he set off, making him cough from the dusty and odd ashy smell. Helios has a feeling that his grandfather doesn’t use this armor a lot and stored it away for a long time. It’ll still hurt to feel the slash from a sword, but stabbing would definitely be effective.

Enchantment: it’s surprisingly cooling, even in hot areas like his home.
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Parfa'a Armory


Haiku Hitman
- Parfa's Armory -

1. Wooden Bow [Lvl.1]
Enchantments: None​
Markings: Insignia of the Raven Guild​
Description: Has a firing range of 200 yards.​
Arrows in Quiver:​
1. x50 Iron tip | The arrows could pierce the skin of a human with this and an orc's too if they are unarmored and cause death through severe bleeding without medical aid to stop the flow of blood. Against leather or thick hide, a single arrow can't pierce deep enough to cause severe bleeding, but can stay stuck. Against metal it just ricochets off. The feathers are white streaked with a slash of red on the side.​

2. Hunting Knife [Lvl. 1]
Enchantments: None​
Markings: Wooden engravings of sheep.​
Description: Made of iron, it is a dagger that can stab through the skin of a human and an orc's if they are unarmored. Slashing doesn't cause deep enough cuts to end a fight quickly. Against leather or thick hide, slashing is ineffective, it has to be a straight strong stab with both paws to get through. Cannot stab through metal. Cannot be thrown.​
3. Skinning Knife [Lvl. 1]
Enchantments: None​
Markings: Wooden engravings of deer.​
Description: Made of iron, it is a fine thin chef's knife that can stab through the skin of a human and an orc's if they are unarmored. Slashing doesn't cause deep enough cuts to end a fight quickly. Ineffective against leather or thick hide. Cannot stab through metal. Cannot be thrown. Breaks easily when the flat end is bent with the force of a kick. It's not a knife forged for battle, rather for finely slipping between skin and meat, de-boning fish , and making clean cuts.​

1. Leather Armor [Lvl. 2]
Enchantments: Water-breathing that allows speech as though on land.​
Markings: Insignia of the Raven Guild, Runes of Water-breathing.​
Description: Light armor that doesn't hinder movement, and prevents arrows and light slashing weapons such as daggers from giving a quick death through severe bleeding.​

  1. Component Pouch | Filled with magical components Parfa's uses for exoteric magic and feathers in case she needs to flech some arrows.
  2. Smoked Bacon | Salted slab wrapped in aromatic leaves and cheesecloth.
  3. Grains | Pouch of seasoned rice grains, nuts, and dried fruit.
  4. Tea | Pouch of aromatic green tea leaves
  5. Spice Box | Has salt and dried herbs.
  6. Mess Kit | For cooking and eating.
  7. Sewing Kit | Waterproof. Has bandages, sutures and a curved needle for wounds, a bone carved comb, and a leather comb pouch that she's working on.
  8. Flint and Whetstone |For starting fires and sharpening blades
  9. Waterskin
  10. Oil lantern
  11. Silk Rope | 50 ft. Thin, about the thickness of a shoe string, but sturdy. It's made of giant spider silk from the Dark Lands.
  12. Tepee | Travel sized. Has a rolled up blanket.
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Name Armory

Dues Requiem
Ornate Pistols from the famed Gunsmiths of Tbjorniar

Given birth in the fires of the Tbjornair forges, the 'Dues Requiem' is a dual pistol set created from a combination of the rare 'MoonSteel', Soul dust and Sacred Oak Wood. Moonsteel is a metal fabled to be out of this earth and highly sought after for its light weight yet durable construct, though due to its rarity as well as temperament when being crafted, very few weapon-smiths have had the pleasure of utilising it. 'MoonSteel' within the recent century has been discovered to be a high conductor for Esoteric Magic and has thus become a sought after material for those wishing to procure a weapon of magical property. The main body of the gun as well as the inner workings of the gun are crafted from the Rare Moonsteel, though the inside of the barrels itself has had Soul dust incorporated into the forging process. The stock of the gun, is formed from the bark of the Sacred Oak tree's prevalent in the Elven homeland; Legionatis.

A gun created with the soul intention of requiring magic rather than gunpowder, the Dues Requiem is capable of channelling its wielders magic and in turn shaping that raw energy into bullets. The Dues Requeim in particular has a narrower barrel and thus uses smaller bullets which lack major damage output. Instead the Dues Requiem makes up for its lack of damage with its Rate of fire, the three barrels per gun allowing for rapid succession of bullet fire. Without 'solid mass' behind the bullet, the shots upon contact will scorch rather than pierce, of course this can reversed if magic that creates solid mass i.e. crystals is used instead.

One could roast or pincushion a human within minutes of continued fire with this but would require more force to bring down an orc. With hardened bullets in particular, a much denser projectile (thus more magic) is required to pierce the flesh, likewise stronger/denser magic is required to do any significan burn damage to them.

Enchantment of Cooling - An enchantment placed upon both guns that helps disperse any heat that builds up on the weapon.

Valefiore Regalia
The House of Valefiore

Various high quality fabric reserved for the upper class society. Created with the intention of making its wearer look regal and of importance, the Valefiore Regalia is a standard dress garb with no real offensive or defensive benefits to combat. The only addition to the attire is a gun holster that Azael wears around his chest, with the Dues Requiem holsted underneath each armpit as well as the leather black coat that he wears over the suit. The leather coat offers minimal resistance to attacks.

The Valefiore attire allows for freedom of movement, being generally unrestricted around the wearers body.

This attire was not generally designed for combat and was merely tailored to make the wearer appear Regal and imposing.

Enchantment of Blending - An enchantment that reacts with Azael's ability to blend into his surrounding


Ten Thousand Club
Maria's Armory

Spell Sword
She got it as a gift from her master, which was "givien" to him by a fae.

Sword Made from steel which surrounds a glowing rare crystal.

The crystal inside the sword is capable of holding magic spells. One does not have to be well versed in magic to use it. All it takes is energy and esoteric magic. The more esoteric magic you have the less energy you have to use.

It can slash to human skin but may take a few tries with orc skin.

Right now the sword currently has a Barrer Spell which can create big or small barriers.

She bought it.

The armor is made of metal

It's just typical armor doesn't do anything special.

No Enchantments


Clausewitz Halcyon

Eternal Senselessness
Yuuka's Armory

A wicked focus crafted in the Witch Lands in exchange for knowledge

Made of the enchanted thorns of a Sanguine Rose (a valuable natural artifact), given power by natural elemental energy and enchanted with the soul fragment of a powerful shifter.

It's capable of focusing the latent natural energy around an area and specifying its use. This would allow it to extend itself like a vine, give it the strength of an actual sword, or simply amplify the power of a caster's esoteric nature magic. Though carefully crafted, it is still rather inefficient in the translation, so it might be better to simply focus the energy into the caster.

One could maim to a human with this, assuming there was enough vegetation around. However, the same amount of energy would only wound an orc. If this was in an area with much vegetation and natural energy, such as a nature elemental's lair of summoned plants, this could easily kill a human in one 'attack' and bring down an orc in three 'attacks'.

Natural Focus: This staff can focus latent natural energy to transform it into similar esoteric usage, however it is very inefficient right now.
Natural Esoform: This staff can use natural energy in a capacity of its user. Still, the conduit itself is quite inefficient, and the user is still limited in their capacity to send raw energy outside of a 'lair' or specific area with many summoned plants that send esoteric energy.

Unwithering Flower
The material was bought from an expensive nobleman's designer, but the enchantments were made by hand using the second hand knowledge from the library in Niniva. Runes etched into the handle allow it to turn esoteric natural energy into generalized energy and offer general protection.

The handle is made of enchanted steel, and the fabric is made of a strange oddity the nobles like called 'nylon' coated with some other chemical. She finds it fascinating how resistant the material is to water and light.

The parasol itself has one particular feature: the ability to turn natural esoteric energy into a modicum for variable use, including the very exoteric possibility of a beam of energy, similar to what esoteric energy elementals might do. The runes are extremely inefficient and almost faulty to what 'correct' might be, but who would dabble in such trifling nonsense?

One could, assuming the magic was done correctly, burn a hole completely through a human with this. It seriously burn an orc with the same amount of energy. It should be stated that even getting this right would be a feat worthy of celebration for any nonhuman/shifter.

Transformative Focus: Complicated runes line the sides of the handle, allowing for natural energy to transform into general energy as energy elementals might use, however the much more doable usage is to transform it into exoteric energy. While a user is not 'casting' exoteric magic, they must emulate it, and do all the actions and calculations one might for exoteric magic for the transformer to work. This requires one to have a mathematical knowledge over their own magic that most esoteric users do not have. This makes the weapon extremely difficult to use. The runes are also somewhat faulty and have no corrective measures, meaning one has to be exactly correct to get any use out of the staff
Basic Durability: All nobles make sure their tools will not break easily, and so etched into the material are basic durability runes. This will not stand up to more than a single powerful sword strike, so it shouldn't be counted upon.

Maestra's Dress
Self-made, guess who'd call themselves a maestra?

A mixture of fabric of animals and natural energy.

Being made partially of natural energy and plant cells, Yuuka can cause her clothes to have a shimmering effect, or do any number of small dramatics with it. It can also harden into the stability of wooden plates, or have a sheen of wax to defend against water or fire, but such things must be powered by natural energy.

Aspect of Flowers: The clothes themselves are partially natural energy and cells directly from Yuuka, allowing them to act as an extension of the user, assuming they can use natural energy and are Yuuka.


Magic Eight Ball
Lir's Armory

The Sister's needle
When Lir was brought to live amongst his true people from the human realm, he was gifted his Mother's spear. He was told she formed it and blessed it herself, however noone knows its functions save her.

Formed of Fae crystal by a master

It's capable of facing off against metal without shattering, and easily stabbing through chainmail.

One could run through an unarmored human with this but an orc would surely be too thick even without their armor. Its edge is sharp to the molecule. Definitely made for stabbing, not slicing.

It's full potential is still unknown to Lir, however he has learned he can summon the spear to his hand at any time. It must be linked to his mother's energy which lives in him. Can also be repaired easily by a Fae through crystal forming magic should it break.

Mage's glaive
Lir commissioned a blacksmith to custom make this weapon when he was young training with his humanparents whom adopted him.

Tempered steel, very thick

Certainly capable of denting most thin metal armor, and even larger opponents are going to feel the repruccussions of a direct attack due to its hefty design.

No Enchantments

Lir's Leathers
This armor was crafted for Lir by Fae leatherworkers and is specially suited for flighted combat and has two holes in the back for Lir's wings, though he has never spread them.


It's capable of blocking slices from most smaller arms, longswords and such, but axes and maces it has little protection against.

It's enchantments grant it near weightlessness.
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