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Fantasy Kolan's Ranking Board

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Welcome to Kolan and the Guild Wars!


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A Freckled Encounter
Guild Ranks

The Wolf Guild

678 Points
3 Quests completed
S - 0
A - 1
B - 1
C - 0
D - 1

Leader: Jayson Velian
Members: 8
Status: New
Funds: 5,160G
Friendly, Imp Slayers, Theater lovers, Geese Tamers

The Raven Guild

1631 Points
6 Quests completed
S - 0
A - 3
B - 2
C - 1
D - 0

Leader: Calla Rose
Members: 10
Status: New
Funds: 6,875
Friendly, Nocturnal, Monster Tamers, Matchmakers, criminal rehabilitators
Fae Kingdom: Positive Acquaintances
Tybjornar: Positive Acquaintances
Kolan Allies:
Prussia: Positive Acquaintances
Shnardlepuf: Positive Acquaintances

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A Freckled Encounter
Please do not respond to this. The only responses here will be to alert of updates. This is where the guild's rank, points, etc will be posted, and the public of Kolan may know this information as well.

Questions go in the OOC
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