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Fantasy The Quest Book

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Welcome to Kolan and the Guild Wars!


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Quest Book


A Freckled Encounter
Quest Book

The Quest Book is where you can chose what quest you would like the guild to do. This can be discussed/announced in the OOC or (and I'll take suggestions on how to do this) create a voting system

The Quest book is magically tied, meaning every copy of this book will show the same thing. Where it has been changed in one copy, it will in all the others. Both Guilds have one copy and so does the King of Kolan and the Royal Guild Overseer (a recently made position)


You may only claim a quest if your guild will pursue soon
You cannot claim a quest when there is no one available in the guild to take on a new quest.
You cannot get points for an unfinished quest
Sometimes you may get more points/reward or less points/rewards depending on how the quest actually goes

S - Difficult to complete, high skill level required, will give 500+ points

A - Tough to complete, above average skill level required, will give 300-400 points

B - Average to complete, average skill level required, will give 200-300 points

C - Simple to complete, some skill level required, will give 100-200 points

D - Effortless to complete, no skill level required, will give 50-100 points

Open Quests:
Available: 5

Available: 3

Available: 5

Available: 5

Available: 2

Please do not post in this thread, this is just for Quests to be posted.

Quest suggestions and questions go in the OOC

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A Freckled Encounter

Wild Goose Chase
Rank D | 75 points | Submitted by Old Man Genkens
A old farmer begs for some one to retrieve his live stock that have been set free by hooligans.

Genkins lives on the island of Kis’le. It’s a two day journey by boat. His livestock is a rare species of rather large Geese.

Return all 10 geese to Genkins and he’ll reward you kindly.

Reward: Geese eggsx12; 10 gold per member; free lodging

A Fair Trade
Rank D | 80 points | Submitted by Deralek Darna
A merchant suspects his goods are being stolen by his usual couriers. Under the guise of being guards against bandits and pirates. He wants someone to investigate the thefts.

Deralek’s ship is in the Capital of Kolan and his goods are being sent to a shop in Arlianea and will be bringing his payment back to him as well. The thieves should be captured and shown to him before being put in jail.

Find those behind the thefts and guard the goods to and from Arlainea.

Reward: 10 yards of fine silk; 30 gold per member; A deal

Bounty: The Hobo Thief
Rank A | 313 points | Submitted by The Kolan Guard
There's a bounty out for the arrest of The Little Hobo, a thief gaining a reputation in the Capital of Kolan

She may only ever steal food and occasionally valuables but the Government wants her behind bars, or to at least return the valuables. Rumors say she stays in the trash heaps of buildings.

Capture this low class, homeless thief and bring her to justice

Reward: Weapons Upgrade; 100 gold per member; add good reputation

Night at the Museum
Rank C | 150 points | Submitted by The Prussian Museum Curator
A display of ancient weapons and armor is coming to the Prussian Museum of History. One display needs more security than others.

The Golden Armor of Vaticio is a prized possession of the Dwarven presidency and is on loan to the Prussian Museum for their Ancient War display. The Curator would like to hire extra guards for the last two nights of the display due to recent break in attempts.

Capture any thieves and keep all the Artifacts safe from harm

Reward: Armor Upgrade; 200 gold per member; Good standing with Tybjornar and Prussia

A Kraken the Ship
Rank B | 270 points | Submitted by Phineas Odiare
The Odaire family in Kolan wants to bring their relatives from Hybridios to their new house in Ra'Kel, but rumors say there's a terrible beast in the waters

The trip will be long and the ship is small but the Odaires wants to make absolute sure their relatives will be safe during travel. The beast is rumored to be a 50ft Kraken and has taken down many ships before.

Find and safely bring the Odaire relatives from Hybridios to the Island of Ra'Kel

Reward: A patron deal; 300 gold per member; add good reputation
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A Freckled Encounter
Missing Persons: Hera Vondonia
Rank B | 290 points | Submitted by Latica Vondonia
A vampire child has been lost and the Vondonias beg for someone to retrieve them, though they cannot offer much in terms of money but can put in a good word with a blacksmith friend.

The young Hera Vondonia has last been spotted in Shardlepuff, though some rumors place her on the Dracoviran shore. How a child could get there is beyond anybody.

Find and bring home Hera Vondonia to her family so they all may return to the Dark Lands together.

Reward: Weapon/Armor Upgrade; 100 gold per member; add Good Reputation

Cursed Doll
Rank A | 310points | Submitted by Cor'va Rhodes
A fae living on the coast of the kingdom has come in possession of a rather freaky Doll and cannot seem to get rid of it.

The doll is made of ceramic and looks like any other doll, it doesn't even look creepy, but it moves when you aren't looking and causes crazy things to happen. Cor'va just wants it gone but smashing it doesn't even work. She's hoping a guild of people can figure it out since no one else seems to want to get near her house.

Get rid of that doll at all costs

Reward: A jar of Soul Dust; 250 gold per member; add some good standing with the Fae Kingdom

Bounty: Rouge Nymph
Rank A | 360 points | Submitted by The Kolan Guard
There's a bounty out for the arrest of Valia, a water Nymph terrorizing any vessel traveling around Kis'le and Ottomat

Many ships sail and do not return in those waters, even fisherwomen near the shore are not safe. People say the Nymph is angry, some say its just a delinquent, others just want the problem fixed!

Find and bring the Nymph to either Kis'le authority or Ottomat Police.

Reward: Food supply deal; 200 gold per member; add good standing with Kis'le and Ottomat people

Refugees: Orsinium Earth Teritory
Rank S | 520 points | Submitted by Halian Cho of the Earth territory
Many outcasts from the Earth territory's main city seek passage to Kolan, however Orcs have set up colonies all over the border and patrol it constantly.

A message has been sent out asking for aid and passage to the island country to escape the Orcs and the scorching desert. The waters surrounding the Tybjornar Water states have dwarf ships constantly on look out and a couple Crystal Golems of the Fae king rest near the Earth territory as well.

Enter the territory, find the refugees and bring them to Kolan safely.

Reward: A ship; 400 gold per member; add good reputation; good standing with the native earth elementals

Crazy Town
Rank S | 500 points | Submitted by the Mayor of M'kultra
A small town in Wyrm is experiencing strange occurrences. people levitating randomly, mutations

Rumors say its a curse upon that town from a Wizard, others believe its the small potion work house secretly testing on villagers, other say it may be an imbalance of magic within the people and they should repent and appease the gods.

Find out what's going on and fix M'kultra

Reward: 2 Enchantments per member; 500 gold per member; add good reputation
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A Freckled Encounter
Exotic Appetites
Rank B - 250 points - Submitted by EEdes Authorities @PaulHaynek
There's been reported disappearances of those south of the main town in EEdes.

Several missing persons have been reported in the area but local authorities are confounded by lack of evidence. They ask the masses for assistance and information regarding the disappearances.

Investigate the area and find out what's going on.

Reward: 150 gold per member; Crates of food supplies; Good standing with EEdes

Herbal Medicine
Rank C - 117 points - Submitted by Darren @PaulHaynek
"Greetings, guild people! I am Darren and I am a proud progressive, a person who sees beyond traditions to embrace clearly beneficial things for society. Right now I am trying to get the local apothecaries to adopt an anesthetic called 'Huwana'. It is cheap to produce and pretty harmless with very little side effects. Come meet me in Merilee so we can discuss this further."

Help locals adopt Huwana

Reward: 100 gold per member; HuwanaX1 per member;

The Sky is the Limit
Rank B - 235 points - Submitted by Local Inventor @PaulHaynek
"To anyone willing to lend a hand, you can find me on the edge of Dracoviran. I'm working on a flying contraption that someone commissioned me to do and I need assistance even just a tiny bit. Like helping me gather materials or just plain helping out. Thank you for reading."

Assist in creating the flying machine

Reward: 75 gold per member; all the Scrap Metal you can carry to sell/use

Alike in Dignity
Rank A - 325 points - Submitted by Darren @PaulHaynek
" I am Lady Natasha, or Lady Nat, of a house in Orsinium that I shall not disclose due to confidentiality. However, my house is being trampled by another house who has been hounding my family since forever. I ask for help in this matter and rest assured that my family will compensate you generously for your help. There is a watchtower in Falio and that is where I shall meet you."

Help Lady Nat

Reward: 400 gold per member; Armor upgrade X1/member; Weapons upgradeX1/member
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A Freckled Encounter
It's Alive!
Rank B - 291 points - Submitted by Dr. Kan'rf @SadSnake
Scientists plead of raid in subdue one of their creations, a doll that has come to life in an enchanting mishap.

The Doll has escaped and is carrying out threats at near by villages and is causing mayhem, the researchers ask for the Doll to be stopped and brought back to them.

Go to Skai, Find and Subdue the doll and return in to its accidental creators

Reward: Experimental Potions X1/member; Weapon upgrades; 50 gold/member

Collection Day
Rank B | 287 points | Submitted by Gill Hite @SadSnake
the Arlainean Island Bank needs help collecting payments from citizens that have missed for far to long.

Collector Gill Hite asks for the guild's help to search the island quickly for the debtors and kindly ask for the banks payment

A concerned banker asks for the guild's help to contact some clients who missed a few payments.

Reward: 500 gold/member; add Bad Reputation

Musical Proposition
Rank C | 119 points | Submitted by Lorna Feilds - Requirements: Full Guild Participation @SadSnake
The Concert Hall of Crysalie has promised foreign musicians to help celebrate the election of a new Fae council member but their original musicians are out sick.

The Owner of the Concert hall asks for a replacement and has put ads everywhere even in this Quest Book and is desperate for talent.

Rock out in one of the most critically acclaimed centers of music and gain favor with the council.

Reward: 100 Gold/member; Good standing with the Fae Kingdom; add Good Musical Reputation

Missing Persons: Marielle Donna
Rank A | 313 points | Submitted by Billiam Spaere @SadSnake
The actress Marielle has been deemed missing and her fan club demands her to be found.

The great actress in all the Billiam Spaere plays has not been seen for months and is causing concern in the Theatre world. If she does not return Billiam may lose all his contracts with theaters.

Find Marielle and Bring her back to the stage

Reward: 50 Gold/member; Free theatre tickets for life; add Good Reputation

A Grave Calling
Rank S | 557 points | Submitted by Dark land Investigators @SadSnake
A settlement in the Dark Land's Air Enclave is having a huge Ghostly problem. The Rouge Ghost is possessing bodies to commit murders.

Local authorities have been unable to find the Ghost but do know that the killers were not acting of their own free will. Some say its not one but many rouge ghosts causing the trouble.

Find and apprehend the murderer and bring them to the authorities

Reward: 200 Gold/member; Armor upgrade; add Good Reputation; Good standing with the Enclave
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A Freckled Encounter
A Tad Big Problem
Rank A | 353 points | Submitted by Shnardlepuf Authority @Damafaud
A fight between a dragon and a draec starts to disturb the peace.

The harbor of Shnardlepuf has recently been turned into a playground by a dragon and a draec who fight each other at regular intervals. Attempts to capture them had ended with further property damage and the pair going into hiding.

Stop the fight between the pair and return peace to the harbor

Reward: Reward: Armor Upgrade; 350 gold per member (They are desperate); Good standing with Shnardlepuf

The Muguffin
Rank C | 170 points | Submitted by Angus Mc'Phail @BluDaBaDee
A playwright has sent numerous people all over Nera to find his precious play. The only copy of his latest masterpiece "Spellbound" has been stolen and no one can find it.

The writer turns to the guild, hoping more people out there investigating will find the thief and get back his play. He suspects a rival writer may have taken it too but no one has found any connections.

Find the manuscript and return it to Mr. Mc'Phail, bringing the thieves to justice!

Reward: 100 gold/member; Tickets to his play and a part in it dedicated to the guild and one of it's members.

Orphan Status
Rank B | 219 points | Submitted by Rowena and Liane Dowing - Requirements: 2 members Participation
A couple in charge of a small orphanage in Niniva are in need of a few days off but most people have turned down their offers for watching the children.

There's only ten kids staying at the orphanage, the building is big enough for them all and then some and there will be instructions waiting for the members after the couple leaves.

Keep the place from falling into chaos for 3 days and don't teach the kids anything they shouldn't know

Reward: 200 gold/member; Several powerful charms and enchanted items; Add Great Reputation

Civil Seas
Rank S | 650 points | Submitted by Mar Keira Lonae - Requirements: 1 member from EACH Guild
There is no doubt that under the Arcane sea its it's own ocean of borders and societal clashes. In hopes of uniting not only the major communities and City under the sea Mar Kara, a high ranking royal, has offered a seat for those in the surface in the spirit of international peace.

By extending a seat to both guild Mar Kara hopes that with the treaty between the aquatic kingdoms they can work towards more of a relationship than a unspoken tolerance with those on land rather than keeping mainly to them selves. However not very Mar, Var and even Kar at the summit comes in hopes of peace, less so with those on land.

Send a representative to the Arcane Summit and establish relations with the Undersea kingdoms and communities with out bringing war and strife.

Reward: Weapons and Armor Upgrade +2 levels; Great reputation with The United Oceanic Nations; 500 gold/member; Gifts from the Oceanic Nations

Rank C | 150 points | Submitted by Donathan Joeness
A Dwarven Blacksmith Claims ghosts and spirits are possessing things in his shop and stealing his creations away only to find them returned to him the next day into odd sculptures. It wouldn't that bad if his lively hood wasn't being used to do this!

His shop and home is located in the top layers of the Dwarve cities. He will meet with you at border of the country to guide you to his home in order to stop this tomboolery once and for all. Other experts have yet to stop the mischievous spirits. He's tried setting out other materials for them but they seem to only take the weapons he's made.

Cease the ghostly thefts and return the stolen goods.

Reward: Weapons Upgrade +2 levels/member; Good standing with Tbjorniar; 300 gold/member
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A Freckled Encounter
Hidden Legacy
Rank D - 93 points - Submitted by Falguerra jr.
When news of his father death reaches him a son seeks out to find his father's secrets within his inventions. .

The young man asks for the guilds help in deciphering his father's works and hauling them back to his own home in Kolan.

Escort Falguerra Jr. to his father's workshop in Dracoviran to pick up his things.

Reward: Your pick of one of his father's inventions; 50 gold/member

Bounty Dead or Alive: The Wyrmond Nightmare
Rank B | 261 points | Submitted by
the The Wyrmond Nightmare and his men have been sighted once more. Rumors says he's met his end in Dracoviran but some have spotted him still.

Townsfolk across Dracoviran, Dragon and Dreac alike have put together a reword for bringing the leader to justice!

Settle the rumors! Bring in Wyrmond, befell his gang! Great rewards from the draconic people.

Reward: 450 gold/member; Weapon/Armor upgrade; add Good Reputation

Missing Persons: Nyla Zil'ren
Rank C | 149 points | Submitted by Cait Zil'ren @Roleplay Skittle
“Dear sir or madam,

My name is Cait Zil'ren. It is with great urgency that I am writing to you. My daughter is missing and I dare not ask any of the local villagers for aid so it behooves me to seek outside help.

I haven’t much to offer by way of reward, though what I do have, it is yours if only you will find her.

I beseech you - will you please help me find my child?

Sincerely, Cait Zil'ren "

Find Nyla and some stolen items and return them home safely.

Reward: 50 Gold/member;

At Dagger's Length
Rank S | 634 points | Submitted by The Archae Hobo - Available: Cross Guild Participation; Requirements: Less than 5 members participate @Roleplay Skittle
The SEEKING THOSE WITH SKILLS IN: Ancient languages, water magic/underwaterwater breathing, Magic detection, night vision, stealth and a thirst for knowledge!!!


Help the Archae Hobo uncover ancient ruins on the cost of Gloryce for high rewards

Reward: 1,000 Gold/member; Good standing with the Hobo Society; add Good rep; Bad rep with Gloryce; Access to magical portal network

Invitation: Firelight Festival
Rank A | 313 points | Submitted by King Darrien Saber Requirements: at least 1 member from each guild minimum
The Royal Family of the Dark Lands invites both and all of wolf and Raven Guild able to attend the Firelight Festival celebration held in Saber Castle.

Firelight is a country wide holiday in the Darklands, a masquarading celebration of costumes and foods, homage to no longer hiding themselves all other days of the year within the safetly of the kingdom.

Attend the Royal celebration, staying over night as well, within the castle and don't embarass the guilds or ruin their reputation.

Reward: A Patron Deal from the Royal Family 1,500G payments, Souveniors from the Dark Lands; good Standing with the Darklands;

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