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A Traveler's Job is to Travel

As a traveller, Acles had few truly impressive offensive skills. In return, however, his mobility and information skills were out of the world. So, he was never worried about ambushes or the like. Even if the herbalist was to attack, he was confident in taking the brunt of the damage before escaping the area in a matter of seconds.

Acles' eyes glowed at the sight of the book. A trade is a two-way exchange but he was very clear on his lower position in the negotiation as he had no comprehension of the value and needs in this world. However, he had something that the other party did not. Wealth. In abundance.

"I will be open and above. The value of the information in the book is something I am unable to gauge,"
he said slowly, "however, the need for it is urgent, and thus I am willing to pay a premium price for it."

His heart ached slightly when he took the item off his inventory. Immediately, a surge of vitality and vigour enveloped the forest around them. The item on his hand emitted a green lustre that could very well glow brightly in the darkest night. It was a stem holding a bunch of Leaves of the Genesis Tree. It could be used for many potions, but its most famous use back in YGGDRASIL was as the main ingredient to Lightning Blitz Potion, a potion that could permanently upgrade the effect of one mobility skill. Of course, it only worked once for each player, but it was still an invaluable treasure.

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Fabian Dul'aan
The Craftsman That Decided To Play God To Gain The Servitude of The Adventurers

Glad to have the quartet of novice adventurers awe, Fabian looked on upon the group, more importantly the gear they now sported with pride. "My friend Alishia and I are new to this area. We need capable folk to help us out. Our knowledge of the area, politics, economics, and many other subjects are lacking. Help us out, nay, work for us, and we'll make sure you will become famous." He said with great fervor, the gear already gifted to them an example of what the two had to offer. Deciding to quote a certain Emperor of Mankind, he continued.

"You shall become among my finest warriors, if you would give yourselves to me. Like clay I shall mould you and in the furnace of war forge you. You will be of iron will and steely muscle. In great armour I shall clad you, and with the mightiest weapons will you be armed. You will be untouched by plague or disease, no sickness will blight you. You will have tactics, strategies and machines such that no foe can best you in battle." Fabian said, his tone becoming that of a lord, each sentence bearing more weight.

Deciding to let his words soak in for the small group, he once again set aside the piece of enchanted steel plate. "Speaking of help, Alishia, I will need the alchemy lab. I believe this home to be a bit too empty." He said to the Elf woman, as he set aside Celene, confident the four would be unable to lift it. Waving them all to follow him to the Alchemy lab, he had one last bit to show off that was sure to truly leave them gobsmacked. Grabbing a couple of ingots, one Mithril, and the other Orichalcum, he led them into the lab.

Once inside, he set about collecting several ingredients and what seemed to be random items before setting them on a large empty table. Each item in a certain place. What was most peculiar was the positions of the ingots. The Orichalum at the head of the table, and the Mithril at the center. "And now the final ingredient." Fabian said before grabbing a small razor. With a quick motion, he drew the edge across his still fleshy left palm, drawing blood. Making a fist, he squeezed the crimson life essence onto both the ingots before holding the now bloody hand over the table.

Taking a deep breath, he slowly exhaled as the crystals on his bracer began to glow and arc with arcane power. "[Create Life], [Force Evolution]" He intoned as bolts of arcane energy was directed towards the table, lighting up the room in a myriad of colors and flashes. If one were to watch carefully, they could see the ingots melting down, and alloying, before they started to form the skeleton of the life now being created. Soon nerves formed, then organs and flesh. After several Eternal moments, the skin began to form, followed by the hair. It was clear that the being formed before them was female. "Always wanted a daughter..." He mused, as horns began to grow from atop her skull, just behind the long rabbit-like ears. Upon her brow, a blue gem glowed with a faint light, pulsating slowly. Soon after he cut off the spells as she gasped her first breath. Grabbing a blanket from the corner of the room, he quickly covered the Newborn. "Welcome into the world, Mitheria, First Daughter of Dul'aan"

Upon hearing his words, the newborn's eyes flitted open. Deep blue eyes, with pupils like that of the draconian members in the room looked around in wonder before the group all heard a feminine voice in their minds. "Mitheria.... My name is Mitheria?" She queried slowly sitting up, but keeping the warm blanket tightly wrapper around her as she tilted her head slightly.

"Yes my child. Your name is Mitheria. And it seems you are a Psion too."

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To the Craftsman that Decided to Play God to Gain the Servitude of the Adventurers, There's Such a Thing as Too Much!

Aron thought he didn't hear right as he presented each member of the group with one piece of gear. His hands were shaking as he held the metal mask.

"C-... can we really take these?" His eyes were so bright. "I - we... what could we possibly give in return?"

Hm, hm. Fabian's speech left Alishia a bit uncomfortable. Of course, there was no way she showed it outside, but still. Trope-wise that was placing them as the omnipotent ruler. They had the qualification, but Alishia was never one hungry for control or power. One reason she became an underwater welder was the relative freedom of the job from a corporate structure. Still, it wasn't like she could contradict him in a time like this, so she had no choice but to remain silent.

She also could do nothing but nodded when he wanted to borrow her alchemy lab. Everything aside, she needed to show a solid relationship between her and Fabian. So, she remained silent. Even when Fabian put in materials like mithril and orichalcum into the cauldron, she remained a silent, approving figure. Even when she heard the skill [Create Life] and [Force Evolution], she did not say anything though her eyes twitched like crazy.

So, when the ingots melted to form a skeleton of life and transformed into a beautiful bunny girl, she said nothing else but, "Welcome, Mitheria, First Daughter of Dul'aan- As if I'm going to say that!"

Alishia slapped the table hard. A vial of small MP potion fell to the ground and shattered, releasing blue liquid releasing strong magic intent, but that was not her concern at the moment.

"Hello?! Tell me next time you're making a life out of nowhere!"
She wanted to fume more about putting himself as high as a god with creating a life here, but she couldn't. The four adventurers were still there, so she made up more nonsense instead.

"Can't you do this when there aren't guests around?! Wait until everyone is home and make an event out of this?! This is the birth of a life and you make it like some sort of show! Gah! I can't with you!"

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    Helleborus, Five Kilometers off E-Rantel
    After a brief while of walking, Helleborus finally took off into flight and hopped down onto a secluded hill. Back at the shop, something had definitely been destroyed by now, but she didn't really mind. Adieu's behaviour was endearing to her, to an extent. Besides, Oborodzuka would surely help in patching up any holes in the floor and ceiling as was typical. The more pressing issue danced as reflections of light inside the scope of her rifle. She still anxiously pondered what she'd find by looking through it... whether a long-lost family member or a daring impostor. Sighing, she laid on her stomach in the grass.

    Gazing through the glass which magnified everything exponentially, she aimed the barrel of her weapon towards E-Rantel. Her sight was exponentially better than that of any regular marksman. From the hillock she rested on, she could see about three kilometers away without problem. Collecting herself, she slowed her breathing and steadied her grip, bringing the natural weaving and shaking of her limbs to zero. Even three kilometers wasn't presently enough.

    「Far Sight」

    For a short moment, the distant world appeared to twist and hurry closer in a blur, stabilising about right where the rakshasa wanted it to. As she looked through the scope now, she could see in perfect detail everything happening around the walls of the fortress city, as if she was standing right there. She carefully scanned the area, shifting her aim from passing stranger to another. Even at this range, her passive appraisal skills worked as a result of being sight-based. This fact caused her the first suprise of the survey, happening upon a curious man sitting under a tree. The unnaturally appearing tainted human was around max level for sure, but it wasn't her brother.

    Shaking the occurence off, Helleborus finally brought her attention to the city's gates. There, seated on a clearly freshly decapitated tree stump, a specter donned in military garb yawned from boredom. Their stats matched expectation, there remained no doubt about that the second they came into frame. Smiling hopefully, the sharpshooter nodded to herself and closed her eyes. Her finger curled tightly around the trigger, she had to do one more thing. Even to her skilled sight, stats could still be faked, and so...


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Frozen Pooppy

Mache was in festive mood, at least for the first few minutes upon entering E-Rantel. After discovering that she could buy stuffs with Yggdrasil's coins she tried to buy some foods from nearby stalls that they passed. Unfortunately, the taste was far below what she expected so she ended up storing all those foods inside her inventory for later use, she probably could use [Analyze Ingredients] to discover the recipe and cook one for herself. They kept walking and walking until they finally reached a particular building. Mache's eyes lit up at the sight of it.

"Adventurer's guild! The place where solo players hang out!" She felts rather nostalgic as she rushed into the building. Adventurer's guild in Yggdrasil was a place run by NPC where people can play the basic premise of the game, adventuring. Newbies and player unassociated with any guild do their roleplay here and guilds looking for new members plaster their recruitment poster here. Compared to most members, Mache was one of the few who joined Harvest relatively late so she spent a lot of time playing with her IRL friend in adventurer's guild before that friend abruptly stopped playing the game. Leaving Mache alone, with a support build.

Glancing inside the building's interior with her starry eyes, Mache's attention immediately drawn to the receptionist counter and she approached it. One other use of the adventurer's guild was information sharing. Particularly about guild recruitment and build suggestion. A lot of players in the competitive scene treat information like treasure, but for newbies these information would be very helpful for them to enjoy the game and as such they use the adventurer's guild as a place for helping each other. She didn't know about this HQ here but she hoped she would at least be able to ask some questions.

"Hello receptionist! I want to ask some information about our guild named Harvest! Do you know anything about it? Also, do you know about Ignis? He is a blacksmith knight!"

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Location: E-Rantel, Adventuers guild.

Nodding to their guides word Sweater looks on with genuine interest, giving faint waves to those passing by along with faint chuckles now and then. Eventually, they would come upon the Guild, an area of particular use given it often acted as a hub of player activity, rumours and conversation....as well often began whatever reputation grind the area held. She strolls in to take in the area, taking note of the furnishings and people with her usual graceful movements and smiles. The place itself was fairly clean given what one could expect, overlooking the odd blemishes and imperceptibly a lone spider appears to have made a rather recent web up in the corner of the room, though a little too high for easy cleaning it could be forgiven.

"My guardian miss speaks, she is sadly still adjusting to the mortal tongue and i must apologies for failure my lessons, The correct word is "The" Guild my darling, and it is "Our" Focus to attempt to learn more of that aspect of my vision. Once again you must forgive me, Determiners are a tricky sort in the common tongue for translation at times. Though i forget myself, perhaps introductions...." her face changes somewhat as if recalling something "Oh my how forgetful of me, I completely forgot the cards of introduction i prepared....." giving a faint sheepish smile to the adventurers that escorted her before patting herself down somewhat, eventually reaching her chest and extracting a thin white card with golden borders from within the area "I kept them close to my chest for safekeeping but in all the excitement It is surprising what you forget." she shares a short look with Mache before taking the item in both hands and extending it in a bow of sorts for the receptionist to take. Upon the item, it reads her name along with a series of titles below, among the more flowery ones including Sanctioned Architect, Priestess, Healer, and more. "It was partially why I wrote all those down, I would not wish to insult those who gave me such titles by forgetting to include them...but on to the source of the visit, these generous adventurers were kind enough to escort us after dealing with those Ogres, Trolls...oh and Goblins..."

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The Adventurer's Guild

"Ah, miss Angel wait...!" too late. She had already entered the guild. Somehow, nobody took attention to Mache as they went inside the city, for some unknown reason. Sweater's charisma alone attracted many stares, but for some reason...

Now that I think about it.
She looks...

The room went silent for a short time...

"Hahahaha. This kid is a riot." One of the adventurers said. Some smiled at her, some scowled, and some gave looks of disgust.


For some reason, people saw Mache as just a normal girl. As it happened with Hex priorly.

"Ah, well aren't you a cutie." The receptionist found Mache endearing.


"I unfortunately never heard of Harvest. But teasing people in the Re-Estize kingdom about the infamous Ignis of the Baharuth Empire is a potentially unhealthy idea." she said, cheerfully. Everyone in those parts heard of Ignis, but never met him. That only gave birth to all sorts of rumors, some more outlandish than the others. So the receptionist merely took Mache's question as a joke.

"Chet. Ignis this, Ignis that. Screw that asshole."
"Are you still salty his policies kicked you out of the empire, young man?"
"Hey, he may be an asshole, but my life's been better since he arrived. So cheers to him."
"You are really trivializing what he did. Don't you? He messed up the political landscape and power balance."
"He really upset members of the nobility and upper class, I'll tell you that!"
"Not my issue."

Some adventurers were having a heated discussion over Ignis's existence.

Then Sweater entered. Overflowing with an air of absolute charm and charisma, every person in that room shifted their attention to her, irregardless of gender.

Wow, she's so pretty. The receptionist thought as she listened to Sweater speak.

"Ah, so you are really not from these parts. My apologies, I thought..." she stopped midway as Sweater bestowed her with various introductory cards of... herself? So many titles...

Is she a celebrity? Wait...

"Did you say trolls, ogres, and goblins?"

"Miss Rain, these people are amazing!"
"Yes, they easily handled a ridiculously powerful ogre mage, two giant trolls, and a small army of goblins without even breaking a sweat."

"I-Is that so?"

Eh, the little girl too?

Suddenly the people in the room saw the two women in a new light.

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Alishia and Fabian's Den

The adventurers did not know if they should have considered themselves lucky or not. On one hand they had the opportunity to reach greater heights than ever before. On the other hand, these powerful individuals only wanted information? They definitely were new to the area but the price seemed little. Or maybe... what they gifted to the adventurers was chump change compared to what they could truly bring forth at the peak of their ability. A scary thought.

"Only that? Consider it a deal!" Aron was cheerful and simple as always. The others sighed. What Fabian said next puzzled them. He wanted to use Alishia's lab, and he found the cave too empty. What was that all about? They were not prepared for what was to come. Initially they were confused as to what the mighty person was crafting but soon, they realised in horror, shock, bewilderment and utter disbelief that... he created a person. The four stood there frozen in place. Fabian named her Mitheria, and soon her voice would echo in their heads.

"Whoa-" Aron fainted from the hype. The other three didn't know what to say. What could they say? What could they possibly say? How could they possibly react? The man was more than a legendary blacksmith. He created life. He was a god. And there besides him, stood a woman unfazed condoning his actions yet again. The fact that he created life in front of them seemed to annoy her, more than anything else. If that was her sole reaction, she was a goddess too.

In front of such a scene, they had finally reached a conclusion on their future actions. As if their minds and bodies functioned in unison, all they could do was... bow, with their heads down.

"W-we pledge our loyalty to you, Great Ones."

Aron was fast asleep, hugging the helmet like a teddy bear.

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Ergo- A Greatful Slime

A potion. From its glow and texture, a high-level one. Ergo could study and reverse-engineer it to discover how it was made and if it could be improved or copied through herbs alone. It was a good deal. He extended his hand with the notebook to Acles. "This is a notebook bestowed upon me by an expert in the domain. It contains detailed knowledge about plants from this area and various others." Once Acles would take it, and Ergo would take the potion, he would turn around and continue his walk.

After a seconds, he'd turn around and say: "I drew my own conclusions from that book. I reckon your mistress should be able to as well. If your assesment of her was correct." Ergo was talking about the fact that he himself cross referenced using Yiggdrasil knowledge before he'd even been given that tome of knowledge. Whether Acles understood what Ergo meant or not depended on the former's ability to read between the lines.

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Frozen Pooppy

"Ehehe, it's just a bunch of low level monsters. They're no big deal!" Mache couldn't help but becoming conceited from all the praises and adoration stares that they garnered there. She blushed and scratched the back of her head awkwardly. Still, their reaction at the mention of Ignis was not something that she expected. Ignis did what? How could he even seemed to have achieved something big when they just arrived here like a few hours ago?

"S-sweater, I feel like there's something odd about all of this." Mache whispered nervously at her guildmate. She then approached the group of adventurers who debated about Ignis policies and sat next to them.

"Umm, can I ask more about Ignis? What have he done? S-since when? We're from far away land and I haven't meet him in ages." She said that last sentence hesitantly. She was still sure it hadn't been that long since they got here, but she had a hunch that their transportation might not be as straightforward as it seems. Whatever happening to them bent the space to sent them here, there's no guarantee it didn't bent the time too.

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    Adonai Elysium + Helleborus, Gates of E-Rantel
    Taking in the dull scenery, Adonai tapped his kneecap and hummed a song he remembered from childhood. If appearances held true, the NPCs of their guild had taken upon a life of their own, keeping to mind the settings and flavour text added to them by the players. At present moment, he regretted the terrible coping mechanism which was writing Helleborus the way he did, a bizarre refraction of the relationship he and his real sister shared in childhood... only with the roles switched, of course. That whole incident, the reason he held the world in such bitter contempt and mockingly lashed out at absolute strangers, it wasn't good to think about. Yet, for one reason or another, he couldn't help but to dwell on his grudges. Like a revenant, he thought.

    Then, from the corner of his eye, the ghost caught the glimpse of a quickly approaching tempest. Running towards him at extravagant speed, a familiarly clothed figure kicked up a vast afterstorm of dust, carelessly knocking people out of the way as she did. Were it not for the emotional weight of the situation, this act would seem entirely out of character for the cautious and cool-headed Helleborus. Before she could even come into a five meter distance of her brother, she had already leapt into the air and aimed herself towards him, intent on a violent tacklehug.




    The very next moment, she was spitting out a mouthful of dirt. Collecting himself, Adonai stood up and faced his embarassment of an NPC. Extending out his arm to help her lift herself out of the human-shaped hole in the ground, he eyed the rakshasa up and down before nodding.

    "Jeez... That wasn't fair at all, Ado-niisan! I know you're incorporeal and all, but it's not like you couldn't have stopped being that and accepted the hug, y'know." Helleborus compained to him with a pout on her face. It didn't quite suit her, but neither did this behaviour in the first place. The poltergeist sighed, opening his mouth to speak. "And let myself be crushed against the nearest heavy object? You should've taken it easy, didn't I teach you to measure twice before cutting?" Wait... Teach? It wasn't entirely wrong, just--

    "Hey! Even a prudent bussinesswoman like me is allowed to let her guard down every now and then. I mean, where have you been? You just vanish randomly and expect me not to get excited seeing you again?! It's not fair at all, to have expectations like that after..." A small tear formed at the corner of her eye, turning quiet and letting her gaze fall to the side. Adonai knew how she felt, but he couldn't fully connect to his own emotions right now, let alone somebody else's. Still, he hadn't forgotten how to be a good person yet.

    "Sorry. I contacted you as fast I could though, shouldn't it have been like--" He stopped himself there, finally considering just what duration of time could cause his "sister" to act in a manner like this. Had they been separated by a temporal gap? He'd discover later. For now, it seemed like a better idea to get a hold of proper gear in case any enemies arrived with them. "Actually, nevermind. How's the shop? I trust you've been keeping it well."

    Helleborus' eyes lit up instantly, her signature smirk returning to her face. "I thought you'd never ask! Here, come! I'll lead ya' right to it!"



  • A Mission Accomplished

    "There will not be any trouble," Acles answered without missing a step, knowing exactly he was speaking falsehood.

    His mistress Alishia could make her own conclusion without an issue, but that was only if she had the will for it. She never bothered with anything too complicated or burdensome. She might be interested at first but would dump the project to him the first moment she lost interest. And he was fine with that. After all, he was created to be her servant, to do things she couldn't be bothered to.

    They made the exchange. Acles flipped the pages of the notebook and scanned its content. The information was immediately compiled in his database. It didn't matter now if the notebook was damaged. "A pleasure to make the trade," Acles bowed his head toward the departing herbalist. "you are always welcome at our base."

    The mechanical shoes he wore let out a soft glow as Acles hovered off the ground, zooming back to the base under the effect of [Fly] and [Greater Haste]. Mission accomplished. It was time to return. Acles activated [Life Bond], the bond between a Sentient Guardian and his mistress.

    I have procured a potioneering journal of this world
    Wh- geez, that surprises me! Good work. I'm going sightseeing with some adventurers. Go back and make all that. Or dump it to the new person Fabian made and accompany me.
    As you wish.

    Acles continued flying at the highest speed possible. He should finish his task earlier to accompany his mistress earlier.

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Fabian Dul'aan
I Love It When A Plan Comes Together. Now To Get The Ball Rollin'
Fabian smirked at the irked words of his companion, as she quickly claimed the two male half-breeds as escorts to the closest settlement. That left him both the Dragonoid and Half-Dragonoid. Walking over towards his newborn daughter, he carefully hefted her in a bridal carry, careful to keep the blanket covering her, as he turned towards the group. "Good. While you're out sampling the delectable treats, would you please pick up a few samples of masterwork gear? I'd like to know what i'm working against in this realm. Also, a couple kegs of ale, and a cask of spirits. We've got people living here now. might as well make it more like a home." He said making his way towards the Main Hall. Looking back he eyed the two draconic beings. "You two, Zenryu and Fiona, Come with me to the forge, We'll talk more about your duties there and answer any questions ya might have." he said, jerking his head in the direction he was going.

With that said, he carried Mitheria towards the forge. While he himself would have no qualms going about his home in the buff, now that he had folk living there, it would be more prudent that she didn't have to either. Not to mention the mines nearby would prove useful if they wanted to test his mettle. Didn't need them breaking his shit on him. As he entered the main hall, the group was met by a rather large badger who began to grunt and chatter at Fabian. At least to their ears.

"Who the Fuck are they?! And why the hells does the bunny eared lass smell like your daughter.... Oh.... Forget the last part.... Still, who are the other four?!"

"Stanley, these are our new allies. They will be working for me and Alishia. As for her," Fabian replied readjusting his hold on the woman, "This is Mitheria. Think of her as your little sister. Now come along, we've got some things to handle in the forge."

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Location: E-rantel, Adventuers Guild

Sweater keeps her smile as she idly waves her fan, though inside she definitely perked up to the bizarre names in regards to Ignis and the way he was being spoken of. Firstly was the fact he was infamous in this new world, even for a well-connected world with instant messaging you don't become Infamous in a few hours, she should know, it takes work and time, the latter of which didn't seem possible unless there was more to this than simply each person moving to a new location. The more she thought about it, the more it made sense somewhat if she took games into consideration, fractions of a second latency could cause giant delays in simple character actions given the data is crossing the world, so multiply that by the delay to however much data a full person would count as and by crossing into another world entirely, that time could be dramatic. Turning her head to Mache for a moment she did however wonder why those in the same area got transported at the same time...or did they? It did take her a few minutes to find the others and never did confirm just how long it had been for them, though it did seem quite recently given the reactions so the delay likely wasn't that big. Ignis, however, was not with the rest of them at the move, he was perhaps within a different zone which given it had fewer people may have transferred faster? or maybe that zone was closer with a better connection speed to speak? Ugh this was all getting way too confusing for her liking, it could all be nothing though since Ignis wasn't exactly a unique name on its own, so they should maybe try and confirm it is the same Ignis and not just some other guy with an easy fire-themed name. She casually listens into the conversations on the tables over while keeping eye contact with the receptionist, picking out further keywords and phrases. Arrived, Power Balance Change, Upsetting Nobility...given the average level a 100 player could certainly do all those things, then again so could a cunning man with the right moves so it was not definitive. She needed concrete information, assumptions made ass out of oneself, and despite now possessing one of the remarkably more polygons she would rather not come across as too foolish.

The receptionist's words put her back into focus, allowing a faint smile to further warm her features at the adventurer's comments Sweater never the less did feel compelled to come across as humble to these people, It was likely due to humbleness being the far more attractive trait perceptively, after all, downplaying actions when done right only enhanced ones standing and reputation. Her face turning somewhat sheepish she goes to respond

"Oh dears it was nothing really, they had already been weakened, they must have been worn down with hunger and distraction too, I really didn't do much at all in comparison to my faithful followers, Just small courage boosting enchantment. After all, the harm is not what my heart seeks to provide and it would do nothing if not supported by the loving devotion of those around me, I really do not deserve such praise"

A little thick on it but should work for now, from the looks of the rest of the occupants getting their support and starting her foundation should be easy, after then the rumours could flow and draw in the curious as it cascades outwards. She finishes her words withdrawing in her angel closer with the free arm in an affectionate movement, as she works in a discreet short-range messaging spell.

*Oh I have noticed, I think though rather than jumping to conclusions we need to confirm that these two Ignis's are one and the same, speaking of which....this may appear a silly question but how long was it between when you arrived in this world and when I discovered you?. Ask your questions but please do try and keep the full extent of our abilities somewhat reserved, girls need to keep some secrets and mystique after all right?*

The thoughts ended with a somewhat humour tone before she decides to leave the task to Mache for the most part and focus on a few other items of note. "Though there were a few questions of my own I did neglect in these darlings adventurers wonderful tour I do suppose now might be prudent, We have travelled quite far and I am ashamed to say a few small comforts have been missed if they are not too much trouble" a short pause with a flutter of her eyes along with several subtle body movements "Namely items such as secluded space for prayer, a room for our stay, perhaps even bathing facilities to wash the dust of the road away?... After which we could perhaps seek out ways of giving back for the generosity, the cities magical and divine services are an item of wonder for myself, or aiding in a few of those contracts upon the wall I noticed perhaps? Though I am sorry to say the mention of metals is somewhat lost on me, Is it related to those remarkable pendants around the people's necks?"
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Adventurers Guild

"E-eh...?" the adventurers did not know how to react to Mache. She and Sweater were apparently very strong, if the three that came back were telling the truth. Despite Sweater trying to be humble, the fact was that Flynn, Patricia, and Ragnor were Gold rank adventurers. Which made them pretty strong. And they came back from a fight against two trolls, and apparently an ogre mage unharmed. Beyond their beauty, the two women were stronger than they looked. But...

"W-wait! You two are from the same land as Ignis?"

All of a sudden, everyone from the room paid attention.

"What can we say, really?"
"Maybe they can talk some sense into him!"
"What sense? The guy had a point. He wants a nation of strong and capable people. You just didn't make the cut."
"You wanna fight ya bastard?"
"All right, cool it off, both of you!" An older adventurer hit the table with his fist. The ones arguing went silent.

He then started speaking. "Ignis is a name everyone around here knows. But nobody actually met him. Except... me." He took a short pause to touch his scared eye. "It was around 4 years ago. I was a knight in the Baharuth Imperial Guard at that time, and one of the emperor's personal guardians. The emperor had returned from a diplomatic journey to forge an alliance with this Ignis." He took another short pause. He started sweating. "The emperor said he was to be a consultant to the Empire's administration. But I saw the truth. He was controlling the empire from the shadows." He looked at Mache in an intense manner. "I have never met such a strong warrior, such a calculated mind, and such a cruel persona, all melded into one man. He had no mercy for the weak, no interest in those with no technical, or useful skill, as he called it. Those who opposed were reduced to cinders. Those who quietly accepted were let go. They were given compensation as well, beyond what they had before, be they aristocracy, imperial militia, adventurers, or commoners. With almost surgical precision, he cut out everyone he deemed useless." He stopped to drink from his gourd. "The Baharuth Empire is definitely stronger with his consultancy. From a certain perspective, I would have had a good life in the rejuvenated empire. But I left as a matter of principle. To be clear, I opposed him as well. But because he found me worthwhile, I got away with only a scar and the loss of sight in my left eye." he then clapped his hands. "But that's in the past." He turned to Sweater. "You can find the finnest taverns of Re-Estize in this here capital, E-Rantel. With enough coins, you will be procured with all the amenities you have priorly enumerated. I personally recommend the Wild Boar tavern. The only place of prayer, on the other hand, is the Central Cathedral. As for showing your gratitude..." He looked around. "How about joining the Adventurer's guild?"


In the wider picture: E-Rantel

Hex had a good nap. And when he meant nap, he meant evesdropping on Adonai and Helleboros's conversation using enhanced hearing through ki.

"Ah, the beauty of ki. Cannot be detected by magical defenses." He thought.


A little worm followed Adonai and his NPC around, while remaining underground. Meanwhile, he returned to the city. He had another person he was curios of. They came to E-Rantel prior to the Harvest gang, though.


He eventually found him.

"Ah, young mage. A fine day isn't it?" He asked the man.

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Daddy "God-Complex" , Comic Relief Tsukkomi Elf, and Fresh Meat Underlings

After Zefir slapped Aron a few times to wake him up, the two of them would go out with Alishia towards the nearest Carpe Diem town. Zefir felt an unusual sense of ease near Alishia. She looked so wise, composed, and dignified. And she also seemed on the not-so extreme side, unlike the other god-like individual. They just had to take her to the nearest town and buy snacks and get some gear for Fabian. Easy enough.


The town of Arcadia was unusually peaceful. No rowdy, rude folk. Everyone was polite. Everything was clean, and the architecture was stunning. As for the food... While they were using wooden dishes and cutlery, the food seemed wierdly... modern?

As for the bakeries and pastry shops, apart from the freshness... they were kinda chic.


"The new leader of Carpe Diem takes great pride in beauty. Be it architecture, art, food, persona, appearance, or behaviour."


Meanwhile, at the cave...

How nice, they get to go and have fun with the kind elven lady.

Zenryu and Fiona thought as they followed Fabian. He was a god-like individual alright, but they felt a strong anxiousness around him. What was the word? Ah yes, he was unpredictable. Kinda like Aron. But with divine might. A scary combination, and...

"Whoa! A big fluffy badger!" Fionna was bewildered.
"After everything that you saw moments ago, that still surprises you?" Zenryu facepalmed.
As both reallised they may have been disrespectful to Fabian, the straghtened their backs got anxious yet again.

"We didn't mean any disrespect, mighty one."
"I-if you don't mind my impudence in asking. What sort of work awaits us in the forge?"

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Fabian Dul'aan
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Fabian looked at the two new lackeys with a slight scowl as they entered the forge. "Okay first off, quit with the boot-licking. It's not endearing, it's annoying. Speak what ya mean, and stop pussy-footin around." He barked as he set the Psion on his worktable, before grabbing what looked to be bolts of cloth, along with chain mail made from the same black metal Fionna's new blade was forged. "Second, We're here because it's where i like to be, and is a good place to chat while I work. And Third, you both have questions, as do I, so I figure we best get them out of the way. That way we have no further cock-ups in the future due to any lack of information, sound good?" Fabian said as he began to measure and cut the cloth before stitching the Beliat Mail in between.

"Now ask away. I've much to do, and many things to create." He said, before once more focusing on his work. [Create Item: Beliat Weave Dress]. Moments later, a simple looking dress of crimson and black sat on the table beside Mitheria. "Lets have ya get dressed dear. No need for you to be naked anymore."

The Kayo Psion carefully lifted the surprisingly light dress, despite having metal literally incorporated into it's makeup, and began to dress herself, completely unashamed of her nudity, nor caring that there were others in the room. "Thank you Father" She said vocally, her voice quite and somewhat timid despite her lack of modesty.

Turning away and coughing into his fist, Fabian simply muttered something noncommittally, now firmly focusing his sights on the two draconic beings.

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It's only a few minutes between my arrival and meeting with you and Adonai

Mache replied to Sweater as she listened to the old man's tale, though her face clearly says 'I'm confused' to whoever paid enough attention. It's not like the story was non-sensical, no, it's the other way around. That did sounds like what their Ignis would say, but cranked up to the next scale, and it was a story from 4 years ago?? She did expect a time twist but she still wanted to not believe it. She felts rather uneasy but when the man suggested to them to join the adventurer's guild she nodded rather enthusiastly. She didn't see any reason not to do that, she wanted more information!

"S-sure, can I-" Mache almost asked the receptionist to be placed on at least a higher rank since she didn't want to waste time hunting goblins but Sweater's words about keeping their power level reserved rang inside her mind so she bit her tongue and switched the topic. "Can I ask for the form to fill in?"

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Adonai Elysium, Re-Estize Kingdom
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On the way back to the shop, Adonai and Helleborus led a leisurely chat about trivial things, catching up as some might say. Both knew well not to discuss sensitive topics in public, especially on a busy road like the one leading to E-Rantel. A single merchant overhearing the wrong (or the right, if one was so inclined) bit of conversation easily meant the entire city knowing and spreading rumours by the next day. To the poltergeist, speaking with a supposed artificial intelligence still felt off, but there remained no other choice than to simply go along with it. Taking into account the lack of an obvious escape method, acting like he still resided merely in a VR game appeared careless to the max dial.

"Say, you're not just gonna vanish like that again, right Ado-niisan?" The rakshasa casually asked with her hands behind her head. She was examining the scenery, as if she didn't remember it perfectly. "I mean, I get that sometimes ya' don't have a say in that sorta thing, but maybe just leave a note or something?" Truthfully, Adonai had no intention to stay in this New World permanently, though his dulled humanity still told him to play along, at least a little.

"Who knows? It's in my nature as a ghost to disappear," he posited, eyes lazily moving from tree to passerby. Before Helleborus could scold him for such a remark, he had already began rectifying the statement. "Don't think I will though, something just tells me otherwise." Not the most assuring comment out there, but it wasn't incorrect either. The uniformed fairy received it by shrugging and continuing the trek onward, making the both of them look like a bizarre military entourage. Of course, their outfits resembled nothing recognizable to the common person.

After an uncertain amount of time spent walking, the duo arrived in front of the roadside shop. Smirking softly, Adonai briefly reminisced about its creation, before being rudely interrupted by yet another NPC flying straight through him while screaming loudly. Raising an eyebrow, he turned to see a small zombie girl tightly hugging a tree a few meters away from him. He pondered whether he was somehow magnetic towards people carelessly flinging themselves at him, shuddering at the thought. Pointing at Adieu, who he very barely recognized, he raised the question.

"Helleborus... what is that?" The shopkeeper scratched the back of her head, cracking a nervous smile. She awkwardly waltzed over to the Hopping Zombie, yanking her towards herself and rushing into the building. Delivering her assistant inside, she slammed the door behind her and faced her brother, clearing her throat. "Well..! This poor girl was kicked out onto the graveyard and left there to rot... figuratively. I just couldn't stand the sight, y'know? I was lonely too at the time, so I took her and Oboro--"

"And?" The ghost implanted his face firmly into his palm, muttering under his breath. She really was soft, to let two metaphorical stray cats rampage amidst a sea of priceless magical artefacts. Then again, that reminded him so much of... "Guh. Nevermind, just take me inside," he ordered. The rakshasa nodded, opening the door again to reveal an obliviously drooling Adieu, a book-submerged Oborodzuka, a toppled shelf and a hole in the wooden floor. "Eheh... welcome home!"

Adonai blinked, expressionless. Normally, he would've been incredibly annoyed, but even rage faded with the colour. Instead, he soundlessly took a seat behind the shop's counter and rummaged through it, all the while Helleborus frantically patched the room back together in the background. Picking up a satchel of precious jewels, the poltergeist slid a small ball of jade between his index and middle finger, cracking it against his hip.

「Manipulate Stone and Wood」

Suddenly, the the broken floorboards and detached shelf magically hovered back into place, unbroken. He could still control magic through Enchanting, good. Helleborus exhaled in relief, petting the zombie beside her subconsciously. "Ah. Almost forgot, I've gotta let... here."

「Greater Silence」

Before I do that, let's make sure we don't expose our Guild Leader to prying snakes. Helleborus cast a series of anti-scrying and eavesdropping spells in the general area, before giving herself the green light. She mouthed the word Message, sending a short status report to Ignis.

"Yo, paisen! Helleborus again, reporting success. He's the real deal, so you can come see him for yourself now, if you wanna. Though... I really hate to ask this of you, but could you teleport outside the shop this time, pretty please? Adieu already caused a mess while I was gone, so y'know... I'd hate for the whole building to burn down in front of my bro as well."

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