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Multiple Settings {Original Plots} When the Pawn Hits The Conflicts He Thinks Like a King {LGBTQ+}

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One Time Luck
Hey there, I’m PJ! I am 20 years old, my preferred pronouns are they/them, and I am located in CST. I've been writing for close to ten or eleven years now, and I have plenty of roleplaying experience under my belt. Keeping such in mind, I prefer to write with other detailed, thoughtful writers. I am currently searching for other people who are interested in writing original plots with queer pairings. Please take a look at my expectations and ideas below before contacting me!

  • I write multiple paragraphs per post, my responses typically ranging from 300 to 1000 words. I would prefer you at least be able to write two or three paragraphs, but I am flexible.
  • At the moment I would like a more fast-paced roleplay, where we each respond once/a couple times a day to a couple of times a week at least. I will do my best to let you know if it will take me longer than usual to get back to you, and I ask that in return you extend this courtesy to me.
  • I play all genders, though I do prefer to write male characters.
  • If romance is being included, I prefer it be queer. I will not write cis m/f romance.
  • I will only write original plots with original characters.
  • My preferred medium for rp in the past has been email and google docs, but I am totally willing to write over the pm system here, or on discord.
  • You must be 18+. I am in my twenties and I simply do not feel comfortable writing with minors.
  • I expect us both to be active in the plotting stages of our roleplay, as well as when it comes time to move the plot along.
  • Writing samples available upon request.
  • I am ghost-friendly, though it's always preferable if you let me know you're losing interest. Chances are, I am willing to try something different with you!
  • I am a very flexible person, but I do ask that you communicate with me about your preferences, limits, and any other questions, ideas, or concerns you may have!

  • WWI/I
  • American Civil War
  • 17th/18th Century Italy
  • Southern / Midwestern Gothic
  • Western
  • Edwardian / Victorian Eras
  • Ancient Greece / Rome
  • Other Historical Time Periods
  • Royalty / Arranged Marriages
  • Power Imbalances / Manipulation
  • Gray Morality
  • Prison Settings
  • Summer Romance in the Countryside
  • Small Town Living / Farm Living / Isolation
  • Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic
  • Kitchen Sink Drama
  • Brooding, Wealthy Young Men
  • Vampires
  • Soulmates / Tied by Fate
  • Musician/Artist x Muse
  • Athlete x Athlete/Retired Athlete
  • Soldier x Soldier
  • Enemy Soldier x Enemy Soldier
  • Soldier x Civilian
  • Lawyer x Client
  • King/Emperor x Favorite
  • Prince/ss x Guard/Advisor/etc.
  • Royal x Royal
  • Vampire x Human
  • Original Plots

If you believe we'd make good writing partners and have any interest in any of the aforementioned settings, pairings, or themes, please feel free to shoot me a pm! I'm also very much open to mixing and matching of any of these ideas. Make sure to introduce yourself and share a little bit about you so I can get to know you, and let me know what you are looking for. I look forward to getting to know some of you :)
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One Time Luck
Open to other ideas beyond what's listed above, feel free to sharing your plots and ideas with me if you think it may be something I'd like! <3

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