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So when I am at work I am not as quick to reply. As for my style, third person with multiple paragraphs. As long as you're contributing, I don't expect you to match me but I do try to at least match you if not more depending on what's going on.
I only rp in PM, it's easier for me to keep track of. I am a simple person.
27 female, looking for a fun long term roleplay with about 15 plus years of experience. Work killed me but now I'm settled into my salary roll so it's not as hellish.

If I stop responding just yell at me, It helps with the depression actually.

I am ghost friendly so I will accept multiple partners for the same roleplay until stated otherwise in the thread NOT in a post. I take Ghosting as leaving the conversation if you're still there and haven't responded for a while I will bump it until you've left.
I don't mind ghosting because, well, shit happens and I am awkward saying I am bored of an RP too. Feel free to hit me back up and pretend nothing happened if a different rp caught your eye.
So far I haven't really been ghosted much though.

Also none of the pairings I like are set in stone/you must do them. I am more than willing to double or if you like one of mine and don't like doubling I can compromise. I am very flexible on pairings.


Naruto-Currently not available I was thinking we each split two teams, like one team you're the Jonin while I have two Genin and vice versa. We can decide if we want pairings at all, and who controls who, I just kinda like the idea of exploring the world itself. I am not too huge into rules for like making up Jutsu, just looking for some fun but we'll keep it realistic for the sake of fun.
I like the idea of exploring the original timeline while also maybe changing a few things here and there, I am a go with the flow kinda person and it sounds fun to me.
I quite like MxM and FxM, willing to do both or none as long as the roleplay is fun. If I were to pick any pairings I would pick Gaara, Temari, Shikamaru, Kankuro and Kakashi for any of my OC's. (Off the top of my head that is)
I actually have a good plot line for anyone that would like to hear it, requires multiple OC's from both of us and it's a long one if you're interested PM me, I am not posting it on here because it's very complicated and would be easier to explain in person.
One being a secondary Sand ninja squad that acts as a handler squad for Gaara's, to keep him out of trouble and ensure everything goes smoothly. Adding in an extra Leaf Ninja squad would add to a lot of fun.

Pokemon-About the same with this one, big fan of the series and exploring the world.
(The OC I usually use is a male Dragon Tamer that starts off in Unova and travels to each region, ending in Alola so depending on which region we pick is how advanced of a trainer he is. If I pick a female character it's a whatever I feel like moment.
Any pairings I'd want would be with N, Steven Stone, Volkner or Guzma)

X-Men - (This can be mxf or mxm, cannon x oc or oc x oc available)
(Currently not available)

Charles sensed a powerful mutant, the only difference with this one? He felt it without Cerebro.
He could sense pain, loneliness, but more than anything he could sense an overwhelming feeling of fear.
Immediately Logan and Storm were briefed and Dispatched with a team to find him with the hope they weren't too late.
Mystique and Magneto were hot on his trail, too.
(Can discuss timelines later, preference for X-Men Evolution or first movies timelines)

Dynasty Warriors 3-9-(CRAVING) I would love anyone immensely just to nerd out about this game, but I would also love a good story involving this game it's my childhood man. (I would prefer to play a female OC but I can play literally all the characters I would probably choose Jia Chong, Zhao Yun or Xu Shu)
(I do have plot ideas though just saying)

Record of Ragnarok-(CRAVING) I am desperately looking for a Buddha or Jack or Sasaki and shall play whatever you like for you-

Fireforce- Hunting for Benimaru or Joker OwO

Project K- Mikoto Suoh 🥰

One Piece- I'm really only looking for Marco right now

Demon Slayer- Rengoku, Uzui, Sanemi

Thief (ps3 version)-I expect no one to know this but if you do then you're god.

Harry Potter- I have a Snape x OC MxM Slow Burn as fuck plot for this if interested, also can double for you. (Kind of in the mood for an MxF of this too to be honest) Basically Dumbledore discretely raises this kid that' was nearly arrested for many, many crimes in Romania in Hogwarts and sets it up to look after Snape while he's undercover for him, unaware that my OC has fallen for him and goes above and beyond to help Snape until the end. (Follows the movies and can start back when they're kids in school when Snape was bullied to build up backstory)

Crown of Feathers
Blood Heir
Cape Weathers Mysteries
The Remarried Empress

Video Games-

Dynasty Warriors
Ace Combat
Stardew Valley


The Bear King-
To the East was the Dragon King, the South the Scorpion King, the North the Bear King and to the West it was split between dogs and cats seemingly feuding among each other. The North and South always teetered on the edge of war, always distrusting of each other, fighting over trade... Until the Bear King dies of old age and his son takes over, the Scorpion King offered his daughter as a peace offering.
You are a princess being sent over to the cold, bitter Northern Kingdom to marry one of the strongest Bear King's to date. Your father ignored your hate of the idea, your mother passed when you were born and wasn't able to fight for your freedom.
You have one handmaiden and few guards, soon you will arrive and find out if he is as cold and cruel as the stories tell, or find out everything you knew was wrong.
(I am not letting many of the details of the plot go just yet, I will be the King you the Princess so it's a M/F.
This is heavy with side OC's on my end, I will control one of your Knight's and maid while the rest are yours to control. Yes, you will have to control more than just your princess. I already take literally most of the side characters, carry the plot and play the main male, that's the least you can do is play a few guards.)

(Heavy world building/Heavy Character Development/Heavy Side OC's and SLOW BURN like Beauty and the Beast style ish)

Dog's at Peace- (Currently not available as I have 3 going)

You play an honorably discharged Marine (Or Airforce/Military whatever you prefer) that adopted a service dog to help with his PTSD and injuries sustained while at war.
One day the dog stops eating, doesn't seem to want to do anything but lie there so he takes the dog to the vet.
There he meets my character, the veterinarian that cares less for humans and just animals. He's quite rude about it but he does a damn good job, even offers advice but it feels more like ridicule as the dog is merely growing depressed to reflect the owners disposition from a stubborn refusal to believe a dog can make you feel better. He seems like a total ass but when he sees how the vet acts with the dog, he can tell he's really not that much of an asshole.
So he follows his advice, somehow they end up meeting once more when the vet is shopping for his own pets.
(Can be MxF but it's primarily MxM, mostly relies on character interaction/backstory than anything. Slice of life mush)

School for War-

High in the Mountains sits a college larger than the average city, inside it is professors teaching the next generation. Dragon Riders, Sorcerer's, Beast Tamers, Warriors, Shifters, even some creatures such as vampires comes to this prestigious school. They all come in weak and leave strong, back to their homelands, back to their Kingdoms, and usually into a war. The lands have been ravaged for years and have sent their young to this neutral zone to return stronger than ever before. Mistrust bleeds between the classes, the warriors think the sorcerer's nothing but vile tricksters, the Beast Tamers think the Warriors nothing but savages. They return home and that disdain spreads into the endless bloodshed.
A never ending circle of pain and suffering.
What will you do to end the chaos?
(Heavy Character Development/Multi characters, World Building, Slow burn mxf, long term)

Radiohazard- (Named after my friends call sign lol)

The government started using power cells generated from non radioactive material they found in the ocean, however one day one of the many power plants they'd created exploded. Out of know where humanoid monsters came from the explosion and started attacking.
People injured by these monsters started showing symptoms within days before turning into mindless beasts that only seem to want to kill humans.
It wasn't long before cities fell and the world was now infected. Eventually, humans with strange enhancements to their bodies started appearing. The government dubbed them half transformed but not all of them eventually completely changed, so instead of killing them they put them to work in highly monitored labor
Doctors mysteriously don't know what the disease is if it is one, rumor has it one does but he's hunted by the government as a suspect in what caused the explosion. People have deemed the world outside the safe zones The Ruins, because 6 years later that's what it looks like. Ruins of what they once had.
There are Rebel groups that think the government caused the outbreak fighting for their own freedom and to find the truth of it all.
Arina only cares to find her husband, but along the way she finds you instead and suddenly she finds herself helping the world instead of herself for once.

(Heavy World Building, slow burn MxF, heavy side characters/multi characters, apocalypse romance, not your typical zombies)

Crowns of Feathers and Scales- (CRAVING)

To the North and East you have the Dragon's, to the South and West you have the Phoenix's. Two apex species that may have once lived in peace and harmony if not for the humans that rode them. War split the land of Ragna in two for generations, the reason lost to time. But the people are tired, the lands are ravaged, and this generation has decided to push past the strife and try for peace.
You are the second Prince to the Dragon Kingdom, you and your most trusted men are in charge of escorting the First Born Princess to the Capitol to wed your eldest brother and he will ascend the thrown when their father passes away.
But can it be done? Two months travel through the scarred lands and into the Dragon Kingdom of Rhaekor all while dealing with the Princess, her entourage and her plucky feathered companion? All while dodging assassination attempts, bandits, monsters and the truth of the world?
And finally.... will you allow the woman you love to marry your brother, once you know what will become of her?
(Heavy World Building, Multi characters, slow burn, long term, fantasy, mxf, Action Adventure)

Basic pairings I have ideas for, but aren't fully fleshed out yet

Phoenix Rider x Dragon Rider
Investigator x Mob Boss/Yakuza
Animal shifter x human/cop
Spy x Spy
Werewolf x Witch
Librarian x Warrior/knight
Pirate x Princess/prince
Cursed human x witch
Princess/queen x Prince/king
Sorcerer x barbarian
Nerd x Bully
School of sorcery professor x student
vampire x human
Healer x Warrior
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Hello! I am interested in Record of Ragnarok. Have you read the manga, by any chance?
Sure! Send me a message with your details when you're ready
I've updated the Bear King to make it more clear that yes, you will be playing more than the pretty princess. 😮‍💨
Unfortunately likely not I'm pretty rusty on the series and movies all around these days
ahh fair enough. I'm pretty new to the fandom as well, so accuracy/a deep dive into every single canon/facet of the lore isnt what I'd be looking for, moreso just playing around in that universe if not some other ending to First Class with the canons (it's the only one I've seen and beach divorce was justified, I'd dump my boyfriend if he used the Nuremberg defense too)

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