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  • I have worked a few 12 hour shifts this week plus my regular 6 or 8 hour shifts. I shall get all replies out Friday at the very latest. Or tonight if I dont die.
    No longer interested in our little Marvel/Naruto idea?
    I passed out early last night I am still work out to the bone and I work tonight. I will be on off and on today until then but it won't be too hard a shift but I have to open double tomorrow so expect tomorrow to be a black out day.
    I'll be on in about an hour to all replies. I am hanging outside with my boyfriend and his friends while they play d&d
    I won't be very talkative.
    I bought a car, and I have to work tonight. I have like a short amount of time between now and when I have to work SO I am going to TRY to get SOME replies out now. If I can't I am not sorry that's life so don't bug me or yours will be last.

    Kinda pissy about my payments but whatever. I can pick up an extra job no big deal.
    I am working a double tomorrow, if I get on at all it will prolly be once and I dunno how many replies if any I will get out.
    That is fine don't push yourself too hard!
    Doctor related stuff came up I'll get to everything I can after my shift tonight
    Will try to get to everyone tomorrow dont feel well and I gotta close then open.
    I start part 1 of 2 shifts at work, I'll be there 12 plus hours a day if I die.
    Not ignoring anyone
    Just dirt tired from work
    I will be getting to everyone as soon as I can stay awake long enough
    I'll be leaving for work soon not sure how active I will be until after midnight.
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