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Multiple Settings [OPEN] ๐š‚๐š˜๐š–๐šŽ ๐šœ๐šŠ๐šข ๐š๐š‘๐šŽ ๐š ๐š˜๐š›๐š•๐š ๐š ๐š’๐š•๐š• ๐šŽ๐š—๐š ๐š’๐š— ๐š๐š’๐š›๐šŽ, / ๐š‚๐š˜๐š–๐šŽ ๐šœ๐šŠ๐šข ๐š’๐š— ๐š’๐šŒ๐šŽ. | Long Term, Lit./Adv. Lit | LGBTQ+

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Table of Contents & Basics New


Fleet-fingered Father of Falcons
This thread is a WIP (I need to add characters & more plots), but the basics are all here! Feel free to PM me if nothing that's already written clicks with you but you think we'd be a good fit~

Some Say the World Will End in Fire, Some Say in Ice.​

- a partner search -

Table of Contents
> Introduction & Expectations
> Plots [WIP] high fantasy * modern
> Characters [TBA]

high or low fantasy; dark fantasy; realistic; crime; psychological; addiction; modern; medieval; platonic; slow burn; lgbtq; feudal; original worlds; ancient; magic; monsters

m// * m/f * m/nb
enemies to lovers - slow burn
โ–ด hitman x law
โ–ด serial killer x law
โ–ด serial killer x psychologist
โ–ด mob boss x right hand
โ–ด criminal x civilian
โ–ด addict x non-addict
โ–ด bodyguard x guarded
โ–ด hitman x target
โ–ด hitman x employer

โ–ด royalty x vassal
โ–ด royalty x bodyguard
โ–ด fallen royalty x civilian
โ–ด fallen royalty x harbinger of their downfall
โ–ด fallen royalty x captor
โ–ด fallen royalty x former rebel
โ–ด tyrant x rebel
โ–ด soldier x noble they serve

โ–ด slave x noble
โ–ด slave x free
โ–ด slave x owner
โ–ด gladiator x noble
โ–ด gladiator x gladiator
โ–ด gladiator x whoever manages fights
โ–ด gladiator x audience regular

โ–ด monster x monter hunter
โ–ด mage x mage hunter
โ–ด dragon shifter x dragonslayer
โ–ด new idiot warlock x experienced warlock

My Do's
โœ“ Dark themes
โœ“ Fade-to-black
โœ“ OOC & collaboration
โœ“ Mental illness/addiction
โœ“ PM's or workshop threads
โœ“ Off-site out-of-character

My Don't's
โœ— Anything against site rules
โœ— Anything non-consensual between PC's, on or off screen
โœ— Purposeless violence/gore/torture
โœ— Romanticism of or poorly researched mental illness
โœ— Off-site in-character
โœ— Not looking to GM something

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Introduction & Expectations New


Fleet-fingered Father of Falcons
About Me
y name is Feather, a.k.a. Fea! I'm a roleplayer of ten years or so and am looking to add a couple casual, multi-paragraph-style roleplays to my docket! If you've made it this far, I'm guessing that you already took a quick glance at my do's and don't's and a few various pairing ideas, so I'll go ahead and just give you the nutshell of what you can expect from me.

Although I have done novella-style roleplays, I'm currently looking to do something casual, so expectations should be set more around the lower advance-lit or literate level. I can (almost always) ensure daily replies, usually more than one, and love rapid-fire. I tend to write darker stuff (in case the pairings list didn't tip you off), so although I will never set a hard age limit (nor ask your age), if you're on the younger end, do recognize this before messaging me. I'm very active in OOC and can always supply chatter and collaboration in worldbuilding, plot stuff, and so on.

I write a variety of characters, but right now want to run a male as my primary. I mostly write M//, but am open to other pairings, platonic included! I mainly write fantasy, but might be convinced into modern realism in some sort of crime-genre, and am also down to mash genres together and see what happens. I'm okay with clichรฉs and the occasional bit of lazy plotting or worldbuilding, so long as everything is agreed-upon and the characters' dynamics are interesting enough, too. I don't double, but will always write side characters and NPC's of various sexualities, genders, castes, and clades.

I also expect you to at least read the bullet points and, due to the fact that I've had my rules blown off one too many times, there will be some things I ask you to include in your PM to me.

I prefer to keep roleplays on-site in PM's and OOC on Discord, but these points are flexible.

โ—† Very active; daily replies, love rapid-fire
โ—† Literate/advanced literate, depending on my muse and energy level that day
โ—† Looking for something active & casual
โ—† 200+ words a post, usually around 500ish, can go above 3k or below 200; I try to mirror at a minimum
โ—† Love OOC and collaboration
โ—† Worldbuilding
โ—† LGBTQ+
โ—† Fantasy, or maybe realistic modern crime something or other
โ—† PDT
โ—† Am over 18
โ—† As you can tell, I code sometimes, but I don't expect the same from you and don't always do it myself.

ost of these are flexible, so if you feel we'd fit but there's just one or two exceptions, feel free to message me anyways! Please send all queries through PM and do not reply to this thread.

โ—† Activity: Be able to do multiple posts a day at least sometimes, and on average be able to supply a minimum of multiple posts a week. I understand that life happens, and I won't get pissed or nag the heck out of you, and if you have to disappear for a few weeks, that's alright! This is just talking in general.
โ—† OOC: Work with me. Collaborate. Talk to me in OOC. I'd like to make friends to one degree or another, and although I can live without that, I absolutely can't keep my muse going for an rp where I'm the only one carrying it or getting pushed into a certain plot.
โ—† Writing: Multi-paragraph, please. Mostly looking for anyone literate or above who can usually give 200+ words.
โ—† Understanding: Although I'm usually pretty active, I do have my own issues going on. If I disappear for a little bit, I'll usually let you know, but please don't nag me for a post. That being said, I usually try to be available OOC, even when life's a bitch.
โ—† You, personally: I don't care what sex, gender, age, sexuality, religion, or whatever else, you are. That being said, I write queer characters and am queer myself. If that makes you uncomfortable, we might not be a good fit.
โ—† Coding: Don't care if you do it or not, though I often do! That being said, one of my weird nitpicks is that I just do not like coding for every post. Sometimes I'll make chapters or whatever and code the first post of a part or something like that, but it just drives me crazy to have it for every post. It's also harder to mirror if there's a height set and a scrollbox.
โ—† If you read this: Please include a pairing, plot, or character you're interested in, or bring me an idea of your own.
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Plots New


Fleet-fingered Father of Falcons
More to come!

High & Non-modern Fantasy

Aigeรบs** - Mythological, Greek/Roman, War (Dรญokles Demosthenes)
Fantasy * Ancient Alternate Greece/Rome * Warโ€‹
Romantic or Platonic * M//, M/F, M/NB
gladiator x soldier * slave x free * slave x slave * bodyguard x guarded * slave x noble * monster x human(?)โ€‹

igeรบs was not, in fact, a place that was supposed to exist. Indeed, its very name had been lost to the mists of time and legends, but sea travel yields unexpected rewards: the small island of cow-herders and painted pottery emerged from myth and ascended into reality and, with it, minotaurs.

Feared and monstrous, even after the discovery of Aigeรบs, the creatures' existence was regarded with skepticismโ€”which is why, when one appeared in a colosseum as a champion gladiator on the mainland, it garnered such interest. The Blazing Bull, they called him, for the seething flames that sear from his nostrils when his ire is invoked.

But minotaurs and arena fights aren't the only thing occupying the nation. War is on the horizon with the barbarians (or another country) and now, few resources can be spared. The Blazing Bull, along with many other gladiators, are sold off as soldiers and guards to defend the nation and the politicians within it. YCโ€”a free soldier, a gladiator similarly sold, or even a commanding officerโ€”is preparing to fight themselves, and it is on the battlefield that the two meet.

Alternatively, YC is an aristocrat or from an aristocrat who ends up with the minotaur as their bodyguard. Being stuck together 24/7 has a tendency to drive two people closer together (or farther apart, as the case may be)โ€”and being trapped in dangerous situations while awaiting rescue or a experiencing narrowly headed-off assassination attempt has a penchant towards the formerโ€”but such a relationship, platonic or otherwise, is not without its complications. The so-called bull has few intentions of being a slave for as long as he lives, but YC's life is also at significant risk on a regular basis, not to mention the responsibilities they have or are going to inherit and that they might not see slavery in the same light one does in modernity, or that a slave themselves do; after all, slaves are a normal part of life for those with wealth, and surely if they're treated well, it's acceptable enough. Perhaps an extra dose of cultural clashing from two different classes, nations, religions, and species, with some friction from the power imbalance tacked on and tension of the war ever-rising...
Ice & Fire* - High Fantasy, M//, Enemies-to-Lovers (Cornyx Blackthorne)
Ice & Fireโ€‹
High Fantasy * M// * Medieval or Ancient * Magic * Vikings? * Multi-World?โ€‹
Enemies to Lovers * M// * Romance
tyrant x rebel * fallen tyrant x former rebel/subject * monster/mage x monster/mage hunter * prisoner x captor * clueless idiot x guide * twink x bearโ€‹

t the zenith of his reign, the Winter Kingโ€”avarice-borne ambition his sole saviourโ€”had a name that was singularly so sublime and so terrible that it, itself, held such inherent power that only the boldest dared utter it. He was neither god nor mortal, beast nor man, yet in his ascension became more than either one: the distinction between persona of the snow-hearted tyrant, cunning and cold, and the broken creature beneath it all slipped away until the day that it then ceased to exist.

The White Empire ruled for eight decades. In this time, a divided and warring nation became the ruler of not one, but three continents, ending a war that had begun so long ago that it marked the beginning of life. Peace is war, war is unity, unity is strength, and above all, disobedience is punishable by grotesque and indiscriminate death.

But all menโ€”even monstrous warlocks with dragons' blood in their vens who seized a throne never meant for them and took up the mantel of unopposed dictatorโ€”are fallible. Particularly those who play with fire.

ornyx Blackthorneโ€”the Winter Kingโ€”was more than lustful for power; he was desperate. Desperate, for the source of ambition was not greed, but fear, and desperate men are men most dangerous, as no consequence will be sufficient to stop them. So, when he destroyed his peoples' last adversaries, he turned his sights skywards and found another land that would fall to him: the land from which YC hails, a place before untouched by the White Empire and those it conquered, either hidden by magic or simply undiscovered overseas.

With wicked wrath, the White Empire fell upon YC's people. YCโ€”commoner or noble, warrior or peasant, magic-user or martial fighterโ€”takes up arms against the Winter King, and perhaps this is where the story begins. YC, realizing the futility of coming head-to-head with the White Empire (or having already been conquered and now in an underground rebellion), infiltrates his ranks and becomes his bodyguard or a similarly close official, getting in close so that they can have an opportunity to killโ€”or captureโ€”him. Extended periods of time with close proximity to people has a tendency to humanize them and develop trust whether one recognizes it or not, but when the time comes, YC does exactly what YC came to do: dethrone the tyrant.

Whether YC succeeds or another force sweeps in and does it before them, the Winter King ultimately ends up in the custody of YC's factionโ€”an emperor without an empire, a king without a crown, a gay without a boyfriendโ€”but, in light of the numerous other powers that are just as (or more) dangerous than he was, and he alone has successfully overcome, his life is spared. Or perhaps it is a gesture of mercy, realizing how weak he truly is without the vast webs of unwitting pawns he weaves, and he is simply freed when the war has ended.

here are multiple ways this could potentially go. It could either start after he's been freed by YC's faction, and YC is a general soldier or rebel or oppressed commoner or what-have-you that was trapped under the White Empire's reign rather than having been a saboteur, or continue from the last bit. Whatever their backstory or lack thereof, there's several ways I can think of this story going: YC is his captor and resultant babysitter, stuck with making sure he doesn't make a bid for power and that nobody kills him; he ends up running into YC after he's been freed and, depending on their relationship before that/his general vibes, he ends up falling in with them (boi needs a guide); if they weren't a saboteur, then he either ends up injured/half-dead or otherwise encounters them and requires their assistance, without YC realizing who he is, but oh god oh god the betrayal and complexities when his history and their adversarial past comes to light. These are just a few thoughts, and other ones are more than welcome!
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Fleet-fingered Father of Falcons
More to come!

Low & Modern/Urban Fantasy

The Rose King*** - Modern Crime, Low Fantasy(?) (Cornyx Blackthorne)
The Rose Kingโ€‹
Modern * Low/Urban Fantasy or Realistic * Crime
Romantic or Platonic * M//, if romance * Enemies to Lovers
mob boss x right hand * criminal x non-criminal * criminal x criminal * addict x non-addict * mob boss x undercover law enforcement

he Blackthorns are easily one of theโ€”if not the singularโ€”most powerful drug cartels in California. Spanning from Mexico to Oregon, and working its way up the Pacific Northwest, they deal in everything from heroin to cocaine, and in their territory hold the monopoly on it. Those who once dealt are now either dead, part of the gang, or under the gang's control, and although the law is aware of them, they've done an excellent job of keeping the vast majority of their dealings under the radarโ€”no shoot-outs in the streets, no talking from their members once in prison. One person tried, once, and turned up dead in their cell within 24 hours.

This was an empire forged by one man, and one man alone: Ajax Voltaire King and, at his heels, a tall and looming character whose voice was scarce ever heard and whose agate eyes see more than most men could hope to dream of. His name wasn't known, but his cunning and ruthlessness and unwavering obedience were: the Rose King's dog, Ajax's pseudonym a result of the Blackthorns' iconic rose tattoo and penchant for leaving near-black flowers on the pillows of those who weren't to be seen again.

Six months ago, Mr. King's reign was abruptly ended by the very one he held at his heels. With the alias of Cornyx Blackthorne, he bit the hand that fed him and proceeded to go for the throat, debunking the de-facto royalty in a coup'd'รฉtat which left the underworld shaking beneath the force. Ajax's power came through charisma, and his successor took on a different tact. Using his cunning and guile, he took ahold of the cartel as one would pieces on a chess board and promptly began a systematic takeover, fully intending to expand his newfound empire across the United States andโ€”one dayโ€”beyond.

But no man achieves such terrible greatness without opposition.

YC, a member of law enforcement, doesn't care to stand for these kinds of criminal enterprises, much less as one, united body. They've been hunting Blackthorns for the better part of their careerโ€”or perhaps they have some personal investment in the matter instead, due to a loved one's death or somesuchโ€”and with Cornyx's takeover, things begin to get ugly. Unlike Ajax, he doesn't care to stay entirely beneath the radarโ€”so long as he can't get caught and nothing can be pinned on him, he takes speed over subtlety, recognizing that giving his adversaries too much time will cripple him just as much as the law could. YC has been undercover with the gang for some time and was perhaps even inadvertently involved in Ajax's murder. Either way, now their goal is to infiltrate and take down the new Rose Kingโ€”complications of the inevitable humanity one takes on when they remain in close proximity for an extended period of time.

Though there's many ways this plot could go, my thought is that Cornyx would be captured (probably fairly early on). However, his imprisonment doesn't lead to the Blackthorns' downfallโ€”to the contrary, his former right-hand takes up and pulls the same gig he did against Ajax, and they're just as merciless but much more functional and experienced than Cornyx ever was, making themselves a formidable enemy. Ultimately, Cornyx would strike a deal, escaping the better part of his sentence in exchange for helping YC, and of course, he can only do so much behind bars. Slowly, their relationship shifts from cop and criminal informant to informal partners as they get hauled through the shit taking down Cornyx's former gang, but divided loyalties pull them apart and reprehensible crimes have not been forgotten...
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Fleet-fingered Father of Falcons
More to come!
Base Characters (Can Be Converted to Different Genres)

Cornyx Blackthorne
Cornyx Blackthorne
His Royal Omnipotence the Winter King, Emperor of the White Empireโ€‹
โ€ โ€‹
"Some say the world will end in fire...
Age: Equivalent of mid-twenties
Height: 6' 5" - 6' 9" (depending on age)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Species: Dragon shifter (may be converted to human)

Already a ludicrous length of limb (and not done growing, much to his chagrin), Cornyx is the exact opposite of an intimidating figure: in spite of his height, he's incredibly thin, proportions more akin to a stork's than a man's, with a narrow, heart-shaped face and large, dark eyes that succeed in making him appear exceedingly owlish (particularly with the addition of his spectacles); furthermore, the man is exceedingly pale, like he woke up in a coffin and never bothered to leave. Aside from this, he is an extraordinarily neat and impeccable figure, from his cleanly-shaven face to his tight ponytail. He prefers more formal attire when given the option, but no matter what his manner of clothes, he takes care to keep things clean and unwrinkled and all in proper order. He's never seen without his pocket watch, a small, silvery thing with ornate, floral engravings on its back and roman numerals marking its face. The surface of the glass is cracked but it's otherwise in working order.

The Beast

Although Cornyx spends the vast majority of his time in his preferred humanoid form, his monstrous one reveals a side just as conniving but much fiercer. He's about fourteen feet tall at the shoulder, with an additional few feet of serpentine neck and thick-muzzled skull topping him off at just about twenty feet tall (a comparatively small size for dragons in general) and several hundred pounds. As characteristic of true dragons, he possess four legs, two wings, and a singular head and, as typical for his species and sex, he is long-legged, deep-barreled, and overall built for speed and maneuverability over strength--although any contest with a creature of his size is one most humans wouldn't dare partake in; furthermore, his forepaws have longer and more dextrous fingers than are typical of a quadruped, with a high-set thumb that enables (with some maneuvering) the ability to grasp, carry, and utilize basic tools. His body is covered in modified, feather-like scales, a seeming precursor to a structure similar of modern birds', finely-threaded contours with a layer of pale down beneath and heavier scutes that, although quite penetrable by any heavy projectile (such as a spear or javelin) or heavy melee weapons, offers a significant amount of underbelly protection. His wings are bat-like in structure, but membranes (particularly the dorsal side) and fingers alike possess the aforementioned feather-scales, as well as a strong and maneuverable thumb. These wings are longest at the third finger and shortest at the first (analogous to the ring and index finger, respectively), creating a short, rounded appearance most useful in acceleration and aerial sprints. His whip-like tail is more heavily scaled than most of his body, with overlapping scales over top the feathers and thin spikes running down its sides. Finally, his species has several facial characteristics that make it easily identifiable: they possess a beak with heavy rictal bristles over their cere (akin to a modern corvid's, such as a raven's), and teeth resembling a crocodilian's, a single set of fangs set behind the frontal teeth on the upper mandible that holds comparatively small amounts of potent venom designed that functions as a paralytic.

Height: 13.5 feet from forepaw to withers; wingspan: ~440 feet (~215ft/wing, a little over 4 semi-trucks' lengths); weight: ~200 lbs pounds; primary color: raven-black (iridescent); secondary color: grey/silver; eye color: silver-blue; pupils: vertical.

The Persona
The first words that most would use to describe Cornyx are unpleasant ones: ruthless, cunning, and arrogant. Ever since his initial coup d'รฉtat, Cornyx has promoted this image of the Winter King and his heart of snow. However, the truth is considerably more complicated. He's an incredibly intelligent individual, rarely meeting his match in academia, much less in politics, manipulation, and strategy, and has a keen memory for uncannily specific details, such as being able to reproduce book passages he hasn't read in months or years off of memory. He has an acute attention to detail (something aided by his draconian senses) and is typically a quick learner, rarely making the same mistake twice. His apparent arrogance is a byproduct of his overall assholery: he doesn't truly believe himself to be better than other people, but as long as he can push them around, he is perfectly willing to, less out of superiority and more out of a neutral disregard for other people in general.

Although this apparent intellect and observation is useful insofar as strategy, magecraft, and the likeโ€”and, indeed, is the only reason for his survival and eventual successโ€”it doesn't come for free. He lives in limbo between reality and the complex web of potentials and would-have-beens, half-presentness only worsened by his magical affinity; on a similar thread, the flipside of keen awareness is oversensitivity. As a result, his portrayed functionality is a result of control and the ability to maintain a faรงade around others, and it crumbles when it comes up against a loss of that control or is affronted by more than he can handle. His decisions are thorough, but rarely quick; his communication and social skills, lacking in spite of effort (if effort is supplied); a penchant for getting very agitated and thrown off by small and seemingly insignificant details; and the vice of addictionโ€”alcohol and narcotics for the most partโ€”often leaves him vulnerable and, further, usually in incredibly poor physical condition.

Yet, he's rife with contradictions: an overall douchebag to almost everyone, he also has a fiercely loyal and deeply caring side, one that usually only comes out in the absence of people. His thoughts aren't always put to scheming towards world dominationโ€”just as commonly, he may be found spending hours inspecting a single rock or spot in the sky, contemplating its own meaning, properties, and even beauty.

Above all, Cornyx is driven by fear, and it is this very emotion that sits itself at the root of his ambition and greatest weaknesses alike. Social ineptitude and the all-too-common event of sending himself into a tailspin over small and insignificant details are but two of its more common manifestations. Insecurity set itself deep within him from an early age, reinforced by his upbringing, those around him, and himself, ultimately resulting in a figure who, although quite capable, seeks meaning, validation, and security through pursuing control, power, and giving in to the more simplistic, black-and-white world of his immature and animalistic instincts while seeking self-sabotaging escapism by means of substances.

...some say in ice."โ€‹

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