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Hello my little owlets!~

I am want to start out by saying I will not bite, please feel free to message me anytime about anything. If you need a friend or a shoulder to cry on I gotcha!

So I guess let's get started eh?
  • I will not roleplay with anyone under the age of 18. I am an adult an i'd rather talk with those of legal age.
  • I prefer to play more than just one character in any rp, no interesting story in life had just two characters
  • I am semi-lit and would prefer you to be the same. I don't mind three or four sentence replies but I would rather have a paragraph or two at least.
  • Because of my job I will be on quite often and would like and active partner!
  • I am not particular to anthro characters I am sorry :C
  • I don't care what sex or orientation any characters are. Plot is what matters!~
  • I love being chatty so OOC chat is always welcome!
  • I am always open for new Ideas and plots.

I guess that about covers that right? So I guess comes the long list of plots and various ideas.... Oh boy... Well I've far too many to list so if you are interested or searching just message me!~

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