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Fantasy N.A.S MAIN CHAT >>Closed<<

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We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Fae Cove
Interactions: lost city lost city {Ai} L3n L3n {Kiseki} Gao Gao {Emery} Knight boi Knight boi {Apollo/ TinTin}
Fae felt herself being punched but it only made her grin wider. Blood ran down her cheek where it got cut from the robots hands. She threw her fists up in a lazy attempt to block the hits. She laughed when she got tripped and landed in a crouch.

She was back up again and tilted her head at him.

"Be careful? Those words have not been in my vocabulary since I was quite a little one mechanical man or should I call you Vacuum? AI? Tin-Can? A Beep Beep? Robots are curious little things. Never got to dissect one can I dissect you?"

She brushed a hand over her hair and smiled. She tucked her blade away and had her trident out. Much better weapon to fight with in her opinion. She leaped up and used the flat side to hit his head. Much more of a diversion than a actual attack.

"I wonder if water would ruin you? Would you spark up and explode? Would you let me attempt that heap of scrap parts?"

She muttered something under her breath. A siren song. One that would make the person freeze up for a short amount of time. When he froze she pounced and tripped him, quickly pinning him down. Trident to the throat of the bot.

"Sirens fight dirty. It would be fun to watch you explode correct Tinbin? Good job though. Enjoyable fight."

She climbed back off of him and tucked her trident away. She ran a hand along her cheek and inspected the blood before wiping it on her clothes. She turned to Artemis with a bright smile.

"Did I fight well? Or was that to dirty of me to use my power? Can we explode him? That would be so much fun! Can we explode me after? I wanna know what that feels like? Remember when we exploded that one person a while back? BODY PARTS FLEW EVERYWHERE!"

Fae jumped up and down as she contiuned to ramble on. She didnt even notice the other person who was there before turning around to face them. Her smile grew wider and dipped her head to them.

"Hello my name is Fae! And nice burn! Whats your name and most importantly will you help me explode TinTin?"
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your moms a hoe

KISEKI NAORU - - fae and artemis ( XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX ) + apollo ( Knight boi Knight boi ) + emery (@ Gao Gao ) + ai ( lost city lost city )

Her eyes widened when Emery said he wasn’t attacking anyone. Now she felt bad for just believing Hunter. You always gotta hear both sides, Kiseki thought. “I’m sorry for assuming so,” Kiseki replied, a little panicked. She played with the hem of her skirt to calm her nerves when he didn’t move his hand away from her shoulder yet.

Kiseki tilted her head at all of the meat questions. Cow tongue.. was definitely a thing she was never planning on trying. But everyone likes different things! “I only really have sweets on me, like cookies,” she gave a little laugh. “But I’ll keep in mind that you like meat!” Kiseki didn’t even notice the robot looking at them. Her mind was all over the place. How did one react to being called a meal?

When the ghoul started teasing the other guy she looked between them all. Before she could try and calm things down, within a blink of an eye, a blade whizzed past her. It took off a part of Emery’s ear.

Letting out a little “eep” sound. Kiseki backed away from Emery so she could scan his injury. The medic winced before getting more professional, gently grabbing the piece of ear off the floor with her fingers. “I’m so sorry,” she gave a little smile to Ai even though she took back her claim on the ear. “Can I heal you?” even though she asked, Kiseki was already growing a bandage out of her forearm. She stood on her tippy toes to wrap the earlobe to his ear. Taking the pair of scissors she had strapped to one of her thighs she snipped off the wrap she created. “If you leave that on for a little minute it’ll reattach,” she gave him one last smile before looking over at Fae.

She was a siren?? That was so cool! Kiseki tried to scan her too, looking for any serious injuries. Fae seemed lively enough, so she doubted she was in too much pain. Plus she was incredibly strong. But still, she had to ask, “Are you okay? Do you have any injuries? And you,” she looked at the robot with a little frown. “Please don’t go attacking others. You could seriously hurt someone or yourself.”

Kiseki innocently smiled at them all, “Can’t we shake hands and call it good?”

KAZUO AKEMI - - fae and artemis ( XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX ) + apollo ( Knight boi Knight boi ) + emery (@ Gao Gao ) + ai ( lost city lost city )
Kaz WAS taken off guard, jumping a little.“I put it in my pocket, shits embarrassing,” Kaz acted like he was too cool to be carrying around a cutesy bag of goodies. He rolled his eyes at the first question. He didn’t need fangirls. When he took over the world they’d all be like “Marry me Kaz” anyways, who cared if everyone ignored him now. He was used to it. Did anyone know why they were here? He wasn’t paying attention either honestly. A bad habit of his was tuning out anything important, or was it an amazing skill? Who knew. Sighing like he hated being dragged along, he groaned out, “Yeah let’s ditch. I can walk by myself though, hoe.” But in reality, his eyes were on their hands.

When they came across a fight he finally looked away. Something interesting at last. Of course, she started insulting the dude's taste. Kaz looked from the fight to the earlobe, to Fae talking to Ai. “I’m Kaz, aka future ruler of this world. and this idiot is Ai,” he introduced his sidekick. “We’d love to help explode something,” with a smirk he glanced at the hoe.

lost city

whoever threw that paper
Nakamura Ai // Interacting with: Gao Gao , L3n L3n , XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX , Knight boi Knight boi

Ai wasn't really paying attention to the ghoul; she was busy staring at the robot and the girl. "Hmm? No, I don't have jaundice! At least, I don't think I do." Ai hummed and looked at her hand, then glanced at the ghoul's wound. "Will it grow back?" Her eyes widened at the goody girl's ability. "Bro, that's so cool!" Ai shuffled forward and tried to poke at the wound. "Does it feel like it's reattaching? RIP to my snack though."

Ai jumped slightly as the girl spoke. "What? You want me to get Dorothy?" Ai was taken aback at the offer. She wasn't very intimidating after all. And she doubted that her ability would be effective on a robot. "Wait, did you just call me an idiot?" Ai huffed at Kaz and put her hands on her waist. "I am not an idiot! You're the idiot here! I'm a genius compared to you!"

Did you kill it?" Ai nudged it with her shoe, terrified that it would wake up and attack her out of everyone. The danger of being beautiful she supposed. If it attacked her, she would sacrifice Kaz. "Yeah, I'm not messing with that, bye. I have seen enough movies to know where this is going."
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Knight boi

professional weirdo
images (35).jpeg Apollo ghostrunner - - - Fae XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX

He simply looked at the girl throwing quite pitiful and overall weak insults to him,"
No water wouldn't hurt me at all actually- even if i do explode i'd still be alive,there is no point in fighting me-" this girl was defiantly dropped as a child it was super obvious too, he felt more sad for her than angry at her actually.


Emerycrop.pngEmery Varelli
L3n L3n (Kiseki) + lost city lost city (Ai) + Knight boi Knight boi (Apollo)
"Cookies." Tone of disappointment. "Bleh." He did not want those. "I'd rather shatter my ribcage and rupture all my organs." Bit graphic for cookies but okay.

At the girls request to ask if she could heal him, he didn't say anything. She didn't really have to help him. He didn't feel it. But at the idea of being fussed over he stood quietly and obediently while she did her thing. Emery did not mind. He was an attention seeker. He liked this. This was fun.

Even Ai was there, lamenting over his earlobe. Her so called snack. Emery wasn't too sure how to feel about that. Usually he was the one making weird comments about eating people. Though he realized he didn't mind. He liked livers, she must like earlobes. No judgement from the passionate meat eater. He probably would've let Ai have it if mummy girl wasn't set on fixing it.

For the dramatics he mumbled a quiet "It hurts," as Kiseki wrapped his ear with her bandages. It did not hurt. He was being annoying. The blonde looked very evilly smug. Pleased with his attention grabbing. As if he had tricked them all into some huge deceit.

"Great." He responded. Happy. "Love this earlobe. Thank-you Doc. I feel young again."

Kiseki even told off the Robot, Emery parroting an annoying, "Yeah, you. Don’t go attacking others." The ghoul could definitely take some of that advice for himself, since in the last 24 hours he was forming a quickly growing list of people he almost ate. "Mega-Man needs to control his tantrums."


Gao Gao (Gigi) GrieveWriter GrieveWriter (Coretha)​
Lillian quickly uncapped her bottle of pills and downed quite a few. Her whole body shook until the pills soothed her mind, turning the horrible, paralyzing dread into sweet nothingness. Lillian let out a relieved sigh and got to her feet, eyes once more squeezed shut. “Shit, sorry about that.” She said with mild embaressment. “I’m just uh... stressed.” Her voice was very distracted as the soothing drug emptied out her fractured mind. Lillian smiled at the sweet feeling. “I’m fine now. What were we talking about?”

Lillians arm rose to rub at the unnatural spiral shaped burn on her cheek. “Hm?” She turned to coretha, only just now noticing her presence. “Hello there. I didn’t notice you. My names Lillian. This heres Gigi.” She jabbed a finger in what she thought was gigis direction, though frankly she didn’t care that much if she was tight or wrong.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Fae Cove
Interactions: L3n L3n {Kiseki and Kazuo} lost city lost city {Ai} Gao Gao {Emery}
She looked over at Kiseki before grinning wide.

"Im ok! Thank you for asking! Might have a couple scratches but nothing to bad!"

She dipped her head to them and spun around before facing the two again. The male accepted her offer to explode something but the female said no. She had a small smile on her face before nodding in understandment.

"Nope its still alive. Sadly. I dont watch much movies but thats ok! Exploding things is not for everyone."

She grinned and flipped her fiery locks over over shoulder before looking bad at the male. Excited he accepted her offer to blow things up. Mainly the robot. She dipped into a small bow and giggled. A grin on the females face. She had tucked her gleaming trident back on her back, back into its holder. She had waves on energy radiating off of her. Easy to tell she was a bubbly person.

"Alright Kaz! Where do you wanna start with blowing things up?"

Artemis Hunt
Interactions: Gao Gao {Emery}
"Oh look so you can be hurt!"

She smirked and poked Emerys other earlobe before laughing. She turned to Loet and patted his neck. Soft. She leaned her head against the deer and he tilted his head up. She turned back to face Emery when he mentioned something about attacking others and raised an eyebrow.

"Really Pretty Boy? You can offer guidance but you cant follow it. Bullshit on your part."

She laughed before poking his side.

"Lets go before you attack one of these people but if you do- Attack roomba."

She tugged at his hand, slightly pulling him away. Her next words were pretty quiet, so not much of the group could hear them.

"I wanna go explore before they tell us what to do."

Lapis Ashford
Interactions: Minma Minma {Minma} Gao Gao {Emery and Grayson}
"Sure lets go-"

He replied with a coy smile. He liked breaking things as long as he didnt get in trouble. The a female started talking and he sighed, flicking his wings. He turned to Minma and threw an arm around the boys shoulder.

"Alright not this time. Sometime soon."

He winked and started walking when someone approached them. The ghoul from the bus. Lapis mainly just ignored him and the jabs. Not the first time Lapis has received them. He just laughed and waved the male away. Proceeding to the school. When he entered his eyes widened a fraction.

"Wow. Its huge."

He shook out one of his wings, catching Amethyst still with the one male and a small growl rose from Lapis. He didnt like the male. Didnt deserve Amethyst and her kindness. Then again neither did Lapis. He needed to apologize for being an ass. He looked at Minma with his intense blue eyes. A smile on the males face.

"I need to go apologize to Amethyst, im dragging you along."

He walked over to where the two were standing and looked at them.

"Hello. Again. And before you say anything milky im here to apologize to her so dont get all protective of her."

He turned to Amethyst and dropped his arm off Minmas shoulder. Swapping to sign language it seemed.

"Im quite sorry Amethyst. I was an ass."

"Its alright Lapis but if you go breaking sticks again im hurting you for good. Alright?"


He tugged the female into a hug and she grinned before reaching her arm out and tugging the male into the hug with them. Lapis just death glared him while wrapping an arm tighter around Amethyst. This male had hurt her previously. He still didnt like Grayson. He looked over his shoulder and tugged Minma into the hug. Might as well if they were all hugging.


your moms a hoe

KISEKI NAORU - - fae and artemis ( XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX ) + apollo ( Knight boi Knight boi ) + emery ( Gao Gao ) + ai ( lost city lost city )

Kiseki gasped at his extreme sentence. She never knew someone’s dislike for cookies could be that strong. Wincing at the mention of it, she waved off the thought. His quiet “it hurts” broke her heart. With everything she had she hoped that the hurt would go away soon and that the healing process would speed up. Even though there was no pain to begin with. The gullible girl didn’t suspect anything. To show her support she put a hand on his back, hoping that it would provide a little comfort.

She smiled up at the ghoul. “Thank you for letting me heal you!” Some people refused medical attention due to pride, and it pained her to see. “I’m glad you like your earlobe! Caring for and loving yourself is important,” the doctor beamed, giggling a bit when he mimicked what she had said to the robot.

Kiseki listened as Kaz introduced himself and Ai, the latter who was poking at Emery's healing ear. “It’s nice to meet you both! I’m Kiseki,” she tilted her head at the way they communicated but honestly, she was enjoying how lively their bickering was. “And oh! Instead of growing back, it’s reattaching itself,” she glowed as she explained, “Normally I can only fix parts like this if the body part was preserved or if it’s right after the accident. That’s why I was rushing, sorry for not waiting for you to say yes.” She blinked when Artemis started to take the ghoul away and gave them both a little wave to say “bye.”

KAZUO AKEMI - - fae ( XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX ) + apollo ( Knight boi Knight boi ) + ai ( lost city lost city )

“He didn’t say jaundice, you dumbass,” Kaz raised a rude eyebrow at Ai. Would she really have taken the ear as a snack? Nasty. Why was everyone acting like that was normal? He glanced around at the others and they didn’t see phased. Just what kind of people are they? “You totally aren’t a genius, it’s okay to be dumb. Just admit it,” he smirked, crossing his arms at Ai.

When she walked over to the robot and kicked it he squinted at the thing. It completely ignored her. “Guess it’s not dead. And it doesn’t seem to like you at all, huh,” he looked to see the female attention seekers' face. Kaz hoped she’d get mad or something because he certainly would have if they didn’t acknowledge him like that. Which was funny talk for someone who was openly ignoring Kiseki.

He looked over his shoulder at Fae, giving her a little smirk of acknowledgment. “I was thinking we explode its feet first. It wouldn’t be able to get away, allowing us to have more fun,” he grinned at the robotic asshole.


Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX [Amethyst and Lapis] Gao Gao [Grayson]

A small spurt of adrenaline kicked threw Minmas body when Lapis agreed to breaking into the school. He watched keenly as Lapis reached his hand around his shoulder. A wave of comfort was felt all throughout his whole body. Lapis then seemed to not want to do it anymore and made Minma wonder. With a small jolt, Minma got the impression to begin to walk and him and Lapis made thier way to the school. Minma simultaneously looked through the glass door with Lapis. No sound left Minma, only his faced showed emotion. He was impressed.

When Lapis spoke his next words Minma brow lowered without command. "Why do-" but before he could finish his sentence they had already began to walk towards Amethyst. With just a few steps they stood infront of Amethyst. Minma felt as Lapis shoulder jumped off his shoulder and into sign language. 'I swear someday here soon I'm going to learn asl' is what came across Minmas thoughts. Then two his surprise the two were hugging. Minma was happy to see the two make up.

I small giggle left Minmas mouth when Grayson was pulled in to the hug. But that moment was short lived when he saw Lapis's hand coming towards him and before you knew it he was now apart of it. This was new for Minma. He had never been in a hug with more that one person. As much as his body wanted to move away he didn't. He couldn't. He knew in order for him and Lapis to further thier relationship he was going to have to be cool with Amethyst.

After a brief second Minma spoke.
"Okay, I think that's enough of that." He pulled himself form the group and stood upward. "Amethyst I would also like to apologise for instigating a fight with you." He lifted his left hand and ran it through his hair. "I look forward to facing you on good terms."


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst / Lapis ) + Minma Minma (Minma)

"Favorite movie-?" Grayson's gaze flittered to the side, distracted seeing Lapis approaching. Great. His favourite person. He said he was here to apologize, but Grayson was confused. Completely brushed over the protective part, focused on the other thing.

"Milky.." He muttered, repeating what Lapis had said.

He glanced to Amethyst, then a look over to Minma, before slowly raising a finger to point at himself.

"Milky?" He whispered, filled with despair. He did not want to be called MILKY. "Who named me that?!"

He bitterly watched as Lapis and Amethyst made up, reading the interaction before they hugged. Ew. Uneccessary. Annoyed scowl from the male. But then he noticed the hand reaching for him. He glared at it, a weak attempt to repel the grab from her.

"Don't you dare-" Too late. Grayson was pulled into this horrible group hug. He wanted to die. He did not hug back, just stood there like an awkward matchstick. Glaring dangerously at Lapis. Looked ready to spit at the other male. Maybe hiss at him. Grayson seemed like the type to hiss at people. Cat lovers were weird like that. And I get to say that because I like cats.

Another person joined the huddle. Now Minma was there. This was horrid. Grayson could not picture anything more DISGUSTING than a group hug. Like sardines. He was incredibly tense, horrified at the predicament he had found himself in because of Amethyst.

"This is inappropriate please stop." He whispered, "I hate all of you." A friendly reminder for all of them.

As soon as Minma wiggled his way out Grayson did the same, stepping far back and shuddering as if he was covered in fleas from it. He wiped his clothing down, riddled with disgust. But nothing could stop the crawl of dislike along his skin. He glowered at each of them in turn, even at Amethyst for her blatant betrayal.

- - -
Emerycrop.pngEmery Varelli
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Hunter) + L3n L3n (Kiseki)
He had heard Kiseki's gasp from his cookie comment.

"Oh yesss." The ghoul hissed in confirmation. Pure evil ruminating from the boy. "HATE cookies. I would rather all of my ribs snap and impale my insides than eat a single one. Would crush them in my hands. Stomp them like the nasty little mistakes they are." He was attempting to upset the girl, who seemed rather sensitive. Or just highly empathetic. Maybe the idea of her cookies getting destroyed would make her cry. Zero chill and zero behaving. Thank-you Emery.

Kiseki also said it's important to look after yourself. Emery responded a very gleeful, "I love myself," still relishing in his successful attention seeking. He even got a pat on his back for his efforts which made the blonde very pleased. Naïve people were the best. At this point Emery was planning to just snap his limbs for more attention in the future. Or just a paper cut. Depends.

"I don't need guidance." He said to Hunter, smiling as she flicked his ear. "I am well-trained. I have not attacked anything in at least..." He clicked his tongue in thought. "... At least seven minutes? Could be eight by now." He blinked and went silent, now just staring at Hunter for a long time. Awaiting something, it seemed. It became clear what he was waiting for when he spoke again.

"Go ahead. Praise me." He smiled. Waiting.

Artemis wished to run off and explore shit. Emery didn't mind. He reached into his pocket and brought out the dead mouse, casually plopping it down into Kiseki's hand. A thank-you gift. A very charming and certainly a very welcomed thank-you gift. Lucky Kiseki got a lucky dead rodent for her kindness.

"Bye Kenzie." That was not her name. Emery knew that. "I will be back later with severed arms. My eighth girlfriend wants to go makeout."

He let himself be dragged off, muttering a very defensive, "I do not want Roomba! He frightens me." to Hunter. "Did you see his brutal attack? I'm shaking. I am very scared, I fear he will bully me for lunch money."

Emery was grinning again, very pleased with how the day was going. "If only somebody gave me sympathy." His gaze shifted to Hunter, watching her from the corner of his eye. He made a long dramatic sigh. "So painful. Ah. Hurts so much. I was maimed."
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lost city

whoever threw that paper

Nakamura Ai // Interacting with: L3n L3n , XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX , Knight boi Knight boi

"That's a very handy ability you got there Kiss Key! You could make a lot of money with it!" Ai grinned at Kiseki. Despite the innocent smile, Ai didn't like Kiss Key. She seemed like the type that would meddle with her business with 'good', aka annoying and unwanted, intentions. Hopefully, after this, Ai wouldn't have to see her.

She glanced at the Tin Can and at the homicidal crazy lady, then turned to Kaz and clung to his arm. "Shall we go now? I'm bored and still hungry. I don't wanna break my nails and waste my time with, boring lame explosions. So let's go." Ai whined and tugged at his arm. "Wait! Does anyone have a Sharpie? We could draw on it's face. Good way to humble it, but, I am not getting near it.

Kiss Key, go get us a Sharpie thank you." she waved off the girl.
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